We Tried To Make Zero Trash In Our Beauty Routines For A Week

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"Somebody's been in the beet jar."
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/33033
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Beautiful woman removing make up
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Woman Shaving Her Legs
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28-Okt, 2017

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Wafflez Animations
For some reason I hate kristen
Lexy Anderson
Lexy Anderson Kun oldin
The lady behind devin at 7:17 😂😂😂
Claire Quirk
Claire Quirk Kun oldin
Is it just pure honey?
Candypop 305
Candypop 305 Kun oldin
I ate McDonald’s while watching this
The Heir Of Slytherdor
I don’t wear makeup... Why am I watching this? 😐
Siena Ramirez
Siena Ramirez 5 kun oldin
Sustainable Beauties
Anonymous bub
Anonymous bub 8 kun oldin
In my house we have four bins of recycling for every blue dumpster of trash every week.
Abbee _blaze
Abbee _blaze 8 kun oldin
2:16 that is a mood XD
Aneira Morgan
Aneira Morgan 8 kun oldin
“Alright this looks like a block of cheese 🧀 so I trust it” 😂😂😂😂😂
CanaAlyce 9 kun oldin
Coconut oil clogs the pores.
Jon Castillian
Jon Castillian 10 kun oldin
That girl with art student bangs has the biggest ego
Carrie Krout
Carrie Krout 10 kun oldin
*I can already see myself putting ranch dressing in this.* 😂😂😂😂😂
Reneé Bentley
Reneé Bentley 11 kun oldin
The only way im zero waste is im vegetarians
Berk woo
Berk woo 11 kun oldin
actually laughed out loud when Kristen said “ alright this looks like a piece of cheese”
adhya 11 kun oldin
Freddie what do you do for the environment Umm....
peaches and cream
peaches and cream 13 kun oldin
i like how they added “tried” in the title😂
Andre Gomez
Andre Gomez 15 kun oldin
“Alright,it looks like a box of Cheese,so I trust it”😂😂😂
Julia Marie
Julia Marie 16 kun oldin
Where do u get one of those razors??? I need one of those in my life!!!
Hannahheartxoxo 17 kun oldin
"The soap is soap it's pretty straight forward kind of like pregnancy it is or it isn't" Lol!!
I’m a bi Theater nerd
How would you get through a period
Cori Briggs
Cori Briggs 18 kun oldin
This looks like a piece of cheese, I trust it
B Cruz
B Cruz 22 kun oldin
Kristin's humour makes my day
XxLonely_ Potato
XxLonely_ Potato 23 kun oldin
"It looks like a block of cheese, so I can trust it" -Kristin 2017
Mel Reitzell
Mel Reitzell 23 kun oldin
"It looks like cheese, so I trust it" ( literally me though😂😂)
Elena 23 kun oldin
My beauty routine Shower every other day. Wash my face everyday Lotion everyday
Aurora Kamikaze173
Aurora Kamikaze173 23 kun oldin
Lol the ziplock bag moment
Hannah B
Hannah B 24 kun oldin
Freddie your hair😍
Kiwia Wheeler
Kiwia Wheeler 24 kun oldin
5:20 package free? But I was in a packsge
Lydia Maloney
Lydia Maloney 24 kun oldin
You can also use coconut oil as makeup remover and it also moisturizes and I really enjoy using it!
Killinguis myjob
Killinguis myjob 24 kun oldin
Maggie is the biggest Swiftie in the galaxy!
"Alright this looks like a piece of cheese so I trust it!"I died laughing!
Asche Djidoi
Asche Djidoi 25 kun oldin
I was previously using that deodorant because I'm allergic to artificial scents. There's still something about it that causes some kind of rashy/sensitivity (after using it for a while). I recently switched to sticking some essential oils (but predominantly tea tree oil) in a spray bottle (it's mostly water), and spraying my pits. So far it's a lot less irritating, and my body isn't reacting to it and making a reactive smell. If you don't mind animal products, emu oil makes a really great moisturizer, because the skin will actually absorb it (it's also good for like, minor skin injuries).
paige parkinson
paige parkinson 25 kun oldin
where did you get the reuseable makeup stuff
Dean Nunya
Dean Nunya 26 kun oldin
why did devin look like a flower goddess in the makeup tho
Bubblelene Lene
Bubblelene Lene 27 kun oldin
Freddie : *shaves* Freddie : aH
ValliAtTheDiscø 28 kun oldin
"The honey cleanser.. my face likey" ~Devin that was heccin adorable
Casper91 29 kun oldin
Where can I get the shampoo bar and deodorant ?
Ugne Sunday
Ugne Sunday 29 kun oldin
7:14 - 7:17 well hello Shila :)
Ivonne92 Oy oldin
I have been using ricin oil (aceite de ricino) for eyelashes and eyebrows over a year now and it's the best instead of mascara. That oil makes your hair grow up beautifully
Matylda Grzybowska
I guess you can say that Kristin was squeaky clean 🧼 I’m sorry I had to 😂😂😂
Aleksandra Oy oldin
Yup, coconut oil has been proved to be damaging to skin and hair.
Lily Adams
Lily Adams Oy oldin
What about girl products such as tampons and pads? Those are wrapped in a thin plastic
That One
That One Oy oldin
I loooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeee Freddie's l I'll lip stick in this omg
Lilly Wightman
3:39 I love her face
Foxicorn Lily
Foxicorn Lily Oy oldin
It looks like cheese I like it! Same Kristin same
fatima hasanova
I like this zero trash trend!
99 DEGREES!!! realizes that your American and its only 37 degrees Celcius.....*facepalm*
Red Pandamon forever A.R.M.Y
Am I the only one who though there was period blood on the spoon??
M E Oy oldin
Red Pandamon forever A.R.M.Y Yh you are
Kiera Oneill
Kiera Oneill Oy oldin
Freddie is MY FAVORITE!!!
Aaliyah Oy oldin
burn ten almonds one at a time im literally eating almonds might as well burn it
Bergen Kludt-Painter
Anyone else jealous of Freddie’s skin?
Dorothy Crowley
only 1 out of 10 plastic that u recycle actually gets recycled
Elle L
Elle L Oy oldin
What are the brand names of the products you gals used
M Vlogs
M Vlogs Oy oldin
3:18-3:20 lol
Turtle 122322
Turtle 122322 Oy oldin
Why does Kristen have the dreaded sPoOn
Treasure Jensen
Really cool
Draxceasar Zzz
7:14 "and they were roommates"
lucile :p
lucile :p Oy oldin
Just go vegeterian, helps the environment loadsss
Sara McCoy
Sara McCoy Oy oldin
Pause at 1:18 . Thank me later😂
LE A Oy oldin
I use coconut oil to remove my make up
Genesis Reyes
Genesis Reyes Oy oldin
What about toilet paper
MrsMinSuga 93
MrsMinSuga 93 Oy oldin
My “beauty” routine is shower,lotion,and chapstick XD
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat Oy oldin
Auri is so sweet! She seems like she would be a lovely friend.
Leah Spivey
Leah Spivey Oy oldin
Ok this looks like cheese ,so I trust it.-kristen
Doktor Kakaoline
6:15 ... 😂😂😂😂
Sam Williams
Sam Williams Oy oldin
SO it's 2019 now and I wonder if they still are doing these things or if they've stopped?
Kimmy Kōhai
Kimmy Kōhai Oy oldin
1:00 Freddie
Kimberly Sciutto
This video inspired me to buy reusable make up remover pads!!
Slitherclaw, Cabin 7, District 4 Erudite, Artiméan
What do u do for conditioner
Olivia Raymond
I could never use one of those razors I just use a chargeable electric razor that’s literally impossible to get cut with
BeaAndChelli Plays
Anyone else think the blonde girl looks like the principal in the dress code video where the principal is an actual teen
Railey Boatwright
DEVENS BANANA DREES IS EVERYTHING also really like this zero waste vid. Where can I find some of the stuff y’all had?
Gachagirl123 Soph
"Alright this looks like a block of cheese so I trust it"
Brandy Jones
Brandy Jones Oy oldin
I stopped washing my face with soap 2 years ago and started washing it with extra virgin olive oil. Most of my acne cleared up in two weeks and by a couple of months was completely gone. I have been so so happy with it. I also put coconut oil in my hair after every time I wash it and it has really kept split ends away. I didn't change because of no waste, it was just because I wanted to see if my skin and hair improved.
Madisyn Oy oldin
next will be reusable pads/tampons lol
Helen ahlers
Helen ahlers Oy oldin
Where do I get some of those products
ramen noodles
ramen noodles Oy oldin
7:16 is that sssniper wolf !?!?
applejack Oy oldin
I thought that was period blood on the spoon in the thumbnail
Да ли мирно спаваш, Дуранте?
kristen looks so beautiful in this video
Paisley Cooke
Paisley Cooke Oy oldin
8:48 - there’s a heart on her arm
o r a n g e
o r a n g e Oy oldin
"okay nature! "okay God!" 💀
simone dcosta
simone dcosta Oy oldin
U all kept the honey and the razor!
Eleana Rozhgar
One of my cousins has the 《simple swap: safety razor 》
Makeda Evans
Makeda Evans Oy oldin
Best intro ever
Tia Pegler
Tia Pegler Oy oldin
How did Freddie have foundation on if she was zero waste????
Madeline Borski
"This looks like a piece of cheese"🤣
Mary Daniels
Mary Daniels Oy oldin
My dad has that razor
Hufflepuff Happiness06
Kristen: This shampoo looks like cheese so... I TRUST IT! Me: well who wouldn't, I certainly would!
Dana Walker
Dana Walker Oy oldin
Real talk, it's not that most people don't want to poluye or be wasteful, but in reality those luxuries to get fresher goods to be LESS wasteful means you will have to have- realistically a balanced life. Since those items are far more expensive than buying plastic water bottles, etc. When you have a good job, you have a better chance to live a less wasteful life. lol
Gamer Girl54155
Bella Ramos
Bella Ramos Oy oldin
Kristin always looks pink or really pale in videos idk why? Not trying to be rude love your videos.
CookieCrumbs Oy oldin
Alright, this looks like cheese, so I'll trust it. 🤠
# What’s up
# What’s up Oy oldin
My mom talk to me about this and I’m 12 so I decided to plan further and thinking naw about my Choice at school if I have an apple banana or something that can go in the compost I will put it back in a Ziploc bag which by the way I do not put it in there my dad packed my lunch but I’ll put it in the Ziploc bag and save it for home when I came home I put it in the compost👍👍👍👍
Joey Hope
Joey Hope Oy oldin
At 4:55 it looks like Kristen was trying to put on her makeup with a spoon again lol 😂😂😂😂
Libby Richardson
How did you survive without makeup
Symaya Smith games
@2:42 put paper in garbage and takes out on same view who she think she fooling
Alexa Estrada
Alexa Estrada Oy oldin
Please tell me why shampoo looks like a piece of cheese 🧀???How does soap 🧼 feel like your pregnant???
Alexa Estrada
Alexa Estrada Oy oldin
It looks like a crayon 🖍!!! Had me dying!!!
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