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On this episode of Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the world of beauty behind bars. In a place built for and by men, we discover a burgeoning world within women's prisons where inmates are studying cosmetology, but who are in need of a lot more. Press play on this week's Shady to see who really needs a makeover, the prisoners or the prison!
Click here to learn more about beauty in prison: r29.co/2kKGxEo
Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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2-Iyn, 2018

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Refinery29 8 oy oldin
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Scottie Hall
Scottie Hall 17 kun oldin
Pedophilia in Hollywood.
Charlotte's Web of Thoughts
Homosexual children being isolated from society driving them to suicide
issaiko 26 kun oldin
Refinery29 child ring and a pedophile who have 58 terabyte videos of child abuse. Or any case cause im so corcerned abt children in the snuff films
Nikki mealey
Nikki mealey Oy oldin
If you want to investigate a corrupt women’s prison go to Marysville in Ohio. There’s a lot of crazy shit happening there...
1Isbel Oy oldin
Do a video on how the legal system work against Caucasians vs the Minority.
Ayayona LittleEagle
Ayayona LittleEagle 2 soat oldin
This Old Native American almost broke down for these beautiful ladies ... I realized something we are all human we all do stupid stuff out of anger and rage just all kinds of emotions make us do thing's stupid . And i realize that no matter if we are all in jail or out side of jail we all on Mother earth is in prison no matter skin color or back ground life in can make a person go crazy in the heat of the moment ....
Exotic Butthurt
Exotic Butthurt 4 soat oldin
dick mah tat
Bubble Wrap
Bubble Wrap 10 soat oldin
Omg cry me a river. You are in P-R-I-S-O-N. You don’t get to have beauty products because you broke the law.
Mike F
Mike F 20 soat oldin
The girl in the thumbnail has one of the most unattractive haircuts females can get.
Hip Hop Demon
Hip Hop Demon Kun oldin
Rosalind Kun oldin
I always enjoy Refinery's content
Kayla Thomas
Kayla Thomas Kun oldin
6:52 she wanted to cut a bitch
Nataliex Mariex
Nataliex Mariex 2 kun oldin
Now let’s try “parenthood “ class for men
Aaron Lockett
Aaron Lockett 2 kun oldin
9:07 This is A Moment!
freak account
freak account 3 kun oldin
That's bullshit. I get it you fucked up, but you're still a human being. You dont deserve to have your toilet paperor your pads taken away. Especially if you're only allowed to have it if you fuck some nasty pervert guy
tintinismybelgian 3 kun oldin
2:58 Aren't all children under the age of 18?
Miriam Aschi
Miriam Aschi 4 kun oldin
how much do they have to pay for these services, like the haircut, eyelash extensions, etc.
Shook Eth
Shook Eth 4 kun oldin
The reason why more women are in jail is because most men are let go are proven not guilty even if it’s murder or if they assaulted someone
Ella Jade
Ella Jade 4 kun oldin
Don’t do crime and you won’t have to deal with this
Dewalt 459
Dewalt 459 5 kun oldin
The longer i watch this , the more i call bullshit!! Women do the same shit out in the real world too. Women get out of tickets by showing some tit, Women get what that want by giving their boss some head An ALL WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS KNOW JUST WHAT TO DO TO GET EXTRA OR MORE OF SOMETHING !!! come on people, give it a break. This type of shit goes on everywhere
Dewalt 459
Dewalt 459 5 kun oldin
That blond reporter looks like a dude !!!
Kerstin Nilsson
Kerstin Nilsson 5 kun oldin
It’s sad people are put in jail for years upon years for non violent charges, hurting no one but themselves, but some murderers and rapists get less time. That’s truly disgusting
Lumpysmack Princess
They got Mac makeup! No cheap ass stuff.
Random Creative Taco
Oh c'mon women we can do better than be criminals
Ashley Broils
Ashley Broils 6 kun oldin
You could get female guards guard the females and Male guards for the males.
Toni Green
Toni Green 6 kun oldin
Anybody else feel like Kerry Page looks like Drew Barrymore?
qthoshi 6 kun oldin
Self worth is a huge part of success and I think building that can help these women stay clean and out of prison.
Kelvin Shine
Kelvin Shine 6 kun oldin
Bigger than Target, Uber, and Netflix...wow...
Shana Neely
Shana Neely 6 kun oldin
Any way I can donate products?
Heather Shaye
Heather Shaye 7 kun oldin
My god if I had a salon I would hire them all
LA WhispersASMR
LA WhispersASMR 7 kun oldin
Maybe our country needs to look at why it’s increased 700%!!!!! And find out a way to stop that. That’s unacceptable and clearly it’s a issue we aren’t even looking at. I forgot which country but I saw a docu where women who had drug charges or smaller charges instead of prison went to treatment type centers and it had a 90% success rate. Perhaps the USA should look into that?!,,,,,,, I mean just maybe
A ballet gal
A ballet gal 7 kun oldin
If a man abuses the women in prison like that, when they get out they most likely have trauma. And because of the trauma they can turn to drugs. They’re put in prison again, more trauma occurs. It’s an endless cycle
Nadia Venice
Nadia Venice 8 kun oldin
she's gorgeous
Success Mathies
Success Mathies 8 kun oldin
Dang prison is that awesome I wanna go to that jail
Blackwolf Sanchez
Blackwolf Sanchez 8 kun oldin
Seriously. Seriously. Make women's prisons easier oh hell know. Equal rights man. Make them pay for their ctimes
Kėttłė Tėå Tîmė
if this continues then women might feel more comfortable. they might feel more safe, and happier to comply with the rules given, if they are respected and kept happy. also, why the hell are there men in women’s prisons!?!?
bella pevan
bella pevan 8 kun oldin
You go girls!
Lucy Grainger
Lucy Grainger 9 kun oldin
I don’t understand why men being prison officers is a problem I agree that only female guards should go in the bathrooms and showers etc but if the men are trained and professional just like the female guards what’s the problem?
Reagin Foos
Reagin Foos 9 kun oldin
14:38 FACTS
Olivia Wilder
Olivia Wilder 10 kun oldin
So all these prison guards are actually sex offenders. We have a bunch of sex offenders working in women’s prisons...disgusting...the system is so correct here(USA). I went on a date with a guy that worked as a guard in a prison. He told me some fucked up stories about what he would do to the prisoners(for fun), he was bragging about it. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and he was laughing about it like he was “cool” or something ... disgusting man.
Yunru Wang
Yunru Wang 10 kun oldin
Wasn't there a men's prison that has like a hair place?
Jennifer Pratt
Jennifer Pratt 11 kun oldin
Nah, I think it has to.do.with growing up, maturing and wanting more.
Cheryl Rose
Cheryl Rose 11 kun oldin
Candace (sp?) is beautiful and smart, was right on point with rehabilitating and maintaining humanism instead of pure cold punishment
Sonata Shinome
Sonata Shinome 11 kun oldin
I’d like to just put these exploiters in their place. But I kinda don’t want to go to prison 😅😅😂
lin d say
lin d say 11 kun oldin
If more prisons did programs like this imagine all the people it could benefit and help them not have to resort to doing illegal shit.
rachel joy
rachel joy 11 kun oldin
Carl Mesaros
Carl Mesaros 12 kun oldin
its fucking makeup chill
Khadija Imran
Khadija Imran 12 kun oldin
When you have men controlling most of everything around you it’s normal and so much easier for them to take advantage of and to not care for women or in many cases ANYONE ‘INFERIOR’.
Peaches 12 kun oldin
Horrible things happen in prisons, just horrible. No one deserves to be raped and humiliated, no matter what they've done in their lives. I'm a survivor of that crime and I wouldn't wish it even on the bastard that did it to me, let alone someone that's in jail for drug abuse or whatever else. The monsters that are capable of that kind of disgusting behaviour should be the ones locked up forever. Lock them up and melt down the keys.
Whuzzin Gamont
Whuzzin Gamont 12 kun oldin
Didnt know refinery did such docs
Tashi Jostyn
Tashi Jostyn 13 kun oldin
From a former female corrections officer - most of those inmates are full of shit as well. Just throwing that out there and no one gives a shit about inmates or how the guards are treated either - that's why most people do not want to work in corrections and you'd think those TERRIBLE conditions would stop reoffending, yeah right.
Mayank Verma
Mayank Verma 13 kun oldin
No tampons or period pads??? What happens if they just bleed????
Mayank Verma
Mayank Verma 13 kun oldin
Most women don't deserve to be in prison. It's fucking outragious how America will arrest someone for the most bullshit reasons like drug abuse.
Kiara Ford
Kiara Ford 15 kun oldin
First behind bars video in Portland that I've seen
Life With Alisia
Life With Alisia 15 kun oldin
I swear I will subscribe to your channel you swore 😂
Tay Love
Tay Love 16 kun oldin
I almost killed someone let me get my nails done..... and get my hair done..... and have someone do my makeup.... hell they got it better than me
Stella Bella
Stella Bella 16 kun oldin
Why wouldn’t you just use a pad normally, they are safer anyway?
Scottie Hall
Scottie Hall 17 kun oldin
"In prison, where so much is stripped away from you." You aren't supposed to be in prison in the first place, sheesh. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
Elizabeth Biersack
Elizabeth Biersack 17 kun oldin
I would just free bleed honestly not worth having sex with some creepy man
Brenda Mata
Brenda Mata 18 kun oldin
There should be only female guards at female prisons and Male guards at Male prisons. That would stop the sexual abuse.
Dodge Hellcat
Dodge Hellcat 18 kun oldin
6:51 6:53 The girl was doing fine And this bobbed hair chick Came across like a subtle Bully Not nice I found that a lil insensitive
Lovely Kenya
Lovely Kenya 19 kun oldin
Why did I watch this
minkymott 19 kun oldin
I'll take this issue seriously when this much importance is placed on men getting raped in prison.
vj elliott
vj elliott 23 kun oldin
This makes me so mad. I have tried to get into "beauty school" as the video puts it but I do not qualify for a loan but women who are in prison get to go to school. Really I am a law abiding citizen trying to better my life but those women can get free education. Ugh!
Victoria Ibarra
Victoria Ibarra 23 kun oldin
London Xx
London Xx 25 kun oldin
Sanitary pads should be provided. They are not a luxury. They are a necessity. Disgusting.
Julia 25 kun oldin
People forget that people make money off people going to prison in the US. The system will never be fixed if rich people are making money off it's problems.
Sarai Sanchez
Sarai Sanchez 26 kun oldin
I'm young still trying to figure out what to do with my life. And the more I watch these vidoes of I justice of things I care about and that I care about makes me want to be someone to help so bad when I get older
springtrap51106 アニメーション
I never thought how you got through when it comes to your period in prison. I get women can abuse women, but females should guard females not in the showers, not the men.
Sleepyone444 Yes
Sleepyone444 Yes 29 kun oldin
Refinery 29: “Majority of the women in prison are women of color.” Also , Refinery 29: *proceeds to interview mostly white women.
French Toast
French Toast 29 kun oldin
That sounds truly horrific. I hope things change and profiting off of how many cells you can fill? That should be a crime.
Tessa Stauder
Tessa Stauder 29 kun oldin
Things like this make me want to go into politics to make a change, but I know nobody cares about people individually anymore
Gary Trevino
Gary Trevino Oy oldin
Soooooo dont fuck up in life
Sean Oy oldin
land of the free and home of the brave
Daniele Bryant
Is there a transcript of this???
Janine Alyssa Buño
Candice is so pretty
Widowmaker Oy oldin
i have so much respect for the womanwho have been clean or rehabiliated after those shitty behaviours of those guards. I would probably lose more fate in humanity and be worse i guess
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Oy oldin
If prison is meant to rehabilitate, how can that happen when guards and the system are creating more dysfunction? Get female guards, first of all. Men cannot be trusted.
Bertholdt Hoover
At first I didnt think they deserved makeup and hair products but this actually changed my mind
Gabriela Martinez
Why don’t they put like videocams on there name tags
Elena Hickman
Elena Hickman Oy oldin
Male guards shouldn't be working in a female prison and female guards shouldn't be working in a male prison but they do.
I AM TEXT Oy oldin
The fuck
Pdub3590 Oy oldin
So If you don’t like beauty things you can’t get out???
Li’ Li Tea-Time
I had a male guard spy on me while going to bathroom
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg Oy oldin
Sophia McBride
Maybe you shouldn’t break the law and you’ll get your rights.
1Isbel Oy oldin
I’m all for this new prison system in America 2019 let’s use our tax dollars to fund THIS.
Chantal Miranda
But... why do we need this in prisons??
Marnie Kilbourne
It's good to have a program like this for women in prison to learn a trade but do the inmates/clients get these services for free???!!! I can't afford most beauty services and makeup right now despite having a B.A. so that would be infuriating. Haircuts are obviously necessary but gel nails, makeup and other salon treatments, idk.
Donald Ducks
Donald Ducks Oy oldin
change the prison system for the better good!
lovely67R Oy oldin
They should have girl guards in girls prisons and boys with boys
Gloria Castillo
This is AMAZING ❤
babygirl Oy oldin
honestly, i’m no feminist, i’m actually a conservative in my own words but i agree that men shouldn’t be in a women’s prison as guards. same with women being in a men’s prison. for one, women are physically weaker than men which makes those who are incarcerated and at the mercy of guards easily susceptible to abuse and rape. this could also cause emotional trauma to women who suffered from these problems beforehand, as statistics show that many of the women behind bars suffer from past abuse and mental illness. As for allowing women in men’s prisons, if men shouldn’t be allowed in women’s prisons then it’s only fair that it’s the same way vise versa.
tara k
tara k Oy oldin
I know this program is supposed to be a good thing... but it’s just sad to me. Why do women _need_ this kind of stuff? Why does society make women literally _need_ makeup and beauty products? I understand that women in prison have many things taken away from them, and this is giving at least one part of their old lives back... but we need to give _other_ things back to women to make them feel at least a little more normal, not this. This is a negative part of society that is now becoming more and more necessary, even in prison. This is just my opinion.
Emi Mitchell
Emi Mitchell Oy oldin
This is not what I thought it’d be. I always wonder why people act like it’s so I just to put people in prison. So just because they didn’t physically hurt someone, they shouldn’t be in prison/jail? So y’all basically want no consequences for crimes. In most Cases, no one is forcing them to choose drugs over their kids. At the end of the day it comes down to your choice. If they are given all the tools in the world, they still have to make the choice to do the right thing. And also, to those that are saying men get tf out of female prisons.. maybe you should become a CO. I’m guessing it’s not a job that a lot of women want. These women aren’t here because they were forced. Maybe if there were harsher consequences, people would think twice before committing a crime. And why does race always have to play into it? You realize that majority of America is white and the majority of prisons is ethnic. So what’s that saying. Even tho you refuse to believe it, there are extremely underprivileged whites people too. It’s not about your race or where you were born. It’s what you make of it.
spazvapes Oy oldin
oh the whole industry is bigger than single companies like netflix? no way, thats fucking crazy
Will Vogt
Will Vogt Oy oldin
If they wanna get back into society and integrate then why do they keep doing it. Riddle me that feminists.
Evan R.
Evan R. Oy oldin
wow I live in wilsonville oregon
Alexis Maria
Alexis Maria Oy oldin
Great content 👍🏽
mrlpn2 Oy oldin
This video is a joke glorifying females at male expense I’m sure
mrlpn2 Oy oldin
Let me get this straight they bitch about men as most women in this comment section are they are getting an education? And set up a career after meanwhile I can’t afford college ?
mrlpn2 Oy oldin
I would be happy to go in and shower the petite females the bbw other guys can do it lol
Cat Som
Cat Som Oy oldin
Waiittt why don’t they hire female guards in female prisons, not saying sexual harassment can’t occur. Somehow I’ve never seen all that many female prison guards in female prisons, that’s dumb. The inmates would feel and probably be safer
Thank you for this video. A reminder that keeping a person in prison for a year cost between 30K + 60K. This money would be so much better spent on Rehabilitation of drug offenders and mental health services. Legalization of drugs and removing money from the equation would solve many of our judicial Systems many problems. The way that human beings are treated in prison is disgraceful. Drug addicted, survivors of abuse and mentally ill offenders are in a place they don't belong that just encourages recidivism. Remember at this time of year to think of those who are less fortunate than yourself that are in prison or homeless. Imagine how easy it is for many people who live on the edges of society to lose one piece of their survival puzzle and end up homeless jobless and on their way to prison. Being low income homeless and being an addict ARE NOT CRIMES. Solving our countries gigantic judicial system mess will take a miracle, let's hope for it.
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