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On this episode of Shady, our host, Lexy Lebsack, takes us into the world of beauty behind bars. In a place built for and by men, we discover a burgeoning world within women's prisons where inmates are studying cosmetology, but who are in need of a lot more. Press play on this week's Shady to see who really needs a makeover, the prisoners or the prison!
Click here to learn more about beauty in prison: r29.co/2kKGxEo
Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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2-Iyn, 2018

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Refinery29 5 oy oldin
What other subjects would you like to see us explore on our investigative series Shady? Comment below!
Love4kam 1
Love4kam 1 12 kun oldin
How school lunches are made and what are in it is what I want
TT Ty 14 kun oldin
Please produce a story on Black ballet dancers who are less recognized in the industry. Thank you.
ALISA EVERETT 16 kun oldin
I would like to know more about the lives of our nail techs, particularly the Cambodian and Vietnamese women. How do they get here and become nail techs in these shops on every corner?
Mslugo1217 Oy oldin
Refinery29 you should investigate how Waupun correctional institution deals with the health of the inmates and how they treat inmates of different races. How the guards there are racist and treat inmates of different races different then others and how they treat inmates in general. Wisconsin prisons in general. Hope it makes the list but I’m not holding my breath :) thanks though!
Tieia Middleton
Refinery29 I hope you can follow up with these ladies once they get home. I’d love to see them in their new careers!
Whitney Stapleton
This terrifies me for my mom having to spend the rest of her life in prison soon for drug charges
Nick King
Nick King Kun oldin
I love that these women are finally starting to see representation and be given new, life-altering educational opportunities. They deserve better.
SemperPie EatorDie
I love this program and how its implemented. If you prove you're willing to change then you maybe selected. I do want to still point out, they are in prison for a reason to learn from their mistakes and move forward.
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 3 kun oldin
Thease women want to change, most of them were in for drug abuse, none of them were violent
LondonIndeed 4 kun oldin
Natalie living her best life now haha
Doireann Foley
Doireann Foley 5 kun oldin
Ok but prison is for criminals they chose to commit a crime so
Antonia Kuhn
Antonia Kuhn 5 kun oldin
I think america needs to rethink its prison system. It would be far more effective if inmates could absolve an apprenticeship or finish school during their time in prison. This is normal in other countries like germany and works really well.
Raven 6 kun oldin
Well at least its only for those who try their absolute hardest to redeem themselves. It amazes me that prison is full of sick fucks and thats excluding the inmates. How people that are just as bad as those criminals get prison guard jobs is disgusting.
MrzBadaBing 6 kun oldin
its nice to see this buttttt i never got arrested paid in full for my cosmetology license meanwhile they don't have to pay for tuition...its not fair
Amanda DA Panda
Amanda DA Panda 7 kun oldin
I know im late but can you do something on cirque du solel?
ness _
ness _ 7 kun oldin
humans are disgusting. no one deserves to be treated like that. i hope the best for all the woman put through this. you're beautiful.
Arabella Phillips
Arabella Phillips 7 kun oldin
Their in prison for a reason
Heath P.
Heath P. 7 kun oldin
I would never have thought that prison could be that bad, my mom served 6 years in Lowel correctional, I feel so bad that she and the other inmates would have had to deal with such degrading circumstances. That’s not fixing the problem if anything it makes it worse.
Stella Dunlap
Stella Dunlap 7 kun oldin
You’re voice is ANNOYING
Aubrianna Vasquez
Aubrianna Vasquez 7 kun oldin
I love this because this will give women a desire to become better!
Alyssa Couri
Alyssa Couri 7 kun oldin
This is disgusting
Misanthropy Google it
That's not bartering that is fucking rape!!!
isyyy babyyy
isyyy babyyy 7 kun oldin
My sister is in prison and this is really making me realize things and understand what she tells me
Madison Combellick
Madison Combellick 7 kun oldin
What about men? Don't treat women better. Treat everyone equally.
ChimChim Kookie
ChimChim Kookie 7 kun oldin
Reminds me of a vice documentary, thats a good thing
Mya Barker
Mya Barker 7 kun oldin
There could so easily be ONLY woman guards at women’s correctional facilities and ONLY male guards at male correctional facilities but that’s too much to ask for isn’t it. Women are taken advantage of just because of their situation. No woman should ever have to be scared to take a shower, or to wonder if they’ll get their feminine products, or to even say no. It’s disgusting that a place that is meant for “change” is such a toxic and unsafe environment for women. Sad that the male guards don’t know how to control themselves nor were taught how to treat and respect women.
Jenna Justin
Jenna Justin 8 kun oldin
Lowell I hate then so much my aunt used to go there and there very rude disrespectful to the girls there like it’s just so annoying and just it scares me for her she is in for 11 or 12 more years but some girls don’t even deserve to be at that prison !!!
Paulina Mllr
Paulina Mllr 8 kun oldin
As someone who works in the Swedish criminal justice system this is absolutely horrifying to watch :(...
Cheryl Boyd
Cheryl Boyd 8 kun oldin
Sheeeesh😱 biggg surprise! 👌 HUGE!! 😐 please!! Come on - is this for real?!! Everyone knows women an CO have sex ...but these gals arent lost little lambs - they welcome fucken inside..it gets them what they want and stop playen gals ! You know you gett off too!! Not just the guards having a good time..and if you down ta get it on for a COLORED PENCIL- YOU DOWN FOR WHATEVVER WHILE YOU JAILEN
Lauri 8 kun oldin
They are using Mac
Anna Tang
Anna Tang 9 kun oldin
wtf i dont pay taxes every year for criminals to put makeup on eachother
Basma Suger
Basma Suger 9 kun oldin
Don't do the crime if u can't do the time
Basma Suger
Basma Suger 8 kun oldin
+bubble bath It's a joke u retard
bubble bath
bubble bath 8 kun oldin
wtf it's just not that simple
Fiddle My diddle
Fiddle My diddle 9 kun oldin
Orange is the new black,anyone?
Hey Moon
Hey Moon 10 kun oldin
Hey, atleast they seem pretty happy?
deisyyy K01
deisyyy K01 10 kun oldin
I’m happy to see the inmates getting their hair done ! After what they done they are still human !!!
Jen S
Jen S 10 kun oldin
I wonder if STD/HIV ever cross those guards mind.
Cry4bby 11 kun oldin
When you watched OITNB and think prison inmates are so badass
Sonia ,The Creator
Sonia ,The Creator 11 kun oldin
It's disgusting how the male officers will give women stuff they need/want only if they have sex or flirt with them.😡 Or even WATCH the women taking showers. Wtf is wrong with these places. It's sad how they limit stuff that women need everyday just because they are there and having no privacy while they are in the showers.
Mia Juarez
Mia Juarez 11 kun oldin
I live in Oregon
TheUnbornWolf 12 kun oldin
The thing about female prisons being bad is just completely one sided and you seem to not be taking into account that it is prison.. it is a place of punishment as well as rehab... And men's prisons are usually worse (not saying they all are)
TheUnbornWolf 12 kun oldin
Excuse me... The description says a place built for and by men... So are you saying that a female drug dealer doesn't deserve to go to prison but a male one does?
Aesthetic_ Mimi
Aesthetic_ Mimi 12 kun oldin
Is this all for free I’m finna go to jail xD (it’s a joke)
Amelie C
Amelie C 12 kun oldin
{\__/} ( • - •) / > 🍩
Kristen Alix
Kristen Alix 12 kun oldin
Natalie the weathered white lady is so ASMRy to me. I know that’s weird but her style of talking just tickles me
The world we live in today is that we know about all these issues so do the necessary stakeholders, and we protest, complain and try to do what we can but nothing is ever dealt with, because corruption is more important than human dignity, yet they wonder why - the crime rate increases - the amount of women in prisons are increasing - suicide increases Etc. People WE need to WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING
Lilslovinlife 13 kun oldin
These women are here to serve time for what they have done. They shouldn’t get to have fun. They should look at prison as something they never want to come back too because they might not care about coming back if there having fun.
Lilslovinlife 13 kun oldin
Are they really trying to make these women look ok or make us feel bad for them and make it into a video of how women are treated worse?
iandure 14 kun oldin
Bianca XDwrestler
Bianca XDwrestler 14 kun oldin
No offense but the point of prison is to show how much being in their sucks, and not want to be there.
michellel9595 14 kun oldin
think that its true: if you dont give them tools and methods to rehabilitate, then they wont change. A simple haircut can change the way you act and see yourself. If you feel yourself worthless? then you treat your life as worthless too
Kim Wallace
Kim Wallace 14 kun oldin
They won’t fix it because the government makes too much money from prisons!
Ava-Linnea Löfgren
Ava-Linnea Löfgren 14 kun oldin
This made me want to be a prison guard so I can help the women inside the prison
Azra BH
Azra BH 15 kun oldin
So many CO's are trash
Haylie Haylie
Haylie Haylie 15 kun oldin
I haven’t even got 1 minute in the video yet but if your behind bars you should not get rights.
Haylie Haylie
Haylie Haylie 14 kun oldin
Wurzel Licht they shouldn’t have beauty and unnecessary items like that. They are in prison which means they have done someone to harm someone in one way or another. They don’t deserve rights.
Wurzel Licht
Wurzel Licht 14 kun oldin
Of course they should have rights! They're still humans This would be a horrible law-system if you lose your rights when you need to go to prission.
Kylee Bush
Kylee Bush 15 kun oldin
this makes me want to fix women prisons but theres not much anyone can do about
Foxy DeLure
Foxy DeLure 15 kun oldin
Candice looks like Kandee Johnson
Saylor Webster
Saylor Webster 16 kun oldin
they're in there for a reason so why treat them like sweethearts ? they made the decision to be there so they should learn their lesson.
Blobby Blobfish
Blobby Blobfish 16 kun oldin
It's sad how people rarely talk about this
Izzy Benita
Izzy Benita 16 kun oldin
Damn this makes me wanna go to jail😍
pam hiles
pam hiles 16 kun oldin
This is another example of over kill. It begins with kids having mental needs but on vastly different levels. The kids are placed in psychiatric wards regardless of what they'll need, with kids that have far worse issues. My daughter was placed in such an institution at 13 for cutting. Once admitted she had to deal with kids who had tried to murder their families. The environment was inappropriate and not helpful to her at all. It took me 2 years of fighting the system to get her home. By then she was more traumatized than she was when she began cutting. The prison system is not working and an escalation of what went wrong on the very basic level of offering help. It's no wonder women being incarcerated has increased. It starts with children and youth service. It gets worse from there.
Leslie Young
Leslie Young 17 kun oldin
I definitely definitely love this program 4real
Josiah Barker
Josiah Barker 18 kun oldin
It’s sad because a man I knew bragged to me how he would mistreat prisoners and beat them just because and I just looked at him like he was sick,luckily he isn’t a prison guard anymore
xXItz RubyXx
xXItz RubyXx 18 kun oldin
Why are male guards allowed in female prisons at all? It’s so disgusting, no matter who the woman is or what crime she committed, she is paying for it locked away. That doesn’t mean she should be raped or sexually abused by male officers. Sick. Open your eyes America.
jim jim
jim jim 18 kun oldin
14:24 I can feel her..
Dumb Trash
Dumb Trash 19 kun oldin
1:38 the lady with the beard OH LORDY LORDY 😂
Evelyn Glasscock
Evelyn Glasscock 20 kun oldin
Ashley Carpenter
Ashley Carpenter 20 kun oldin
women are 10x worse than men are in prison...i would never work in a women's prison. Dont break the law and you could shower comfortably and provide things for yourself in your own home. Fyi abuse happens outside prison walls. Not trying to be a bitch i think its great having th programs to help these women, but it all still comes down to following the law
Scarlett Min Ji
Scarlett Min Ji 20 kun oldin
Prisons in Tx are not like that. Guards are encouraged to turn each other in, a sexual act with a prisoner gives you 5-10 years for the officers.
Carballo, Nicolette 21
But what if they are released and do something bad again, just to go back to makeup
THE_REAL_ PennElle
THE_REAL_ PennElle 21 kun oldin
WOW! This was extremely informative & I am SO glad/happy to see that these beautiful women are getting a chance to learn how to be productive members of society! Prison is supposed to be punishment, yes, BUT, at what point is the punishment abuse? I feel for these ladies!
Emma Jacobs
Emma Jacobs 22 kun oldin
What if they have a better life in prison than in real life so what if they cause another crime just to go back to prison
It's Ayen and Julia
It's Ayen and Julia 22 kun oldin
6:02 aww 😫💕
Kenna Parker
Kenna Parker 24 kun oldin
I think they should only have women guards at women prisons, it just makes sense if the women have been sexually assaulted by men and are forced to see male guards everyday.
Abbey Simpson
Abbey Simpson 25 kun oldin
To think something could be bigger than Netflix
Saf 29 kun oldin
I am so utterly disgusted, appalled, and angry with every single one of those officers. I am at a loss for words about how angry and saddened I am for these women. At the same time, I have so much respect for them and wish every single woman in this video and in prison right now the best and I pray things get better.
Big papa Kermit
Big papa Kermit 29 kun oldin
Wth there should only be women guards in a women’s prison, in sorry but having men wash them? Absolutely humiliating not to mention all that probably goes on in there
s Jones
s Jones 29 kun oldin
All dressed with no where to go..... Americans get so riled up about public spending and the government yet these people have someone else taking care of their kids, feeding and housing non violent crimes. Think America thinks. Are you really spending your “ tax dollar” as wisely as you think?
Missy BrownEyes
I wonder if R29 could do this same kind of interview, but in a mental health facility. Similar things happened to me while I stayed in a state psych facility when I was 15. It was terrible
The City Wife
The City Wife Oy oldin
Sydney Martin
Sydney Martin Oy oldin
I love this. Especially because if you are in prison you shouldn’t be unhappy entirely to change you must have positivity. If you are in a constant negative environment you will fall back into your regular habits problems and will be back in prison in no time.
Gabriela Cingel
The interviewer is so ugly
AyeItz_ Nobody
Anyone in October 2018🙋
Happy CLA
Happy CLA Oy oldin
autumn jimenez
This hurt my heart. God bless those women.
panda time
panda time Oy oldin
Since all the men rapists and pedophiles and molesters get let go.... i hate America
Star Respy
Star Respy Oy oldin
No need for this
Candice Jones
Candice Jones Oy oldin
sh y
sh y Oy oldin
They should have female guards for female prison,so that sexual abuse can maybe really stop
Estella Tsivikou
I cried my eyes out watching this... This is so sad...
Jennifer Unangst
The lady doing the interview is really bad!! No personality 😩
Maria Pletneva
I don't think that it's only about women, there is an increase of incarcerated women, but men aren't doing any better. True, they don't need as many sanitary product but they are also put down by the system and are rarely able to stay clean. This video does show the flaws in the system very well, but I believe everyone deserve ethical treatment and the support for reentering the society
Yoongi's Cute Giggles
that one girl looks a bit like drew barrymore
Rakesh Mohan
Rakesh Mohan Oy oldin
'Mental health issues', 'domestic violence' and 'sexual abuse', of course women are NEVER to blame for their own fuck ups! It's always either nature's fault or a man's fault yet the women who think like that resent men who think they are nothing but overgrown children. I would bet much worse goes on in men's prisons but who gives a damn?
Brittany Schettino
Even if it wasn’t a violent crime it’s still a crime! Like u steal something you still deserve to go to jail!!!
Aleksi Lahtinen
travel face coverage enhance logic basketball aggressive scientist leave flight.
Raylene keys
Raylene keys Oy oldin
This is refreshing to watch Thankd for posting 🌺🌻🌼🌷🌹
This is incredible! It’s so awesome that cosmetology did this for these women. It’s crazy how beauty can not only change outward appearance but also alter inside feelings towards self and others as well. However, it is very sad about what is happening to those women behind bars. It is great that you shined a light on those issues!
Dakota Rain
Dakota Rain Oy oldin
Prison guards should never have the power to abuse women in prison, no matter what crime they did they do not deserve it, it is disgusting
RJ xxx
RJ xxx Oy oldin
Disgusting despite what crime they have commited it gives no one the right to assault any woman, to hold back essentials for personal living to lust over and use these women where are you people today this is injustice OK they need to serve what time given but this is unacceptable.
Moomooo Fan111
This is the best service
taegukult •
taegukult • Oy oldin
I feel so bad because there's nothing I can do to help them
Jazzy Games
Jazzy Games Oy oldin
Im in oregon
Lilith Manson
Lilith Manson Oy oldin
I can't even come up with anything constructive to say. This is just horrible.
Oh, Young Waker of the Winds
They committed crimes, they broke the law. They're in PRISON. They don't deserve "freedom" or buying beauty products. It isn't a spa for crying out loud...