We Visited A DevaCurl Salon| Styling, sister's DevaCut, + More!| Natural Hair

Jewellianna Palencia
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Hey guys! This vlog is all about my visit at the New York DevaChan hair salon in Broome St (Soho) , to get my natural curly hair styled! I share with you guys my experience at the Deva Curl Salon that took me from dry hair to such defined and frizz-free curls. These products are also paraben-free, silicone-free, and sulfate-free, for those curly girls who LOVE to follow the Curly Girl Method! I also share my sister’s new dry curly DevaCut, and her before and afters, as well.
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Salon: DevaChan Salon in Soho (425 Broome Street)
•My stylist: Dominique instagram.com/dominiquelyvar_devacurl/
•My sister’s stylist: Susan instagram.com/curliesue_devastylist/
More Information about this Salon- www.devacurl.com/salon.html
FTC: This video is not sponsored. The services were gifted; as always, all opinions are my own! ☺️☺️

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11-Iyl, 2018

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Jewellianna Palencia
So what’d you guys think of the Before and Afters (especially the difference in my sister’s DevaCut)?🤔 thank you guys again for watching!! ❤️❤️😘 And you can follow me on IG (@JeweJeweBee) and my sister (@SamEJoeShow)! 😘
Miranda Moore
Miranda Moore 13 soat oldin
Jewellianna Palencia it would have been nice if u put all the products they used in your hair in the description box 😬 no offense
Shelia W
Shelia W Oy oldin
How was the texture after a few days?. Mine dries out really fast in a bonnet and becomes matted.
Wendy Jackson
Wendy Jackson 2 oy oldin
Hey JeweJeweBee, For starters I truly appreciate and enjoyed you sharing this video with everyone plus you're a natural your hair turned out amazing it was hard to see all the products they used is there anyway you can get me the names of the products they used on your hair from start to finish so I can buy them for my girls we live too far to come there please and thank you (jacksonwendy2374@gmail.com)
Keyana Warner
Keyana Warner 2 oy oldin
Jewellianna Palencia how much did it cost?
Chanel Dompierre
Chanel Dompierre 3 oy oldin
Where does your hair texture fall on the chart?
I would hate to be washing your hair you ask a lot of stuff and it often sounds like you are doubting their methods
Cassandra Sutton
Cassandra Sutton 7 soat oldin
If you donated your hair to locks of love they could make three wigs! Beautiful thick hair girl!
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins 8 soat oldin
Her hair before is my everyday hair lmao😪....Sis
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins 8 soat oldin
But your hair is stunning!!! 😍😍😍😍 wow it looks so soft!!
Lewis Williams
Lewis Williams 17 soat oldin
I can't wait for my hair to get bigger.... Actually, I can. Got no choice lol
Melissa Peterson
Terrible audio 😕
Joyce Patterson
Joyce Patterson Kun oldin
I wonder how much it cost?
oneuniqueusername 2 kun oldin
Wait... I just realised in the end that there were two girls! LOL
kaykay's world
kaykay's world 3 kun oldin
I’m going to ask my parents to buy me these products bc we usually have a hard time finding products for my curl, thick hair and I will hopefully be able to wear my hair naturally without it being tangled
C S 5 kun oldin
My daughter will love her curls
sacredsiren 5 kun oldin
You and your sister both have gorgeous hair, this was really fun and interesting to watch! I have been stalking the Devachan videos but I've never taken the plunge to go there. I think I may need to check it out soon, my hair is screaming for a deep moisture treatment.
L Morton
L Morton 6 kun oldin
So any 4C beauties try them?
Shayne Ashley
Shayne Ashley 6 kun oldin
Im surprised they didnt have the molded bit on the sink where your neck would sit comfortably. ??
Kynslie Burke
Kynslie Burke 7 kun oldin
ur skin❤️
senpai-princesss 7 kun oldin
Is there any deva salons in CA?
Landry Elise
Landry Elise 8 kun oldin
searching for these type of hair salon in Shanghai 😥
Arlene Valentin
Arlene Valentin 9 kun oldin
How was the pricing?
Tj Anthony
Tj Anthony 9 kun oldin
Its saddening that at black female ran shops they dont give this much care to natural and curly hair
PoliteTia 10 kun oldin
The sound is too low for the conversation and the annoying 🎶 is too loud
Elle Saunders
Elle Saunders 12 kun oldin
I love the way your sisters hair turned out. For my one year of 100% Natural, I hope to go to a salon or level 3 stylist. Knowing you are low porosity I am surprised too that they didn't use any creams; I am curious, what was your day two and three like? I mean moisture retention, felt to touch? OR did you go home and rewash? When I began my curly hair journey 9 months, I started with Devacurl products. Now my hair feels so dry afterwards from the products and don't know why. I also just learned that I am low porosity when I thought I was high porosity by how quick my hair dries. For example, while in the shower, I will have just washed my hair and by the time I get my hair separated and get the conditioner in my hands, "POOF" my hair is D.....R..... Y, DRY!.... Desert parched DRY! My point is, after applying the Devacurl stylihng products my hair would feel and look a bit dry. YES my Curls were on point but DRY. GREAT VIDEO, thanks for sharing!
angie newyorrican
angie newyorrican 12 kun oldin
The water company must love them .
Lioness268 15 kun oldin
Why her "before" picture looks better than any of my "after"... Lmao the struggle is real 😂🤣😂🤣
Essence Of Tiare
Essence Of Tiare 16 kun oldin
Does DevaCurl have any products for type 4 hair?
Pinnxy 16 kun oldin
What’s your hair type? Your hair turned out so amazing and defined!!
ArghRawrWhoa 19 kun oldin
Beautiful siblings
ArghRawrWhoa 19 kun oldin
Kim K.
Kim K. 20 kun oldin
The cut wasn’t good but you’re so absolutely beautiful it doesn’t even matter 💗
vicky stevenson
vicky stevenson 20 kun oldin
You are so lovely.....your hair looks so soft......your PERFECT....great job.....💖✨💖🥂
Vivien Vaz
Vivien Vaz 21 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed the water wastage when it wasn't required to be kept running...?
Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart 22 kun oldin
Tenisha Stephenson
Tenisha Stephenson 22 kun oldin
One of their hair looks moisturized and the other looks dry
Angesom Debesay
Angesom Debesay 26 kun oldin
Welcome sweet
anita Simpson
anita Simpson 27 kun oldin
I like the before.
Caterina V.
Caterina V. 27 kun oldin
Why is he wasting sooooo much water??
Adina Charles
Adina Charles 28 kun oldin
I want hair like theirs..i really need help with mine jeez
It’s Me Jessie an Ari
Mjstc 29 kun oldin
Tell me the song name. Can't fucking find it *anywhere* and I'm a pro at searching.
aunesty jones
aunesty jones Oy oldin
Natural layers are a blessing and a curse y'all
Liv biv
Liv biv Oy oldin
Her hair looks amazing but it doesn't seem to have much volume.
William Williams
the music was loud and irritating. Couldn't finish.
Miss Jae
Miss Jae Oy oldin
Couldn't you have just bought the products and done it yourself?
Miss Jae
Miss Jae Oy oldin
How much was this process?
Tiffany Sanchez
Wow she has sooo much hair that’s beautiful
Doe Jones
Doe Jones Oy oldin
... it looks a little uneven in the back... I've been natural for 16 years. I wont ever get into someone cutting it while it's curly. But you do you boo:). Beautiful definition though
Mia Day
Mia Day Oy oldin
Your hair turned out so beautiful
BlackBlack 123
I think the before was better than after. The before had a lot of volume and didnt you guys seen how much volume she had when the stylist was cutting her ends. Her hair after look like it has no volume. I'm wondering what happen after the stylist cut her ends because you can see a big difference when she done cut her ends. I like it, but I prefer they give her hair some volume. It look like a wash and go method where they just wash the hair and no blow out or product was put in it.
Maj Mahal
Maj Mahal Oy oldin
I thought the your hair looked prettier before the cut. Full of volume and a lot of it!
Carib Gem
Carib Gem Oy oldin
Both came out beautifully!
Hooolly W
Hooolly W Oy oldin
Oh my god I’m in love with sams hair
My Playlist
My Playlist Oy oldin
More than 3 quarters of the video & she's STILL in the sink! what a waste of time.