What is Hydro Dip Kit?

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8-Iyl, 2018

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Sterling O'Deaghaidh
Hydro-dipping is a true art, I do it sometimes on a less professional scale using spray paint sometimes but I also use the printed sheets that I custom order. Basically to explain it simply, the primer is the base, it aids in adhering the wrap onto the product, the white coat creates a brighter backdrop thus a brighter finish when applied after the primer this is because the material used is slightly transparent, after dipping (use wire for less noticeable attachment points and dip the item at an an angle for best results), you rinse to get rid of excess material and then use the clear coat as a way to protect the finish.
Kevin Burnham
Kevin Burnham 3 soat oldin
Learn how to use a product before you make a video
XpertGamer 5 soat oldin
Ruined a perfectly good mug
David Orellana
David Orellana 8 soat oldin
Why are you clumsy?
Siddhesh Padhye
Siddhesh Padhye 14 soat oldin
Did you even read the instructions ?
Siddhesh Padhye
Siddhesh Padhye 14 soat oldin
That was too much activator
Reinvented Prodigy
Reinvented Prodigy 17 soat oldin
Nooooooooo 😂😂😂😂 white is a base coat clear is clear coat like whats used on cars 😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Real Potato
The Real Potato Kun oldin
Hydro dip your hand
KingBongHogger Kun oldin
I hydro dipped my xbox and ps4 controllers. It works great *if you follow the instructions*
Seth Blair
Seth Blair Kun oldin
C my lff
Gerome Deleon
Gerome Deleon Kun oldin
“Look at that it’s windy and stuff...”😂💀
R CM 2 kun oldin
Will the paint last after washing in the dishwasher?
Ava Bucci
Ava Bucci 2 kun oldin
Was anybody else distracted by the ant being Jesus walking on the water
penguin lord
penguin lord 2 kun oldin
The Restoration of Dr Who
Keramic cup lol
ChaosCalm 2 kun oldin
Read the instructions first...
Raz angel
Raz angel 2 kun oldin
Hunter Whiting
Hunter Whiting 2 kun oldin
Just put spray paint on the water with different colors it works way better
Norberto Solis
Norberto Solis 3 kun oldin
Let’s see what they all about
DogfishKing1 3 kun oldin
The clear is supposed to go on after you hydro dip
vaggelis ptr
vaggelis ptr 3 kun oldin
Cooked peanuch
Daki N
Daki N 3 kun oldin
I can smell it
ollie Richards
ollie Richards 3 kun oldin
this is why you should read the instrutions first lol
SHAWBY KNIGHT 4 kun oldin
Once you put the activator on you got to put it in
FAR OUT 4 kun oldin
When he was scuffling up the ceramic (sir-am-ik) he said keramic like (car-am-ic) lol he is so funny😂
CrackpotChunk1 4 kun oldin
To much activator, and clear coat was for after the hydro dip, and you went to slowly on some of them
Yawn Cats
Yawn Cats 5 kun oldin
Your the best!! ❤️❤️
Adrienne Torres
Adrienne Torres 5 kun oldin
Hydro deep keet 😊
Christopher Pratt
Christopher Pratt 5 kun oldin
Go faster when you're dipping
DarkGamer7557 5 kun oldin
Karl Riedewald
Karl Riedewald 5 kun oldin
The subtitles are so funny
kaytarose 5 kun oldin
Did you read the directions? Seems like there was a lot of guessing involved.
π 3.1415926
π 3.1415926 5 kun oldin
You should hold the item that you’re dipping at an angle to prevent air bubbles
Adnan Abdullah
Adnan Abdullah 5 kun oldin
SwordSkiller 5 kun oldin
*keramic cup*
Dylan Williams
Dylan Williams 6 kun oldin
wait about 30 seconds after you spray the activator.
Reece Gingercrisp
Reece Gingercrisp 6 kun oldin
Clear coat is for after dipping probably why it wouldn't stick well also the wind didn't help either
BTS Namjin
BTS Namjin 6 kun oldin
Oscar Hoad
Oscar Hoad 6 kun oldin
Dip it on an angle
Bat Man
Bat Man 6 kun oldin
Put it at an angle when you dip your object in the hydro dip
Pave Diesel
Pave Diesel 6 kun oldin
Если кто-нибудь видел узбеков Так вот, акцент этого фрика ещё похлеще Блядь свали нахуй,осел,не позорь русских Мразь пендоская
black skull
black skull 6 kun oldin
Hydro dip your head
Woke Af
Woke Af 6 kun oldin
They look awesome.
Burgundy Llama
Burgundy Llama 7 kun oldin
Dipping too fast
Martin marty
Martin marty 7 kun oldin
lashdude 7 kun oldin
Yes keramic thats how you say it
PatWinner54 7 kun oldin
its best to go on an angle when diping, flat spots are hard to cover or get too much coverage
The1 truememe
The1 truememe 7 kun oldin
dips it half way in then goes all the way in then shakes it under water pushing the decal away -_-
MammaLammakiin 7 kun oldin
Instructions are a must!
Hulkmutant_HD 7 kun oldin
hint go in from an angle =better results ;)
Lisa's Spott
Lisa's Spott 7 kun oldin
Water in a metal bowl. Drop fingernail Polish into the water. Dip cups I'm to the Polish. Seal with clear coat acrylic spray. Hydro dipping on the cheap.
The Winner
The Winner 7 kun oldin
Try hydro dipping with just spraying paint on water it’s easer
Tanner Beaudette-renaud
You let the activator sit on it too long you got to do it right away
Chris K
Chris K 7 kun oldin
u suk bik dik
Ajax 7 kun oldin
Keramid Cup XD
Ajax 7 kun oldin
Hydo tip ❤
Tipico Nation
Tipico Nation 7 kun oldin
That ant went for a swim!
The Asmr king
The Asmr king 7 kun oldin
Tilt it wen you hydro dip
SI MO 7 kun oldin
part 2!
JOEY 8 7 kun oldin
blackjenna 7 kun oldin
This is like marbleizing nails
Lance Sielaff
Lance Sielaff 8 kun oldin
You can use spray paint and water to get same effects just go to use a primer and have everything ready before spraying paint on the water then dip same way
Daniel That's me
Daniel That's me 8 kun oldin
Who else saw the ant
TriggerHappyLeprechaun 94
I love this guys broken english
Brek Thompson
Brek Thompson 8 kun oldin
U put the activator on the object to and your supposed to wait after u spray it on the paper
boogoo 816
boogoo 816 8 kun oldin
**Starts raining**
Cian Ray
Cian Ray 8 kun oldin
i didnt know snake was a color XD
jeremy jensen
jeremy jensen 8 kun oldin
Stick with the mre's
Toms Rībens
Toms Rībens 8 kun oldin
does he read the instructions?
Azman Ali
Azman Ali 8 kun oldin
You need a bigger bowl, you need to dip in an angle then spray it with clear coat to protect it
honorbound12 8 kun oldin
The bucket of water isn't wide enough the sheet has to lie completely flat and it isn't as simple as just pushing it in to the wrap you have to move with it
Rockmanthethird 8 kun oldin
You need a special machine to level the water and stabilize it it dosent work in buckets
Steven Pham
Steven Pham 8 kun oldin
Factory new
JUAN M 8 kun oldin
Lol creisi roshan haker I luv yu
Hays.Builds 8 kun oldin
Your sheets of film are too big
SHADOWXD767 XD 8 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the ant in the tub👀
Cheryl van Hauen
Cheryl van Hauen 8 kun oldin
J Makras
J Makras 8 kun oldin
After you spray the activator , you have to wait a little bit for the paint to set in the water.
April Lockaby Radford
You shake it too much, You can see you're shaking the ink off and was too fast on the first two
Anto 8 kun oldin
No one saw the ant trapped between water and the first layer of green paint?
Nicholas Charles
Nicholas Charles 8 kun oldin
You have to move it forward while you dip it so it chatches all of the paint
Aussie Mardo
Aussie Mardo 9 kun oldin
That's what u get for russain
Truth Telling
Truth Telling 9 kun oldin
Taras, the clear coat is for after you dip and dry. Funny
LİMİTSİZ 9 kun oldin
Tam Bir Geri Zekalısın Dostum Uygulamadan Önce Bir Araştırsaydın Bari İçine Ettin Malzemenin !
SoyBrianBro 9 kun oldin
Sepa la chinaaaaaaa
Jimmy Garcia
Jimmy Garcia 9 kun oldin
Ha ha it didn't work
seanmendoza the filipino DIY
You iseto much activator
[R10T] Duskis
[R10T] Duskis 9 kun oldin
Wazzap evybohdi whalecom to matabaituheey
SlammedHemi 9 kun oldin
Keramic kup
Yeah But What About
Foam Plastic liquid Better paper towels
Indigo Indians
Indigo Indians 9 kun oldin
Bro do you shop at Banana Republic or something. I got that same shirt.
ASMR Bros 9 kun oldin
Сука Блять
Clutch4theWin 9 kun oldin
Was anyone else watching the ant on the bucket
Luke Willman
Luke Willman 9 kun oldin
You Gotta move your hand in there slowly
Jose Castro
Jose Castro 9 kun oldin
In the second one you chacked ir alot
Paul_NoF*ck 9 kun oldin
dip it at 45 degree angle vertically and push it further horizontally
PR J V 9 kun oldin
why you using a tape on that ?
Luthfi Badri
Luthfi Badri 9 kun oldin
Someone put a subtitle
NaLi Falcone Mafia
NaLi Falcone Mafia 9 kun oldin
:o Amazing!! :o
Davis Cowden
Davis Cowden 9 kun oldin
Scrubbing that cup was asmr and kinda made my mouth water