We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

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Can drinking more water give you better skin, help you drop a few pounds, AND prevent your hangovers?
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2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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Yin Yin Wu
Yin Yin Wu 5 soat oldin
I drink about 2+ liter of water everyday
chai 13 soat oldin
Drinking water shouldnt be a challenge lmao
Kiwii 13 soat oldin
Everyone looks worse, Jesus.
Hello World
Hello World 14 soat oldin
"It tastes like garbage" honey if you can't even drink water well enough, a basic need to survive, it explains why you are overweight and as the person said in the beginning have bad skin.
buggedmusik 15 soat oldin
8 cups a day ha ha i have that for breakfast
IrethN 17 soat oldin
Honestly...what is wrong with these people
Valerie Foster
Valerie Foster 17 soat oldin
However, drinking the scientific amount of water will not in fact cause you to spontaneously speak more intelligently. Such a shame.
Harshit Soren
Harshit Soren Kun oldin
How can you not drink water?...taste lke garbage its odourless and tasteless
Robert Denham
Robert Denham Kun oldin
She looks exactly the same in both pictures.
F!@#Guilt Kun oldin
FAAAAAAALSE!! If your urine looks dark, drink more. If your urine looks clear to light yellow, you're fine. You do NOT need to drink massive amounts of water.
Fletcher09 Kun oldin
My mom has CHF and she can't drink anything past 32 oz.. fyi she has amazing skin and hair... your body's health is also dependent on what you eat, another note: majority of non processed food like fresh fruits and veggies contain tons of water. Their molecular structure is usually 50% or more of water; you're going to get hydrated from these foods as well if you eat healthy daily.
Winona VH
Winona VH Kun oldin
Sum_RBLX Kun oldin
I love water! I drink it every single day!
Killer Germ
Killer Germ 2 kun oldin
Ounce? What freaken planet are y'all on? Mililters or cubic centimeters.
Allexz 2 kun oldin
So in 2018 they released a video, about drinking water. And people saying it was hard. Hint: Life on this planet would not exist if it was not for water. Hint2: Everybody drinks water, it's not hard. Hint3: Theres absolutely no point of this video. fml.
Kirsten Carter
Kirsten Carter 2 kun oldin
If you drank only water most days like my family and I do then you would easily drink more than the eight, eight ounces of water a day. I drink almost a gallon of water a day. I could also easily out drink the buff guy lol
Doogy Dog
Doogy Dog 2 kun oldin
Cheryl really got in to it, her skin looked really nice after.
Misty Thompson
Misty Thompson 2 kun oldin
This is insane! I CRAZY struggle cause 2hrs in am n pm I'm doing carpool so I cant stop during those times w 4 boys. Timing is killin me so I'm insanely dehydrated.
Sharon Esther
Sharon Esther 2 kun oldin
what a bunch of freaks! Its water and its THE BEST!
Hasnat Hanif
Hasnat Hanif 2 kun oldin
Nope! I don't see any difference.
bvjb gju
bvjb gju 2 kun oldin
The only thing that's changed is her filter
Lola Ile
Lola Ile 3 kun oldin
Dude's water/thirst science is outdated AF....
Janet Wood
Janet Wood 3 kun oldin
I love drinking ice tea, but because of my job, I don't get enough bathroom breaks, so I drink diet soda. For some reason, I can drink a lot of soda, and still not have to urinate as frequently. But, on the weekends or on vacation, I drink a lot of ice tea or ice water. I love cold water 💧 with ice! After I'm finished drinking the water, I like to bite and eat the ice! I love eating ice! 🌫
Plant Based Beginnings
great vid, but plastic bottles were unnecessary at the end.
Katie x
Katie x 3 kun oldin
Drinking diet coke/Pepsi max does actually hydrate you. It's base ingredient is still water despite what you hear. You're obviously going to be more hydrated thru drinking any soft drink than not drinking anything.
Ashley Stringham
Ashley Stringham 4 kun oldin
I have a litre drink bottle that I carry around with me everywhere. I was at work yesterday and I had to pee literally every 20 min cause I drank so much water at work... 😅
readme info
readme info 4 kun oldin
i got thirsty while watching this
April el
April el 4 kun oldin
i love drinking water it taste so good like my mother always told me water is life we can't live with out water
Martin Avery
Martin Avery 4 kun oldin
Well done! Drinking all of that water must have been a massive challenge. Perhaps you could try walking 10 miles a day to a filthy pond to get something to drink, like loads of poor people in Africa. Still keep going, whiney Americans!
Time- Lapses
Time- Lapses 4 kun oldin
Your bladder actually fills up every 15 minutes.
will crow
will crow 4 kun oldin
It's like that push up i did last year was for NOTHING!
MissIrishdoll 4 kun oldin
Americans 🙄
Celine Naville
Celine Naville 4 kun oldin
Thirst feels nothing like hunger.
Macchez 4 kun oldin
Drinking water? Really? I-i mean it's not even that hard.
sweetboo1022 4 kun oldin
I have two other benefits that I've noticed because I drink abnormally large amounts of water every day and have all my adult life and I've never had a cavity and I eat a lot of sweets like a lot of sweets. So the doctor thinks that that's also maybe why I have never got diabetes cuz I could lose a few pounds but he thinks that the crazy amounts of water I drink stave off any long-term effects I should still lose weight but I will always drink a lot of water cuz it makes me feel good.
Tania Lou
Tania Lou 4 kun oldin
When i drink too much water i feel so sick anyone else?
Priestess Yemaya Yansa The Water Witch
A water expert??!?! Ok. We are fucked if we have to utilize a water expert and the fact that there is one us a sign of the times....
N. Christmas
N. Christmas 5 kun oldin
Cheryl's hair was crazy the entire vid. Live on cher cher!!
Busy Bee
Busy Bee 5 kun oldin
Been drinking 1/2 to 1 gal of water daily for close to 20 yrs now to help with overeating. It really helps with that. However, it hasn't helped my skin, hair, nails at all.
Dick Buttkiss
Dick Buttkiss 5 kun oldin
Wow 1 like = 69 prayers for these brave people. Congrats on giving me testicular cancer and permanent cringeitis
Gage_the_destroy 6 kun oldin
I love water
jmacsss 6 kun oldin
Count how many times they say "like" "literally" or say aomething and make it sound like a question. Ugh.
sherry kao
sherry kao 6 kun oldin
Saying water tastes like garbage while wearing a garbage bag....loll!
Liz Hecht
Liz Hecht 6 kun oldin
I’m restarting the good habit.
Julie Robbs
Julie Robbs 6 kun oldin
I definitely see the difference in everyone’s appearance/skin!!
Travis Lester
Travis Lester 6 kun oldin
Haha Punks I am drinking Gallon - 2 a day haha.
Surjya G
Surjya G 6 kun oldin
I drink around 4 litres of water every day and people think I am 10 years younger in my looks.
Rushfan2112 6 kun oldin
"My skin was feeling good". Well you forgot to shave! @3:24
Abira Basu
Abira Basu 6 kun oldin
What do you mean by its lyk garbage… i think ur brain is garbage… its just water dude
Veronika I
Veronika I 7 kun oldin
These people are Tripping I drink a gallon a day! That’s 16 glasses bitches....and the peeing is caused by your kidneys FINALLY having enough liquid to clean out. Once your kidneys begin to function normally you don’t pee so much.
smoshfreakinpit 7 kun oldin
Everyone’s skin looked like it had more color in it! That was super cool!
PAUL HUNTER 7 kun oldin
Yes see what that fluoride is doing to your insides . Take the water and brew it to beer job done .
Mayanka Aggarwal
Mayanka Aggarwal 7 kun oldin
This is making me feel so thirsty!!!
Shaylyn Seminuk
Shaylyn Seminuk 7 kun oldin
I drink up to 9 liters of water every day 😍 I am ALWAYS thirsty, and I am known to be the girl that carries around 3 Contigo water bottles 😅
jesse singh
jesse singh 8 kun oldin
So this is 3 months I like to see one more video from all 3 and see how much lost weight thank you so much please
Michelle Thorson
Michelle Thorson 8 kun oldin
We dont have to drink 8 glasses if water a day.
Your boy Um boy
Your boy Um boy 8 kun oldin
This whole video is fake news if you are trying to improve your image you are doing terrible buzzfeed
Diane Magsig
Diane Magsig 8 kun oldin
I had to have a new well dug for the household water supply. The soil in this area is all sand until about sixty feet down, then there is a layer of clay for 30 feet. Then more sand. Water was at 140 ft. down ( I found a small dinosaur footprint on one of the larger stones brought up by the digging machine). The water is crystal clear and has no taste at all. I drink water by the pint and when friends and family stop by, they bring containers to fill.
Michael Sgro
Michael Sgro 8 kun oldin
It tastes like garbage? What the f*** is wrong with you?
Heather 8 kun oldin
Too many ladies caring too much about what they look like. Keep hydrated, eat healthier, get some exercise and quit spending all your hard earned money on ridiculous makeup brushes and crap. You'll be good to go!
[Knits In by Denine]
OMG I need to be friends with Kuwilileni 😂. Her sense of humor is 👌💯!
Richard Craig
Richard Craig 9 kun oldin
THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO! Seriously, this guy is saying everything I've been telling friends and loved ones for years! Once I started drinking a lot more water, I found myself in much better physical and mental shape. I've gone from a depressed 220lb doughy guy to a happy, healthy 160lb slim guy. It feels amazing.
CutestHeidi 9 kun oldin
I drink 10-12 glasses daily and people say I look 10 years younger. Don't do TOO much thought, that is dangerous and I've done that.
Mimi Abdo
Mimi Abdo 10 kun oldin
Its like being bad at breathing, which i also am cuz i have asthma lolll
Ms. Cuddlekins
Ms. Cuddlekins 10 kun oldin
I dont like to drink a Lot of water because i hate to go to the bathroom so frequently. 😧
Noor Haryati Asuat
Noor Haryati Asuat 10 kun oldin
Water is Life ❤
aprilblenk 11 kun oldin
They all have a bit more of a warm tone in the before and after pictures but honestly, I can’t tell if that’s an actual difference or just lighting.
aprilblenk 11 kun oldin
Going to the toilet is easily the hardest part of drinking water all the time. I always have to time it depending on whether I think I’ll be near a toilet in half an hour or so.
cellogirl11RW 11 kun oldin
Yesterday morning, I withheld water so that I could sit through church without having to pee, as I have Overactive Bladder. After a while, I started feeling a bit dizzy, had a slight headache, my mouth was dry, and my sinuses were congested. I went out to breakfast with my dad and husband afterwards, and, as soon as I had a sip of water, I realized that I was extremely thirsty. I drank four glasses of water/juice in the hour we were there, and I felt a lot better.
Jordie :P
Jordie :P 11 kun oldin
Where I look twelve
giveagoodsong 12 kun oldin
Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep
DIY lover
DIY lover 12 kun oldin
Men have bigger blatters and women have 3 ribs on each side of their body and men have only 2 on each side could men and women trade
Celine Naville
Celine Naville 4 kun oldin
Thats actually not true. We have the same amount of ribs.
NorCalAMG 13 kun oldin
Is it me or does the black chik have hairy legs?
Joann Cunningham
Joann Cunningham 13 kun oldin
One question at work that was assigned to me was what is your favorite beverage? My answer was water. I beyond love water. I cannot say why, however it doesn’t matter. I love 💧 💧 water 😘👍🏼😍
Keegun Moore
Keegun Moore 13 kun oldin
U fat AF is why u had to unzip... fat. Bitches always saying everything but that. Lol
Holly Noel
Holly Noel 13 kun oldin
I think most of these positive effects are placebo.
Holly Noel
Holly Noel 13 kun oldin
This many people in their office hate /don’t drink water? Man... I’m not special, I know I’m not drinking enough (48-60 oz a day usually), but I only drink black coffee and water (sometimes carbonated plain). How can you go all day without sipping on something? Or are they drinking soda/sugar junk all day when not doing a water challenge? I’m just imagining people not getting enough water because they aren’t drinking anything, but that can’t be right.
Em Bem
Em Bem 13 kun oldin
WTF who doesn’t drink 8 glasses a day... I think it’s a cultural thing Americans don’t drink much real water? Mostly cola? Someone help me understand.
Mel Mill
Mel Mill 13 kun oldin
Why do they always use the same story of 8 glasses of water a day? We are all different size, weight, height, etc. How can it be one size fits all? Just curious.
Kat Parks
Kat Parks 14 kun oldin
I drink a gallon of water a day. I am 54. I had a young guy tell me he thought I was thirty nine. A lady at work thought I was 42. I will keep drinking my water!
amanda atha
amanda atha 14 kun oldin
Who would have thought water would be so beneficial to our health? I mean, it only makes up over half of our body.
AppleCoder 20
AppleCoder 20 14 kun oldin
Anyone watching this video feels the urge to drink water??? Lol all because of this video ..
David Weeks
David Weeks 14 kun oldin
Can like these clowns like say like some more? Like?
mattwildchild 14 kun oldin
they all sound so ridiculous. its water wtf buzzfeed people, stop overreacting to everything.
Antoinette Bolz
Antoinette Bolz 14 kun oldin
I recommend 120 oz of water a day. See what difference it makes in 4 weeks.
Derek A
Derek A 14 kun oldin
How can you go days without drinking water? WTF are you drinking?! Can’t be good to drink that much soda, juice, wine, etc.
Katy Doench
Katy Doench 14 kun oldin
Water makes me feel hangry.
Tevin Carter
Tevin Carter 14 kun oldin
They look hydrated....
Crazy Carney's
Crazy Carney's 14 kun oldin
Haha can’t believe you all spoke about bm lol. I’m going to start this from tomorrow 😱
Sophia Sumido
Sophia Sumido 14 kun oldin
how can people NOT want to drink water.. I drink water after I wake, during meals.. but maybe it’s because my mom made me drink water growing up so it’s a natural habit already
s Jones
s Jones 14 kun oldin
8 glasses includes all of the water consumed including coffee , drinks and water in anything. Including food. Too much water can kill you. Google it. Rule is simple. When thirsty drink water and nothing else. No need to do this as a “challenge” the reasons they are peeing so much is as they are drinking 8 glasses ontop of all of their coffee / drinks food etc
Rozanna Yiannakis
Rozanna Yiannakis 14 kun oldin
IT TASTES LIKE GARBAGE. What a bunch of spoilt people. They deserve to be left in a desert and beg for water.
pineappleuncleify 14 kun oldin
Who in the phuck finds this funny, entertaining or interesting? It's garbage. It's like an In Living Color skit if In Living Color got a reboot. These people behave like children. Not to mention, and I won't, BUT there many other places in the world where getting clean drinkable water is an incredible hardship. This this weren't the internet, this video would be an embarrassment. Fail.
shatnershairpiece 15 kun oldin
You want to make it easy to drink lots of water? Get a kidney stone. I guarantee you will be drinking a lot, every day, for the rest of your life.
Chawnee Rich
Chawnee Rich 15 kun oldin
You shouldn't be able to taste it
Miscellaneous Moon
Miscellaneous Moon 15 kun oldin
I've always loved water, I remember when I learned the Spanish word for water, which is aqua, on Sesame Street and I'd always ask my dad for a glass of agua. Sure, I drink pop and non-water items, but I usually drink about 2 liters of water a day.
uacmcgs 15 kun oldin
Doing before/after photos on "drinking water".. These Muricans..
Zoie Broughton
Zoie Broughton 15 kun oldin
Booiii i love water.. Smh
J Phish
J Phish 15 kun oldin
It's AMAZING! Drinking more water will actually CHANGE the lighting of a picture. So convinced right now. Drinking 17 glasses of water.
Rochelle Yanuzzi
Rochelle Yanuzzi 15 kun oldin
I gladly was able to consume 4 Litres of water per day but then I got water intoxication,but once you get through that,you're drinking water like a fish,and it's honestly not hard. I swapped my soda with water and green tea and I've never felt better. it's definitely worth it,but depends on the person. Also to be clear,here... Water tastes like nothing. I don't understand how something so pure can taste like garbage. But that's none of my business. -Sips tea- 🐸🍵