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"You're literally like a capital B"
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2-Sen, 2017

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I'm Sorry NotSorry
I'm Sorry NotSorry 2 soat oldin
Kristen's relationship with her aunt is honestly so funny and adorable, I love it.
andrea dowd
andrea dowd 23 soat oldin
RizGriz Kun oldin
Baby bumps are cheaper than you'd think 🤔
Rebekah Willes
Rebekah Willes Kun oldin
personally i think chantel looked the best in the pregnancy belly
Rebekah Willes
Rebekah Willes Kun oldin
kristen and her aunt: you can tell they are related
Susan Case
Susan Case 2 kun oldin
They all looked really cute! Devin looked a lot more pregnant because she’s so tiny
Slime with Tokage
Slime with Tokage 3 kun oldin
Olivia P
Olivia P 3 kun oldin
Wait wait wait... Kristen hasn't seen Cars 3?😱😂
Lulu TheFennecFox
Lulu TheFennecFox 4 kun oldin
My baby girl (Annabelle, which doesn't live with me she lives with her grandma because I'm to young to take care of her) doesn't scream at all
Zoey Phillips
Zoey Phillips 4 kun oldin
People: How old is your child? Mom: 192 months old :). (that's 16 years)
Anonymous bub
Anonymous bub 4 kun oldin
Kristens aunt is so funny.
J Palance
J Palance 4 kun oldin
Babies were invented by MEN to oppress women. Women: Never date men, never marry a man, and never ever have babies with a man. If you do this, women will finally stop being sexually assaulted by men using babies.
soph da loaf
soph da loaf 6 kun oldin
i hate when new moms say the amount of months instead of the amount of years. like just say one year, man. don't make me do the math.
Misschandler Bong
Misschandler Bong 6 kun oldin
penngheeney 7 kun oldin
The end of this video is just so somber. I wasn't expecting that.
night time music stevens
Lmao the things the moms said were so true😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tyler Delaney
Tyler Delaney 9 kun oldin
Not Even Me
Not Even Me 9 kun oldin
Lol Jen was just running
Princess Rose
Princess Rose 9 kun oldin
Ladylike Ladylike Ladylike Ladylike Ladylike
Emma Lott
Emma Lott 10 kun oldin
She don’t know how to put on a seatbelt with a pregnant belly
Vellen Christine DJaya
Cupu bego
Aviana Strunk
Aviana Strunk 10 kun oldin
I feel like if the baby is past a year old you shouldn’t say months
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie 10 kun oldin
1:26 she looks like the lady from the “raising free range children” video from barcroft tv 😂
burning4rmwithin 10 kun oldin
im pregnant and not visibly showing through my clothes yet...but i hate when people bump into my belly. Most of the time i just want to scream WATCH IT PREGNANT LADY HERE. At the same time, i know my baby is protected in her thick armor lol. What I hate most though (minus the vomiting and constant nausea) was my boobs resting on my protruding belly when I sit. It's uncomfortable for me since i hate my own skin on skin contact. Im weird like that.
Elsa B
Elsa B 11 kun oldin
Did you get any cravings
Mckinnon Bloomer
Mckinnon Bloomer 12 kun oldin
This is so amazing! Being pregnant now and rewatching this I can really connect to it
nasanel 13 kun oldin
*id have to see cars 3*
KCal LAck
KCal LAck 13 kun oldin
My brother is short and gets bumped into a lot. I will recommend this to him.
Jaden Schwab
Jaden Schwab 13 kun oldin
My eldest sister is 9 months Pregnant
Leo The Weirdo
Leo The Weirdo 13 kun oldin
I’m a 150 month old baby
Miranda Flores
Miranda Flores 13 kun oldin
To be honest Kristen’s belly’s doesn’t look any different. Not to be mean I love Kristen
CorpseCupCake 13 kun oldin
Kristen I absolutely love your black and white dress. Where did you get if from? And I'm so sorry but you did look absolutely adorable pregnant.
Jenn 0302
Jenn 0302 15 kun oldin
Tip when you're pregnant you put the seat belt under your belly. It helps protect the baby from being squished if you're in an accident.
DeathGoddess ___
DeathGoddess ___ 15 kun oldin
“Probably have to see cars 3” 😂😂😂😂
Caragh Herlehy
Caragh Herlehy 17 kun oldin
Kristan is so good looking
Thepinkdiamond Hannah
Sooooooo aphmau is prego lol
Killjoys MakeSomeNoise
I have a 3134521444 day daughter
Lila Kind
Lila Kind 20 kun oldin
I have a question why is the seatbelt over your baby and not under the baby bump
Potato Tm
Potato Tm 20 kun oldin
Sunny Rayavarapu
Sunny Rayavarapu 21 kun oldin
Damn I love Kristen's outfit !!!!
Aly J
Aly J 21 kun oldin
I’m 37 weeks with my 2nd. Being pregnant fuckin sucks but worth it😅 and I do not use the “months” thing once they’re a year old or more. I don’t understand it either 🤷🏼‍♀️
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 22 kun oldin
Mon E
Mon E 22 kun oldin
Being pregnant was a stressful luxury. People are more careful around you. Just not my daughter's father. Just didn't give a crap about all the stress he was putting me under.
A. Von
A. Von 23 kun oldin
When I was pregnant and married at 25 back 15 years ago and we planned to have my son, with ovulation kits and stuff it was great but others didn't see us that way. I was always feeling judged to the point that back in 2004 I made a shirt that said I AM MARRIED, because people thought I was a teen mom. People can be so insanely judgemental about everything. I like that you guys sort of gave that a shout out because it is real.
Crazey Cake
Crazey Cake 24 kun oldin
My baby is 828472519302816482918372919377625261838773626266552727788992373263528393846352637849408372626636364774748489596947432227238837476432245799764839201029393948847557373920101111029283747475775754636367282828283884747775747473772728190102939484875576268190100292938487475763773828910100203984848848477 months old
Joanna's Comedy
Joanna's Comedy 24 kun oldin
'' I never neededto grow a third boob.''😂😂😂
Mealia F
Mealia F 24 kun oldin
"You're literally like a capital B"
Smilers World
Smilers World 24 kun oldin
My child is 120 months old--- I don't get the month thing plz just say the YEAR!
Deku is bae
Deku is bae 24 kun oldin
These people be like my kids is 489 months old 🤣😂
Tiara Fowler
Tiara Fowler 25 kun oldin
My mom is pregnant
MasterOfTheMasters Swagyy
I hate they include some overweight lady just for the show of acceptance. She doesn’t need a pregnancy belly l o l.
Ø 【ᄋᄉᄋ】【ᄋᄉᄋ】 P Ü R R P Ø
That man should wear a preggo belly*^*
Stella SW Chalue
Stella SW Chalue 26 kun oldin
I’m 29 almost 30 weeks pregnant and can’t wait for it to be over
im here
im here 27 kun oldin
Awe....I love touching baby bumps 😂 they're so cute. I love putting my ear up to them and trying to listen to see if I could hear the baby But of course I always ask and if they don't want their belly to be touched then I just walk off 😂
Asmr Love
Asmr Love 27 kun oldin
I just saw a used tampon on the bathroom floor
Jocelyn Odermatt
Jocelyn Odermatt 28 kun oldin
For all those mom 🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏽‍♀️🦸🏾‍♀️🦸🏿‍♀️🦸🏻‍♂️🦸🏼‍♂️🦸🏽‍♂️🦸🏾‍♂️🦸🏿‍♂️
lily stenger
lily stenger 29 kun oldin
You need to sleep with them on. It’s the worst!!!
Eli Mason
Eli Mason 29 kun oldin
I have a 278 month old daughter
ftm emo
ftm emo Oy oldin
My sister in law is pregnant
ciera lewis
ciera lewis Oy oldin
yea def got checked out alot while preggs. people are amazed that you get to experience such a joyful time. i love everything about being pregnant.
Pastel _Liana
Pastel _Liana Oy oldin
Jen Is Such a mood
Caitlin 1234
Caitlin 1234 Oy oldin
Mitali Sharma
Mitali Sharma Oy oldin
Chantel is so cute pregnant😍😍
Emma Anderson
Emma Anderson Oy oldin
DO THEY KAREN?!?!?! 😂😂😂😂
just lexi
just lexi Oy oldin
first ladylike video i watched wasn’t the last
Victoria F Eustace
Good video.
Phoebe Gymnastics
Where do they get the bellies from
Dannie's Daze
Dannie's Daze Oy oldin
i really want to try one of these bumps, just to know what it feels like to have a 6 months pregant baby bump
Simply Samiyah
Im 144 months 27 days and 3.5843738 seconds old :))
Gaby Champion
Gaby Champion Oy oldin
They should’ve slept in their bellies. I mean, that’s one of the things that pregnant women find harder to do, right?
Katy Breakie
Katy Breakie Oy oldin
7:57 LMAO!!!
rdarlington Oy oldin
Guys women don’t say my son is 1 year old, they say it in months, they only start to say years after 20 months have passed
Lexie Haupt
Lexie Haupt Oy oldin
"I guess I would have had to seen cars 3" -Kristin Lol I can't stop laughing
Amoiree Kelly
Amoiree Kelly Oy oldin
Omg just say a year
Jocelyn Banda
Jocelyn Banda Oy oldin
No offender but when Kristen put on the Belly she didn’t look different
Betsa Be
Betsa Be Oy oldin
yeah she looked the same
Kayla Jackson
Kayla Jackson Oy oldin
I hate how mums always say months! I DONT GET ITTTTTTTT!!!!!
Joanna's Comedy
Joanna's Comedy 24 kun oldin
My mom always said month's when my sister was born.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat Oy oldin
I feel like chantel experienced the more pleasant side, cause people are worried about injuring the fetus
annie begotka
annie begotka Oy oldin
You are beautiful with AND without a pregnancy belly Kristin.
Madeline Borski
"Probably would've had to see Cars 3" 🤣
Sanai Armstead
Chantel's looks the realist
Chloe Roberts
Chloe Roberts Oy oldin
Im 137 months old
SnowWhite21 Oy oldin
Kristin looks pregnant already
Laci Tanner
Laci Tanner Oy oldin
6:33 DEMONETIZED!!!! Nip exposure!
Twenty One Panicked Pilots At The Disco
Person: Aww u have a beautiful baby! How old is she?! Most Moms: She's 83 and a half months old.
Zoey Morrison
Zoey Morrison Oy oldin
Chantel looks like my friends mom with the dark hair and so pretty
Michele Buckanaga
I kinda dad wanna wear one of those
Jasper Trip
Jasper Trip Oy oldin
What’s the problem with saying the babies age in months? They grow a lot really fast at that stage, so talking in years isn’t adequate.
Elizabeth Greenawald
Two in three months would have made her sound less like THAT person.
Sasha Nathan
Sasha Nathan Oy oldin
What if they were on their period while wearing the bellies!!!
hugs_for_drugs 420
hi i am a mother of one daughter she is 164 months old
Lana lily lps
Lana lily lps Oy oldin
I hate being pregnant but I only have one month left
Janneke :P
Janneke :P Oy oldin
"She's 18 months". Boys and girls, shes 1.5 years old.
Miaplayz gotcha Studios
If this counts I have seven brothers and sisters
Vinilabee Oy oldin
8:57 I feel like she would be a good mom.
Sophia Wurth
Sophia Wurth Oy oldin
I am 135 month olds😂🤗
Campbell Oy oldin
Juno did it first
Jess Mils
Jess Mils Oy oldin
As someone who's 27 weeks pregnant I will say i thankfully haven't really had a lot of weird interactions with strangers 😂
ItsJustWednesday -
“Probably would have had to seen Cars 3......”
Hammy_ Zoe
Hammy_ Zoe Oy oldin
How is Kristin soo funny 😂
Elmore Junior High OFFICIAL
Shantell looks like the most teen mom she will look so beautiful when she is pregnant
gio neyli
gio neyli Oy oldin
Chantele looks so cute pregnant!!! OMGOFMGM❤❤❤❤❤
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