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Consider this your invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy.
Join the crew of the Morning Star for the Odyssey event in League of Legends, which starts September 12 with patch 8.18 and features Odyssey skins for Kayn, Jinx, Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, and Ziggs. The event will include:
- A Legendary skin for Kayn
- Epic skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs
- The return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction
- Ward skins, emotes, icons, and mission rewards
Learn more about the Odyssey missions, loot, and bundles:
Or read the primer for Odyssey: Extraction, the event’s PvE game mode:

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10-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 20 047
Marwa Eldeeb
Marwa Eldeeb 23 soat oldin
Here's my wallet
JaKe Girl
JaKe Girl 2 kun oldin
Yasuo's reading Garen x Katarina romance novel lol
Blue Opal
Blue Opal 2 kun oldin
First time I've heard a champion curse
Meiツ 3 kun oldin
wAIT i dont think anyone noticed but whats up with jinx's left hand..
WELL Animated
WELL Animated 4 kun oldin
The bad green screen effect was perfect!
WELL Animated
WELL Animated 4 kun oldin
Prestine animation!
EleMentalist3 4 kun oldin
poor sona...
Marc A. A
Marc A. A 4 kun oldin
wooou nice video. txs
Ting Teck Yang
Ting Teck Yang 5 kun oldin
The amount of effort they place in their trailer shoud be in the balancing. And movies. Also reworks
Karel Debailly
Karel Debailly 5 kun oldin
best event
Celestial Hydra
Celestial Hydra 6 kun oldin
0:46 And finally me JINX ;P
Feferi Peixes
Feferi Peixes 7 kun oldin
Jinx gives me some Tank Girl vibes..
Karina Bakhtieva
Karina Bakhtieva 8 kun oldin
I wanna movie about this!!!!!!!!!
Grammy Raski
Grammy Raski 8 kun oldin
Jinx is hot
Yasuo’s expression on the book was cute 0:40
NickMcNate 9 kun oldin
1:28 Kayn deadass used his ult on a minion
oguz caglayan
oguz caglayan 9 kun oldin
riot where is the movie already???
Tyler 12 kun oldin
Can we have more Odyssey skins? I love this trailer and the guardians of the galaxy feel this trailer gives off
Brandon Ocon
Brandon Ocon 12 kun oldin
Mizuki 12 kun oldin
i wonder who kayn was talking about when he stated " You took what was mine , i will find her." 1:32
BearGamingBG d
BearGamingBG d 12 kun oldin
Riot can u give back event maps?(oddyse is my favorite) pls star guardian dark star project oddysey and nexus blitz events only pls or do new map event its soo nice
Maro 12 kun oldin
This is better than Wildstar's trailer.
James Kangethe
James Kangethe 13 kun oldin
Finally on my 100th watch through, I notice "Star Guardian Karaoke" 1:09 XD I love the Cinematic, theres so much right with it
Rika senseless
Rika senseless 14 kun oldin
Where are the blue hairs :(
Inky Splaters
Inky Splaters 14 kun oldin
Automatically my favorite Jinx skin now. Also, who's smart idea was it to let the CRAZY one be the PILOT?
Nolan Holt
Nolan Holt 14 kun oldin
me when i get beat by my friends in a game 1:16
warcanon 15 kun oldin
The song from 1:24 to 1:35 is Pentakill - Blade of the Ruined King. I Was wondering where I've heared before.
Nolan Holt
Nolan Holt 15 kun oldin
i guess jinx decided to get a crew
Haruka Tachihiko
Haruka Tachihiko 16 kun oldin
I have to say this....jinx is the funniest character in the franchise
bLaNa BoMbA
bLaNa BoMbA 17 kun oldin
Happy birthday big guy
Pink lasagna
Pink lasagna 18 kun oldin
I like more the spanish jinx
Gamer Master28
Gamer Master28 18 kun oldin
One of their best trailers in my opinion.
Cayde-7 18 kun oldin
Sona looks fantastic. In game is pure garbage this skin. So sad.
PokerGris00 18 kun oldin
wow that camara had been recording for 45h
George IXNGA
George IXNGA 20 kun oldin
Another one sees the light
Hyp3rNova Soul
Hyp3rNova Soul 20 kun oldin
Odyssey Malphite is literally me
Lord Toplex
Lord Toplex 20 kun oldin
where is ziggs?
Efarjeon Aatrox
Efarjeon Aatrox 20 kun oldin
Why was Ziggs not in this video?
raw fish
raw fish 21 kun oldin
Yasuo: *flips page* gasp
Jinx has grown old...
Juice 22 kun oldin
guardians of the galaxy..
Handa 23 kun oldin
so this is why everyone ships kayn and jinx
Starried 23 kun oldin
Kayn looks like Scandroid
brokkenmask 23 kun oldin
Really wish this was an actual series...
OP哥 24 kun oldin
i say no
Chef Parodee
Chef Parodee 24 kun oldin
Jinx sounds like a grown up Tiny Tina.
simon antonio Vargas
When you ask to Sona, what do you say?
Zarafshan Ghori
Zarafshan Ghori 24 kun oldin
Yasuo be lookin like shiro from Voltron
Cross Wire
Cross Wire 24 kun oldin
LMAO Team building exercises is so true
Nachete S.A.
Nachete S.A. 24 kun oldin
Lol Simply epic, Guarians fo the Galaxy with League of Legends tematics, so funny and original. +1 Riot. PD: Jinx redhead? OMG ! T oo cute to come "true". :3
Philix Peng
Philix Peng 24 kun oldin
Malphite is so adorable here
Alex Darum
Alex Darum 24 kun oldin
1:45 that look on malphite 😂 it's like "careful muthafukka, you almost explode us"
Alex Darum
Alex Darum 24 kun oldin
Yasuo looks hot in this trailer though 😂
Kamil Kapała
Kamil Kapała 24 kun oldin
Wait... Yasuo Is leader, he's calm and patient...and he's reading a weird book...Kakashi?
Unchannel 24 kun oldin
Space, the final arena. These are the voyages of the starship Morning Star. It's continuing mission to explore strange new champions, seeking out new lifes and new civilizations... to boldly go where no champion has gone before
Obscera 24 kun oldin
This is better than Guardians of the Galaxy
Zlukaka 25 kun oldin
Why is no one talking about how similar this is to the Wildstar trailer? The similarity is uncanny. Though I do like this one more, I cannot possibly believe it just looks so similar by accident.
DANTE BARRERA 25 kun oldin
I'm in love with jinx, but I might get hurted. Or blowed up
AefionBloodclaw (Andy Lex "Aef" Bain)
What do I say? I say this needs to be an animated TV show now! 😮🚀🌌
topple 26 kun oldin
This has more views than ac odyssey lmfao.
Honza Le
Honza Le 26 kun oldin
What company made this?
Hark Trak
Hark Trak 26 kun oldin
Borderlands 3 looking good
Akali Main
Akali Main 26 kun oldin
Where is Ziggs?
Yonokaze 27 kun oldin
the guitar at the end
DTv - Yunus Emre
DTv - Yunus Emre 27 kun oldin
Take a film Riot Games. Pleaseeeee
Jajami Cham
Jajami Cham 27 kun oldin
Green Luck
Green Luck 28 kun oldin
I have a question Why is jinx so hot in this skin
Nicolas Schmidt
Nicolas Schmidt 28 kun oldin
what's this song called?
mr100dragon100 draconequiss
this really needs to be a movie
3Rico3 -_-
3Rico3 -_- 28 kun oldin
Were is ziggs??
oliver mateus
oliver mateus 28 kun oldin
the funny thing is jinx to sona: so kid, what do you say? sona:............seriusly bit**h
FluffyTheComedy King
ThatGuy1979 29 kun oldin
2:13 Sona is dummy thicc
Aldy Bandojo
Aldy Bandojo 29 kun oldin
Ohhh so kayn is talking about sona
Aurora Williams
Aurora Williams 29 kun oldin
Where's the sign up sheet,let me join!!!
Karina Kary
Karina Kary 29 kun oldin
01:33 favorite part
Antonio Giga's
Antonio Giga's 29 kun oldin
Dat face thou*
2019 still waiting for a movie
SomePiesheep :/
I wish there was a story mode
GreenBee Oy oldin
This is my favorite anime
GreenBee Oy oldin
This looks like something you see in an amusement park before getting on a ride
Mitus Oy oldin
The Borderlands vibe is extreme!
Matt Tumberman
Can we have a game based on this one, mr. Riot GAMES?
rainbow pink
rainbow pink Oy oldin
best girl
Mariovo5 Oy oldin
sometimes the trailer is better than the software its self! 🕹🎮🤖
Foxyishere Oy oldin
I was expecting Yasuo to be killed by the dummy
agustin vicente corales oñate
2:11 The camera is covered in space goo, they probably recovered from that alien
Imaginary Sora
Guardians of the Galaxy....
Xeno Bauz
Xeno Bauz Oy oldin
1:18 has me dying every time man
Joonas Salonen
Joonas Salonen 4 kun oldin
lol malphite smile X'D
Darkhood Oy oldin
Last time I checked, jinx had blue hair
Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant Oy oldin
Morning Star= Lucifer
Nice one this like guardian of the galaxy...
didjargo Oy oldin
01:52 If you pause at just the right moment, you can see a little Firefly reference on Jinx's console there. "Ahh, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal".
didjargo Oy oldin
It is a crime against nature that Riot has not already made a dozen spin-off games based on the huge cast of varied League of Legends characters and settings.
John G
John G 4 kun oldin
I agree and if they did make these games they could even have add a story mode or something like that.
i had a odyssey yasuo
Iskandr The Wicked
Best recruitment vid EVAR! I'd sign up!
Black Salami
Black Salami Oy oldin
klikasz prawy wahadlo zakladasz skurwysynyowi piszesz >chuj ci na kurwe
amit salvi
amit salvi Oy oldin
I would love to see movie of this.
Gabriel McDonald
Oh my god! I knew that had to be jinx from the moment I saw the face on the captioned video picture and even before I even clicked on the video!😚 I recognize bright eyes anywhere!
Drake Galicia
Drake Galicia Oy oldin
Jinx is totally Harley's descendant.
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