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We Tried 1950's Beauty Tips

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"We're about to get tea-bagged."
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Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Dorothy Dandridge
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images
Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
Ivory Soap Commercial
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
1954 two teen girls in malt shop smiling as boy with hamburger sits down next to them
Prelinger /Getty Images
Screen star/singer Dorothy Dandridge wearing a white fur wrap in undated publicity still. Dorothy was the singing star of the 1954 film 'Carmen Jones.'
Bettmann/Getty Images
Movie Poster At The 'Grease' Premiere
WireImage House /Getty Images



5-May, 2018

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Fikrlar 849
Amanda Chadwell
Amanda Chadwell 8 soat oldin
Wow, this generation is so weak and whiny.
cat blue
cat blue 14 soat oldin
Ive tried all this stuff minus the tape ... and im not that old im 30 ... and i did most of this crap in jr high and high school
Jostan Vallis
Jostan Vallis 17 soat oldin
I never knew ponds was a makeup remover, I apply ponds on my face every morning and night to get rid of acne and it works
•Laura Velasco•
•Laura Velasco• 21 soat oldin
Grease it's from 1978 🤣
AngelaPastela 23 soat oldin
the girl with short hair is so pretty
Krypton Kun oldin
1.1950s was anti-negros 2.Those sjw hispters ruin the 50s theme 3.Kill yourself buzzfeed
Pepa Pig
Pepa Pig Kun oldin
I can’t stand the black girl with the nose piercing. She annoying af
Shantal Mendes
Shantal Mendes 2 kun oldin
I love the 1950’s!!😂💕
I love Dale Cooper
I love Dale Cooper 3 kun oldin
Oh, this "diversity" thing again...
I love Dale Cooper
Krypton Kun oldin
What to expect? Sjw's and latinos and gays everywhere that's why the 50s were 1000 times better
Miri Mu
Miri Mu 3 kun oldin
Sucha unlikeable assholes except the black girl who I like very much but the rest of the cast EW What heck is wrong with them. Show some energy. I used to like these type of videos but these castsbgotta be off camera NOT everyone is made to be on Video. Choose likeable personalities.
wow amber
wow amber 3 kun oldin
"My pores feel scared" lol
Roger Acosta
Roger Acosta 3 kun oldin
She said that she use a bar of soap do wash her face I don’t
pizza worshiper
pizza worshiper 3 kun oldin
Who are are all these people? Were is the original cast
Sam Swanson
Sam Swanson 4 kun oldin
Black girl with hat on rubs like she's trying to clean a window.
Sam Swanson
Sam Swanson 4 kun oldin
By screaming that was very 1950s of you? Ugh.
Jada Ebron
Jada Ebron 4 kun oldin
Girl with the pink hair... Ya wig slippin sis.
violetfaire 4 kun oldin
The taking off makeup with cold cream was not a big deal. I was a teenager in the 70's when girls were still doing this. It just melted off all the makeup and mascara and you washed your face with with your regular cleanser.
meipip 4 kun oldin
I got pimples and larger pores from just watching this
Starrzz Hubert
Starrzz Hubert 5 kun oldin
What type of Amazon wig she got on her head 😭
KaedUp 5 kun oldin
This women’s wig is so forward
Mary Granger
Mary Granger 5 kun oldin
Hate when ppl say they see a difference only freaking 5mins like come on now
SquishySlimeRandom sherlin
When I wear makeup I'm 10 so when I wear makeup I don't wear that much but I use the cold cream and it leaves My Skin So Soft
Autumn Hart
Autumn Hart 5 kun oldin
The one girl with the short hair looks kinda like Cody Linley to me
Debasmita 5 kun oldin
I use that tea bag remedy
Star Nunley
Star Nunley 5 kun oldin
the really white brunette girl reminds me of me!!!!
11h11 6 kun oldin
Ponds cold cream isn’t good for your skin.
Yedidah Vergara Olivo
"attend your husband, and have children and like... that's it" Ok, I'm not a mom or anything but I know that that's no easy task.
Brie Brie
Brie Brie 6 kun oldin
Dont u get a steam facial everytime you shower tho 🤔🤔🤔
Angel Gomez
Angel Gomez 6 kun oldin
Her wig is on her forehead
smartlikewoah 6 kun oldin
It's absolutely hilarious that they find THIS to be too much considering the makeup and skincare routines that many women do today lol.
Whoopsy Daisy
Whoopsy Daisy 6 kun oldin
"Its always women looking very put together with their hair coiffed" she said while looking very put together with her hair beautifully coiffed as always. 😍
anthicide 6 kun oldin
that man is gorgeous ugh
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables 7 kun oldin
Those silver hoop earrings😍 let me tell you that must take energy to wear😂💕
Strawberry Syrup
Strawberry Syrup 8 kun oldin
I loved the scream and " that was very 1950s of me " I died
Apryl McIntosh
Apryl McIntosh 9 kun oldin
My boyfriend uses bar soap on his face and I cringe.
Madison Sanchez
Madison Sanchez 9 kun oldin
Oh god someone teach that girl how to wear a wig
Maria Von Borstel
Maria Von Borstel 10 kun oldin
I miss the 50s and 60s
JP M 10 kun oldin
Barbara Walters once revealed her beauty secret: Exfoliate simply by using a washcloth in small circular motions.
Chloe 10 kun oldin
my mom always told me to use chamomile tea bags on my eyes whenever they were puffy or i had an infection on my eyelid (nothing serious but still annoying) and it actually kinda works
Michelle Duquette
Michelle Duquette 10 kun oldin
I did ALL these in the late 80's/early 90's. And then I got lazy XD
ohheyniki 11 kun oldin
My gramma used Ponds cold cream every single day and had NO wrinkles. When she passed at age 85 she still looked around 50z
Katherine Desch
Katherine Desch 11 kun oldin
Oh that's where troom troom gets their hacks
LivLyfe 11 kun oldin
Cold cream, barsoap, tea bags, TAPE.
TheGhettoSnobSeries 12 kun oldin
I always forget about Pond’s Cold Cream. I love the chatty Black girl with the septum piercing. She’s so unintentionally funny.
strong delicate flower
So cute!
Emmy Blonde
Emmy Blonde 13 kun oldin
I too bought Pond’s (I used it today even) bc it’s so highly rated. It WORKS. I get dry patchy red skin if I don’t moisturize (sensitive dry skin & I live in hot dry weather year round) & this is the only thing that doesn’t make me oily!! Yass!! Try it it’s cheap (I get the one for dry skin)
mme.lolabelle 13 kun oldin
I have super sensitive, acne-prone skin, and ponds cold cream + a hot flannel is the only thing that doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped, doesn’t break me out, and actually takes makeup off. There’s a reason it’s been around for decades.
Denisa Herman
Denisa Herman 14 kun oldin
1:44 yes a room liek that exists: it is called sauna..oh wait someone already wrote that
veronicajade20 14 kun oldin
The chick with the wig...why? And the girl in the thumbnail pic...😐 I wish they had put the girl with the brown shirt and the big hair in the thumbnail instead.
Diana Castro
Diana Castro 17 kun oldin
You know using tea bags can also get rid of pink eye
cas .heere
cas .heere 17 kun oldin
The girl with the pink hair needs to move her hair outta her face!! Get rid of that hat too, this is a face thing and she can't do a complete facial w hair on your forhead
bag ofhammers
bag ofhammers 17 kun oldin
Honestly Ponds Cold Cream is the bomb it will remove the heaviest makeup, still the best
Amanda Noyes
Amanda Noyes 18 kun oldin
pretentiouss hipsters reviewing past beauty tips. sttooooopp.
M.B. 14 kun oldin
Pretentious chalky white troll with the most overdrawn phony eyebrows ever seen talks crap about people just doing their job...STTOOOPPP
T H I C C 19 kun oldin
Girl that wig is horrible, at least pull it back a little so it’s not an inch above your eyebrows.
Cezar Layno
Cezar Layno 20 kun oldin
hello guys pls.subscribe me and ill subscribe you backkkkkkkkkkkk thanksssssssssssss.......................................
tomás 21 kun oldin
what's the guy w the hoops' IG
kennyx kenny
kennyx kenny 22 kun oldin
I have the soap😂😂
still rad though
still rad though 22 kun oldin
I do steaming
Jennifer 24 kun oldin
Grease is in the 60s...
littlenavybrat 24 kun oldin
LaBonita Nina
LaBonita Nina 25 kun oldin
They all glowing doe
Hash Slinging slasher
Your pores can’t open because they don’t have muscles. They are simply just holes on your face.
Sparkle LaBelle
Sparkle LaBelle 25 kun oldin
You commenters 🤫. I didn’t even notice the wig till I read the comments 😂😂🤣. I had to go back and look 😳😳😳
Stephanie Osorio
Stephanie Osorio 27 kun oldin
There is no wig, it’s a headband.
Most of us use Pond's still. When these guys get older, the following generations after them are going to look at the way they do their skin care, and they're going to think we use too many products. Everything changes with time.
Annalisa 312
Annalisa 312 Oy oldin
I asked my mom if she used cold cream she was like ya 😂
Stephanie Tipton
Ponds cold cream is the best.
fatalrob0t Oy oldin
After the war there was a shortage of men. Women wanting a husband competed against other women, so naturally makeup and skincare and fashion came into play. There's nothing wrong with this.
Abigail Millar
Apart from using the bar of soap and the tape, I actually do all of those things
JennyBee23 K
JennyBee23 K Oy oldin
You have to put boiling water in a bowl that way it will really feel like a steamy facial
Not A Makeup Artist
Why didn’t that’s girls friends tell her her wig was slipping off. Baby girl what is you doin
Adrianni Sifonte
I love Ponds Cold Cream!
Zakeena Haris
Zakeena Haris Oy oldin
“Nice and rough”
3milylol Oy oldin
I have super dry skin so my aunt who is 60 showed me ponds cream for make up removing AND ILL NEVER GO BACK
Let me say tho. They all were glowing by the end of the video forget the patriarchy. That's the routine to do!
Life of Mei and Mr. Sriracha
2:03 song?
Beatrice Anderson
Walter's Simple Kitchen
1:43 its called a sauna hahahahaha
KI D Oy oldin
That part in home girls wig urking my nerves. Chile ,UZvid plucking and makeup on the part. Dont dismiss like you cant be bothered, so far 731,000+ people have watched this video. It could look so good on you if you fixed it.
#therockyhorrorpictureshowsquad 2017
I love Marilyn Monroe she's my favorite beauty icon of all time,💗
Kate Sitka
Kate Sitka 2 oy oldin
The trick with ponds cold cream, apply it to your skin with your fingers, then wipe it off with a warm damp cloth. Don’t dip the cloth into the pot, and don’t use tissue. The cloth has to be warm to get the cream off. When I switched to ponds, it changed my skin. Acne free for the first time in my life. Apply a good moisturizer afterwards, then go to bed, or apply makeup as usual.
im jimins lost jams
the first one my mom still has it ┐(゚д゚┐)
evatheevil 2 oy oldin
I love that they seemed to like it all. To a degree of course lol
Malorie Kay  Beaver
My grandmother raised me and I’ve ever only used ponds. I’ve never used anything else. 😂
Texas Tween
Texas Tween 2 oy oldin
After watching this video, I started washing my face vigorously in the morning and at night. My skin is glowing, and I'm always saying "Truly Radiant!" 😂😃😄😉☺🙂
Jazzy Hernandez
Jazzy Hernandez 2 oy oldin
We're about to get T bagged lol
Amber R
Amber R 2 oy oldin
I use just the normal ponds facial lotion in the winter and I really like it! I can’t use it in the summer though cuz it doesn’t mix well with sweat 😂
Nylijah Barnes
Nylijah Barnes 2 oy oldin
whos the black girl with the dark lipstick? shes so pretty
Aphrodite Pascoe
Aphrodite Pascoe 2 oy oldin
The black woman with the septum piercing screams the wrong kind of feminism.
Dana Chedid
Dana Chedid 2 oy oldin
the girl saying that at 4:00 really irritates me. What are you even talking about? That tape trick is to prevent wrinkles not showing emotion...
H Uggjk
H Uggjk 2 oy oldin
1950’s beauty tiips but using quotes from 1941 🤔
Katie siobhan
Katie siobhan 2 oy oldin
In Ireland the old ladies used a cream called Astril , when I was small i used to watch my granny getting ready for bed using the Astril cream ,and now I do the exact same cream with the same routine
nunchukdaddy champion
Do Americans not shower with washcloth y'all are f****** nasty
Maddie P
Maddie P 2 oy oldin
I do more than that to take care of my skin, my skin is my top beauty priority.
Maddie P
Maddie P 2 oy oldin
My favorite products are coffee grounds, charcoal scrubs, mudasks, those Korean skin masks, coconut oil, and Aveno(?) Foam soap.
Kay Garcia
Kay Garcia 2 oy oldin
Who's the one with septum ring? I love her, she's funny 😂
pegger1982 2 oy oldin
I love ponds...very hydrating
Picky Doe
Picky Doe 2 oy oldin
I can remember my grandmother telling me about tape in the 80s. Used it as a threat that I would have to do if I kept frowning!
Alejandra Flores
Alejandra Flores 2 oy oldin
My mom uses ponds so she gave me a ponds cream after I started using makeup and now I'm thinking she uses it because my grandma would use it. I love it though!
sheiladmj 2 oy oldin
Of course when you get facials they tell you not to use body soap, they're in the business of selling you unnecessary cleansers. Soap is the best cleanser you will get.
Burgerbitch. 2 oy oldin
The dude with the hoops didn’t say anything at all wow lol