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Consider this your invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy.
Join the crew of the Morning Star for the Odyssey event in League of Legends, which starts September 12 with patch 8.18 and features Odyssey skins for Kayn, Jinx, Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, and Ziggs. The event will include:
- A Legendary skin for Kayn
- Epic skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs
- The return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction
- Ward skins, emotes, icons, and mission rewards
Learn more about the Odyssey missions, loot, and bundles:
Or read the primer for Odyssey: Extraction, the event’s PvE game mode:

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10-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 22 101
Rokk Steady
Rokk Steady 24 daqiqa oldin
JINX AND KAYN HAVE THE SAME FACIAL FEATURES!! Look at the chin/jawline, the hairline is very close, the eye shape and nose are nearly the same. Jinx is Kayn's sister
HAMMERHEAD G&V 28 daqiqa oldin
They should make this into a series
Quinnivia Soat oldin
Is there somewhere I can read more on this? Like Ziggs' and Sona's part in all of this?
Dark Souls
Dark Souls 2 soat oldin
Is that Darius and Kai'sa on the cover of Yasuo's book?
Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez 2 soat oldin
The Guardians of the SteamPunk?
Chris The blockbuster
When I first watched this I thought this was a new game, then I saw it was league of legends and I was disappointed
uio oiu
uio oiu 3 soat oldin
Yasuo looks like hanzo
Evaldas Senavaitis
Evaldas Senavaitis 4 soat oldin
After watching this, I am only waiting for a movie now as they are more than capable of doing one by now. The animation looks better than Disney movies.
App Treeline
App Treeline 6 soat oldin
why no 4k?
vaguely annoyed they used jinx for lore reasons involving the star guardians. I get she's the only character iwth that kind of 'rocket racoon' psycho 'tiny Tina' personality that was needed for this character dynamic but still, VI might have worked
Still 7 soat oldin
uknown player
uknown player 7 soat oldin
Why not Odyssey Kled & Skaarl?
Hit u with that DDu Du DDu Du!!
Jinx is not flat anymore 😁
刘工 8 soat oldin
Tom Goffings
Tom Goffings 10 soat oldin
I don't even care about lol but this is awsome
fortnite XD
fortnite XD 11 soat oldin
Movie singed riot plz plz plz
teemo lol
teemo lol 11 soat oldin
Movie singed riot plz
sona main
sona main 11 soat oldin
Riot plz movie singed
Jack 12 soat oldin
I demand a 20min ep of antics from this crew
GankYouKindly 06
GankYouKindly 06 12 soat oldin
GankYouKindly 06
GankYouKindly 06 12 soat oldin
5000 subscribers or everybody gets ligma
This should be a space game like no man's sky
JC De Jesus
JC De Jesus 13 soat oldin
Jinx Remind me of Haruko from FLCL
Mark Paulo Decastro
Mark Paulo Decastro 14 soat oldin
Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie 14 soat oldin
AniKbad 15 soat oldin
Getting a series of this alone would be amazing!
E.D.I 16 soat oldin
kayn looks so hot
Aqw TPT 16 soat oldin
Hentai quality.
Poch Chanvisoth
Poch Chanvisoth 18 soat oldin
make movie happen pls
Los Videos De Kael
Los Videos De Kael 20 soat oldin
tv show in netflix please
Anon 20 soat oldin
Was so confused when I first watched this, was wondering where ziggs was in this lol
Null 20 soat oldin
lol this is great. moar please!
pedro10lc 21 soat oldin
it's like Borderlands
anonimo anonimo X2
anonimo anonimo X2 21 soat oldin
Pancha Way
Pancha Way 21 soat oldin
i like it better in spanish me gusto mas en español
Ismaelito Platanito
Ismaelito Platanito 22 soat oldin
The mame of that song please :(
Tamara Chloe Anata
Can we talk about how Kayn is about to make a Taken reference?
Kane The Bunny
Kane The Bunny Kun oldin
wheres ziggs?
Saul Herrera
Saul Herrera Kun oldin
What's the song at 1:25? I got to know
IdontKnow Kun oldin
AMAZING VIDEO!!! WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT?? movie? new game with new lore?? or an awsome game mode that is interesting and emerssive like a super event???? Ooooh just more skins and one more boring game mode..... (i mean the skins are kinda nice but jesus...) Oh Riot why do you torture me like this?? WHYYYY?
jinx just remind me of junkrat from overwatch
Dark Rocken
Dark Rocken Kun oldin
report jinx for flame 1:18
Cameron Baptiste
Constantly getting a Guardians of galaxy vibe
Arkham Knight
Arkham Knight Kun oldin
Why does Yasuo look like Jetstream Sam from Metal Gear Rising?
Reapers Rampage
Reapers Rampage Kun oldin
So how you have this video if this voidling ate this?
Andres Gonzalez
Andres Gonzalez Kun oldin
Team building lol
Никита Кузнецов
2:15 What music?
Maximiliam Olsson
Only me who wants this to be a real show? :D
Level 7 Fizz
Level 7 Fizz Kun oldin
TheVioletCat Kun oldin
This is the best, I need more this very moment
its9 Kun oldin
wow the new rule 34 trailer looking good. *goodjob riot*
Nono Tv
Nono Tv Kun oldin
UndyingGhost Kun oldin
Amazing animation.
EarthShake Spear
Dork Sword
Dork Sword Kun oldin
This makes my peepee into the big peepee
Conspiracy theories with tea
I've probably played like 4 league matches during the last 3 years but Jinx shorts still brighten my day like nothing else.
Baekhyun Park Unknown
no one gonna talk about kayn was talking about jinx or..no okey bye
Nur Amira Syahira
wow nice
Raizen Reyes
Raizen Reyes Kun oldin
I Looooooove😍😍😍 jinx how much?!$$$$$$$
Minako Chan
Minako Chan Kun oldin
Justice for Sona's exposure! Is it because she's mute? Jk
walker john
walker john Kun oldin
Stop lying this is not sona
Tai_ Mudin
Tai_ Mudin Kun oldin
Is this marvel trailer ?
Jastog Lovre
Jastog Lovre Kun oldin
Lol Eks Di Jinx looks like huntress from fortnite.
Derpy Kun oldin
Landrew Sambrook
Thoughts on a cartoon series?
Crooked cat
Crooked cat Kun oldin
At first I thought jinx was saying kayn was cool, but I realized she was rewinding to watch the explosion 1:36 haha
Rafael Gee
Rafael Gee Kun oldin
The new Guardians of the Galaxy looks gr8
ChaoticOmega7 Kun oldin
Great Work, keep it up!
StupidBolts Kun oldin
Like Borderlands meets Cowboy Beebop meets... Space Dandy. Neat!
Misumi Kaminari
Misumi Kaminari Kun oldin
is the song at 1:25 real or just fake
fatace vu
fatace vu Kun oldin
Masterbating to jinx as we speak
DJ Q Kun oldin
Who was it at the end? Karma?
Mister Gumbi
Mister Gumbi Kun oldin
Did I miss ziggs?
sam Kun oldin
this is pretty epic. too bad im not a LoL person the cinematics are really cool though
Josiah Lau
Josiah Lau Kun oldin
took me a while to understand that they were asking sona to join the crew...
Yukia Hitsugaya
Yukia Hitsugaya Kun oldin
1:25 Toxic adc LUL
mexicat rodriguez
Soooo... With this skin thematic we can officially tell star guardian and dark star are a diferent universe, after all, in this line rhaast is a dark star herald, also well, unless star guardian jinx has a galactic doppelganger she cannot be in the same universe
Charlotte Rose
Charlotte Rose Kun oldin
this is so friggen cool. sarah williams (i hope im correct with this) did great portraying JInx !!
Qiu Daniel
Qiu Daniel Kun oldin
wait wat about sona and ziggs
Andy Solo
Andy Solo 2 kun oldin
I thought I clicked on overwatch
Christian Forehand
Christian Forehand 2 kun oldin
0:57 she got nutted on by thanos
Static Board
Static Board 2 kun oldin
her face kind of moves like a jello, it has no control over how much it flops around. Wtf. "blah bluh blah blAH buuuuhluhu"
Static Board
Static Board 2 kun oldin
Overly eccentric people get annoying after a while. Maturity never kicks in for some characters, hence their lonliness. The only thing that'll keep them happy is a multiple partner life as everyone changes with age, and youth, or those stuck in perpetual youth would only dig this kind of chick. Yuck.
Dominick Hodges
Dominick Hodges 2 kun oldin
Can u please make hexteck azir?
Water Sipper
Water Sipper 2 kun oldin
i've seen this as an add like 20 times lol
The TCrow
The TCrow 2 kun oldin
Sitting here waiting for a Pool Party Yasuo.
Clayton H
Clayton H 2 kun oldin
Cool vid league, now I'd like you to stop putting rewards behind grindy playtests and recruitment walls that will likely get me banned for not being interested in. kthnx.
Ahmed Tharwat
Ahmed Tharwat 2 kun oldin
Rito plz rework zed in the next patch or season bcs he is trash right now plz respond
Gaming D 小玲
Gaming D 小玲 2 kun oldin
Etniuh 2 kun oldin
If only this graphics will be on the actual game....i mean i know its a cinematic one but cmon at leasta lil bit XD
YoonBun Anime Vibes
Hold up where did the chair go
RocketsGaming 2 kun oldin
Sonas face after realising she can't answer
P 2 kun oldin
0:02 aaawwww
Kenny Kit
Kenny Kit 2 kun oldin
Tracy Winston Hanzo Genji Mercy yeap........
Kenny Kit
Kenny Kit 2 kun oldin
Tracy Winston Hanzo Genji Mercy yeap........
bio nett
bio nett 2 kun oldin
oh look, its sunset overdrive
G Hanson
G Hanson 2 kun oldin
I don't even play League and this looks wicked awesome.
Jindřich Pohlreich
when you find lol
Captain Scrapper
Captain Scrapper 2 kun oldin
i wanna join-Teemo
OMMAARR X 2 kun oldin
If only the balance team were as good as the cinematics team..
Wakey Wakey...
7 kun oldin