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"You're literally like a capital B"
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/24124
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2-Sen, 2017

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yasmine elbekhti
yasmine elbekhti 8 soat oldin
cool vid
Molly Farrar
Molly Farrar 12 soat oldin
How do they always look fabulous XD
D Laity
D Laity 12 soat oldin
I so remember those days! You know what's weird though? These days I get that same 'on display' thing from being out with my assistance (mobility) dog. I would love to see you guys trying this out with being normal, intelligent women, but having a visually apparent disability (especially if you can try out the phenomenon I call 'Disabled in possession of a night out'). - Try my world. People will listen to you guys on what your experiences are and engage with you in a way that folks won't with those of us who really are disabled.
Texas Shortcake
Texas Shortcake 19 soat oldin
The kids screaming and kicking his mom would have gotten his butt busted if he was mine you do not kick anybody No matter if it's your mom dad brother sister uncle whatever you do not kick or scream if you're going to do that stuff we're going to take you to the bathroom and beat your butt or take you outside to the truck and we just sit there
I'm actually dead
"So you're literally just a capital B" 😂😂
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez Kun oldin
Watch the try guys vid about this that ones better and 😄
Mia Erbe
Mia Erbe 2 kun oldin
I love how jass's name tag says,"Queen"
Rosie Grzanich
Rosie Grzanich 2 kun oldin
She probably did a double take bc your a pregnant woman in a bar
Sofia is okay
Sofia is okay 2 kun oldin
21 months,18 months Why not say 1 year?
MBpuppy plays
MBpuppy plays 2 kun oldin
7:57 lmao
It's Just Charlotte
I had to see cars 1,2,and 3
Near Wils
Near Wils 3 kun oldin
Whenever I was pregnant the same day our car broke down in town and we had to go to a mechanic shop and it would have been like $1,000 to fix our car and the guy was so nice he's like oh you're pregnant I'm like yeah I'm 9 months pregnant and the guys like oh my God I have children to my wife's pregnant too but she's only 5 months I'm like awe that's so sweet and he's like yeah let me just get you going I'll take off $500 and I was like YESSSSS 😄😂
Potato Jesus
Potato Jesus 4 kun oldin
“It’s all good” Colleen ballingers be like “LIES”
Hailey Budach
Hailey Budach 4 kun oldin
chantelle and kristen look adorable "pregnant"
pizzafish 65
pizzafish 65 4 kun oldin
I love the chubby-ish girl
K Schenk
K Schenk 5 kun oldin
yes they do, karen. they do touch your stomach all the time. they also ask you to stand for them or lift your shirt so they can see.
Ms Creativity
Ms Creativity 5 kun oldin
The lady at 2:30 I can relate to she's like me and I would be like her when I'm pregnant.
Jon Large
Jon Large 5 kun oldin
I swear Devin and Chantel have the same shirt on?!?!
Kadasia Duirden
Kadasia Duirden 6 kun oldin
Why don’t they just say 1 ? Instead of how many months
Fatima Gomez
Fatima Gomez Kun oldin
It's usually because of how much a baby grows over the course of a year. A baby at 12 months vs 22 months is still considered 1, but are pretty developmentally different even though it's still within the same year
Ivrea Hodgson
Ivrea Hodgson 6 kun oldin
If she was actually pregnant and had put the sweat belt on like that, she could of squished the baby. You got to put it underneath the belly girl! Edit:Seatbelt* 🤦🏽‍♀️
Addison Walter
Addison Walter 6 kun oldin
Devin and chantel were wearing the same shirt
Always ARMY
Always ARMY 7 kun oldin
Why are people uncomfortable looking at pregnant women.. Like.. It's natural and common... VERY common, hense the population count haha
kit & kat
kit & kat 7 kun oldin
My mom wanted my little brother out ASAP, but when he got out he would not stop c ring so my mom said "put him back in, we can wait until tomorrow"
WISH XO3 7 kun oldin
Dude...nowadays people give respect the pregnant one...when my mum was pregnant...she fell when coming back home..and everyone laughed...😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱..like nobody helped her
Lucie Lovegood
Lucie Lovegood 7 kun oldin
If any of them get pregnant they should pretend to do this and then say, only one of us isn’t pregnant as a reveal video
StaringanimE1 7 kun oldin
it's xenos
it's xenos 7 kun oldin
What if the belly just fell off in public.
Liz Xu
Liz Xu 8 kun oldin
It appears that as a culture it is ingrained in us to notice pregnant women - and this result in quite a few interesting reactions, but many involves with aiding them, such as helping reduce obstacles for them. That was quite nice to learn. Thanks buzzfeed for making this video, it was insightful :)
SISTERS CORNER 8 kun oldin
2018 anyone?
_Nikki _
_Nikki _ 8 kun oldin
Gladly though when your pregnant *obviously* you don't have your period. !
The girl Who wanna be a mermaid
It’s been 10 months! IS IT BORN YYYEEEEET?!
Lost Emotions
Lost Emotions 9 kun oldin
Basically, if you want people to treat you nicer pretend to be pregnant.
Kaitlyn St. Pierre
Kaitlyn St. Pierre 9 kun oldin
9.9 mil how
Sasha Kate
Sasha Kate 9 kun oldin
All Kristen had to do was just use her normal stomach lmao
Zara Strait
Zara Strait 9 kun oldin
wow, nice
Carly Fox
Carly Fox 9 kun oldin
I barely see any pregnant women, the only time I do is when I get my ultrasounds
Megan Zanders
Megan Zanders 9 kun oldin
I like how respectful some people can be to pregnant people like the lady at the bar.
VideosatTiffanys 10 kun oldin
I wonder if it's part of our instincts to view pregnant women as "cuter" because all of these women were beautiful to me before, but after the bellies it was just OVERWHELMING cuteness.
Makayla Groff
Makayla Groff 10 kun oldin
Chantel is so cute pregnant omg!!!!!
Lost Bunn
Lost Bunn 10 kun oldin
Kristen's face looks so similar to her Aunt's omg. Like the eyes and the eyebrows are so close.
ALDC Gals 10 kun oldin
The Try Girls?
eat tide pod their good for you bleach
2:20 she should be with suga from BTS
Natalie C
Natalie C 11 kun oldin
these ladies deserve to be treated with respect even when they don't look pregnant and shouldn't have to worry about being shoved or jostled
Kirby Brown
Kirby Brown 11 kun oldin
I think the blonde girl is lying
xxanimetoastxx Draws
Kristen is rocking it!!
xxanimetoastxx Draws
xxanimetoastxx Draws
Omg lol
Katya shel
Katya shel 11 kun oldin
Is Chantelle at Costco?? 7:54
IGotARMY TaeJin 12 kun oldin
Ladylike takes care of a baby for 24 hours.
The CruzShow
The CruzShow 13 kun oldin
Kristin just look fatter tbh
SuperPugforever 14 kun oldin
This is cool
Amber' Emma
Amber' Emma 14 kun oldin
Wow they look beautiful pregnant
Mariana Pereira
Mariana Pereira 14 kun oldin
*poor Bryan*
Aj 14 kun oldin
hey you know a thing that should happen? Kristen should have a child
BorkyBoy 15 kun oldin
Did Kristen put hers on?
BorkyBoy 😂😂
rose-coloured boy
rose-coloured boy 15 kun oldin
ok but i have a massive crush on devin
Willene L. Hughes
Willene L. Hughes 15 kun oldin
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Karen The grilled cheese
0:57 I don’t know fam Don’t ask me
Jesse Strickler
Jesse Strickler 15 kun oldin
As a plus size woman I loved when I finally looked pregnant rather than just chunky. I had such confidence suddenly. I was simply living my life and somehow growing a miracle at the same time. It was awesome. I didn’t care if people looked at me
Bella Rocha
Bella Rocha 15 kun oldin
i dont know why, but i think kristen is really anoying!!
Caitlin Stock
Caitlin Stock 16 kun oldin
Kristen at 8:03 I’m DEEEAAADDD!!
Trinka B
Trinka B 16 kun oldin
They didn't sleep in them? (Devin putting it on in the morning) I understand that is one of the... more interesting issues produced by a baby belly.
Eden Allen
Eden Allen 16 kun oldin
Devin was so cute oml 😍
Butterflybri_91 16 kun oldin
Seat belt goes under the belly. Lol
Sophie Valentine
Sophie Valentine 16 kun oldin
Dawn Palmer
Dawn Palmer 16 kun oldin
Y'all should do a video with those robot babies.
NF LCR 16 kun oldin
I am 29weeks pregnant, and have experienced none of those things. It would be nice to have an easier grocery shopping experience for sure
Priscilla Rodriguez
Priscilla Rodriguez 16 kun oldin
*_“I never needed to grow a third boob”_* OMG KRISTIN😂😂😂
Sarah Sebers
Sarah Sebers 16 kun oldin
Sounds like society is instinctually trying to be considerate of pregnant women. Like they wanna take CARE of the women. Like y’all liberal ladies don’t get it 😂😂 no judgment just consideration
Brooke DeGidio
Brooke DeGidio 16 kun oldin
"Probably would have had to of seen Cars 3" XD
Kam Patrick
Kam Patrick 17 kun oldin
Am i the only person wondering why they hurried up and took the man off of her arm that was helping her ??????💁💁💁
Levenyn 17 kun oldin
People have such natural reactions to pregnancy. Whether is the staring or the courtesy to move out of the way and be very gentle, I think a lot of this is an involuntary instinct that people have that often comes out the wrong way because of awkwardness.
Leena Alemu
Leena Alemu 17 kun oldin
Lady like need to have a challenge with the Try Guys
Hey Aloha
Hey Aloha 17 kun oldin
I just stare at pregnant women because I'm trying to see how far along they are... I'm not trying to be disrespectful 😂
kara danver
kara danver 17 kun oldin
I liked kristen's outfit
Savana Mostajo
Savana Mostajo 17 kun oldin
OMG I loovvvee lady like so much you guys inspire me!
The Irvine Twins
The Irvine Twins 17 kun oldin
chantel looks the best with a belly
maddie grace Thierfelder
When Im pregnant and someone asks about the baby I am gonna say "I'm not pregnant" and make people feel uncomfortable
Sam Puckett
Sam Puckett 18 kun oldin
How come with obese people you can’t even tell that their pregnant 💀 is just like oh. Your pregnant?
DaQueen Cat
DaQueen Cat 18 kun oldin
1:13 Shaniqua:Hello, my name is Shaniqua. (I have no idea how to spell) Shaniqua? As in, Shani qua than you? XD
Anime Potatoe:/
Anime Potatoe:/ 18 kun oldin
A 3rd boob
Fox Bear
Fox Bear 18 kun oldin
I never treat pregnant women different. I may help pick up heavy stuff for them but it’s never come up. I do however judge them hardcore if I see them smoking or drinking.
Jαsოιიε 18 kun oldin
This video should be called catfishing people with our bellies😂😂😂😂 no hate at all and no offense meant to be taken
Bella Miao
Bella Miao 18 kun oldin
me after eating chipotle
Ariel Thomas
Ariel Thomas 18 kun oldin
One pet peeve I have, "Yeah they're 48 months old." "Oh they're 4 years old." "No they're 48 MONTHS"
Adriana A.
Adriana A. 19 kun oldin
honestly, i know this vid is old, but i feel like ladylike should have more of the experience. after all the try guys did a series about it, TWICE.
i'm a girl
i'm a girl 19 kun oldin
Oh my cho chang is pregnant....
Lady Bug
Lady Bug 19 kun oldin
Btw lady with the glasses ..I've been pregnant and they were not looking because you looked pregnant it's like wow you are large and wonder is this weight sitting on the baby ..those are honest thing people think.. my aunt list a baby because she was large .I hate when people are afraid to speak what they think all because of others judgement.. well people if you are in public I have the right to think and say what I like .. don't be in public if you don't want others to wonder about you..
Lady Bug
Lady Bug 19 kun oldin
Lady you don't look pregnant you look larger but not cute pregnant you just look obese
Cat Network ;3
Cat Network ;3 19 kun oldin
To be honest i dont jut stare at pregnant women i just look at them and smile.
Pali Snowdrop
Pali Snowdrop 20 kun oldin
Pregnancy sucks
Honestly Greg
Honestly Greg 20 kun oldin
Pregnant women are human submarines
Terra May
Terra May 20 kun oldin
Ok why do people do that? Why can't you just say oh my baby is a year and a couple months old? I would never say my baby is twelve months old, like a lot of women do, I would say my baby is one year old
Stew-A-Rew 20 kun oldin
Mom:omg your child is only 15 mine is 24 5 yo me:..wah ma
Jarah Huffman
Jarah Huffman 21 kun oldin
I had to wear one in high school for the day. I had to go to class and this one hallway is always packed to where you have to elbow your way through. I go to that hallway with the belly on no joke the kids parted way and let me go through no one even touched me lol I was like can I wear this everyday so I dont get hit pushed on my way though everyday lol. I also got a lot of complaints saying in was cute and hot best day of my life lol
ملاك أبوشوشة / malak abu shusha
طب اشي طبيعي ليش الناس بطلعو 👀
Dalila Marques
Dalila Marques 21 kun oldin
Their children will be hilarious!!😂
Hailee McDermott
Hailee McDermott 21 kun oldin
Kristen's dresses had lots of flow so u can't even tell
Emily 21 kun oldin
I honestly actuslly hate ladylike. They call themselves feminists but actually are feminazis. They think womrn are better than men. Guess what being a woman isn't hard
Lola Bear
Lola Bear 21 kun oldin
My aunt is pregnant and my uncle has all ready agreed to have his office a nursery 💙
•DrippiiFox• 21 kun oldin
I got a diaper commercial before this vid....