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On this episode of Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the world of beauty behind bars. In a place built for and by men, we discover a burgeoning world within women's prisons where inmates are studying cosmetology, but who are in need of a lot more. Press play on this week's Shady to see who really needs a makeover, the prisoners or the prison!
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Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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2-Iyn, 2018

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Aurelia 12 kun oldin
Dangerous beauty supplements; the diseases at nail & beauty salons
LilWayneOnTheBrain 16 kun oldin
Explore PHARMAKEIA and methadone clinics
Cyn McCollum
Cyn McCollum 20 kun oldin
Adult mental health of child abuse/sexual abuse. I'm crazy as f*** and while the DNA is there and a long family history, so is a long family history of child abuse.
Princess D
Princess D 20 kun oldin
Would love for you to do a story on how college girls turn to sex to pay for college
Allegedly Alexandria
Refinery29 child protective services! You can interview me about my story
Marsha Tate
Marsha Tate 4 soat oldin
Um I don't know subscribe to creativetomakeup on UZvid
piayu gamer
piayu gamer Kun oldin
Female prisoners should have female prison guards period.
Women's Prison Talk
This is such a harsh reality but it is all true. thanks for this. Exposing the truth is good.
Pooja Bhatia
Pooja Bhatia 2 kun oldin
Well sad to say but in India, they don't do ANYTHING like this for female prisoners😔😔 . . Btw I'm a small youtuber☺☺
ZomBiE_TraSh 5 kun oldin
Aww man i really feel for these women.
better than gucci
better than gucci 5 kun oldin
everything is fucked up
better than gucci
better than gucci 5 kun oldin
why are there no women officers at women prisons? EVERYTHING is fucked up istg
Jodie Owen
Jodie Owen 5 kun oldin
I agree that the abuse to women from male prison guards is uncalled for and despicable. The programs seem to help as well. My issue with this episode is that there seems to be a subtle undertone of " the poor women in prison." Drug charges, child neglect, armed robbery all put these women there. Also the random unnecessary race statistic was not needed, if you are going to support women, there is no need to add the idea of separation with throwing in a mention of race.
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Read more 6 kun oldin
The guards are a bunch of predators! I guess it doesn't take much to get that job...WTF?
Caden Schmidt
Caden Schmidt 6 kun oldin
Wait wait wait. Women in prison DONT get tampons in prison?! That itself is criminal.
Marcie Salkowski
Marcie Salkowski 6 kun oldin
robin niicole
robin niicole 7 kun oldin
the reporter kinda looks like Dodie Clark
Jas Monaye
Jas Monaye 7 kun oldin
The crazy thing is that I use re-usable cloth pads and a menstrual cup. They last for years and years and are so easy to take care of. Reusable menstrual products get rid of the extreme cost of disposable products, reduces so much waste world wide and is safer for the body. Yet so many people don't even know about reusable menstrual products at all. People will often think it's gross before even looking into it. If they all had their own reusable products, then they wouldn't have to rely on the staff when it's their time of the month. It's all just corruption.
v.flores20 7 kun oldin
All prisons should have this program for womens. The world will be a better place.
NEWdansuyume 7 kun oldin
Extremely well done piece.
Char Magne
Char Magne 7 kun oldin
Make the guards responsible for the well being of the inmates. The guards are there to serve the inmates, not the other way around.
Kelsey M
Kelsey M 7 kun oldin
NBD...a woman lost her life just cause she saw a guard having sex with an inmate. No big mother fucking deal...god, people make me sick.
lettuce do dat
lettuce do dat 9 kun oldin
I thought this was human trafficking but there there for a reason
Samantha Jester
Samantha Jester 9 kun oldin
Omg I live near wilsonville and was actually there yesterday
Jennifer Pruitt
Jennifer Pruitt 10 kun oldin
That's more than you get in a mental hospital....you can't shave, no lotion, only combs, no conditioner, not even allowed to go outside everyday and if you can it's only for short periods, no makeup, etc. The inmates in the facility down the street had more freedom. In Not saying this is a bad idea, I think things like this should be integrated in other types of state facilities that need better programs as well. I think many people in prison probably have mental issues such as the video talked about so prison alone will not fix the issues. Overall this is a great program and other facilities should try this or similar programs like garden therapy out.
katarina 10 kun oldin
kerry looks a bit like drew barrymore
Katelyn Millet
Katelyn Millet 10 kun oldin
MOLL Magazine
MOLL Magazine 10 kun oldin
We love this! 100%
jacklynnw 10 kun oldin
I don't know about all this. I have a hard time feeling sorry for these women because they "wear ill fitting blue tees" as the one prisoner said and have sex with gaurds for lip gloss. They aren't there to feel beautiful but that is what they are focusing their attention on. Then to talk about sexual harrassment and yet they are texting the guards after their release, it just shows them continuing to make poor choices. It is sad most of these women are mothers.
Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna 10 kun oldin
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cuddly pandas
cuddly pandas 10 kun oldin
9:24 she reminds m e of charliez theron
At first I wasn't sure what to thinking when I heard of beauty behind bars (yeah, if you break the law who should be punished); but I think programs that can help them get jobs so they can be productive in society, care for their child and keep them out of trouble is a really good thing. Most of them didn't seem horrible, they just made bad choices and they served their time. Some just need help so they can quit drugs and stay clean or get help for their mental health. If they can't get the help that they truly need or to prepared re-enter society (such as helping people to find a job), they will most likely just end up back in prison again. I noticed a lot of people lack skills that can be used for jobs and struggling to find a job (college and university is so expensive and no guarantee either these days. I heard stories of people who went into Nursing school and had a hard time finding a job); much less a job that makes enough to pay bills. I think learning skills can help many of people who are in prison and wanting to change or even prevent people from ending up in prison to begin with. I agree, nobody deserved to be abused. That is just wrong and a criminal act right there. Those guards need to be punished and not get away with that. One guard made a threat and suddenly that woman died right after? How is he not on trial for murder? Unfortunately many people abuse power and get away with it.
Olga 10 kun oldin
Olga 10 kun oldin
Ok wild messaged my mom and she knows 90% of the people in the first line and is fb friends w one of the inmates
empressmarowynn 10 kun oldin
The American system is a joke and a lot of it starts with the complete disregard for education. Federal and state funding is pulled from schools because their scores are low so then staff has to more with less. Now these kids can't get as good of an education which gives them poor job prospects and then leads them to more and more desperate ways to earn money. So some 18 year old gets caught selling drugs or stealing and ends up in prison for several years because of ridiculous mandatory minimums. Because most of the prisons are far more focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation that kid doesn't gain any skills. Once they're out they now have to find a job but many places won't hire someone with a record regardless of what it's for, and others won't hire them because they have no skills and/or experience. So now they have to turn to more crime to try and survive. Rinse and repeat. And these prisons being mostly for profit instead of strictly run by the government gives no incentive to try and keep people out of the system. And since ex-cons aren't allowed to vote we are losing a larger and larger portion of people who can't participate in the decisions that can sometimes affect them drastically which just keeps this whole disgusting system from having any kind of reform.
Bcaused 10 kun oldin
Omg this is so intense. STOP THE ABUSE.
Allie DiP
Allie DiP 11 kun oldin
LaceyNoir 11 kun oldin
I hate men.
Majestic Eating ASMR
Sleeping with inmates? Disgusting.
Nana Gilbert
Nana Gilbert 11 kun oldin
Ya, prison is punishment. Get over it, you're in prison. How did the prison guards get her phone number to be able to text her?
Maria Kaz
Maria Kaz 11 kun oldin
i dont understand why r they felt bad for. they do a crime and they know what they are doing and what the consequences are
Lilith's Akins
Lilith's Akins 11 kun oldin
I agree that my programs such as these are what helps keeping people out of the prison systems yet not only for the women men are having the same issues. One of the big issues is prisons cutting programs and the access to basic needs so that prison officials can get more money then lie about it.
Brendan Hynes
Brendan Hynes 11 kun oldin
Women are becoming more violent
Goosetooth 11 kun oldin
that's awful.. those poor women
Kenzo Em
Kenzo Em 12 kun oldin
Don't get locked up or you'll get knocked up
Miriam Davenport
Miriam Davenport 12 kun oldin
You forget they committed crimes to get there, it’s not supposed to be pleasant or enjoyable. Some of them do deserve better but the majority did things to be there, and the whole point of prison is to PUNISH them.
Courtney Hartman
Courtney Hartman 12 kun oldin
Brought me to tears....so unbelievably powerful
Hello Fanatic
Hello Fanatic 12 kun oldin
Trill Trill
Trill Trill 12 kun oldin
7:45 like the way you physically abused the police officer before you were taken to prison?
Julia Longo
Julia Longo 13 kun oldin
holy shit this was eye opening
Megan Miller
Megan Miller 13 kun oldin
wait......so i'm supposed to feel bad for someone because they did sexual favors for some MAKEUP????? NOPE. That's ridiculous.
Jael Esilaba
Jael Esilaba 13 kun oldin
Those texts made me cringe 😞
Nabila Hussain
Nabila Hussain 13 kun oldin
so sad to know about them... 😢 not all shud be subjected to prison unless murder is committed; male gaurds should not be in women prison..No No No! that is why sex segregation is good!
Ms. Nelle Rodriguez
Ms. Nelle Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
THIS IS SO DISGUSTING. They take advantage of these women. These sick son of a bitches.
Silver Seraph
Silver Seraph 14 kun oldin
I have a friend who did a cosmetology program in prison, shes fixing til get her license again and she is one of the absolute best people I have ever met, she made mistakes yes but shes ab absolutely amazing person
Jazmin Gross
Jazmin Gross 14 kun oldin
I’m about to cry
Crlng 14 kun oldin
America's racist war on drugs + for profit prison system is disgusting. America is the worst.
technocatification 14 kun oldin
But guys just get shoved in a corner... wtf
Juliana Hetzler
Juliana Hetzler 14 kun oldin
In my opinion, the moment you break the law, you lose the rights. You can’t expect to have rights if you break what keeps them in place.
asoom 14 kun oldin
Im a guy but this channel even though gynocentric is very interesting to me and the shows are well shot and edited good job
Refinery29 12 kun oldin
+asoom Thanks for watching!!
asoom 12 kun oldin
+Refinery29 Im interested in the fringes of society anything that shows that is cool! anytime thanks for the content. :)
Refinery29 14 kun oldin
+asoom Thanks for hanging with us!
Octo kitty Kat
Octo kitty Kat 14 kun oldin
I dont know if women committing more crimes is something I as a woman should be proud or ashamed of
Bisss 916
Bisss 916 15 kun oldin
As a man I’m so disgusted that women are treated like this by male officers it’s horrible
Yaya 15 kun oldin
So basically men are trash
Camille Thomas
Camille Thomas 15 kun oldin
This is so sad
Chanda Silva
Chanda Silva 15 kun oldin
They ion give a fuk bout u when u in there
Melancholy Sunshine
Melancholy Sunshine 15 kun oldin
What about men in prison???
Jasper Newstead
Jasper Newstead 16 kun oldin
THIS IS WHY YOU NEED GAY POLICEMEN!!! Gay men were made to protect women, from straight men. If you hire a couple of gay cops, they will make sure that none of this fucked up, tampon, black market goes on. Like sexuality, or race, or gender, some things are given to us when we are born, that we can't help, fuck make up off I'm not talking about that, but no woman deserves not to have a fucking tampon or pad, or shower, fuck i love being a man, but not right now... scummy corrupt cunts.
Jacqueline SanMartin
This is true . I have been to jail for a little while for the first time in my life and it was so scary . The guards when I was In jail when they came to give me meds would always sexualize having to open my mouth to check I took them one time they said if I didn’t open wide enough they’d have to take me to a room and have me bend over and check all my holes . I felt humiliated and didn’t know how to respond I laughed along but I was scared they seemed really serious letting me know they could do this . One of them said he wished he would have known me before he met his wife as he gave a print out of Roman numerals I didn’t even ask him for I simply asked if he know what number was a certainnumeral I saw in the Bible it was weird but if I spoke up about that in jail well who would have done anything these girls were threatening to beat me up in there and one time it got out of control and the guard said that they might not get to me in time if they did gang up on me and that I would be charged as well and spend more time in jail. He tried to scare me saying he’s had to mop pools of blood of the floor before . Jail is hell it sucks when you end up there for an unfortunate situation
Rilea Page
Rilea Page 16 kun oldin
I live like 30 miles away from there
Aipril Hayday
Aipril Hayday 16 kun oldin
Why do they not have female officers working in female sections
Jen Jimenez
Jen Jimenez 16 kun oldin
This is wild definitely eye opening keep up this series! definitely subscribed asap! It’s like a real life Orange is the New Black in a way.
Refinery29 16 kun oldin
+jenjimenez Thanks for joining the fam!
ladybluu 16 kun oldin
I'm not understanding how they still have this women number, or why she hasn't gotten a new number, seems a bit like, she enjoys this attention, like wth.
Carly Crawford
Carly Crawford 17 kun oldin
This is the most interesting video I've watched in a long time! Thank you Refinery29!!!
Nicole Shett
Nicole Shett 17 kun oldin
Bashing the officers... really. Not all officers are corrupt. Making it look this common is absurd.
Annie P * Beauty Defying Age
These prison tampons are something we have been doing for 15 yrs in jails. I'm sure it was being down before I was even in there. I can tell u stories for days about the NJ state prison system. After being in and out 4 times and being a cute girl I know all about these stories with males officers
Oscar Ft
Oscar Ft 17 kun oldin
Am I the only men in the comment section?:p But yeah i AGREE that female prison should be guarded by female guards, but keep in mind all the womens fighting for equality, that also means been punished equally.
Brittany Patterson
Brittany Patterson 17 kun oldin
I did my time at 3 different compounds. Hands down the worst was the Annex at Lowell.
Julie 18 kun oldin
“re entering society” is such a jarring statement
Julie 18 kun oldin
“Some people would say incarcerated woman don’t deserve beauty products what would you say to that” UM fuck u?
Zahra Sz
Zahra Sz 20 kun oldin
Am i the only one who was thinking about the orange is the new black characters throughout the video?
Spanky Gaming
Spanky Gaming 20 kun oldin
You can’t complain about beauty if you’re in prison because deep down you’re fucking trash and an ugly person
Annette Joplin
Annette Joplin 21 kun oldin
Thank you for this expose. It brings out multiple feelings in my heart. First, I realize this is prison and that it is punishment for the crime that you have done, BUT the abuse is HORRIBLE! If you can give someone just a glimmer of hope you can change their outlook on themselves, especially those who WANT to reenter society. I love this Beauty program. It gives HOPE for their future. Let these women learn to SHINE and you give them PURPOSE! It's how you change the confidence level and makes one more determined to SUCCEED!
Steven horsefield
Steven horsefield 21 kun oldin
Only 5 1/2 years for armed robbery... should be 20.
Sadichchha Sharma
Sadichchha Sharma 22 kun oldin
is it just me or does the interview not seem very interested in this topic, but tried really hard to look like she was. no hate but.... This is a real issue and here we are... worrying about when we can meet up with the squad and go shopping and stuff...:/
Bacchanalia 22 kun oldin
2:29 Candace Altman doesn't look 34.
JJ KENDEX 22 kun oldin
Errr they are in prison they shouldn't be treated like that they should be treated like dirt I mean they are like criminals
Elizabeth Moton
Elizabeth Moton 23 kun oldin
I relate with this so much, having spent just two weeks and three days in the county jail.
Donna Kawana
Donna Kawana 24 kun oldin
I'm sorry it isn't one prison it's all firstly the weak get exploited. Secondly if u r a woman u have no rights thirdly depending on what ur here for I'll determine how safe u r!!! Breake my rules pay my price. I dealt with it. I've been abused my whole life why wud this hell hole be any fukn different. So u play the game . So tell me how do u get rehabilitation outta broken ppl an flawed staff..... U do not ... Change has to come.... No body dies a natural death in jail or prison!
ou 24 kun oldin
This issue is serious but am I the only one being reminded of Orange Is The New Black?
Zahida J
Zahida J 24 kun oldin
Didn’t know that Refinery does these kinds of stories. Please keep these videos going ✊
samah nory
samah nory 25 kun oldin
Thats just sad
Domenique S
Domenique S 25 kun oldin
They had make up on befor getting locked up how did that help them on the outside they still went In. God is the answer to all
Domenique S
Domenique S 25 kun oldin
It's called being conceited
charlixo beauty
charlixo beauty 25 kun oldin
Wow you showed Lowell in a light that made it look like an okay prison when in reality it's not. I have been in county jail nearby and know quite a few people who have been sentenced to lowell. It is a shit hole, unfortunately every woman sent to prison in Florida goes theough lowell. There have been inmates killed by corrections officers in lowell, abuse is all too common.
cutieeven7 25 kun oldin
Menstrual cups for prisoners!!! What can I do to start this and make this happen?
Amanda Weiser
Amanda Weiser 26 kun oldin
Is the lady at 6:08 related to Drew Berrymore? She really favors her. Mostly in the mouth. Do you see it?
ewitsbunny 26 kun oldin
this is such a beautiful thing
Robin LAMBERT 26 kun oldin
Simone Eli
Simone Eli 26 kun oldin
Racist ass republicans way of keeping the colored people down
Philip James
Philip James 27 kun oldin
Love this
nidya rangel
nidya rangel 27 kun oldin
I think this is great! Get women motivated to get into clean and healthy hobbies and keep them away from the systematic oppression of repeat offenders. I do think this should only apply to nonviolent criminals because I still highly agree murders and rapist should not be release. Too many people already get away with murder and rape and I don’t think it’s acceptable to give them a second chance when they will never be able to change that.
Kaivona Cannon
Kaivona Cannon 27 kun oldin
lambchopxoxo 27 kun oldin
Disgusting. I looked at their Google maps record they have reviews turned off. Someone needs to clean that dump out.
Mackenzie Sharp
Mackenzie Sharp 27 kun oldin
of course they are women they would love hair and makeup programs because vanity is all they care about... are you kidding me this is so sexist it isn't even funny like really forget about classes for math and physics lets have a giant sleepover and paint our nails ladies frig off
Bowl OfSoup
Bowl OfSoup 28 kun oldin
Their vocal recordings are so low quality. I'm tired of hosts who aren't good voice actors either 🙄
Mo Ana
Mo Ana 28 kun oldin
U went to prison ..??? What for ..??? How long were u there for ..?? Did u see my bro or his wife there ..??