We Tried The Zero Waste Lifestyle For A Week 🗑️♻️

Michelle Khare
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After your many requests, I finally decided to do try to make zero trash for a week with my friend Sky. It was TOUGH but REWARDING! Who saw our final results? :O
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We Tried The Zero Waste Lifestyle For A Week 🗑️




16-Apr, 2018

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 7 oy oldin
SOOO excited to finally release this highly requested video!!! What did y'all think??? What should we try next?? :D
Krisztina Fazekas
svbristow 2 oy oldin
Michelle Khare - I think it would be good to see you two try this again for another week or even extend it to a month but take it a step farther by looking into swapping out other products you use every day, like shampoo in a plastic bottle for a shampoo bar from a place like Lush, using safety razors for shaving instead of regular razors, making beauty products like Sky tried, etc. You went into this so authentically, acknowledging that it was going to be hard but continuing to push yourselves, and others you were asking where products were, to think and expand their minds that I feel like it would be amazing to see how well you do and how much garbage is still unavoidable at the end of a month. Maybe even challenge someone else to do it with the two of you? Just a thought :)
Eva Rim
Eva Rim 4 oy oldin
I really like your videos and I thought that you can try minimalism for a week <3
Gen Allen
Gen Allen 5 oy oldin
Michelle Khare I hope you keep this up in some ways and will update us on what things you are still doing.
K80j96 J
K80j96 J 6 oy oldin
hey Michelle , those plastic containers for like kale,lettuce,and spinach , instead of thowing it out wash and rinse it out and reuse it for leftovers
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 15 soat oldin
I want to ask about toys and some clothing that are made of plastic or plastic like material, how to avoid them all ? You know, kids have their tantrums.....
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 15 soat oldin
Reusable straw is a great idea
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 15 soat oldin
The reusable bags can be made in home out of cotton febric or jute, you simply have to stitch it with sewing machine.
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 15 soat oldin
Oh wow, I liked it already, even before watching it whole. The zero waste is really a need today and a new thing. The first thing you emphasized is REFUSE. This is very hard to follow it as all products available are in some kind of packaging, that is mostly plastic.
Ana M
Ana M Kun oldin
The video is great.. if you guys have 1 million subscribers.. please come up with challenges and encourage everyone to participate in some zero waste challenges! Get people on board and engaged!
Ana M
Ana M Kun oldin
I'm in my 1st month of "Zero Waste" (more like a lower waste lifestyle), this has been a very eye-opening and frustrating month. I have watched dozens of hours of youtube videos, documentaries, read blogs and articles... and it is getting a bit easier. It is definitely an adjustment, but it is so rewarding. One thing at a time. It is possible to drastically reduce my waste and to educate people along the way, as I learn new things. Hopefully, more and more people will embark on this lifestyle. Even if people reduced their waste by 75% it would be a huge difference. Also, the very important aspect is to be outspoken. Shaming all the stores about their packaging. I have decided to start doing this on Twitter... hopefully publicly calling them out on their trash will start sinking in.
delaney da meme queen
Paper is compostable. It's technically not waste
reusable produce bags can be made out of an old tshirt. it takes a bit of time but it's worth it
Anaya Coats
Anaya Coats 7 kun oldin
I'm literally drinking out of a plastic water bottle
Lucindar 7 kun oldin
Now you have to do that for a month! xD
mandyvk90 9 kun oldin
Really liked the video. Here in the netherlands, one of out major grocerystores have a display of reusable bags in front of the fruit and vegatable section. The first time a saw it i bought it. Really good initiative.
papluha32 11 kun oldin
I just dont get the whole thing about reusable straws. Like damn, is it really that difficult to drink without straw? :D Do you really need any straw? I don´t get it. I don´t mean it like total hate but in my opinion..it´s actualy just another kinda stupid trend because you don´t really need to drink with straw. Just use your mouth. And it´s really nice that more and more people are trying to reduce their waste, good video.
Anna Bruhn Hartung
Anna Bruhn Hartung 11 kun oldin
Not because it’s bad, but because you are changing your habits! EXACTLY you need to really go into it and make a habit out of it etc....before you can judge❤️ 🙏🏻thank you Michelle for doing this!!😘👏🏻
NCM 11 kun oldin
I seriously loved this video and needed it so much! I love the tips I caught on. (like rather take your own cloth or something to a restaurant to avoid getting napkins) Thank you so much.
sarah ek
sarah ek 14 kun oldin
You could get cloth/canvas bags with zippers for bulk products. It’s a bit easier than glass jars, and the weight is practically nothing
Laurence Riendeau
Laurence Riendeau 14 kun oldin
I love this
Mikayla Kennedy
Mikayla Kennedy 14 kun oldin
Y’all know you can put paper towel in the compost. Right?
Cats and Keto
Cats and Keto 15 kun oldin
You should have used reusable tupperware, it weighs a lot less(for the store) and won't break
Christiana Patch
Christiana Patch 17 kun oldin
refill your detergent bottle at a bulk store instead of buying a new one
최에스더 17 kun oldin
I mean, can't you bring a basket or just your hand to pick up a few fruits...?
Aijalon Rivas
Aijalon Rivas 17 kun oldin
Living in California and bringing your own bags to the grocery store has been quite the challenge but I like not having to waste plastic bags. After this video, I purchased some reusable produce bags. Thanks for the awareness!
Lil Miss Cookie Cat
Lil Miss Cookie Cat 18 kun oldin
For those wanting to start you don't have to rush right in. Find ways and alternatives and reuse items like jars and diy stuff.
Janet Humphres
Janet Humphres 18 kun oldin
I recycle, but I produce a lot of trash and I’d like to get the imperfect food and reusable bags and do a compost
Janet Humphres
Janet Humphres 18 kun oldin
What did you do about toilet paper?
Youngster Videos
Youngster Videos 19 kun oldin
You weren’t allowed to recycle?
wah wah
wah wah 19 kun oldin
its 2018, and quite literally its impossible to go completely trash free. lets be real
Grace Nagel
Grace Nagel 19 kun oldin
Part of the recycling problem is we outsource the recycling to China, and they are so swamped with all our trash that they are banning more of it from coming over.
Cecilia R
Cecilia R 19 kun oldin
thanks for sharing this! as i'm british, i've just looked up & found out that most of the big tea brands still use plastic for their tea bags so i'm now looking up zero waste/non plastic products for future reference
MissTiaLynn 19 kun oldin
Also, would you and Sky be willing to do an update video? Now that weeks or months have gone by, how are you living? Are you back to “normal” plastic and waste consumption or have you begun living a little more sustainably? I’m curious and I’m sure others must be as well. 💜
MissTiaLynn 19 kun oldin
This is my fav video you have created. And definitely the most important one.
deniz.sanne 20 kun oldin
sooo this was a challenge and you finished it great!! I wonder if you guys kept up with being mindful about the waste or stopped the challenge once the time flew by? :)
vanillabean411 22 kun oldin
Who else saw the people in the background at 8:48??? 😂
Ceyda xoxo
Ceyda xoxo 22 kun oldin
here in germany theres a system called pfand that means that for every plastic bottle you buy you have to pay an extra 25 cent. when you return them to the store you get that money back its the same with glass bottles there you have to pay 15cents extra.
Antonina Piwkowska
Antonina Piwkowska 22 kun oldin
I wonder why some people un-liked this video :| Hmm...
Sway You
Sway You 24 kun oldin
watching this makes me feel so uneasy. As a german i grew up with seperate your trash into 4 different boxes (organic, paper, plastic, all the rest), composting everything organic (or give it to the pets). Seeing you guys now experiencing this, i come to think that most americans don´t know about any of this wast-theme. It makes me really sad - and thankfull you guys(girls ;-) ) doing this video and show how easy it is to cut your waste even at some points - or at least do a bit of composting. Thank you for this :)
Shakirah Rashid
Shakirah Rashid 24 kun oldin
I've started to change my life as far as I could remember by producing less waste to the earth. I stop littering when I was young and I keep any trash in my bag if Im out for school, etc. I recycle anything that is possible by practice it at home, and share more information about going green to my family. They up for it too! Tho Im not totally zero waste (yet). But being a part of this movement really made me wanna do better. P.S. - I LOVE your content! Just shared your video to my bestie!
Alliyah Hal
Alliyah Hal 24 kun oldin
I love imperfect produce!!!! You can choose the produce you want every week and it comes to my door!!! So much good stuff and sometimes I get HUGE produce for cheaper then the regular at the store!!!!!!!
Danna Loza
Danna Loza 24 kun oldin
Try cotten drawstring bags for weighed items
Charlotte Peters
Charlotte Peters 25 kun oldin
Actually you don't need to throw away those huge plastic Containers of washing gel , you can make your own and refill them :) It's pretty easy and saves you loads of money
C R 25 kun oldin
another good thing to use are wooden baskets not just backpacks :)
C R 25 kun oldin
i think a lot of people try to do it all in one day but i thik the progress should be gradual so you get it right and make sure it'll stick - each persona might have to sweak things slightly to fit their life too
Emmy Videos
Emmy Videos 27 kun oldin
Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this while still living with parents who don’t actually care. We recycle but nothing else?? Any help is much appreciated!😋💗
zelda_nut360 28 kun oldin
What is the name of the non waste event they went to?
TheShadowBee 28 kun oldin
That laundry detergent bottle could probably be refilled at a bulk/zero-waste/eco-friendly store. Some cities have quite a few of them, I'd be surprised if L.A. didn't.
Mandy Waynick
Mandy Waynick 28 kun oldin
If you live in an area where they don't have those dispenser bins in grocery stores (like I do) this would be soooo much harder. I can't grocery shop without producing waste but I do carry my own cup, lid and metal straw if I do happen to go to starbucks
Mumin Cove
Mumin Cove 29 kun oldin
Are you still following this lifestyle? Have you made any changes after trying it for a week?
bymlyc Oy oldin
How about toilet paper?
Adrienn V.
Adrienn V. Oy oldin
How did you deal with buying toilet paper? 🤔🤔🤭
jenjoymc Oy oldin
just put the produce straight in the basket
sofia becerra
sofia becerra Oy oldin
In Omaha where I live hefty has started a program and it’s these bags that anything that can’t be recycled or composted can be put in those bags like for example potato chip bags candy bar wrappers and they take all of that and converts it into valuable energy source. Which I am in love with the program yes the rolls do cost some money but to save the planet i would pay the money. The school I am attending we are trying to be come waste free and just like the little things add up like the amount of napkins is unbelievable how we go through them and being able to compost them already takes out so much waste. So I am really glade you tried this out.
Offensive Username
You were stressing the store employees when it's not their fault that they sell everything in plastic.
Krisztina Fazekas
Please sign this petition to reduce plastic waste petition.parliament.uk/petitions/222715
Mandy Rogers
Mandy Rogers Oy oldin
Package free is a great store that you can get these items from if you can’t find them a little pricey but it has a guarantee of less packaging and packaging that can be composted or recycled no plastic whatsoever
Piper Solos
Piper Solos Oy oldin
Even if you go zero waste for a day it helps the Earth.
corsican lulu
corsican lulu Oy oldin
supermarkets are the biggest food-wasters, they throw away tons fo perfectly good food and wont let workers take it home, they just throw it away
Kymberlee Rogie
Very cool and interesting video. Makes me think of everything I have that is “trash”. Simple things like bringing a straw to a restaurant is something I never thought of. Might try to make small steps to create less trash. Thanks! 😁
Dot Oy oldin
You should do the seven day vegan challenge! Thumbs up if you agree!
Oiseau Libre
Oiseau Libre Oy oldin
Hi, Michelle! I hope you read this
Hodaya Dostri
Hodaya Dostri Oy oldin
Are you still trying to reduce your waste?
Tuesdays with my sister
Just found your channel and love it! So much fun! Keep up the good work.
Elizabeth 2 oy oldin
This whole video made me so happy for some reason. I’ve been really interested in doing zero waste. And as a student, it’s hard. I’m usually getting snack from campus vending machines, fast food, and ramen noodles, packaged food, since my life is pretty faced paced. It’s hard but it’s possible. And I’d rather not make 64 tons of trash.
Elizabeth 2 oy oldin
I’m so glad you found the produce bags for some reason 😂
Kristal Colector
Kristal Colector 2 oy oldin
Just passing thru and I love the idea how you guys try to do this life style.
Charlie T
Charlie T 2 oy oldin
Mazipan 2 oy oldin
Morrisons in the UK sell "wonky veg" it's great. Cheaper fruit and veggies that are apparently "wonky" or "not normal shape" 😂 plus less waste.
thebirdisblue 2 oy oldin
I didn't realise that places don't collect compost. In Wales we collect our food waste in a bin and it gets collected by the council every week.
Valentina Michelini
At 7:14 it’s either sky has the same tattoo as devein from ladylike or it is devin
musicalmegan 2 oy oldin
I got a trash bag ad on this video
Pinky 2 oy oldin
It makes me sad to think that supermarkets and grocery stores in general are wasting SO MUCH food simply for aesthetic reasons, when there is a lot of people without resources dying of hunger. At least they could make it cheaper so it's more accessible to people and this way the food doesn't still go to waste :/
Nεkεi shé
Nεkεi shé 2 oy oldin
Have them weigh your jar when you come in. Once reset when empty, only your product will be weighed at checkout. 😊
mary sunshine
mary sunshine 2 oy oldin
This is such an eye opener! Very cool ladies. still... People can reduce the waste make personally SURE it gets recycled into self sustaining good stuff> Read below for good info... :O) 1. WAX+PAPER = biodegradable and re-usable in a shredded in a compost garden/bin. Doesn't require a lot of space. 2. BRING your own bag cotton or plarn bags. Keeping them in the car trunk can help A LOT in remembering them. 3. I've done a lasagna compost garden from junk mail, sawdust, card board, ashes, organic waste (food & leaves/branches) and layers of salvaged dirt It is FUN to do gardens! 4. The seeds from what I bought from produce or collected myself from other free sources were all I used to get back lots of food. 5. Ashes work well to keep away bugs charcoal from logs used to cook with is good for rich soil and old pallet nails help up the iron content of the soil as they rust, and copper wire or pennies placed around plants repels slugs. It WORKED! 6. Utensils. Coconut hulls halved make good bowls/cups/feeding dishes that are disposable and just wax and oil can make them last. Chop sticks work. Reed or palm frond woven place mats are good to cut down on food clean up and can be washed and hung to dry easy. Silverware isn't waste so long as u reuse it and if it's steal the iron concept with the garden works if they actually break, so bamboo utensils aren't need. Ceramic plates are also not waste, so... just don't use plastic utensils or mats and cutting boards and utensils need to be stainless steal, ceramic or silver (which has antibacterial properties which is good). 7. Plastic is the main waste product too difficult to make biodegradable, reusable, and durable goods. 8. daily waste isn't the only issue. Electronics, furniture, clothes ect, are all donate-able, or can be reused for their bare parts. 9. Write letters (emails) to people in power and request to see how they actually apply standards of recycling and waste removal. Sunshine deprives people of lazily or thoughtlessly killing our home. Shame isn't the first go to, but awareness people EXPECT BETTER makes people pay attention. 10. Community gardens & planting ornamental trees that have food and use value are a big deal. They can fill food banks and aid kids, parents, people invested in KNOWLEDGE of how to reuse and be savvy about their usage of products. All fyi, if any wanted to know
toomanydocs 2 oy oldin
zero trash, not waste.
Emily Huff
Emily Huff 2 oy oldin
In my area it's impossible to go zero waste. No stores around to shop at for food. I live in an apartment so no possible way to compost. It's frustrating!
Becky Boncheveaux
Michelle: today was about realizing- Me: Things?
Katlyn Marie
Katlyn Marie 2 oy oldin
What about the waste starbucks made to make the drink? Do people usually count that type of stuff when they are zero waste?
Reema Ameer
Reema Ameer 2 oy oldin
Food waste makes me think of UZvid.... Hang on. You know how some successful UZvidrs make videos about how they left their jobs in favor of making a living by uploading creative content and/or doing something creative. Then in the middle of say a "how I make a living making stickers" video it hits you: it's like a mini economy where the same kind of people who want to make a living doing something meaningful/creative are supporting each other on a conscious or subconscious level. Maybe a reason it works is because of the impact of mass motivation to leave BS jobs. Ok... Where's this going? Um, well it kinda ties into this idea of a universal basic income. So, if say people got super conscious about their waste to the point of substantially reducing it, would that have the same effect on say food/fresh produce as massive technological advancement would have on employment?i.e would the change be positive to most or not so much? Not talking environmental impact only but will there be universal basic free food? :/ Or will there still be food waste as a result/part of a capitalist structure?
Liliana Roman
Liliana Roman 2 oy oldin
I know I'm late but you should try Dropps! It's a laundry detergent and dishwasher soap delivery service. It's way cheaper than buying normal detergent and can be composted. The pods are encased in a type of cellulose that dissolves when touched by water. The packaging that it comes in can either be recycled or composted.
svbristow 2 oy oldin
I think it would be good to see you two try this again for another week or even extend it to a month but take it a step farther by looking into swapping out other products you use every day, like shampoo in a plastic bottle for a shampoo bar from a place like Lush, using safety razors for shaving instead of regular razors, making beauty products like Sky tried, etc. You went into this so authentically, acknowledging that it was going to be hard but continuing to push yourselves, and others you were asking where products were, to think and expand their minds that I feel like it would be amazing to see how well you do and how much garbage is still unavoidable at the end of a month. Maybe even challenge someone else to do it with the two of you? Just a thought :)
Lena P
Lena P 2 oy oldin
Omg someone else named milena
Elkan Wee
Elkan Wee 2 oy oldin
I love this challenge and i think we should all be mindful of the trash we produced. But I think stores also need to take responsibility because even if we don't buy their products, the product will be thrown out or donated which also ends up in a trash can as well.😩
Mitali Rajput
Mitali Rajput 2 oy oldin
You should continue to try to reduce your waste and thank you for actually trying
Lacy Hay
Lacy Hay 2 oy oldin
Great job girls. It's hard not to waste we all need to take a lesson from this.
LunaMoon 2 oy oldin
If you’re serious about going more waste free, learn to become more resourceful. Take in your own reusable grocery bags, make your own produce bags out of old colorful clothes or scrap sewing material at like Walmart. Use water bottles from home. Compost when you can, give leftover older produce and bread to wildlife. Keep urging stores to bring in bulk and to stop bagging their foods in plastic 👌🙂 Recycle.
Anna Jessen
Anna Jessen 2 oy oldin
Yesss what a great video! Thank you for this
Alena Volokhina
Alena Volokhina 2 oy oldin
Imperfect produce is awesome!
Josh 2 oy oldin
I know this video is supposed to be positive, but... I just can't believe how they lived before the challenge. I don't live zero-waste, but I think it's normal behaviour to recycle and compost, to return paper towels at cafés that you don't use, to bring reusable bags when shopping for food... I'm just shocked by the amount of waste they made and how difficult they found this. I don't buy anything in a week to deserve this challenge being difficult. This video left me more upset by the amount of waste they make in their day-to-day lives and think that's normal, rather than teaching me anything. Is this normal behaviour in the US?
Ainsley Carter
Ainsley Carter 2 oy oldin
It took me ages to find the reusable produce bags. I found them today, best decision I’ve made in my life 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Sofiii 2 oy oldin
I’m looking forward to trying this out 👌🏼😍 good job, girls!
Kshamta Ayurveda
Kshamta Ayurveda 2 oy oldin
Thanks for sharing your experience and really good intro !
Padma Balaji
Padma Balaji 2 oy oldin
You can clearly see the struggle and effort with a Zero Waste Lifestyle in this video that a lot of people don't show, but I feel like it gets harder with me, wanting to live this lifestyle, but being a measly middle schooler. :(
Esmee Miedemaa xo
our grocerystore now sells ‘buitenbeentjes’ (translates to outsiders i think). they are cheaper because they look a little different. i love that! it saves money and you don’t even notice when you cut up the fruit / vegetable. and they still taste so good!
Esmee Miedemaa xo
also: idk if this is a worldwide thing but i don’t think so: in my country you have to pay for every plastic bag! even when you buy things at the grocerystore. i always bring my own cotton or canvasbag because it saves plastic and money! :)
Yara yassin
Yara yassin 2 oy oldin
And also I am so proud of you guys for trying to make a difference in the world. 👏👏👏👏👏
Yara yassin
Yara yassin 2 oy oldin
Is it just me or did you see people waving behind Rachelle’s friend. At 8:45 like if you saw it too. 👍
Myka Lipscomb
Myka Lipscomb 2 oy oldin
Isn't that cardboard compostable?
Linnea Morgan
Linnea Morgan 2 oy oldin
tip for produce! you don't necessarily even need reusable produce bags! i've definitely forgotten to bring mine and i'll just dump all my produce in my basket and just make sure its sorted properly when i check out, usually cashiers don't care if your produce isn't bagged
Nandhita Chandran
The charge for package is included in the retail price and so many factors to consider . Many of us like to do what you did. Indeed a challenge for most of us here !!!
Sue 2 oy oldin
Good video and nice try, definitely! It's a huge challenge; not easy to change our habits over night, but you took the first steps!!! Also, you could easily make your own produce bags or just go bagless and put it in your shopping bag if it's that much of an issue. You didn't mention solutions for slips, like if you got a plastic bag, how to recycle it properly. I'd encourage others to research before doing this challenge and not just go off this video or rely on your grocer to lead you. A lot of times, it's us consumers that need to let them know of things we want. Check out zero-wasters on youtube that have been doing this for at least a year and have tips. It is our responsibility as consumers to research and create positive change. We can only make lasting impact when we are honest with ourselves and take responsibility of where we fit in the demand chain. There are also recyclable cosmetics as well as DIY cosmetics.
Isn't cardboard compostable
jewel and friends
I'm so inspired. Thanks for sharing.