We Tried To Make Zero Trash In Our Beauty Routines For A Week

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"Somebody's been in the beet jar."
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/33033
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28-Okt, 2017

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WeasleyTwiins 18 soat oldin
Could I substitute the honey for agave? Or anyone else have any vegan alternatives?
Maisie Kellett
Maisie Kellett 20 soat oldin
How close does Kristen need to get to the camera!!
Maisie Kellett
Maisie Kellett 20 soat oldin
How close does Kristen need to get to the camera!!
Reese Roberson
Reese Roberson 2 kun oldin
what about a trash free period??????
Evan Westrand
Evan Westrand 5 kun oldin
Plastic doesn't break down it breaks up to microscopic prices and is intoxicating the planet
Sporty Girl2
Sporty Girl2 5 kun oldin
2018 anyone? “This looks like a piece of cheese, so I trust it.” Lol 😂 I was laughing so much
Tara Joy
Tara Joy 5 kun oldin
Me: Im gonna go zero waste! Also me : takes out trash 2 times a day BUT I stopped using a lot of plastic
Vienne Animates
Vienne Animates 7 kun oldin
Hahaha I love the first part
Lydia Akervall
Lydia Akervall 7 kun oldin
I wish they would’ve linked everything they used like the deodorant and the razor and the shampoo bar...
Ava Penguin
Ava Penguin 7 kun oldin
Ok this looks like a block of cheese so i trust it
The one Named O
The one Named O 8 kun oldin
“Alright this looks like a piece of cheese, so I trust it!”
Gry Karmisholt
Gry Karmisholt 8 kun oldin
Thats a mood 2:15
L f
L f 9 kun oldin
the bigger chick reminds me of a toad
Megan briana
Megan briana 13 kun oldin
i hate soap bars so much i feel so sticky
Zach DIY
Zach DIY 14 kun oldin
6:31 liptick
lilly burbine
lilly burbine 14 kun oldin
Don't know Why There called safety Razors I asked if my grandmother could find me one she said for me not To get one because it's easy to cut your self then a normal Razor
Kani Crystall
Kani Crystall 14 kun oldin
7:16 who else looked at the lady in the back while she was talking.... just me.. ok
GACHAGIRL247 16 kun oldin
The beginning scared me so much cause i have my headphones on loud
ItsJustNeya 16 kun oldin
If I burned 20 damn almonds and I didn't get a eyeliner im going to call... the police😂i am dying
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip 17 kun oldin
What is the thumbnail
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis 17 kun oldin
underwater beauty
underwater beauty 18 kun oldin
My dad uses those kind of razors 😂😂
Hellosunshine 18 kun oldin
I‘m tired🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣🤣 Sry
cupcakeunicornlover 101
"Somebody's been in the beet jar"
Galaxy Kitty
Galaxy Kitty 21 kun oldin
freddie looks like she’s always wearing foundation it’s so pretty
Jane Nghiem
Jane Nghiem 21 kun oldin
Kristen is always so close to the camera when she's recording herself
Cheyann Bellamy
Cheyann Bellamy 21 kun oldin
My question is how do you do laundry? I guess you make your own soap??
Twenty one Panic at the dragons
This is a great lesson!
Person The-Person
Person The-Person 21 kun oldin
Let's play a drinking game! Take a shot every time one of them shows their armpits.
Angelcum 22 kun oldin
she only wanted to honey to eat it
Katie Burch
Katie Burch 22 kun oldin
It’s so hard plus like... I’m really tired -Devin 2017 Me everyday lmao
dharmakarma 22 kun oldin
I need Freddie to leak the hair tutorial. Das all.
Alex Nicole
Alex Nicole 22 kun oldin
I feel like chanty is never doing these challenges
CuteDog 22 kun oldin
charcoal and oil eyeliner
Portia Malone
Portia Malone 23 kun oldin
pretty phat
Lilac Heart
Lilac Heart 24 kun oldin
I just don’t wear makeup lmao (no shade to people who like it, it’s cool)
Alex Gerber
Alex Gerber 24 kun oldin
What is with Americans and ranch dressing???
Chloe Marie
Chloe Marie 25 kun oldin
Lol”alright this looks like a piece of cheese..........so I trust it “ lol
Evie O'Connell
Evie O'Connell 25 kun oldin
I love how close Kristen is to the camera compared to everyone else 😂😂
Meghan’s AMV’s
Meghan’s AMV’s 26 kun oldin
I’m the beginning , who thought Freddie hurt herself? 😅
Brianna Mozy
Brianna Mozy 26 kun oldin
My mom tried to do this but then she gave birth to me🤠
lucas sparrow
lucas sparrow 21 kun oldin
Lia24x 27 kun oldin
Zero waste life is so long. Man use your pastic
Izzy M.
Izzy M. 27 kun oldin
A suggestion to Ari:there is an eco friendly toothbrush by ecokiss. The base is made my wood and the Brussels are made by charcoal which whitens and is good for the environment
PinkPonyLover91 27 kun oldin
Kristen: "It looks like a bar of cheese, so I trust it." Me: "HAHA"
Diamond jae
Diamond jae 28 kun oldin
For the washing face thing have white ppl never heard of using a washcloth?
SquashYNi leedee
SquashYNi leedee 28 kun oldin
Devin: *talks in sassy voice* -I ' M T I R E D-
Skylar Pop
Skylar Pop 29 kun oldin
“Burn almonds one at a time” **puts in 3 almonds**
The Treacherous Leech
I might actually start with the honey cleanser because every cleanser I tried just made my face worse so what do I have to lose?
Aot Shipper
Aot Shipper 29 kun oldin
Its like freddie got everything so easy and Christian on the other hand
Jelly Go
Jelly Go 29 kun oldin
But even in burning the almonds you are creating carbon monoxide which is still technically trash xxx but it think this was such and inspirational video xx
Bitch lemme tell you that
RitaSparita *
RitaSparita * Oy oldin
I need that beauty routine!🐝 I want to be zero waste too!💚🌿🌺
nothing Oy oldin
what about conditioner some people have curly hair
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass Oy oldin
I'm a zero-waster, and it's actually pretty easy, especially if you do the easy swaps first. :) Plus, you can save a TON of money!
Episode Strks
Episode Strks Oy oldin
I LOVE that lipstick on Freddie
Pablo Herrera
Pablo Herrera Oy oldin
2:31 I hate that sound
Aiva-Marie Hartley
Devin:really tired Me: Lol every day for me
Tchuppi channel
Mandolin Brown
Allie Robinson
my whoha
Anjellaloo Oy oldin
Is it just me or does Devon look kinda like Ned from try guys, but like a pretty girl version???
gaming Queen
gaming Queen Oy oldin
4:22 ME
Hayleigh Brock
plastic actually only takes 5 years to break down
小玛丽 Oy oldin
Mmmmm nooo....
lolo paige
lolo paige Oy oldin
Why did dan and Phil watch this😂
Samantha Swartz
My old friend had a recycling bag. Made. Of. A. Walmart. Grocery. Bag.
Sisters Three
Sisters Three Oy oldin
1:15 we can all relate Devin #relateable
Madelyn Gustafson
Well Gud fur yuuuuu ya Ik it was meant to be spelled wrong
Emily Wells
Emily Wells Oy oldin
And you can just make makeup and its in the name to and put that in the thing of makeup u used
Emily Wells grammer??
Emily Wells
Emily Wells Oy oldin
OH MY GOD Buzz feed has stoped using people to get vegetarians to eat meat operator:911 whats ur Instagram account me : ...........?????????????????
Gulish Boorak
Gulish Boorak Oy oldin
u are trash
Baek hyunie_06
Oh my...... Gosh........ I have the same towel as Freddie. The yellow one 🤯🤯
Jung _Grace
Jung _Grace Oy oldin
What’s a Hoha?
Amira Johnson
Amira Johnson Oy oldin
freddie's face is just me when she found out she had to wash her face with honey
Banana dancer 101
Yay I just realised I reuse I had this like ranch in a tub and I don’t use it yeah it came in pizza I cleaned it out and put slime in it
Mini Baddie
Mini Baddie Oy oldin
Some of the things we recycle doesn’t always get recycled it just stays there.
Bentley Bennett
I guess you could say their faces are beet
Jodi  Stevenson
if you want shampoo and conditioner and deoderant that has no packaging go to lush
io-isla Isla
io-isla Isla Oy oldin
Fuck that effort just don't wear makeup like me:)
Black Diamond Cat
*"alright this looks like a piece of cheese, so I trust it!"* ~Kristen
3:22 idk y I’m saying this but I have those towels
Cedy Gonzalez
Cedy Gonzalez Oy oldin
Did you know that only 20% of recycle is actually recycled and the rest is not!
Natalia Diaz
Natalia Diaz Oy oldin
honest question-How is the honey (and coconut oil) zero waste? Don’t you still buy it in some sort of container?
aunchisa boonsama
I love this ladylike channel❤️
Gabrielle Pena
Safety razors are not that scary. Just take your time. If you do nick yourself you usually don't notice it and it's more likely around knees or ankles
Super_Sarah_ Away
I do this in my daily life I use shampoo bars, conditioner bars, body wash bars, face wash bars,
Jayneb TV
Jayneb TV Oy oldin
Is it like just normal honey
Molly Galbraith
Kristen: alright this looks like a piece of cheese - I trust it! OMG I love her!!!! ♥️
Trouble- Mania
*"It looks like a block of cheese, so I trust it!"* ME 😂😂😂😂 like if u love that line
O K Oy oldin
Lush and honey break my skin out so i stopped using it
Timothy Ashwill
Buzzfeed used to be good but all these feminist has taken over buzzfeed
Carson Ranabauer
I have the same towels as Freddie
Mikayla Vanl
Mikayla Vanl Oy oldin
-She's gone-
Hailey and Kitty
Book:Burn ten almonds one at a time Kristen: *Burns 3 almonds at a time* 😂😂
frazel is the cutest ship ever fight me
"I'm very squeaky tho" *squeak squeak*
frazel is the cutest ship ever fight me
i need a recipe for the deodorant tho
Brian O'Neill
Brian O'Neill Oy oldin
“Alright, this looks like a piece of cheese so I trust it” 😂
No thanks B
No thanks B Oy oldin
What if they were on their period...
emma caster
emma caster Oy oldin
I wonder where they got that deodorant.