What's on my original iPhone?

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How I got my original iPhone to work AND what's on it!
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Kyan2005 2 soat oldin
Yeah, I had an iPod Touch 1st gen on 1.1.4, but I couldn’t the get it to work, so I had to update it.
PERFECT GIRLS 4 soat oldin
BastianAndTheBear 4 soat oldin
I wish I could get my old Samsung flip phone to work but I need a sim card :( I'd give anything to get those message tones back and use them on my new samsung.
Safete Maliqi
Safete Maliqi 4 soat oldin
omg u still have it!!FOE GOODNESS SAKE OMGGGG!!!!!!😱😱😱😱
Mykal Monteith
Mykal Monteith 7 soat oldin
Review the samsung galaxy tab s4
Sharon Akkola
Sharon Akkola 7 soat oldin
Marta Persika
Marta Persika 7 soat oldin
I was only born in 2007 22nd November🤣
Derp Gamer_YT
Derp Gamer_YT 7 soat oldin
Justine is soo beautifull :P
alexander jennifer
alexander jennifer 9 soat oldin
Omg I saw at the vampire diaries
Yusuf Saeed
Yusuf Saeed 8 soat oldin
alexander jennifer sidemen
L_ø_v_ E_d
L_ø_v_ E_d 10 soat oldin
Right now I have a iPhone 4 ;-;
Lukas Leboss
Lukas Leboss 11 soat oldin
But you can downgrade it with old version of iTunes and Windows
Lukas Leboss
Lukas Leboss 11 soat oldin
It was running an old version of iOS but sadly it has been updated 😢
56 Dodny
56 Dodny 12 soat oldin
Hey jus could you please make your videos iPhone X friendly??Thanks ☺️
Andrews Stuff
Andrews Stuff 14 soat oldin
I thought you used android
Elise Rose
Elise Rose 16 soat oldin
So it’s a glorified iPod basically?
B*tches Broken Hearts
B*tches Broken Hearts 17 soat oldin
Oh my god 😂 I remember when I was little and my dad gave me that phone because he bought a new one. I still have it too! And it works and I have the charger 😂
FT studio
FT studio 18 soat oldin
Am I the only one who misses ask ij
Dimitri Borozny
Dimitri Borozny 18 soat oldin
Have it unlocked and put it on T - Mobile and have it jail broken.
John B
John B 19 soat oldin
Finally starts at 3:30
Super_451 20 soat oldin
Ijustine unbox the note 9 when it's here
Deontae Belcher
Deontae Belcher 21 soat oldin
U can play music 😂
Deontae Belcher
Deontae Belcher 21 soat oldin
That bihhh clean 😎
Jethro Chan
Jethro Chan 21 soat oldin
At&t just disable 2G? Any Countries there don't have 2G service anymore? 🤔
Brandon Barcenas
Brandon Barcenas 22 soat oldin
Your Annoying and crazy as hell
Nicole Rośe Norico
Nicole Rośe Norico 22 soat oldin
is it me or it’s really just dramatic?
RainbowPumpkin ETN
so cool
HarlanHarlan E†ling Harlan E†ling
*Yaldabaoth,* *The last time I saw a mouth like yours - THERE WAS A HOOK IN IT...*
Do Myspace Memes still count?
Justine just use an online database for IOS versions so you can get 1.0
Aaron Backlund
Aaron Backlund Kun oldin
You can still access email by creating a app password in your Google account
Gracey Golobo
Gracey Golobo Kun oldin
Did u hear about the new iPhone coming out
Fredrick Mudd
Fredrick Mudd Kun oldin
Dreamland prohealthbrushing long
Billy_ .45
Billy_ .45 Kun oldin
I'm from Arkansas no joke theres Walmarts every wher and I live in NLR
Josefiina Ahonen
Afford all hesitate amendment abortion sodium term killer.
Sarah Priest
Sarah Priest Kun oldin
I worked for Sprint when the original iPhone was launched. I remember having SO much training on it, thinking it was ridiculous because I wasn't even selling the phone. That's about my only interaction with the first generation lol
Peter Powis
Peter Powis Kun oldin
i'd love you to do a tech video with "Unbox Therapy" - you guys would be great together!! :)
Hailey Kim
Hailey Kim Kun oldin
that phone is the exact same age as me -not exactly just same year
Dakota VanDusen
Dakota VanDusen Kun oldin
aye same name as ur friend
ToxicWaste 999
ToxicWaste 999 Kun oldin
I threw my first iPhone in the dumpster after smashing it to bits with a hammer 😂
Jade J
Jade J Kun oldin
Omg ur the same age as my mom but u look like ur 20
Lamar brooks
Lamar brooks Kun oldin
that was super cool.
Andrew Chelstowski
Your videos are awesome 🙂
Nicole Cruz
Nicole Cruz Kun oldin
You r too assessed w iPhones. Honey what happened to u and ro
Sandra Ann
Sandra Ann Kun oldin
Can u plz say ..iPhone 7plus or 8 plus is better!!???
Circuits Kun oldin
My first  product was Ipad Mini First IPhone was SE
Charlie Darlington
I was only 12 in 2007 but I've really enjoyed following you for all these years, Justine! ❤️✨
Muhammad Niaz M Niaz
Love you nice grill my whatapps number 923005088243
T T Kun oldin
You're so sexy
Juan Zabala
Juan Zabala Kun oldin
Ok. She is crying because she updated an obsolete piece of hardware. And i just got stabbed in the chest in my south american city a month ago. First world problems indeed.
Iris Chen
Iris Chen Kun oldin
Why no more baking
Subie Fan
Subie Fan Kun oldin
You look like Cameron Diaz...
Akbar Omar
Akbar Omar Kun oldin
I used iphone 4 it was slow this must be supper slow
RTI Century
RTI Century Kun oldin
good job justine. watch this : uzvid.com/video/video-f-JHm8DNxcA.html
Malcolm Berman
Malcolm Berman Kun oldin
4:45 I miss that sound
Katie Coker
Katie Coker Kun oldin
5 giveaways for 5 mill?
MrEagle Kun oldin
You filmed vertical -_-
Poop Poop's
Poop Poop's Kun oldin
Is her friend the Fortnite player???
Sk Sakil
Sk Sakil Kun oldin
wow nice
omnitrix1992 Kun oldin
Wow, she's 34
Allison garcia
Allison garcia Kun oldin
How come she haven’t change these past years?
hussar Kun oldin
Basic girls are always on iphone such tools
Adrian V
Adrian V Kun oldin
Internet Introvert
was gud
Soul Guru
Soul Guru Kun oldin
No One Cares
Flora White
Flora White Kun oldin
My sister was born on August 13th 2007
Ashley Ramos
Ashley Ramos Kun oldin
Maiya Brooks
Maiya Brooks Kun oldin
I have been waiting for this video
mouad ab
mouad ab Kun oldin
i can give you a handful IOS modified version , which will give you the new FLAT ICON DESIGN THEME and a set of 300 apps , all compatible with iPhone 2G reach me out if interested !
Watch Addiction Watch Reviews
A lot of odd google searches you cleared 🌝
Justin Walsh
Justin Walsh Kun oldin
What about when you host awards shows or video game shows? Was that part of getting the original iPhone? Was being in the MAC Cult made you famous? I just don't get it iJustine?
Hope Isobel
Hope Isobel Kun oldin
U had your 12 year anniversary this year, I had my birthday
CrazyConnor Kun oldin
if you get an app on a new phone and then go back to the 2g you can download an older version.
CrazyConnor Kun oldin
You pretty much took all of the value from this phone by updating to ios 3.1.3
Mist0rWiggles 2 kun oldin
damn she look hella old now. I remember she was hot.
Charles Cachola
Charles Cachola 2 kun oldin
Zoe West
Zoe West 2 kun oldin
Does anyone even watch her anymore? Like how many phone unboxing videos can you make until your fans get bored?
Middle Man
Middle Man 2 kun oldin
Picture of my dong
mc luvinnn
mc luvinnn 2 kun oldin
I miss how ya made your old videos
hello there
hello there 2 kun oldin
lol she talks like that phone is so weird and old... when people actually have iphones that work that way...
Shane McKnight
Shane McKnight 2 kun oldin
Arkansas Native 🙋🏻‍♂️
Mathias 2 kun oldin
Get of the tube already you apple shill
Faith18 2 kun oldin
Can you do a video just living with old Apple products for a day
michael moore
michael moore 2 kun oldin
No nudes ?
michael moore
michael moore 2 kun oldin
That fone is fucin assss 💩💩💩💩💩💩 straight thrrraaca
Kem Haddock
Kem Haddock 2 kun oldin
Oliver Mathieu
Oliver Mathieu 2 kun oldin
To sign in with two-step or two-factor, enter the password then the verification code following in the password field 😊
Vishruth Arimanda
Vishruth Arimanda 2 kun oldin
XSTAT1C 2 kun oldin
Only half a mil views and is on trending
Meghan's Slime
Meghan's Slime 2 kun oldin
I live in Arkansas
Austin Czajkowski
Austin Czajkowski 2 kun oldin
Anyone else notice the shirt she's wearing in her first picture is also the shirt she's wearing at the Apple store??
Bomb Boo
Bomb Boo 2 kun oldin
I got oof in roblox.
Dead Meme
Dead Meme 2 kun oldin
In her first pic... She had on the same shirt?
Ivana Jordan
Ivana Jordan 2 kun oldin
Does she get paid by Apple? She’s always making iPhone videos and I’m just curious.
Stephanie Peguero
Stephanie Peguero 2 kun oldin
Yayy iphones get better each year
Bellarke’s Resting Place
I bet you €299288177394028 that you didn’t read that number and you didn’t see the letter in it.
Today will be the sixth day you are on trending!
axentragaming 2 kun oldin
Samsung is 1,000,000,000,000% BETTER
axentragaming Kun oldin
Circuits yes and a pc
Circuits Kun oldin
axentragaming well Do you have the ability to connect your phone to the tv?
axentragaming Kun oldin
A long unnecessary name for u to read Batres faster and stoner and better software and more phechers
A long unnecessary name for u to read Batres
axentragaming Nah.
Hyper crew/austinplayz
Its crazy how 10 years ago phones had 8 gbs and now theres phones up to one tb of storage
zaftra 2 kun oldin
10 years before that my first pc (as big as a room( had 4mb ram and 120mb HHD. now that's crazy.
gopi gops
gopi gops 2 kun oldin
Is she watched new note 9 😍😍😍😍
Julianna violet
Julianna violet 2 kun oldin
She started making videos right when I was born
Apple Devices
Apple Devices 2 kun oldin
Ever played sticky bear.? Or remember him from a Apple computer?