We Tried The Zero Waste Lifestyle For A Week 🗑️♻️

Michelle Khare
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After your many requests, I finally decided to do try to make zero trash for a week with my friend Sky. It was TOUGH but REWARDING! Who saw our final results? :O
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We Tried The Zero Waste Lifestyle For A Week 🗑️




16-Apr, 2018

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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare 10 oy oldin
SOOO excited to finally release this highly requested video!!! What did y'all think??? What should we try next?? :D
Kate Crowley
Kate Crowley 8 soat oldin
Michelle Khare Hi there I know you won’t see this but I bet you used toilet paper and here are some things you probably didn’t think of are makeup,toiletry and a toothbrush!
Chelsy Burriss
Those bar codes on your fruit are not compostable!!!!!!
Krisztina Fazekas
svbristow 5 oy oldin
Michelle Khare - I think it would be good to see you two try this again for another week or even extend it to a month but take it a step farther by looking into swapping out other products you use every day, like shampoo in a plastic bottle for a shampoo bar from a place like Lush, using safety razors for shaving instead of regular razors, making beauty products like Sky tried, etc. You went into this so authentically, acknowledging that it was going to be hard but continuing to push yourselves, and others you were asking where products were, to think and expand their minds that I feel like it would be amazing to see how well you do and how much garbage is still unavoidable at the end of a month. Maybe even challenge someone else to do it with the two of you? Just a thought :)
Eva Rim
Eva Rim 7 oy oldin
I really like your videos and I thought that you can try minimalism for a week <3
Emily Masuda
Emily Masuda 2 soat oldin
some people don’t realize that you don’t always need to go out and buy things to make an impact. when people try to go zero waste, they tend to focus on the aesthetic and buy things like cute mason jars, produce bags etc. instead, we can use the old glass jars from pasta sauce and carry things in bags made of old t shirts. just an example, but we can make a difference for free, and we don’t have to buy anything to help the environment
Sesilia 51423
Sesilia 51423 7 soat oldin
Can anyone tell me, where u Can buy re usable transparent/sheer bags (online)
Ruben Ortega
Ruben Ortega 3 kun oldin
one week is useless, has it affected your daily life permanently ?
Cat Byron
Cat Byron 4 kun oldin
You shouldn’t feel so bad about the napkins. You could have composted those.
iPad Freak
iPad Freak 4 kun oldin
Where did u get that pink bottle? I love it!
Robert Garber
Robert Garber 5 kun oldin
Which of the practices you started this week will you continue to practice in the future?
Rasing Richins
Rasing Richins 5 kun oldin
I bring canvas bags to bulk stores that don't usually know how to tare weight of jars. That bags weigh like nothing so the weight doesn't matter.
Sustainable Beauties
So interesting!
Khuyên Trần
Khuyên Trần 7 kun oldin
I'm starting it now. And it's even more furstrating cos' I'm living in a developing country and the environment awareness is not high at all. So I cannot buy things in jars here if I go to the supermarket. I think I'll go for the local grocery store or market. Let's see.
Teasiren ASMR
Teasiren ASMR 8 kun oldin
I barely use produce bags, just put them in the basket sans bags and rinse them at home if you're worried about them touching the bottoms of baskets and such.
A 14 kun oldin
You guys might want to use the browser 'Ecocia' just look it Up and you will fall in love With it. 😊😍
neverknowsbest17 14 kun oldin
Please be kind to people working in the service industry. They have to deal with peoples shit and questions all fucking day, they’re not google there’s going to be somethings they don’t know, and if they don’t have it THEY JUST WORK THERE. They don’t make the rules, the managers don’t make the rules, and sometimes the owners have to follow certain standards by law, so chill. Just know that people suck so give them some slack, they have to deal with sucky people all day and get randomly recorded 🙄
Gabriela Csehyova
Gabriela Csehyova 19 kun oldin
you don t have to buy expensive ,,produce bags,, just use mesh laundry bags
merve onoglu
merve onoglu 21 kun oldin
You can have laundry detergent refill ;)
Kathryn Cooper
Kathryn Cooper 23 kun oldin
Don't send that laundry detergent bottle to the recycling center! Use it to store homemade laundry soap. 1/2 cup each of borax, washing soda and oxygen bleach dissolved in one gallon of hot water, then add 1/2 cup of Dawn dish soap. Shake just a little bit before each use, 1/2 cup for top loaders, 1/4 cup for front loaders. No packaging waste, no toxic chemicals, works GREAT. 58 cents per gallon.
C.K Rake
C.K Rake 24 kun oldin
At least the 5th time I've watched this
Bowie Gurrl
Bowie Gurrl 25 kun oldin
What about toilet paper?
o w o
o w o 25 kun oldin
Harloe Westwood
Harloe Westwood 26 kun oldin
Ok, this thing about ugly produce drives me crazy. The reason why non-standardised produce isn't sent to grocery stores is mainly an issue of transportation. Yes, Americans are far less likely (50% less according to a study done by the University of Colorado) to buy even mildly imperfect food which means it rots in the store. Beyond that though, if you have one peach in a crate that is a different shape then the other peaches the irregularity is more likely to bruise or puncture, so the irregular fruit is more likely to go bad faster and when it does it could send rot throughout the whole crate, spoiling hundreds of dollars worth of product. That is the reason food producers want uniformity, especially with long haul foods like bananas, but irregulars aren't wasted. Irregular produce goes into drinks, jams, jelly, salsas, sauces, pet foods, animal feeds, and other consumable and non-consumable goods. In the current system, B and C rated produce gets sold on to other business buyers instead of wallowing on your grocery store shelf where there is a 50% chance it won't sell. Waste in the front end of the whole food value chain is insanely expensive and producers and agro-businesses are going to milk every last dime they can get. Orange producers, for instance, sell A oranges to be eaten, B oranges to be juiced and jams, C oranges for non-food decorations like potpourri. Then they sell orange peels from the juiced/jammed oranges to be used to make orange essential oil, and the spent peels are sold on to fertiliser manufacturers. It isn't because they love the earth, its because they want to make as much money as possible. I would have no problem with companies that want to sell B produce directly to consumers if they were honest about it, but they always make it sound like they saved it from a grocery store or picked it off the ground in the fields with their own two hands instead of going down to the wholesale distributor like everyone else. The business model is predicated on you not knowing how the food system works and that is inherently dishonest to me. I'm sure there are a few genuine hippies that are dumpster diving and selling on what they find but almost all of these businesses are just another middle man between the consumer and their food producer. You would do far more to help the food system by eating local, eating seasonal, and supporting your local growers directly (who by the way will gladly sell you B produce all day long for even less than the box service).
Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson 28 kun oldin
This is such an awesome video! Thank you for doing it! Just converting
Amanda Murphy
Amanda Murphy Oy oldin
I think you should do this challenge again. Maybe even for a full 30 days.
Ivy Rhee
Ivy Rhee Oy oldin
I work at starbucks and it is INSANE. We obviously can't cups that have fallen on the floor (which happens quite often), some people may not want what they got, so we have no choice but to remake the drink and waste either the drink or the cup, and in worst case scenario, both. Partners are allowed to grab drinks during breaks and we are advised to use glassware that we keep in store, but not many baristas actually follow that. Please, please, PLEASE bring your own cup. Starbucks alone uses so much plastic and create tons of waste!
Alyssa Alexandru
Guys I found this amazing website that tells you where to shop for zero waste!!! www.litterless.com/wheretoshop/
Kayla Seibert
Kayla Seibert Oy oldin
A note on the Starbucks thing, I used to work there and WE USED SO MUCH PLASTIC. I hated it. And when a customer comes in with a reusable cup, we still use plastic to measure where things need to be if it’s a cold drink so we’re still using the plastic cup. It’s crazy.
April F
April F Oy oldin
Instead of buying new produce bags, which increases your consumption, just sew up the bottom of an old t-shirt or pillowcase to make your own!
Anna Adams
Anna Adams Oy oldin
I wish this would become a "trend", like stores which would sell products with no packaging, like some older traditional stores did (sold flour, legumes etc from sacks), and like how stores sell nowadays candy or nuts. I would be totally up for that! Nowadays there is also a very active "diy cleaning products" movement, and you can easily also replace e.g. shower gels in bottles with soap bars, or shampoo bottles with shampoo bars. I believe it's almost impossible, if one doesn't want their lifestyle to completely revolve around waste reducing, to go zero waste, but I do think it's easy to reduce some of our waste. In some European countries, also, recycling is really well organized, and you can easily recycle everything, from soda cans to milk cartons to juice plastic bottles, to clothes even. I live in Finland and according to the city you live in and the place where you live (the housing company) we have at least 4 different trash cans, one for flammable, or "energy" trash, which is usually used overall for heating as I 've heard, one for compost, one for carton and papers like magazines. Then, optionally, you can have plastic, metal, glass trash cans. I think it's pretty cool. So yeah I actually think it's fairly easy to make some changes, like get your own backpack to the grocery store instead of plastic or paper bags, have a reusable glass bottle with you instead of buying water bottles all the time, make coffee at home instead of buying and using reusable coffee filters, and so on. But I do understand it requires a lot of preparation for some people, and I'm not perfect either obviously, not that mindful about the waste I produce 24/7.
Oh Yeah No
Oh Yeah No Oy oldin
I reeeeeally want to live zero waste and cruelty free like sooo badly but I’m only 15 so it’s not really up to me. I use the products my mom gets for me, I eat the food my parents buy. I’m mostly cruelty free and completely vegetarian. Hopefully I will be able to live this lifestyle in the future. All these beautiful amazing people who live this lifestyle they inspire me to do better. I also want to be an example though I may only be 15 I want to inspire other teen and just anyone in general. I really hope everyone reading this feels motivated to make a change! xx
Deba Dev
Deba Dev Oy oldin
You did a brilliant job
R2D2 daHut
R2D2 daHut Oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-uBPXXpW2LRQ.html Trying to initiate change is not easy!
Anindita Chatterjee
I dont think its of any use for u to go zero waste just for a week for a video's sake. It would only make a difference if u did it for real
Anindita Chatterjee
Do u know how much pollution aka waste your car is producing as well? People need to come up with ideas for better use of the non renewable resources.
Katherine Russell
As a person trying to become more zero waste, how do you buy meat?
Marta Bliemeister
Did you continue not producing as much trash?
Diamond Black Ramon
You are changing my perspective a lot I'm actually scared
danielle pasternak
what stores give you the discount and deliver the "damaged" foods?
Jaana Viit
Jaana Viit Oy oldin
You can see on public record that only around 30% of things put out to recycling actually gets recycled. Buying washing detergent in a heavy plastic bottle is no good. You can get powder detergent in cardboard container? We do in UK. A plastic bottle like that will take about 150 years to degrade... Please stop buying those plastic containers or reduce the amount. We must all demand change... our planet is already in a super toxic mess... our children's generation will be dealing with a hideous mess of a planet. So sad that people lack the awareness of empathy for the planet and mother earth.
C.K Rake
C.K Rake Oy oldin
Sky should be on your channel more
C.K Rake
C.K Rake Oy oldin
Did anyone notice the people waving in the back at the farmers market
Kacey O' Riordan
Why do you need produce bags to get fruit or veg? I just throw them in my basket and into a reusable bag when I check out? 🤷🏻‍♀️
MsAlison74 Oy oldin
this was a huge eye opener watching you do this challenge. it's crazy the amount of garbage 1 person goes through. it's very sad to think so much garbage ends up in the ocean. I was telling my mom about it on the phone while I was watching the video.
Nolan Oy oldin
@ 0:17 : then it would be Michelle Khare
I am Hippo
I am Hippo Oy oldin
I have a tip that I actually was raised on from my religion and culture growing up and people still do to this day. When u use the toilet try using this water spray thingy to clear ur stuff and it’s much cleaner than using a paper towel. I mean it’s honestly nasty af to clean ur shit with JUST a toilet paper like it’s not clean and it probably smells like ew. Just a thought
snehal dubey
snehal dubey Oy oldin
Lip gloss looked bomb🌸
Amanda Gautreaux
I know this challenge was a big change for you and it took extra effort, but it would be amazing if you continued doing everything to continue preventing waste. Every little thing helps the planet!
Aly Burkhead
Aly Burkhead Oy oldin
Sky sorta reminds me of Emma from the fosters.
Cassandra Jetty
fun fact: you can compost paper towels!
I hope you dont run your car just to go grocery shopping tho
Gina R
Gina R Oy oldin
I think it's important we all adapt more of these habits. Sure it may be hard at first but as more people do it and it becomes a habit we won't think twice. Definitely going to be reducing my waste and get reusable grocery/produce bags as utensils and such. And supporting more eco friendly companies! Being mindless is just a waste of having a human mind with the capability to be intelligent vs ignorant!
AmandaonMaui Oy oldin
I forget my reusable produce bags sometimes, but things don’t have to go into them. They all just go into my larger reusable shopping bags after being weighed together.
Chelsy Burriss
My thing is...I'm starting to compost I've been planning and saving for a week or so. Live your life to reduce plastic and compost but cardboard that cannot be composted or certain things that cannot be composted but recycled like glass and such. Other wise that's my take. Just reduce plastic and compost and recycle!
Jane Justice Doe
Jane Justice Doe 2 oy oldin
I use old veggie tubs (from mushrooms, tomatoes, which I don't buy anymore, and greens) for planting small indoor food items
Robyn Rambunctious
I have been writing to Tesco, Aldi etc to ask what they are doing to reduce their waste.
Whet 2 oy oldin
I would love to go waste free but my biggest problem is I take a lot of medication and they come in plastic bottles and I’m not sure if you are aloud to recycle them
Ada K.
Ada K. 2 oy oldin
That was so interesting and helpful. I'm doing my best on my waste, but it is indeed not easy, as now I'm focusing on to be wholly plant-based in diet after starting it last August. It's a bit similar, I suppose, with the whole being somehow uncomfortable from being able to do things as I used to, for I had no idea how much animal product I used to digest int he past, but then I have to eat a lot of whole food (mostly because it's quick to prepare, haha) and in the end I turn out healthier. I'll fasten my belt a bit more on my zero waste goal, but I'll also learn along and enjoy the journey, the experience itself as well. Thank you so much for sharing this video.
Olivia Powell
Olivia Powell 2 oy oldin
Have you continued to be ethical since you did this for one week?
kenzie karysa
kenzie karysa 2 oy oldin
Small little things you can do that will help our planet: using coconut oil as chapstick. You can look it up but it is very good and leaves your lips super smooth . Another thing you can do is use olive oil or grade seed oil as a mosturizer I personally like grape seed oil better cause it’s lighter but those are two things you can use. I know it seems little but it’s better then not doing anything at all:) . (And also these oils are all natural so it’s better that way too lol)
Holly Maxwell
Holly Maxwell 2 oy oldin
Question is though, what steps will you stick to?
Kayla McCormick
Kayla McCormick 2 oy oldin
This is so great to see! It shows how many easy steps we can take to reduce waste. I love my reusable produce bags. It's really eye-opening in so many ways and I hope this impacts people to change a little.
Sasha Shallies
Sasha Shallies 2 oy oldin
For the lip gloss you probably should’ve melted the ingredients together over a pot of boiling water
A Moulton
A Moulton 2 oy oldin
insufferable. If you don't want to be wasteful, don't piss away $4 on a special single-purpose bag- just reuse your plastic bag
Rational Mind
Rational Mind 2 oy oldin
My eco friendly practices 1. Wooden tooth brush 2. Soap and shampoo bars...i don't make my own..too much work 3. Cloth bags 4. NO take outs 5. Take my own to go boxes to a restaurant 6. Have a my own cup and spoons at my work place 7. Use water instead of toilet paper 8. Use cloth instead of paper towels 9. Drive a hybrid 10. Compost my organic waste 11. Take my own cup to Starbucks 12. Use metal straws 13. Use pasta jars as my mason jars instead of buying new ones 14. Unplug my electric cords when i am not using them 15. Recycle the rest 16. Use a menstrual cup I also compost my cardboard and paper envelopes as Browns
Rational Mind
Rational Mind 2 oy oldin
Few mins in ....sky annoys me
Aldri Nok
Aldri Nok 2 oy oldin
They drive a car which produces greenhouse gases and dioxins. Good progress.
bonbons 2 oy oldin
I am far from zero waste myself, but I think more than forcing yourself to go to extremes to produce no waste is just to get yourself into the mindset where you are actively looking for ways to reduce the waste you produce, epecially for things you use or do everyday. For me raising conciousness about the amount of trash I make and the things I do that produce more waste and the un-sustainable systems I contribute to like fast fashion, take out, or makeup containers is a huge step.
ali watson
ali watson 2 oy oldin
i absolutely loved watching you be so honest about everything! this makes me want to put up more zero waste videos on my channel :)
Rebecca Cartier
Rebecca Cartier 3 oy oldin
There are a few good tools that you can buy once and keep reusing and don’t forget all paper products (not plastic coated) can be composted ie, paper napkins. And it’s most important to reduce and reuse but recycling is also a big part of going zerowaste too.
videotapeses 3 oy oldin
I don't use produce bags, I just put the produce in my cart and at check out I put it all in one reusable bag.
ArualBlack 3 oy oldin
Recycling is much better than giving up, if you put plastic in the right category the worst that can happen to it is that they burn it. Worse than no plastic but better than landfills.
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 3 oy oldin
I want to ask about toys and some clothing that are made of plastic or plastic like material, how to avoid them all ? You know, kids have their tantrums.....
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 3 oy oldin
Reusable straw is a great idea
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 3 oy oldin
The reusable bags can be made in home out of cotton febric or jute, you simply have to stitch it with sewing machine.
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 3 oy oldin
Oh wow, I liked it already, even before watching it whole. The zero waste is really a need today and a new thing. The first thing you emphasized is REFUSE. This is very hard to follow it as all products available are in some kind of packaging, that is mostly plastic.
Ana M
Ana M 3 oy oldin
The video is great.. if you guys have 1 million subscribers.. please come up with challenges and encourage everyone to participate in some zero waste challenges! Get people on board and engaged!
Ana M
Ana M 3 oy oldin
I'm in my 1st month of "Zero Waste" (more like a lower waste lifestyle), this has been a very eye-opening and frustrating month. I have watched dozens of hours of youtube videos, documentaries, read blogs and articles... and it is getting a bit easier. It is definitely an adjustment, but it is so rewarding. One thing at a time. It is possible to drastically reduce my waste and to educate people along the way, as I learn new things. Hopefully, more and more people will embark on this lifestyle. Even if people reduced their waste by 75% it would be a huge difference. Also, the very important aspect is to be outspoken. Shaming all the stores about their packaging. I have decided to start doing this on Twitter... hopefully publicly calling them out on their trash will start sinking in.
i dont knoe
i dont knoe 3 oy oldin
Paper is compostable. It's technically not waste
reusable produce bags can be made out of an old tshirt. it takes a bit of time but it's worth it
Anaya Coats
Anaya Coats 3 oy oldin
I'm literally drinking out of a plastic water bottle
Lucindar 3 oy oldin
Now you have to do that for a month! xD
mandyvk90 3 oy oldin
Really liked the video. Here in the netherlands, one of out major grocerystores have a display of reusable bags in front of the fruit and vegatable section. The first time a saw it i bought it. Really good initiative.
papluha32 3 oy oldin
I just dont get the whole thing about reusable straws. Like damn, is it really that difficult to drink without straw? :D Do you really need any straw? I don´t get it. I don´t mean it like total hate but in my opinion..it´s actualy just another kinda stupid trend because you don´t really need to drink with straw. Just use your mouth. And it´s really nice that more and more people are trying to reduce their waste, good video.
Anna Bruhn Hartung
Not because it’s bad, but because you are changing your habits! EXACTLY you need to really go into it and make a habit out of it etc....before you can judge❤️ 🙏🏻thank you Michelle for doing this!!😘👏🏻
NCM 3 oy oldin
I seriously loved this video and needed it so much! I love the tips I caught on. (like rather take your own cloth or something to a restaurant to avoid getting napkins) Thank you so much.
sarah ek
sarah ek 3 oy oldin
You could get cloth/canvas bags with zippers for bulk products. It’s a bit easier than glass jars, and the weight is practically nothing
Laurence Riendeau
I love this
Mikayla Kennedy
Mikayla Kennedy 3 oy oldin
Y’all know you can put paper towel in the compost. Right?
Cats and Keto
Cats and Keto 3 oy oldin
You should have used reusable tupperware, it weighs a lot less(for the store) and won't break
Christiana Patch
Christiana Patch 3 oy oldin
refill your detergent bottle at a bulk store instead of buying a new one
최에스더 3 oy oldin
I mean, can't you bring a basket or just your hand to pick up a few fruits...?
Aijalon Rivas
Aijalon Rivas 3 oy oldin
Living in California and bringing your own bags to the grocery store has been quite the challenge but I like not having to waste plastic bags. After this video, I purchased some reusable produce bags. Thanks for the awareness!
Lil Miss Cookie Cat
For those wanting to start you don't have to rush right in. Find ways and alternatives and reuse items like jars and diy stuff.
Janet Humphres
Janet Humphres 3 oy oldin
I recycle, but I produce a lot of trash and I’d like to get the imperfect food and reusable bags and do a compost
Janet Humphres
Janet Humphres 3 oy oldin
What did you do about toilet paper?
Youngster Videos
Youngster Videos 3 oy oldin
You weren’t allowed to recycle?
wah wah
wah wah 3 oy oldin
its 2018, and quite literally its impossible to go completely trash free. lets be real
Grace Nagel
Grace Nagel 3 oy oldin
Part of the recycling problem is we outsource the recycling to China, and they are so swamped with all our trash that they are banning more of it from coming over.
Cecilia R
Cecilia R 3 oy oldin
thanks for sharing this! as i'm british, i've just looked up & found out that most of the big tea brands still use plastic for their tea bags so i'm now looking up zero waste/non plastic products for future reference
MrsTiaLynn 3 oy oldin
Also, would you and Sky be willing to do an update video? Now that weeks or months have gone by, how are you living? Are you back to “normal” plastic and waste consumption or have you begun living a little more sustainably? I’m curious and I’m sure others must be as well. 💜
MrsTiaLynn 3 oy oldin
This is my fav video you have created. And definitely the most important one.
deniz.sanne 3 oy oldin
sooo this was a challenge and you finished it great!! I wonder if you guys kept up with being mindful about the waste or stopped the challenge once the time flew by? :)
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