What is Federal Land?

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Like what does it mean? (For real though?)
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26-Noy, 2018

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Plate 2 soat oldin
im from washington state, so the national forest service is my wife
xxxtentacion 7 soat oldin
My question is, how is Alaska apart of the United States of America but is not connected to it. So how is Alaska not apart of Canada?
Jan Seemann
Jan Seemann 8 soat oldin
I'd love to continue to support you, but I am not willing to use Patreon anymore. Are you considering to use SubscribeStar? Or is there anyother way to support you?
Noob Level Animations
Learned a lot from this, thanks!
Maroki06 13 soat oldin
Snipez 16 soat oldin
But why does this work this way?
Snipez 16 soat oldin
I's it because America is a cunt and not a bunch of states? :)
slitor 18 soat oldin
I can sorta understand why Nevada rejected the national nuclear storrage facility, they should still have it there as its allready built, its understandable.
mono2go 19 soat oldin
Eurion constellation at 8:21
All New Start
All New Start 21 soat oldin
The U.S. in this case, is the federal corporation In the District of Columbia, also known as USDC or the UNITED STATES. It was created by the congressional act of 1871. Also see 28 USC 3002 (15) “United States” means- (A) a Federal corporation. Wait what ???????
Big Aftermath
Big Aftermath Kun oldin
Neh-vah-duh not Navoda
Teutonic Boi
Teutonic Boi Kun oldin
Who else is watching in √-1/(πe)^Φ P.A.26?
Daemon Magister
Daemon Magister Kun oldin
girls are dumb
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez Kun oldin
Please make a Little America with a gun at an Indian or Mexican a tee shirt. Add "Manifest Destiny" to the Indian and "Mexican Cessioning" to the Mexican character either top or bottom. I'd buy one of each.
VanMaster Gaming
Can you do some of these videos but for Canada? I would really like to know more about my countries politics and it's relation to the USA.
Nathan White
Nathan White Kun oldin
6:00 so don’t go to Nevada? Ok that’s fine easy enough
Katherine Says Hi
Katherine Says Hi 2 kun oldin
America sounds like the girl who steals your toys at recess (No I’m not a preschooler or an elementary schooler or whatever)
Ashe Gamer 5
Ashe Gamer 5 2 kun oldin
Who got the magic the gathering references?
Demossle 2 kun oldin
MTG and CATAN, dude you are cool.
Ellie the Equestrian 34
Are you James’s teacher
me you
me you 2 kun oldin
more pleas
Diego DeLaHoz
Diego DeLaHoz 2 kun oldin
Were you even asked to be in rewind?
John Runyon
John Runyon 2 kun oldin
This actually answers my long-burning question as to why Texas is one of the few "Western" states without really any national parks. The federal government decided to keep the land from other states but they never really had any land in Texas to begin with, since Texas was admitted as a state from the beginning (and already largely settled).
Jordanes Wyrhta
Jordanes Wyrhta 2 kun oldin
Lmao that bit on the nuclear testing in Nevada got me
Avgeek 3 kun oldin
All dislike from non fedreal land
Ultra GamesX
Ultra GamesX 3 kun oldin
Hi Mr. Batman!
chun yan gong
chun yan gong 3 kun oldin
Betting that CGP Grey's next video would be about the Indian reservations.
Samruddha save
Samruddha save 21 soat oldin
Indian from India or Native Americans??
Andy 3 kun oldin
CGP Grey's America: The Game Like if this should be real.
William T
William T 3 kun oldin
do reservations!
Ezra W
Ezra W 3 kun oldin
Kleopatra Van den Bergh
1.17 Wich state is that
CountArtha 3 kun oldin
Qwasey Wearycooldoc
Also they need a stop complaining cuz America is just gonna take the state for themselves.
Qwasey Wearycooldoc
Lady war 😉
CareyBanyasVideos 3 kun oldin
GREY let me know when your are free for a EDH game.
Jeremy Anderson
Jeremy Anderson 3 kun oldin
Great job, and thank you, personally. As a guy from southern Idaho this has proven difficult to explain clearly to my friends in Baltimore, and Queens. It also is no excuse for the behavior of those goons who occupied the Malheur NWR a couple years back. I spend a lot of time on Federal land in ID, eastern OR and NV, it is every bit as byzantine in practice as is presented in this video.
Sean Ball
Sean Ball 3 kun oldin
I really liked the Magic: The Gathering joke, especially with the Wastes land that New Mexico is holding. Made me laugh out loud, keep it up CGP Grey.
EarthHound 4 kun oldin
Answer: A Washington DC located theme park.
Lieutenant Bob
Lieutenant Bob 4 kun oldin
You should make a card game with those cards............................. I would buy it.
Little Prince ASMR
Little Prince ASMR 4 kun oldin
'Resource tiles' - Loved that.
Ben DeVeny
Ben DeVeny 4 kun oldin
Well done
pieniaurinko 4 kun oldin
Good explanation, and very nice animations. Thanks!
mista memer
mista memer 4 kun oldin
Resevations next plz
Mical 4 kun oldin
Wait, so the coastal WATERS are Federal LAND‽
Ögedei Khan
Ögedei Khan 4 kun oldin
f for Nevada containing high quality casinos and fallout games and 84% federal land
Cloud5SS 5 kun oldin
Fire island lol
James Brooks
James Brooks 5 kun oldin
as an alaskan i must say i love how often it was displayed here
Aaron Irby
Aaron Irby 5 kun oldin
Just FYI, the Clinton administration forced Military bases to comply with everything from the EPA to State law in regards to what they can and can't do on their bases. The comment about the housing is incorrect. In the 90's the military was forced to begin condemning houses with asbestos or houses that fell outside the respective states building codes. By the new millennium it worked out great for those of us stuck in Twentynine-Palms. The old Fred Flintstone houses had been torn down and we got nice homes that an average person in California would have to have paid a couple of million dollars for and the rest of average Americans would have paid about 120K to 200K depending on what state you live in. The Military no longer has absolute power on their bases and in some cases they have huge training areas they can no longer utilize becuase endangered species live on those ranges.
Lyndon Howlett
Lyndon Howlett 5 kun oldin
I love the Basic Lands.
Cameron Beauchamp
Cameron Beauchamp 5 kun oldin
2:11 2:24 there is a lot of Idaho in here
Cameron Beauchamp
Cameron Beauchamp 5 kun oldin
0:10 That one in the middle is Idaho that’s where I live
Max Swenson
Max Swenson 5 kun oldin
Sorry CPG Grey. I decided to ditch Patreon and consequently my financial support for your channel. Please consider setting up an account on SubscribeStar.
Pizza Man
Pizza Man 5 kun oldin
This channel is older than my sister
Oscar La vista
Oscar La vista 5 kun oldin
Martial Matters
Martial Matters 5 kun oldin
I can't tolerate this topless nudity
French Texas productions
Well at least no one has made hentai on these characters Yet
Jomar Rodriguez
Jomar Rodriguez 5 kun oldin
You should do a video on the problem with coinstar and alternative ways to get cash for coins
Kasyu 5 kun oldin
You forgot to put anything actually involving nasa in the misc. section, but that’s probably because they are all so tiny.
Jayden Nix
Jayden Nix 6 kun oldin
Forget these, play doom eternal. I wanna see your reaction lol
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia 6 kun oldin
I love the video ! But please for the love of god, it's nev-ä-duh not nev-āh-duh
Seoul 6 kun oldin
Are United States Territories federal land ?
IsYitzach 3 kun oldin
No, they are like states in terms of ownership. They just have a complicated relationship to the rest of the US as it isn't well defined on a piece of paper.
Wubba Bro
Wubba Bro 6 kun oldin
I love this guy like I’ve been watching this guy for 3 days and now I’m Einstein
Excollector99 6 kun oldin
Great video. A well animated and clear explanation.
zyxwvutsrqponmlkh 6 kun oldin
Constitution only allows the federal government to own land for military bases or post offices. If it's not one of those tow then they can just shove it.
Aquitale 3 kun oldin
This is a very fascinating claim, and I would love to believe this and share this news. Could you perhaps site where in the constitution it says this? If so I and so many others could actually argue on this point. I'm sorry I don't know where it says this, as when I checked I found no such thing. But would love to believe this. Thanks
Ayden Budish
Ayden Budish 6 kun oldin
Kam Norman
Kam Norman 7 kun oldin
MayFlower Ann
MayFlower Ann 7 kun oldin
All hail the Great Uniter with her beautiful dress and luscious golden hair.
christine cornish
christine cornish 7 kun oldin
BLM is also responsible for hunting down the wild horse
L Zad
L Zad 7 kun oldin
Being a Californian, I’m glad that the coastline is Federal land, so that a few really rich people cannot keep everyone from using the beaches. But oh how they try! They lock beach access gates, they put up rock barricades to make it seem like private property, they use every trick in the book. 😡.
Jay Wolf
Jay Wolf 7 kun oldin
land belongs to no one. land belongs to all creatures including humans on earth.
J R 7 kun oldin
I only tapped on this video because of the to scale Alaska at the beginning. That shit was YUGE.
Josef Ruiz
Josef Ruiz 7 kun oldin
I'm still waiting for this man to be in a youtube rewind
HKOlaura 8 kun oldin
Arizona has the best state flag design for a skirt because it’s the best design for a state flag.
Ryan Jameson
Ryan Jameson 8 kun oldin
America: (holds on to land) States: why u steal our land?
Thomasu Pippin
Thomasu Pippin 8 kun oldin
I live literally right next to the test site...
KaptenN 8 kun oldin
America is fascinatingly weird...
Mike Stories
Mike Stories 8 kun oldin
country road, take me home.... WEST VIRGINIA
Giradox 8 kun oldin
I had never heard the word "miscellaneous" out loud before. :O
Pohloon Chow
Pohloon Chow 8 kun oldin
grumble grumble grumble grumble
Zandaroos 8 kun oldin
Timothy 8 kun oldin
Never would’ve thought Nevada would get this much attention from anything besides Vegas
kang pimp
kang pimp 8 kun oldin
James Roden
James Roden 8 kun oldin
Capital Swamp(0:51); tap: add Black. Sac capital swamp: create capital city. That just puns on all cylinders
James Roden
James Roden 8 kun oldin
3:41 nuclear silo. Etb tapped. Tap: destroy target land. Uh yeah, Grey or someone at Grey Industries plays Magic.
I am Pegram
I am Pegram 9 kun oldin
Anyone else notice the asterisks are arranged in the EURion constellation at 8:21?
Protoman 10 kun oldin
Well there you have it. A middle finger doesn't get bigger than getting nukes dropped on you.
Anthony Batuello
Anthony Batuello 10 kun oldin
All of it
*A* *Name*
*A* *Name* 10 kun oldin
whippity, whine, this land is mine
Necro Boomer
Necro Boomer 10 kun oldin
Country roads take me home You only now this if you turn on subtitles
unconsidered1 10 kun oldin
This is more of a political view on the federal land in the west. I grew up in Idaho, and everyone I knew didn't mind how the land was controlled by the Forest Service/National Parks/Fish & Wildlife/Bureau of Land Management
Joshua Waite
Joshua Waite 10 kun oldin
that's a pretty big hole you punched in nevada america. OH not just the once. Oh. oh.
Frank R. Haugen
Frank R. Haugen 10 kun oldin
Sooooo... It's not California that's mismanaging it's forests, but the president mismanaging his. Why doesn't he know what lands the office own? Oh, right, he's too busy playing golf and watching TV -.-
Papyrus the Skeleton
Who does oceans belong to.
TakeThisification 10 kun oldin
Would love an additional video with information on the infamous Bundy Standoff, and how it very much relates to this.
Ward Huyskes
Ward Huyskes 10 kun oldin
Listen to bundiville if you're interested in the conflict between states and the federal government
Erekai 10 kun oldin
This video literally came out the same week I was researching and preparing for a presentation about the Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah, and it helped me understand all the shenanigans a lot better. So, thanks Grey. I know you did this video just for me.
jimboa20 11 kun oldin
The United States: we have a LOT of land!
XxAvatar KorraxX
XxAvatar KorraxX 11 kun oldin
You should make a video in Law and how it can differ in different countries and stuff, like I know I’d go to jail if I murdered someone here, but what would my punishment be elsewhere 🤔
Power Killer
Power Killer 11 kun oldin
Got a question (Can’t states buy federal land?)
Paul TheSkeptic
Paul TheSkeptic 11 kun oldin
Did you know they gave away land as late as the 1960's. Maybe later. I just know about a book from the 60's that talks about "homesteading". I think they might still do it in Alaska
George Coburn
George Coburn 11 kun oldin
Pusheen VIII
Pusheen VIII 11 kun oldin
Quick Easter Egg... The iPad on his desk is the new sexy iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2. Nice detail.
Chris Saylor
Chris Saylor 11 kun oldin
Making natives wait to get something sounds like the most American thing you've ever done.
Pacific Legal Foundation
A huge downside to so much federal ownership in Western states: much of the land could be economically viable (thanks to new innovations unavailable at the time of the Homestead Act) & could offset housing crisis if feds back off & let local communities develop.
Brexit, Briefly
2 yil oldin
American Empire
4 yil oldin