We Tried The 30 Day Gym Challenge

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We try going to the gym everyday for a month!
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Linda Barsi



2-Iyn, 2018

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D S 55 daqiqa oldin
How man of these comments are buzzers employees. They are so fake.
Robert CR
Robert CR 15 soat oldin
That's so hypocrite, who's been working out for a long time can't tell anyone that he is going to the gym, or he will go to the gym tomorrow, or what's he doing in the gym because it looks like a douchebag, but this kind of people can tell every day to eeeeveryone that they are going to the gym because they are motivated or something? Pathetic.
anna james
anna james Kun oldin
This is so mean but her voice is mad annoying 😩 very forced valley girl
kshamwhizzle Kun oldin
being sick is a good excuse to not gym... don't get your germs all over the equipment :(
whathefork 2 kun oldin
6:14 is that not COIN’s “Talk Too Much” remixed???
luca pomer
luca pomer 2 kun oldin
The whole video was nice up until the end where you present how awesome it is that the guy gained one inch and the woman lost one... would have preferred something more medical-like for example muscle gain... Not telling woman that they should want to lose weight and men to gain muscle..
Sam Speedy
Sam Speedy 3 kun oldin
Stretching doesn’t really count as going to the gym, you literally could have done that anywhere
Emma Martin
Emma Martin 5 kun oldin
What about 5x a week, for three months? I think rest days are important and would make it more sustainable.
Camden 11 kun oldin
this was a low energy video
Alberto Villagomez
Alberto Villagomez 14 kun oldin
......I’m sorry how long are their lunch breaks because I work 12hrs and I only get 30mins 🤔😑
MsStarcluster 14 kun oldin
Its quite interesting how overweight people always find excuses!
ultramikonloler 15 kun oldin
6:46 anyone noticing that he is doing the breast excersice completly wrong?
FitKitty 16 kun oldin
Okay but they are beautiful people
I’m Me
I’m Me 16 kun oldin
I’d wife her
gillian gatley
gillian gatley 17 kun oldin
Y'all should do a people train like swimmers for a month challenge
Sarah Robeson
Sarah Robeson 18 kun oldin
I'm sorry but her attitude made me sad
vanessa :
vanessa : 18 kun oldin
the girl didn’t do anything wymm
Daniella Anconetani
Daniella Anconetani 19 kun oldin
this vid inspired me to go to the gym
Sal R.
Sal R. 19 kun oldin
The girl is a little bit depressing to watch...
Belinda Nyame
Belinda Nyame 20 kun oldin
1:47 is that the Megan girl from Jale Paul??
Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale 20 kun oldin
Lol people complaining about the girl when most people are the girl or worse. At least she stuck it out for 30 days for the sake of the video. The gym isn't for everyone.
Danielle Becker
Danielle Becker 21 kun oldin
Some people are into the gym, some people aren't, or at least haven't found something that they love about it. Classes are personally not for me so props to her on that one. I would get anxiety attacks in the beginning (and still do here and there until i actually start my workout) and i realized it was because i didnt have a plan. Having your workout planned ahead of time really gives you something positive to focus on.
tiger lilly
tiger lilly 23 kun oldin
This was one of your Boring people videos ....a little more excitement ppl lol
Dulce Ivonne Aguilera
They should have just invited the guy to do the video, he actually wanted to do this, unlike the girl...
honey 23 kun oldin
anyone notice a bootleg version of talk too much by coin was playing in the background at 6:45
Sydney Taylor
Sydney Taylor 24 kun oldin
You guys need to do a 30 Day sculpt yoga challenge!!!!
L clack
L clack 25 kun oldin
👍for the guy😁..👎for the girl.she was such a downer🤔
Bilbo_Swaggins 420
Bilbo_Swaggins 420 26 kun oldin
Literally she is more manly than him
Sarah Squared
Sarah Squared 27 kun oldin
Not everybody is the same 🙄 I think the girl did great. She kept her normal life habits, like eating out, and still kept going to the gym anyways. She wasn’t looking for a lifestyle change, she just wanted to see if she could go to the gym for 30 days. Now, if she’s disappointed in her “after” results, that’s where it’s her own problem since she didn’t try and change the way she lives her life. The guy was ready for a lifestyle change, whereas the girl just wanted to go to the gym and get more exercise in general, and that already is hard for most people to do! And obviously none of y’all have been to a gym before if you didn’t know that all gyms have dance classes scheduled almost everyday..
Star Uribe
Star Uribe 27 kun oldin
I call this the Bowlshit challenge. 😂 After using the bathroom you have to do a set amount of squats. (At least 10 squats and you could do this for any reason that involves going into the bathroom ex: brushing teeth, makeup etc.) Please try it for a video!
daan michiels
daan michiels 28 kun oldin
now thing dynamics curriculum news each birth evaluate.
fucking kill me
fucking kill me 29 kun oldin
"I've been going to the gym for 10 days straight, I feel stronger" can't relate
Renatas Valantinas
Renatas Valantinas 29 kun oldin
The girls was sooo boring ut the dude was chill and cool about it
Indya M
Indya M Oy oldin
this girl is agonizing to watch, please never use her in a fitness video again
Brynn Clowder
Brynn Clowder Oy oldin
That woman is so serene and chill!
hinata167 Oy oldin
A lot of people are bashing the girl but she isn't a high energy workout living person. A lot of people aren't excited about working out to some it's stressful work. I think they brought her to show two different types of people who start working out.
JJGalz Oy oldin
Lol "going to the gym everyday" doesn't mean you have to workout 😏
Maya Monfiston
Check out my new leg day routien. uzvid.com/video/video-wLvz6NPpfdo.html
applebug24 Oy oldin
the girl is so sweet I love her
Aniki Sempai
Aniki Sempai Oy oldin
Rest days are just as important as going to the gym! The rest days gives the muscles a chance to rest and grow. You should have at least 2 rest days a week! THEN you're going to see real results! Going to the gym when you're sick is a no go!
You need rest dayyysssss. That's why you got sick.
Amir Palamar
Amir Palamar Oy oldin
Important thing they should know is to take one test day a week, guarantee they’ll feel even better
David Rodriguez
Renate c
Renate c Oy oldin
i wonder why they dont have people like me who at least want to try the challenge the girl did nothing
Portia Lujabe
Portia Lujabe Oy oldin
Anyone know their names?
Thapelo Mokoto
Bokjoo Wangso
Bokjoo Wangso Oy oldin
Ok I skipped to the end cause that girl felt like very "encouraging" to watch this episode. *insert sarcasm" lol
Bho Check
Bho Check Oy oldin
I'm really like the girl. Like it takes a lot for me to go to the gym even with classes
sweiland75 Oy oldin
If only you put as much dedication into exercise as you do into your oral hygiene,
Madison Traverse
A video of someone following Kayla Itsines’ 12 week program or one of her other programs!
Natasha Fitzpatrick
Music is too loud cba
Vanessa Vu
Vanessa Vu Oy oldin
The girl lost an inch in her waist and she isn't celebrating?? Idjdhdjsdndbhx I don't even know anymore
Han Wakefield
Han Wakefield Oy oldin
Her personality is so bland and unmotivating
Ekaterina Nekrasova
This website is really great for people who are trying to figure out how to workout on their own www.fitnessblender.com/ They have over 500 free workout videos (strength, HIIT, cardio, pilates) and also paid plans that are very cheap (e.g. $9.99 for 1 month of scheduled workouts that you have access to for a lifetime). I've been doing their workouts on and off for over 3 years now and it is a really great option! Also don't need a gym - can do all the workouts at home
NoteGaming Oy oldin
I work for an amazing company with 100% VEGAN PLANT BASED products that totally change the way you look at fitness wanna know more ?!!? Message me :D
ve q
ve q Oy oldin
The girl was so bad smh
Fatma Fairooz
Fatma Fairooz Oy oldin
She is moooood 😂
NoVa413 Oy oldin
6:00 is he actually glowing?
Serena Havill
Serena Havill Oy oldin
Swore the girl was Drew from clever
Zoi Andersen
Zoi Andersen Oy oldin
DISCLAIMER: OPINIONS!!! I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL! I'M NOT A DOCTOR OR A PERSONAL TRAINER. THIS IS HOW I WORKOUT. IT MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. YOU MAY PROCEED TO READ MY COMMENT NOW. THANK YOU. Just do home workouts. I live in Wisconsin, so when it's nice out, I run for like a mile three or four days a week. I do push ups and jumping jacks before and after. It's enough for me. In winter, I find some cardio and strength packages online and do those. It's so easy! The gym is dirty and gross, there's too many people and self conscious, introverted me thinks people are judging me. At home, I can be by myself and work out at my own pace. If you hate going to the gym or can't go to the gym, try working out from home! I use a run tracker app called Run Tracker, it's green and black if you're interested. It works out great if you just want to freestyle run like me. It's pretty great. I don't work for the company or get any money for it, but I really like it. Yay. There you go. Wow. That comment got looooooooooong real fast.
Ciara Flash
Ciara Flash Oy oldin
I loved this because the guys energy, motivation and spirit in this video is what I aim to be and the girl who was just figuring it out and trying different things and really showing the struggles of getting into the gym routine is what I actually am. Thank you for this is was really cool to see😍
刘凱瑟琳 Oy oldin
they both so damn cute
Tasha Lydia
Tasha Lydia Oy oldin
I feel like everyone saying the girl didn't have any energy however I found her more relatable and made me think that I could do it.
Tobias Östh
Tobias Östh Oy oldin
If you are going to go to the gym you should have a plan. There is a lot of free programs online.
Mohamed Oy oldin
5:38 guy with black shirt isn't that the guy who works with Athlean-X
A U S T I N Oy oldin
it’s called find a good reliable source from the internet and find a work out
Joseph Taylor
Joseph Taylor Oy oldin
why is she driving a half hour to go to the gym. In LA gym are like starbucks one on every block
Pao Villa
Pao Villa Oy oldin
"Hopefully tomorrow I can go back"?! No, mijo, not until you get better! Let me do some caldito de pollo for you 😋
MrJan9k Oy oldin
Why would rain stop someone from DRIVING to the gym?
Kait Paig
Kait Paig 28 kun oldin
MrJan9k some ppl don't like driving in the rai
The Proxy
The Proxy Oy oldin
2:08 what is wrong with that ceiling?
P2B NL Oy oldin
That Volunteer branded Muscle Milk surprised me!
Ali And Hadi The Savages
It’s only the guy that did the real gym work out the women’s not going to the real gym
collarmole Oy oldin
"I ran out of clothing for the gym" Haven't you ever heard of a washing machine?
Alicia R
Alicia R Oy oldin
Do a 30 day hip dip challenge!!
ShiroP Oy oldin
Fitness normies trigger me.
Assante Freeman
She's cute. Lazy and unmotivated but cute
Miles Latham
Miles Latham Oy oldin
time???? TIME??????? she cant find 1 hour in the day to go to the gym?"!?
Iliana Wong
Iliana Wong Oy oldin
Why is everyone complaining about the girl? So she didn't like the gym, so what? That's true for many people. It's actually great of Buzzfeed to show there are people who don't like the gym, even if they force themselves to go and create a habit.
Christian Perez
What kinda car was that at 6:16 look nice
Hero Kezia
Hero Kezia Oy oldin
Proud of the girl, though many people are criticizing her negative attitude, I would just like to say that going to the gym solo, with no prior workout knowledge (especially for women) is very intimidating. It took me two years before I could move from cardio machines to weights - and that was with someone teaching me how to properly lift. So I, for one, am extremely proud of her for attempting this solo! Not feeling awkward at the gym is a huge accomplishment and I hope she continues to go and can make it a part of her lifestyle
Yahya Khan
Yahya Khan Oy oldin
How is this a challenge?
They both have amazing skin
Thea Goulas
Thea Goulas Oy oldin
What is it with people and not wanting to go to the gym when it's raining??? You're literally... indoors...the entire time.
Shawn Meeks
Shawn Meeks Oy oldin
If you do anything for 30 days you will get better at it.
what a bizarre ending to a video
StHealthy Oy oldin
Great video, I also feel out of place in the gym. My gym feels like more of a nightclub. The dance classes have professional dancers, the weight area has professional bodybuilders, the cardio machines are filled with impossibly beautiful model looking women. Need to find a new gym LOL
Hurley 08
Hurley 08 Oy oldin
robspunk Oy oldin
Wow! You went to the gym for a month! How unique! So worth making a video about... losers
Brandon Stringfield
lazy people
Kat Homrich
Kat Homrich Oy oldin
I was legit eating Carmel kettle corn while watching this
Pottan23 Oy oldin
Why is the guy so proud of going to an inside gym when it's raining?...
Kylee The Great
Proud of the guy in this. He really tried. Congrats to him! He was so motivated and driven.
Mar. shmallow
Mar. shmallow Oy oldin
Lmfao who goes to the gym to just stretch?
Thedibär Eisenherz
Maika Tuisalialevu
Drive to the gym to get on a walking machine. What the fook
Arlene Sanders
when the noobie gains wears off, watch these morons give up
Eric Kim
Eric Kim Oy oldin
how is this a challenge wtf
Julie Ann Hall
Wow she makes a lot of excuses
meow kitty
meow kitty Oy oldin
I go to the gym twice a day every day
Bridget A
Bridget A Oy oldin
I hardly ever comment on video but I had to for this one! props to them being in the gym but I didnt even watch the whole video due to the girl being so boring and I feel like she didn't even try! I love these kind of videos cause they are motivating but this one was a miss.