We Tried Kim Kardashian's Makeup Routine For A Week

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Kim, you taught me well.
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Kim Kardashian West Celebrates The Launch Of KKW Beauty
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Celebrity Sightings In New York City - April 21, 2015/NCP
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Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - August 11, 2014
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Kim Kardashian at The 57th Annual Grammy Awards - Red Carpet
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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West at Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology - Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals at Metropolitan Museum of Art
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Kim Kardashian at 2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
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EVENT CAPSULE CLEAN - Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 50th Birthday Celebration
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Kim Kardashian West How I Do My Own Makeup
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23-Iyl, 2017

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kimboslice Sonny
kimboslice Sonny 6 kun oldin
Looks interesting wanna do it more often like every other day plus makeup that's cost that much wow luv it ladies you could at least be a bit more open minded bout it I'm just saying
robyn 7 kun oldin
buzzfeed sucks at makeup
Emilia Lucyy
Emilia Lucyy 9 kun oldin
They look the same and they call it “full glam” pahaha no stop complaining you just got free makeup
Dana Chedid
Dana Chedid 10 kun oldin
so much for female empowerment...lol
Paul The Iguana
Paul The Iguana 17 kun oldin
6:25 Devin in the background tho
Hana Song
Hana Song 19 kun oldin
Can any of them do makeup *GOOD* ??
janay souza
janay souza 20 kun oldin
why didnt they choose people who are actually good at/ enjoy makeup :c
daisy harris
daisy harris 20 kun oldin
it’s not that deep they’re so dramatic
Adelina 23 kun oldin
4:49 "I don´t know how she remembers all the steps", are u for real?
Melissa Sies
Melissa Sies 26 kun oldin
I don't know why but I hate the way Jessica says makeup
Diana21692 27 kun oldin
I do this almost everytime I wear makeup and it is weird seeing people who don't remember these steps.. I need to cut off on my makeup
Perry Marks
Perry Marks 28 kun oldin
Omg why are they being so dramatic about the time being spent on their makeup?!?! Honestly like if you care what you’re appearance is like at all, this is what it takes, so wake up earlier or make time to keep up appearances. Anyways I’m not saying appearance is everything it’s just that they were to dramatic for my life
industrial.beauty 29 kun oldin
Nina looked amazing through it all. Kuwilileni is right, Kim's make up works for Kim, does not mean it's going to work for everyone. But I loved how she was so open to it and brought her own spin on it. Jessica just complained waaaay too much and seemed whiney.
Ah poor girls had to wear makeup. The struggle was real. I volunteer for next time, okay?
Rachel Dornan
Rachel Dornan Oy oldin
wait $240 dollar face cream??!!??
E M Oy oldin
to be honest i would love to use that 900 dollar makeup and honestly i dont know if its just me but i normally wear that much makeup maybe more for fancy dinners
Pureblood Oy oldin
Nina looks so good 😍
Carry on my Wayward Bassoon
1:07 Castiel called. He wants his trenchcoat back.
eiman Al W
eiman Al W Oy oldin
I swear all of you look as you always look like. What Kim K make up? Lol
HeyItsBobby Oy oldin
1:45 I only do my makeup two times a week (maybe even less than that) and I use that much. My makeup of course is not 900$ it's all drugstore or Walmart brands and I don't take multiple hours to do it it's only about a half hour or less. I wouldn't even call myself a super makeup lover but I think they just chose the wrong people who started with negativity.
HeyItsBobby Oy oldin
Also winged liner is hard to master, but using powder under it is a bit better or using tape until you can get it done. As someone with oily skin in my T zone (And I live in Florida, it was 95F today) you just have to pick and chose your levels and what makeup you're comfortable with in the heat. For me makeup isn't even a "oh I want to look pretty for someone etc, etc" it's just so relaxing to do and makes me feel confident in myself, it's also really good for my depression because I see it as a form of self care.
F Talmage
F Talmage Oy oldin
hold up you're telling me buzzfeed spent almost 3,000 dollars making this video? .......
madalaine Oy oldin
all i wear daily is red lipstick shskshsk literally nothing else
Tati D
Tati D Oy oldin
lol they doing too much
rocio martins
rocio martins Oy oldin
Kuwilileni voice is absolutely pleasant to listen.
Scarlet Clough
how tf does it take her 1 hr to just get up to foundation ?? this is so extra. it takes me less than an hour for a full face and i do it everyday for school. it’s not that hard, this is a weird thing to complain about. they should’ve done this with makeup lovers or people who wear no makeup, i think that would’ve been different and more interesting.
Parthena Archuleta-Bell
I love make up and I love spending the time it takes to Do a full face. But some people just aren't into it ... And that's okay too.
Mariana Estrada
4:18 - 4:20 Teylor!! (Safiya's boyfriend)
Feather The Wolf
The makeup is not that bold and it’s so annoying how they just complain about it like wake up a tiny bit earlier and do it before work like calm down and stop making it worse than it is
Layla Richards
My makeup routine is the exact same as jens foundation and mascara it takes about 3-5 minutes
Jasmine Who??
Jasmine Who?? Oy oldin
Kylie Jenner who😲😲 Kylie Jenner me😎😎
Isabelle Williams
U all dont look like kim u look dusty and crusty
swaggy Oy oldin
jessica is so annoying omg
Alex Perkins
Alex Perkins Oy oldin
Jessica is so annoying
Preciouse Valentin
This gives me anxiety
Emma Lawlor
Emma Lawlor Oy oldin
I wear more makeup than this every single day and it only takes me like 45 minutes lmao
Meda Jablonskyte
They met at 9.30 and only got to the foundation after an hour. It would be normal if they started with the eyes, but they didn’t. How do you spend an hour on moisturizer, primer, etc.
Amy Driscoll
Amy Driscoll Oy oldin
Yall need to chill Tf down ok it’s not that big a deal, just makeup it’s not going to kill you. Some people would kill to try out lots of expensive products but yall just complaining the whole time ugh.
Sophie Hunt
Sophie Hunt 2 oy oldin
Nina is so gorgeous i love her
Am from Kenya. Watch your videos everyday. I love Kristy she's funny n her scarsim is priceless
Miss M
Miss M 2 oy oldin
I literally throw on concealer blend throw on setting powder do mascara then dust off powder it takes like 5 min
Sidd SeriesTV
Sidd SeriesTV 2 oy oldin
I don't use makeup but if I did: *LOTION *POWDER *LIPSTICK Done.
Malika Murodova
Malika Murodova 2 oy oldin
Why are they so unhappy to do this? K.C was acting like she’s better than spending time on her make up. Maybe not do a video about it then
Sarza 2 oy oldin
Kuwillienis voice gives me rage
lisa hope
lisa hope 2 oy oldin
"I normally don't wear this much makeup" why explain yourself?
Bella Marci
Bella Marci 2 oy oldin
Please redo this video with people who actually enjoy makeup and aren’t so negative toward wearing makeup
Lauren Doherty
Lauren Doherty 2 oy oldin
This isnt even glam🤣and looks nothing like Kim’s routine
Mrs. OOF
Mrs. OOF 2 oy oldin
I love people complaining~ I have 1 dollar, 50 cent or gift makeup.
Holly ritchie
Holly ritchie 2 oy oldin
The try guys and Tyler at 4:19 amuse me
LinaBeauty 2 oy oldin
They like sent the wrong girls to test this out😩 Freddie or devin would’ve loved this challenge
KENNEDY Thompson
KENNEDY Thompson 2 oy oldin
I love that lipstick on kuwilileni !
Patricia Angel
Patricia Angel 2 oy oldin
She says she's glam but I'm like,,, wHeRE??
byndilaupsteen 2 oy oldin
I wear more makeup than that on a daily basis. When you have a lot of anxiety about your physical appearance you make the time, I used to get up at 3am, take a shower, and do my routine every day so I could be ready for work before 7. It would have been interesting to see how someone who wore more makeup usually or liked makeup would do with this routine instead of all three women who only rock the minimal look on the reg.
Rainbowstorm 2 oy oldin
I find it really interesting that they feel like it is so much makeup-which is course is reasonable to say. But the amount if makeup I wear daily is more and it feels like nothing.
Sheena Siobhan
Sheena Siobhan 2 oy oldin
I wish they made lindsay do this.I feel like she would have done really good❤
johanna rose
johanna rose 2 oy oldin
everyones criticizing them for complaining..... NORMAL ADULT HUMANS WITH JOBS AND LIVES DONT DO THIS......
Shi Hui Toh
Shi Hui Toh 2 oy oldin
I cant even afford any makeup only i can afford food😂
Ich 3 oy oldin
my makeup routine in 3 words: does not exist
Hibah Butt
Hibah Butt 3 oy oldin
That coment in the beginning is extremely racist
Despacito Class War
Jessica doesn’t even know to use a beauty blender for baking yet you gave her $907 of makeup... It is time... For the guillotine
Supernatural Is Life
At 7:56 Nina looked sooo good.
Jeannie Garcia
Jeannie Garcia 3 oy oldin
They are being too dramatic, wearing two different mascaras isn't a bad thing, wearing eyeliner isn't a bad thing, and kim Kardashian honestly isn't that big of an influence in teenagers lives, I'm in high school I see it every day literally no one cares about how you look or how much make up you wear
Suraya Abawi
Suraya Abawi 3 oy oldin
Nina looks gorgeous with that makeup look
Gymnast Pitbull543
If I had this much moneys to spend on make up I’d be in heaven I’m 13 and have to do a LOT of chores for the make up I do and I LOVE makeup I’m actully prettty good for my age I can do cutcreases and stuff I’m proud of myself
Coco 3 oy oldin
How do you forget to do foundation ... if you’re doing ... makeup ... lol
Maša 3 oy oldin
She looks like Millie Bobby Brown
Codey Martin
Codey Martin 3 oy oldin
I love Kim 🙌🏻
alecta fox
alecta fox 3 oy oldin
curly make a great point right there!
Melanie Rodriguez
This is literally bc they don’t usually wear makeup so honestly this video just made me cringe but i get the purpose of it
Anika Olalere
Anika Olalere 3 oy oldin
I feel like Nina really put some effort. All Jessica did was complain, if you’re going to do a challenge and you don’t know how to do some things like bake or whatever why don’t you just look it up and actually try?
AFimple 3 oy oldin
I’m 11 and I don’t even do my makeup in under 30 minutes 😂
Reece 20
Reece 20 3 oy oldin
Why are women that aren’t into makeup doing this challenge
sister daddario
sister daddario 3 oy oldin
kuwilileni definitely had the best reaction and really got the most out of the experience she could. props to her 🙌🏼
Nicole Gabbert
Nicole Gabbert 3 oy oldin
Everyone looks kinda eh but I think Nina looks beautiful😘😍
Diana Louca
Diana Louca 3 oy oldin
Kuwilileni is so pretty! ❤️
KaZ Smith
KaZ Smith 3 oy oldin
More like: Watch women complain constantly for a week straight! Also they claim it’s too glamorous but they only have eyeliner. No cut creases or false eyelashes. They’re doing way too much complaining tbh. An easy way to fix not having enough time is to get up earlier so you can do it.
G Cool
G Cool 3 oy oldin
Could they not have watched a tutorial on how to actually do their makeup right. Part of the reason why they hated this was because they weren't doing this right.
G Cool
G Cool 3 oy oldin
I think that the Kardashians care about how they look because everyone else does. They get slammed when pics of their cellulite is leaked. Their making them sound self-obsessed and shallow, which isn't not true, but they're like that because of the way that they were raised.
gabby campbell
gabby campbell 3 oy oldin
When you create your own makeup routine you can easily remember it. It's weird to think you made your own unique routine with your choice of products.
Vee Vee
Vee Vee 4 oy oldin
Boo hoo poor Jessica!
Emily 4 oy oldin
They should get to keep everything.
August Argleben
August Argleben 4 oy oldin
So girls like me who wear a lot of makeup are sending a false message about ourselves?????
PhoebePebbles 4 oy oldin
Hearing them gripe about how "i don't wear makeup~ I don't have time to wear makeup~ ugh why this makeup " came across as very holier than thou. we get it. you don't wear makeup, but don't lowkey shame people who do. it's just makeup! it's a fun way to ENHANCE your beauty and play on creativity. it's not a death sentence.
Savage Seven
Savage Seven 4 oy oldin
This is so annoying
Channing k
Channing k 4 oy oldin
1:30 that's high school fam sucks but it's true
Nvdvhfff Bvgvcgb
Nvdvhfff Bvgvcgb 4 oy oldin
Wich products does kim use
Holly Heseltine
Holly Heseltine 4 oy oldin
26 mins to do it
Татьяна Рябова
Want to learn more about the beauty tips. Go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". There are ample of unheard facts given here.
Kary Granados
Kary Granados 4 oy oldin
Kuwilileni is stunning ❤️
Zayra Vazquez
Zayra Vazquez 4 oy oldin
My eyebrows ALONE are $50 -Anastasia dipbrow $20 -Tarte shape tape concealer $30 I do this makeup routine every single day for school cause this is just a basic look and it takes me a whole hour!
Miss Taveras
Miss Taveras 4 oy oldin
BY experience.... you can have the best makeup and apply it like s*&# and like S#&*. .... make up isn’t all in the application. The girl with the long black hair she really rock the routine and I can see an improvement but the other ones I think they just waisted their time. It’s impresive see women resisting to take care of them self and believe is a waste of time. I think make up and skincare routine are there also to help us take care of ourselves and pamper us. Time spend on you is time invested in you. To me is my agenda time: where I plan and meditate about my day.
Yvonne Lasten
Yvonne Lasten 4 oy oldin
I usually take from 30 mins to 1 hr to do my makeup lol!!!
Dora B
Dora B 5 oy oldin
A zit is not an adverse reaction lol
Kaylee Desroches
Kaylee Desroches 5 oy oldin
*Bro how do bake and then realize you forgot foundation?*
Mayda A
Mayda A 5 oy oldin
Jessica is either have very high self esteem or she thinks she is better than someone
Mayda A
Mayda A 5 oy oldin
Jessica is either have very high self esteem or she thinks she is better than someone
Mayda A
Mayda A 5 oy oldin
Stop complaining so much.
Nicole Ortiz
Nicole Ortiz 5 oy oldin
How did she get wet on the Pirates of the Caribbean
Amelia Burgin
Amelia Burgin 5 oy oldin
My dog could have done a better job blindfolded narrrr
Emmy Andre
Emmy Andre 5 oy oldin
Sea warm rescue berqag perceive finding activist naturally naked can universal.
Yi-Lun Lin
Yi-Lun Lin 5 oy oldin
I feel attacked as someone who's obsessed with makeup 😓