What if you could trade a paperclip for a house? | Kyle MacDonald | TEDxVienna

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Kyle MacDonald details just exactly how he traded up from one red paperclip to a house, in only a year! It's an unlikely and amazing journey with lots of surprises along the way.
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Kyle MacDonald started with a red paperclip and traded it for a pen. Then traded the pen for a doorknob. And so on!
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20-Noy, 2015




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Ryan Blackman
Ryan Blackman 47 daqiqa oldin
All I gotta say is patience
Flumble Weeb
Flumble Weeb 2 soat oldin
I traded my lung for a jaw bone
Edward Shaken Bacon Aiken
Let's get started
Jayden Bembry
Jayden Bembry 16 soat oldin
Butterfly effect
NobodyPI 19 soat oldin
This is the height of capitalism.
Brandon Carter
Brandon Carter 20 soat oldin
The real life equivalent of "Trading 1GP to a Bond in Old School Runescape!"
Conscious Robot
Conscious Robot Kun oldin
I wonder if anyone else has tried this since.
1nto The Fray
1nto The Fray Kun oldin
Who else looked at the thumbnail
Libertarian Values
What a cool story
chicken cat animations
all luck
HB Stone
HB Stone Kun oldin
5:44 "someone actually offered me their virginity" clearly unacceptable, he wouldn't have been able to turn that around to someone else =P
Joe Poelmans
Joe Poelmans Kun oldin
This is what the world could be without government just people working together and bartering and trading.
Itz A Rubix
Itz A Rubix 2 kun oldin
Cuphead Reference
Jack Graham
Jack Graham 2 kun oldin
I traded nothing for earth.
JusBidniss 3 kun oldin
So two people freely enter into a transaction, each seeking to 'trade up' and finding a way to do so, without calling in a third party to try and coerce the transaction in their favor, or guilt the other person into a disadvantageous position based on extraneous factors like personal identity, and it all creates an upward spiral of human interaction and enrichment. Sounds a lot like capitalism to me.
T O P 3 kun oldin
From nothing to a knife :)
S3NP41 0ᄉ0
S3NP41 0ᄉ0 3 kun oldin
I traded my pet fish, for a pet turtle :o, and I traded my pet turtle, for a hamster,I traded my pet hamster for a bunny, I traded my bunny , for an iphone 4, I traded my iPhone 4 for an IPhone 6, (the screen was a bit broken but it was a good trade) , I got the phone fixed for free because the guy knew my dad, I traded the IPhone 6 for an IPad mini! :o , and finally, I went into EBay and traded the IPad mini, for a Purple Laptop! This was in 2016, and to this day, I still have my laptop. 😚. The pets were all traded to kids who actually wanted pets btw! And yes, this actually happened.
Andrei Owen
Andrei Owen 2 kun oldin
S3NP41 0ᄉ0 no it didn’t
S3NP41 0ᄉ0
S3NP41 0ᄉ0 3 kun oldin
Cam Olson
Cam Olson 3 kun oldin
I'd have stopped at the Budweiser sign. That thing is fuckin dooooope
Mentocthemindtaker 3 kun oldin
I found this video entertaining. Unfortunately that's the only value this talk has - entertainment, it really provides no useful information whatsoever; so, for a TED talk it was a bit of a let-down.
Cultist of Shrek
Cultist of Shrek 4 kun oldin
plot twist: the house was a dirt house in minecraft
Jenna no Manga
Jenna no Manga 4 kun oldin
I love how he stutters. It shows that all you need is a great story and people will listen 🌟
JizzyJay 4 kun oldin
"this is the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, possibly ever"
Not Magic Ok
Not Magic Ok 5 kun oldin
Absolutely amazing!
Maisen 5 kun oldin
I tried trading a paperclip to a game worth like 15 pounds
Damian Yundt [Famous YouTube Celebrity]
0:23 it’s called a thumbnail >:(
Marc Nemitz
Marc Nemitz 5 kun oldin
still love the story :)
Nichole Bird
Nichole Bird 5 kun oldin
I have a son named after Corbin....we are huge Psych fans!!
Alexander Guest
Alexander Guest 5 kun oldin
I'm just amazed that he didn't trade his TED talk.
The SCREAM 5 kun oldin
I feel so bad for him he was so nervous
L zio
L zio 5 kun oldin
GOD works in mysterious ways..... He always puts the right people, the right circumstances and the right opportunities in our way in order to fulfill HIS purpose. God ALWAYS provides. This is why we must always take a leap of faith if our heart tells us to.
Tyson McDaniel
Tyson McDaniel 5 kun oldin
I traded a stick of gum for DaNk MeMeS, then traded that for a billion dollars.
Tyson McDaniel
Tyson McDaniel 5 kun oldin
Trading: 100
enzo silveri
enzo silveri 6 kun oldin
I traded a paper clip for an I phone 7+
enzo silveri
enzo silveri 2 kun oldin
yeah i did it's my phone i use now lol
Andrei Owen
Andrei Owen 2 kun oldin
enzo silveri no, you didn’t
Awakened Son
Awakened Son 6 kun oldin
I enjoyed the humour of the journey, and the message. Well done.
I'm Griytz
I'm Griytz 6 kun oldin
When is ted himself coming to the talk?
John 6 kun oldin
He basicly got boosted by plebs.
Richard Susessmeier
Man that's unbelievable
Brooke Wilson
Brooke Wilson 6 kun oldin
This gave me chills and it’s 106 degrees outside
Papa Jonas
Papa Jonas 7 kun oldin
Growtopia in a nutshell
Ankle Ben
Ankle Ben 7 kun oldin
13:13 Bottom right lady fell in love
IWatchGapeHorn 7 kun oldin
Reminds me of the One Little Favour quest from runescape
Brendon Patterson
Brendon Patterson 7 kun oldin
Now the paper clip is worth a house
fidel maunahan
fidel maunahan 7 kun oldin
it's a legendary paper clip.
Alaaddintimez 8 kun oldin
When I was in 4th grade, I had this exact idea and had never seen it anywhere until now. It was lunchtime, and I somehow managed to trade a pear all the way up to a bag of Cheetos. I personally cannot stand the taste of pears. Now I gotta try what this guy has done.
Elephant 8 kun oldin
I want his last name
iSamus 8 kun oldin
Ashkan Banisepehr
Ashkan Banisepehr 8 kun oldin
and of course the screenshot of this video is him just standing...
MamaKermit 8 kun oldin
honestly, a great idea. this is an extremely interesting project. it’s funny though how lucky he got with the snow globe or the recording contract and even a house.
MudflapDB 8 kun oldin
this video is a waste of time
Stanzi Curtis
Stanzi Curtis 8 kun oldin
I traded my soul for $1,430,976 and a "happy life"... I kinda wish I had my soul back
Nam Le
Nam Le 8 kun oldin
That paper clip where ever it is is famous.
IKill Peepzz
IKill Peepzz 9 kun oldin
I would’ve just stopped at the snowmobile or truck and sold it.
Herminian 9 kun oldin
this mf
General R. E. Lee
General R. E. Lee 9 kun oldin
I need to try this, 'cause I need a house.
Joe Doreck
Joe Doreck 9 kun oldin
I thought this was the guy who played Leonard from BBT and then I heard him talk
The Neon Goomba
The Neon Goomba 10 kun oldin
As I was watching, I looked at the ground and found a white paper clip. Hm...
Florent Lee
Florent Lee 10 kun oldin
when you watch to many rocket league trading videos and you end up watching this
Richard Greene
Richard Greene 10 kun oldin
I'd give him a whole box and 2 sheets of paper.
JBcaptian 10 kun oldin
Has this been patched yet?
9 6
9 6 10 kun oldin
Then I'll trade two paperclips for Trumps palatial versaille penthouse
Raymond Dam
Raymond Dam 10 kun oldin
I remember this story when I was in junior high!
Rebeca Mugwort
Rebeca Mugwort 11 kun oldin
The definition of the unregulated free market.
Conner Allen
Conner Allen 11 kun oldin
anybody want a paperclip? willing to trade.
amirbahalegharn365 12 kun oldin
Fire-Storm 209
Fire-Storm 209 12 kun oldin
He looks like Halliday in Ready player one
monstersince 12 kun oldin
funny you should ask that; i just ordered 6 new cables from my old friend and computer supply lady to rewire puter, it cost me over £500 but that price includes her old mazda mx5 1.8s
Save The Pandas
Save The Pandas 12 kun oldin
That's pretty hilarious.
sdmitch16 13 kun oldin
But why would someone trade a fish pen for a red paper clip when you could buy red paper clips for about the cost of driving to a meet up place?
Nazareadain 13 kun oldin
Speaks to the power of contacts, not trade alone.
Projekt 9
Projekt 9 13 kun oldin
He's obviously watched the office episode where Dwight traded his way from a paperclip up to a telescope at the Dunder Mifflin garage sale... but probably forgot that in the end he bought professor copperfields magic beans! LOL hahaha
Orange Pootis
Orange Pootis 13 kun oldin
STARFEW 13 kun oldin
I traded my virginity...wait..oh sheet
Ryan Tan
Ryan Tan 13 kun oldin
He didn't account for opportunity cost
Crazy Neighbor
Crazy Neighbor 13 kun oldin
It all made sense when he said Canada...
ya beffy boi daddy bob
yo that was the guy from psych.
holystars 14 kun oldin
of course you can trade a paperclip for a house a house in California and by house i mean tents since no one but the super rich can afford to have a real house their
ryzo mcgregor
ryzo mcgregor 14 kun oldin
Corbin (spell) was in a long running tv show called LA LAW it ran from 1986-1994
Jay 2.0
Jay 2.0 14 kun oldin
*This Guy is a Genius*
DHD Maze
DHD Maze 14 kun oldin
I wanna do this now!
Gustaf Göransson
Gustaf Göransson 14 kun oldin
This reminds me of those old ''zero to hero'' Runescape videos where you started with a worthless item and traded it into something worth millions of gold
secret-werewolves 14 kun oldin
I really want to know what movie was made with Nolan Hubbard
Manny Acevedo
Manny Acevedo 14 kun oldin
That's incredible! The story alone was priceless.
Haru Haru
Haru Haru 14 kun oldin
Does no one find it so strange that out of all the ted talks the ted talks has done, I haven't came across a speaker named Ted.
Marvin Lashley
Marvin Lashley 15 kun oldin
Basically, everyone in this "trade" was trading for publicity... Try this at random and see where it goes.....
Raffi Nekko
Raffi Nekko 15 kun oldin
So he went on an afternoon with alice cooper and then traded that same afternoon away? Something isn't right there :P
James Smith
James Smith 15 kun oldin
Saw the thumb nail and thought it was Seth rogan lmao
Fancy Pun Banana
Fancy Pun Banana 15 kun oldin
What if paperclips end up costing like, 500,000 dollars.
Jovany Mejia
Jovany Mejia 15 kun oldin
Dwight did it better
Ayla Burrell.
Ayla Burrell. 15 kun oldin
MrKohlenstoff 16 kun oldin
Just imagine what a paperclip maximizer could achieve.
bob smiths
bob smiths 16 kun oldin
That house is square AF
HT Hawkeye Titan
HT Hawkeye Titan 16 kun oldin
I am baffled by the fact that this guy literally did the most biggest trade I have ever heard in my life... Bravo, Bravo.
Qtan Hall
Qtan Hall 16 kun oldin
when you hear a place near you and you freak out
Jevon Bernardes
Jevon Bernardes 16 kun oldin
After reading the title, I instantly thought of Dwight Schrute
KJ Piano Rock
KJ Piano Rock 16 kun oldin
I started with a house and traded it for cocain and now I'm hungry and homeless *In case you didn't know I'm joking*
Chris Samuels
Chris Samuels 17 kun oldin
Real life rocket league trading
Gas Mask
Gas Mask 17 kun oldin
prithvi shetty
prithvi shetty 17 kun oldin
Unknown -
Unknown - 17 kun oldin
I traded a penny and ended up having another penny!! Best trade in my life!!!