What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?

What's Inside?
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Tesla made 200 limited edition surfboards, We try to Surf it then CUT IT OPEN! This video was sponsored by LastPass. Start using LastPass now: bit.ly/2RuMF1e Check out our other Tesla videos here: uzvid.com/group/PL3BVMyyYBBRG9iCTHV_C8jq9lEmMpO7oq
Thanks to Ben from Teslanomics for helping us with this video! Check out his channel here: uzvid.com/show-UCbEbf0-PoSuHD0TgMbxomDg
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9-Fev, 2019

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LucasToyChest 7 kun oldin
Do you have to recharge it?
squatchie 105
squatchie 105 Kun oldin
no did you not see that there was no batterys
Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?
Yes and the charger costs $1,000 with a 6 month wait time. Enjoy!
Aqua853 2 kun oldin
nehue 4
nehue 4 2 kun oldin
+Joshua Schantz r/whoosh
Arran Mounsey
Arran Mounsey 2 kun oldin
no lucastoyschest no u dont XD
zztop3000 2 soat oldin
0:49 LastPass? ?!! What kind of a scam is this? You grab all the people's passwords and then stroll through the accounts picking up all the necessary information for a world takeover, u uh, not on my f watch lastpass, not on my f watch!
David Vaiz
David Vaiz 2 soat oldin
Thanks for the video! Stoked to know what's inside the Tesla board (moreover what's not in the Tesla board).
Max Maxx
Max Maxx 3 soat oldin
привет из России я тоже вас смотрю вы кутые hello from russia
Dallon Ghan
Dallon Ghan 3 soat oldin
Why not just ask Tesla what is inside? That 10K could have went somewhere decent
angelica juarez
angelica juarez 3 soat oldin
that was cool.
snoop dogg dank kush
snoop dogg dank kush
zack vligs
zack vligs 5 soat oldin
so technically your just paying for the name its just foam
Kale'a Franz
Kale'a Franz 6 soat oldin
kook of the day
Brandon Hopkins
Brandon Hopkins 6 soat oldin
This guy must make 50,000 a week to be destroying thousand dollar things
Alex Swanepoel
Alex Swanepoel 6 soat oldin
This video makes me sad. He literally catches foamies the whole video. The ignorance level in this video is off the charts.
Cole Blair
Cole Blair 6 soat oldin
I like how this started as a father-son thing and now it's his full-time job.
iminabandyo 6 soat oldin
Video starts 1:40
Mikolaj Mikolaj
Mikolaj Mikolaj 7 soat oldin
What's in side a plasma sphire???
Moto Productions
Moto Productions 8 soat oldin
Should of went to Ob for the bigger waves and actually have a badass surfer shed it
Ben Clips
Ben Clips 8 soat oldin
Hey my name’s Ben
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 8 soat oldin
Adnan A
Adnan A 9 soat oldin
Why does Elon do what he does?
Daniel Price
Daniel Price 9 soat oldin
When you get on a wave it should totally have a thing where a hydrofoil extends out underneath it for extra epicness
Eric Trevino
Eric Trevino 9 soat oldin
can you cut open the new Teddy Ruxpin
Truffty 10 soat oldin
Carbon splinters
mintcxreal 10 soat oldin
*beach intensifies*
Morgan Li Vlogs
Morgan Li Vlogs 11 soat oldin
Now there’s 199 of them :(
John Waters
John Waters 11 soat oldin
Too bad there wasn't any waves to surf..
Thomas Neumann
Thomas Neumann 11 soat oldin
Any noticed that guy on the bike looks like Micheal Scott
Tyler Gaming X22
Tyler Gaming X22 12 soat oldin
I guess there’s only 199 left
Charlote Eugenie
Charlote Eugenie 13 soat oldin
Kelly slater lives in my town and I see him all the time No flex tho 😂
Gamer Zz
Gamer Zz 13 soat oldin
just use only one password
Aladin 13 soat oldin
oh gosh, hi is so bad at surfing...🤣🤣
MetaSounds 14 soat oldin
Too much noise.
yarden ankori
yarden ankori 14 soat oldin
Noooooo noooooo whayyyy!!!!!!!!!! He was so beutifull!!!!!!!! &%!#$!%!#@
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 15 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
BarrBaxterL 15 soat oldin
oh ok
SLK 15 soat oldin
People would pay $10k for that? Piece of foam with a brand on it. Whoops.
Zach Terry
Zach Terry 16 soat oldin
Who got triggered when the surfer put chalk on it
Kal El
Kal El 16 soat oldin
Now there is only 199 of them
Alex Fuller
Alex Fuller 16 soat oldin
What did this prove we didn’t already know?
ktextreme 16 soat oldin
Hundreds of passwords?
Alex Chamberlayne
Alex Chamberlayne 17 soat oldin
Genuinely annoyed this got opened up
Cali latin
Cali latin 17 soat oldin
I mean when u have money I guess .
Morelloz 17 soat oldin
30 more seconds, and you could of made actual good money on this video.. sad times.
Jade S
Jade S 17 soat oldin
yea lets just break a $1500 surfboard in half..
Jade S
Jade S 17 soat oldin
oh this channel is all about breaking stuff in half. ok fine.
Dan U
Dan U 18 soat oldin
Get someone who can actually surf!
Cyrus DeLamere
Cyrus DeLamere 19 soat oldin
What is inside a human body?!
Sam Richards
Sam Richards 19 soat oldin
Morons you don’t have to snap the board to know it’s foam 🤦🏻‍♂️. How about selling it to some wealthy guy and give $ to someone desperate. 10k can change someone’s life instead of this cheap and lame entertainment
s a m
s a m 19 soat oldin
Oh my god I’ve been on that beach! Haha
Jarrod Byron
Jarrod Byron 19 soat oldin
Can’t beat watching someone who can’t surf 😂
Lorna Eleccion
Lorna Eleccion 19 soat oldin
Now there's only 199 tesla surfboard
Kawaiola Zabala-moore
Kawaiola Zabala-moore 19 soat oldin
this guy is trash at surfing
W 20 soat oldin
Won't I get electrocuted?
Polish Jerry
Polish Jerry 20 soat oldin
This gets me mad
Mandy Easley
Mandy Easley 21 soat oldin
I’m sorry but that guy surfing sucked
Jovan Smith
Jovan Smith 21 soat oldin
lmao what did you expect, is a surfboard made of foam woooooooow. and lol Of course is gonna surf. *facepalm*
Donald Patton16
Donald Patton16 21 soat oldin
This dude is definitely on crack
D21 Productions
D21 Productions 22 soat oldin
ankle snappers
Everything Ryan vlogs
Everything Ryan vlogs 22 soat oldin
7:20 he almost got hit in the head
Matthew Davis jr
Matthew Davis jr 22 soat oldin
This is legit probably really rare and only 200 are made,and you break it....
LIL CL0UDY 22 soat oldin
You mean 199
Michael Russell
Michael Russell 23 soat oldin
Do what’s inside of a gymnastics vault 🤸🏾‍♂️🤸🏾‍♂️
Always be Smart
Always be Smart 23 soat oldin
I dont think anyone wants to know whats inside this...mainly just clicked because i didnt know tesla made a surfboard
The Doctor
The Doctor Kun oldin
Do what's inside an echo dot or Google home mini
ROMAN ambrose
ROMAN ambrose Kun oldin
Louis Jeffers-Fabro
Brah my 14 year old friend surf better than dis guy
Distinguished Noob of pardon
Hey guys what about a Lexus hoverbored
prival fang
prival fang Kun oldin
bigger flex than airpods.
grant smith
grant smith Kun oldin
i like it how mayhem shapes it and does everything but then tesla puts a logo on it and makes the money
Pedro Monsalve
Pedro Monsalve Kun oldin
Dude, you managed to get your idiotic hands on a $1500 limited edition surfboard that actually surfs and you go break it ... you are such a tool
JEMS Kun oldin
that grey looks amazing
Joe Boyd
Joe Boyd Kun oldin
You are by far the biggest kook I ever seen on UZvid
Kinho Kun oldin
use a helmet when doing this kind of stunt
nico dewert
nico dewert Kun oldin
What a shame! Buy things, brake them and make some likes.
IvanTheGreat 22
IvanTheGreat 22 23 soat oldin
The worst thing is they are so ungrateful.
MufasaTv Kun oldin
New question:What's inside a human body jk
Alexis Guerrero
Alexis Guerrero Kun oldin
I cloud keychain...😐
Subscribe 2 me for no reason
Coolest surfboard ever tho
tom lynch
tom lynch Kun oldin
You should take a Tesla model 3 or s or x and cut it in half two ways with a giant laser!
Brian Park
Brian Park Kun oldin
Theres no waves, and the guy can't surf well
fumastes Kun oldin
again,,, humans wasting things, energy, money, time... i believe humanity is going backwards in terms of evolution with this type of demonstrations. cheers
Anton Rosenbäck
That hurts my soul
Baemax Kun oldin
Ya let’s destroy a rare Tesla collectible to see what’s inside even tho we already know it’s a surf board...
linc Boy
linc Boy Kun oldin
My name is Lincoln too
samton roach
samton roach Kun oldin
Justin Lehr
Justin Lehr Kun oldin
199 surfboards now.
Jaidon White
Jaidon White Kun oldin
Literally no one asked and you wasted one
Kobus Vosloo
Kobus Vosloo Kun oldin
lol no stringer
Kobus Vosloo
Kobus Vosloo Kun oldin
Riding foamies isn't surfing.
Josh Going
Josh Going Kun oldin
Can you see whats inside a smart board
KT MMD Kun oldin
What's Inside Nintendo or PlayStation
Francisco Reis
Francisco Reis Kun oldin
10k lost
Marta Kun oldin
Yeah, Tesla produces the best Styrofoam in Universe ... It's amazing ....
Joel Walton
Joel Walton Kun oldin
I wonder who actually made these for tesla? GSI?
Ben Jamin'
Ben Jamin' Kun oldin
You guys are real idols. Great how you show that you just destroy valuables for fun without any reason. I wonder, what´s inside your heads?
cian mckeaney
cian mckeaney Kun oldin
can you pls test cheaper things this really hurts my mind. Who cares what’s inside something no one can afford. Do something we ALL actually want to know and care... like this comment so he reads it
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