What If You Could Get AirPods For Only $40?

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I bought these fake Apple AirPods from a Chinese e-commerce site for around $40. So how do they stack up against the legit Apple AirPods? There's only one way to find out, $40 fake AirPods vs $159 official Apple AirPods. Here we go!
The AirPod inspired earbuds in this video are also stocked on Amazon from time to time. Check back at this link for inventory - amzn.to/2BpwZby
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Yil oldin
The AirPod "inspired" earbuds in this video are also stocked on Amazon from time to time. Check back at this link for inventory - amzn.to/2BpwZby
NicVandEmZ 3 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy you should have a look at i10 tws
Hentai Heaven
Hentai Heaven 27 kun oldin
Pls review the TWS I12
Adam Harow
Adam Harow 3 oy oldin
Can you review the i10 tws ?
Xavcol2e 7 oy oldin
Entertainment for less... And it comes from the same location.😂
Aleksandar be together not the same
do you wanna to hear joke? apple users 💩💩🤣🤣🤮🤮
Aleksandar be together not the same
airpods are cheap made by foxcon around 15$ and sell to dumb american 200$ 🤣🤣🤣💩💩👎🏼👎🏼
Alone GK
Alone GK 6 kun oldin
Can be use for a long time?
Azad Alam
Azad Alam 11 kun oldin
3:59 all i heard was willy doo...
Marco 401
Marco 401 11 kun oldin
you paid f*ckn 40 $ for this?? just look around 2 minutes more and you can find them for below 10$
FaZe KeY
FaZe KeY 12 kun oldin
Gilles Defresne
Gilles Defresne 15 kun oldin
You should compare the real airpods and the i10 tws this is the best clone of airpods on the world
blake McFerrin
blake McFerrin 15 kun oldin
Can you do a comparison between the tws i10 and airpods?
Niko Lulkoski
Niko Lulkoski 15 kun oldin
Bro do a review on padear mini x3
DG Films
DG Films 17 kun oldin
You should review the i12 tws
Cold Kicks
Cold Kicks 17 kun oldin
Who is watching with AirPods now
lol master
lol master 17 kun oldin
Hey man I don't wanna look smarter or something but you said 'why do you wanna pair only one?' look the answer is, if you are in class or something you can give your friend one and you can both listen different music thanks to that way
ewitsnoah 25 kun oldin
3:34 I thought my screen turn upside down.
cris - fortnite
cris - fortnite 25 kun oldin
Yuan Roa
Yuan Roa 26 kun oldin
I'd suggest the i10 TWS
Mr.cardvaughan 12
Mr.cardvaughan 12 27 kun oldin
Check out the TWS-12
Hentai Heaven
Hentai Heaven 27 kun oldin
Pls test the TWS I12
Oh yeah Oh yeah
Oh yeah Oh yeah 27 kun oldin
The i10s are literally identical to airpods
Cengiz- Boy123
Cengiz- Boy123 28 kun oldin
there is a super clone now
luc freyne
luc freyne 28 kun oldin
why don't you try the i10tws please try it
Suraj Thakkar
Suraj Thakkar Oy oldin
test i12 TWS
Lam Ray
Lam Ray Oy oldin
Now they have i10 which is better
Marello Belosanti
Walmart now has a $40 version of these called Tzumi Soundmates. They are decent.
The Phonixs
The Phonixs Oy oldin
I12 tws is the best so far
Mr Monster
Mr Monster Oy oldin
I got non apple airpods for 5 gbp EDIT: They work on my iPhone tho
Eshan Playz
Eshan Playz Oy oldin
In England they are 40£
enzo fortuna
enzo fortuna Oy oldin
40 dollars, you can get those for under $ 10 Canadian on gearbest,I got 2 pair
Ehsanul Haque Rafi
Try i12 tws That's exactly like airpods Even the box & size!
Dennis Haslid
Dennis Haslid Oy oldin
Who needs a router 😂🤣😂🤣😊🤣😂
Clay Simons
Clay Simons Oy oldin
Got mine for £3 and works fine. Small delay on video sync with audio but for £3 I'm not complaining
sick Oy oldin
You should do a review on the i12 TWS, and maybe also the i10 TWS, they're alot better, and basically the same price
Ajpw _ Rosalyn
U can......
Movie Master
Movie Master Oy oldin
I have HBQ-i8!!!
Pikachu Overload
U can get them for 2 bucks
Michael Freitag
You schould now try " i10" ;)
Maya Bee
Maya Bee Oy oldin
Apple removed the headphone jack so you would buy airpods
Josh Ng
Josh Ng Oy oldin
review the new i10 tws and i12tws the current best
Phoenix Oy oldin
The i10 are identical
Team Parallax
Team Parallax Oy oldin
You should try out the tws i10 and 12
Kigama Oy oldin
I ordered them recently for only 4 EUros on Aliexpress, the delivery takes up to 57 days. I ll how good they r, when I get them in two months.
Cyclops- Elephant
Can you do the 1i10 tws’
Byron Baldwyn
Byron Baldwyn Oy oldin
Is there any new link to these? The Amazon version is down.
Candy Colon-Rivera
By the way. I’ve unfortunately dropped one of my AirPods into the sink twice & horribly once in the toilet 😪😪 . They didn’t & haven’t missed a beat though. I’m not sure if they’ve advertised them as being waterproof but from my experience I’m thinking they are.
Candy Colon-Rivera
I love my AirPods ! Like LOVE. Just perfect. I see most people saying they’d be easy to lose & I initially thought same. But why would you treat these any diff than any headphones ? Do you just forget you have em on ? Their either in your ears or in the case. Haven’t had any issues with losing them. Either way you can use find my iPhone for them too. Glad Apple lets you buy single ones if you do end up losing one or damaging it.
Mona Louise
Mona Louise Oy oldin
please review the i10 tws and i12 tws. they said it's a better "dupe" now :)
Cal Kapustka
Cal Kapustka Oy oldin
Woo! The fakes are way better, getting some tomorrow now!
Luxxxu Oy oldin
So this is how the broke ass people in my school got the airpods.
Zamin Abbass
Zamin Abbass 2 oy oldin
I10 have more similarity
joao maciel
joao maciel 2 oy oldin
Do they explode?
Eyad Fayad
Eyad Fayad 2 oy oldin
Air-pods Air: Smelly Bigass Air Blower
Grabis boy HD
Grabis boy HD 2 oy oldin
Naturelle Coloma
Naturelle Coloma 2 oy oldin
Question is, is the sound trash or pretty close to good as apples sound quality?, haha someone please reply because I’m thinking about buying the cheaper alternative 😬
Princewhite 2 oy oldin
Go to eBay I got 2 fake AirPods for only 36 dollers
Arben Bushgjoka
Arben Bushgjoka 2 oy oldin
Since you have an androind phone you can use those.
Mohamed S
Mohamed S 2 oy oldin
The newer version is much better. It’s called i10 tws
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas 2 oy oldin
Lol not to be rude but you didn’t sell them I retired my 3rd market Bluetooth EarPods lol for AirPods ! Love yourself a bit you can’t spend money when you’re in the upper room lol
Sasha Bakhshi
Sasha Bakhshi 2 oy oldin
I won some AirPods at work, thinking of selling them, still sealed
BlocksMC 2 oy oldin
Get an i10 tws
Jonathan Arana
Jonathan Arana 2 oy oldin
(Laughs in rich)
jason 2 oy oldin
Vid sounds nice with airpods
islaplayz007 2 oy oldin
I got these fake ones. While i was charging them it got very hot it melted the charging part of the eatbud.
Jeylianne Colon1
Jeylianne Colon1 2 oy oldin
Can someone help? I have the i10 tws AirPods by only my right one works. It pairs and the touch controls work but no sound is coming out of it. Help would be greatly appreciated!
jkartemis 2 oy oldin
AirPods around the world: 160$ AirPods in Greece: 200€
Johnathan Zinke
Johnathan Zinke 2 oy oldin
The i9s are so much better. Trust
Djeshwin 2 oy oldin
hi get the i10 its better than the i8
DarK&StormY 2 oy oldin
the padear ones are way better, and the same size as apples.
Connor Davis
Connor Davis 2 oy oldin
Get him to do the i10s they are so much better.
II PANDA IIV 2 oy oldin
Bought some of these a while ago they broke the same day i got them *I DONT RECOMEND THEM*
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen 2 oy oldin
You would be clowned if you wore these in school. no cap.
Camille Noel
Camille Noel 2 oy oldin
You got the wrong ones. You should have got padear mini X1 for the same price. Those ones are IDENTICAL (Been using them for 5months now)
JP Bredenkamp
JP Bredenkamp 2 oy oldin
The new TWS i10s are really good actually. The case even has wireless charging and they’re more of a 1:1 replica. Sound quality and battery have gotten better, as well as better pairing, ALSO NO BUTTONS ANYMORE, thank god haha
BMW THE DJ 2 oy oldin
do a review on the Walmart version
Ze shit nigga
Ze shit nigga 2 oy oldin
I have the same jacket! 🤣
Niko Guaglianone
Niko Guaglianone 2 oy oldin
I just want the air pods 2 to come out so we can see you jump in a pool to test them out😂
Kong Panha
Kong Panha 2 oy oldin
I have on of that bought it in Japan discount for only 32$
Johny Dang
Johny Dang 2 oy oldin
Idk about these 😟
Pumpyjetski 2 oy oldin
I got those
Eugene Kozachenko
This shit costs like 5 dollars for real
narek galamdaryan
What if you stop clickbating for only 40 dollars?
dru saiz
dru saiz 2 oy oldin
I-10 tws air pods from Knockies work great. 1:1 in size too.
Thorn snipes
Thorn snipes 2 oy oldin
try out some i10 tws
Carson Leppert
Carson Leppert 2 oy oldin
My pet rock just died:( Leave a like for him
Godly x Grave
Godly x Grave 2 oy oldin
i got the same ones but they were €25 but they had a supreme skin and there actually sick
BUY I10 tws
1701spacecadet 2 oy oldin
There’s no reason the real pods can’t be sold at $40. At Chinese labour rates they will still make profit.
Los Barney Tubbies
I got them gor 20 at Ross
CYB3RZACK 2 oy oldin
what about the ones from OSheadphones on Instagram?
Manos Papadakis
Manos Papadakis 2 oy oldin
Amazing product. I'm gonna buy it for sure
LetsPlayGame [LPG]
Do a video on the airpod clone the " i10 tws" its much better and its really close to the real thing + some features that ever the airpod dont have
Prayag Nair
Prayag Nair 2 oy oldin
i would
pat s
pat s 2 oy oldin
I got the same shit from China for 12 bucks and they have been perfect for the last 6 months
vanillamania gamer
What about i10
Stelios K
Stelios K 2 oy oldin
I’m a big big fan of apple , but I wouldn’t buy AirPods , I would buy Apple Watch 3 for 50€ more
Christian Morris
Christian Morris 2 oy oldin
Got my for 15 bucks and I can still have WiFi and it’s bass boosted
Kusumita Paladugu
Can you please review the i10 TWS just came out and almost better than AirPods
Syris Art
Syris Art 2 oy oldin
Why dose he look like a bit bigger just in timber lake
Link Ssuto
Link Ssuto 2 oy oldin
Where do u find the 159$ airpods!!
golden waffles
golden waffles 2 oy oldin
He should try the newest fakes
Abtin Rokni
Abtin Rokni 3 oy oldin
Get the i10 tws
NEW $35 Fake AirPods Are Near Perfect!
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