Weird Coffee Hacks (Taste Test)

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We asked for your weird coffee hacks and we are equal parts amused and concerned. GMMore #1430
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26-Noy, 2018

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KPTesting 4 kun oldin
@beelieverapple 12:41 for your next montage
Drew Welbourn
Drew Welbourn 7 kun oldin
Millennials like mayonnaise. They just don’t realize aioli is just flavored mayo.
Claire Anderson McElligott
They got a new blender!!!!!
Joy Joy
Joy Joy 13 kun oldin
That weird butter coffee already has a name. It's called bulletproof coffee People who are low carb often replace breakfast with it.
AannW Rootbeer
AannW Rootbeer 18 kun oldin
I have used a candy cane as a stir stick for my coffee. Was amazing!
Diane Slaney
Diane Slaney 20 kun oldin
Christian Joyner
Christian Joyner 20 kun oldin
Once you rewatch this video & notice Rhett’s mannequin head staring directly into your soul the entire time, you cant unsee it.
Arash 23 kun oldin
Can I ask WHY YOU PUT COFFEE in Kathy's recipe???? it wasn't any coffee in the recipe!!!
Jason Furnish
Jason Furnish 29 kun oldin
It’s called a “Bullet Proof Coffee” Lol
jenjenln Oy oldin
Eggnog in coffee :)
Emily Little
Emily Little Oy oldin
I'm considered a millennial and I love mayo, just saying
Mel Mendoza
Mel Mendoza Oy oldin
Yo petes coffee is trash 👏🏽👏🏽
Rapid the Hedgehog
I put Bailey's in coffee a few times. Best Coffee I ever had
Lemon the Lemon
She said your welcome because it was bad
“Millennials don’t like mayo..” It isn’t all millennials, it’s a certain type of people who use it as an insult towards another group of people. Only seen it on the internet tho, in person they too scared lmao
An Donzilk
An Donzilk Oy oldin
Who else just watched the mannequin heads the whole time. If not do it.
Dave Ang
Dave Ang Oy oldin
20% red bull w/ 80% coffee One small PBC to a coffee w/ single shot 🤔
Courtney Osborne
I used to put icebreakers in my grandparents coffee because I didn’t like coffee breath.
Courtney Osborne
Needless to say, they were not impressed nor were they happy about it.
zvxcvxcz Oy oldin
Never even heard of Pete's.... Coffee Beanery isn't bad. Whenever I've had Dunkin Donuts coffee it's been sickeningly sweet (... I mean, I don't believe in "too sweet" as a reason for not liking something, but this stuff is close).
Nathan Ledesma
It wasn’t mayonnaise 😏😏
Coleman Sones
Coleman Sones Oy oldin
I carry the Mayo-Torch with you
DurgleHypes11 Oy oldin
Mayo is only good for making stuff like aoli and coleslaw. It should never be used as a condiment.
Brittany Wagner
I know someone who puts a little salt in their coffee🤢🤮
fem wynn
fem wynn Oy oldin
damn why'd he have to say phenomenon? phenomenon....do doooo do doo do. phenomenon...do dooooo do doo do.
Jessica Snitchler
Ooooh or New Mexico mocha which they have around here at Starbucks sometimes, it's a mocha with red Chile pepper flakes added it's like Mexican hot chocolate but with coffee
Jessica Snitchler
Best coffee creation I've ever had is a blackberry mocha; it's just a mocha but with blackberry syrup added (not like pancake syrup like flavor syrup) and it tastes like a dark chocolate Berry truffle
Dawn Frank
Dawn Frank Oy oldin
Idk why but I love how the Salt just slid in at 11:40
Tyler Emerson
Tyler Emerson Oy oldin
I grew up on PB and Mayo sandwiches.
Cassandra Elkins
It's okay, I'm a millennial and enjoy mayo haha. Hey without it, we wouldn't have fry sauce.
Vectron Sp
Vectron Sp Oy oldin
What happens when you combine rhett with redbull? You get Rhettbull.
Daniel Anderson
more like Early Heart Attack Hack..
crafty tech
crafty tech Oy oldin
coffee and redbull just reminds me of death wish coffee that advertises 200% more caffiene or that old youtube video power thirst like 'this will make you SO ENERGETIC!!!'
Martin marty
Martin marty Oy oldin
huijijui Oy oldin
Last one has a name. "Bulletproof coffee"~
twocsies Oy oldin
Warning. Hot Redbull will overflow when adding coffee.
David Christopher Collier
y'all put way too much butter in that
Rahatour Oy oldin
*Dolphin and out of this video...*
Lucas Galassi
Lucas Galassi Oy oldin
peanut butter hot chocolate is very good
Paavo Kilpelainen
9:08 thats what she said
The Code
The Code Oy oldin
Once I had coffee and Red Bull got halfway to work and realised I forgot my car
Denzix Oy oldin
12:16 turn on captions
pink penguin
pink penguin Oy oldin
Bish took a piss ..... And then we drank it ..... And im dying laughing
Kitty Kiki
Kitty Kiki Oy oldin
peanut butter pickle sandwhich is where its at yo
Kirasha Keshnaier
I don't like Coke or sweet tea, but when those were my options at a birthday party, I mixed the two, and actually liked it.
GameNub Katie
GameNub Katie Oy oldin
Mayonnaise is the condiment of the gods
Zanette Wiley
Zanette Wiley Oy oldin
Idk if Oreo Coffee is a thing but I ALMOST refuse to eat Oreos without a cup of coffee. The taste of a melty/coffee-saturated oreo is life changing.
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Rhett should always be the blinder operator.
Matt Oy oldin
Turmeric Lattes are a super trendy thing right now. I recommend
Katie N T
Katie N T Oy oldin
Dunkin isn't SMOOTHER, their coffee is a lot weaker, guys.
Hands Solo
Hands Solo Oy oldin
I was doing this years ago - Red Bull and two shots of espresso over ice.
Isabella Carpenter
I’ve had a peanut butter mayo banana sandwich before they’re really good
casey Oy oldin
Miracle whip over mayonnaise
Shadowless Prince
I like mayonnaise, it's great on french fries, and burgers
Mohd Fayyadh
Mohd Fayyadh Oy oldin
yeah send them novel to the cloud... the birb will read it.
Joseph Hoffman
It was now that I realized something. I'm glad Rhett is not a therapist
Lord Self-hatred
Hey, I don’t like mayonnaise
Willydilly 21
Willydilly 21 Oy oldin
Has anyone else put watermelon in their coffee? No..? Just me...??
BUT..... All that Dunkin Donuts Coffee is Folgers. Prove Me Wrong?
Tipop Oy oldin
Smuckers owns and produces Folgers, they also have a deal with Dunkin Donuts to provide them with coffee, so you would be correct. They do however produce Dunkin Donuts flavors that you can not get in Folgers brand.
Lyndsi Savage
Lyndsi Savage Oy oldin
I believe the "bish-took-a-piss" coffee is actually a bit of a modified "Bulletproof Coffee" many people drink on the Keto diet. It's very high in good fats (if you use the right kind of butter), and it's kind of like a breakfast replacement drink.
KieranHime Oy oldin
Why people hate mayonnaise? I personally like it :/
Lou Woo
Lou Woo Oy oldin
What I wanna know is what up with the disproportionately large amount of dislikes on this video
Katraca Leigh
Katraca Leigh Oy oldin
The first hack just bothers me so much because it was stolen from a meme.
DJ Fungi
DJ Fungi Oy oldin
DJ Fungi
DJ Fungi Oy oldin
Wow this is me after 36 hours of not sleeping
Scott H jr.
Scott H jr. Oy oldin
I already do this taste great
J Master
J Master Oy oldin
All coffee should be brewed with a pinch of salt in the grounds, helps remove the bitterness.
David Held
David Held Oy oldin
Link look so Cool in his jean jacket..
Frostee Fyre
Frostee Fyre Oy oldin
The windup to “BISH-TOOK-A-PISS” was literally gold, I’m dying laughing!
Welcome to go mythical mor- 😢
Bizarre Beats
Bizarre Beats Oy oldin
Well I'll be trying this soon
Snow Anaya
Snow Anaya Oy oldin
Red bull in coffee... Did that guy get insomnia after that my god lol.
Megan Ober
Megan Ober Oy oldin
Now I kinda want some coffee lol
Mayo is the worst thing ever. I also don't like mustard, ketchup, ranch, Alfredo.
ibdustin15 Oy oldin
So many saliva sounds!
Indralin Oy oldin
I honestly think I would die if I drank redbull and coffee
Altered Exposure Image Design
peanut butter, banana, and mayonnaise on wonder bread is the whitest thing I have ever heard, lol
Billy Costen
Billy Costen Oy oldin
Surely mixing coffee and redbull instant death
Thomas Anderson
Will it heart attack?
Eden Ruthenberg
I can drink green tea
Ballora's Box
Ballora's Box Oy oldin
I didn't have any sugar so I used syrup in coffee it was wonderful
Christine Chan
I had mad gap flashbacks when they say bish take a piss
Tiffany Zhu
Tiffany Zhu Oy oldin
Red Bull x Coffee is for college students trying to study for the final the night before
Timber doodle
Timber doodle Oy oldin
Honestly I’m not so sure about the last one being that good.
No Body
No Body Oy oldin
I love Mayonnaise
Taty W
Taty W Oy oldin
They should call the drink by Kathy "DeKath"
Nancey Renkin
Nancey Renkin Oy oldin
I do not like mayonnaise
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Oy oldin
*_This whole episode, Rhett's face mug is staring at us like it knows something dark within us._*
Cleveland Noel
12:11 Closed captioning goes haywire
Kelly Anne
Kelly Anne Oy oldin
I love mayonnaise too but in coffee? Gross 😷
irndmn nmdnri
irndmn nmdnri Oy oldin
Only a hipster would hand write a 700 page book
irndmn nmdnri
irndmn nmdnri Oy oldin
Oh yeah put red bull in coffee xD if you want your heart to pop
HikaruRain Oy oldin
I don't like mayonnaise. For some reason it always tastes like plastic. No matter the brand. Except for one brand you can get at most restraunts. No idea why.
Agent Costley
Agent Costley Oy oldin
Bish took a piss made me almost piss myself I laughed way to hard at that
LBBQS Oy oldin
Bish took a piss will be legendary
mia gyaneshwar
im a milleniual and I loooove mayonaise (although I'm not a typical millennial)
Steggie Plays
Steggie Plays Oy oldin
Hi bois
Tim Poe
Tim Poe Oy oldin
That is best way to have a banana and peanut butter sandwich!
A Cozy Lightskin
(Breaths in diabetes)
Protoco Oy oldin
This was actually better than the main episode today.