We Tried The 30 Day Water Challenge

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Can drinking more water give you better skin, help you drop a few pounds, AND prevent your hangovers?
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2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Arrivals
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Sofía Reyes
Sofía Reyes 3 soat oldin
And here I am, I can't drink less than 2000ml a day. If I don't drink water, I'm just extremely thirsty.
Dalal 7 soat oldin
is this sponsored by water?
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma 16 soat oldin
Drink Water ! I literally drank 500 ml of water after watching this video
Noel OBrien
Noel OBrien 18 soat oldin
Best thing ever!
RedLuckOG Kun oldin
Someone rip that thing out of that lady’s nostrils. It looks disgusting
Emi Ri
Emi Ri Kun oldin
I’m going to try this challenge. I have to be honest, I didn’t have a glass of water for almost a month until yesterday. Yesterday I was so dehydrated that I couldn’t move without being close to passing out. I hate the taste of water. The water where I live is gross but its where I live, I have to accept it.
Crystal m
Crystal m Kun oldin
ive always drank alot of water. love it.
Savanna Rayburn
Savanna Rayburn 2 kun oldin
I actually love water...
WildStxrm 2 kun oldin
I still ask myself; when and why did we decide that water has no taste? And who decided that? Like, to me water has a taste. When we drink water, we also taste it and water just tastes like goddamn water. It tastes neutral. 🤷 Not to mention that not every water tastes the same...like when I drink water from the fridge, it may not taste the same as water out of bottles...
Leticia Flowers
Leticia Flowers 2 kun oldin
now that is all you will drink to hydrate
Methoxypropan 2 kun oldin
Water won't write my bachelor thesis.
Kay Walters
Kay Walters 3 kun oldin
I drink water 90% of the time and the other time I'll drink fruit juice. After 5 years of not having soda I decided to try it again and drinking Sprite burned the back of my throat... It was like vinegar being washed down my esophagus so yeah don't think I'm missing out on anything.
Lol Emoji
Lol Emoji 3 kun oldin
I drink water so much, and that’s honestly the only drink that I consume, and I eat healthy too, but my skin sucks.
TheArnotts 4 kun oldin
I don’t think I’ve ever been hydrated tbh
kurt andrews
kurt andrews 4 kun oldin
this guy has zero clue on water! your brain regulates feeding times. your hungry cause you eat at that same time everyday. you go an hour beyond it the hunger goes away. wow
Simone Regina
Simone Regina 4 kun oldin
This video made me so thirsty
Ursula. M
Ursula. M 5 kun oldin
They all look better in the same way. Skin brighter, plumped and less dark circles. I love water!
Emma Blainey
Emma Blainey 5 kun oldin
this expert guy is adorable
JW Suicides
JW Suicides 5 kun oldin
Did they only ask people who say every statement as a question to take part? They are so annoying? They sound constantly pleased with themselves? Impossible to watch?
a. a.
a. a. 5 kun oldin
It's not that I don't like water, it's just that most of the time I tend to forget to drink water. So most of the time . . . I survive only drinking a glass. I'm gonna try drinking 8 glasses of water for a day now. I just finished day one and I'm feeling pretty great -I think my body's kinda in shock though.
yves provencher
yves provencher 6 kun oldin
So full of bull. Yes water is good for you but it does not hydrate your skin. Vitamins, minerals and EFA Essential Fatty Acids do. Try all of these for 30 days with a quality brand and healthy diet and there is your good skin.
Scaarub xD
Scaarub xD 6 kun oldin
next time do this study with men who don’t wear makeup.
Hanisa Mohamed
Hanisa Mohamed 6 kun oldin
For some reason, I'm watching this and can't wait to do this challenge! I definitely don't drink enough water
Ryan A Wilson
Ryan A Wilson 7 kun oldin
Bollocks. I drink almost nothing but water. At least 8 glasses a day. My skin is the Sahara and I'm always tired.
- Fortheloveofbooks
I’m literally addicted to water. I have to have at least a liter a day!!!
Kami9799 8 kun oldin
“Just drink some goddamn water” 😂
Gymnasmic 9 kun oldin
10:03 HUGE improvement in the appearance of her wrinkles!
Emma Olson
Emma Olson 9 kun oldin
I went through a long period of time where I also hated water because it had no flavor and didn’t taste good. I haven’t drank soda in 4 months and now I actually crave water. I would truly recommend to everyone that you stop drinking soda and only drink water and coffee. It’ll be hard at first but it’s so worth it I feel 30x better and happier.
Jacob Salameh
Jacob Salameh 9 kun oldin
Lmao no wonder people can't grasp or fathom the idea that drinking 2 LT of water a day is difficult . You're not supposed to drink that much water if you aren't physically active. Drink when thirsty , that's it. The average person does not need to drink that much water if they are working in an office setting/environment. We drink water and eat food for a reason. For energy and nutrients , so why would your body need that much nutrients and energy if you're sitting in an office all day , hence why people gain weight if they eat too much sugar because as we all know sugar contains high amounts of energy and without burning off the energy its turned into fat.
Shit On The Floor
Shit On The Floor 9 kun oldin
Isn’t that what everyone does.
eggyoik 10 kun oldin
i drink roughly 64-96 ounces of water everyday and i have servere acne like wtf :-(
Mark Lea
Mark Lea 2 soat oldin
could be genetics, or you don’t wash your face properly
Irene Kim
Irene Kim 11 kun oldin
For the people saying theres no difference: look at their eyes they are clearer in the after
Panda Person 101
Panda Person 101 11 kun oldin
I want to throw up when I drink water because it feels weird.
eatdemonsforlunch 11 kun oldin
Lol I drank 32 ounces of water while watching this video...
Emily Jones
Emily Jones 12 kun oldin
I used to drink a lot of sprite and i felt bad!!!! But now I only drink water and I feel so much better now I only drink sprite 1 or 2 times a year
Ted 12 kun oldin
I love how everyone can do this bc we all have water. No excuse!
El Gusano
El Gusano 12 kun oldin
Drink only when thirsty... Too much water is not good either
Tatiana Saavedra
Tatiana Saavedra 13 kun oldin
I used to hate drinking water, but I started drinking a small amount water and made some progress and now I drink 2 liters a day. I love water now and it has helped hydrate my skin so much !!!😌
Super Sam85
Super Sam85 13 kun oldin
Water tastes like garbage? Holy privilege. Seriously.
Mr. Warrio
Mr. Warrio 13 kun oldin
In the summer I use drink more than 144 ounces, the days I didnt drink water I didnt felt dehydrated
Chamalka 13 kun oldin
Oh yeah
A S 14 kun oldin
Water actually makes me feel sick .. Throw up sick :( It's actually a thing.
Michelle Gleason
Michelle Gleason 14 kun oldin
Adam Ruins Everything changed my opinion on the "8 glasses" rule
1234gd 14 kun oldin
Well, it's important to know that drinking too much water is bad too
NPC 181298182123
NPC 181298182123 15 kun oldin
There were too many cis white people in this video. BUZZFEED NEEDS MORE DIVERSITY!
Danielle Morse
Danielle Morse 15 kun oldin
Relax people, you can drink a gallon of water per day and be fine. Just don't drink it all at once, it's okay.
Allison Willcox
Allison Willcox 16 kun oldin
Only in MERICA
Danielle 16 kun oldin
I love all the hate Americans are getting on this video. I've been to Europe and the middle East. Guess what? They drink processed crap there too. Everyone's different. I couldn't live without water. But some people don't like it
Recalibrate Creativity
"And that really saved my butt hole"
Jayleen Apaiz
Jayleen Apaiz 17 kun oldin
Why did I get thirsty just watching this 🧐🧐
Sophia Noble
Sophia Noble 18 kun oldin
I chugged so much water while watching this
Sermon Notes
Sermon Notes 18 kun oldin
Unsubscribing for the last statement on here. Goodness. Potty mouth!
Hedy Dridi
Hedy Dridi 18 kun oldin
so ASAP has a sister?
mirandaugh 18 kun oldin
Anybody else thirsty now?
It’s Cherish
It’s Cherish 18 kun oldin
I drink a gallon a day like nothing lol
Turbo Chap
Turbo Chap 18 kun oldin
Growing up I was awful at drinking water and 7 years ago I finally got on the hydration train and started drinking water like it's my job.
Olivia Mae
Olivia Mae 18 kun oldin
"A billboard for yourself", wow lady who if you could just consult with your brain before opening your mouth, you sound super condescending...... Not attractive.
Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown 18 kun oldin
God didn't need a damn...He could walk on water. (Referring to her G D in the end.
Patricia Garcia
Patricia Garcia 19 kun oldin
😂😂 those ladies need to take this on the road.. They were hilarious! 🤡
Maylyn Tips
Maylyn Tips 19 kun oldin
Great video, I've been trying a technique that has work for me and best of all is natural. For more details check my YT channel for more at Maylyn Tips. Thank you!
lu lu
lu lu 19 kun oldin
It's crazy to me that people don't realize the importance of drinking water.
Kertu Ernits
Kertu Ernits 19 kun oldin
Kertu Ernits
Kertu Ernits 19 kun oldin
Are americans really like that? How do you live like this
Andrew Kemp
Andrew Kemp 20 kun oldin
How the hell do you become a water professional
Ange Moore
Ange Moore 21 kun oldin
I drank water while watching this video ....☺
mobunche 21 kun oldin
Kuweleli”s voice is SO SOOTHING! You think she’d read us a story? Asking for a friend
Jamar Rasberry
Jamar Rasberry 21 kun oldin
Is she 70 though damn she older than Oprah lol
Amy Brock
Amy Brock 21 kun oldin
Drinking water will help with acid reflux . When your body does not have enough water it will take the mucosa layer that protects your stomach .
J WS 21 kun oldin
What the hell has happened to people? What a bunch of loser's!
random albino
random albino 21 kun oldin
first world problems
Aly J
Aly J 22 kun oldin
I hate water too 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Sam 22 kun oldin
1:40 hot af
Sam 22 kun oldin
Anthony Falcon
Anthony Falcon 22 kun oldin
You're peeing a lot because your body can't hold onto that much water or your body doesn't need as much as you're drinking. You also don't want your urine to be either clear or a dark yellow. You must also maintain a balance between electrolytes and water.
Bee Bee
Bee Bee 22 kun oldin
Water is really all I drink. I only drink juice on rare occasions if I'm eating out or something. Water is the most satisfying thing to quench your thirst, I find juice may make me thirstier. I'm not sure how many cups of water I drink in a day though, maybe 3-4.. But I definitely need to drink water in the mornings, before every meal, inbetween meals, and obviously more when I work out. I have to drink water after brushing my teeth because it makes my throat dry every time
Easily Eshna
Easily Eshna 23 kun oldin
was gonna try this but then I realized that I have teachers who wouldn’t let me😂
pip pite
pip pite 23 kun oldin
Calzone 23 kun oldin
Next challenge by this aMaZiNg channel:WE TRIED BREATHING FOR A WHOLE MONTH;!!!!!1!!!1
Member information
Member information 23 kun oldin
Matthew 28: 19-20 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe what I have commanded you and behold I am with you always to the end of the age.
Richard Kim
Richard Kim 23 kun oldin
Those people r morons... how is drinking a lot of water hard?
Ravioli Ravioli give me the Formuoli
*sips water not tea
Never Had a life
Never Had a life 24 kun oldin
When I was little I was chronicle dehydrated
Kylee Clark
Kylee Clark 24 kun oldin
This is so much pee...😂😂😂😂 I love her she I so hilarious! Thank you girls for showing me how good water is I need drink more!
A O 24 kun oldin
In Asia drinking water isn’t a debatable thing..I was scolded if I didn’t finish my bottle of water that I took to school and soft drinks were a privilege not a necessity.. when I moved to a western country I was shocked that some people drink that little water and even hate drinking water.. urgh...
91rummy 24 kun oldin
I observed that if it real natural mineral water, I was drinking more water than having the cheap mineral water.. natural mineral water or fresh natural water tastes way better..
OhManHolyShit JK
OhManHolyShit JK 25 kun oldin
This is so American I'm crying
Red Magic Butterfly
Red Magic Butterfly 25 kun oldin
You know this would be a lot easier for me if I didn’t go to school
TwisterCuber Cubing&Speedrunning
2:48 It's not a BuzzFeed video without a woman complaining about "catcalling".
Nayuta Nihei
Nayuta Nihei 25 kun oldin
I dont like soda, i only drink water everyday and sometimes a tiny bit of coktails c: yeah im prood of myself huu
Emily Fay
Emily Fay 25 kun oldin
I don't get how people don't drink water, I can't go 15 minutes without some in my life
A B 25 kun oldin
I pretty much only drink water- hate soda...but still struggle to drink water. I have zero problem with the taste or whatever. I just don't seem to get thirsty. I was actually hospitalized for going too many days without drinking...anything. :/ if I don't have reminders in my phone to drink- *I won't* I know that's pathetic.
Mk Mckenzie
Mk Mckenzie 25 kun oldin
5:28 ewwww who actually sits on the public toilet seat instead of squatting? 👀👀😪😪
Joy Villa
Joy Villa 26 kun oldin
All of their skin is GLOWING! Water is LIFE! It IS a miracle elixir because our bodies are 70% of it! As a huge water drinker this makes me super happy :D
MsFancypants 26 kun oldin
Halle Berry has diabetes and (from what i read) is very diligent about healthy eating... also - good genes!!
Mr. Orange
Mr. Orange 26 kun oldin
I'll save you guys 10 minutes..."just drink some goddamn water".
Melissa D'sylva
Melissa D'sylva 26 kun oldin
These women área so funny
Nightwing Noir
Nightwing Noir 27 kun oldin
For the peeing thing, you get used to it. Your bladder sort of adapts to constantly needing to pee. I drink 9 cups of water a day, sometimes more, and I pee around... 5-6 times a day? That can seem like a lot, but realistically that’s not as much as I did when I first started drinking that much water.
sxfia 27 kun oldin
The dude is right sometimes you might feel hungry and the average reaction is to go get some food but that hunger is not always for food but for water... you don't have to be thirsty all the time just to drink water you just do!! It's BASIC survival.
Elena MSP
Elena MSP 27 kun oldin
WHAT IN THE WORLD. Water is like the only thing I drink...? Never heard about anyone who doesn’t drink water? You have to!
Elena MSP
Elena MSP 27 kun oldin
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