What Our Tattoos Mean

Dolan Twins
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We explain what our tats mean.
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12-Sen, 2017

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boitumelo kodisang
boitumelo kodisang 4 soat oldin
I love how Ethan says '' that was Grayson's intro idea"
Ryen Hough
Ryen Hough 16 soat oldin
This was on my birthday:)
Mae C
Mae C Kun oldin
I got my first tattoo at 15 too.
Aubrey Holland
Aubrey Holland Kun oldin
I’m in Ethan’s lane💛💛😘😘 but I love them both with all my heart
Ava Lowery
Ava Lowery Kun oldin
1:13 idk why but that killed me 😂 *”ded”*
Alyssa Garcia
Alyssa Garcia Kun oldin
they look even hotter in this one idfk
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso Kun oldin
1:06 Gray: People are gonna judge me because I make stupid videos with my stupid brother E: Hey😂
Makayla Risso
Makayla Risso Kun oldin
0:01 Ethan’s hair was on fire😂
xNatty 2 kun oldin
Did someone notice that the Picture behind them also was on fire at the begining ? c.c
BRE MANIA 2 kun oldin
I want a tatt !
Joanna Ulloa
Joanna Ulloa 3 kun oldin
Christopher Kopsky
Christopher Kopsky 3 kun oldin
The moon is just a floating ball in the sky -Grayson Dolan
oriana gimenez
oriana gimenez 4 kun oldin
1:11 omg sweet bby that “hey☹️” is everything😂🥺🥰
Alana v.s the World
0:46 Brotherly Love!💖💓
Dovid Kramer
Dovid Kramer 4 kun oldin
Its funny that Grayson's lip tat says grind and he is the one who makes everything E's tat says create and he comes up with all the vid ideas just a thought.😶😶
Sandhya Muthukumar
Sandhya Muthukumar 5 kun oldin
Kinzie 2177
Kinzie 2177 5 kun oldin
Anyone else wondering about what’s on E’s knee? Just me.. oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️ Btw I love ur videos and they make me smile on my worst days ❤️🔐
graysons lane
graysons lane 5 kun oldin
2:33 what is a homemade tattoo?
Ughitsnotsimple 5 kun oldin
When you do it yourself
Maria Doris Calderon
I liked a the wing that Grayson had
Brookie Cookie
Brookie Cookie 5 kun oldin
I guess I understand about the angel thing I think about that stuff to but don't talk about this if you read this I'd watch the good place on netflix
Ballet All day
Ballet All day 6 kun oldin
E’s hair looks sooo good in this
Lina Lina
Lina Lina 6 kun oldin
"We're all gonna end up in the same spot and that is... dEd"
Adrijana Pantic
Adrijana Pantic 6 kun oldin
I like the lip tattoos
Arooj Khan
Arooj Khan 8 kun oldin
2019 Anyone?????
Leigh Mileson
Leigh Mileson 8 kun oldin
Get a tattoo of each other’s face so when the other has to go on a long trip your still close to each other. I love you guys. Xx
Onehappiness Happy
Onehappiness Happy 8 kun oldin
1:11 aww Ethan’s “hey” was so cute.
Onehappiness Happy
Onehappiness Happy 8 kun oldin
*cameron gave gray a homemade tattoo* video: giving each other tattoos Ethan: don’t do homemade tattoos!
Emma Leonardo Solorzano
Ethan cut ur hair like this PLS
kenjrieken _
kenjrieken _ 9 kun oldin
they look really hot in this video
Majaylah Viera
Majaylah Viera 9 kun oldin
Didn’t Ethan say he is gonna come up with the idea last video and 2019 anyone no just me ok.....
Farida Masum
Farida Masum 10 kun oldin
Mendon Elm
Mendon Elm 10 kun oldin
They look really identical in this video
Sienna Br0nte
Sienna Br0nte 10 kun oldin
Ethan should get a tattoo with work harder you little bi**h ( reference from going through our old phones video - Ethan’s old homescreen)
Wayne Atwood
Wayne Atwood 10 kun oldin
Does any body else think that grayson actes like the older bother always
Ebony 11 kun oldin
This really makes me want to start getting tatted.
jazzy xo
jazzy xo 11 kun oldin
Ethan should get a tattoo that’s says Grayson And Grayson should get a tatto that says Ethan Or both of you can get a tattoo that is the logo of your merch
Sister squad
Sister squad 11 kun oldin
Imagine animals having UZvid and social media snd shit
August Burnett
August Burnett 11 kun oldin
1:16 "nothing matters, because we're all gonna end up in the same spot. and that is... dead." I'M ACTUALLY DYING OH MY GOD
Life of Khizer
Life of Khizer 11 kun oldin
Ethan hit puberty hard
Karysa Sherban
Karysa Sherban 13 kun oldin
I like Kid Cudi persuit of happieness and day'n'nite
Stephanie 13 kun oldin
Hehe I like that now when I comment on any of their post I see the DT badge
Chicken Nugg
Chicken Nugg 14 kun oldin
Ok Grayson in the beginning with the matters honestly is how I look at life 🤷🏼‍♀️
Zoe Abroms
Zoe Abroms 14 kun oldin
If you look at grays leg for his first tat, it looks like he shaves his legs😂
Pamela Hosein
Pamela Hosein 14 kun oldin
Dopppe I'm gonna get a tat with the Dolan twins so I will never forget and they will be a part of me 4ever
elizabeth palmer
elizabeth palmer 14 kun oldin
can we let it sink in that they were 17 and had all these tattoos
SushiBear 15 kun oldin
Gray should get a 2 because of the second life god gave him like ya know how he died and came back its life a second life idk
Suzie Grieve
Suzie Grieve 15 kun oldin
I’m in that depressed time rn 😭
Ya Girl Addi
Ya Girl Addi 15 kun oldin
Tooming tooming tooming tooming😂
miss appointment
miss appointment 15 kun oldin
lmao anyone else thought that the scrape on Ethan's knee was a tattoo?