We Tried To Make Zero Trash In Our Beauty Routines For A Week

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"Somebody's been in the beet jar."
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/33033
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28-Okt, 2017

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Noelle Klassen
Noelle Klassen Kun oldin
*looks at thumbnail* SPOON!
Selena Lane
Selena Lane Kun oldin
"Ok nature, ok god" 😄
roniwantsfood 3 kun oldin
I love all the ladies very much, but KRISTEN IS MY LIFE I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
skull and sweet crazy Cooey
Kristin: this looks like a piece of cheese so I trust it 😂😂😂
Disney Addict
Disney Addict 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one that says to my friends WELL GOOD FOR YOOOOOU
Mars Bars
Mars Bars 3 kun oldin
Coconut Oil on my face caused me the worst acne our break ever so no thanks on that 😂 honey ...I'm not sure if rubbing something really sugary on my oily face is gonna be good
CA L 4 kun oldin
if i burned twenty damn almonds and i didn't get an eyeliner out of it I am going to call the police
Soul Life Love
Soul Life Love 6 kun oldin
Love that this is so helpful for creating wasteful awareness!!! Great tips👍🥰
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 7 kun oldin
Freddy doesn’t need makeup she is naturally beautiful
arina mihut
arina mihut 8 kun oldin
What is the deoderant recepie or where was it bought???
Karina Wang
Karina Wang 9 kun oldin
How to make zero trash… …eat it!!
Samantha Haggstrom
Samantha Haggstrom 10 kun oldin
I would love to go zero waste for my makeup but on another hand it’s really hard beacuse I’m allergic to almonds and I probably shouldn’t put them on my eyes. ;-;
Inayah Jones
Inayah Jones 11 kun oldin
"If I burned 20 damn almonds....I am going to call the police" 😂😂😂
MrChicken EXE
MrChicken EXE 12 kun oldin
Well thats not lady like
ScarletRed235 gachatuber/gamer
im a potato i need da makeup makes da makeup i got da makeup
Emma B
Emma B 13 kun oldin
Me and devan have the same romper the red thing
Charles Alex
Charles Alex 14 kun oldin
OkAY NaTUre oKAy GOd
Izumiorra 14 kun oldin
It kinda sucks that the apartment complex that i live in has no recycling bins at all 🌎🌍🌏🌳🐋🐬🐚🐝🐜🐟
its sienna
its sienna 14 kun oldin
It dose take energy
Sarah Smiles
Sarah Smiles 14 kun oldin
“I can already see myself putting ranch dressing in this” The heck Devin? 😂
KaylaZX 14 kun oldin
I absolutely love that zero waste buzzfeed girl
KaylaZX 14 kun oldin
I bet I could do this... but I don't wear makeup or shave, so I guess I have an advantage there :)
Brionys Journey
Brionys Journey 14 kun oldin
This video is the reason I have reusable makeup pads and they’re honestly the best 😍
Tasha Scott
Tasha Scott 15 kun oldin
For peoples information plastic cannot break down fully , and yes it breaks down in to tiny pieces but fish eat the tiny particles and then when we eat the fish it’s kinda dangerous , sooooo , fun
Ashlee Davis
Ashlee Davis 15 kun oldin
The beet lipstick looks good on all three of you.
Aliah Jessica Drow
Aliah Jessica Drow 15 kun oldin
Lady re-used
Dreaming Thing
Dreaming Thing 16 kun oldin
Dollar tree phone case 👏
jess mckenzie
jess mckenzie 16 kun oldin
“Alright, this looks like a piece of cheese... so i trust it” Kristin 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Perfect Ie
Perfect Ie 16 kun oldin
“If I burned 20 damn almonds and didn’t get an eyeliner out of it, I’m gonna call, the police.” - Kristen
Princess Ornelas
Princess Ornelas 16 kun oldin
7:00 if you look in the bottom right corner it says beautiful women removing makeup 💄
Moifi kea
Moifi kea 17 kun oldin
"Shampoo" She looked so dead inside
Misty rivers
Misty rivers 18 kun oldin
I have a great zero waste makeup routine! Just. Dont. Wear. Any
Natalie Rodriguez
Natalie Rodriguez 18 kun oldin
Omg i hate kristen
Amanda Whalen
Amanda Whalen 18 kun oldin
“Alright, this looks like a piece of cheese, so I trust it” 😂😂😂 sameeeeee
Erwina 19 kun oldin
They should provide us with ways to buy the stuff that they used 😩😩
Alex Hunter Designs
Alex Hunter Designs 19 kun oldin
Does anyone know the name of the deodorant?
Lauren O'Shea
Lauren O'Shea 19 kun oldin
Could you give a list of the products?
jillian 20 kun oldin
You would think honey would be super sticky but it really isn't one bit surprisingly
jillian 20 kun oldin
Honey gets red outta your face too!!! I mostly use SUGAR ,HONEY COCONUT OIL,OLIVE OIL ,ADVACADO FOR WASHING
Hailesbailes101 22 kun oldin
7:15 - 7:19 shila making a phone call
Lise Morin
Lise Morin 22 kun oldin
Cold act living rear middle exercise constitutional or.
Kawii Potato
Kawii Potato 22 kun oldin
“ it looks like cheese , so I trust it’’ -Kristen 2017
Alexandra Lersteen
Alexandra Lersteen 23 kun oldin
Kristin looks like a scary doll in the thumbnail
Lilly Wayers
Lilly Wayers 24 kun oldin
Ari should make a UZvid channel I would LOVE to learn more about 0 waste trying really hard but it doesn’t always work
crappy whats ???
crappy whats ??? 25 kun oldin
Idk her name but the bleached blonde was THE BEST😂😂😂
Courtney Oubre
Courtney Oubre 25 kun oldin
"Alright this looks like a piece of cheese so I trust it" LOLLLLLLL
Rose Xxx5120
Rose Xxx5120 26 kun oldin
Go to lush😂 in my local store they ask if you want a bag or a sticker and they’re paper anyway so that’s a good start the shampoos and stuff are in plastic but they’re good quality so you can easily just re use them for a long time. Plus they don’t test on animals ☺️💜
Hieresu Pēji
Hieresu Pēji 26 kun oldin
When they were making makeup and all screamed I had to silently die of laughter into my pillow because it’s 11:30 at night and people are sleeping
carytreasure 27 kun oldin
I feel like chantel never participate lol
Nicole Kayes
Nicole Kayes 27 kun oldin
I feel like no one understands that no matter what type of plastic you use. It’s not gonna ever go away. Plastic has fibers in it that are non diagradable. So please, help the earth and don’t use as much plastic.
Kaitlynn Scott
Kaitlynn Scott 27 kun oldin
Wow.. Kristen's face in the lighting was so pink 🤔😝
Sister Is Shook
Sister Is Shook 28 kun oldin
7:15 Yolanda (Dance moms) is that you?
Faye Elsen
Faye Elsen 28 kun oldin
Have they never been to lush. ??
Little Miss Babycakes
7:15 SHILA YAAAAAAAAAS ma girl be ghosting
rexxed757 29 kun oldin
just use a straight razor
NorDania Stewart
NorDania Stewart 29 kun oldin
Im SO late but...anyone know the brand of the deodorant they used?
Anonymous Potato
Anonymous Potato 29 kun oldin
i feel like everything is zero waste if the word infront of it is zero waste.
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn Oy oldin
Kristin looks pretty without makeup
Maddy Howla
Maddy Howla Oy oldin
Is it just me or would devin look soooooooo good with purple hair!!?? Btw loved the vid! 🤣🤣
PixelNo Oy oldin
wonder if the straight razer could also be okay to use on your face too
natty rey
natty rey 16 kun oldin
Of course! Why wouldn't it be? My husband uses a straight razor (the old-timey barbershop style) for his facial hair, but straight/safety razors that they were using in the video are good, too.
Coconut oil is terrible for your face. It is highly comedogenic
Kat McNab
Kat McNab Oy oldin
freddie looked like a wholesome mom in this video and i loved it
Stinky Spider
Stinky Spider Oy oldin
this is a really cool video, id love to just do a week trying not to waste
Myles Is Not On Fire
why is freddie in the beginning me lmao
Angelica Calderon
I use a straight razor to shave my legs and arms and it’s the best my barber friend told me it’s better
kayleigh shanahan
I love Freddie and devin so much I love the other girls as well but I love then the mostest
kayleigh shanahan
Also I know mostest isn't a word but shut up
Delainie Sebby
“Alright this looks like a piece of cheese,so I trust it” why is Kristin me😂😂😂
lul bby
lul bby Oy oldin
when i apply coconut oil as my moizturizer it makes my face smell HORRIBLE but otherwise getting the job done as far as leaving me feeling moisturuzed and looking rejuvenated. I love my coconut oil but im serioisly considering switching off to store bought/drugstore moisturisers. Any suggestions?
Leo Elliott
Leo Elliott Oy oldin
Jojoba oil also works as a maeup remover
Vio Letta
Vio Letta Oy oldin
Did anyone else think that the thumbnail was a spoon with period blood on it ;-;
ㅁDairy Qweenㅁ
My beauty routine: Wake up Go back to sleep
Krazygirlkylie gameplay and slime
Where's my honey my face is craving it 😂😂😂
Abi Rose
Abi Rose Oy oldin
Gamze Sahin
Gamze Sahin 7 kun oldin
They made it
Cookies For Molly
8:28 omg u look like my aunt on my dad's side XDD wow... so much lol
Sam & Lilz
Sam & Lilz Oy oldin
Christine back the phone off your face Jesus. Yes we can see you.(and all your pores)
Hailey Walters
I have the yellow towel Freddie has!
Lea Sharon
Lea Sharon Oy oldin
Idk if this is a condition but her face is sooooooooooooooooooo red 2:57
Bridget 17
Bridget 17 Oy oldin
I want to see more of no waist stuff.
Sofine Sim
Sofine Sim Oy oldin
I’m in love with those zero trash makeup diy lol....I feel more safe with sth that made out of nature ❤️
lulac1991 Oy oldin
Was the deodorant self made or did they have to buy them
Alexis Deitrich
“Alright, this looks like a piece of cheese so I trust it”
rgkn Oy oldin
What did they use for deodorant
Faith NoName
Faith NoName Oy oldin
This is my third time watching this video
emma Oy oldin
kristin back up from the camera pls
Mika Benitez
Mika Benitez Oy oldin
*Hoo Ha?.....* 😐
jonathan bacon
Is there anything more annoying than self righteous liberal woman? Just put down the lipstick, and get back to mass consumption, as that will surely save the world.
Camila Oy oldin
Somebody tell me what is hoohaa
PokeASMR Oy oldin
they definitely waste more resources for this video
The Grand Gabby
You should make a vid where you don’t use mirrors for a day but you use spoons :)
Rochelle H
Rochelle H Oy oldin
I burn all my trash
••• Oy oldin
8:47 Devin has a sticker or something on her arm 😂
••• Oy oldin
How come all of u guys look so stunning in that makeup 😂 I'm so jealous
amelia Oy oldin
why is fred so cute like,,,,,,, can u not????????
Celeidh LeBlanc
What brand of honey is that
kaitlyn granger
me: is drinking iced tea in a plastic cup
Hannah Long
Hannah Long Oy oldin
MAC cosmetics accepts their containers back to be reused ! Good alternative for no waste makeup
Dog Lover
Dog Lover Oy oldin
Nooooooooooooooooooo I have classes made out of plastic I use every day
Monica Petek
Monica Petek Oy oldin
Who else wants to try some of these things?
Unknown Unknown
The one with glasses looks really good without her makeup. She shouldn't wear any.