What's on my original iPhone?

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How I got my original iPhone to work AND what's on it!
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8-Avg, 2018

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Jaret sandoval
Jaret sandoval 2 kun oldin
Me I from Arkansas
Jay Gonzalez
Jay Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
That phone came out the year I was born
吸血鬼うんこ 4 kun oldin
iPhone Love❤️
Singingpineapple Owls tube
I was a year old when that thing came out.
John Jason Ordoño
John Jason Ordoño 6 kun oldin
Well i got 2 iphone 1s
Tamsin Richards
Tamsin Richards 7 kun oldin
High key looking like Nicole arbour
Game Master
Game Master 7 kun oldin
Can I have the original iphone please
IMadeYouReadThis 9 kun oldin
Anyone used to play that game on IPod touch where you can kill ants or what ever with the flamethrower, hammer and more
Akif Norsh
Akif Norsh 9 kun oldin
no video on first iphone...omg hahahaha
Ajith Blond
Ajith Blond 11 kun oldin
I love yu je taime
CookieCupcake 44
CookieCupcake 44 11 kun oldin
This iPhone is my age Anyone else?
Allison Burg
Allison Burg 12 kun oldin
That phone bill video was posted when I was only a few months old!😂🤣😂
Teyla Woodward
Teyla Woodward 13 kun oldin
I was not born in 2007 I was born in 2009
greenboyawesome123 gaming & vlogs & tech!
Hey ijustine watching this on a iPhone 4 I'm so surprised because this is the oldest apple product I have
Milo 14 kun oldin
Do a whole phone collection video
mudug media production
I have these iphone
Миша Конник
Кто тут русский
Bkibbe Schwede
Bkibbe Schwede 16 kun oldin
At 7:36 you can see on maps “Springfield” SIMPSONS IS THAT U??
Magdalena Landman
Magdalena Landman 17 kun oldin
She litarly soo dramatic
Samantha Moreno
Samantha Moreno 18 kun oldin
BROWEN 18 kun oldin
I remember UZvid when the tv logo Was there I was a user since i was 5 but made my channel When i was 10 Good times. And the yellow sub button
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 19 kun oldin
It’s a old shit phone what’s so excited about that lol go get a nokia and cry more lol
Ivania Reyes
Ivania Reyes 20 kun oldin
IT HAD 8 GB ok I would have only had like YT and just pics and social media
LPS Candyyy
LPS Candyyy 21 kun oldin
MrDutch01 21 kun oldin
You do know you can make it work with Two Step Authentication right? Just use the same installation instructions as Android or Outlook. You will get a specific password that will work! So not your nomall password!
lil hunbuns
lil hunbuns 21 kun oldin
Omg this is so cool. My aunt used to have the iPhone 3G and she deactivated it and gave it to me when I was little. I remember trying to make calls and text but I could only play games like Talking Tom 😂
Alexia Ralar Javier
Alexia Ralar Javier 22 kun oldin
Those eyebrow are on fleek in 2007
ricardo olivera
ricardo olivera 23 kun oldin
i understand.
Jackson South
Jackson South 23 kun oldin
im from arkansas
Ashley Brick
Ashley Brick 23 kun oldin
I think my mom owned the first iPhone in 2007 when she got a new one it turned into my new toy lol I would wake up early just to play on it and type a diary in the notes and I would mess around with the voice memos it was so fun!!! Ps I am just as big a iPhone fan as you Justine!! Love you Justine!!! You are awesome 😎
Rainy Dayz DIYS
Rainy Dayz DIYS 24 kun oldin
I have the original iPhone
Why Don’t We Pancakes
She shouted out me I live in Arkansas
MUAZAMA’S SLIME 25 kun oldin
People stop ✋🏻 hating if you don’t want to watch then get of this channel 💁🏻‍♀️
LEESA CAV 26 kun oldin
Yep I have the first iPhone and that's what I'm watching it on.
LEESA CAV 26 kun oldin
True story
Charles Rozario
Charles Rozario 26 kun oldin
itz me
itz me 27 kun oldin
it’s crazy to me to look at you viewing a photo of the new apple store and looking at all the new tech on the apple website..but on the first iphone...it’s like viewing the future within the past... idk just something about it feels crazy to me
Livvy Laugh
Livvy Laugh 27 kun oldin
Lol I’m from Arkansas I got a shoutout yay! Lol 🥳
Maarten Fourie
Maarten Fourie 27 kun oldin
justine you are such an inspiration
Brian Co
Brian Co 27 kun oldin
Justine you actually can authenticate your emails, just put in your password and then go to a newer device or your main device and it will tell you that a device is trying to connect and the you allow it, then lmao this is long but then you put your password and add the pin it gives you to your password
Maggie Gutierrez
Maggie Gutierrez 28 kun oldin
Bluefire0807 28 kun oldin
Best part is that she just carried the og iPhone around at all times
Elijah Films
Elijah Films 28 kun oldin
I was able to get my two factor authentication Apple ID to work on a 4S with iOS 6.1.3, you just put in the code that it gives you at the end of the password. Ex: pass: password321. Code: 361289 Pass: password321361289 I’m pretty sure that’s what worked for me
Alicia Dumb channel XD
The iPhone bill video was made 2 days before I was born. How crazy is that?
Isabella Pena
Isabella Pena 28 kun oldin
I honestly wish i had an iphone 8 plus. I currently have an android! I wish i could get my parents and other three siblings one too, im just too broke lol! I will say for being 14 i want to do a lot for others to help in any way!!
SmiieRaiNBow 29 kun oldin
Is it weird that I remember this version of ios so well? Wow I’ve really been using apple for a long time!!
AroundLoganJacobsen ThatBigest Fan
Is this yours still?
I am from mexico and i really love your video's
Cece Kakala
Cece Kakala Oy oldin
I actually have that phone
Elizabeth Newman/Altick
can i please have it and heres my youtube channle Brandi altick i have no phone and i need one in case of an a marshe f i have to call 911
Savage Evans
Savage Evans Oy oldin
There’s no way you are 34
Wyatt Oy oldin
It's crazy how a phone can get people more excited than basically everything else.
Roberto Garcia
I remember I was in 7th grade and when my uncle from LA would come over I wanted it so bad!! So I understand how she feels!
Socoolari Hyatt
That’s my birthday Aug 13 07
gloria ingram
gloria ingram Oy oldin
Godworks in mysterious ways
Dylan Wahrheit
You Can sign in to Icloud with 2 step authentication if you type the code at the end of the password I did this on ios 6.1.4 and it worked for me but try it anyway good luck :)
Frankie Martinez
*love her black nails!*
Panda Gal2000
Panda Gal2000 Oy oldin
I actually like the original iPhone!!! It has this magical quality that the first iPhone would have just because it’s the first from 2007👌🏽
Meado309 YT
Meado309 YT Oy oldin
Your UZvid account is older than me
MrVitalic85 Oy oldin
sweet mother milk
Taylor Meep
Taylor Meep Oy oldin
I have the original iPad
TheReal FortniteKing
a lot of people still have iphone 5c but i have the SE #movingonplainrock124 #iphonese #iphone2g
Crafty Bees
Crafty Bees Oy oldin
6:56 not only to call everything
Camila Santos
Camila Santos Oy oldin
justine would look wayy to cute with short hair
Dani Dorsey
Dani Dorsey Oy oldin
Northwest Arkansas! About 4ish hours away from Hot Springs 😂😂
need subs please
8:00 Radiohead!
Joshua Flagg
Joshua Flagg Oy oldin
which is highly ironic, because were watching this on UZvid... 😜
Jay Al
Jay Al Oy oldin
Is the iPhone dead????? Soon
Kurt Wester
Kurt Wester Oy oldin
Radiohead I c u
Rani Basila
Rani Basila Oy oldin
Sufyan recorder
AMAZING & SO FUNNY U i Justine am start a new chanel am in italy & am speak little english u inderstand okay youtuber help us youtube ( sufyan recorder ) am a little fan of u i hope u help me permoted
Sufyan recorder
sufyan recorder is my channel
Toby Buccilli
Toby Buccilli Oy oldin
The 2007 video is the day before I was born lol
Cesar De Leon
Cesar De Leon Oy oldin
It does kind of looks like the X and XS .... *0*
Captain Sensible
She's spent too much time with Linus, the clickbait is real.... I just subscribed to this channel (through Linus) So what's on your original Iphone?
Evelyn Acevedo
I HAD THAT WHEN I WAS 7 its sooo cute and the charger was sooo big😂
Evelyn Acevedo
Sienna Delsi
Sienna Delsi Oy oldin
Omgosh I love this so much
Chyeanne Lee
Chyeanne Lee Oy oldin
Anyone watching on a iPhone SE?
Kennedy Poindexter
I have an iPad that looks exactly like that it’s like one of the first iPads it doesn’t even have a camera
Harry's Adventurous life
Your UZvid channel is older than me lol
MadonnaFanz Oy oldin
What phone does she used before original iPhone ???
Alfred Stefanides
hey Justine what is the name of the song used in the background?
Drew Boswell
Drew Boswell 2 oy oldin
I can't believe she paid $7,000 for it
Diamond Ranch
Diamond Ranch 2 oy oldin
The OG iphone had 128 mb of ram. Try running google on that
Matilde Jensen
Matilde Jensen 2 oy oldin
my first iphone was the iphone 3g ahahahha
Bashy Park
Bashy Park 2 oy oldin
Look at the UZvid icon
michael Nardone
michael Nardone 2 oy oldin
She is so fake
Mahima Rajan
Mahima Rajan 2 oy oldin
How many iPhones do you have?? It’s a question not a hate comment
OneMan JAM
OneMan JAM 2 oy oldin
From my understanding doesn't have to have version 1.0 to be originally unopened? I would think that if 3.1.3 is already on it then it had to be opened at one point and resealed. I have no clue just my thoughts.
Nawnp MCPE
Nawnp MCPE 2 oy oldin
In all fairness, AT&T is the only US carrier that dropped 2g, so that is an exclusive issue, but ironic as AT&T was the only carrier that the original iPhone was made for.
Marc Stephenson
Marc Stephenson 2 oy oldin
Carl Owens
Carl Owens 2 oy oldin
im from arkansas
Dr. Busy
Dr. Busy 2 oy oldin
FaceTime sucks after iOS 12 update uzvid.com/video/video-FIUzPSOqBzE.html
Caroline Gammon
Caroline Gammon 2 oy oldin
I dunno but when she put the clips in from 2007 she kinda looks like Carrie Underwood? I’m not sure that’s just the first thing I thought of when she showed them like if u agree!
LOLOLOLOL 2 oy oldin
I think she has adhd
Rosalba Rocha
Rosalba Rocha 2 oy oldin
2:28 filming with iPhone xsmax
Everything J
Everything J 2 oy oldin
"You never know who you will meet"will one night I heard a noise I went to the kitchen and cardi b was eating my froot loops and Pringles then she threw a potato at me 😐
SecretAgentJames 2 oy oldin
Didn’t know you were as old as I am....
Pixelmi 2 oy oldin
OMG I REMMBER THE VOICE MEMO APP, thank u Justine for bringing back memories of my time on my first iPad! 😭
Lusonice2021 2 oy oldin
Juggle chainsaws with Alex Clark!
PhanSundae 2 oy oldin
I remember when those apps looked like that, woah!