We Tested The Top Rated Under Eye Concealers

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After staying up late, and getting up early...we're putting four popular under-eye concealers to the test.
Find all of the concealers below!
Beyond Perfecting™ Super Concealer Camouflage + 24-Hour Wear: fave.co/2f5yd2k
Revlon PhotoReady Concealer: fave.co/2f5QDQC
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: fave.co/2hkNpte
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Sierra Santana



4-Avg, 2017

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Tara Byrnes
Tara Byrnes 22 kun oldin
tarte shape tape will always be my favorite :)
Kimberly Pena Raymundo
Y’all missed out TARTE SHAPE TAPE is the best concealer in the universe
Maddie Kate
Maddie Kate 7 oy oldin
i love the maybelline fit me concealer
Lauren Dietrich
Lauren Dietrich 8 oy oldin
mine is nyx
B. Flucus
B. Flucus 8 oy oldin
Colourpop has bomb concealer, they're like $7 dollars and have a super wide new shade range
Avery M
Avery M 8 oy oldin
Um tarts shape tape?
Lena Walker
Lena Walker 9 oy oldin
Concealer from catrice is the one I use
Sabrina Dudra
Sabrina Dudra 10 oy oldin
3:13 why are becky's arms 12 shades lighter than her face and neck?
Megan Gallagher
Megan Gallagher 10 oy oldin
I tried the clinique one, theres definitely very sheer coverage and it gets crumbly throughout the day
Arianna 10 oy oldin
I use L'Oréal concealer it is good for me cuz I'm pale so i don't need a dark shade but you need setting powder for it or at the end of the day you have so many creases
Sally Versace
Sally Versace 10 oy oldin
This video should be called "We tested one top rated under eye concealer and three other ones you might have heard about" Everyone saying N-Y-X is giving me flashbacks to 2008 when no one knew how to pronounce NYX.
Lucy Engman
Lucy Engman 11 oy oldin
Shape tape
Sarah Waechter
Sarah Waechter 11 oy oldin
MaddyCheers 14
MaddyCheers 14 11 oy oldin
It is pronounced NIX not N-Y-X
lack of life
lack of life 11 oy oldin
NYX not N-Y-X
Pamela Cuevas
Pamela Cuevas Yil oldin
Shape tape by tarte & bye bye under eyes by it cosmetics 🙌🏼
Cord Johnson
Cord Johnson Yil oldin
My favorite concealer is the Tarte shape tape contouring concealer
Paris Cutten
Paris Cutten Yil oldin
NYX ( N-ix) not N Y X
endless nameless
Ramesh kaling
Ramesh kaling Yil oldin
try shape tape
Paige London
Paige London Yil oldin
Ladies.... it’s not N-Y-X... if you’re using it at least pronounce it correctly.
Elisa Lara
Elisa Lara Yil oldin
Why did they pronounce the second one N Y X instead of pronouncing it like NICKS
Easy 5-minute Life hacks
Shape tape concealer
Naomi Wright
Naomi Wright Yil oldin
Lol! This video his hilarious. I use Tarte Concealer. Not sure why the ladies didn't fill in the concealer with a shape. Swiping doesn't conceal. They all may conceal well, but their method messed it up.
Ruslana Perrin
Ruslana Perrin Yil oldin
They dont even have dark under the eyes... if i had eyes like that i wont wear makeup lol
Dania Hassan
Dania Hassan Yil oldin
The nyx concealor is my favourite because of the price,coverage and amazing blendability
Fiorela Herrera
Fiorela Herrera Yil oldin
What about shape tape???
alexis denny
alexis denny Yil oldin
I was really surprised that the shape tape from tarte and the fit me concealer from maybellene weren't shown. They're always being hyped up and they're really good.
Abby White
Abby White Yil oldin
Nyx is my all time favorite concealer it’s great
LaR. Yil oldin
Finally tested by women who actually have dark circles. Whenever I see this type of videos it's always people with no bags what so ever
Whoopsy Daisy
Whoopsy Daisy Yil oldin
Nars is the only concealer I've ever used that stays put all day, covers my alarmingly dark circles, and blends well enough with my skin that I can wear it with nothing but a light dusting of powder on my face.
Gemma Louise
Gemma Louise Yil oldin
I love nyx but I’m too pale to use their concealer so I use foundation as concealer
Cover Girl. Same tube, old as the hills.
Iridium Everlasting
Y’all what with the production quality here???
XXXL Rat Yil oldin
Well maybe if you actually applied them right it would help
XXXL Rat Yil oldin
Lmao they call anything top rated or viral
the boyz protection-squad
At least tap the product or use a sponge... And it's pronounced "NICKS" not "N-Y-X".
Addie H
Addie H Yil oldin
Tarte shape and tape is THE BEST concealer. It is a little expensive but TBH one of the best concealers I have ever used and I ton of people that I know use it and love it!! Definitely check it out if you have bad under eyes!!! (Edit) it has a lot of different shades
Emily C
Emily C Yil oldin
you're all wrong it's tarte shape tape (but not if you want a natural look) also just use a damn beauty blender
Chris Wong
Chris Wong Yil oldin
They're not even using the Clinique "Beyond Perfecting" concealer they mentioned. The packaging is clearly a completely different formula "line-smoothing" concealer.
Kollyn Reis
Kollyn Reis Yil oldin
Tarte shape tape
jxnsgulls Yil oldin
They didn't even have dark circles... but for me, bye bye under eye with mattifying powder bc it's super shiny but the coverage is great
Beatriz Delgadillo
I prefer stick concealer over liquid
Candidly Candace
Anyone else annoyed that they were calling it N.Y.X? It's nyx (like nicks)
Hannah Graham
Hannah Graham Yil oldin
Shape tape is #1 though !
darkfeather111 Yil oldin
*rubs under eye 5000 times and removes all concealer* YAH the coverage is just so bad it didn't do a difference....I love you guys but come on you dont put on concealer like eye cream and rub it everywhere
Hnin Oo Wai
Hnin Oo Wai Yil oldin
Laura Volteri
Laura Volteri Yil oldin
Scientists say that sleep deprivation has the same side effects as inebriation...yeah I can definitely see that from this video LOL
Tai B
Tai B Yil oldin
no shape tape? 😭
Sophie Hamilton
Sophie Hamilton Yil oldin
They wiped most of it off with there hands
; shaikha
; shaikha Yil oldin
0:05 cuties💞
Luan Jenkins
Luan Jenkins Yil oldin
Eventhough it's a primer. The Eden urban decay primer is really good for concealing under eye bags
Margaret Perry-Walsh
lol isn't it weird that clinique sponsored this video but they're saying it sucked 😂
Speedy Asian
Speedy Asian Yil oldin
Anyone else annoyed by the fact that they used their fingers to blend it out
adaneko Yil oldin
I feel that if you do videos like this and want to properly represent the product + its effects, you'd need better lighting and a more controlled angle for each test shot. In more than half of these the before always looks better than the after just because of the lighting and odd angles you choose for all the comparisons. You'd think that as professionals, the basics would be really solid for this kind of video. I'm a bit disappointed.
Calista Stocker
Calista Stocker Yil oldin
You guys also missed maybelline fit me
Kathleen Weigel
Kathleen Weigel Yil oldin
How the heck is the shape tape not here tf?!?!?
Meh! At The Disco
Nars will forever be my favorite concealer. I have extremely pale skin and the chantilly shade matches perfectly, blends well, and has great coverage!
Tini Stavrou
Tini Stavrou Yil oldin
Fit me by maybeline x
JustJaida Yil oldin
Cool. I have the NYX one. Go me.
rawrautumnrose Yil oldin
where's the TARTE SHAPE TAPE?
Rachel Campbell
Rachel Campbell Yil oldin
My favorite concealer is the tarts shape and tape that is the only one that works for me🙃
madibuzzer Yil oldin
was anyone else surprised they didn't use maybelline fit me as one of the drugstore ones? It's a classic
Sarah Yil oldin
I came back to say: THANK YOU for these reviews! I picked up the NYX product at work and it's been fantastic! And it seems to last well the whole day with my finishing powder!
pinkstrawberry Yil oldin
Its nice to hear opinions from average people who dont obsess and spend all their free time (and money) on makeup related things, like moi.
Sarah D
Sarah D Yil oldin
"top rated" literally 90% of the people who put money into makeup swear on shape-tape. do some better research, like idk, click on a different channel's youtube video?
Sarah D
Sarah D Yil oldin
"en-why-ex" oml it's NYX it's pronounced nix
Janelle Hamilton
CoverGirl actually makes a pretty good one too
abigail coles
abigail coles Yil oldin
um wheres collection lasting perfection
Goofy Lama
Goofy Lama Yil oldin
well if u keep swiping instead of tapping u will never get some coverage!!! u just taking of and spreading it everywhere when u need it in specific places (sorry my bad english tho)
anime sloth
anime sloth Yil oldin
sorrY bUT ThE bLonDE gIRLs LaSHes ArE lIke SpiDeRS
ella h.
ella h. Yil oldin
CookieLady 85
CookieLady 85 Yil oldin
I'm sure that Sierra chick is a peach in person, but every video she is in she acts SO fake. Like she either has to play it up for the camera or she acts like a child who's parent is filming their audition tape for the next reality show. Calm the eff down.
Russell and Jessica Davis
Wheres tarte shapetape!?!? Shapetape is the at the top of the concealer pyramid!
Joseline Sanabria
I'm supprised y'all did not to tarts shape tape
Pebbles Yil oldin
n.y.x. _N.Y.X._ *N.Y.X.* *_N.Y.X_*
aleena arguil
aleena arguil Yil oldin
I cringed everytime they said N.Y.X. instead of nyx😂
Aiyana Chey
Aiyana Chey Yil oldin
NYX literally does nothing for my skin.
my_panic_boy Yil oldin
I use a NYX foundation stick for my concealer, and it works wonders. Its a bit thick, so blending isn't the best, but the coverage is great.
streetjustice Yil oldin
They need to get people like Kelsey for these kinds of videos because these girls clearly wear a very small amount of makeup and don't really know what they're talking about, they didn't even pronounce NYX correctly... also angry shape tape wasn't in this like ???
scary muffin
scary muffin Yil oldin
i cringe because the are using their fingers instead of beauty blenders
Amanda Martinez
Amanda Martinez Yil oldin
only one of those girls really hard dark circles. like c'mon, at least put people who really have that problem.
luckyloaded Yil oldin
listening to her call it N-Y-X was driving me CRAZY
alessandra Sofia
Shape tape
ryan isabel
ryan isabel Yil oldin
the words top and concealer dont make sense if shape tape isnt mentioned
sıla Yil oldin
i cringed every time they said n.y.x. instead of nyx
Tofu Shan
Tofu Shan Yil oldin
Where tf is age rewind and shape tape😂😂
Alyssa Baumler
Alyssa Baumler Yil oldin
Glamoflauge concealer by hard candy
notblondeswede Yil oldin
FitMe is the best cheap concealer.Other than that Kat von D has good concealer
allstarpurple7 Yil oldin
Surprised they didnt use tarte
Emma Gillett
Emma Gillett Yil oldin
They should try IT Cosmetics bye bye under eye, it's the best ever
Thedancenastics 101
Shape tape 🙌🏻
Lauren Walker
Lauren Walker Yil oldin
They should've tested the NYX one, the Tarte Shape Tape and the Maybelline age rewind concealer
Jenna Schroeder
Jenna Schroeder Yil oldin
NYX has a specific concealer to cover up under eye bags. Not the just the regular one tested here. Check it out, it's my saving grace after sleepless nights!
Angie Maree
Angie Maree Yil oldin
Do you know how hard it is to find a concealer that matches your skin tone when you're an albino?? HELP ME!
Jana Jorgensen
Jana Jorgensen Yil oldin
Whaaat I didn't think Sierra worked for Buzzfeed anymore, I haven't seen her in any videos in at least a year.
Katrina Lyon
Katrina Lyon Yil oldin
Omg...use brushes please.
Karen Hernandez
Karen Hernandez Yil oldin
I hate how they're applying the concealer like who applies that little? lol
Lola Herrera
Lola Herrera Yil oldin
Top rated but Tarte Shape Tape is not on here? It's one of the best ones out right now
mary kate m
mary kate m Yil oldin
I cringed so hard every time they called it N.Y.X. instead of NYX. How did none of them know that they were pronouncing it wrong?!
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