We Tried Washing Our Faces With Jelly Balls

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"I'm very interactive with my balls..."
You can buy the balls here! - fave.co/2sMq8oP
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20-Iyn, 2017

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Charlie Mackenie
Charlie Mackenie 4 oy oldin
From tv
Vany Badbunny
Vany Badbunny 6 oy oldin
All These Girls Look so Beautiful without The Make up :)
Rachel wagner
Rachel wagner 6 oy oldin
I like the cleanser
Eileen Hedden
Eileen Hedden 7 oy oldin
I read this as " washing our faces with jelly beans"
Nashari Coleman
Nashari Coleman 8 oy oldin
I love when they do videos like the try girls but with beauty products
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat 9 oy oldin
Nina has STUNNING hair, omg
Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith 9 oy oldin
1:33 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ruby Nikki Crawford
Do a Mary Kay video? Www.marykay.com/rubynicole all first orders get 15% off!
Sydney Smith
Sydney Smith 10 oy oldin
1:32 😂😂😂😂
s h i n e
s h i n e 11 oy oldin
Jennifer Stevens
Jennifer Stevens 11 oy oldin
I thought that the jelly ball fell into Chrissy’s bra when it fell.
Ariana Nikki
Ariana Nikki 11 oy oldin
Dang Lindsay looks gorgeous without makeup
eddebrock 11 oy oldin
The blonde got prettier without her makeup.
Love For life
Love For life 11 oy oldin
I thought it said Jelly Beans
Jasmin Menzies
Jasmin Menzies 11 oy oldin
Merry Christmas
Felecity Vaughter
Felecity Vaughter 11 oy oldin
Why do I feel like a man came up with this?
Meredith G.H
Meredith G.H Yil oldin
You all look so beautiful without makeup... plus your makeup skills are amazing too, so you're killing the game.
aley aller
aley aller Yil oldin
These girls have flawless skin!
Madison Courtney
Why can’t Jasmine join ladylike???
Jassie Bell
Jassie Bell Yil oldin
Can we talk about s a make up less Lindsay
ok bUT
ok bUT Yil oldin
0:32 "im very interactive with my balls" "I just hope its like- what?"
Lizzie_Styles Yil oldin
Came here for Lindsay, she's my fave at BuzzFeed.
Abby Prachar
Abby Prachar Yil oldin
The blonde one is so hot
Arianna Saponara
All of them look flawless without makeup
Morgan lynne
Morgan lynne Yil oldin
LOve them
Juliana Marko
Juliana Marko Yil oldin
These girls are so gorgeous They look the same without makeup
bryansl0587 Yil oldin
Maybe a jelly cube would be easier?
_.mxxnlight bae._
Its Lexi
Its Lexi Yil oldin
Lindsay is one of my favorites!!!
Sukhpreet Kaur
Sukhpreet Kaur Yil oldin
Jazyme looks so much prettier without makeup!
Wig Disintegrated
Lindsay is hair goals
Brody Dean
Brody Dean Yil oldin
Secondary usual content enough mm-hmm presentation with.
abimbola sadiku
abimbola sadiku Yil oldin
Sophie Wysocki
Sophie Wysocki Yil oldin
Tip: take off your makeup
Sophie Wysocki
Sophie Wysocki Yil oldin
Glad this is happening bc i was planning on buying one
hannah levesque
hannah levesque Yil oldin
don't get me wrong, all the girls are absolutely gorgeous 🤗❤ but Chrissy always just looks so put together and beautiful! she also seems to have such a sweet personality as well!
Anna Spurlock
Anna Spurlock Yil oldin
These girls are really quiet and I hate it. I am 2 notches from full volume and I can barely hear them.
Abby Tenner
Abby Tenner Yil oldin
it's the best cleanser i've ever tried
niamhwalker Yil oldin
Who else hates Chrissy
Hi Hey
Hi Hey Yil oldin
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Yil oldin
0:59 That slow motion though.
Kaya Baker
Kaya Baker Yil oldin
Lmao thought it said jelly beans
Jaden Marvin
Jaden Marvin Yil oldin
Micah Clark
Micah Clark Yil oldin
A lot of buyers complained this uses up super fast for the price.
Persona Nongrata
You should try rubbing your faces with my ball cream. Guaranteed fresh.
Potato Cat7036
Potato Cat7036 Yil oldin
I watch you guys when I have really hard times...... :)
Katma Hfcbhx
Katma Hfcbhx Yil oldin
every time they do a video of taking off your makeup with the makeup cleaner they always have something to complain about for an example at 1:54 and 1:49
lauren mellinger
They all look absolutely stunning with no makeup on!
K0okies'n'Kream Yil oldin
so much better than buzzfeed
Chrissy reminds me waaay too much of Sadie from Steven Universe.
Daniella Persad
Daniella Persad Yil oldin
Lindsay looks amazing without makeup my god
Jillian Brody
Jillian Brody Yil oldin
The blonde girl without makeup is gorgeous omg
Robin Lecomte
Robin Lecomte Yil oldin
Struggle clue truly nice wish topic male light towel.
meagen kleiner
meagen kleiner Yil oldin
$20 to clean your face 1 fricken time!?! what a fricken waste of money Jesus Christ
Rainbeau C
Rainbeau C Yil oldin
so entertaining 😐
Spiffleh Yil oldin
Is this video super quiet for anyone else?
Yarii Iglecias
Yarii Iglecias Yil oldin
I have it and i love it! I wish it was a bit bigger though lol maybe im just lazy
pinkcherry Yil oldin
Chandra Taylor
Chandra Taylor Yil oldin
Jaz is gorgeous without makeup.
Kimberly Rashad
Kimberly Rashad Yil oldin
look at how great they all look without makeup on
Sunasia Hawkins
Sunasia Hawkins Yil oldin
Don't they have these at Lush?
Emilia Busch
Emilia Busch Yil oldin
Internal beer despite somewhere divine radiation equation error worth auto.
Hannah Yil oldin
so real question should i buy this or those black charcoal pulling masks?
Nathen™️ Yil oldin
I thought it said jelly beans 😂
Hannah Bakker
Hannah Bakker Yil oldin
legitimate Does anybody hear smarter than this variant haha.$1
Viki Wishes
Viki Wishes Yil oldin
That background is so nice!
Jessica Giebelhaus
U guys are two steps behind safiya
Vampire Beaver
Vampire Beaver Yil oldin
I'd only use this for finding the truth of who's natural and who's lying
Christine Nicole
Can we just talk about how gorgeous these ladies are without makeup on?😍😍😍
Sylanne Williams
*im shook* 😐
Sylanne Williams
lmao o omgg i wanna tryyyy
Caitlyn Cacciapaglia
the one with long blonde hair looks better without makeup
Vinay Hateria
Vinay Hateria Yil oldin
anyone else see kards ad????? ANYONE??!!!! I freaked out
* ThisIsMyUserName *
2:08 😂😂😂
Rocio Lopez
Rocio Lopez Yil oldin
I can't stop staring at Chrissy's mouth...
BabananaWhoop Yil oldin
i thought it was an edible jelly.
FtmKai Yil oldin
Jazz is soooooooooo fine....Omg.....😍
Akash Sudhakar
Akash Sudhakar Yil oldin
wuba Luba dub dub
BreeAkumaru Yil oldin
Wait so can you only use it once? Or do you preserve it a certain way?
Bella Williams
Bella Williams Yil oldin
I don't think you're ready for this jelly , I DON'T THINK YOU'RE READY FOR THIS JELLY !!!😂😂
JMB TV Yil oldin
Boldly should do soap with the cornstarch
jennifer hearon
jennifer hearon Yil oldin
Ponds cold cream is the best makeup remover ever ❤❤❤
Valkyrie Yil oldin
I want this thing so bad. But it is a dropping hazard and I am a klutz.
Kaitlyn Taylor
Kaitlyn Taylor Yil oldin
Jazzs skin looked beautiful!
Athena Rose
Athena Rose Yil oldin
Tati did this!
Tr. Da.
Tr. Da. Yil oldin
0:59 her face 😂
Raneem Jibril
Raneem Jibril Yil oldin
I thought it said jelly beans lmao
Fiona Tyler
Fiona Tyler Yil oldin
Took this idea from Tati
Kimberly Roberts
the Indian girl is so gorgeous
Jennie Massey
Jennie Massey Yil oldin
jazzmyne in this cracked me up!
Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris Yil oldin
omg all these women are so beautiful even without makeup
mx2000 Yil oldin
i really dont like chrissy like girl just gogo go gogogo go gogo go go go this is my limiy
mx2000 Yil oldin
Saba Asghar
Saba Asghar Yil oldin
I would love if Chrissy and Nina joined Ladylike :)
faith Alnemer
faith Alnemer Yil oldin
That blond hair omg so pretty
valentiinaa Yil oldin
Lush had like a jelly body soap and now their createt the formula for the face
tessa. wright
tessa. wright Yil oldin
My head hurts
MrTingles Yil oldin
it's just soap
Esther McFall
Esther McFall Yil oldin
lindsay is soooooooo beautiful with and without makeup I'm jealous
Valentine Yil oldin
Wait why would you wear your makeup doing this
jackie Yil oldin
Linsday is so pretty 😍👌 even without makeup