We Tried A -150°F Full Body Cryotherapy Chamber ❄️

Michelle Khare
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We spent three minutes in a -150°F (-88°C) Full Body Cryotherapy Chamber colder than Mars!
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16-May, 2018

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Bkfgiggles 1234
Bkfgiggles 1234 7 kun oldin
It looks like he just left them to die lol. Btw love your channel!!❤
Sal Contreras
Sal Contreras 12 kun oldin
So did you sleep like a baby?
Filip Andersson
Filip Andersson 15 kun oldin
That cameltoe tho
Isobel Barlow
Isobel Barlow 18 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought the guy was crushing on both of them 😂
Anonymous Girl
Anonymous Girl 18 kun oldin
2:00 damnn buddy what ya tryna do
Izzy Shur
Izzy Shur 27 kun oldin
"I went to college in New Hampshire and I feel like this is going to be quite similar" I live in New Hampshire and that is so true lol. Except for today weirdly
USA=United States of ASSHOLES!!! dumb people dumb therapy
C.K Rake
C.K Rake Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thought he was cute
Yasmine Murchison
Who else is watching this late if u are comment #latecrowd.
bonjovi in the house
dude, he kinda looks likes reggie from riverdale
Creatively Me
Creatively Me 2 oy oldin
“I went to college in NH this must be the same” yeahhhh we don’t get quite that cold 😂😂
Creatively Me
Creatively Me 2 oy oldin
eyyyy i live in New Hampshire since birth.
Elisa 19
Elisa 19 3 oy oldin
In Iceland it’s sometime s -18 degrees Celsius
KerKhent 3 oy oldin
Why not do a travel to Russia and run into the icy water experience? I would love to before I expire.
Heather Curcio
Heather Curcio 3 oy oldin
Where can I do this in Chicago?
Noé Alberto Barajas Rizo
Hi Michelle you are so beautiful with your mask 😍😊😘🇲🇽
Angelina :/
Angelina :/ 3 oy oldin
dang I thought 40 degrees was cold
Niranjan Godbole
Niranjan Godbole 3 oy oldin
pour a bucket of cold water for similar effect :D
Kiersten Pellerin
"I went to college in NH, so I think this will be similar" WHERE IS THE LIE?! There is currently SNOW in NH and it is October!
Jeffrey Keating II
Nice cameltoe . 👍💦
Live life Live life
He is hooooooot 😍😂
Samantha Weiss
Samantha Weiss 5 oy oldin
Lol, I'm watching this while lying on a heating pad.
Johanna nö
Johanna nö 6 oy oldin
For my metric system friends: -101.11111111111111 degrees celsius
Chad 7 oy oldin
Your from buzzfeed now I remember
Claudia Mom2Matt Plus3
I’m also doing cryotherapy sessions in Toronto. It does help with inflammation and chronic pain. If you’re in the area and want a good studio I made a video review on them on my channel.
YukoXIII 8 oy oldin
it's like the opposite of a steam room. I've been in an extremely hot steam room that i could just take 30 sec before I was like Nope gotta get out
Bunny Fluffball
Bunny Fluffball 8 oy oldin
Who else is watching this in a warm bed?
Alexa MacCormack
Alexa MacCormack 26 kun oldin
Bunny Fluffball me lol
angel voices
angel voices Oy oldin
Omg yassssssss
Salty_ Avocado
Salty_ Avocado 3 oy oldin
Me 😂
Susan Barber Yoga
HowLessTalkSense 4 oy oldin
Jykeira S.
Jykeira S. 8 oy oldin
Is nobody gonna talk about how gorgeous the guy is?
Emmy Lee
Emmy Lee 8 oy oldin
You should do this after a workout! To stop lactates forming in your muscles
Equine_Edits._ 8 oy oldin
are we not gonna talk about how attractive that guy was though? haha
odette irrgang
odette irrgang 8 oy oldin
Michelle looks so good :)
Oorvi Mathur
Oorvi Mathur 9 oy oldin
What is the background music at the end ?
Spyda 9 oy oldin
MMMMMM, Michelle and the other girl have sexy bodies.
Amy Coulson
Amy Coulson 9 oy oldin
MICHELLE. Your mask was bugging me the whole time :P :P :P Ana fixed the mask so that it was moulded to her face, but you didn't.
almeera haniff
almeera haniff 9 oy oldin
U need more views and subs
baekhundae 9 oy oldin
im cold watching this
Ruffdogg21 9 oy oldin
Her Indian skin complexion makes my dick flinch--even tho she has dude shoulders;)
Marbles Sanchez
Marbles Sanchez 9 oy oldin
These are my favorite types of videos!
Your Average Stalker
In finland we just swim in ice water, go to sauna and roll in the snow after. You ould try it, feels great and fresh.
Neb Uluos
Neb Uluos 9 oy oldin
Im gonna watch soon I promise but I had to stop by and remark on Thumbnail. MK you are so hot in a mask...like a deadly kunoichi from the samurai warriors game...maybe you could train like kunoichi for a video..anyway your perfect bare arms and shoulders..😍😘💨💐💆💐💀im sorry for expressing the truth😑
Kamila Kussainova
Why are you wearing your mask like that?😹
gamelover2222 9 oy oldin
Make a video of you dating a disabled conservative for a month! That's way more extreme than anything you've filmed!
sam audrey
sam audrey 9 oy oldin
all your videos motivate me to drink water and exercise 😂😂
Trin Fabian
Trin Fabian 9 oy oldin
Bae tho
miniimufin 9 oy oldin
I'll just take a cold shower, thanks
Odessa Willows
Odessa Willows 9 oy oldin
The worst place to be in during an earthquake
KillerMoose100 9 oy oldin
Try the wraps that are supposed to melt your fat away!
Hola Ya
Hola Ya 9 oy oldin
All these challenges you do have your body tight
Faith Nicole
Faith Nicole 9 oy oldin
Could you try a full body work out for people who have had spine surgery? A no bending your back work out? I can't find anyone who has something for us.
Michelle Zhao
Michelle Zhao 9 oy oldin
ahh I’ve been here and I was actually going to pass out LOL SOOOOO cold
Anna Franco
Anna Franco 9 oy oldin
I love your videos they're so resourceful!!!
Mette Lentz Bøckel
Do 30 days of Bikram Yoga!🧘🏽‍♀️
Mich 1404
Mich 1404 9 oy oldin
-150 f that's -101 centigrade for the metric world, 90f is 32c and 92f is 33c. 80f is 26c. 68f is 20c and 66f is 19c.
cutus88 9 oy oldin
Love the video! Felt cold just watching lol Would love to hear an update about if you felt any different after - like the better sleep he mentioned
Puffin Entertainment - One Handed Gaming
living in the Faroe Islands, I just have to go outside naked during winter instead of going into that chamber haha :)
Rogue Mistic
Rogue Mistic 9 oy oldin
Girl i am straight but .. yo booty is poppin’ gurllll 😂❤️🔥🔥🔥
Hungry Llama
Hungry Llama 9 oy oldin
Wow... shes getting fitter and hotter and shes inspiring me to start her routines!
Siriusly 9 oy oldin
Oooooh he cute 👌
kennycybertron1 9 oy oldin
Michelle, you are already way too cool....you don't need this !!! Great video :)
Sanskar Wagley
Sanskar Wagley 9 oy oldin
Haven’t you done this before?
General Prime
General Prime 9 oy oldin
but can we all just appreciate how beautiful michelle is?
Juana Legrand
Juana Legrand 9 oy oldin
That looks too cold for a Corrwntinian like me. Very fun though.
Julia 9 oy oldin
Had to google what this is in celsius. -101!
The Vegan Merman
The Vegan Merman 9 oy oldin
Who is the guy that works there😘
Elena 3903
Elena 3903 9 oy oldin
Can you maybe do it for a week or so please?
galepfyffer 9 oy oldin
It would have been nice to have your input on the results.
That Adventurer
That Adventurer 9 oy oldin
"I do it everyday...5 days a week"
Faith Villa
Faith Villa 9 oy oldin
I live in vermont, turning the winter it feels like that everyday😭
mia blos
mia blos 9 oy oldin
Michelle deserves more views :(( She’s so dedicated and puts in so much effort into each of her videos. GAH i hope more people will appreciate her.
Anyone else drawn to the thighs? Been working out and it shows!
Ellie Bellie Watermellie You Smellie
“I went to college in NH” I love you 😂♥️ This is me watching this video. I’m like .. I live in Boston that’s the same right !? 😩👍🏻😂♥️
sun berries
sun berries 9 oy oldin
My russian grandma would not approve lmao
Yasmine Murchison
sunberries bop lmao 😂
Are we Still doing Phrasing
Michelle is so damn gorgeous
Dafff 9 oy oldin
Michelle and the guy would make a 😍 couple
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali 9 oy oldin
How did you do this!!!! I can’t even stand a cold shower
Frozen Thorn
Frozen Thorn 3 oy oldin
once you get past the inital shock its fine, kinda why you have to "jump in" to a cold river.
Squiddyyy273 9 oy oldin
I love you!! Please can you reply, I've never had one and I would love it if you were my first! 💕
siddhartha biswas
show ur naked body.
JB_10000 #RR
JB_10000 #RR 9 oy oldin
Dean LeBlanc
Dean LeBlanc 9 oy oldin
Should have included some vlogging of the next day to report how you slept.
Pedro Velasquez
Pedro Velasquez 9 oy oldin
You’re my inspiration 💕💕💕
tbhsubliminals 9 oy oldin
he’s h o t
Bryanna Tran
Bryanna Tran 9 oy oldin
Wow her body looks so different after that Victoria's Secret model video.
Kk Hans
Kk Hans 9 oy oldin
Michelle you're glowing in this video.
theking8356 9 oy oldin
Dave Franco ???
you are both beautiful.
Leave It To Beaver
You look badass!
MoonOverMichael 9 oy oldin
omg she is from scream queens!
Emmamme Mea
Emmamme Mea 9 oy oldin
the guide is hot af
gorilla glue
gorilla glue 9 oy oldin
Michelle! Fix...the damn...mask...gahhhh!
geneiuspower 9 oy oldin
this guy thought he was tryna mac on btw
geneiuspower 9 oy oldin
by accident unfollowed you on twitter - that's sorted out now - you have a lot of confidence - inspiring . .@geneiuspower
marie sanchez
marie sanchez 9 oy oldin
I’m cold just watching this hehe colder than Colorado snow!!!!
Mike Morris
Mike Morris 9 oy oldin
I swear she gets more beautiful every video.
Mike Morris
Mike Morris 9 oy oldin
I swear she gets more beautiful every video.
Rebekah Arpitha Mathew
Skincare routine please 😭 help a brown girl out babe. Your skin is flawless
Hannah Provenza
Hannah Provenza 4 oy oldin
Her skin is always better when she does diets that cut out grains and dairy and sugar
Jenai Brazell
Jenai Brazell 9 oy oldin
Rebekah Arpitha Mathew following
Case White
Case White 9 oy oldin
no need to spend all this money i would have happily locked you in my deep freezer for 2 mins
crazywildcat 9 oy oldin
Do a follow up on how you slept and if you go back for more.
Milan Joseph
Milan Joseph 9 oy oldin
Omg Michelle's skin is perfect, she's hair is perfect, she is totally perfect....and so pretty....i am so jealous 😭😭😭
Lizzo Rizzo
Lizzo Rizzo 9 oy oldin
Hey jsyk the graphic at 5:56 has a small typo!
Raisa Shams
Raisa Shams 9 oy oldin
2:50 sorry that's such a fuckboy move. i just had to call it.
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