What Counts As Cheating? • Married Vs. Single

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“If it feels like you're cheating, it probably is."
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8-Apr, 2017

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j boy
j boy 8 kun oldin
What if its an open relationship or how about swingers is that not cheating even if they both agree on it
Too queer to be here fangirling
j boy not really
Thomas Gabriel
Thomas Gabriel 8 kun oldin
She's a cheater. Sorry but you lost all credit
gamerxx2 123
gamerxx2 123 13 kun oldin
tell them!! if you know someone is cheating tell them!! if you’re cheating, say something! i’ve been through that it sucks! they deserve to know!
Aoife Vincent
Aoife Vincent 14 kun oldin
Jesus all these comments are so backward, everyone agrees that cheating is bad but maybe open ur eyes to the 21st century lads
Miyu Tanabe
Miyu Tanabe 14 kun oldin
oof that's why she's single 1:34
Alicia Xu
Alicia Xu 15 kun oldin
who here in 2030??
Htx.Olivia 18 kun oldin
i feel like having attraction to someone else is okay but if you would consider acting on these actions. so basically having feelings is okay in my opinion, like it’s natural. just don’t do anything you wouldn’t do if your spouse wasn’t there.
supercool_ me
supercool_ me 20 kun oldin
If someone cheated on me and asked for me to take them back, I would say hard pass. They did something really really really really really really bad. So, why would I forgive them? Cheating is basically saying, "I don't like you, but I'm still going to be with you just so I can hurt you."
Sakareeh 23 kun oldin
And this is why Ned is happily married
Shannon Powers
Shannon Powers 23 kun oldin
I'm with you Kelsey! Same thing happened to me.
Meghan Perry
Meghan Perry Oy oldin
Lost a lot of respect for Kelsi in this video knowing she cheated on somebody and is actually PROUD of it. I don't care what the situation was. Cheating is cheating and there is absolutely no excuse for it.
Abbey De Vries
I'm sorry I lost it at 2:16 😂😂 his voice tho 😂😂😂
If you’re in a bad relationship.... leave! Don’t cheat!
Ms. Sponge Daddy
I’ve cheated in the past. My boyfriend has cheated in the past. Before we were together. But we truly believe we’re soul mates and I don’t think we would ever cheat on one another. Buuut we also use find my iPhone app to track each other all the time so maybe that helps🤷🏻‍♀️
Bubblelene Lene
I never cheat, I’m single
Bubblelene Lene
Ned and another woman : Ariel is burning
Nathan Thompson
“Once a cheater always a cheater” mentality is pretty much the definition of the Fundamental Attribution Error. Anyone who believes this is wrong.
newson1177 Oy oldin
I was on a trip in australia and a woman that i was staying at the same hotel with came onto me while we were taking a tour and she tried again at the kissing me in the hotel lobby. I told her that i had a girlfriend back in the states and that i wanted to protect what i had with her. We promised each other that we would be honest and look out for each other so when i got back i told her everything. 6 months later she ended it when i caught her on a date with someone else. Apparently she was seeing him off and on for over a year. I still think honesty is the best policy though
Ashley G Sanchez
I agree with Ned 100%👌🏽
little potato
little potato Oy oldin
there is a pic of ned kissing ariel in the back
Paxton Austin's Lil Penguin
Ned’s face brought me here 😂😂😂 I have been cheated on and so has my boyfriend so we both agreed never to never cheat
Laura Carpenter
Kelsey's awesome she's my new role model
RaeLynn Rymel
RaeLynn Rymel Oy oldin
I got cheated on before
kadoor regal
kadoor regal Oy oldin
They both are white women will always cheat
girl in static
girl in static 2 oy oldin
Yikes. I don't think I like Kelsey as much after watching this video.
rubaiyat raiyan
rubaiyat raiyan 2 oy oldin
What if the person who is cheating doesn't feel the guilt??
Mormor Farfar
Mormor Farfar 2 oy oldin
Well, I am single af. However if I get in any relation ship, even having phantasies about other girls, I'd consider it as cheating! If I would cheat on someone, I'd rather break up with them first.
Morgan L. Kennedy
My question for another possible video : What signifys a full working, like "sorry, I'm taken" relationship?
kurtcocaine 2 oy oldin
cheating is ~doing something~ with someone else that you wouldn’t be comfortable telling your partner
SHYLA HANNAH 2 oy oldin
Ned is such a perfect husband❤️
Made In Evelyn
Made In Evelyn 3 oy oldin
"hi, im hope" 😂😂
Lowkey Meme
Lowkey Meme 3 oy oldin
I sneezed real hard like 30 seconds into this video and my nose started bleeding, so I went to the bathroom to clean it up. It got worse and I felt sick. I threw up and took a shower. I lay on my bed with my face covered in tissue for what felt like hours (like 15 min) till the bleeding stopped. Then I washed my face and put a new shirt on (the other one was covered in blood). now I am able to sit down and finish the video. hope its worth it.
the wolf pack
the wolf pack 3 oy oldin
Monique Schmn
Monique Schmn 3 oy oldin
Hmmmm I think I will be listening to the guy with the actual successful marriage in this one.
Brydon Sinclair
Brydon Sinclair 3 oy oldin
Once a cheater always a cheater.
Eman Jamal
Eman Jamal 3 oy oldin
Actually this video helped a lot thanks!
Kasha R. Savage
Kasha R. Savage 4 oy oldin
Watching this video on Sept 20th 2018 and oh my gawd... Ned looks so different!!! I love his facial hair way more than his baby face... But he's adorable no matter what :)
Sai Ren
Sai Ren 4 oy oldin
I get into relationships to cheat basically, I guess it's my sociopath nature to enjoy seeing the hurt and rage from the partners to why I just date to play with people's feelings. Luckily I am good in adapting to and manipulating people from leaving me which makes it more fun to possibly create another possible sociopath from the constant emotional torture. Still waiting for a scorned ex who wants revenge or something tho then maybe I can have fun with a psychological and mental warfare with her instead of finding new victims.
ComicBookKid JT
ComicBookKid JT 4 oy oldin
Two wrongs don’t make a right folks.
Clyde Greenstreet
I'm think of ng of Eliza hamiloni Alexander hamilton and Mariah reynolds
Addie-Eileen Paige
Cheating isn't right. If they're manipulative or abusive, you gotta break up with them and leave them.
Charlie Andomen
Charlie Andomen 4 oy oldin
The only excuse to cheating I can think of is if their partner is abusive and they can't break up with them safely.
Kelsey CoCa
Kelsey CoCa 4 oy oldin
If you're cheating you're already done with the relationship and you should end the relationship. I know it's not always that easy. Cheating often comes from selfish motivations or it's from something you're lacking in a relationship. By keeping that information from your partner you are essentially deciding what their truths are in the relationship. It isn't right to withhold that information because if they do find out.... (Which they usually do) they will be hurt by the dishonesty AND the cheating. If you feel like you want to cheat that should be your indication to tell your partner how you're feeling so you can either process it together or break up.
Jesse Rivera
Jesse Rivera 4 oy oldin
Reason why I’ll never marry. Everybody cheats, just a matter of time
Jonny kicks
Jonny kicks 4 oy oldin
Once a cheater will always a cheater
idkhbtfm and now im sad
Ned was so dad at the start
thistle quor
thistle quor 5 oy oldin
D .j
D .j 5 oy oldin
Females will do anything but leave
That's a lil' sexist
Rachael Hofer
Rachael Hofer 5 oy oldin
If you cheat on someone never tell them... wtf
Ludwig E.
Ludwig E. 5 oy oldin
She is crazy af.