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"You're literally like a capital B"
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2-Sen, 2017

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Lacey Gow
Lacey Gow 6 soat oldin
Is there just creepy men there stalking pregnant women or something???
Christine Klein
Christine Klein Kun oldin
Kristin is such a cute mom!!!!!
Animal Videos
Animal Videos Kun oldin
3:32 I have a 3rd boob
cheer sister
cheer sister 2 kun oldin
8:01 😂😂😂😂
Diana Moor
Diana Moor 2 kun oldin
I’m going to be horrible about talking about being pregnant because I hate the word “belly”
PsychoPhoenix123 3 kun oldin
did they purposly find only people with girls and not boys? no hate. just wandering
Luna Toonz
Luna Toonz Kun oldin
sisterseverus 3 kun oldin
Unless she's smoking or drinking alcohol, I have honestly never given a pregnant woman a second look. Like, who cares if someone is pregnant? Then again, I worked at a women's hospital for years, so I saw a lot of pregnant women (and a shocking number of them were lighting up cigarettes on the sidewalk outside, those "ladies" I did glare at)
Cross 3 kun oldin
Pregnant women are just hotter...they glow and I'm pretty sure in a animalistic sense they emit some kind of pheromones to guys...like that's why guys seem to be more protective and cautious around pregnant women. Also seeing a young woman pregnant means she seems healthy and can make babies essentially. It all comes down to the whole can this other person make me the best offspring possible giving your children good looks, great physical shape etc.... That or maybe the dude has a preggo fetish
Hannah Jones
Hannah Jones 3 kun oldin
They say 21 months and I'm over here like I'm 156 months.
Cliodhna Collins
Cliodhna Collins 3 kun oldin
Kristen already looks pregnant without the belly
Jillian Loben
Jillian Loben 4 kun oldin
I had to deal with all of this.....when I had foot surgerey. ._.
Emma Martin
Emma Martin 4 kun oldin
ugh i hate trader joe’s
Moonlight Midnight
Moonlight Midnight 4 kun oldin
Karen, they do my mom was pregnant with my little brother and people touching her belly like crazy plus when they are a new born and the parents take them somewhere people like to touch their hands and feet, my mom didn’t let anyone touch her precious baby
Fresh Peppers
Fresh Peppers 5 kun oldin
‘Oh look, a mobile therapist’. My favourite quote.
Καʀʍα ισ հεʀε
i am 144 months old
Dr. Burn The Skywing
in avatar, people touched each other randomly. That’s on Pandora. this is earth...
Emma F
Emma F 5 kun oldin
omg does anyone remember kate from the video where they tested the coverage of foundations 😂 she's back lmao
Star Shaw
Star Shaw 6 kun oldin
lizette gonzalez
lizette gonzalez 6 kun oldin
Watched this when it first came out on UZvid, now I'm almost 6 months pregnant and watching it again, and NOW I can relate 😂
LadyNoir Country
LadyNoir Country 6 kun oldin
Moral of the story: Wear a fake pregnancy belly to get all the benefits without having to really be pregnant.
Vi Vi
Vi Vi Kun oldin
Main aint no benefits being pregnant let alone being unpregnant
GR8 Gracie
GR8 Gracie 7 kun oldin
Yes my baby is 452 months old.
Paula Crane
Paula Crane 7 kun oldin
What "safety reasons"? Because pregnant women can't just detach the baby at night.
Dejanae Westbrook
Dejanae Westbrook 8 kun oldin
I literally just wore one for a play I was in 😂
Anna Roe
Anna Roe 9 kun oldin
Kristen looks so good in that black and white dress!
Desire Love
Desire Love 9 kun oldin
Yes the gory stories is crazy, I like to share mine I didn't have any contractions until I was 7 CM and and than the pain was like period cramps. I pushed for about 10 mins and he was born. My water broke about 9:46 and he was born at 2:45. He was 9lbs. So there you go no gory details.
its goadie/karen
its goadie/karen 10 kun oldin
Lol 😂 I got a free shoutout because of Jen my Name is Karen so yasssssss #Hype
Bbg Lyn
Bbg Lyn 10 kun oldin
probally would've had to see cars three😐😹😹😹 that was so funny tbh
Danny Shepherd
Danny Shepherd 10 kun oldin
I could say something wildly funny and deeply inappropriate but I won't. 😏
Breeanna Goodwin
Breeanna Goodwin 11 kun oldin
32 weeks pregnant and I hate how they make it seem uncomfortable and how like as if humans are scared of us.. and pregnancy is not just pretty try barfing for 5 months straight then constant acid reflux and heart burn and back and joint pain from extra weight and everyone's real pregnancy is different but right now I am in pain just laying down in bed because the baby is sitting in my ribs kicking everything close to him and I can't breathe and he is being stubborn on dropping and pregnancy in bestdescription is mashed potatoes but instead of potatoes it's emotions... Like all of them combined.
Pretty Stone
Pretty Stone 11 kun oldin
Can't the third mom razor her upper lip, this looks terrible
Charlee Is A Bear
Charlee Is A Bear 5 kun oldin
She got the darkness during pregnancy she has said it one video
Charlee Is A Bear
Charlee Is A Bear 5 kun oldin
Its darkness above her lip
Francheska K.
Francheska K. 13 kun oldin
mikeena thompson
mikeena thompson 13 kun oldin
You guys (Chantel, Kristen, Jen, Devin, and Freddie) should do a 24 hour challenge
Paige Magee
Paige Magee 13 kun oldin
Go Black Friday shopping with the belly and you’ll get around just fine😂
Livi Holland
Livi Holland 13 kun oldin
Ok I know you’re not actually pregnant but you still had that pregnancy glow
A mom and her Minions
Cars 3 is awesome lol.
AS1Sarah 14 kun oldin
I love Kristen’s dress at the beginning of the video!! I wanna know where to get it!
Ashley Alluring
Ashley Alluring 14 kun oldin
My last pregnancy (my daughter is 4 months😊) people for the most part were soooo sweet to me😍
polinasi 14 kun oldin
I loved loved loved being pregnant
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel 14 kun oldin
Love Devin's shirt and Kristin's blouse in this!
Panda Diaries
Panda Diaries 15 kun oldin
0:58 who's karen?
Elisha Benson
Elisha Benson 15 kun oldin
When I was pregnant, I was having twins and I worked in a kitchen at my local YMCA and every turn would end up with someone bumping into my belly and they'll freak out like they hurt me somehow lol. It took so long for people to be cool with my hugeness. 🤣
Rhys Pinkard
Rhys Pinkard 15 kun oldin
Soluzo Anaeto
Soluzo Anaeto 16 kun oldin
Why can't they say the age in years, why months
Fern Alderton
Fern Alderton 16 kun oldin
21 months just say a 1 year old, how long are you going to be keeping track of the months
Bri Dzyak
Bri Dzyak 16 kun oldin
Do a video about type 1 diabetes
That one Girl
That one Girl 16 kun oldin
Why months? Like she said eighteen months and why not say a year and a half or a year and sixth months? Am I missing something? Lol
Charlee Is A Bear
Charlee Is A Bear 5 kun oldin
You go by months until they are a certain age
Abishaliny Pirasath
Abishaliny Pirasath 18 kun oldin
I've never seen women so beautiful being pregnant. p.s all women are gorgeous when they are pregnant.
Sims4Eva 1
Sims4Eva 1 18 kun oldin
I am 144 months
Alphadog1645 19 kun oldin
I feel like Chantel would be a good mom
AveryLee Fnaf
AveryLee Fnaf 19 kun oldin
When devin was putting on the pregnacy belly she was wearing the bra from the "Buying Bras Online" video!
Tatiana Almeida
Tatiana Almeida 20 kun oldin
When I have a baby I will annoy people by saying: Oh yeah! My son/daughter is 12 months old.
miat789 20 kun oldin
Why didn’t Freddie wear one?
Alexcis Hangartner
Alexcis Hangartner 21 kun oldin
Industry's baby belly looked the most natural.
Layne Swim
Layne Swim 21 kun oldin
I have a 9836 month old baby!
tezzcan1 21 kun oldin
No they should have slept in them to see how hard that is.
Mimi hamer
Mimi hamer 21 kun oldin
I think Kristen looks the most pregnent
Adrian Elias
Adrian Elias 22 kun oldin
That girl in the white is already pregnant
Happy Accidents! Media Production
Maybe this didn't work because they had fake bellies but when I was pregnant I noticed a lot of babies staring at me, like they knew. 😳
Jordyn Lindsay
Jordyn Lindsay 23 kun oldin
Damn, Chantel had a pretty awesome time space-wise. Lol
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg 24 kun oldin
Rowan Foley
Rowan Foley 25 kun oldin
I’m pregnant
stormie dawn
stormie dawn 25 kun oldin
Devon is so cute
Unicorns Life
Unicorns Life 26 kun oldin
Jen your supposed to put the bottom seat belt under the belly
Stormy Keifer
Stormy Keifer 27 kun oldin
For Christ sakes...do something productive in your lives ...hype it up so more troubled teen's will run out there to get pregnant without thinking it thruuuuuuu
Maeve Jones
Maeve Jones 14 kun oldin
is watching a video you clearly hate being productive?
Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis 28 kun oldin
Abigail Tiller
Abigail Tiller 28 kun oldin
where did the dress come from that Chantelle borrowed from Freddie
princess alexa
princess alexa 28 kun oldin
kristin looks really good with her hair up
Amani Weaver
Amani Weaver 29 kun oldin
Devin is me. *runs with belly*
Candylpsland 29 kun oldin
Devin: spirit animal
Pearl Ashton
Pearl Ashton 29 kun oldin
"I wonder what my life would be like if I had a baby by now... I probably would of had to see Cars 3" 😂😂😂
William O’Donnell
William O’Donnell 29 kun oldin
You forgot to put the stomach on the girl in the dress
Rozyrainbow Aspinall
My teacher is pregnant
Ddarke11 Oy oldin
05:15 as hot as she is, I don't believe that at all.
Sophia  Kelly
Sophia Kelly Oy oldin
Honestly Christian looked nothing like pregnant women
z malaoi
z malaoi Oy oldin
i would love to see someone wear a fake pregnancy belly go to a bar and just take shots all night long to the shock of other people watching
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Oy oldin
I gotta get me a pregnancy belly
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Oy oldin
Only on BuzzFeed, kids. Only on BuzzFeed.
Alyssa Gonzales
I think Chantal would be the one to poke a whole in her sisters an brother in laws condom to get a nephew .
elizabeth janson
I love you guys so much.
Ali Superstar
Ali Superstar Oy oldin
Oh gosh in Canada people would have never let you carry these bottle of water whitout helping you
Aleah Lunceford
Cars 3 😂😂😂😂😂
Foxes In Clovers
Addison Kramme
When she was in the store the music sounded like “she’s in cosco”
kimivdot Oy oldin
I am 6 months pregnant right now and feel this so hard! Definitely feel judged and like people are staring at me all the time. I hate it! :(
Holo it's me Lizzy
I literally always need a Ladylike fix
Devin is just the best *running back and forth
Lyric T
Lyric T Oy oldin
at the beginning chantel and devin had the same shirt on
Kaitlyn Nielsen
Kristin's maternity photos would be everything
Lancer eh that seems abou it
Pregnat ladies are like cats whom gave birth there queens
kaila Brianna
kaila Brianna Oy oldin
Lady like keeps getting smaller and smaller
Katie Coffey
Katie Coffey Oy oldin
I can't really look away from a pregnant person I know bc they are my social studies teach.
ItsShyla •
ItsShyla • Oy oldin
The lyft driver stared at you’re belly then didn’t say anything bc he was going to kidnap you but couldn’t bc he thought you were pregnant
i panic! at the disco
Why am i holding my stomach while watching this😂
Samantha Holford
Lol I hate when moms tell their kids age by months after they are more than a year old. I have a 3 year old daughter and I’m due to have another in February and people actually get upset with me because they’ll ask how old Giana is and I’ll say she’s three. And they are like she’s really tall how old is she exactly and I’m like she’s 3 her birthday is in July 😂🤣
Sharice McClendon
What's trader Joe's?
Haley Trinh
Haley Trinh Oy oldin
Kristans (I think that’s how u spell her name anyway) belly looks so normal like it blends in very well
Rose Castillo
Rose Castillo Oy oldin
I don't stare at pregos but I do sneak a peak because I think it's so beautiful! But I do know it's not easy 😅
Rose Castillo
Rose Castillo Oy oldin
I've been Prego 4 times and have 3 amazing kids. Summer pregnancies are brutal! Lmao but I hate heat so yeah. I enjoyed the attention never got negative attention
Joanna Roulsn
Joanna Roulsn Oy oldin
Kristen looks sooooooo cute
Madhu Anand
Madhu Anand Oy oldin
May everyone stop saying that your child is something months old