Weird Coffee Hacks (Taste Test)

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We asked for your weird coffee hacks and we are equal parts amused and concerned. GMMore #1430
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26-Noy, 2018



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NoRMiEx 2 kun oldin
Link : You smell any numbers Rhett : Inhales then says he got 254 likes on that
Peet's is FAR better than Starbucks, any day. Except for this day haha. Also the one kind that no one likes from Peet's is usually Major Dickason's, tastes either like water or like tar, no in between and extremes are way too far apart.
indy girl
indy girl 7 kun oldin
My dad gets manasise, pear halfs, and chesse and swers it is great. Don't get me wrong I love manasise but it is horable.
Cristian Adan
Cristian Adan 8 kun oldin
Rhett reminds me of x man I swear
mega byteme
mega byteme 9 kun oldin
lindtt peppermint truffle in black coffee is awesome
Dank Meme Backwards
everyone loves mayo and ketchup combined tho
Alyssa Woodin
Alyssa Woodin 13 kun oldin
They should switch Link to decaf without him knowing. All his coffee at home or work to see if he can give off the caffeine and coffee
special kittie
special kittie 14 kun oldin
Try roasted dandelion tea
Delirious Marc
Delirious Marc 17 kun oldin
We also make weird coffee - we put an apple in our coffee maker and brewed it lol
Rajun Cajun
Rajun Cajun 21 kun oldin
I wanted to say get your stuff together millennials, mayo is great! Then I remembered I'm 31....I am a millennial 😭
Blind Hydra
Blind Hydra 22 kun oldin
The way the head mug is staring directly at the camera scares me
Bryony Pearson
Bryony Pearson 23 kun oldin
I ducking love mayonnaise
Matthew Wade
Matthew Wade 23 kun oldin
I'm 31, I'm told I'm a millenial, and I love mayonnaise.
Starla Lunde
Starla Lunde 24 kun oldin
Why do they fill things up all the way? Maybe just half way so they aren’t wasting food😂
Alex Ibarra
Alex Ibarra 27 kun oldin
I have also thrown a dark chocolate in my coffee... I don’t do it often but I love it when I do it.
enoch wade
enoch wade 29 kun oldin
Nick Irwin
Nick Irwin Oy oldin
Beatbox coffee
Speedee C
Speedee C Oy oldin
Mayonnaise is frickin great!! Screw the mayo haters!
Miss Dire
Miss Dire Oy oldin
12:11 - 12:43 😂😂😂 Bish took a piss.
Dale Marx
Dale Marx Oy oldin
the exact position that salt shaker came to a stop on the desk was so satisfying
Michael Walker
I like these guys but link looks like a Lesbian in this video
She's a Bruja
She's a Bruja Oy oldin
Took my meds and burped right before link said ya burpin over there? And I almost lost it 😹😹😹
Robert Daffern
OMG I thought my family was the only one to use the peanut butter mayonnaise combination in a sandwich! Sooo Good!
forestman111 Oy oldin
Oh man, that first guy saying he put Redbull is so cringy. A cup of coffee, on average, has 90mg of caffeine. A 16 oz. can of Redbull contains about 150mg. So the mentioned drink would have 240mg caffeine. In comparison, a singular shot of espresso at Starbucks contains 75mg caffeine so a quad espresso drink would have 300mg caffeine, this is a completely normal drink people order all the time. It would be a bit much for people who don't regularly intake caffeine but would be fine for anyone who drinks coffee, energy drinks, etc. Even better, that's not even up to the limit current research says can be consumed without adverse effects in the future, which is 400mg.
Benjamin Ferrell
I like to imagine that they're all high
Dora Grote
Dora Grote Oy oldin
Link: “I should get off coffee.” Link for the next five minutes: //thinking and questioning all of his life choices//
John K
John K Oy oldin
Dunkin for the win
James Hartley
James Hartley Oy oldin
Remeber when the full episode was in the normal episode and they didn't make u go here to see the rest. Should be called good mythical rest.
Brittany Ramirez
Smells like the number 7 lol
Joe Shakalaka
Joe Shakalaka Oy oldin
Has GMM done a ground coffee taste test or and espresso bean taste test?
Mustafa Kilinc
Mayonnaise is the only condiment I like but usually in small amounts and only when it's close to meats on a sandwich
Quart D
Quart D Oy oldin
Mayonnaise wouldn't be so bad if it was just oil, eggs, and nothing else. It's the vinegar that messes it up.
Riley Miller
Riley Miller Oy oldin
The last one is just complicated Keto bulletproof coffee
Kyle Milligan
Kyle Milligan Oy oldin
I put Water Joe caffeinated water Keurig
Serdadu Oy oldin
Lilly Weatherford
How do you ACCIDENTALLY put mayonnaise in your coffee?
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers Oy oldin
C.A.T.H.Y. -Cayenne Ars Treatment Hurts You
Jenna Ellis
Jenna Ellis Oy oldin
I'd love to know how many blenders y'all have gone through hahaha
King Empress
King Empress Oy oldin
People don't like mayonaisse anymore? wtf? I like mayonaisse with fries or sandwiches
B Sarangi
B Sarangi Oy oldin
How to make it through college: Get coffee Pour red bull Bottoms up Accept death
Darealc3d !
Darealc3d ! Oy oldin
I eat mayonnaise everyday on a whim
Darealc3d !
Darealc3d ! Oy oldin
Really just on a spoon
Miranda Jones
Miranda Jones Oy oldin
The captions! 😂😂😂
Ljsquared Oy oldin
the BHTCPS back and forth made me LMAO especially when Link just went for it with bishtookapiss
KENDRAndom Lee
How do you “accidentally” put mayo in your coffee?!?!!!!!
FelzBeauty Oy oldin
Anyone else thinks the head to the left if you put a red wig on it would look like bhad bhabie.
Reese Foret
Reese Foret Oy oldin
You guys should do a backscratcher test vid
Don't worry Rhett, as a Gen Z kid, I love mayonnaise. A sandwich isn't a sandwich without mayo.
Ja' Crispy
Ja' Crispy 2 oy oldin
This made my day
KPTesting 2 oy oldin
@beelieverapple 12:41 for your next montage
Drew Welbourn
Drew Welbourn 2 oy oldin
Millennials like mayonnaise. They just don’t realize aioli is just flavored mayo.
Claire Anderson McElligott
They got a new blender!!!!!
Joyce Li
Joyce Li 2 oy oldin
That weird butter coffee already has a name. It's called bulletproof coffee People who are low carb often replace breakfast with it.
AannW Rootbeer
AannW Rootbeer 2 oy oldin
I have used a candy cane as a stir stick for my coffee. Was amazing!
Diane Slaney
Diane Slaney 2 oy oldin
Christian Joyner
Christian Joyner 2 oy oldin
Once you rewatch this video & notice Rhett’s mannequin head staring directly into your soul the entire time, you cant unsee it.
YouTubeMyTube 2 oy oldin
Can I ask WHY YOU PUT COFFEE in Kathy's recipe???? it wasn't any coffee in the recipe!!!
Jason Furnish
Jason Furnish 3 oy oldin
It’s called a “Bullet Proof Coffee” Lol
jenjenln 3 oy oldin
Eggnog in coffee :)
Emily Little
Emily Little 3 oy oldin
I'm considered a millennial and I love mayo, just saying
Mel Mendoza
Mel Mendoza 3 oy oldin
Yo petes coffee is trash 👏🏽👏🏽
Aiden King
Aiden King 3 oy oldin
I put Bailey's in coffee a few times. Best Coffee I ever had
Lennon The Lemon
Lennon The Lemon 3 oy oldin
She said your welcome because it was bad
GhostInTheSmoke 3 oy oldin
“Millennials don’t like mayo..” It isn’t all millennials, it’s a certain type of people who use it as an insult towards another group of people. Only seen it on the internet tho, in person they too scared lmao
An Donzilk
An Donzilk 3 oy oldin
Who else just watched the mannequin heads the whole time. If not do it.
Dave Ang
Dave Ang 3 oy oldin
20% red bull w/ 80% coffee One small PBC to a coffee w/ single shot 🤔
Courtney Osborne
Courtney Osborne 3 oy oldin
I used to put icebreakers in my grandparents coffee because I didn’t like coffee breath.
Courtney Osborne
Courtney Osborne 3 oy oldin
Needless to say, they were not impressed nor were they happy about it.
zvxcvxcz 3 oy oldin
Never even heard of Pete's.... Coffee Beanery isn't bad. Whenever I've had Dunkin Donuts coffee it's been sickeningly sweet (... I mean, I don't believe in "too sweet" as a reason for not liking something, but this stuff is close).
Nathan Ledesma
Nathan Ledesma 3 oy oldin
It wasn’t mayonnaise 😏😏
Coleman Sones
Coleman Sones 3 oy oldin
I carry the Mayo-Torch with you
DurgleHypes11 3 oy oldin
Mayo is only good for making stuff like aoli and coleslaw. It should never be used as a condiment.
Brittany Wagner
Brittany Wagner 3 oy oldin
I know someone who puts a little salt in their coffee🤢🤮
fem wynn
fem wynn 3 oy oldin
damn why'd he have to say phenomenon? phenomenon....do doooo do doo do. phenomenon...do dooooo do doo do.
Jessica Snitchler
Ooooh or New Mexico mocha which they have around here at Starbucks sometimes, it's a mocha with red Chile pepper flakes added it's like Mexican hot chocolate but with coffee
Jessica Snitchler
Best coffee creation I've ever had is a blackberry mocha; it's just a mocha but with blackberry syrup added (not like pancake syrup like flavor syrup) and it tastes like a dark chocolate Berry truffle
Dawn Frank
Dawn Frank 3 oy oldin
Idk why but I love how the Salt just slid in at 11:40
Tyler Emerson
Tyler Emerson 3 oy oldin
I grew up on PB and Mayo sandwiches.
FoodxMusic 素敵な雰囲気
Cassandra Elkins
Cassandra Elkins 3 oy oldin
It's okay, I'm a millennial and enjoy mayo haha. Hey without it, we wouldn't have fry sauce.
Vectron Sp
Vectron Sp 3 oy oldin
What happens when you combine rhett with redbull? You get Rhettbull.
Fake Profile
Fake Profile 3 oy oldin
more like Early Heart Attack Hack..
crafty tech
crafty tech 3 oy oldin
coffee and redbull just reminds me of death wish coffee that advertises 200% more caffiene or that old youtube video power thirst like 'this will make you SO ENERGETIC!!!'
Martin marty
Martin marty 3 oy oldin
huijijui 3 oy oldin
Last one has a name. "Bulletproof coffee"~
twocsies 3 oy oldin
Warning. Hot Redbull will overflow when adding coffee.
David Christopher Collier
y'all put way too much butter in that
Rahatour 3 oy oldin
*Dolphin and out of this video...*
Lucas Galassi
Lucas Galassi 3 oy oldin
peanut butter hot chocolate is very good
Paavo Kilpelainen
9:08 thats what she said
The Code
The Code 3 oy oldin
Once I had coffee and Red Bull got halfway to work and realised I forgot my car
RezIE Boi
RezIE Boi 3 oy oldin
12:16 turn on captions
pink penguin
pink penguin 3 oy oldin
Bish took a piss ..... And then we drank it ..... And im dying laughing
Kitty Kiki
Kitty Kiki 3 oy oldin
peanut butter pickle sandwhich is where its at yo
Kirasha Keshnaier
I don't like Coke or sweet tea, but when those were my options at a birthday party, I mixed the two, and actually liked it.
PeanutButtNut 3 oy oldin
Mayonnaise is the condiment of the gods
Zanette Wiley
Zanette Wiley 3 oy oldin
Idk if Oreo Coffee is a thing but I ALMOST refuse to eat Oreos without a cup of coffee. The taste of a melty/coffee-saturated oreo is life changing.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Rhett should always be the blinder operator.
Matt Arends
Matt Arends 3 oy oldin
Turmeric Lattes are a super trendy thing right now. I recommend
Katie N T
Katie N T 3 oy oldin
Dunkin isn't SMOOTHER, their coffee is a lot weaker, guys.
Hands Solo
Hands Solo 3 oy oldin
I was doing this years ago - Red Bull and two shots of espresso over ice.
Isabella Carpenter
I’ve had a peanut butter mayo banana sandwich before they’re really good
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