What if you could trade a paperclip for a house? | Kyle MacDonald | TEDxVienna

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Kyle MacDonald details just exactly how he traded up from one red paperclip to a house, in only a year! It's an unlikely and amazing journey with lots of surprises along the way.
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Kyle MacDonald started with a red paperclip and traded it for a pen. Then traded the pen for a doorknob. And so on!
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20-Noy, 2015




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Sgt Nooodle
Sgt Nooodle 3 soat oldin
So you got lucky and people gave you way too much value because they liked the idea... Cool thanks
Henri Leppihalme
Henri Leppihalme 10 soat oldin
"Just get a house 4Head"
Xarix 11 soat oldin
I traded an oxygen atom for a private jet and BMW IMPRESSIVE HUH
debt collector
debt collector 17 soat oldin
You can if you bring a big enough gun
Casey Don
Casey Don 18 soat oldin
This is honestly the one TED that I didn't care about, sorry Kyle :(
John H
John H 18 soat oldin
wtf happened when he traded the trip for the truck.what he was saying didn't make any sense
John H
John H 19 soat oldin
wouldve been better if it was kyle mooney instead
The 69ers
The 69ers 19 soat oldin
Imagine what he could do with 40 paperclips
Rizune 19 soat oldin
When will Ted himself arrive to the talk? Don't let Ted hide behind these lies.
Pҩperclip 20 soat oldin
I'm that paperclip
P L 21 soat oldin
What divine inspiration. We should all believe our red paperclips can solve our problems. Ted is a joke. Dont let these idiots influence your lives.
Rachaford 21 soat oldin
When you trade an afternoon with one of the best known celebrities for a kiss snow globe but it somehow works out, yet if I start homework five minutes late my life goes crashing down
william thompson
william thompson 22 soat oldin
Stop and think about the millions of people that went into buying a coke out of a vending machine for $1.50. Quick because it mushrooms fast. I pull the $1.50 and I realize the thousands of people it took for me to have 6 quarters. The guy at the mint making the quarters, the guy who brought the metal to melt for the quarters, to the truck that the guy drove to the mint, to the guy who made the tires on that truck, to the guy at the rubber factory etc etc. It is all up to our imagination how many people we want to throw into the mix !!! It all mushrooms into a million different people right alway, if you use your imagination. This is how interconnected we are. GSTQ" (rule Britannia)" 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⛴⛴⛴ ( Give us Manhatten we deserve it after plundering the late King's wealth)
McBride for Business
McBride for Business 22 soat oldin
Thankfully you weren't an American taxpayer. Just think of all of the income tax compliance you would have had to file.
Specialist 22 soat oldin
I think Dwight K. Schrute watched this
Mr.Sw4g 831
Mr.Sw4g 831 23 soat oldin
Now trade the house for a paper clip
Minh Tran
Minh Tran 23 soat oldin
Isn’t that the guy from psych?
Owen Bengert
Owen Bengert 23 soat oldin
6:41, you should murder somebody there
Wholesome Lad
Wholesome Lad Kun oldin
*I would never trade my paperclip!*
Chad Singer
Chad Singer Kun oldin
What if I could press a button and make the entire organization responsible for TED talks just... disintegrate? I would. I would press it a thousand times.
WES Kun oldin
I traded my happiness for 7 years and then I got a divorce............................
Hot Stock Girl
Hot Stock Girl Kun oldin
I would buy a box of paperclips and trade it up for a wealthy gated community.
Al McKlive
Al McKlive Kun oldin
Someone in Hollywood needs to make a movie about this guy's life experiences of trading things. Starting Seth Rogen -Btw this guy incidentally kinda looks like Seth Rogen and he happens to be Canadian as well. haha What are the odds, it's meant to be. I'd watch that, provided a good story for the film.
what the shit
what the shit Kun oldin
lol, my name’s Karina. What’s the movie called?
Manas Gupta
Manas Gupta Kun oldin
looks down at the desk sees a Red paperclip* Dreams of a mansion
Some Random Banana
Love this guy’s name *kyle macdonald*
Tyler Nope
Tyler Nope Kun oldin
This was fake.
Benjamin Alicea
Benjamin Alicea Kun oldin
You're all idiots if you believe this is how the world works.
Amber Lema
Amber Lema Kun oldin
Ethan Yakhin
Ethan Yakhin Kun oldin
all his traveling cost him so much probably
diskthegamer 1234
It seems like some of the people got ripped of in the trade
Mariah Henderson
Why are his shoes two different colors?
- Minus -
- Minus - 2 kun oldin
Yo! I used to live by Kipling Saskatchewan!!!
Kan Zimmerman
Kan Zimmerman 2 kun oldin
I don't wanna doubt the authenticity of these trades, but things started to get out of hand with the camping stove for the generator and the beer for the snowbile. There's no way someone sane would just trade those straight up without at least some cash considerations to make up for it. There are parts of the story he is not .
Baelica :P
Baelica :P 2 kun oldin
This story is so amazing
Harry McRae
Harry McRae 2 kun oldin
I’ll trade something right now!
Joshua Blanco
Joshua Blanco 2 kun oldin
this mutha fucka is a hustler
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 2 kun oldin
when will ted ever come on stage
LASZLO HOLICKY 2 kun oldin
blackmailed a national news company, it's a long story
JUDGE MENTHOL 2 kun oldin
Worth watching the whole video just for his line at the end. Very inspirational
Georgia Barbz
Georgia Barbz 2 kun oldin
*Me* buys a bunch of paper clips
KING Ja Mes 2 kun oldin
I once traded my cookies, for a kiss, from a girl in junior high. Now I have a kid with her.
jayarbuddah 2 kun oldin
I once traded $20 for some coke.
kingrawrasaurus 2 kun oldin
*An afternoon with Alice cooper.* WHERE'S A RED PAPER CLIP?!?!
MidnightZ7 2 kun oldin
I’ve been wanting to look this story up, instead this video just falls into my lap 🤔 hmmm... a sign? Or is it just google stalking me again?
Steþhan 2 kun oldin
Dwight Schrute traded a pin all the way up to a telescope
Fern F
Fern F 2 kun oldin
This is the definition of what happens when you let the universe drive the car.
PervasivePeach 2 kun oldin
This is basically from nothing to a knife after csgo trading was killed lol
Ray 2 kun oldin
Nolan: * Thank god you saw that paperclip *
pissy little girl
pissy little girl 2 kun oldin
I NEED to try this out!!
jack humphries
jack humphries 2 kun oldin
7:46 this might be the words trade deal in the history of trade deals maybe ever.
TealWashableMarker 3 kun oldin
Ngl the face doorknob was a significant downgrade
TealWashableMarker 3 kun oldin
*trades fish pen for house* This has been one of the worst deals in trade history, maybe ever
TealWashableMarker 3 kun oldin
I cannot help but think of the Donald Trump meme, particularly with that first comment.
Kevin Bergey
Kevin Bergey 3 kun oldin
Paperclip the mortgage documents together then trade it to the bank for that house.
Zane A
Zane A 3 kun oldin
what people are missing is how good a salesman Kyle is. People joined him on his journey and WANTED to propel it forward. Doesn't matter if it was a paper clip or 50 cents, if you know what to do with it, you will add value to it and make people around you better off
Zane A
Zane A 3 kun oldin
I need that fish pen. I would give you a house for it, no steps in between
ReaRea B.
ReaRea B. 3 kun oldin
michael phillips
michael phillips 3 kun oldin
With the same idea in mind you could buy a house with a penny
yaakov thomas
yaakov thomas 3 kun oldin
On my way to buy some paperclips
meow 3 kun oldin
By that time he would have learned how to open door locks with that paperclip! lol
Mr Ed
Mr Ed 3 kun oldin
wow what a journey man!@
Cristos Palabras
Cristos Palabras 3 kun oldin
I traded my peace and sanity for a WIFE. Best trade I ever made.
Cederva Arepel
Cederva Arepel 3 kun oldin
what he fails to mention is that most of these trades happen because the other parties are looking for publicity, which comes from him already being a well known public figure, the trades themselves garner attention as well because of the history.
AAA High Score
AAA High Score 3 kun oldin
Who would trade a snowmobile for a beer keg?
Pussy Slayer
Pussy Slayer 3 kun oldin
Bartering = true free trade
Jasper Trip
Jasper Trip 3 kun oldin
He stole Dwight’s idea.
Fireball Foxtrot
Fireball Foxtrot 3 kun oldin
8:09 this is by far the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever
John Frigo
John Frigo 3 kun oldin
Next step is to trade house for some magic beans
Andrew Partin
Andrew Partin 3 kun oldin
John Doe
John Doe 3 kun oldin
Why are they laughing at 2:47? I feel like they showed a new image but idk maybe I missed something
dugongo arancione
dugongo arancione 3 kun oldin
I bought a pack of 1000 paperclips, Imma gonna trade them for a fkn village
Sazzorak Skills
Sazzorak Skills 3 kun oldin
People are talking about the fish pen, BUT THE DOOR KNOB???
JPKLA 4 kun oldin
you see kids, with a little ingenuity you can turn a paper clip into a house. what a load of sh8. more globalist propagand. F Canada.
Mr. Potatoe
Mr. Potatoe 4 kun oldin
That was the worst trade in the hiatory of trade deals, ever.
Jake Fl
Jake Fl 4 kun oldin
This is the best trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever
omo mavroe
omo mavroe 4 kun oldin
Καλή μαλακία.
Erik Hurtig
Erik Hurtig 4 kun oldin
OK, so anybody wanna trade my paper clip for their house? Let's cut the middle men
Riley Hackman
Riley Hackman 4 kun oldin
Dwight Schrute
Ex0Sk3l 4 kun oldin
Imagine what I could get with a toothpick
Dakota Wynn
Dakota Wynn 2 soat oldin
imagine getting every single console with O N E toothpick.
Soliloquy Kun oldin
Bleeding gums?
DummyDavid & StupidFelim
Did you get the food stuck in your teeth?
Kitty Hills
Kitty Hills 3 kun oldin
The possibilities...
Flint25 4 kun oldin
If you're Dwight Schrute you could trade a telescope for magical legumes
Ben Willock
Ben Willock 4 kun oldin
>When you do a max speech and charisma playthrough
Suhas Sreedhara
Suhas Sreedhara 4 kun oldin
That message in the end really moved me. I was reminded of myself 2 years back when I was trying to make a decision that changed my life. I can exactly relate to that, I would have been just another guy blaming the circumstances and accepting the fate, instead I made that decision. Thanks for this video mate!
James Shelnutt
James Shelnutt 4 kun oldin
hold on a sec. - how did you trade your afternoon with Alice Cooper? you already had used your afternoon with him. You had been onstage with him. Did you have 2 afternoons with Alice Cooper? I don't get how you could use up the meeting with him but then trade it. Was it like unlimited meetings? rewatching the video it seems you got to experience meeting with him without actually using up the meeting with him. Kinda weird cause to me your meeting with him should have used it up, but oh well.
CrossfireMedia 4 kun oldin
Well the US collectively traded their entire future for a 4-year comedy show, how amazing is that.
CrossfireMedia 4 kun oldin
If you broaden your definition of "trade" just a bit, you realize there are lots of amazing trades that happen every day, some even more astonishing than this one. My gf traded a kiss for a house *and* a car, so I'd say she's done pretty well for herself.
James Cabral
James Cabral 4 kun oldin
Eyyo, I got an orange and purple pin, wanna trade your car for it?
Matt Pilapil
Matt Pilapil 4 kun oldin
Did he just call thumbnails "screenshots?"
Didj Terminator
Didj Terminator 4 kun oldin
Personally I think the paperclip is more useful for obtaining money than a house (you do this fancy "picked lock" trade to obtain money or other trading tools like funny photographs), but whatever suits you is fine!
Pagliacci 4 kun oldin
this is a perfect example of how great freedom and America are. He may be a Canadian, but he is American at heart.
JEFFF !!!!!
JEFFF !!!!! 4 kun oldin
Dwight K. Schrute has this game on lock
DatGanjaSmuggla 4 kun oldin
Canada be like!!!!!
Elizabeth Flores
Elizabeth Flores 4 kun oldin
The actor (Corbin Bernsen) plays Henry Spencer on Psych!!!
stephencoxbass 4 kun oldin
Truly inspiring! Makes me want to trade something...
Jack 4 kun oldin
Real life challenge of nothing to legendary xd
English Deplorable
English Deplorable 4 kun oldin
This only works if you're the first person to do it and can therefore garner enough media attention to make people willing to engage in trades in which they end up significantly disadvantaged.
TC Gaming
TC Gaming 4 kun oldin
I just traded a breath of air for a yacht.
John Waters
John Waters 5 kun oldin
This suffers from the same flaw as tv shows about "going around the world hitchhiking with a bunch of cameras filming the whole thing". Most of those deals only happened because he had a project that was gathering attention. In sum this would probably not work out for the average person.
SapphFire Kun oldin
Was this guy popular before this happened? Did he gain attention from trading the paper clip or did he already have followers?
John Waters
John Waters 4 kun oldin
+Obesno0 He might have been stuck with the paper clip if that initial trade wasn't already attached to the idea of making it into a fun experiment.
Obesno0 4 kun oldin
Probably not. If not for the media attention he probably would of stopped at the generator. But still a generator for a paperclip is certainly a profit.
Joseph Ayer
Joseph Ayer 5 kun oldin
Parkour Atlas
5 kun oldin