We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

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Can drinking more water give you better skin, help you drop a few pounds, AND prevent your hangovers?
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2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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Fikrlar 5 095
Vanadium 3 soat oldin
There isn't a single dude doing it if it was the other way sjw feminists would be going mental
Chelsea Chandler
Chelsea Chandler 16 soat oldin
Idk how it's possible but Kuwilileni! Girl! Your lips got even more voluptuous! YAS!
Ace 20 soat oldin
said drink more than 64 ounces as I am drinking out of a 64-ounce grape juice bottle filled with water and wetted the bed last night as a 12-year-old FeelsBadMan
Jacob Mceachern
Jacob Mceachern 4 kun oldin
Says Bms to stay classy then says butthole...
Marco Salazar
Marco Salazar 5 kun oldin
All sizes age groups regions ambiance’s maybe more males needed to put the ultimate cherry on top. But overall genius video !
Mesiiah E
Mesiiah E 5 kun oldin
There's seriously people that don't drink any water? That's crazy to me. I only drink water and tea. I try to drink atleast 1 cup of tea and 1.5 gallons of water a day.
Andrew Simar
Andrew Simar 5 kun oldin
These people that I saw are women? God in America feminism did some serious damages on your women.
ᴋʀᴜᴛᴏʏ ʙᴏʏ
4L water everyday baby
ChaChingXOXO 5 kun oldin
tbh imagine being skeptical about water tbh
Egility 5 kun oldin
Why does the water expert look like Tfue
ClashOfClansLegend 2
I drink one bottle before school, 2 during school, and three after school
Molly Hooks
Molly Hooks 11 kun oldin
this feels like a parody of a buzzfeed video except it's an actual buzzfeed video
Shakti Maan
Shakti Maan 11 kun oldin
On youtube, everything gets okay in the end....
debilia debilia
debilia debilia 11 kun oldin
Please make 30day lemon water challange.
Seo Yuna's
Seo Yuna's 12 kun oldin
i drink A LOT of water but my skin is horrible lol
Ashley N Hill
Ashley N Hill 14 kun oldin
Love this video the dry humor is everything 💖💖
freakoteo 15 kun oldin
It's working. There's a pinky glow! Water water water!!!
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming 15 kun oldin
People are all saying how can you not like the taste of water Let me explain So when you drink flavored drinks for pretty much every drink you get used to it then you try water... It’s like ramen without anything else at all but then you add flavor then 👌
Mr. Barns
Mr. Barns 16 kun oldin
I've been drinking water soooo much that when I do finally drink pop or juice it taste either to sweet or taste so strong.
Candy Blob
Candy Blob 16 kun oldin
And here I am needing to work in drinking less water in a day
Princesslatera Andrez
They all look like 4 & 6 years younger. And I noticed everybody's dark circles around their eyes disappeared. Especially the older blonde with the wild curly hair.
Allostasis 16 kun oldin
Drinking too much water is a good way to flush out electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium)...
Inés G. Gao
Inés G. Gao 17 kun oldin
There were just so many hilarious people in this video. =D
DA Skills
DA Skills 18 kun oldin
The fat one says that water is trach and some ppl in Africa wish that thay have a drop of water u should be humbled for the thing that u have some ppl don't have a house some ppl sleep hunger some ppl wish that thay have a car , food, u should thank god for what he blessed u with
wonder girl
wonder girl 18 kun oldin
Why do you'll not like to drink water?
msubasii 18 kun oldin
Please don’t use plastic bottles.
Violeta Diaz
Violeta Diaz 19 kun oldin
“But I think I’m going to keep doing this” umm. Well I hope so. After all, we are like 70% Water.
Logan Livingston
Logan Livingston 20 kun oldin
Wh, but.... you drink water every day
christine osicho
christine osicho 20 kun oldin
I totally understand this,I rarely drink water,I just don't like it and am rarely thirsty.However I have just started the challenge and the bathroom trips are not funny, need to pee right now!!
albert ma
albert ma 20 kun oldin
Dude, I drink a gallon daily
Sarah B
Sarah B 18 kun oldin
is you feeling good bruh?
Sharon Renee
Sharon Renee 21 kun oldin
Your urine must be HORRIBLE...Thats not healthy ladies...not at all. OMG...
okay unicorn
okay unicorn 21 kun oldin
I drink lots of water and i confuses me on how they can't do this but I know this was me in the beginning
Andrew Nicol Smith
Andrew Nicol Smith 21 kun oldin
I hate water too, don't worry.
Oh Hol
Oh Hol 22 kun oldin
Even as someone who has followed at least 8 cups of water per day for the last 11 years, admittedly I find myself laying off the drinking while at work. It's good to be hydrated, but I drink room temp water and it passes through so quickly, it can really become a problem when it gets in the way of my work or if I start thinking my boss is suspecting I'm playing around in the bathroom all day
maya issy
maya issy 22 kun oldin
the girl with the dreads is funny. she seems nice
Estatic Gamer
Estatic Gamer 22 kun oldin
i drink water everyday, what is the big deal
astrid 23 kun oldin
Whoa I’m actually trying this... Imma update lol Day one: Uh I just REALLY have to pee every 5 minutes oops
ChimChim For Life
ChimChim For Life 23 kun oldin
*This video made me drank 1 glasses of water.*
Twisted86 24 kun oldin
Love how they act like 8x8oz of water is a lot.....I do 128oz a day in the winter and up to 256oz during the summer when I'm outdoors working. I wish I could skirt by with 64oz :P
de verdad de nada
de verdad de nada 25 kun oldin
So the whole purpose of this video is to prove that drinking water good for you, really?
S Price
S Price 26 kun oldin
The best treatment for a hangover..is drink a huge glass of water before bed, after an evening of cocktails.
Delmaine Donson
Delmaine Donson 26 kun oldin
It's so strange to me that people have a hard time drinking water or just don't drink it all all. That's really nasty if you think about it. It's like having a house and never ever cleaning it. I drink more than 2 liters of water every day it's not a big deal to me at all. They can be glad they have water to drink
Johnny Wilkman
Johnny Wilkman 26 kun oldin
Cant believe people were like this 30 day water "challenge". really? this is what youre supposed to do everyday, it shouldnt be called a challenge lol
Erin MacLean
Erin MacLean 26 kun oldin
I'd like to see Cheryl do a Curly Girl Method challenge
DM Per
DM Per 26 kun oldin
First world problems
Emma Easton
Emma Easton 26 kun oldin
This is something I often struggle to wrap my head around. Why is it so hard for some people to drink water? When I wake up in the morning I'm parched, I drink about a litre in the first hour of the day. And I can't enjoy my food if I haven't had a gulp of water beforehand, because then I just feel thirsty in stead of hungry. It's strange how different people's bodies can be.
יוחנן דוד
יוחנן דוד 27 kun oldin
Whoops! I almost watched a BuzzFeed video on accident!
Tisha Carroll
Tisha Carroll 27 kun oldin
"that really say Ed my butthole"
Veggie Stock
Veggie Stock 27 kun oldin
Water taste like nothing
Christina Moiseeva
Christina Moiseeva 27 kun oldin
I drink only water and green tea, hate everything else >< when I forget my water bottle at home or have no chance to buy one, I get very anxious
Ruth Gunneson-Poling
Everyone's skin was brighter and less under eye darkness.
Jeanette Alfred
Jeanette Alfred 27 kun oldin
"So are you a billboard for yourself?" LOL That girl with the impossible name and deadlocks is hilarious! Too funny :)
Lydia Ayno
Lydia Ayno 27 kun oldin
I had 2 glasses of water while watching this video, so impressed!
tonim 28 kun oldin
I get a kick out of that girl who sounds like she's whispering.
Chris S.
Chris S. 28 kun oldin
There is no reason to drink 8 glasses of water every day. www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=www.nytimes.com/2015/08/25/upshot/no-you-do-not-have-to-drink-8-glasses-of-water-a-day.html&ved=2ahUKEwiy1oD1u8zeAhUEXq0KHfpIAHQQFjAAegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw3gsswnqx7Ohgd15borHTvA
John Deveney
John Deveney 28 kun oldin
I spoke with a medical dietitian, while in the hospital for heart failure. I was advised that 64oz. or less of "fluids" is recommended for someone (not exercising) every day. It was thought that 8 - 8oz. glasses of water was required (not true)...
ASTRAL THIEF 29 kun oldin
I drink at least 4 liters of water and 48oz of juice even on my most sedentary day (which includes 4-5 mph walking for 2 miles)
Sabine S
Sabine S 29 kun oldin
Good rule of thumb is half of your body weight in ounces of water.. for instance if you weigh 140 lbs you should drink 70 oz of water. .
Janet Tang
Janet Tang 29 kun oldin
i drink 8 glasses water a day maybe more for few years, but my skin still look bad af
Danielle Cassettari
No! Don't drink Poland Springs (or bottled water in general, people, it's 2018)! They're owned by Nestle and unethical as heck.
Malin Idlund
Malin Idlund Oy oldin
OMG I need some water now 😬I got so thirsty watching this
John Branch IV Photography
I really need to drink more water. This was a great reminder.
pantera tanker
it can help you gain weight if you skinny af
ruuoxi Oy oldin
this is baffled me...so people don't usually drink water? I thought drinking water is an everyday habit...
Rismosch Oy oldin
Today I learned that I belong to the few people who ibly drink water. Seriously, I never thought so many people don't drink water.
I'll bE cHiLlInG
I drink a gallon
Kellye Raiborn
I thought this was going to be a 30 day water fast challenge. Turns off video......
Lydia Sugarman
It's all women who are doing the 30-day water experiment with the one male authority telling them what's what. So, what's wrong with this picture? Why couldn't you either include some men who were doing the experiment and/or a female expert? The guy's nice enough, but I found myself getting more and more annoyed by the traditional, sexist representation.
VIPKID Teacher Kattina
This has me cracking up
Jackie Beaudry
Great video, but couldn’t done without the GD comment at the end.
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Oy oldin
Water is like my favourite drink lmfaoo. Seeing people not drinking anything or hardly anything gives me mad anxiety 😂💀
Daniel Kö
Daniel Kö Oy oldin
The taste of water really depends on the region you live in. At least in my country it is usual to drink tap water because we don't have chemicals in it that taste gross. However the taste comes from the ingredients. Usually water from alpine regions tastes much better than water from sandy areas because there are more minerals in it.
Alex Boyes
Alex Boyes Oy oldin
‘When men were trying it’............. nobody was trying it
Bechristian! music & art with Jacki
move to the desert and may help one to be more thirsty..it did me i used to not even drink much fruit juice or water..and spring water or bottled european fizzy water is way better than tap water or even if get water filter
Jennifer Carmona
that septum gotta go
Anonymous Forever
Anonymous Forever 28 kun oldin
why don't you concern yourself with YOUR life only and stop deciding whats good (in your opinion)for others? Try practicing this train of thought: " I may not like what the next person says/does/is, etc, but I recognise that is only because it is not for me. However others are free to be different from myself and it is really none of my business".
Jennifer Carmona
i guess they've never had ice cold water at 3 a.m.
We The Kims
We The Kims Oy oldin
Inspired to try this!
Ashley Lawler
Ashley Lawler Oy oldin
"That guy is really buff and he said water is important so it must be true" lmaoooo
Shucks Delwas
Shucks Delwas Oy oldin
What The F is wrong with these people and Buzzfeed ?!! You can't drink 8oz of water a day for a month. I HATE THIS GENERATION!!
Vogue Flower
Vogue Flower Oy oldin
I wonder if the black girl realises she’s black 🤣
Rachael Reid
Rachael Reid Oy oldin
I have an app that tells me how much water i should drink for my weight and height, i have been religiously using that app for over 2 years i swear by it
Only Love
Only Love Oy oldin
I'm blown away how people don't know the basics of health!! CRAZY!!
Angel 123
Angel 123 Oy oldin
It saved her butthole...lol Oh my, how funny.
Bradley Irwin
Bradley Irwin Oy oldin
If your water tastes like garbage, filter it!!! All those added chemicals make it taste like crap....
Just_Another Car_Guy
You people are fucked
Stenige Maldonado
I only drink water with lemon !
Daniela Bianca Vlaicu
I can't understand why people in America never drink water?? People 're crazy? Very soon they will not gonna breath oxigen ...They talk about water like they came from a different planet!
Vj Grimes
Vj Grimes Oy oldin
Great advocates (we only just met, but don't I KNOW you guys?) **Go for a 20 minute jog/walk, then you are thirsty for at least a few glasses of water. **"...walk around with an IV," ha ha, funny. Seriously though, donating blood, staff said my blood was just too slow, don't bother donating. I think, drinking more water may be good for blood flow? Blood should flow, right? **Coffee or tea makes one pee, water has got to be better? "...healthy BMs, saved my butt hole," provides "... a massive benefit," ha ha. **"Lost 4 lbs," serious?, "to pass more waste" more effectively. **Hmm, addicted to water? Watch out!, that water doesn't become an excuse not to eat. Avoiding food, regular food, is NOT a good idea for anyone! Developing fear of food, saying "Just water for me thanks," behaviour-illness that can take over your life, just at "Too much of anything is bad for you."
Lupita Negrete
Im also bad at breathing because i have asthma
afakasibaby Oy oldin
Starting this tonight!! Fingers motherfucking crossed my fat brain and body sticks to it
Jenny Alvarenga
2:40 as a 14 yr old I have been consuming that much water it’s been so long that the water I drink isn’t enough 😹
marcus8player Oy oldin
I drink between 135 (4L) and 170 (5L) ounces a day. It's easy.
Maroon Blossom
I actually love drinking water I just forget to a lot of the time. That is my issue with water. Sometimes I will go hours without drinking anything at all and then I slam a liter of water in one sitting then I have to pee 10 times over the next hour or two...The KEY is to drink 1 eight ounce glass of water every hour to stay hydrated and not have to pee constantly
Clarice Xalxo
Clarice Xalxo Oy oldin
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 i am going to do the challenge
Maryia Bratushchyk
bla bla bla and then comparison of edited pictures with greyish filter .. no a single word about quality of water...
Stewie Griffin
ummm you have to exercise regardless to lose weight if you just eat nothing you lose nothing i went on a 4 day water fast and i lost 14 pounds because i walked 10 miles a day
Amanda TriesToScience
Hi All I just started a channel about me undergoing my PhD! The channel will focus on the science and also my mental state and what doing a PhD does to someone! A little personal with some science fun mixed in!
Trish Silva
Trish Silva Oy oldin
I need to start drinking more water. The only time I really crave water is when I workout. When I use to drink it a lot, I felt ten times better. Hydration is key and has a lot of health benefits as well.
Hammad Shaikh
Hammad Shaikh Oy oldin
Where do buzzfeed find these idiots?
doray me
doray me Oy oldin
It really is a terrific challenge, the only thing I object to is those damn plastic bottles!!