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On this episode of Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the world of beauty behind bars. In a place built for and by men, we discover a burgeoning world within women's prisons where inmates are studying cosmetology, but who are in need of a lot more. Press play on this week's Shady to see who really needs a makeover, the prisoners or the prison!
Click here to learn more about beauty in prison: r29.co/2kKGxEo
Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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2-Iyn, 2018

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Lila. D
Lila. D 4 kun oldin
bullying and teachers that look the other way.
Jen D
Jen D 4 kun oldin
Truth behind shady pedicure/manicure salons where the client's health is at risk due to unsanitary conditions and incorrectly disinfected instruments.
apple jacks
apple jacks 7 kun oldin
Gmo foods
alwaysadventuring1 10 kun oldin
Yes, and the fact that many women are sent home in hospital gowns after their rape kits, because their clothes are taken as evidence. Intimate partner rape also gets almost zero press, but stats from RAINN say that 46% of women described themselves as being 'in love' with their perp. (references: gratefulgarment.org/ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape#/media/File:Rape_perpetrator_pie_chart.PNG)
Sweet Home Alamanda
Sweet Home Alamanda 13 kun oldin
Refinery29 One thing I'll say, these small docs are sooo well done, fantastic job! Really enjoy all of the subjects y'all have picked. (We don't have to try and figure out if y'all are trolling us like we do with your makeup tutorials on your blog site... c'mon just tell us, we know you're trolling us with those😉)
Triggered 15 daqiqa oldin
How it’s called shady 😂
Lacey Staton
Lacey Staton 16 soat oldin
It sucks stuff like this happens. I mean the inmates have committed a crime but no one should be abused. These officers need to teach them the better things of life, instead of torturing them to do better.
AlexAndrA 16 soat oldin
Oh god. Ive seen orange is the new black and never really realizing with some scenes how real it is and that it actually happens in real life. Its absolutely horrible for these women :( my heart goes out to them
Mikayla C.
Mikayla C. Kun oldin
They're in prison because they committed a crime. Why do they deserve to feel beautiful and have a comfortable life? Prison is a punishment. Not a different way of life.
Vader94 Kun oldin
I could never work in a prison....if I ever caught a male guard doing anything to a female inmate, id murder him on the spot. The older I get, the more disappointed by men as a race.
raghad Kun oldin
I don't understand anything here, im not English so im kind of getting confused. How are they having fun in prison? aren't they supposed to be locked up and feeling guilty about the bad things they did? or is this not prison im so confused
rikiti Kun oldin
I'm sorry, I got a minute in and can't. "Industry"? Pretty sure people shopping at Target and those committing criminal offenses can hardly be called the same species, so to speak, much less grouped into the same basic category. Not interested in the upcoming 14 minutes of propaganda bullshit, thank you.
YouTube Trash
YouTube Trash Kun oldin
I knew this from Orange is the new black. It's sad
Deeeekota03 Kun oldin
I think this is a wonderful thing, but I don’t think (if it is) it should be free to the inmates. People out of prison have to pay for it, so why should it be free for inmates. (That’s if it is free) the cosmetology program
Rae Nguyen
Rae Nguyen 2 kun oldin
It’s scary what human can do when they are in position of power. There is a psychology experiment where uni students volunteer to be randomly chosen as a guard or an inmate and the lab environment is just built up by the experimenters, not really a prison. The experiment ended earlier than expected. The guards (students) literally downgraded the inmates, and shamed and mentally abuses the inmates. The inmates, who are students broke down and shit. I forgot the name, but the experiment is downright horrifying
Angela MW
Angela MW 2 kun oldin
$173 billion industry...... and the largest prison population on earth. Maybe the two are related..... ????
Lesther Lumbo
Lesther Lumbo 3 kun oldin
DanielsMomma 3 kun oldin
I love candices hair!
CHARR KR 3 kun oldin
love this tumbnail
Metal Head
Metal Head 3 kun oldin
prisons getting hella lit
Sylvia L. Hardin
Sylvia L. Hardin 4 kun oldin
What an eye opening video! I imagined prison as a horrible place to be for anyone, and yes of course women. But this interview has definitely opened my eyes, I'm just so damn tired of women always getting beat down and on by men. Thanks for the video, I only wish you could have listed some information as to where and how to help. I'll look into it and pass on any info I find.
Lavana 4 kun oldin
14:37 - Very powerful message. I couldn't agree more.
Jamonikah Gonzalez
Jamonikah Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
I LOVED this video.
Amber Westholder
Amber Westholder 4 kun oldin
I wish more people understood this. It's not just the women in prison either, its the men and the kids too. I understand they committed crimes and should have consequences. However, its not set up to rehabilitate when it should be. They are all fighting for basic rights and basic needs. There are good CO's and then bad ones who have a power trip and retaliatory outlook over the smallest things. They are fighting for adequate food (often serving rotten or moldy food) clothing (holes in your shoes, but you get written up if you don't wear any too), basic needs like soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, sanitary products and proper medical care. People die in prison because they don't care enough to do their jobs. The prices they charge for basic needs are ridiculous. People think tax payers pay for everything but they don't. There are cases where the people running them are keeping funds meant for other things. Some are run by the state and others are run by companies. What happens if you don't have family or friends actively fighting for your basic needs? You get nothing.
so eye-opening, PLEASE, keep these videos coming
Bryana Rose
Bryana Rose 4 kun oldin
Documentary trying to make me feel bad for a woman in prison for the third time? 😂😂
Tee Ada
Tee Ada 5 kun oldin
This was a great video!
Your Money
Your Money 5 kun oldin
The prison system isn’t supposed to be a cakewalk. Do the crime do the time. However, tampons, pads, toilet tissue, showers, soap, & basic human needs are what people need & deserve. People should be treated like humans & get proper help.
Your Money
Your Money 5 kun oldin
If these women are able to get out they won’t be able to use these skilled trade they learned to make money legally as they are convicted felons so, they won’t be able to get licensed. Sadly, they’ll try to work under the table & risk being put in jail again by violating their parole. However, the good news is they will be able to look good for themselves & possibly get a job some how.
Grace Finci
Grace Finci 5 kun oldin
Don’t do stupid shit, simple as that.
hannah grace
hannah grace 5 kun oldin
It’s not just women. Men get abused by guards
hannah grace
hannah grace Kun oldin
Iris Belou no lol it is not mostly women that get abused by guards. men get beaten and sometimes even killed or nearly killed. it happened to one of my own family members. you don’t own UZvid so I’ll leave my comments wherever I want girl bye. men definitely have it worse in prison. it’s not good that guards bribe them with sex for necessities but if women are having sex with guards for some makeup or something extra, they just hoes lol 😂
Iris Belou
Iris Belou Kun oldin
hannah grace but it’s mostly women, and this video is made to educate about women in prison. Take this comment elsewhere.
Melissa 5 kun oldin
..... something needs to be done about that.....sickening absolutely sickening, no wonder the cycle continues
Bill Ralens
Bill Ralens 5 kun oldin
being ex army, I have a low level of compassion. Your choice to commit crime is the same as my choice to go in. Difference you have a chance to go back to normal. Service doesn't allow you to
the overwatch nerd
the overwatch nerd 5 kun oldin
No no no no no this is not how it should work you’re in prison you don’t get special things just because your lady and need “beauty”
Nicole 5 kun oldin
But the texts weren't unwanted. She flirted back in them.
Non Wilson
Non Wilson 5 kun oldin
Of course lots of women of color would be in prison. Some are victims. Wishing that the laws would consider the person holistically. Nice video.
Linda 6 kun oldin
the U.S. prison system makes me sick. It's basically a coverup for cheap slave work . Or how else can it be explained that the numbers of inmates exploded and also that those imprisoned are majority black ?
B6east 6 kun oldin
Candace is precisely right....it's not a matter of "deserving" (Which is SUCH a subjectively judgmental concept to begin with !), as much a matter of building self-esteem, purpose, goals, and true rehabilitation. I've always wondered "How can ex-cons survive life after prison ?!" The odds are really stacked against them in so many ways. This actually CHANGES these women's lives, giving them a profession they can feel good about and giving them a ticket out of the merry-go-round of repeat offending. BRAVO!!!
Colin Saldaris
Colin Saldaris 6 kun oldin
Why are they acting like the women are some poor victims? It's prison. They did that to themselves.
Finknoodles 6 kun oldin
If y’all want to learn more about prison watch after prison show.
kiki dee
kiki dee 6 kun oldin
This is a great piece! Thank you for creating this content. We know things are bad, but I guess we choose to ignore until presented with the facts.
Elizabeth Dailey
Elizabeth Dailey 6 kun oldin
"Maybe it's not a matter of deserving but a matter of rehabilitating" BLESS UP
Kazilla 6 kun oldin
Haven't seen that many bangs in a long time
Xiomara 6 kun oldin
omg send them menstrual cups ;__;
MICA 6 kun oldin
Tbh locked down rehabilitation centers should be the new prisons. Different level of security for different levels of offenses. I went to a locked down 9 month rehab center and it completely changed my life. I was given the choice, rehab or prison. Rehabs with only same sex workers makes a major difference. The rehab starts u off in only gray clothes and once u reach recovery house u get your clothes, makeup, and freedom back.
ana herrera
ana herrera 6 kun oldin
This started so positive and took a turn really fast
J S 7 kun oldin
Awesome video
Blanca Aguilar
Blanca Aguilar 7 kun oldin
That is so sad
Ladon Gibbs
Ladon Gibbs 7 kun oldin
Good reporting interesting story.
Joan Sierra
Joan Sierra 7 kun oldin
Wow! I thought this was only seen in movies.
Honey DiY
Honey DiY 7 kun oldin
This is the evidence that...even no men living on earth women gonna put on make up anyway.
aj the
aj the 7 kun oldin
My mom works for Oregon DOC and she visits Coffee Creek often so this was cool to see!
Oksana 7 kun oldin
Of course the inmates need to be provided with feminine hygiene products but one comment bothered me 'you can get them only if you pay for it' isn't that the case even if you are not clocked up, or are they shoplifters?
Rashida Davis
Rashida Davis 7 kun oldin
Wow...these women are so brave! I know they broke the law & have to be punished, but still people have the right not to be abused, especially in the situation of NON-violent crimes. The girl with the long dark hair, Candice, looked a lot like Angelina Jolie...very pretty & she seems to want to really change her life. Hope for the best for all of them!
Ornela Rutagarama
Ornela Rutagarama 7 kun oldin
Refinery, if the prison population is disproportionately composed of women of color why couldn't you make a video that was representative of such a population? In an attempt to highlight an important topic, your video is bias in that it perpetuates the European standard of beauty by interviewing mainly white women. Frankly, I remain unimpressed. Please do better. #Shady
Skye Swalls
Skye Swalls 8 kun oldin
Ummm the real OG prison hairstylist is Sophia from OITNB??
Kaylee Cooper
Kaylee Cooper 8 kun oldin
This is so weird because I’m the state of Pennsylvania you have to get a background check before you can take your cosmetology license test
Samadhi Kitchen
Samadhi Kitchen 8 kun oldin
Disturbing to know that women's incarceration has skyrocket by 700 percent since the 80's. Privatization of prisons is a very shady business... Mindblowing to know that it's a $ 173 Billion dollar industry
JDee and more
JDee and more 8 kun oldin
Will u pls make a video about living with ADHD as a spouse or your kid and all the negative effects on it...
Conceited Polarbear
As someone of the female gender, I’d rather make license plates. No way in hell would I ever do cosmetology.
Eliza c
Eliza c 9 kun oldin
what about men
Will Dario
Will Dario 9 kun oldin
Will Dario
Will Dario 9 kun oldin
And the worst part is we can try, although to even reform the criminal justice system would make yourself a target due to incarceration being a big business. Big corporations, investors, fuc around and die like jf Kennedy in this mf if they realize you gain the influence of mass population and power.
Will Dario
Will Dario 9 kun oldin
A criminal justice system ran by criminals in a country built by criminals itself.
Will Dario
Will Dario 9 kun oldin
But see this happened ALL the time in the jails. ALL the time throughout ALL THE JAILS IN AMERICA. Male as well. The sexual abuse is of course different due to the gender, but the jails the same from the correctional officers, to the abuse, To the corruption and dirty money in America’s criminal justice system.
eliott A
eliott A 9 kun oldin
And this America ? And this is the law that it is supposed to help and take care of us, no matter what they did they still human and citizen... it shouldn’t be that way. But men are in power so nothing is going to change
Rianna Xin
Rianna Xin 9 kun oldin
I love this video!
Penny E
Penny E 9 kun oldin
Am I supposed to feel bad for a woman who’s committed multiple crimes and has been sent to jail repeatedly just because she’s a single mom? If anything that has the opposite effect on me. Get your shit together for your kids!
Gaby De La Cruz
Gaby De La Cruz 10 kun oldin
I never knew about this. Thank you for shining light into this. Now i know where my tax dollars are going to both positively and negatively. This was very educational
Awkward Athena
Awkward Athena 10 kun oldin
I truly believe a woman's self-worth will hugely impact recidivism.
KaliSpoon 10 kun oldin
So so sad and disheartening. Like the lady said-punishment and abuse are two totally different things. It’s just so wrong and unfair what they are doing to these women! Allowing men in the shower area?! Are you kidding me?! It’s maddening!!!!
Tafkaprincess 10 kun oldin
So many good respectful comments on different points of views on this. How refreshing to read online! 👍🏻
Rebeckah James
Rebeckah James 10 kun oldin
i think its 👍
Hannah B
Hannah B 10 kun oldin
So interesting and nice
cameron kreiss
cameron kreiss 11 kun oldin
666 people disliked this video. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
CarryOnDestiel 11 kun oldin
Refinery 29, can someone please tell me how it so happened to be that most of the women you interviewed were white whereas these prisons, as you said, were predominantly filled with people of color. 🤔 Don’t get me wrong, this video is AMAZINGLY eye opening, but it’s just something to think about.
Rachel Goodman
Rachel Goodman 11 kun oldin
Love your vids
Squad2SoiFon 11 kun oldin
I understand that there aren't many female guards for the entire prison to be employing females only, but at least while they're showering?? Gather all the female guards to watch their shower times and then they can mix with male guards for provision of food and escorting them to their cells. Give women pads, cups even. It's a necessity. Honestly, there are many ways around the horror these women face but men like the power. They don't want things to change. It's disgusting, I hope these male guards abusing their power are damned to the pits of hell.
Ella Teaches English
This should be on trending
A J 11 kun oldin
Love the content. Also, that lady's last name is "popoff" and I love that for her.
beauty_a_la_ritz 11 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing this. Seriously 💔
Shaynn Alexis
Shaynn Alexis 12 kun oldin
Agnieszka Borek
Agnieszka Borek 12 kun oldin
Great episode. As a criminology student, that was a very eye-opening and educational story.
Bahama Mama
Bahama Mama 12 kun oldin
Why don’t they on,y hire female corrections officers at these ladies only prisons?
robyn newton
robyn newton 12 kun oldin
I am paying g over 15 g to go to a cosmetology school, I am a low income single mother and six year clean from drugs and these criminals get to go to school for free, how is this considered fair to those who can not pay to continue there education. I just don't get it
rzaba 12 kun oldin
I don't get it, why did they need to roll pads into tampons if they could simply use pads xD
Lisa13245 12 kun oldin
who would have thought that a prison is the one beauty school where white girls learn how to work on and with WOC
jacquesboots101 12 kun oldin
Orange is the new black
Nico Ben
Nico Ben 12 kun oldin
thats so sad :( I mean eyeryone has their fantacies but taking them into the real world and opress people/women is so bad and horrific :( Don't understand why this guards do tings like that
JustDawn S
JustDawn S 12 kun oldin
Bottom line. We need more lobbyist to push bills to completely do away with privately owned FOR PROFIT prisons in the US. PERIOD! THAT'S the root of the problem in a nutshell. Prison "Reform" and "Correctional" facility's, "rehabilitation" has NEVER EXISTED and nobody cares! Nobody except the people making the buck. Nobody gives 2 cents about reforming inmates aka the "Money Makers". All that matters is the billions of dollars of profit going straight in the pockets of the prison owners and their Board Of Directors and the all evil A.L.E.C It's board members, investors and share holders. A documentary called "13th" explains just the tip of the iceberg regarding this disgusting business practice. It's VERY eye opening if anyone out there cares enough to check it out or do any research on these atrocities.
Lynsey OBrien
Lynsey OBrien 12 kun oldin
So scary, also peodophiles and rapists get less time in prison the last time I checked at least 85% when they leave repeat crimes. And there are people in prison for lower crimes and then treated like shit ''society ''.
The Blue Haired Lawyer
I get that these women are convicts, but c'mon, we treat animals better than this. I can't believe there are seriously guards who exploit women for sex in exchange for toilet paper and pencil crayons. It's sad to think anybody would treat another human being in this manner.
big guy
big guy 13 kun oldin
They should offer a cosmology program in every prison!
Annie Yee
Annie Yee 13 kun oldin
Omg Im loving recent Refinery29 videos!
Calvera 13 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing this video. I find it very interesting. Only I find it very unfortunate that information about skin colour should be given because it has no positive effect on the listeners who are innocent and not criminals. "there also predominantly women of color" ...this can lead to a prejudice against a certain group of people. To say something like this in an informative video is pure indoctrination, which is not necessary.
Ashleigh Greybull
Ashleigh Greybull 13 kun oldin
The system IS the problem. Some of us women have been through sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional neglect. To put it short, some people don't grow up with the white picket fence, education, good parents, etc. So it becomes a cycle that some children don't have the best start, and then we end up in prison. And then the system becomes our parent, and we are at it's mercy. And we all k now, that this system is not perfect and there are bad people out there in a position of power, that abuse their position on a population that has been living an abused life. BUT, i believe that this creates the most beautiful people walking this earth, because such a hard life, creates a closer relationship with God and the understanding that is called empathy.
A Lauberry
A Lauberry 13 kun oldin
yeah, but let's not forget they committed crimes
Keokeyokae 13 kun oldin
I am thinking about Orange is the new black right now lol
Charis Pinkerton
Charis Pinkerton 14 kun oldin
They shouldn’t have male guards doing those jobs that’s so fucked up
l s
l s 14 kun oldin
it kills me to see how people misunderstand those in prison and are brainwashed into thinking that they're all bad. it's just so painful to see how inmates are living in horrible conditions, overpopulated prisons, minimal access to healthcare... and yet everyone still wants to believe that they're worthless.
Pup Lush
Pup Lush 14 kun oldin
This is SO true
Vol de Mort
Vol de Mort 15 kun oldin
You don't get it. As long as there are prisons and a patriarchal society nothing will change. Who do you think runs these prisons? It's the same exploitative people that guard them.
Kate  Stephie
Kate Stephie 15 kun oldin
Omg what is this even .its so shocking and heartbreaking