We Tried 1950's Beauty Tips

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"We're about to get tea-bagged."
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Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Dorothy Dandridge
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images
Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
Ivory Soap Commercial
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
1954 two teen girls in malt shop smiling as boy with hamburger sits down next to them
Prelinger /Getty Images
Screen star/singer Dorothy Dandridge wearing a white fur wrap in undated publicity still. Dorothy was the singing star of the 1954 film 'Carmen Jones.'
Bettmann/Getty Images
Movie Poster At The 'Grease' Premiere
WireImage House /Getty Images



5-May, 2018

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Fikrlar 1 039
hallaa_ Kun oldin
1:44 that's called a sauna honey
Linh Nguyen
Linh Nguyen 2 kun oldin
This video has been done before.. by the same channel.
hayl.k 3 kun oldin
“my pores feel scared” 😂
The Golden One
The Golden One 6 kun oldin
ponds cold cream is the truth
Ziggily Smith
Ziggily Smith 10 kun oldin
The obe with those huge ear rings and the wig that's gonna fly of sounded the stupidest
Vegan Glenda
Vegan Glenda 10 kun oldin
the slick backed hair with the gold hoops is a CONCEPT 💜
Sophie Renne
Sophie Renne 13 kun oldin
The funny thing is, while it was done in the US in 1950's those methods are still commonly used in Russia :D
Kai Sepulveda
Kai Sepulveda 15 kun oldin
sophia jordan
sophia jordan 15 kun oldin
Who was the girl with the shaved hair
hajima 22 kun oldin
bro i still use ponds cream 😂😂😂
Antonio Perez
Antonio Perez 27 kun oldin
Ponds is awesome use my moms.
Marilyn Hernandez
My facial routine I use ponds cold cream witch hazel and rose water that's it the best
Emione Herrera
Way too much? Ask the Koreans, it's not enough.
No Name
No Name Oy oldin
Guessing buzzfeed keeps changing their name.
kaepbtsjjang Oy oldin
Ponds is great
i love ponds cold cream!!!!!!
Jack Celi
Jack Celi Oy oldin
It just goes to show you that the old way is still some of the best ways. And young people need to get over themselves
Arianna Sings Songs
I love tea bags on my eyes tbh
Aisha Abdallah Kibwana
I like how they said it was rigorous and so much work. Guess they've never heard of Korean 10-step beauty routines. lol
Lacy Hay
Lacy Hay Oy oldin
You gotta think back in the day the fifties housewives took care of the house and didn't have spas and such so they did all of that as a way to pamper themselves.
Kalle Lellacévej
1:40 That's called a sauna.
Danie The Poet
This was too cute; the girl with the headwrap had me rollin!! Thanks as/is for putting these great personalities up!!
dahlia noir
dahlia noir Oy oldin
" i think you were expected to be a housewife and tend to your husband and have kids " absolutely nothing wrong with that , why is considered serving your boss / corporation freedom but serving your husband and family oppression, feminism is very odd o.O
4TENpointFive Oy oldin
Was tazo tea around in the 50s?
Janet Wood
Janet Wood Oy oldin
If you already cleaned your face with Pond's cold cream, there is no need to use soap! Duh! 🙃
X S Oy oldin
70s = Grease!!!
Aly C
Aly C Oy oldin
The chic with the pink-ended wig...why? The hairline part looks super unnatural.. wonder if she realized that at all, or just purposely did it
missy 13s
missy 13s Oy oldin
Oh I have done that it's what I called pampering. Put the kids to bed at 8pm. 9pm put music on and pamper my whole body. And put on fresh nail polish clear or color. And it helps with my stress gives me a lil time to myself. My grandma would tell me that you maintain your look for yourself.
Also Now
Also Now Oy oldin
More Kuwilileni!
Bethany Tummillo
i live for ponds cold cream
Aly Oy oldin
Actually they put teabags so your eyes don’t swell bc caffeine makes blood vessels small.
Abu Hmeed
Abu Hmeed Oy oldin
omg Monét X Change looks amazing gurl
Ariana Daisy
Ariana Daisy Oy oldin
I just started using ponds cold cream and it’s amazing
Princess Briar Rose
So no ones gonna mention grease came out in 1978?
victoria rose
victoria rose Oy oldin
I hate cold cream ! It’s not moisturizing enough for me
linling1240 2 oy oldin
grease is from 1950s? Really? Seriously?
billie abbott
billie abbott 2 oy oldin
has anyone tried shaving with pond’s cold cream? did it work well?
Bianca Lynch
Bianca Lynch 2 oy oldin
"my pores feel scared"
Ankitha Mahesh
Ankitha Mahesh 2 oy oldin
😂 isn’t friction bad for your skin? I might be wrong.
Ann Margret
Ann Margret 2 oy oldin
Someone needs to snatch that wig off that girl head AND PUT IT ON HER CORRECTLY.
Mariel Capistran
Mariel Capistran 2 oy oldin
They all have good skin tho...
Amari & Sydney
Amari & Sydney 2 oy oldin
Sweety...yo wig
latamarap13 2 oy oldin
I use cold cream to remove my makeup. Its great for removing makeup. I follow up with acne cream wash toner and lotion. Im 47 and look 30!
Masha Smith
Masha Smith 2 oy oldin
1950: washing face with soap and a rag 2018: zero waste exfoliant​
Victoria Grace
Victoria Grace 2 oy oldin
A fancy name for something so ridiculously simple.
Celluloid Queer
Celluloid Queer 2 oy oldin
I’m obsessed with the 50s lol
Briana Maldonado
Briana Maldonado 2 oy oldin
My skin sips on ponds cream
Mick Mick
Mick Mick 2 oy oldin
Wow a gathering of so many liberal feminist that look like watery diarrhea! Well the one man looks like a chick, but not sure if he identifies as a carpenter ant?
jillian 2 oy oldin
Classic white girl move----- don't know how to wear a wig
steph 2 oy oldin
I actually have that book. good grooming for girls, I found it when I helped my gram clean out her house. hilarious but it actually had great tips that people still use today.
Kamilla Iqbal
Kamilla Iqbal 2 oy oldin
My must haves Maybelline superstay lipstick Black cat eye liner Face masks that dry on Bath bombs L'Oréal extraordinary oil shampoo
Jillian Zwada
Jillian Zwada 2 oy oldin
YAS ponds cold cream is my fav makeup remover ever
QueenKenna 2 oy oldin
I actually use ponds and like it
Rebecca Cramer
Rebecca Cramer 2 oy oldin
exfoliating with a rag is classiccc- way better than micro beads killing fish
hauntedhotel 2 oy oldin
I would do it before I even learned what exfoliating was 😂 I just got a rag and tried it and was like wow this is good for my skin!!! Lol
vintage gal
vintage gal 2 oy oldin
Wish I lived in the 50s.
Meg Rose
Meg Rose 2 oy oldin
We’re about to get teabag’d 🤭😂
Deasia Miller
Deasia Miller 2 oy oldin
You can obviously tell the girl with the pink and black hair that she is wearing a wig
Sancocho 3 oy oldin
Ponds to remove makeup is everything.
baby •
baby • 3 oy oldin
i use ponds!!!!
Reagan 3 oy oldin
Learn how to put on a wig or dont wear one at all, you look like a complete idiot.
leela 3 oy oldin
I need these black women to wife me im 😍
Mother Nana
Mother Nana 3 oy oldin
Amazon, frownies. They work.
Yevgeniya IX
Yevgeniya IX 3 oy oldin
I'm 23 and I use cotton bags soaked in tea to get rid of eye redness. It really helps.
Yevgeniya IX
Yevgeniya IX 3 oy oldin
Everybody talks about girls with wig and headband but what about that odd dude with hoop earrings?!
Rozanna Barqawi
Rozanna Barqawi 3 oy oldin
Now, most women are expected to still look perfect, work, and raise children/clean lol.
Monica Segura
Monica Segura 3 oy oldin
It's called a steam room.
I am a ELFfishHoneyCloudMeigeniToppKlass
People looked more classy then.....
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 3 oy oldin
Oh please, Korean skincare routine is more tedious. So stop complaining about this.
Mar Gassen
Mar Gassen 3 oy oldin
Feminism invade us again...I don't understand what your stupid comments have to do with 50's beauty tips...🙄
Indica Jane
Indica Jane 3 oy oldin
Saying that about the meatloaf was sexist but they claim feminism lmao
Pump X Gutzy
Pump X Gutzy 3 oy oldin
Omg the first women on the left. Skin glowin. Queeeeeeeeeen
Bee Smart
Bee Smart 3 oy oldin
People looked better groomed in the past with less products.
louise 3 oy oldin
"I think I have some 50s beauty icons I like." That's so stupid, you obviously don't like them if you don't know when they were famous.
s c
s c 3 oy oldin
It's called a sauna babe
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet 3 oy oldin
If I see that Slamon sisters commercial again I might just loose it.
Landon Alexander
Landon Alexander 3 oy oldin
They are playing this up right? Like the not knowing pretty common things right?!i understand that it’s not all common procedure but it’s not far fetched from today. I can’t...I watched the whole thing to see and I don’t know why
Stephanie Sweet
Stephanie Sweet 3 oy oldin
Ponds cold cream for life. Best makeup remover ever, I have such baby sensitive skin only thing that works for.
Matina Jazmine
Matina Jazmine 3 oy oldin
Greese was from '50s?😱
Sanskriti Garg
Sanskriti Garg 3 oy oldin
So much 'feels like'!!!
Kasey Heit
Kasey Heit 3 oy oldin
Yall putting on your wig to shrink your forehead down 5 whole inches is the new wave of 2018
Luna Bud
Luna Bud 3 oy oldin
Nobody told momma that her scalp on her forehead?
Abby California
Abby California 3 oy oldin
I use cold cream to take my make up off every night. love it and it's cheap! people say it's greasy, well yea alone it is. but you use ponds to take the make up off THEN use your face wash. Will use it forever!
Mrspiderwalk 3 oy oldin
Ponds has been around for a long time for a reason.
Torii Goth
Torii Goth 3 oy oldin
That wig is half way down her forehead, why didn't anybody try to help her 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀
ST. VEGAN 3 oy oldin
What's with the gays, lesbians and wigs in EVERY VIDEO today??
M James
M James 3 oy oldin
Calling this 1950s beauty tips is a little bit of a stretch. I’m 27 and have always used cold cream, a neutrogena bar (I know that isn’t listed) and a face washer on my skin. I’m certain I’m not the only one as cold cream is nearly always sold out at my local pharmacy. It’s funny the people in the video are kind of mocking these products because it’s old fashioned and “a lot of work”, yet in the next sentence talk about how they can’t believe people in the earlier decades used so few products. Shows how much social media affects society these days, these same people probably get their skincare tips off UZvid “beauty guru’s” that get money for endorsing products they probably don’t even use.
Angel Avi
Angel Avi 3 oy oldin
Seems to be better than all the chemical crap that’s sold now
brshavanesa 3 oy oldin
0:12 why her wig so low, she gotta pull it back tf
Emily 3 oy oldin
Girl move that wig off your forehead so that you can actually open the pores on your forehead 😅
T Adams
T Adams 3 oy oldin
They are featuring a lot, of footage from the 60's.
Maira Rana
Maira Rana 3 oy oldin
I literally use the ponds cream to take my makeup off
Juliana Maria
Juliana Maria 3 oy oldin
wow that white girls wig ......
praduman sagar
praduman sagar 3 oy oldin
My video
praduman sagar
praduman sagar 3 oy oldin
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praduman sagar
praduman sagar 3 oy oldin
Sexy video
praduman sagar
praduman sagar 3 oy oldin
My videos
Alexis Brown
Alexis Brown 3 oy oldin
why is her wig on her forehead?
daniela cota
daniela cota 3 oy oldin
I think "Sauna" is the word/place you are looking for
Janey bear
Janey bear 3 oy oldin
I use ivory soap and ponds and that’s it Is this a sign
evilebetsy 3 oy oldin
"My pores feel scared."
Alexandra Glenn
Alexandra Glenn 3 oy oldin
I thought Ponds cold cream was popular, I’ve been using it for years.
Bangity Bang
Bangity Bang 3 oy oldin
Girl, the dermatologist means don’t wash your face with the soap that you’re using for your body. They don’t mean “don’t wash your face with bar soap” washing your face with bar soap is perfectly fine.
asma b
asma b 3 oy oldin
The woman with ring in nose has a so beautiful calming deep voice , she should have a channel 😉