We Tried Stick-On Foot Pads To See If They Could Replace Shoes

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We put stick-on foot pads to the test. We were "barefoot" on the grass, in the streets, on the beach and more to see if they really work. They are waterproof and they protect your feet from the elements. Could these stickers replace your shoes?
See more on these hidden shoes here: bluecrate.com/products/hidden-shoes
#FootPads #StickOnShoes
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3-Okt, 2018

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Dawg Crust
Dawg Crust 40 daqiqa oldin
I was on my friend the internet. Ya should have phrased that different
Lori Sally
Lori Sally 41 daqiqa oldin
2:55 cameraman was distracted
Dawg Crust
Dawg Crust 41 daqiqa oldin
Does it work in snow?
Saathvika Hegde
Saathvika Hegde Soat oldin
This is so pointless. Foot meeds coverage completely. Dust can cover ypir top layer too. Not very efficient in that aspect
TEZ Videos 33
TEZ Videos 33 3 soat oldin
Rosey Artist
Rosey Artist 3 soat oldin
...She sounds like the older version of JoJo Siwa....
Violet Lynn Scraton
Violet Lynn Scraton 3 soat oldin
I remember seeing the commercial for these a long time ago. Always thought they would be a waste of money but apparently they actually work. And she has sexy feet too that’s always a plus 😊
ಥ_ಥ Jay Quellin ಥ_ಥ
jim tomis
jim tomis 4 soat oldin
Thanks insider best wank I have had in a long time
ComplexSanta Minecraft
But how about the size
Blade 9 soat oldin
hmmmnn I wonder how many foot fetishests instaclicked this
FellowRser 10 soat oldin
Her neck is sooo skinny and her head so big lmfao
FellowRser 10 soat oldin
Alex looks like the female lizard from rango
No one wants to see your toes🤮🤮🤮🤮
Blade 9 soat oldin
don't watch the vid then?
Falo 11 soat oldin
The Lego's weigh more than her.
Clout bank
Clout bank 12 soat oldin
Until you stub ur fukin toe on a rock and die inside walkin around with you musty bloody ass toe.
Assata Hill
Assata Hill 13 soat oldin
noooo oops not legos
Captain Qwaz Caz
Captain Qwaz Caz 13 soat oldin
Next: Sticker to put on your nipple as a replacement for shirts.
Tatiana Atkinson
Tatiana Atkinson 13 soat oldin
but you can only use them once!
sjekisjsnaosjs ajqiai
sjekisjsnaosjs ajqiai 12 soat oldin
Hi i love you.will u exhange contact no
elizabeth  merillat
elizabeth merillat 14 soat oldin
people who where these actually really scare me not gonna lie
imad usa
imad usa 14 soat oldin
Can i go public toilet wearing them !!
Jaden smith
Jaden smith 14 soat oldin
Ewwww she has some LONG ASSS TINGERS
SteveVi0lence 15 soat oldin
How about stepping on used needles
Bastarden 15 soat oldin
Oh please no... I have a phobia of feet, and this would make feet be open EVERYWHERE!!! And the world doesn't need more products that suck resources and become waste, we need more long-lasting products and less consumption.
Amy Carter
Amy Carter 16 soat oldin
but what if its winter half the year lol
calencor 16 soat oldin
SevenFour 16 soat oldin
*foot fetish*
シンジ 16 soat oldin
Can I climb mount Everest with those shoes?
1:53 WAS SHE MOONWALKING!!????. Sorry I’m a fan. I’ll go home
Volaire 19 soat oldin
1. Well people are gonna think you’re weird. 2. Good luck when something falls ON your foot 3. I’m sure they’re gonna wear and tear from walking so much. They’re extremely thin. I mean you called straight up called them “stickers”. 4. I would hate to have the adhesive left over on the bottom of my foot after taking them off. 5. One time use
HRTsAFyre 19 soat oldin
Do you have these for dogs paw pass to prevent slipping?
Red Leopard vlogs
Red Leopard vlogs 19 soat oldin
*When other people comment what you were gonna comment*
sadie winters
sadie winters 19 soat oldin
She's so unhealthily skinny... I hope she's ok
DEAD CARP 19 soat oldin
Your Nasty
Base Tibi
Base Tibi 20 soat oldin
aaaand make more waste, thanks...
Funkofan 12
Funkofan 12 20 soat oldin
02:15 has god finally gifted us anti Lego shoes that aren’t really shoes!
john john
john john 20 soat oldin
As a foot fetichist i'm totally up for it
Mae Woodward
Mae Woodward 21 soat oldin
But what if it rains? Case closed.
jennti 21 soat oldin
That's a BIG hella NO!!
That Asian guy
That Asian guy 21 soat oldin
Uh you want to replace shoes with these stuff? Hell no, you can just get 1 pair of shoes and use it for years but these? No, it wouldn't last very long.
Saphire Ninja
Saphire Ninja 22 soat oldin
arent shoes supposed to be lego protection?
bente volk
bente volk 22 soat oldin
she got some wide ass feet, jeezz
FreakinFred08 22 soat oldin
I've never heard the term 'stuck toes'. What IS that? Is that another way to say 'hammer toe'?
Mr. Mcslapmyass
Mr. Mcslapmyass 23 soat oldin
Jojo siwa when she's older
smileforhiba 23 soat oldin
These wont work on my sweaty feet :(
Pokeblox 23 soat oldin
Hi Alex it's alivia Caitlin sister i love your channel that was a good idea can I have a par to I'm always barefoot📫🙆😊😀😁😃😃😁😃👠
Justin Main
Justin Main Kun oldin
Shit product, hot woman.
ArLo W
ArLo W Kun oldin
To bad it's just another disposable thing and not washable and or reusable.
Stephani Berry
Stephani Berry Kun oldin
Wow I mean if they were reusable it would be cool but now they are just another thing to be added to landfills...
Nuna TheWolfAj
Nuna TheWolfAj Kun oldin
*S p r a y o n s h o e s*
Mr.124 Kun oldin
why tho ?
Open the Gates
Open the Gates Kun oldin
That was one long commercial, next time don't make it so obvious
Alesia L
Alesia L Kun oldin
No hate but doesn’t she sound like Jojo Siwa😂
BoxNub Kun oldin
Imagine walking in shit with those
Toby Dion
Toby Dion Kun oldin
Nope, ants, stub yor toe on more than your home walls, dirt.
Glauber Lopes
Glauber Lopes Kun oldin
I am sorry, as a guy with a foot fetish i loved this video, i say this with shame
rochelle123ist Kun oldin
Are they washable and reusable? If not it’s nothing but a waiste!
divauno Kun oldin
If only people didn't shit and piss on the sidewalk. Yes. I said people. I live in Chicago and people shit on the sidewalk often. I would even wear flip flops in the city. Maybe the suburbs... but not the city. Yuck!
Budgie and Kakapos Birds
Who TF wears stick fabric in sand and water?🤢🤮
Versaucey Kun oldin
Ok, but do they protect your feet from getting trodden on by a stiletto on the train or a heavy boot on the bus? No? Then they're pointless.
noayRL43 Kun oldin
i'd like to see her tied down on table and tickled tortured by dogs licking her feet soles
Mr. Matoes
Mr. Matoes Kun oldin
Spray-on shoes is better.
Mr. Matoes
Mr. Matoes Kun oldin
Not expecting a lego is the most painful part.
Tina's Stream of Consciousness
wait, what about sweaty feet?
groundchele Kun oldin
no shoes no service
stardustgirl Kun oldin
THERE are so many Germs on the ground, these would not protect you from them!! And in large cities there are drug needles on the ground!!!!! So I would wear them at a friend's pool , there are needles at the beach too so not sure about wearing them there!
Lone Williams
Lone Williams Kun oldin
I know it's a style, but her jeans look like crap.
demos113 Kun oldin
I'll see your Lego and raise you a UK mains plug. >___
blui Kun oldin
She kinda cute
Ling_ _Films
Ling_ _Films Kun oldin
If I wore these to school, I would get expelled. No joke
Crucible Jr
Crucible Jr Kun oldin
But are they steel toed?
Here's the answer: no!
Brad Hoover
Brad Hoover Kun oldin
She looks like an anorexic Karen from the office
Lonesome Artist
Lonesome Artist Kun oldin
What if you step in dog poop...then what?💩🐕
Gecko Derp
Gecko Derp Kun oldin
I feel like I would have to walk with flat feet if I had those on :|
EZ Kun oldin
bad idea
Rose Kun oldin
This is weird
Ok but in rain you’re screwed.
ironman Kun oldin
I wonder if they have them for your hands, i hate wearing mechanic gloves.
Faze xd S
Faze xd S Kun oldin
No features...
itz katie
itz katie Kun oldin
B Bu But But w But wh But why But wh But w But Bu B
itz katie
itz katie Kun oldin
When I frickin wear *flip flops* my feet get dirty
Diamond Robot
Diamond Robot Kun oldin
In the winter you could get frostbite or pneumonia from not having protection. Also, this has no arch support, which could really damage your foot.
Vlad Mihoci
Vlad Mihoci Kun oldin
Seeing her step on lego SHE IS AN IMMORTAL
Kiros Night 777
Kiros Night 777 Kun oldin
Is this buzzfeed?
Soo Kymbo
Soo Kymbo Kun oldin
Hi Alex you would look so beautiful if you just put on a little weight, your face would be much softer ☺️
depressed vegetables
1990: “i bet by 2018 we’ll have flying cars” 2018:
Kate Bandy
Kate Bandy Kun oldin
She reminds me of Meg
your creepy emo cousin
"Nothing hurts youe feet more than walking over legos" Have you ever been running through your house and gotten a sewing needle stuck halfway into your foot because when i was nine that happened to me
Daniel Alt
Daniel Alt Kun oldin
This can never replace gumboots or steel toe-cap boots. Also... 0:57 what does it even mean when a shoe is "waterproof" and then your feet still gets wet...?
riverice7 Kun oldin
City dwelling is,too dangerous for no protection.
Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott Kun oldin
Except for my bedroom,try getting past the pile of legos
Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott Kun oldin
Jeremy Elliott
Jeremy Elliott Kun oldin
CRAP,I noticed the tested it DX
Kyra Fox
Kyra Fox Kun oldin
Aha there’s my pads for my feet to stop bleeding when I step on rocks
chilli bunghole
chilli bunghole Kun oldin
The thing is there is a really bad limit on how much protection your feet get. Eg: if you have to step on a thumbtack or a needle even. All that you have is a thin piece of cotton and spandex that may stop blunt impact such as a Lego or a more rounded rock but up against a sharp object such as a thumbtack you have a better chance with flip flops. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of wastage these will produce , because these are not biodegradable and will stay on this earth for a lifetime to come ultimately damaging the environment and it doesn't last as long or work as well as a regular pair of shoes.😷
K0I F1SH Kun oldin
You know it's extreme when the first test on the list are legos
MyTechRock Kun oldin
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Sodafreakdrawing 2 kun oldin
You would save more money on a pair of $10 shoes that will last you longer
prawny12009 2 kun oldin
4:42 they started to fall off at the beach, what you need it spray on shoes ala cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
Ahmes Syahda
Ahmes Syahda 2 kun oldin
uh... there is a thing called flip flop.