We Tried The Rock's 12,000+ Calorie Cheat Meal Challenge

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The Reactors really wrestle with this challenge as they attempt to
take on NOT ONLY the Rock's cheat diet but ALSO his workout routine
This episode features the following reactors:
This episode features the following staff:
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We Tried The Rock's 12,000+ Calorie Cheat Meal Challenge




19-Sen, 2018

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REACT 4 oy oldin
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It’s yo boi Gardner
REACT I do some of these exercises in P.E
/HDG/ Legit_lolz
/HDG/ Legit_lolz 4 oy oldin
Mayaá Harris
Mayaá Harris 4 oy oldin
can you do teens react to why dont we
PyroXXL 4 oy oldin
React please to alan walker
Rueben Varghese Philip
Thanks Alex
the gothic pirate
move over rock...here is the Brandonsaurus, the meanest and coolest dude on the planet :D xD
josafarayn mamea
josafarayn mamea 3 oy oldin
Everyone wants to be the Rock until they see the giant shts he takes.
Brenda Bravo
Brenda Bravo 3 oy oldin
Your welcome KANI
Sammy Martinez
Sammy Martinez 3 oy oldin
It’s not me Alex and Brandon it’s Alex Brandon and I
Zunaira Khan
Zunaira Khan 3 oy oldin
They should try famous pakistani dishes
Vicky 3 oy oldin
Brandon: I VOMITED me: Yea i think we know😂
Malina Gaming dragon
SiMasBoyK 3 oy oldin
Marlhy is a teenager now.
Lulu Lulu
Lulu Lulu 3 oy oldin
Shoutout!!!!!PLS PLS PLS thank you
Dahomivic 93
Dahomivic 93 3 oy oldin
S7S did it in one meal
Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks 3 oy oldin
Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks 3 oy oldin
ZeroSukinasu PSN
ZeroSukinasu PSN 3 oy oldin
Has anyone said that Tom looks a little like Drake Balcher, from drake and Josh
Amariea Moncada
Amariea Moncada 3 oy oldin
Matt stonie would love to do this!!!!🙃
Joana Moura
Joana Moura 3 oy oldin
Showt out from Portugal 🇵🇹
MOC Prod
MOC Prod 3 oy oldin
i would eat one of those pizzas in 10 minutes and some brownies
Adbel Ramos
Adbel Ramos 3 oy oldin
8:23 "No we're fine", sure Brandon
Dhafwatul Aisy
Dhafwatul Aisy 3 oy oldin
*Hi Brandon!* *Love You so much 💋*
mona leek
mona leek 3 oy oldin
Ayyyy love it
Portia Castillo
Portia Castillo 3 oy oldin
5:50 be blessed by Brandon today 🙏🏽😂
Portia Castillo
Portia Castillo 3 oy oldin
poor girl looked cute today too and she gotta do this I got respect for you sis 🙏🏽
David Rivera
David Rivera 3 oy oldin
Nice vid
Janina Dillow
Janina Dillow 3 oy oldin
Love this vid! also shoutout plz. Thanks if you read this!
A _Stupid
A _Stupid 3 oy oldin
“I have soupy pizza over here!” Brandon 2018
goracks69 3 oy oldin
Finishes workout. Tags in for Marly. Immediately asks Brandon if he needs water. Not all heroes wear capes.
Hello Darkness
Hello Darkness 3 oy oldin
I would be able to eat those 2 pizzas in like 10 mins
Mia Iaconis
Mia Iaconis 3 oy oldin
Alex: Do you feel like The Rock now? Tom: I'M THE PEBBLE!!
Brenda Bravo
Brenda Bravo 3 oy oldin
Poor Brandon he threw up 8:31 to 8:32 "I threw up"!
KANI 3 oy oldin
Brenda Bravo thanks for the time!!! You’re a life saverrrrr (I have a massive fear of vomit)
1xpain 1xpain
1xpain 1xpain 3 oy oldin
I was hoping to see The Rock in the comments ready for that wrestling match
Jeremiah Massillon
This is why I ‘m still subscribed
Makrem Jr
Makrem Jr 3 oy oldin
How does Dwayne do this
Makrem Jr
Makrem Jr 3 oy oldin
Holy crap
fayë x
fayë x 3 oy oldin
man.. i felt tired just watching this
Kenzie Hurn
Kenzie Hurn 3 oy oldin
React to all the boys I’ve loved before
Nathan Benites
Nathan Benites 3 oy oldin
Get that 10 mil
skinty legend
skinty legend 3 oy oldin
labib is lookin *t h i c c*
Xenon Saint
Xenon Saint 3 oy oldin
his manstache is gone RIP
The Laroias
The Laroias 3 oy oldin
He looks different
KNIGHT MASTER 3 oy oldin
How do you forget your lactose intolerant? 😂
Liliana 3 oy oldin
I forget all the time 😂😂😭😭
TheOnlyLemmon 3 oy oldin
KNIGHT MASTER I forget that I’m not supposed to eat gluten, sometimes food just looks so good that you forget
sandd6179 3 oy oldin
Punishment: Chew a ice breaker, then drink ice cold water.
sandd6179 3 oy oldin
Ice water meaning frozen water that has only been left out long enough to melt enough for a sip.
Alvaro Rosas
Alvaro Rosas 3 oy oldin
You guys can try the Michael Phelp diet while he was active in swiming. It was like at breakfast 12 eggs or something, i don't rembeber the lunch and for the dinner was something like 12 pizzas kinda thing
MrM4X0N3 3 oy oldin
Well I did 20 eggs for breakfast, but 12 pizzas are out of my league :D
falefou sio
falefou sio 3 oy oldin
shoutout plz!!!!
Rachel Copeland
Rachel Copeland 3 oy oldin
Challenge Disney Scene Guessing whats going to happen next after first 5-10 seconds!!!
edward melus
edward melus 3 oy oldin
it's so weird seeing their legs....
doge lover15
doge lover15 4 oy oldin
React To Sultan Sketches!!!
Caillou My Baby Dadyldy
Brandon is a mood
MrChilly2099 4 oy oldin
4:54 -Thanos
Olasunkanmi Ak
Olasunkanmi Ak 3 oy oldin
what does that mean
McNight Wolf
McNight Wolf 3 oy oldin
MrChilly2099 *spiderman**
Wolfgamer9 9
Wolfgamer9 9 4 oy oldin
Next punishment, plz do the spiciest gum which is the ghost pepper gumballs and chew it for a minute before spitting it out
Jacqueline Howell
Shout out!
Hi Bai
Hi Bai 4 oy oldin
Brandon’s such a mood
I wanna be Tracer
It made me hungry so now I have a giant bowl of pasta in front of my face .