We Tried Stick-On Foot Pads To See If They Could Replace Shoes

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We put stick-on foot pads to the test. We were "barefoot" on the grass, in the streets, on the beach and more to see if they really work. They are waterproof and they protect your feet from the elements. Could these stickers replace your shoes?
See more on these hidden shoes here: bluecrate.com/products/hidden-shoes
#FootPads #StickOnShoes
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3-Okt, 2018

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jhivan benoit
jhivan benoit Soat oldin
Why not wear flip flops
Aayush Parmar
Aayush Parmar Soat oldin
1:54 Michael Jackson 2.0
Aras Finn
Aras Finn 2 soat oldin
Capitalism fail
Miss B.A.D
Miss B.A.D 3 soat oldin
I can't tell that ur feet didn't see anything did u see your feet after u peeled those off
Laura Valencia
Laura Valencia 3 soat oldin
Webbed toes & it probably prevents stuff from getting in between the toes you can’t or don’t really need to wiggle.
Liz P
Liz P 5 soat oldin
Ok.... But is it one time use? Cause that is ridiculous. We're trying to get away from things that are not biodegradable and you suggest people try these?
Pretty Fly For A White Guy
Single use.... Not a good idea.
McChicken 7 soat oldin
Chey000 0
Chey000 0 8 soat oldin
She has some sexy feet
Reii 9 soat oldin
im more worried by how thin she is is she okay
Wes J
Wes J 9 soat oldin
You're such a great environmentalist promoting these one-time use shoes just to get views. You are everything that is wrong with the world today.
Ed Gein
Ed Gein 11 soat oldin
Did Tarantino film this?
J K 11 soat oldin
She’s cute
[ BANNED ] 11 soat oldin
eat 1000 cheeseburgers
CartoonBeast 13 soat oldin
Or you can wear shoes Also if you walk around barefoot, your feet will get tougher
Wan Sou
Wan Sou 14 soat oldin
Imagine those on *winter*
ad mobile4
ad mobile4 17 soat oldin
Gratuitous boob shot 2:55 , someone should be fired. You decide who that should be...
Bilir Kasuh
Bilir Kasuh 18 soat oldin
in some countries you're feet just get enough calouses to be better than these
techn9cian09 21 soat oldin
Do a kick flip in these
FNAF Adventures and more!
*Look, it says gullible on the packaging.*
Florence Ianiev-Xia
Great! Now at least people won't step on my shoes anymore because they will step on my feet. At least shoes protect all parts of the foot
Kitten latte.
Kitten latte. Kun oldin
Can i step on a stone fish?
HomicidalProblem YT
Who else noticed the Evo at 2:56
rufus374 Kun oldin
It's all fun and games untill you get a needle in your foot.
annie bananie
annie bananie Kun oldin
AJollyFelcher Kun oldin
this is so fuckin disgusting , ur getting ur fuckin toes out VOLUNTARILY, actually vile
Adult Onset Diabetes
Seems very uncomfortable
Kathleen Keating
How to channel your inner hobbit
Petar Knezović
Petar Knezović Kun oldin
This poor girl has ripped pants and cannot afford shoes... Please donate generously at www.gofundme/poorshoelespantlessgirl.com
RAY NL Kun oldin
I don't want to see people's feet. I already flipflops and shit. I really hope this doesn't catch on. You damn filthy millennial hippy.
itspaigelol Kun oldin
What if you step on glass?? Lmao
Yassir Dakhouch
Yassir Dakhouch Kun oldin
There's another product you need to try if you want t walk barefooted its caled SOCKS get a life dweeb
IDFWU 365 2 kun oldin
All good till some steps on your feet
vFlux_Deluxe 2 kun oldin
The dew is from the dogs
Niko Agahnia
Niko Agahnia 2 kun oldin
Karen from Parks and Rec?
Stew 2 kun oldin
If they can make something like this you did not need to throw away. Because actually walking on your feet is better for your back and you have no constriction around your feet.
lu 2 kun oldin
Good.....................until someone steps on you foot.
Winter Whale
Winter Whale 2 kun oldin
I dont want to see crusty toes
xøantønia 2 kun oldin
are socks not a thing anymore or
Hex Alva
Hex Alva 2 kun oldin
Feet can’t breathe, they look pruny when removed. Also this is clearly paid advertisement. She probably has a box full of them in her corner closet next to the brand new crocs her mom bought her last spring.
A Random Stranger On The Internet
How about socks?
Saxophone The Dutchie
People who call it legos are monsters.
Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran 2 kun oldin
The best shoes is no shoes at all. XD
Al Delgado
Al Delgado 2 kun oldin
Try to walk on the snow in the freezing cold
ThotDestroyer 3 kun oldin
shitty advertisment
Agim Shurdho
Agim Shurdho 3 kun oldin
thePCpeasant 3 kun oldin
those things have no traction at all. try to do anything besides walking around and you'll feel like you're running on ice.
Shylah 3 kun oldin
they are shit
Damian Leakey
Damian Leakey 3 kun oldin
Feet are gross
Essence 3 kun oldin
*Nobody Let Etika see this*
Palms are sweaty Knees weak
Flip flops are better!!!
iswearimnotmax 3 kun oldin
what if you stub your toe? this one is a -1 for me
IWILL - 3 kun oldin
Shoes also cover ugly toes up
Kyle Armstrong
Kyle Armstrong 3 kun oldin
Not exactly a new concept. Have you heard about Vibram 5 fingers? us.vibram.com/shop/fivefingers/?gclid=Cj0KCQiArqPgBRCRARIsAPwlHoXEx4ktvEMHqiozLPYrMCFFcbbM9qD7nNCxZme3MJpEUGqbXERic-caAvsNEALw_wcB
Becca Viljoen
Becca Viljoen 3 kun oldin
Yeah, well are they reuseable?! Not good for the environment
Alexis Mandelias
Alexis Mandelias 3 kun oldin
Try doing like any physical activity with these
Atiki 3 kun oldin
You don't understand. I wear shoes because I don't want people to see my feet.
dark 4 kun oldin
much more comfortable than my steel toe boots
Saint Plague
Saint Plague 4 kun oldin
I can smell this video.
WoW P3rsON
WoW P3rsON 4 kun oldin
Who wants to see your stinky feet.
ThatCommenterGuy 4 kun oldin
FAKE *legos are paid actors*
Glitch.x.Witch 4 kun oldin
...just wait til that fateful day where you step in dog turds.
lil fyer
lil fyer 4 kun oldin
alex is hot, would love her in my bed riding me
Jonathan Laba
Jonathan Laba 4 kun oldin
Lego, not Legos!
Dani Barreto
Dani Barreto 4 kun oldin
Y'all gonna start a damn foot fungus epidemic. Stop your shiiiiiii!
Maggie Blyth
Maggie Blyth 4 kun oldin
what a stupid idea. wait until you stand on a nail or spill hot water on your feet
King CoolJ
King CoolJ 4 kun oldin
I was on my friend... The internet.
jon doe
jon doe 4 kun oldin
“Anything you can do with shoes on, you can now do without shoes on” yeah, ok lady. You can even stand in the kitchen and make sandwiches with them on.
Oliver Foggin
Oliver Foggin 4 kun oldin
“Legos” That’s a dislike from me.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 4 kun oldin
How about walking on glass i mean she said they can do anything shoes can🧐
denharo francis
denharo francis 4 kun oldin
I mean there isn't really anything beneficial about this tho...like what does this do that shoes or slippers or any footwear doesn't do?
KOSAMA GAMES 4 kun oldin
you have long ass toes dude, like almost finger like. I can see like a full knuckle but on your toes.
Vincent Scalise
Vincent Scalise 4 kun oldin
Try the Legos again, this time walking normal like you did for every other test. I can walk slowly over Legos barefoot if expected. But it's that one unexpected piece that gives to their reputation.
0mNam 4 kun oldin
Not gonna protect you from stubbing your toe
Notmetoo For
Notmetoo For 4 kun oldin
Step in shit then tell me if it’s a good idea
toothless toe
toothless toe 4 kun oldin
Crush bugs for us.
TheZnuggins 4 kun oldin
"Who doesnt wanna be bare foot all the time? lets stick on foot pads" very logic & good invention wow
sten erich rannamägi
step on a sea urchin if that doenst do anything il consider it
Lioncash 4 kun oldin
Such a waste of time.... just walk bare foot 0.o I did this for years when I travelled, your feet basically become what those pads do anyway.. just cheap plastic shit..
Angel Mae Kempis
Angel Mae Kempis 4 kun oldin
BTS V first come into my mind hahaha .I bet he will love this product.
Nisha Garan
Nisha Garan 4 kun oldin
Crazy 😂😂🤣
Samuel Fantroy
Samuel Fantroy 5 kun oldin
So.... socks?
Werner M
Werner M 5 kun oldin
maybe i'm oldscool, but barefoot feels better and makes no Trash.....
Adriaan Buys
Adriaan Buys 5 kun oldin
They aren't meant to replace shoes retard just protect your feet if you wanted to go barefoot.
Ernest Ankrom
Ernest Ankrom 5 kun oldin
Ok it's time to just say it. IT IS JUST SAND AND DIRT, GROW UP! There are more important things to be invented like new medical equipment or something. Plus the rest of your foot is exposed to the elements or a stray rock. Also your feet are going to smell in the heat people would be wearing these in.
Kirstin Moseley
Kirstin Moseley 5 kun oldin
Walk down a dirty New York street and step on a needle, or glass. Nope
BLUEWOLF 154 5 kun oldin
Dan Schneider downloaded this video
Jon Jon
Jon Jon 5 kun oldin
Stepping in a gross alley puddle- RIP
Bloody McKenzie
Bloody McKenzie 5 kun oldin
try dropping something on your foot
TPriceless 5 kun oldin
shoes forever
NohjAnec 5 kun oldin
Alex, you really need to eat more. You're way too thin girl.
Michelle Benavides
Michelle Benavides 5 kun oldin
_When was stepping on legos more painful than stepping on glass/tacks??_
Cd W
Cd W 5 kun oldin
i wish this lady was my wife
Satrio Arif
Satrio Arif 5 kun oldin
wow so protective, let see how it goes againts falling object like knive lol
Seik Sarsenbayev
Seik Sarsenbayev 5 kun oldin
Hah, stupid americans. This would never work in my homeland, Siberia.
PRIMEVAL543 5 kun oldin
If you are like me and hate feet you’d just wanna step on them to prevent bare feet
Norazlan Mohd Noor
Norazlan Mohd Noor 5 kun oldin
I thinks this not protect our legs sorry
Jennifer Park
Jennifer Park 5 kun oldin
What if someone steps on ur feet yikes
velo 5 kun oldin
Or you can just, maybe, *wear shoes?*
Sanic Drawings
Sanic Drawings 5 kun oldin
I don't want to see anyone's feet though.