We Tried Changing Hair Color Instantly Like "The Craft"

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"Maybe this is where we find out that we're actually witches..."
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14-Okt, 2018

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Ashlyn Grubb
Ashlyn Grubb 7 soat oldin
You need to do hood wink
vilte magilaite
vilte magilaite 22 soat oldin
Pibite popite Boo!
Asharmy13 __
Asharmy13 __ Kun oldin
"IT'S HALLOWEEN" "YAAAY" "wait no, were supposed to be scary." "oh right" "it's halloween" "boo"
Lourdes bernal-Serrano
I love your laboratory is so pretty pink fashionable sciency I like it I love it I'll keep it I'll see it
Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan 3 kun oldin
"I"M NEVER WEARING THAT WIG AGAIN" ***uses wig in yet another video***
Sheena Tamminga
Sheena Tamminga 4 kun oldin
Did you do it this hollowen
HELLO There 4 kun oldin
Do something from Tokyo ghoul pleeeeaaaassseee
Elsys Saragih
Elsys Saragih 5 kun oldin
Gizelle Rivera
Gizelle Rivera 5 kun oldin
I love the craft
Jaselle Kernc ,rhen,
This is how to not to change your hair color (my mom is a hairstylist)
LeLe_ Chu
LeLe_ Chu 6 kun oldin
In the movie they have a real lit candle so that makes her hands warm
Amaya Fuller
Amaya Fuller 6 kun oldin
That looks really cool!
Art But Everything Art
The Eh Bee Family had gone down hill since they got noticed.....oh wait this isn't a tea channel sorry.....but I honestly love this video
ashley murillo
ashley murillo 6 kun oldin
This series is just dum
ragnarok pop
ragnarok pop 7 kun oldin
This is cringy
Frank n Furter is my spirit animal
Ooh I love the craft
_how is everyone_
*how is everyone*
Da Lovley Potato1221
We can like boil your hands XD
Amiyah's World
Amiyah's World 7 kun oldin
Agnes Adams
Agnes Adams 7 kun oldin
i think they should call their labratory, "Fab-Ratory !
Rich Rich
Rich Rich 7 kun oldin
Is Jazz gay or Bisexual?
Le Gasp
Le Gasp 7 kun oldin
*HOLO* ween
Sunajamelon the melon
Me at 3 am:halloween? Nani?
Amy Gauthier
Amy Gauthier 7 kun oldin
Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! SHE GOT DAT WEAVE *SNATCHED*!!!!! (6:51)
green bird3
green bird3 7 kun oldin
4:53 “cool, well that’s not today”
Abigail Wielgus
Abigail Wielgus 8 kun oldin
If you live in perkasie we literally get all four seasons in a week so handwarmers are like a must
Cloudy Puff
Cloudy Puff 8 kun oldin
Yes hot handssssssss
J.BBunny 8 kun oldin
2:49 what I feel when I make my UZvid vids with voice acting
Tua Järvi
Tua Järvi 8 kun oldin
Could I get one like for this comment.
Emmy ._. taylor
Emmy ._. taylor 8 kun oldin
who's here after listening to ariana grande's new song " Thank U Next".. btw IT'S A BOOM SONG
lil Star_Studio
lil Star_Studio 8 kun oldin
She just appeared 😂 2:12
Anchal Singh
Anchal Singh 8 kun oldin
“ we can like boil ur hands” got me
PZ 11
PZ 11 8 kun oldin
Zorgo diffuse 01:40
brooke 9 kun oldin
her hair clips are the pansexual flag
Sapphire draws
Sapphire draws 9 kun oldin
Its halloween!~ Oh wait we gotta be scary Its Halloween.... *boo*
Whimsy Oddities
Whimsy Oddities 9 kun oldin
is that pansexual colors I see ;))))
Mark Hideki
Mark Hideki 9 kun oldin
"We could like boil your hand" I snapttt
makaylee 9 kun oldin
_its_ -spooky- *season*
PiePie 9 kun oldin
Chrissy wore a rainbow dress and hair clips in the order of the pansexual flag... sUspiCiouS love u chrissyyyy
Andy Bear
Andy Bear 9 kun oldin
Chrissy is Pan:000 💖💛💙
Isabel Eastman Vlog’s
Use a real candle to warm up your hands
Shay Peer
Shay Peer 9 kun oldin
It’s a pentacle
Rebel Pebble
Rebel Pebble 9 kun oldin
You need a real candle😂
Trinity Bennie
Trinity Bennie 9 kun oldin
Maybe if they used a real candle to heat up their hands it might have worked?? Probably not but still
no_bad _vibes6
no_bad _vibes6 9 kun oldin
I saw the craft not knowing the name and I loved the movie
werard gay
werard gay 9 kun oldin
Huda hu huh hu ah
Vicky Machin
Vicky Machin 10 kun oldin
Well that was a waste of time..
Vicky Machin
Vicky Machin 10 kun oldin
Did they have color changing hair dye back then??
Ulla Noroaho
Ulla Noroaho 10 kun oldin
Its a pentacale dumass
potato paradise
potato paradise 10 kun oldin
*P E N T A C L E ! ! !*
Linz Stranger
Linz Stranger 10 kun oldin
2:50 *I THOUGHT SHE WAS TALKING TO MEEE...* *im blonde and my name is Linzie...*
Mohamed Muhallil
Mohamed Muhallil 10 kun oldin
can you try mixing 3 colors of hair dye and color your hair
Tim Edlund
Tim Edlund 10 kun oldin
she did say tatah
Chrishelle Puvinayagam
Wait like in the song Black Magic by Little Mix how they did the same thing
Queen_jessa 10 kun oldin
Get this if Cinderella's slippers fit perfectly why did it fall off ??!!?! Boom mind blown 😂
Chim Chim Park
Chim Chim Park 10 kun oldin
It’s Gabie The magical unicorn
November 2018 anyone!
Brielle Mathews
Brielle Mathews 10 kun oldin
Wow That's bogus😑😑
bleach Potatoo
bleach Potatoo 10 kun oldin
6:24 was that strand that automatically went up suppose to do that??
Barkesu Coker
Barkesu Coker 10 kun oldin
Why does Chrissy lowkey look emo in the blong wig 😂😂
Lou Basque
Lou Basque 10 kun oldin
"Maybe this is where we find out that we're actually witches..."
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai 10 kun oldin
Alex D'Agostino
Alex D'Agostino 10 kun oldin
Well I mean Selorm is a vampire so....
PRETTYMUCH Sherlin 10 kun oldin
OMG Chrissy’s face at 5:35😂
Kate Richardson
Kate Richardson 10 kun oldin
fuukatsu_ 10 kun oldin
*Cough cough*pentacle....😂😂
Lovely ASMR
Lovely ASMR 10 kun oldin
Star Morg
Star Morg 10 kun oldin
Jope Jordyn and hope
-omg- _omg_ *omg* - omg - _ omg _ * omg *
Anya Mckee
Anya Mckee 10 kun oldin
This legit makes me so happy
Gianna Mariucci
Gianna Mariucci 10 kun oldin
Can I do a stranger things one?
TrashHybrid 10 kun oldin
her clips are the color of the pansexual pride flag I-
Téa Marie
Téa Marie 10 kun oldin
The editing is EVERYTHING
Ashley Perkins
Ashley Perkins 11 kun oldin
I need to know where to apply to this place
Sarah Grealish
Sarah Grealish 11 kun oldin
Lol it was such a struggle keep going girls!!
Black&WhiteMel 11 kun oldin
Halloween seems so cool with them. :')
princess Lilianne
princess Lilianne 11 kun oldin
*im so shook*
cece rae
cece rae 11 kun oldin
every time it zooms in on the skeleton i die
dark soulslll
dark soulslll 11 kun oldin
Thats easy jump in a pool of dye
Purple Penguin
Purple Penguin 11 kun oldin
Today is Halloween but OK!
Bella Steed
Bella Steed 11 kun oldin
ILY guys
Violet Hazard
Violet Hazard 11 kun oldin
I did not think you guys were doing Disney things, on account that you’ve already done a Michael Myers and an Edward scissor hands videos
PotterishHead 11 kun oldin
why not put ur hand on top of a real candle and thats it
HOLAA ALEXX 11 kun oldin
0:18 Chrissy-it’s Halloweennnnn wait we r supposed to be scary *scary music comes on* Chrissy- *says in a “scary” voice* it’s Halloween Selorm-boo ❤️😂
Derpy dino
Derpy dino 11 kun oldin
I watched the craft
Wolfie Gacha
Wolfie Gacha 11 kun oldin
Gappy holloween
Hime Eriasu
Hime Eriasu 12 kun oldin
Finally ❤
truther123 12 kun oldin
Can you learn how to light a sister damn
Sebastian Zacarias
Sebastian Zacarias 12 kun oldin
Its halloween yay No we we have to be scary its donald trump boo
J Oz
J Oz 12 kun oldin
Ok am I the only one to notice Katie Leblanc’s name from Bratayley at 7:26 in the tiny words. Btw love this mini show..hilarious 😂
Noah Stevens
Noah Stevens 12 kun oldin
Hud da da hoo doo
Emily Wiskow
Emily Wiskow 12 kun oldin
I love mythbusters
The Unicorn Master -maybe funny or more werid :O
They technically edited the movie
WintersGalaxy S
WintersGalaxy S 12 kun oldin
Miss_ Lenka13
Miss_ Lenka13 13 kun oldin
What is the movie
Jaka Sojč
Jaka Sojč 13 kun oldin
*we are suppose to be scary* -bo