What's Going on w/ Mariahlynn & Rich? | Love & Hip Hop: New York

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When asked about her romantic relationship with Rich, Mariahlynn reveals too much personal information for Rich to handle.
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Season 9 of Love & Hip Hop New York offers a deeper look into the lives, loves and everyday struggles of hip-hop heavy hitters and rising stars in the Big Apple as they try to make their marks in the game. Cast members include Joe Budden, Cyn Santana, Remy Ma, Papoose, Juelz Santana, Kimbella, Yandy, Maino, Maggie Carrie, Safaree, Rich Dollaz, Sidney Starr, Nya Lee, Jonathan Fernandez, Juju and Anais.
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What's Going on w/ Mariahlynn & Rich? | Love & Hip Hop: New York uzvid.com/u-VH1




12-Mar, 2019



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Drew Anthony-Ryan
the bottom of that dress makes no GD sense to me. They used the wrong kind of tulle and she can't even walk in it.
kriscotdny Soat oldin
My I’m blind but this mofo look like a damn pound puppy! I guess women will do anything for fame and clout and throw all the real necessary things that actually comprise of love in the garbage .”Love” stop throwing around that word so loosely and not know the true meaning of it .
gingerale 3 soat oldin
Men are so shameless. Given anything by a woman but isn't man enough or honest enough to respect her, commit to her. She deserves better.
Grim Kreaper
Grim Kreaper 6 soat oldin
These Women always playing themselves. You know who you’re with. Women always want men that don’t want them.
louisanna30 6 soat oldin
He look mad WEAK!
sofie sjöblom
sofie sjöblom 8 soat oldin
Is this ru Paul’s drag race? They all looks like drag queens.
James Smith
James Smith 9 soat oldin
These people are so fake
unbreakable 13
unbreakable 13 9 soat oldin
Mariah can do so much better and have a real ride or die man. Richs a joke
jaxxcapone 9 soat oldin
Rich dollaz b fuxkin them skallywagz
pepelishis 10 soat oldin
Rich : I need to keep a storyline but I'm not sure I can go with that one That's the definition of a dilemma lmao
MS. Tiffany
MS. Tiffany 10 soat oldin
Wow smh
Patsy Griffith
Patsy Griffith 10 soat oldin
They need Cardi B as adjudicator
Spl Heart
Spl Heart 11 soat oldin
Damn he told her to STFU🤦🏾‍♀️ that’s your man sis??? yikesssss
Shervonda Boyd
Shervonda Boyd 13 soat oldin
Wow I didn't wanna watch this when I first heard about it and now I'm cringing rich is a POS and Mariah Lynne definitely needs to let him go
A Brown
A Brown 14 soat oldin
She really shouldn't have mentioned his diabetes to be fair
Mary Jane
Mary Jane 14 soat oldin
Zero sympathy. Mariahlynn knows how he is. Why did she think she was any different?
DroneGuy 14 soat oldin
Fake and bad acting by both
Adrienne Robinson
Adrienne Robinson 15 soat oldin
danny 16 soat oldin
Mariah defends alooooot of ppl and no one defended her in this situation
PlusSizedintheCity Taylor
I’m definitely Johnathan😭
Brenda Alexander
Brenda Alexander 17 soat oldin
So nobody notice that she called him the N****.
Geneva Jackson
Geneva Jackson 17 soat oldin
She exposed him so smoothly 😂
Antonio Gill
Antonio Gill 18 soat oldin
Terrible name TERRIBLE name @ MariahLynn and she sounds like an idiot
Moyer Chronicles
Moyer Chronicles 18 soat oldin
I hope somebody does that to his daughter one day so he knows the hurt he caused. No respect
Charlotte Paterson
Charlotte Paterson 19 soat oldin
Rich is one cold mother...shut your mouth.
Ryan Tobin
Ryan Tobin 20 soat oldin
Rich is Nasty As Fuhk !!! Old ass Man He looks like her Grandfather ...
Goose 21 soat oldin
She should have never told his business 💯 but he should have still had her back ‼
Kahlaa Jordan
Kahlaa Jordan 21 soat oldin
Nya lee who asked you to say anything
lenlu007 Kun oldin
Rich Dollars is at least 50 plus... He needs to “retire” from being on this show... He looks ridiculous... smh
Case oflove17
Case oflove17 Kun oldin
She doesn't have to worry about anything. Karma is a goddess; he will get everything he's supposed to.
lainey J
lainey J Kun oldin
How can you be dating someone on and off for 8 years 🤦🏽‍♀️ honey Chile you In trouble ...sis been in a relationship by her damn self
Vony BG
Vony BG Kun oldin
I really feel for Mariah Lynn. She is a good person and, I know that she meant well but, she obviously didn't have any idea that talking about Rich's personal medical business was totally out of place and, off the hook. Anyone who has had any type of medical procedure especially a man who has had one of that nature, most likely would not be broadcasting it on prime time television to millions of veiwers. If anyone who wanted to talk about something private and or, personal, the only one that would have the right to do so, would be the one the information is about.
Nessiechan Kun oldin
Are we all gonna ignore the fact that this white chick said the N word??
Myra Norton
Myra Norton Kun oldin
At the end of the day that was nobody’s business🤦‍♀️ She’s doing because on the whole season she was irrelevant and had no story line.So she gets to the reunion and tells all Rich business for clot...I just don’t see why she’s still on the show....
Myra Norton
Myra Norton Kun oldin
Well damn🤦‍♀️
Rosebride Da Queen
Damn that's a lot of foil on her dress
NAY Kun oldin
These shows are cringing to watch. Like, I haven't watched any of the episodes buy watching this reunion is making me cringe. It is to much embarrassment. Everyone looks stupid and embarrassing and for a check. it's no amount of money someone could pay me to look like this on T.V. Hell Naw!
marindavern Kun oldin
Shan Serv
Shan Serv Kun oldin
Remy's face is the same through the entire reunion 🤣
TAYA SADE Kun oldin
She embarrassed him I feel so bad for him ..! N I feel a lil sympathetic for her ..
Kara Kun oldin
Catch a clue he don't want you
Bighamza22 Kun oldin
The shittiest most worthless show on tv.
Monae R.
Monae R. Kun oldin
Clearly he is sleeping with someone on that stage and he doesn't want to confirm or deny her. Lol
Tracy levy
Tracy levy Kun oldin
Does rich love any women apart from his daughter.
Hurricane Lexus
Hurricane Lexus Kun oldin
Girl yu been crying bout the same beefcake for 8 years, yu ain't bored yet????
Change2be1 Kun oldin
Rich is so messy sitting there bent over like a little kid if he loves Mariahlynn which I believe he told her that , then why all about Erica like Safaree said back off .
Rich is a DOG and he has shown that repeatedly!
Denise Crawford
Denise Crawford Kun oldin
He Foul For That! In My Opinion!! I Feel For Mariahlyn!!🙄😣😥🤔😎
Brandon Penn
Brandon Penn Kun oldin
Rich a cold nig. Lol he super foul, not my kind of person i couldn’t do a person like that
tasha c
tasha c Kun oldin
The statement vasectomy... Messed with Rich's head he should claim his girl poor thing he's embarrassed by mariah
HighHeels HighStandards
If you gotta ask a man “Are you going to back me up or nah?” 🤷🏾‍♀️ SISSSSS you already know the answer!! TF #LETHIMGO!
Rutha Weldezion
Rutha Weldezion Kun oldin
she deserve much better.
KALI Monroe
KALI Monroe Kun oldin
I love how she can say the n word. Like you are more white than the white crayon in the box. Like wtf sis sit down.
Curt Jackson
Curt Jackson Kun oldin
Just wasted 4 minutes of my life...
Mariana Aparício
So....is everybody gonna ignore the n word at 3:08 🐸☕️
Toni Blunt
Toni Blunt Kun oldin
Oh rich mother gonna kill his ass. He dipping in the sugar and not the natural brown kind smh
BCaNNoN Kun oldin
somebody tell mariahlynn to come get this work
Sharita Martin
Sharita Martin Kun oldin
Her gown says it all!!!
KinG FitZ
KinG FitZ Kun oldin
Get a new dude
Tiffany Kun oldin
Remyma face is priceless
ultimatebeast 59
Nun but black ignorance
The Kleb
The Kleb Kun oldin
Is she joking?
Bargada Dahir Hassan
Naaa I would not ask twice
Kieandraa Monaee
He made her look dumb .. smh & he has no respect for her. He’s still in love with erica mena...
Jessica Anderson
Why is the N word being said so freely
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Kun oldin
Yeah she said too much. Ladies, never tell your future plans with a man. It drives them away 😂😂😂
V C Kun oldin
Rich is so gross and sweaty 😷
MOON CHILD Kun oldin
Asand dy
Asand dy Kun oldin
He playing her so hard, how embarrassing
Roxanne Prescod
Roxanne Prescod Kun oldin
Wow!!! Touching 😢
Brittany Stephens
Rich face when she started talking about the diabetes and the vasectomy, I was DONE!!!! 😂. But I really felt Mariahlynn heart at this moment!!! She aired too much!! Damn girl!!
Servi Tani
Servi Tani 20 soat oldin
Miss Cortez
Miss Cortez Kun oldin
Wow I actually felt bad for Mariahlynn! 8 years?? Why didn’t he have your back? Silence speaks VOLUMES people!😳
i chris
i chris Kun oldin
He looks so disgusting anyways why does anyone want him???? Tf
The JAmerican O
The JAmerican O Kun oldin
Mona is about to make Mariah a star. Too many people can identify with not feeling supported or defended (maybe not for no 8 damn years, maybe for longer) by their significant others, her pain has a lot of relevance. Use that momentum 🆙️
RAIN DROPS Kun oldin
The only thing Rich is gonna back up is dat azz...
Anonymous 99
Anonymous 99 2 kun oldin
Aww I love mariah
Jamica Monroe
Jamica Monroe 2 kun oldin
Rich u foul asf! Mariah don't waste ur love on Rich!!! But he ran up in that tight ass extra ssssmedium ass suit over his ex boo thang! BUT kitty had his tongue over his now thang....
Cap One
Cap One 2 kun oldin
That vasectomy stuff was TMI. That's something she didn't have to add. Can't trust a bytch who has no discretion when it comes to very personal business.
Natalia Williams
Natalia Williams 2 kun oldin
Why do we play ourselves like this? Vicious ass cycle man... they love the selfies of themself and no love for self
Lil Madia
Lil Madia 2 kun oldin
YOU R embarrassing yaself mariah. Thotty got played😂😂
Jessi Cola
Jessi Cola 2 kun oldin
Sis to let him go! You beg him to have your back in public and get silence, meanwhile he tryna fight Safari over Erica. He's not for you babe you deserve better.
Bernarda Carillo
Bernarda Carillo 2 kun oldin
Angela Hamlett
Angela Hamlett 2 kun oldin
Wow... Rich don't love you girl...
Michellina Sandiego
why do these females fall for rich dollaz?
Mike Pony
Mike Pony 2 kun oldin
Wow this is sad
Denise Mitchell
Denise Mitchell 2 kun oldin
Gday luv HE loves Erica still Not sure why all these folks Are concerned with Sarafee And Erica
Ariane Hannig
Ariane Hannig 2 kun oldin
She can be with anyone she wants to be with but Rich is not claiming her whatever Mariah
Michellina Sandiego
she is foolish
Naturally Gifted
Naturally Gifted 2 kun oldin
Damn! She let it all out!
dump D
dump D 2 kun oldin
Lol Mariahlynn put all Rich business on front street
Amaya Gutrick
Amaya Gutrick 2 kun oldin
Lmao this funny asf i dont care or like her frfr she seem fishy and snakey since the whole bianca thing
Simply Sno
Simply Sno 2 kun oldin
He wrong
Lisa Ray
Lisa Ray 2 kun oldin
She should of never told his business... I feel for her but she said too much
Irene Robinson
Irene Robinson 2 kun oldin
Rich is the sorriest man alive and he talking about his disease like he Didn’t he announce that on tv in another season and with his momma on their. I remember that very clearly. So why is talking her telling his disease? Like really Rich.
Mercine McClain
Mercine McClain 2 kun oldin
Mariah was gorgeous.
McKayla Austin
McKayla Austin 2 kun oldin
That was cold man😓😓😓
lilchocolatetink c
lilchocolatetink c 2 kun oldin
A man suppose to profess his love an feelings for you, if can't do it he not your Man
lourdes carchi
lourdes carchi 2 kun oldin
This was so painful to watch. No women should beg for their man to back them up. He ain't worth it. Period.
Pamela Gater
Pamela Gater 2 kun oldin
Rich is a Punk get the Cookies but Acts Embarrassed like a child.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 2 kun oldin
If you gotta beg him to back you up it don’t even count after that.
Suxxccess 98
Suxxccess 98 2 kun oldin
Cardi B in the background, or is it just me?
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