We Tried A -25°F Frozen Facial

Michelle Khare
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2-Iyn, 2018

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Michelle Khare
SURPRISE VIDEO!!! What did you guys think of this?? :O :O what should we try next ? :D
Elfeel 17 kun oldin
Michelle is it me, or does michelle look fit to do porn (nothing offensive, it's just that your body has so much potential sexual opportunities) .
Areli Cardenas
im not sure if you have done this but dumb makeup hacks or dumb face hacks <3 you
Autumn Sundberg
Can you please make a video of you singing or going to vocal lessons!!
Douja Douja
Douja Douja Oy oldin
You should train to be a stuntwoman! Plzzz :D
Hmm the temperature here in Sweden gets pretty low and I always get irritations in my skin when it hits below zero... cuz you know apparently there’s something called “cold allergy” (yeah it’s a thing) so if I did this I’d look like I got bitten by a thousand mosquitos.... sooooo I’ll pass!
ava anello
ava anello 10 kun oldin
Cool and cold
YOANNA RRAPI 12 kun oldin
you guys are so pritty
YOANNA RRAPI 12 kun oldin
i laughed so much i cryed
Sharmin Jahan
Sharmin Jahan 14 kun oldin
Oh my God that guy is hot af 😍
Orlane Ndeugueu Medzam
so basically..... u got a Canadian winter sprayed on your face
mashairi anderson
mashairi anderson 16 kun oldin
He’s hot
Dom Pops
Dom Pops 17 kun oldin
-25F is a common temperature here (Quebec) during Winter. It even gets much colder with wind factor.
Elliot A
Elliot A 18 kun oldin
look's like the brazzers guy
Fessu A
Fessu A 19 kun oldin
Welcome to Finland 3-4 months of free facial treatment :)
Miss SaSsOu
Miss SaSsOu 19 kun oldin
So basically I'm getting facials 200 days a year and a lot of times it's even colder and for FREE!!
Javastorm 21 kun oldin
A frozen ad came on before this 😂
Kimberly Cortez
Kimberly Cortez 22 kun oldin
Omg when she said she hated when people whisper in her ear and that feeling down your spine uhhhh yes and can't even stress this out
Linda Vallot
Linda Vallot 25 kun oldin
Michelle, your nose is so cute! lol ...don't judge me...
Arrie Oy oldin
Omg...he is cute as f😂❤️😍
Angela C
Angela C Oy oldin
wait a second this is just an expensive version of a Canadian winter
Rachel's Ark
Rachel's Ark Oy oldin
I must be poppin then lol our winters get up to -50
Living Like Clare
Oh honey, move to Wisconsin or Canada. You’ll get that for half the year 😛
Zineb Amrani
Zineb Amrani Oy oldin
Lol I live in Canada, I don't need that
Shelbi Marx
Shelbi Marx Oy oldin
You should train to be a professional dancer and then dance in a music video for your song. Like if you agree
Yanixa Garcia
Yanixa Garcia Oy oldin
How they were looking at that guy 😂
Courtney Fincher
There’s a hot-guy-blowing-girls joke in here somewhere...
AffieKnows Oy oldin
Girl you got great skin
Socccer240 Oy oldin
I thought she was gonna be sucking a frozen dick CLICKBAIT
Tori Ruby
Tori Ruby Oy oldin
Person with Michelle: oh this is fine Michelle: OOOHOHOOHOHHHOHOOHOHOHO
Colorful Days
Colorful Days Oy oldin
I have a hair blower that reverses to cold... Hmmm, I'll update on my free facial guys.
L7 Weenie
L7 Weenie Oy oldin
Just come to Northern Wisconsin in January. You can have these facials daily and for free :D
Capricorn Oy oldin
lol i need that luggage
Autumn Sundberg
Do a singing video!!!!
Kayla Bell
Kayla Bell Oy oldin
How often can you do this treatment
Brittany de Brentani
As a Canadian this seems like the dumbest thing ever, if -25 helped your skin at all my skin would be amazing 50% of the year... instead of the miserable dry mess that it actually is
Valentino Rose
yoga yoga yoga!
Hevv Moorcroft
To call this a facial is ridiculous!
Lexie michelle
That man is breathtaking
Esther Johnson
"It's a reverse vacuum. Rather than sucking, it's blowing..." I'm sorry😂
Emelia Cooley
Emelia Cooley Oy oldin
For TW fans out there the whole time I was watching this that guy just reminded me of Danny so much 😂 I like couldn’t stop thinking it was Danny 😂
disseria Oy oldin
I'm so pissed Danny never came back
Diana Jasso
Diana Jasso Oy oldin
Anyone else got the vibe he is into michelle?! I mean who wouldnt! Michelle is a babe!
me_ dusa
me_ dusa Oy oldin
yepp lol
Danielle Glasberg
who needs this when you can just go to chicago in the winter and not cover your face lol
Captain Catbug
She didn't do a follow-up on the superhero costume!!!
Jasmeen Gill - Marvin Heights PS (1110)
Aaaahhhh i am 20 hours late for the surprise vid nooooooooo. Love u michelle
Tommy Nattaway
Michelle, you are going to freeze to death.
Linda Tait
Linda Tait Oy oldin
Saggy, really? Wait till you’re 54 then you’ll know saggy 😡
xabc1 Oy oldin
Damn just take a cold bath
Natasha Guzman
He can blow cold air on my face ANY DAY! Sign me up 😍
180 Lady
180 Lady Oy oldin
Can you try the inversion method for a week and see if your hair grows?
Guts 918
Guts 918 Oy oldin
Michelle why the hell would you need a facial your skin is flawless. And good Lord don’t get me started on your teeth it’s like you’re smuggling Ivory in your mouth.
Lively Life
Lively Life Oy oldin
This is really good and funny. Can you try skydiving? 😄😅😎😂🤣
Arifah Oy oldin
“I’m feeling saggy atm” saaaaame 😂
Melika Tehrani
Omg I wish my facial person looked like that Lmaoo he’s so hot and nice
The guy is sooo into michele.;-)
Reegzy Oy oldin
There’s been studies that show “it’s almost twice as effective as an ice pack”. Enough said.
Ally N
Ally N Oy oldin
Something about a guy in board-shorts giving me a facial is....unappealing.
WittyK K
WittyK K Oy oldin
Lol nice vid. But i can get the same treatment for free, by standing outside in the cold and windy Sydney, Australia weather. 😂
Bishika Oy oldin
Dude u lost so much weight ur face is so slim now!!
Ruffdogg21 Oy oldin
Even tho she has dude shoulders--her Indian skin complexion makes my dick flinch;)
Philosophy and Fruit
love the video! always love cold water on my face. wondering how what happens to you😯
Shary Fairy
Shary Fairy Oy oldin
I feel like she came back for the guy 😂😂
Just go to Buffalo ny anytime in December for free lol
Kat Robinson
Kat Robinson Oy oldin
He is SO cute 😍😍
Stephen Oy oldin
Sweet ad
An Army 4 life
That was toight
Soooooo uh I get this for free just by living in the Midwest in the winter
Jillie Oy oldin
a 20 year old with tight skin? Wow! Amazing! LOL! :)
Jillie Oy oldin
I love Michelle's videos!
Maribel Roman
Maribel Roman Oy oldin
Jillie Haha, no kidding right. This girls have no wrinkles. Bring a 50 year old along. I want to see what She thinks. Michele is great. She tries all this things out.
Amber Bidlake
Amber Bidlake Oy oldin
Pores lol
Mein Kanal
Mein Kanal Oy oldin
Can we please talk about how hot that dude is😂😍
Stacey Davis
Stacey Davis Oy oldin
If it rejuvenated my bust I’d be happy
Tegan Parish
Tegan Parish Oy oldin
For people who are wondering, it’s about -31 to -32 degrees C
Alednev Oy oldin
This is what we scandinavian people experience everytime we walk out the door at wintertime haha! -25 blowing in our faces haha.
Jank Paul
Jank Paul Oy oldin
This isn’t what I expected when I watched a video with the title “We tried... a Frozen Facial”
Fetus Eater
Fetus Eater Oy oldin
i wanna give her a warm facial
Destiny Eaton
Destiny Eaton Oy oldin
-25 facial aka taking a walk in January in Wisconsin lmaoooo
Nicole Van Herwynen
Destiny Eaton yes. I live in Wisconsin and I feel that.
Skinny King
Skinny King Oy oldin
You deserve 20mil subs!
Stephen Oy oldin
Skinny King Lol so was I
Skinny King
Skinny King Oy oldin
Stephen U such a hater...im talking in general about whole channel
Stephen Oy oldin
For sporsoned vids?
hamdi ali
hamdi ali Oy oldin
Jack Horne
Jack Horne Oy oldin
I heard that suitcases with batteries were not allowed on planes because the batteries could explode or something, so you have to remove the battery prior to travel. Anyone know if this is true ?
lost myself again
my question is does this dry out your skin?
Pugz Oy oldin
Omg beginning music is from hq game show :0
hamdi ali
hamdi ali Oy oldin
tight tight tight
D0nOT Oy oldin
well another one of these "if you believe hard enough you can justify it" things :) but I guess it doesn't hurt anyone and they can make a living off of it.
Maya Tukel
Maya Tukel Oy oldin
I miss the videos like “I trained like ......”.
Dionne Celin Paul
Michelle Khare yaaaayy
Maya Tukel
Maya Tukel Oy oldin
Michelle Khare I can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle Khare
Maya Tukel what if I told u a huge one was coming Monday 😱😱😱
Kaylee Scovill
It gets -25°F in the winter where I live
F2SLJ Oy oldin
I think that guy’s arms are WOW.
@dumbafpower Oy oldin
this guy keeps tryna put his mac on it's annoying
alannah Oy oldin
this guy has no idea wtf he is doing hahahaha omg the way he tried to explain redness hahahahahah dick
aditi mishra
aditi mishra Oy oldin
Miadous Oy oldin
lol one minute she likes it because she's super awake and the next minute they could fall asleep
Michelle Khare
Miadous it was really weird!!
that's -31 and 2/3 celsius.
Alex Larson
Alex Larson Oy oldin
I can step outside into air as cold as-50 in the winter..It’s miserable take my word for it. Good videos though keep it up!
Timothy Woodin
I love how this guy is throwing out all these medical terms that kind of make no sense and are pointless
True North
True North Oy oldin
Microcirculation makes perfect sense and is a real thing. Not sure what your point is
Timothy Woodin
Yea, but "homeostasis" is also a shitty, and very general, term. That's like saying "science happens".
Lilka Oy oldin
Talia Segal it still made sense though. Homeostasis is maintaining your body's temp even though changes in the environment. So he's just saying the same thing, just in better terms. I wouldn't want him to be like "uhhhhh cuz it's hotter than ice" no shit Sherlock
Talia Segal
Talia Segal Oy oldin
“Ice when it touches your skin will start to melt as the body does such a good job of maintaining homeostasis...” um no. The ice melts when it touches your skin because your skin is much hotter than 32°F.
Stephen Oy oldin
Timothy Woodin True 😂....my favorite was "microcirculation"
Samantha cataldo
Is no one going to comment on how gorgeous he is?.. 🤤
Kelsey KINE
Kelsey KINE Oy oldin
Wow fuck
Emma Oy oldin
Please try 30 days of Yoga With Adriene!
Emma Oy oldin
Lisa de Vries I did it in March. I love Adriene and have continued with her videos since then! I’m now using her free monthly calendars and it’s great. Would recommend it to anyone.
Lisa de Vries
Lisa de Vries Oy oldin
Emma i’m doing that! She’s amazing
Allyson M
Allyson M Oy oldin
Wish you had taken before and after photos so we could see the difference.
Grace Gallagher
I love you so much please comment keep on doing what you’re doing you’re beautiful and amazing
Emily Oy oldin
Geez. The word "facial" really brings all the creepos out of the woodwork..
Gift Atomssa
Gift Atomssa Oy oldin
Well I get this for free I live in CANADA
Sock pupper
Sock pupper 13 kun oldin
Exactly my thoughts. 😂
Emmy's Life with mental illness
Gift Atomssa same and I live in Sweden and it's colder than -25 about-40
NerdyFrog Oy oldin
Lol same I’m in Minnesota.
Ruxtiztzi Yxoxyxoyx
Gift Atomssa you fyyyne
Sarah Amina
Sarah Amina Oy oldin
Apparently I've been having facials all my life. In Canada? From November to March/ April -25 degrees facials free for everyone 😅
Komet R
Komet R Oy oldin
Is this the same day as the full body one?? I’d die 😅😅
Kajsa Carlsen
Kajsa Carlsen Oy oldin
Geez I’m so sorry for all these disgusting comments
Queenv Unv
Queenv Unv Oy oldin
I need!
Elle Desperado
Anyone else getting bored with this buzzfeed style of video? I like Michelle and all but I’m tried of watching all these facial treatments and workout regimens and wacky diets and organizational videos that are neither relatable nor affordable for the average viewer. It’s like watching Michelle blow her money on repetitive content is borderline mind numbing
Michelle Khare
Elle Desperado Hey, I appreciate this feedback. Just so everyone’s aware, the majority of the time I receive these spa-type opportunities for free and choose to try them because I love trying new things. For the record, I do multiple videos a month that are highly detailed and in depth and often take several months to produce, like my recent Victoria’s Secret modeling video . I also release comedy sketches every month, the most recent one is: uzvid.com/video/video-5ucO6ZrkL14.html. For these videos I spend a ton of energy and time, beginning to end, with a team of people, to make them as incredible as possible. I agree with you that longer term, higher quality content is better - it’s my favorite thing to do, and I work my ass off to make it happen. But I also enjoy doing videos like this to keep a balance, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to fund the larger projects (and I wouldn’t have uploads as frequent!!), and quite frankly because it’s fun. Hope this helps you understand where I’m coming from - there are very few channels of the size of mine (below 1 million subscribers) that spend as much time, energy, and money on making high quality content like those other videos I mentioned. And in order to continue I have to do a balance of everything because I’m not at the size of other creators. thanks for your honesty and thanks for watching. :) I appreciate it so much!!
Daniela Castellon
He is hot