What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

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Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge




5-Mar, 2019



Yuklab olish:


Saqlab olish:

Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 29 905
thefatalveli1 Daqiqa oldin
9:31 that guy sounds like one of the intros of missy elliot video =))) ^Get Ya Freak On^
YT Info
YT Info 7 daqiqa oldin
Mongolian? I thought this is japanese hahaha
Keekydeeks 8 daqiqa oldin
The Hebrew one I got easily as I'm jewish I can't understand what it means but I know prenunciations so it was simple
Ewout Hagdorn
Ewout Hagdorn 15 daqiqa oldin
The dutch was pretty fucking bad
yuval ovadia
yuval ovadia 29 daqiqa oldin
The girl who tried to speak in Hebrew just talk gibberish all the time...
Naomi Grantsaan
Naomi Grantsaan 31 daqiqa oldin
rahima khan
rahima khan 33 daqiqa oldin
Gora is white person in Urdu and gHora is horse
Chatao Lauj
Chatao Lauj 33 daqiqa oldin
I was hoping for some Hmong.
bjhh bjhh
bjhh bjhh 33 daqiqa oldin
The Russian guy made alot of mistakes but its cool
Mohit yadav
Mohit yadav 39 daqiqa oldin
From 10:10 the guy was totally wrong didn’t pronounce correctly
nxncy .b
nxncy .b 48 daqiqa oldin
12:04 it was so fun to hear a Dutch person speak to a Flemish person because their accent is so different! I’m originally Dutch but live in Belgium and the funny thing is here in Belgium they say i got like a Ducht accent and vocabulary but in the Netherlands they say i have a Flemish accent.
Yogurt Cat
Yogurt Cat 49 daqiqa oldin
The only reason I knew that guy was speaking Russian was because he said “сука” which I know means bitch.
Barna De
Barna De 54 daqiqa oldin
9:32 this guy ain't speaking Hindi the way it's spoken... Edit: Talking about accents.
Mazin Zaidi
Mazin Zaidi 38 daqiqa oldin
Barna De this guy isn’t even speaking urdu correctly like what’s up with this guy
Ninad Nagpure
Ninad Nagpure 59 daqiqa oldin
That bloody guy sucked at Hindi..!!!😂😂😂 He himself didn't know it properly..!! His accent was awful...!!
Tgr Tgr
Tgr Tgr Soat oldin
The tall guy is daddy material
Maja Yxhufvud
Maja Yxhufvud Soat oldin
please have Swedish!
Rebecca Almeida
Rebecca Almeida Soat oldin
I want that Jenny guys ig 😂
GotWood? Bushcraft and more
9:45 her ''say something sweat to me'' him ''show bobs and vegana bitch lasagne'' her ''what the fuck?'' him ''i sent you dick pic now send me bobs please''
Noam650q Soat oldin
the Hebrew woman does not speaking it natively
Ernst Boye 6kl
Ernst Boye 6kl Soat oldin
scandinavian wtf gurl
Vexify & Scythe
Vexify & Scythe Soat oldin
Lol the morbidly obese white woman was so disrespectful lol
Madison Cox
Madison Cox Soat oldin
This is one of my favorites so far! They were all very polite and well-educated. I feel like I could learn a thing or two from these people.
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang Soat oldin
4:53 Joey learns French...
Jannat Irfan
Jannat Irfan Soat oldin
I am from Pakistan and the Pakistani guy isn't even speaking urdu properly his accent is not right at all :(
Zaray A
Zaray A Soat oldin
i fell in love with the hebrew persons voice
Gilad Levy
Gilad Levy 2 soat oldin
9:22 shes wrong אני אוהבת את or ani ohevet at is incorrect gramer the proper way to say it is אני אוהבת אותך or ani ohevet otcha/otach
Sagit Swag
Sagit Swag 2 soat oldin
I am fluent in Russian and I didnt even understand what the first guy said when I heard it at first.
Thomas Metais
Thomas Metais 2 soat oldin
"I'll hit you with my leg" lmao
VIZIN 2 soat oldin
SHE *T* *H* *I* *C* *C*
Husk 2 soat oldin
Yoni Katz
Yoni Katz 2 soat oldin
the hebrew girl is very bad at hebrew
Пирожочек Катя
I'm russian but I can't understand guy, who speak Russian without subtitles.
Elyse 2 soat oldin
sure put the dutch speaker next to the flemish girl
Zen 2 soat oldin
Bogus. 3 soat oldin
Why are the people guessing all native English speakers? Ask other people too.
Ashar Saleem
Ashar Saleem 3 soat oldin
Ullo ke patha doesn't mean Owl fucker. It means son of an owl. Not much better but still
Ashar Saleem
Ashar Saleem 3 soat oldin
Also, that guy speaking Urdu hurt my ears. his accent was atrocious. He also sounded way more Punjabi than someone who speaks Urdu primarily.
Alegon Bessole
Alegon Bessole 3 soat oldin
As a Dutch speaking guy I had a hard time to understand those girl when they spook dutch. That accent😂
Sava Ok
Sava Ok 3 soat oldin
The "Russian" speaker fucking scammed you. What he said had a lot of grammar mistakes, no way he has a degree in Russian, no one talks like that
noya daon
noya daon 3 soat oldin
the Hebrew is actually wrong... I love you is: äni ohev otach" and not "ani ohev at"
Oriya Games
Oriya Games 4 soat oldin
She cant speak hebrew wtf
queenxs •
queenxs • 4 soat oldin
7:00 What the fuck IWKFKDKFKDKD
Being Free
Being Free 4 soat oldin
Urdu is almost like Hindi
Salahudeen Shah
Salahudeen Shah 4 soat oldin
that urdu was shambolic omg
Shoham 4 soat oldin
The Hebrew wasn't correct. She sounds like she barely know and speak it. Why not choosing native?
Vkook is true kekekek
I should be there im from finland I'd love to know if they could guess
karris smyth
karris smyth 4 soat oldin
The Russian guy is my new best friend 😂
Vkook is true kekekek
The second one was hot amen sisters
ben zohar
ben zohar 4 soat oldin
The Hebrew one was off... I hate it.
Aravind V
Aravind V 4 soat oldin
9:31 That ain't a native speaker
SAIKAT BHOWMICK 4 soat oldin
His Urdu is so so so so bad. Urdu is one of the sweetest languages, he completely destroyed it
Cris Urban Jacques
Cris Urban Jacques 4 soat oldin
Getting big bi vibes from the girl in the denim dress.
DoronTuber 4 soat oldin
The girl speaking Hebrew spoke it wrong...
Sam Wayne
Sam Wayne 4 soat oldin
The Urdu/Hindi of that guy sucked balls. 👎🏼
Tuuney Abdullah
Tuuney Abdullah 4 soat oldin
I knew he was speaking Urdu Salam everyone❤️👏
DoronTuber 5 soat oldin
4:07 got me
MsTomer12 5 soat oldin
The hebrew speaker spoke super bad and even said " i love you" worse than a three year old
Zayn Khan
Zayn Khan 5 soat oldin
I grew up in Lucknow, North India where Urdu was originated as a language to communicate between different group of armies who spoke mostly Hindi and some small group of Turkish & Persian soldiers hence Urdu was born which is almost 95% Hindi and 5% Arabic Turkish and Persian mix. So more like an Islamic way of speaking Hindi. And I spoke to many people over the years and he’s got very unauthentic way of speaking Urdu. Even white people who speaks Hindi has better accent than him. No hate intended just speaking the truth.
Gil Ba
Gil Ba 5 soat oldin
Lol, the Hebrew girl talk with so much spelling mistakes.
Syeda Arisha Ahmed
Syeda Arisha Ahmed 5 soat oldin
As a Pakistani, the guy speaking urdu was nowhere close
White Nigga
White Nigga 5 soat oldin
Ебать эта шоколадка разговаривает на русском
what a whore
what a whore 5 soat oldin
Brianna Morin
Brianna Morin 5 soat oldin
Im plains cree, Native American, I didn’t expect a Native American on here 💕
Gabemezy 5 soat oldin
When she guessed Zimbabwe i felt somewhat proud
rajat vinerkar
rajat vinerkar 5 soat oldin
13:54 you are supposed to say *taught* not *teach* huh.... Dear white people
Ya Fookin’ Losah
Ya Fookin’ Losah 5 soat oldin
I was hoping for the Dutch girl to use actual cuss words like “kut” lol
Rafi Ton
Rafi Ton 5 soat oldin
I speak both Hebrew and Russian and they both sounded terrible.... both grammar and accents were horrible. It sounds like a cartoon version of the languages would sound like...
Brent Martens
Brent Martens 5 soat oldin
skipt most of the vedio to see if the girl really did understand dutch and she did wow (y) wat een vreselijke opdracht
Jenny Chisenga
Jenny Chisenga 6 soat oldin
Still waiting for Finnish💪🏽🇫🇮
Putra Setyadi
Putra Setyadi 6 soat oldin
I think CUT should really like gave some credit to their main "guest" I guess, cause I want to know who these people are
Angelina Czech
Angelina Czech 6 soat oldin
Me talking to my crush: 7:10
Smizzle Smizz
Smizzle Smizz 6 soat oldin
Who dat one girl?? Leave social media
Last Night On Earth
Last Night On Earth 6 soat oldin
The Hebrew one said "ani ohev at" But she should've say "ani ohevet otcha/otach" (In Hebrew there is male and female versions for the word 'you"
nachiket dalvi
nachiket dalvi 6 soat oldin
The urdu guy was pretty bad tbh. Heavy American accent. For a moment I thought its some other language close to hindi/urdu .
Angelina Czech
Angelina Czech 6 soat oldin
4:10 *ah, you idiot*
Anariel' 6 soat oldin
Это было просто угарно
Nikhil Shrivastava
Nikhil Shrivastava 6 soat oldin
Ok, the Indian one was absolutely and completely shitty😂
nave yael
nave yael 6 soat oldin
The woman that spoke Hebrew did not even speak Hebrew properly
Mannlikelilitha 6 soat oldin
Okay that white is really educated and props to him😤
Veronika Luca
Veronika Luca 6 soat oldin
Bring someone hungarian.
Another pinocchio
Another pinocchio 6 soat oldin
I thought that was Hindi. The words were exactly Hindi words but not his accent
Zayn Khan
Zayn Khan 5 soat oldin
Another pinocchio Urdu is 95% Hindi mixed with 5% Arabic, Persian and Turkish. Basically it’s an Islamic way of speaking Hindi. So you’re absolutely right and he was singing a Hindi song of an Indian movie. He was speaking in a strange non authentic way in Kansas accent that’s why LOL
/a/ 6 soat oldin
the mongolian girl is freaking cute she reminds me of mulan
Дмитрий Азнауров
Well that was embarrassing блядь
Ant Ger
Ant Ger 6 soat oldin
Сказать, что я ахуел - ничего не сказать. Черный паренёк не очень-то хорошо говорит по-русски. Кроме того, что за бред он несёт?
Lucas 6 soat oldin
The dutch girl spoke a bit weird sometimes
Ron Dan
Ron Dan 6 soat oldin
תנו לייק אם אני אוהב את
Fly-High 7 soat oldin
6:54 he has awful accent but funny as hell! I'm russian and don't get all what he says
Diamon Girl
Diamon Girl 7 soat oldin
13:32 the girl in the front with the black jacket and turquoise pants is so sexy to me and her language aha
Martin Foster
Martin Foster 7 soat oldin
I got the Mongolian because I live there and Russian because I worked with Russians. The others I sort of had a good guess of 3 more. Yay for me! 5 out of 8!
Moiz iqbal
Moiz iqbal 7 soat oldin
The pakistani dude sounded like a white person trying to speak urdu.
yaara kassner
yaara kassner 7 soat oldin
She cannot speak Hebrew! She has a really bad accent and that's not how you say I love you
xaxa 8 soat oldin
THAT WAS NOT URDU!!!!!!!!!!😖😖😖 it was just cringy beyond belief😑😑😑😑
Mohammad Malik
Mohammad Malik 7 soat oldin
The accent was cringy to some because that’s not how it’s usually spoken. That was more of a KPK-ish accent.
MaxKiel1701 8 soat oldin
the chubby woman is strange somehow
Amir Shadaab Mohammed
The Pakistani guy was speaking rubbish, not Urdu. As a native Urdu speaker, it hurts to hear him speak.
I, Me and Myself
I, Me and Myself 8 soat oldin
The Urdu guy didn't sound native at all. He sounded like someone from the West speaking Urdu after learning it for months. Sorry for my bad English.
xx xx
xx xx 8 soat oldin
Get someone welsh on here
Julien play
Julien play 8 soat oldin
Get one from Germany but from Bavaria😂
Bored Moodlet
Bored Moodlet 8 soat oldin
That dutch girl really has an accent
talbd195 8 soat oldin
The person who "spoke" Hebrew was way off. No offense to the her, but she really needs to work on her grammar and diction.
nobody 12521
nobody 12521 8 soat oldin
That black dude who says he can speak Russian that's bullshit I barely understood any of that and I speak it fluently with the accent
Onur Yavuz
Onur Yavuz 9 soat oldin
Genghis Khan is Turkish
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