What if you could trade a paperclip for a house? | Kyle MacDonald | TEDxVienna

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Kyle MacDonald details just exactly how he traded up from one red paperclip to a house, in only a year! It's an unlikely and amazing journey with lots of surprises along the way.
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Kyle MacDonald started with a red paperclip and traded it for a pen. Then traded the pen for a doorknob. And so on!
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20-Noy, 2015




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Admiral Ackbar
Admiral Ackbar 7 soat oldin
He looks like Leonard from the big bang theory
Joel Charron
Joel Charron 7 soat oldin
Dwight Shrute managed to start with nothing but a thumbtack and worked his way up all the way up to Professor Copperfield's Miracle Legumes
Financial Matter
Financial Matter 8 soat oldin
3.1k dislikes? They must not have red paper clips to trade
Tiffany Barr
Tiffany Barr 10 soat oldin
This is fake
Hector Calderon
Hector Calderon 16 soat oldin
That was the coolest thing I've ever heard
ZagMan 22 soat oldin
Is there a TLDR Version?
celestial_crash Kun oldin
pass iton
pass iton Kun oldin
Amazing journey for him, but he knows to communicate! That's the key. Its not the object, its how u present an market it, and he knows how to do that .
sahmed Kun oldin
No thanks to this dude! Had to do this as a project for an EMBA program! Definitely didn't make it to a house but people in the cohorts did make some awesome trades:)
Livestronger Kun oldin
plata o plomo
Alex Tuduran
Alex Tuduran Kun oldin
So who wants a recording contract?
Onestopshop23 Kun oldin
Awesome story!! Very heartfelt!!
Brittany Sparkman
The fish pen trade was a huge leg up
Luciano Rizzo
Luciano Rizzo Kun oldin
Shakeel Anjum
Shakeel Anjum Kun oldin
how long it will take to get house if i start from imaginary paperclip?
George Mdzeluri
George Mdzeluri 2 kun oldin
Step 1: Buy box of paper clips Step 2: Become supreme leader of North America
TacomaPaul 2 kun oldin
Ted traded TED. Winner.
Nick Willmott
Nick Willmott 2 kun oldin
this is amazing
Mohamed Haidara
Mohamed Haidara 2 kun oldin
This idea should be a movie
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EAM Productions
EAM Productions 2 kun oldin
Oh hi mark
Florence Gillard
Florence Gillard 2 kun oldin
most wholesome story
N M 2 kun oldin
I have a purple paperclip, anyone wanna trade?
sacramentallyill 2 kun oldin
I’ll trade you some weed.
Nova 2 kun oldin
How amazing would it be if he traded the house for the original paperclip
random stuff
random stuff 2 kun oldin
T Th Thi This This i This is This is d This is da This is dam This is damn This is damn c This is damn co This is damn coo This is damn co This is damn c You thought i was gonna complete it,didn't you?
Chase Guap
Chase Guap 2 kun oldin
I started with a paper clip too but some how I ended up with $80,000 in student loan debt. I don’t think I did it right...
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes 2 kun oldin
Mom, where did you put the pack of paperclips???
Erold Vincent Sigarra
This guy is a modern-day Straw Millionaire.
Steele McLaren
Steele McLaren 2 kun oldin
Lol I live in bc too
Jerry Anstey
Jerry Anstey 2 kun oldin
the fact that over 7,000,000 people watched this so far tells you the reason why this guy did this.
Jerry Anstey
Jerry Anstey 2 kun oldin
come and play everything's A ok. Why stop at a small old house ?Go for new a 1200 ft cruise ship .Should'nt take more then 5- 10 years !
dyl pikl321
dyl pikl321 2 kun oldin
What if you could trade a house for a paperclip
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill 3 kun oldin
i thought it said if you could trade a paper clip for a horse
I Is Pro Gengu
I Is Pro Gengu 3 kun oldin
This is just a glorified nothing to a knife tutorial
Hello It's me.
Hello It's me. 3 kun oldin
There's a flaw. He basically used his afternoon with alice cooper already
spyfox260 3 kun oldin
Imagine if this guy had 2 paperclips
Stevenation 42
Stevenation 42 3 kun oldin
This mans entire life is just one massive series of side quests
DownUp 3 kun oldin
What if I could create a clickbait that can reach 5B views?
Ryan Lincoln
Ryan Lincoln 3 kun oldin
Honestly, the most simple and adventurous story I've ever witnessed.
im timking
im timking 3 kun oldin
Draz Reckned
Draz Reckned 3 kun oldin
It is always amazing to me, to see the level of human connections that can come from interacting with others and seeing the potential that lies around every unexpected corner.
FakeFariQun HQ
FakeFariQun HQ 3 kun oldin
Next: *What if you trade a House for a Paperclip*
LevaKinZ 3 kun oldin
This is just a story people getting scammed over and over again...
Reinhardt Miller
Reinhardt Miller 3 kun oldin
Jesse Rose
Jesse Rose 3 kun oldin
after some trading, i now own all of you, dont ask what i traded for
xxsnipezz z
xxsnipezz z 3 kun oldin
I will give you two paper clips for your house
Messycoyote 3 kun oldin
Absolutely brilliant. I smashed that like button so hard.
I Don’t care
I Don’t care 4 kun oldin
I’m just that guy....
Sec 4 kun oldin
I traded a pen for a space station. Im not lying
Afrida Rahman
Afrida Rahman 4 kun oldin
So we just gonna pretend that Corbin, the dad from Psych (and other things), did NOT participate in this. Okay.
Essey Rufael
Essey Rufael 4 kun oldin
I feel like dwight from the office would do this and take pictures every trade
Spectre 4 kun oldin
Plot twist: The town council would have traded the house if you had a red paperclip.
Aidan Walsh
Aidan Walsh 4 kun oldin
Idea stolen from the office
GottahaveIT 4 kun oldin
one of my favorite TEDx talks so far
Hattytheman 44
Hattytheman 44 4 kun oldin
What if you could trade a house.........for a paperclip?
Nairuulagch 4 kun oldin
What this teaches us is the material world is kind of a hologram. In certain actionable measures a paper clip turns out as an equal value item as supposedly most expensive human using item of a house.
Botts King
Botts King 4 kun oldin
Gucci clip
Tim Lapp
Tim Lapp 4 kun oldin
Speech: 100
Turrebo 4 kun oldin
I traded all of my spare time for a paid day time job with no heavy lifting. And I got a house _and_ I still have that job. Not as exciting as trading a paperclip, I know...
Trash Man
Trash Man 4 kun oldin
There should be a movie of this
Payson Young
Payson Young 4 kun oldin
That's the most fantastic story I've ever heard hands down... It's like the price of a stone
Unknown Destination07
I’m just going to sell my red paper clip.
Matthew Stone
Matthew Stone 5 kun oldin
Me after watching this video: *looks at desk* *sees paperclip* Me: -_- Me: o_o Me: O_O Ok Paperclip! You're going to craigslist right now!!! * a day later* Phone: *notification sound goes off* Me again: *looks at phone* Person in the message: I could trade this with you for a fish pen if you wanted! Me once more: 0_o AHAHHHHAHHHHHHHHH X_X
BlazingFury 5 kun oldin
GuitarSlinger2112 5 kun oldin
I think you benefited in ways that make this more than simply "trading a paper clip up to a house" and I feel like ignoring that is a sheister move. You got lucky and found a gimmick that worked and you were able to rely on peoples' desire to be part of the gimmick more than their desire of the object you were trading.
Karwash Blark
Karwash Blark 5 kun oldin
His shoes don't match
Gus Mc
Gus Mc 5 kun oldin
capitalism in a nut shell.
Universal Astronaut
What film was he in
Mitchell Carter
Mitchell Carter 6 kun oldin
I’ve seen it UZvid! Okay? Now can you stop making me wanna watch it?
Iron Sharpens Iron
Iron Sharpens Iron 6 kun oldin
why couldnt he go to YAHK?
ForestGump091 7 kun oldin
Inspired by Dwight from The Office
MSP _FORTNITE 7 kun oldin
I wonder what happened to the paper clip?
The Warden
The Warden 7 kun oldin
This guy spent too long merchanting on World 2
It’s Me
It’s Me 7 kun oldin
This are the type of videos that I like to see in my recommending
Julian Zogg
Julian Zogg 7 kun oldin
Damn that guy looks like a shteedle!
Viv Wallace
Viv Wallace 8 kun oldin
Timothy Bonis
Timothy Bonis 8 kun oldin
What he neglected to mention is that he traded away his left shoe
Anas Enori
Anas Enori 8 kun oldin
What rethorical devices did he use in this speach?
Brandon Escobedo
Brandon Escobedo 8 kun oldin
The facial expression of the woman in 13:12 is like WTF ???
SquawkImABird 7 kun oldin
Brandon Escobedo Cool?
George McWilliam
George McWilliam 8 kun oldin
i followed all the steps and now im in a ditch
Kits 8 kun oldin
I’ll trade you that paper clip for all my 130 grave diggers
dat ain't mine
dat ain't mine 8 kun oldin
I might have stopped at the fish pen. That thing was sweet!
Cian Doyle
Cian Doyle 9 kun oldin
The art of the swap
Just A Loser Who Doesn’t Upload At All
When will TED talk himself
BGB 9 kun oldin
Lets grow together Sub me Like one of my videos Ill sub to you and you will have a loyal subscriber Thank you so much
Chaotic Penguin
Chaotic Penguin 9 kun oldin
Damin Jamie beats
Damin Jamie beats 9 kun oldin
i remember learning about this guy back in high school
NIc K 9 kun oldin
Step 1 Garner attention. Step 2 find rich people with unlimited resources.
Elvis Van
Elvis Van 9 kun oldin
11PM Dec 9 2018~
Weird_Quarly 9 kun oldin
200 iq trading
Nixon Rexzile
Nixon Rexzile 9 kun oldin
what is this? I'll give you my paperclip for that house and sell it for any dollar :p
James 9 kun oldin
Wonder what I could get with a dollar
Ethan Chien
Ethan Chien 9 kun oldin
bakc wen tedx used 2 mak gud vids
Ivan. S
Ivan. S 9 kun oldin
Things do not work like that in Eastern Europe.
Cyclist's Guide
Cyclist's Guide 9 kun oldin
This really isn't a trading story. Its a Marketing and PR Story.
N K D P 10 kun oldin
Merchant 100
cmeerdo 10 kun oldin
real life Katamari Damacy
pp Duci
pp Duci 10 kun oldin
All kids after this video made a craiglist account
Crybaby Hamilton Dawson
Why does he sound like MatPat
AyyDot 10 kun oldin
Is anyone else wondering how he paid for all the travelling he did?