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Jewellianna Palencia
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Hey guys! This vlog is all about my visit at the New York DevaChan hair salon in Broome St (Soho) , to get my natural curly hair styled! I share with you guys my experience at the Deva Curl Salon that took me from dry hair to such defined and frizz-free curls. These products are also paraben-free, silicone-free, and sulfate-free, for those curly girls who LOVE to follow the Curly Girl Method! I also share my sister’s new dry curly DevaCut, and her before and afters, as well.
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Salon: DevaChan Salon in Soho (425 Broome Street)
•My stylist: Dominique instagram.com/dominiquelyvar_devacurl/
•My sister’s stylist: Susan instagram.com/curliesue_devastylist/
More Information about this Salon- www.devacurl.com/salon.html
FTC: This video is not sponsored. The services were gifted; as always, all opinions are my own! ☺️☺️

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11-Iyl, 2018

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Jewellianna Palencia
So what’d you guys think of the Before and Afters (especially the difference in my sister’s DevaCut)?🤔 thank you guys again for watching!! ❤️❤️😘 And you can follow me on IG (@JeweJeweBee) and my sister (@SamEJoeShow)! 😘
Wendy Jackson
Wendy Jackson 5 kun oldin
Hey JeweJeweBee, For starters I truly appreciate and enjoyed you sharing this video with everyone plus you're a natural your hair turned out amazing it was hard to see all the products they used is there anyway you can get me the names of the products they used on your hair from start to finish so I can buy them for my girls we live too far to come there please and thank you (jacksonwendy2374@gmail.com)
Keyana Warner
Keyana Warner 11 kun oldin
Jewellianna Palencia how much did it cost?
Chanel Dompierre
Where does your hair texture fall on the chart?
Joyce Thomas
Joyce Thomas Oy oldin
Absolutely​ gorgeous.. Love the thick beautiful coils...
Mi’khaela C.
Mi’khaela C. 3 oy oldin
I want to get something to make my curls looser because I have really small and ugly curls and I don’t know what to get for that or how to convince my mom to let me do it
Cilla HAZEL 8 soat oldin
was your hair air dried or diffused and when you came away from the sink was it towel bolted or? Im just wondering what happened between dropping wet to bouncy and dry cause thats the period curls are compromised
Lacy Monster
Lacy Monster Kun oldin
Wow!! So bouncy and beautiful.
Cassia Francisco
Cassia Francisco 2 kun oldin
Ashton Brooks
Ashton Brooks 4 kun oldin
So pretty!!
Lilian Santos
Lilian Santos 4 kun oldin
Girl ur hair is amazing. But listen is not bulling but your botton teeth are fighting you need braces.
The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV
This music was insanely too loud
Pig Lover
Pig Lover 4 kun oldin
I wish I had your hair my hair isn’t curls just frizz like if mine got any more frizzy it would be an Afro it is so annoying and mine isn’t the nice frizz it is so ugly I’ll be sat there and people Will be complaining about there hair and there hair is perfect and I’m just like 🤨😫😠🙄
Tashira Collier
Tashira Collier 5 kun oldin
How was your hair the next day? I recently went to a similar salon here in Ohio nd had the same process done on my hair. The day of my hair was beautiful. The next day it was a dry very little defined Afro.
Debra Whitley-Frazier
Girl I could have done that for you 15 bucks lmao
KJ Always
KJ Always 9 kun oldin
Wow! Professionals are amazing people! Your hair look so beautiful. I am inspired!
Jackie Vergara
Jackie Vergara 9 kun oldin
Beautiful ☺️🤩😱🤗
Nikki Wilson
Nikki Wilson 10 kun oldin
Can someone please tell me how/ how much her hair was dried because it was so wet. I am assuming some time under hood dryer or was it deva diffuser?
hay it's Kay
hay it's Kay 10 kun oldin
I use the decadence devacurl no poo and conditioner
Glitterbomb45 11 kun oldin
Holy crap..you and your sister have the most beautiful hair!
Erin Pielak Kensington Real Estate Tacoma
Your hair is amazing!! so beautiful !
Monique Johnson
Monique Johnson 11 kun oldin
Chile, turn off the water if you're not using it. The environment is screaming at you!
Anika Herring
Anika Herring 12 kun oldin
How long did it take your hair to dry?
Elizabeth Ziants
Elizabeth Ziants 12 kun oldin
This girl is so pretty. Why can’t I be this pretty!! And her smile is so nice. Cmon. I need help.
maddy salaway
maddy salaway 13 kun oldin
oh my goodness your hair is gorgeous! your sister’s hair is also beautiful! your hair looks so healthy and defined💛💛
Charlotte Banks
Charlotte Banks 14 kun oldin
Where's the scalp massage? When did they GET IN THERE? If there are doing the same thing that you do at home, girl . . . you just gave them a donation, that's it.
Larisa Pearson
Larisa Pearson 14 kun oldin
They did nothing to your hair but give it oils waste of money you already had that hair
Dream _er
Dream _er 14 kun oldin
All I do is wash my curls and brush and they come out so defined
Percy Carry
Percy Carry 15 kun oldin
Is this girl biracial?
TheKoyn 16 kun oldin
See you got a black hairstylist, when me and my friend went there was nothing but white girls, and no offense to them I'm sure they were really professional but I couldn't help but feel like they didn't really know how to handle my short 4C hair 🤷🏾. I could be wrong though because I'm picky with how my hair is treated, but then again I have every right to be since my hair type isnt the most manageable/ easy to deal with
Miki Minach
Miki Minach 6 kun oldin
Understandable. But don't underestimate. I feel that now mainstream salons are learning how to properly take care of ethnic hair. It's worth a shot.
Dinah 17 kun oldin
10:48 Is my favorite part❤❤❤❤❤
Stéfani Rodrigues
Stéfani Rodrigues 17 kun oldin
I wish I had tighter curls like yours. it looks great!
Tamara Talbert
Tamara Talbert 18 kun oldin
I love your hair!
GhettoMix Gurl
GhettoMix Gurl 18 kun oldin
Did it hurt because my hair hurts I'm half black half white and if I use a comb I'll ball my eyes out
Ebony Chyna
Ebony Chyna 20 kun oldin
You girls have beautiful hair!
Queen Marie
Queen Marie 20 kun oldin
I’m watching this while waiting for my hair mask to be done
amandafayjacobsen 21 kun oldin
omg...you're hair is so gorgeous! I am so jealous and in Love.
Kaisha 22 kun oldin
thats who cuts my hair SUSAN
Andre'a Kirkpatrick
Andre'a Kirkpatrick 22 kun oldin
You are lucky that you hair grows cause mine doesn't grow 😭 😭 😭 😭
Brittany Calvert
Brittany Calvert 24 kun oldin
I absolutely LOVE 😍
Kenya A. Moore
Kenya A. Moore 24 kun oldin
both of yu have some well taken care of hair... i dnt thnk anything was wrng wit sis hair... but it definitely turned out nice with the layers full and pretty
rosie2112 24 kun oldin
The apprentice’s fingers during the wash were, cringe. Looked like he’d never touched that texture before.
Miki Minach
Miki Minach 6 kun oldin
I disagree
Cantetinza17 25 kun oldin
It looks great. I wish there was a Deva Salon in San Diego, I would like to try it. My hair never swings when it's dry. It just sits on my head.
Deb Z
Deb Z 25 kun oldin
I've been to that salon before. It is overrated. The products made my hair stiff!
Die Fafa
Die Fafa 27 kun oldin
What did you pay
kittydreamz86 27 kun oldin
Ugh... Its always in new York... We need some west coast love.
Rebeca Stewart
Rebeca Stewart 27 kun oldin
How did they dry your hair?
sarah fasusi
sarah fasusi 27 kun oldin
Were is the diva curl salon located is it in multiple areas or in one certain state
Supreme Javii
Supreme Javii 27 kun oldin
seems it just needed a wash
Elizabeth_ GamesYT
Elizabeth_ GamesYT 28 kun oldin
I’m 12 and I have 3c hair and just started watching jasmine brown and then getting deva cuts and the people seem so nice while still professional 💁🏽‍♀️🙂
Tec Cree
Tec Cree 28 kun oldin
her sister's hair is beautiful! but i couldnt let no white girls cut my hair im sorry
Saturday Love
Saturday Love 29 kun oldin
Beautiful. 😍Subbed
Fly&Thrive 29 kun oldin
Seems nice and cool but then again her hair is more losely curls not so kinky! Seems like they mostly just done customer with that curly loose hair that’s not so much kinky curly and thick! Then again it is NY seems more with the Eurocentric hair types.
Miki Minach
Miki Minach 6 kun oldin
I disagree, she has kinky hair but it was just moisturized and defined.
Fly&Thrive 29 kun oldin
Or people with straight silky hair to curly more Eurocentric hair types.
ChainCat23 29 kun oldin
You guys are the cutest curly hair girls ever!! You respectfully asked your deva stylist if it's okay to film, I think that's super nice of you and often not considered. Some people don't want to be recorded while they work. Anyways, love you two beauties!!
April Brown
April Brown Oy oldin
LOVE your sister's hair cut!!! 😍😍😍
Pamp Griff
Pamp Griff Oy oldin
Beautiful hair
Josephine Young
I have 4c med short how much was all of this?
Katelyn Ludtke
Does 8:13 remind anyone of Renee Elise Goldsberry in Hamilton? No one else? Okay...
ana charles
ana charles Oy oldin
Beautiful job !!
Ropa Nyoni
Ropa Nyoni Oy oldin
U have a cute smile. It Reminds of my best friend
Alice Misfit
Alice Misfit Oy oldin
Jesus this looks so beautiful like you dumped your hair in pure honey and now it shines so pretty
jocelyn rivera
How much did this cost?
Tee Leeper
Tee Leeper Oy oldin
Love!! You both look amazing!!! 👏🏽👏🏽 🏃🏽‍♀️ *runs to shower to put products in*
Ann Oy oldin
2:57 that was so sweet 😊 shy ☺️
Nathalie Rdg
Nathalie Rdg Oy oldin
How long does it stay ?
Atropa Bella Donna
Woah, hold up! That first hair dresser doing the highlights in that clip tho 😍😍😍
Kee Thomas
Kee Thomas Oy oldin
The man washing her hair was a student at Empire Beauty School. I cannot remember his name. I think his name is Daniel. But he was great at doing my daughters hair and she has 4c hair.
Kimberly Johnson
Nice cut and style!
Jessibella 01
Jessibella 01 Oy oldin
I’ll be in Brooklyn later this month...I’m gonna check them out! Thanks!!
Ericat Oy oldin
This. Girl. Is. So. CUTE!
Layla S
Layla S Oy oldin
Wow. That hair is amazing. I have curly hair and i need to go there!!!
Chawnee Rich
Chawnee Rich Oy oldin
Curly hair salons! WHAT
Nono Oy oldin
I always detangle my hair with conditioner first and while its in my hair ill go ahead and clense my roots with shampoo. I feel like it makes the process soo much easier since I'm not adding any knots to my already knotty hair.
minnie brooks
minnie brooks Oy oldin
Aricka B
Aricka B Oy oldin
Goddess Yada
Goddess Yada Oy oldin
Wowwww amazing
Ramey _rae
Ramey _rae Oy oldin
where can i buy those products, i'll really like to try them. you hair looks healthy you'all...... love it
Amy Lonsdale
Amy Lonsdale Oy oldin
I wish devacurl would make their products more accessible in the UK
MjauDuuude Oy oldin
Izabel Abreu
Izabel Abreu Oy oldin
This guy wasting water is giving me anxiety
United Donkey 67
👑💎💎👑💎💎👑 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 👑💎💎💎💎💎👑 👑👑💎💎💎👑👑 👑👑👑💎👑👑👑
Shadeique Chase
Can you post the steps of the products used?
Lilith Aguirre
Were they rinsing your hair as they put in the leave in? How does it not get rinsed out? And they put the gel in while is was super wet too?
Aijah Muhammad
Aijah Muhammad 2 oy oldin
What’s your hair texture?
Sabrina White
Sabrina White 2 oy oldin
U guys have beautiful hair!!!
Hazed58 2 oy oldin
cancer music
Diana Hurtado
Diana Hurtado 2 oy oldin
Hola soy colombiana no entiendo nada me gusta tu cabello
Laura Alozie
Laura Alozie 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one seeing Stevie J in the reception lol
Jaida Blizard
Jaida Blizard 2 oy oldin
Its crazy how a hair cut could make it look like more hair. And I need to incorporate gel
Martha Dereje
Martha Dereje 2 oy oldin
I have natural curly hair and I just bought this product tried it and I hate it so bad product, it’s makes my hair dry and very tangled I can’t even detangle my hair in the water very dry OMG it’s very bad product and I bought big sizes all the products and it’s not a cheap, i should do more research on it before I buy it I’m going to post every media how bad is, I’m not happy about it and I’ll not recommend for anyone!!!!! 😞
Tatyana Davis
Tatyana Davis 2 oy oldin
I don't like it. I thought they would take advantage of the density of your hair and give you a little bit of volume but they just made you look flat 😒
NewNails WhoThis
NewNails WhoThis 2 oy oldin
Them juicy curls !! Loveeeee 😍😍😍😍
Joi Joiful
Joi Joiful 2 oy oldin
so pretty !!!!!!
Margie Karpurk
Margie Karpurk 2 oy oldin
They cut and layer your hair. It's not the products. You had dirty unkempt hair when you waked in. Not a good promo for diva products. They suck by the way.
Ángel Rodriguez
Ángel Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
Hair goals!!!
Kayla Smith
Kayla Smith 2 oy oldin
Did you let it air dry? please answer
Jaklynne  Raiderette De La O
We're is that place at I need to got their loving the hair though😇😇😇
KID TOO LIT 2 oy oldin
What’s your hair type 1.curly 2. Wavy 3.both 4.straight Like and comment
KID TOO LIT 2 oy oldin
Mine is curly/wavy
Farah7519 2 oy oldin
Girl they did that! Your hair looks wonderful. Where is this salon because I would refer.
Sandy Howell
Sandy Howell 2 oy oldin
You're hair is naturally very beautiful, and after it was done it looked even more beautiful! The curls are stunning! The stylist really did a wonderful and very fantastic job! Thanks for sharing this video with us!!
Alyssa 10202005
Alyssa 10202005 2 oy oldin
I need this
K Williams
K Williams 2 oy oldin
Very informative video BUT living in a country where we are having severe droughts, I can't stand the sound of that water constantly running :(:(:(:(
Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow 2 oy oldin
Gabriella ballor
Gabriella ballor 2 oy oldin
I want a deva cut sooooo bad just see how curly they can get my hair. (Just recently started taking proper care of my curls so they aren’t as defined as they could be)
Migdaury Candelario
What they used
Slow Down
4 kun oldin