What Counts As Cheating? • Married Vs. Single

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“If it feels like you're cheating, it probably is."
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8-Apr, 2017

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rubaiyat raiyan
rubaiyat raiyan 4 kun oldin
What if the person who is cheating doesn't feel the guilt??
Mormor Farfar
Mormor Farfar 4 kun oldin
Well, I am single af. However if I get in any relation ship, even having phantasies about other girls, I'd consider it as cheating! If I would cheat on someone, I'd rather break up with them first.
Morgan L. Kennedy
Morgan L. Kennedy 13 kun oldin
My question for another possible video : What signifys a full working, like "sorry, I'm taken" relationship?
138supercat 17 kun oldin
cheating is ~doing something~ with someone else that you wouldn’t be comfortable telling your partner
SHYLA HANNAH 19 kun oldin
Ned is such a perfect husband❤️
Made In Evelyn
Made In Evelyn 23 kun oldin
"hi, im hope" 😂😂
Bootsin Puss
Bootsin Puss Oy oldin
I sneezed real hard like 30 seconds into this video and my nose started bleeding, so I went to the bathroom to clean it up. It got worse and I felt sick. I threw up and took a shower. I lay on my bed with my face covered in tissue for what felt like hours (like 15 min) till the bleeding stopped. Then I washed my face and put a new shirt on (the other one was covered in blood). now I am able to sit down and finish the video. hope its worth it.
the wolf pack
the wolf pack Oy oldin
Monique Schmn
Monique Schmn Oy oldin
Hmmmm I think I will be listening to the guy with the actual successful marriage in this one.
Brydon Sinclair
Once a cheater always a cheater.
Eman Jamal
Eman Jamal Oy oldin
Actually this video helped a lot thanks!
Kasha R. Savage
Watching this video on Sept 20th 2018 and oh my gawd... Ned looks so different!!! I love his facial hair way more than his baby face... But he's adorable no matter what :)
Sai Ren
Sai Ren 2 oy oldin
I get into relationships to cheat basically, I guess it's my sociopath nature to enjoy seeing the hurt and rage from the partners to why I just date to play with people's feelings. Luckily I am good in adapting to and manipulating people from leaving me which makes it more fun to possibly create another possible sociopath from the constant emotional torture. Still waiting for a scorned ex who wants revenge or something tho then maybe I can have fun with a psychological and mental warfare with her instead of finding new victims.
ComicBookKid JT
ComicBookKid JT 2 oy oldin
Two wrongs don’t make a right folks.
Clyde Greenstreet
I'm think of ng of Eliza hamiloni Alexander hamilton and Mariah reynolds
Addie-Eileen Paige
Cheating isn't right. If they're manipulative or abusive, you gotta break up with them and leave them.
i am useless and gay
The only excuse to cheating I can think of is if their partner is abusive and they can't break up with them safely.
Kelsey Carbary
Kelsey Carbary 2 oy oldin
If you're cheating you're already done with the relationship and you should end the relationship. I know it's not always that easy. Cheating often comes from selfish motivations or it's from something you're lacking in a relationship. By keeping that information from your partner you are essentially deciding what their truths are in the relationship. It isn't right to withhold that information because if they do find out.... (Which they usually do) they will be hurt by the dishonesty AND the cheating. If you feel like you want to cheat that should be your indication to tell your partner how you're feeling so you can either process it together or break up.
Jesse Rivera
Jesse Rivera 2 oy oldin
Reason why I’ll never marry. Everybody cheats, just a matter of time
Jonny kicks
Jonny kicks 2 oy oldin
Once a cheater will always a cheater
idkhbtfm and now im sad
Ned was so dad at the start
iced jelly bear
iced jelly bear 2 oy oldin
D .j
D .j 2 oy oldin
Females will do anything but leave
That's a lil' sexist
Rachael Hofer
Rachael Hofer 2 oy oldin
If you cheat on someone never tell them... wtf
Ludwig E.
Ludwig E. 2 oy oldin
She is crazy af.
Blue Knight
Blue Knight 2 oy oldin
*hi I'm hope*
Blue Knight
Blue Knight 2 oy oldin
So Ned cheated????
Michelle Angelica
1:48 Ned's face 😂
The Old Willow tree
2:01 ohh what ohhh
addydab7 3 oy oldin
I love how behind ned is a picture of him and his wife kissing...
Just Me
Just Me 3 oy oldin
Why do people cheat? you know there's a thing called "breaking up"
Anne Pallipadan
Anne Pallipadan 3 oy oldin
This is why kelsey is single and ned is married
Lump Nuggets
Lump Nuggets 3 oy oldin
When you cheat that shows how weak you really are because if your really strong then you’ll have the strength to break up and not hurt someone because like they say it takes more strength to say no then it takes to say yes.
Supreme Flamingo
Supreme Flamingo 3 oy oldin
Cheating is good
Jae Kim
Jae Kim 3 oy oldin
I love the girl
Joanessa Leconte
Joanessa Leconte 3 oy oldin
As a strong and INDEPENDENT woman you COULD have just left him........ just saying -_-
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson 3 oy oldin
My friend and her boyfriend have a policy that if they are *REALLY* *DRUNK* it is ok if they get kissed or something like that but nothing passed that
Mimia 123
Mimia 123 3 oy oldin
I don’t know who this blonde lady is but she needs no back away from my ned. He is mine not yours. Go away.
Rodney Cooper Jr
Rodney Cooper Jr 3 oy oldin
She's from Tampa. For some reason that makes sense.
Nomsi K
Nomsi K 3 oy oldin
why would anyone cheat on ned wtf
JellyBeanJoe7777 3 oy oldin
Find Jesus and repent of your sins if you cheat on someone you are in holy matrimony with
scarletrobin 3 oy oldin
You're not a strong independent woman if you need another man to help you out of your current relationship js
Ina N.
Ina N. 3 oy oldin
i hate how she justifies cheating.
Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Milk 3 oy oldin
Tell your partner you cheated on em, it'll be WAY worse if they find out themselves.
super nerd
super nerd 3 oy oldin
all women cheat it is in their biology, it comes down to options and being able to get away with it. men will cheat to, but it is not always an available option.
No Account
No Account 3 oy oldin
Cheating is awful.. it hurts like hell. Be honest with the person. Or just break up with them. It's better to hurt them by breaking up than to ruin their trust and future relationships
Kayla Kosuga Fan page
Mark Deleon
Mark Deleon 3 oy oldin
Hello lets play a game me and you say hi together in youtube videos "Hello👋"
Fluffy The Bunny
Fluffy The Bunny 3 oy oldin
*If you think you're cheating, you probably is.* Did you skip English class?
Benjam _360
Benjam _360 3 oy oldin
We call them f*ckBOYS. BOYS ONLY.
Aleah Erin
Aleah Erin 3 oy oldin
Bed at 2:02 is a whole emotion lol
jalila love
jalila love 3 oy oldin
"Yep, and he deserved it and i would do it again in a heartbeat." lol that was awesome.
Singing Girl 2000
If a girl or guy kisses you but you have a bf or gf it has been proven that it will take you maximum 3 seconds to register it but if it's more than that then it counts
sandeep sadanandan
Please dont cheat. If U can't continue, js tell them n walk away. I knw hw it feel when ur loved one cheats u....
Hipitty Hopity OOF
*Ned snaps his fingers* Me: *Malfunctioning*
PMartins 4 oy oldin
Christina Redes
Christina Redes 4 oy oldin
If you have to ask if it's cheating, its cheating simple as that
ThatOneGirl 4 oy oldin
Title: what counts as cheating married vs single Me: Im single i cant cheat
pro butt groper
pro butt groper 4 oy oldin
“Cheating” This video, Ned with other girl THAT is CHEATING
Anne Saucier
Anne Saucier 4 oy oldin
I relate to this girl so much
Jamie_MacKay 4 oy oldin
Does anyone think Chealsea, ( I think that’s her name) looks like Willa Holland
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 4 oy oldin
Did it once. Unsatisfactory even though the sex was hot. Just not right. Been done to multiple times and that hurts a lot.
Rachel M.
Rachel M. 4 oy oldin
I think using your ex-girlfriend's HBO password is cheating! ;-)
Paige Kessman
Paige Kessman 4 oy oldin
Lol I love the pic of Ariel and Ned kissing in the back!!!
Liz Mowrey
Liz Mowrey 4 oy oldin
Isn't it weird how cheaters accuse their partners of cheating?
Tiffany Zhu
Tiffany Zhu 4 oy oldin
Once a cheater only a cheater applies to people that always cheat no matter who. Others cheat just to get out of a toxic relationship, but other than that, there's no excuse for cheating.
Isabel Spits
Isabel Spits 4 oy oldin
Personally I have three things I'm clear about from the start; 1. Never be afraid to talk to me about anything (communication is 'bae'), 2. Respect eachothers lives (yeah, u both have lives) and privacy, 3. Cheat on me and u out of the door (in a heartbeat)
Lauren Farmer
Lauren Farmer 4 oy oldin
1:46 Ned's snap tho. Lol
One direction X BTS
If you wouldn’t do it in front of your partner it’s cheating.
Quinn Songer
Quinn Songer 4 oy oldin
This girl could’ve just broken up with the dude had not make him feel crap about himself
Noelle Sama
Noelle Sama 4 oy oldin
You should probably pray and say "Lord teach me to say no to this"
paint me in trust
2:16 I wanna hug Ned
Leila pro
Leila pro 4 oy oldin
The super married man and the super single chick
Jack Rota
Jack Rota 4 oy oldin
Well, I'm poly, so this will never happen.
ItzPrincess Esmeralda
I stopped watching after she said you probably shouldn’t tell your partner you cheated on them…
Mr tickle
Mr tickle 4 oy oldin
Kesley is hot
Jeremy Milligan
Jeremy Milligan 4 oy oldin
to me, omission with cheating is a lie, so if you cheat on someone, then dont tell them, not only are you cheating on them, but you are lieing to them as well. Why are you even with that person still?
Rannocolak Racing
I just found out that the girl who cheated on me last year also cheated on her new boyfriend with the same guy she cheated with me
Christopher Wang
Christopher Wang 4 oy oldin
RadLion20022 4 oy oldin
I hate people who defend cheating
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse 4 oy oldin
Don't you DARE call yourself 'strong' or 'independent' when you are too weak-willed to break up with someone you hate and want to break up with.
Gage Westerhouse
Gage Westerhouse 4 oy oldin
Cheating; is it ever okay? No.
hoo man
hoo man 4 oy oldin
Extreme situations aside, where truly the person's partner is a violent, dangerous person and breaking up isn't as easy as it seems, I don't think people should treat cheating so lightly. It's just wrong to hurt someone else for your own pleasure. And remember kids, once a cheater always a cheater, don't expect someone who cheated on their partner with you to be faithful once they leave that person to be with you.
King Delamuela
King Delamuela 4 oy oldin
Cheating is for idiots and cowards
Breanna Sosa-Lopez
What if you never EVER feel guilty??
GameMeyh YouTube
GameMeyh YouTube 5 oy oldin
lol if your boyfriend was hitler yeah than you was better than him but cheating because you can't escape a relationschip wow he's so much better than you
mo b
mo b 5 oy oldin
Faisal IRFAN
Faisal IRFAN 5 oy oldin
since when did ned divorce ariel
Julia Reyven
Julia Reyven 5 oy oldin
Biggest question: was ross cheating
Eerie 5 oy oldin
I believe once a cheater, always a cheater with that particular relationship-so if you get into a new relationship, there's potential that it's true. Also, If you can't be in a monogamous relationship then you may want to look for partners who want open relationships or poly ones.
May04bwu 5 oy oldin
If you've cheated before, it means you'll do it again once you have a problem in your relationship because this is your way of dealing with it.
Sarim 5 oy oldin
Snap,this is going into my cringe compilation!
TINI A 5 oy oldin
I CHEATED on my diet
HyperionMoon22 5 oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks Kelsey tries too hard sometimes? I'm not sure if she s just portraying her 'I don't give a f**ck amd2 love booze character' or if she's always like this but in contrast with Ned she just seems... immature? No hate, just an observation.
katu_is_a_dino 5 oy oldin
If Ned wasn't married these two would be.
Emma Loewe
Emma Loewe 5 oy oldin
lol 2:47
Captain Koala88
Captain Koala88 5 oy oldin
Ned at 1:48 :)))(
Casper Mason Candlewood
Please, always talk to your partner. The longer you hold a secret, the less the person will be able to trust you and the longer it will take to get over it. Not to mention, "punishing" yourself for doing something bad will NOT make your relationship better. Your added longterm baseline stress will make you a less caring partner and inevitably hurt your partner. I think cheating is more like "breaking the rules/promises of the relationship" and less "being intimate with someone else", as in the case of *open and poly relationships,* it can be a good thing to """cheat""" aka be intimate with more than one person. For instance, my wife cheated on me, and it's NOT true that she would cheat again, but it IS true that *the fundamental nature of our relationship* needed adjustment. We started out monogamous and that wasn't working for us. We switched to an open relationship and have been a lot more happy. When she cheated on me, it made me really upset, but I realized that the *intimacy* didn't bother me, the *dishonesty* did. I didn't like that she wasn't talking to me about her feelings, and I felt like I had no control over the risks to either her or me. *The feeling of lack of control made me panic,* and I got mad at her. But when we thought about what to do about it, I realized that letting her see other people would *actually make me happy* if it improved her life, and if she was *open and honest* about it I would have no problem with it. So we tried it out and It's been working perfectly. To be clear, she was *always promiscuous by nature.* However, it was never in her nature to be *dishonest or disloyal.* Cheating was just the only option she felt like she had. We both assumed we were monogamous, and she was too afraid to bring up her needs. But once she acted on them, she *instantly regretted breaking the assumed model of the relationship.* Letting her see other people gave her the chance to have fun and feel appreciated in a way that only happens when you are turning heads and getting numbers. And now she feels safe that I won't reject her, so she always comes right back. In fact, she barely ever sees anyone else. Maybe one person every four months. But *because the option is open to her,* she feels free and comfortable. So, it wasn't her nature that was the problem, nor me, nor even our interpersonal dynamic. The problem was that *the parameters of the relationship,* the assumed rules/promises, were *too strict* and did not serve us very well. Now the rules are, "warn me before going out, let me locate you in an emergency, and offer me a chance to assess the risks before finalizing." And in those parameters, she's never cheated again (>3 years). And yes, she still gives me all the sexual attention I can stand ^^ And yes, she's still as beautiful and kind as ever, even more so, actually ^^
HeyImMimi 5 oy oldin
2:16 Poor Ned lol
Retro Specs
Retro Specs 5 oy oldin
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