What is Federal Land?

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Like what does it mean? (For real though?)
***Federal Girls Wallpaper***: www.patreon.com/posts/federal-land-now-23029763
Land in America Part 1: uzvid.com/video/video-SgZ1f4ACZBQ.html&list=PLqs5ohhass_Q5xIw6brxubPI0NF4gr0Eb&index=1
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26-Noy, 2018

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Martin Constantino-Bodin
An eurion constellation of asterisks 😵
KANTAPAT Game 12 soat oldin
Unpopular Opinion These are the cutest stick figures I’ve ever see.
Greninja Dude801
Ive always wondered none of the countries or states are represented by males in these videos
Heck Nope
Heck Nope Kun oldin
Why are they women? I don't know why (neither do I expect this to change) but hearing America referred to as a she is a little weird. I suppose it is going against the norm of saying *it*.
Jaebez Bleah
Jaebez Bleah Kun oldin
Grumble _Grumble_ *Grumble* *GRUMBLE*
Bruce Harvey
Bruce Harvey Kun oldin
Now, explain why this is unconstitutional, because it is.
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher Kun oldin
So, what is the largest state in terms of having state land?
larson chace
larson chace Kun oldin
Well shit i live in neveda
Thank you, Bureau of Land Management lady, for being the one refuge in California where I could go shoot my guns in peace. Now that I live in the mountain west it's the Forest Service lady helping me out all the time.
I don't know What I'm doing
Can somebody please make fanart of all the departments? Thanks
AJ McRobert
AJ McRobert 2 kun oldin
How do laws work? Can you smoke weed at the parks in states that it's legal but federally illegal? Does the state's gun laws apply or federal? Prostitution and gambling can very too. If you commit murder on those places, is it federal or state that prosecutes you? That's literally why I wanted to watch this video.
Vilgot Löfgren
Vilgot Löfgren 2 kun oldin
How does the federal land affect the states?
Young Media
Young Media 2 kun oldin
funny how Oklahoma is finally in a UZvid video
bearclaw the great
bearclaw the great 3 kun oldin
You forgot to mention the department of reclamation
H Kay
H Kay 3 kun oldin
01:3 magic the gathering
Animetec1996 3 kun oldin
0:56 was is now my favorite image of history hahahaha, Baby America holding up Mexico, and Mexico is just like "the Fux"
Exoh 3 kun oldin
*grumble grumble grumble grumble*
Hikku 3 kun oldin
Our country and states are all so cute
The Chase
The Chase 3 kun oldin
Pls send help for the forest service
MoonBear1337 4 kun oldin
yay people know about cape cod, i live there!
DrZean 4 kun oldin
3:08 looks like a man either taking a dump or a man squatting
王文山 4 kun oldin
Syphilis Columbian hypothesis
Jonathan Lankford
Jonathan Lankford 4 kun oldin
This is how our beef is so expensive. More land control. Less for grazing.
Ya Girl Lala Kwel
Ya Girl Lala Kwel 4 kun oldin
LOL RIP NEVADA! Oh wait I live in Nevada...
The German Spy
The German Spy 5 kun oldin
Off topic:I never knew how large Alaska was until this video and wow,it's half the size of continental United States!
Transformer Bash
Transformer Bash 5 kun oldin
are you shore the us is a girl
Muddycarpenter Gaming
In a nutshell it's land the USA uses for stuff that states don't control
RicaDoga 5 kun oldin
Hey nevada yeeet thats mine
max pekar
max pekar 5 kun oldin
Those are definitely magic the gathering cards
Linn Davis
Linn Davis 5 kun oldin
Usually love the videos, but the assumption you're making throughout this one -- that the feds are somehow withholding land that rightfully belongs to the states -- is not a fact but an opinion. Which is fine -- but should be presented as such, rather than as an explanation of the situation. I live in one of those majority-federal-land states, and here's how it seems to break down here: On the political left, the feeling is that the feds generally do a fairly good job, and it's great to have land preserved by the (relatively) stable US gov't, rather than the states (which may easily be persuaded to sell it to developers, miners, paper companies, or whomever). On the political right, the feeling is that the states should have control, or (increasingly) that the government shouldn't own land at all and rather should sell it to be managed privately. And I think it's fair to say that the vast chasm between these views on federal land contributes significantly to why many of these federal-land-heavy Western states have such extreme urban-rural divides. Also, this is fairly minor, but . . . I think it's pretty inaccurate -- even if speaking 'in general' -- to say the Forest Service deals mainly with resource management and conservation, while BLM also does recreation. Yes, the Forest Service is technically still housed under the Dept. of Agriculture (owing to its resource-management past), but my experience working with the Forest Service is that it and BLM aren't much different in this regard: they both try to balance all three of these (sometimes competing) priorities. Of course, that balance can vary significantly depending on the particular forest or BLM district -- and certainly between presidential administrations -- but both those agencies try to do all of the above . . . as best they can on ever-shrinking budgets.
Paddyzilla 5 kun oldin
All the magic the gathering references makes my head hurt
Phillip White
Phillip White 6 kun oldin
You’re never gonna do the reservation video, are you?
Polandball Mapping
Polandball Mapping 6 kun oldin
What is a Ne-Vah-Da?
Fernando Villela Aranda
where is the Reservations video?
Emil Sørensen
Emil Sørensen 6 kun oldin
I wish these debates didn't get hijacked by people who just want to blow up Mount Rushmore if they can find an ounce of gold in it.
Aleksa Todorovic
Aleksa Todorovic 6 kun oldin
4:05 am I the only one that hears pewdiepie
Aleksa Todorovic
Aleksa Todorovic 6 kun oldin
4:05 am I the only one that hears pewdiepie
Straight Up Shots
Straight Up Shots 6 kun oldin
Man you've got some vendetta against the US govt. It's funny but kind of skews your videos in a weird way...
Mi Cu
Mi Cu 6 kun oldin
@yucca mountain
Mi Cu
Mi Cu 6 kun oldin
You said Nevada wrong, friend
Union of Lencastia
Union of Lencastia 6 kun oldin
Does California doesn't care about Federal Land?
freedomalert 6 kun oldin
How much you get paid to bash America? Cause i have a lot of good things to say about her, you negative Globalist.
SentsuizanXS 6 kun oldin
1:48 *unless you're black
Sherry Marshall
Sherry Marshall 6 kun oldin
*r.i.p. nevada*
Orestis Xaffesllari
Sooo american is not america but who is america ???? Lil america
Brayden Bybee
Brayden Bybee 6 kun oldin
I thinks it’s funny that Texas has so much land and resources but we (I’m from Texas) all use it for ourselves like there’s almost no federal land in texas
Letters Bold
Letters Bold 7 kun oldin
i am not american why am i watching this
Donivan Hubler
Donivan Hubler 7 kun oldin
I live in Nevada.
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom 7 kun oldin
What about national guard?
Ben O'Brien
Ben O'Brien 7 kun oldin
I live the staffs the charcaters get especially the nasa one adorbs!!!!!
sethy1 7 kun oldin
Apprentice Gunjurer
*good thing my gradma lives in Pensylavania*
Mike D
Mike D 7 kun oldin
So you gonna cover Reservations or nah?
Nomadic Lizard
Nomadic Lizard 7 kun oldin
That was really well explained. :D
Phøbia Lÿnx
Phøbia Lÿnx 7 kun oldin
Too be fair, if the state took much of Connecticut’s land, we’d be left with the rotten stuff (Hartford) at the center
C. Curry
C. Curry 7 kun oldin
Where's the reservation video
greenmumm 7 kun oldin
Wow Nevada got shafted. I guess they get there taxes from gambling though now.
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 8 kun oldin
this art is so cute :3
Jenny shinu
Jenny shinu 8 kun oldin
Can someone give this man a show? The way you described as America would be perfect as a show
George McGovern
George McGovern 8 kun oldin
In a burst of wartime patriotism, Civil War, Nevada GAVE their state lands to the Federal Government.
LOGAN REILLY 8 kun oldin
wait,BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS **west virginia intensifies**
LM Bros
LM Bros 8 kun oldin
Love the MTG references 💚
ali 8 kun oldin
Revan DW
Revan DW 8 kun oldin
So those stick figure design's head aren't transparent
Ethan Perales
Ethan Perales 8 kun oldin
WOOOOOO ain't nothing except for the borders in my state. You can probably guess my state.
SuperZ Animations
SuperZ Animations 8 kun oldin
Corbett Howell
Corbett Howell 9 kun oldin
Gib clay
SaintRuss Patron Saint of Nothing
i wanna see that video on reservations...
Galaxy Armor
Galaxy Armor 9 kun oldin
Tap: -1 I would pass on the card too 2:04
Haakon Dahl
Haakon Dahl 9 kun oldin
Nice Jackalope.
Mistk 13
Mistk 13 9 kun oldin
Finally someone puts Nevada in a video
Laeiryn 9 kun oldin
Can you do one on "modern money theory" ? I'm not quite sure I understand it entirely.
BUCC17 Pvz Master
BUCC17 Pvz Master 9 kun oldin
its pronounced nuv aadu
Wulfrvm 10 kun oldin
''when push comes to shove, america can *_shove_* " that is probably one of the best descriptions of america I've heard
Simon Science
Simon Science 10 kun oldin
Aha! I found the perfect argument to convince america to get rid of federal land. *its communism*
Christopher K
Christopher K 10 kun oldin
poor Nevada...
Miles Weckerle
Miles Weckerle 10 kun oldin
8:15 is that coin from red dead redemption? It looks oddly familiar...
Austin Rebello
Austin Rebello 10 kun oldin
Blue Ridge Mountains you say? Is life old there? Older than the trees?
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 10 kun oldin
.5 speed, you'll thank me later
adithyac1001 10 kun oldin
I love the mtg land cards
Forest Guardian Sceptile 1
i love this video and found it entertaining and very factual but america isnt bigger than china
Brownskikuca 10 kun oldin
8:40 OH! Looks like they added panzer pants to america
Tobey Transport
Tobey Transport 10 kun oldin
In the UK we don't have any of this because the parliament decides everything to do with borders
junkmail 10 kun oldin
as someone from utah, let me tell you, you do not want the state controlling any land unless you want reservations and national parks to be gutted for the sake of oil companies
SST Productions
SST Productions 11 kun oldin
lol the maps of this stuff in washington is really inacurate
Carver Allin
Carver Allin 11 kun oldin
Used the good side of the Oregon flag
RudRecciah 11 kun oldin
"like cape cod" *wait my house is next to a natural park*
Anders Schulze
Anders Schulze 11 kun oldin
where the reservations at?
jamesdanielplay 11 kun oldin
I thought it was a man sitting on the toilet 3:07
El Guapo Ben
El Guapo Ben 11 kun oldin
7:15 should have tapped the lands
Eduardo Escarez
Eduardo Escarez 11 kun oldin
8:20 Easter egg: The asterisks are positioned to form the EURion constellation, used in paper money to avoid counterfeiting.
Dem Stoops
Dem Stoops 11 kun oldin
So they could nuke utah (Edit:) if so I wanna move out
sion8 12 kun oldin
One thing this video doesn't talk about is, are there federal land in the territories?
Destin ToWin
Destin ToWin 12 kun oldin
Johnny FD
Johnny FD 12 kun oldin
Magic the Gathering! =)
Joks iZantos
Joks iZantos 12 kun oldin
6:20 smirky arrogant america in her natural habitat
Davis Fischer
Davis Fischer 12 kun oldin
rip idaho
Harlequinn 13 kun oldin
7:24 poor New Mexio
Frosty LordChaos
Frosty LordChaos 13 kun oldin
Just started the video but i applaud your use of MTG cards. Well done, sir. Well done.
Frosty LordChaos
Frosty LordChaos 13 kun oldin
And the obligatory Gollum quote.
Frosty LordChaos
Frosty LordChaos 13 kun oldin
And Catan...
Frosty LordChaos
Frosty LordChaos 13 kun oldin
And a star wars reference...
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