What Every State in the US is Best and Worst At

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12-Avg, 2018

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RealLifeLore 5 oy oldin
PSA guys. Being best or worst at something doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. That’s all
W B 2 kun oldin
Fuck you, Mississippi is the birthplace of America’s music
brandon buendia
brandon buendia 14 kun oldin
Stop assuming😠😠😠😠
Christopher Peoples
Christopher Peoples 29 kun oldin
Being bad is bad no thin line
Clutchmit t
Clutchmit t Oy oldin
RealLifeLore I didn’t think about that. Ohio is very affordable compared to many states... and I’m still poor.
Vanik Oy oldin
I need the name of the background music used. Most definitely an 80s retro synth.
Teazlin Soat oldin
Idaho where you at
Mr. Llama
Mr. Llama Soat oldin
I’m from Oregon and this made me happy
red beren296
red beren296 2 soat oldin
literally Maine's problem is that it's to white,
Nishikata Sitohang
Nishikata Sitohang 2 soat oldin
At least Arizona has sooubway
Giant Deflating Football
Connecticut: Best broadband access, worst economic inequality Hmmm...
SnowBunny GV
SnowBunny GV 4 soat oldin
I live in North Carolina and the thing about preschools might be right but they’re EXPENSIVE as in 300-600 a month for any school you go to even if it’s a run down school I will also confirm that we have a VERY limited library system and the best books for kids you find in a school will probably not be in a library
SnowBunny GV
SnowBunny GV 5 soat oldin
Best thing about Mississippi: people watch porn a lot
Mr OOF! 5 soat oldin
I live in NEW YORK
Apethetic Panda
Apethetic Panda 5 soat oldin
*Drives all the way to missouri to get gas* *Drives back home* *Goes back to missouri*
Katie Inman
Katie Inman 6 soat oldin
I was kind of scared about what you would say for Indiana. I burst out laughing when you said we had a lot of meth labs. Good ol' Indiana.
hpcc63 7 soat oldin
hell yeah montana still is the most bland
Carson Price
Carson Price 7 soat oldin
Pixelsdog 8 soat oldin
I kept on clapping whenever i heard each good news and then get sad and stop clapping in disapointment once i heard the bad news
Kensworth V
Kensworth V 11 soat oldin
Where Oregon at on this video?
Lizzie Catherine
Lizzie Catherine 11 soat oldin
Phatkid 12 soat oldin
I can understand why Maine has such a low crime rate. It's 94 percent white.
CgePlays 9274
CgePlays 9274 13 soat oldin
1:13 California is my state
Nothing But Pony
Nothing But Pony 14 soat oldin
Who else thinks Maryland is shaped like a Nambu pistol?
cmndrkool321 15 soat oldin
Michigan had the most coastline of all the states- including California.
Emma Donahey
Emma Donahey 17 soat oldin
New Hampshire: Lowest poverty rate, highest cocaine use among young adults...hmm... sounds about right Wyoming has the smallest population in the US yet it's 10x bigger than New Hampshire and we have a little over 1M people 🤷‍♂️
Mariam Samtadze
Mariam Samtadze 19 soat oldin
does that mean that new jersey is best?
trout picture
trout picture 21 soat oldin
if you're best trait is high school basketball and your worst is meth labs, you aren't doing great
Sir Chunkmuffin McFloofybottom
Stop coming to Texas! Stay out! Lol
Temxari Edits
Temxari Edits Kun oldin
*skips to Michigan*
Lauren Ashley
Lauren Ashley Kun oldin
*squints at Mississippi*
BP Lup
BP Lup Kun oldin
"New Jersey has the lowest suicide rate." Why are we here, just to suffer?
Lucas Cruz
Lucas Cruz Kun oldin
6:34 I live in Oregon and was glad / surprised when he said that we weren’t the worst at anything! 😂
Logiwan Kenobi
Logiwan Kenobi Kun oldin
Look. Its weird to me that Maine being the least diverse state is on the same level of most obesity. Its not like we can control where people live either. Besides, when Idaho has the most hate groups per capita maybe its not because of Maine's people. Please minimize the hate.
Capt Obvy
Capt Obvy Kun oldin
Angery Pepe
Angery Pepe Kun oldin
For Mississippi, you only named bad things
Elaine likes art Ivy
Me live in North Dakota
Sweetie Sapphire Ag Productions
*my state* *has lowest asthma rate* *also has most polluted air* love that for Virginia.
IZSM Kun oldin
Why does so much of this music sound like it cam straight from Plink by DinahMoe Labs?
CHANNE Kun oldin
Who came here just to see their state?
Ben Buehler
Ben Buehler Kun oldin
Excuse me, but I'm pretty sure Wyoming doesn't exist
First Last
First Last Kun oldin
You forgot to say a bad thing about Maine...
NickPearlTV Kun oldin
Whats a Oklahoma
lexxdenn Kun oldin
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Kun oldin
leah-gacha-life Kun oldin
Here in Indiana, umm, well..... Nothing very interesting here..... Like or reply if you live in Indiana!! (The state of two infamous crimes, Sylvia Likens, and April Tinsley) THAT I KNOW OF, IF YOU HAVE ANY MORE, REPLY ;)
Just Someone
Just Someone 13 soat oldin
Hewo fellow Indiana friend
just shake RMs hand
Adriana Melone
Adriana Melone Kun oldin
So not being divers is bad
Po-Chop Kun oldin
We in Indiana are all ABOUT those meth labs, you already know vro
lasa gna
lasa gna 17 soat oldin
Fort aint so bad
Fl3x1nry Kun oldin
Kirby Kun oldin
Connecticut BeSt BrOAdBaNd cOnnEctI0n
Kenneth Dokus
Kenneth Dokus Kun oldin
I know where I want to live,Better buy a parka.
Welsh Shelsh
Welsh Shelsh Kun oldin
Is California being overpopulated a good thing??
Lindsey Wade
Lindsey Wade Kun oldin
Roll Tide baby
jediminecart Kun oldin
Oregon is the best
Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson 2 kun oldin
Mississippi... Okay then...
Hehee Hahaa
Hehee Hahaa 2 kun oldin
*_mississippi you are my state_* *_I used to think that you were great_* *_now I know how I was born* *_both my parents were watching porn_*
GeoffTheGiraffe 2 kun oldin
Get your shit together mississippi
REBLARSENAL 2 kun oldin
Y’all forgot about ky
Demeatrice Robinson
You forgot Washington DC tho
Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia
Michigan roads bad but weather great among other things. Bad government too but largest bridge in America and cleanest commercial island in the world.
W B 2 kun oldin
Aye, fuck you for shitting on Mississippi like that, we’re the birthplace of America’s music
Yara Agha
Yara Agha 2 kun oldin
Oh No! The Oil From Oklahoma Was Not The First Usa State That Was Found! *ARE LIFE IS A LIE!*
CrystalFox799 2 kun oldin
Sat on edge waiting for something interesting for my state.... All I got is golf courses...
ben baldwin
ben baldwin 2 kun oldin
anyone else from Washington state?
TheOofingGamer YT
TheOofingGamer YT 2 kun oldin
Oregon Is Epic Man.
B34con 117
B34con 117 2 kun oldin
Maine is too white, and too safe😂
Forrest Trump
Forrest Trump 2 kun oldin
Colorado: Biggest dicks and best dab rigs.
Crixtion 2 kun oldin
i feel like ants are more invasive in washington
The Godfather
The Godfather 2 kun oldin
u mention climate change in every video. we get it. ur a democrat
Big_Lenny v1
Big_Lenny v1 3 kun oldin
To many white people is a problem? Wtf...
stantaeyeon 3 kun oldin
Alabama is best at insest
Lucid NightLight
Lucid NightLight 3 kun oldin
Texan here! You forgot about how we are the best at BBQ
DORK ZILLA 3 kun oldin
Random Kawaii Potato
Wow I always though Alaska was safe!?!?!!!
Braeden Putty
Braeden Putty 4 kun oldin
Texas natives wya
alieninvaider 4 kun oldin
I hate Mississippi!! I would rather live in Hell. 🔥😈
Fazbear 309
Fazbear 309 4 kun oldin
In Alabama, math for me is very easy
aesthetic trash
aesthetic trash 4 kun oldin
hell yes oregon is bad at nothing i live in oregon 👌🏻
Andrea Martinez
Andrea Martinez 4 kun oldin
In Washington we have the worst drivers 😒 I almost died when I was ten
Grace Anne Parks
Grace Anne Parks 4 kun oldin
0:48 You're welcome Arkansas!
hey, its addy
hey, its addy 4 kun oldin
Eze Writer
Eze Writer 4 kun oldin
I'm in Minnesota sadly
Brookie Cookie123
Brookie Cookie123 4 kun oldin
4:04 yep you know your in Minnisota when you see high schoolers Cross Country Skiing with tang tops on and if it snows for 2 days straight Quick note that part about the Cross country skiing in tang tops part that's true. More than haft of the high schoolers where tang tops while skiing in 25°F wether
Nathan Jung
Nathan Jung 4 kun oldin
I mean, it just makes sense for missisipi
Simply Mythical
Simply Mythical 4 kun oldin
Why am I watching this? I don't live in America...
You forgot to mention what is Maine worst at.
am cosmonaut
am cosmonaut 5 kun oldin
for arkansas, divorce isnt a bad thing
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith 5 kun oldin
Go to Idaho it gud go now just 10000000000000000000000000 dollors omg so cheap
Mark Munn
Mark Munn 5 kun oldin
The worst on sc is not true I wouldn’t think unless everybody else treats them like gods lol
Mariana Paredes
Mariana Paredes 5 kun oldin
*hears VA* well shit
Matt Cole
Matt Cole 5 kun oldin
I’m from Pennsylvania how bout y’all?
[YT] Pabstar47
[YT] Pabstar47 5 kun oldin
but shewaswrong
but shewaswrong 5 kun oldin
Can I have no more time in my class today I have a lot to say to you guys I know that I have a good time with my family but I'm just gonna is that you guys are doing a great time and you are so very big one is a good thing and I love ya you guys and you got a lot more to come up to do that I mean you gotta was a great. If ur reading this ur confused, Its my phone guessing what im gonna say next
iindianinkk 5 kun oldin
"Georgia has the best quality roads, but the worst traffic" pfFFTt yeah because it takes them over six years to make narrow roads wider to allow more flow :^)
Julia Smith
Julia Smith 5 kun oldin
Thanks a lot. 🙂
Wolfie Princess
Wolfie Princess 6 kun oldin
Hershey Girl Youtube
I’m proud to be a Ohioan.
Spiky Cactus
Spiky Cactus 6 kun oldin
Well your kinda wrong on Oregon. We have the worst homeless rate because of our *_smart_* governor. :/
Prod Justus
Prod Justus 5 kun oldin
Spiky Cactus More like the highest man bun rate
CodyORB 6 kun oldin
Wyoming has the most national parks per capita in the lower 48 states!
The stage V slipped on 18
Ko_Toriii 6 kun oldin
When I lived in Washington as a kid, I caught a bunch of snails and put them into cups and put them into cups and called it a “snail nursery”. Lmao
Isaac Romero
Isaac Romero 7 kun oldin
Hooray for Oregon! (I live there :P)
Karsyn Reddy
Karsyn Reddy 7 kun oldin
Floridian(Me): Oh cool looking video what’s Florida good at? Video: Florida has hurricanes and is most vulnerable to climate change. Me: Well thanks for saying something positive! Like what the heck dude are you from Georgia or something?
Sparky Sprokets
Sparky Sprokets 7 kun oldin
4:16 You are WRONG Ive been in minniesota all winter and i have not even felt COLD WRONGIEEEEEESSS!!
LeonGames 7 kun oldin
_Alaska Is The Best Of_ *_"SHIT And WINTER"_*