What Our Tattoos Mean

Dolan Twins
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We explain what our tats mean.
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12-Sen, 2017



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Chloe Sideridis
Chloe Sideridis 10 soat oldin
“The moon is a floating ball in the sky and no one even cares” - Grayson "Electricity comes from the sky. like wtf where are we" - Ethan
Millie xox
Millie xox 12 soat oldin
why is no one talking about what E says at 7:15 ???
DolanGirl JamesSister
DolanGirl JamesSister 17 soat oldin
I think u guys should get each others laugh rate on each other.
Audrey Araguz
Audrey Araguz Kun oldin
0:03 did any one else want them to do a disney channel intro? just me? okay.
117 .0
117 .0 Kun oldin
get a wave tattoo because waves never die
Lauren 2 kun oldin
Did anyone else think of the grind on me vine when grayson showed his lip tat
Lauren 2 kun oldin
"We are more complex in the brain than fish" - Ethan Dolan 2017
Alejandra Mendoza
Alejandra Mendoza 2 kun oldin
Behind the ear tattoo!
Zoe Markham
Zoe Markham 3 kun oldin
6:10 wow this is so cringe now
Sunny Shine
Sunny Shine 3 kun oldin
Grayson : stay committed Me: I do all the time Also me : u know what fuck this shit it’s to hard 😂😂😂
Serena Greaney
Serena Greaney 4 kun oldin
i wish my mother would understand me in the way they described the animal tattoo cuz i have ideas and dreams of what i wanna do with my life but she just won’t let me do it😣
eden jade x
eden jade x 4 kun oldin
ok so I’m a fan of the twins and I’ve been struggling lately, and I’ve been talking about getting a tattoo on my foot that says commit, rewatched this after like 5 months and Grayson has that tattoo already so I guess that was a subconscious idea 😂
Emmaline Espanola
Emmaline Espanola 4 kun oldin
Ethan literally said his secret tattoo place in this video in the post outro blooper
Penelope Sullivan
Penelope Sullivan 4 kun oldin
5:07 my fav part of the video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sula Gowers
Sula Gowers 5 kun oldin
Who was Ethan smiling at 2:42 I wonder who that could be Ethan
lol what?
lol what? 5 kun oldin
how old were the twins when they got their first tattoo?
Heather Champion
Heather Champion 5 kun oldin
6:09 let’s pretend they didn’t say that
Marcos Farias
Marcos Farias 5 kun oldin
Sure they're fully grown ups by now but there's this sweet quality on them because although being great looking young gentlemen today they still remain "puppies in a basket" type of cuties,know what I'm saying?Really adorable...
Stephanie Neri
Stephanie Neri 6 kun oldin
"the moon is a floating ball in the sky and no one even cares" -grayson dolan 2017
blueface16 6 kun oldin
They should write a book about inspiration and a healthy lifestyle. I think it would be great
Abbey bennett
Abbey bennett 7 kun oldin
anyone here after romeo was exposed? 😳
eden jade x
eden jade x 4 kun oldin
hey boii
It’s Me Again
It’s Me Again 6 kun oldin
Abbey bennett me
Eddie Carpenter
Eddie Carpenter 7 kun oldin
Maybe the word "brother" in each other's handwriting.
Eddie Carpenter
Eddie Carpenter 4 kun oldin
Thanks. I would've done that with my brother...
eden jade x
eden jade x 4 kun oldin
that’s cute as shit🥺
Jathelma Gist
Jathelma Gist 8 kun oldin
And that is... DEAD 😂
Alla Alex
Alla Alex 8 kun oldin
When I think I passed on a test but I actually failed. 1:13
Emily Guardado
Emily Guardado 8 kun oldin
Ethan and Grayson.. E and G are my initials
Jennifer Flynn
Jennifer Flynn 9 kun oldin
Did anybody. See the background picture on fire cause it was green like a green screen
Liz J
Liz J 9 kun oldin
“I’m sorry my toe is completely mangled and it’s interesting.” -Ethan Dolan
Kayla Mullins
Kayla Mullins 10 kun oldin
They look even more twinny when Ethan is as tan as Gray
Liz J
Liz J 10 kun oldin
They both look so hot in this video... 😍😍
Tatianna Swann
Tatianna Swann 11 kun oldin
Ethan has a pineapple on his butt and Grayson has a palm tree on his butt as well
Beagle Buddy Asmr
Beagle Buddy Asmr 11 kun oldin
The thumbnail to this vid kills me every time
Honey Moon
Honey Moon 11 kun oldin
The thumpnail though. Gray's eyes are closed
Sister Squad
Sister Squad 11 kun oldin
*2019 anyone?* 🤔
Isabella Zamarripa
Isabella Zamarripa 11 kun oldin
Get the words Dolan twins but over leaping
Bry Tw
Bry Tw 12 kun oldin
I don’t get the gray’s intro idea.. can someone explain LOL 😂
serena williams
serena williams 12 kun oldin
Get DT4L
RaTeD R KiTtY 13 kun oldin
I thought Ethan had a tattoo on his knee...they I realized it was a scab.... -_-
Hello You
Hello You 13 kun oldin
Alice P
Alice P 15 kun oldin
"I've been using a camera since I was... a Rob" 😂😂😂
Alice P
Alice P 15 kun oldin
When E said "so I'll show my tut" then gray went "so I'll show my tat". I was like yes pleaseee
Tiffany Deavers
Tiffany Deavers 19 kun oldin
dis might be random af but whos the hotter twim ?
Angelina Guifarro
Angelina Guifarro 20 kun oldin
they should get the signs they put on most of their merch LIKE IF U AGREE!!!!!!!!!
Inês Vieira
Inês Vieira 20 kun oldin
"I've been filming videos since I was a Rob." I laughed way too much at this lol
Alexsandra Young
Alexsandra Young 22 kun oldin
We need a part 3
SSSleepyWolf _
SSSleepyWolf _ 23 kun oldin
1:00 how could he say that?😭 they’re my everything of course he matters
Nolan Dolan
Nolan Dolan 24 kun oldin
6:27 hahaahahahaah I'm ded 😂😂😂😂
Nolan Dolan
Nolan Dolan 24 kun oldin
1:00 literally me every time I watch there videos and i know I'm not for g to ever meet them
[H0N3Y M3L0N]
[H0N3Y M3L0N] 24 kun oldin
I can relate a lot to Grayson about the depression shit, I can’t believe people have to go threw that it fucking sucks!
Kylie Boles
Kylie Boles 25 kun oldin
Idk but I think both of you should get a tat on your wrist that says DOLAN
Skye Fretton
Skye Fretton 26 kun oldin
6.1million people who haven’t seen this are missing out x
nikkijasminexo 26 kun oldin
omg so true no one cares about the craziest shit. what is life wtf lmao
#12 sakura
#12 sakura 27 kun oldin
the lost noir
the lost noir 27 kun oldin
i feel like grayson was one of those tumblr photos i saw with the grind lip tattoo before haha
AK RANDOMNESS 27 kun oldin
4:21 Grayson you’re not helping your cause
Which album grayson said?
Xctem Red
Xctem Red 28 kun oldin
Is it just me or is it that graysons leg tattoo looks like its a refrence to naruto.the moon is like the first step the the rasengan and the clouds represents the akastuki
Logann Elizabeth
Logann Elizabeth 29 kun oldin
Ethan~ "What about my A$$ tat"
Dragon Girl
Dragon Girl Oy oldin
I love how they know what each other’s tattoos mean😂❤️
Grace Ane
Grace Ane Oy oldin
WerE aLL jUSt GOnnA eND uP In ThE sAMe SpOT! ANd tHat iS... dead
Emma Morton
Emma Morton Oy oldin
Grays lip tat is hot
Allison Cooke
Allison Cooke Oy oldin
you guys should get a DT tat or a ✌
summer azak
summer azak Oy oldin
you should get pineapple pizza tat
Kendall Tibbatts
Idk y but while watching this I head-but my phone 3 times, why?
Carolyn Green
Carolyn Green Oy oldin
Two your i am my f love is dolan bother s our love song me Carolyn regina green my lovely
Emzie Austin
Emzie Austin Oy oldin
Ur tattoos have good Meanings
Maddie Faith
Maddie Faith Oy oldin
eden skimson
eden skimson Oy oldin
am i the only one who didn't know Gray had a lip tat?
Amelia xo
Amelia xo Oy oldin
Takiesha Charlton
Get a tattoo of the fandom name
Peytonn Leonard
get a like youtube logo tattoo idk
Alondra Montoya
Grayson: "The moon is just a floating ball and nobody even cares" 😂😂😂
Hi stalker
Hi stalker Oy oldin
0:46 Hahahah died
Lauren Jennison
Since this video was first uploaded I still have my heart set on getting -MATTERS- just above my right ankle. 😊
yee yee
yee yee Oy oldin
The thumbnail is cute
Andrea Charlotte
E has a matching tattoo with his dad😢❤️
gloria poppy
gloria poppy 5 kun oldin
+Abreanna Garcia same😂
Abreanna Garcia
Abreanna Garcia 20 kun oldin
I looked at your pfp and blew my screen cause I thought I had an eye lash on it💀💀
Chloe Deehan
Chloe Deehan Oy oldin
When they mentioned sean I literally wanted to cry :(
Roxy HURIWAI Oy oldin
I swear Ethan is my favorite imitator, but I feel like once I get used to him imitating me I will soon find it annoying. Eh.
Adalyne Moreno
Kaylee Slay
Kaylee Slay Oy oldin
1:12--- Ethan: ......hey:(......... while Grayson continues talking😂😂
sydney and chloe
2:15 aw♥️
Laura Wirtz
Laura Wirtz Oy oldin
Its so weird i started watching the dolan twins about a month ago and i couldnt tell them apart and now its so easy
cali figueroa
cali figueroa Oy oldin
awh ethan has a matching tat w his dad❤️🌙🌙🌙
Tay Craven
Tay Craven Oy oldin
His ass tat is a pineapple😂
caitlin Oy oldin
1:08 - processing. 1:10 - clicks. 1:11 - still kinda processing 1:12 - hey!
Starlett Kay
Starlett Kay Oy oldin
Did greyson shave his legs?
Cale Decker
Cale Decker Oy oldin
Ew- E your not even looking E: sorry my toe is completely mangled it’s quite interesting All right well can you pay attention? 😂😂😂😂omg
Zytlally yt
Zytlally yt Oy oldin
Their thighs we're clean ! 😂😂😂😂
uwu uwu
uwu uwu Oy oldin
Kylee Rice
Kylee Rice Oy oldin
My brother has this tattoo and i really love it and you guys should get it. It is a strand of Christmas lights and for every color it represents a different family member. And the good thing about it is you can keep adding on to it if you want, he is getting ready to add family he didn’t add the first time and to me I want to do something like that when I am older so ya. Love you both! ❤️
Lucy Zartman
Lucy Zartman Oy oldin
I love their tattoos
Zahra Patel
Zahra Patel Oy oldin
My best friend is obeased with ethan
Dana Beardmore
I don't have any tattoos right now, but I want to get one that says "this too shall pass" it's always been my favorite saying. Idk why, I've just always liked it. And it reminds me that no matter what is going on in my life, it doesn't last.
Alana Malish
Alana Malish Oy oldin
ethan got a tattoo at the age of 15 and i cant ever get a tattoo
Alyjah Jones
Alyjah Jones Oy oldin
Grayson:"I make stupid UZvid videos with my stupid brother!" Ethan:"HEY!" Grayson:"BUT IT DOESN'T FCKING MATTER!!!!"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hazel Lumbre
Hazel Lumbre Oy oldin
okay i've just recently gotten into the twins and i've seen all their 2018 vids where you can confidently tell them apart, but in this one they literally have such similar hairstyles that it's kinda hard??? BRO I'M SISTER SHOOK
jessenia erazo
This was so cute and motivational Me: *starts crying* Lol on the real ily guys 💓💓
allie spehar
allie spehar Oy oldin
is it a problem that when my friends talk about the twins at school that i start sobbing? to me it sounds like a personal problem that i need to get checked out.
Nancy Rose
Nancy Rose Oy oldin
omg can u do our sister choses our tattoos
Liza. Pugs
Liza. Pugs Oy oldin
5:18 😓 awww rip Sean
•Allie Vibes•
A had doing the piece symbol✌🏽
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