Stila “POWDER SPRAY” Review ... OMG 😮

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Today I'm reviewing the new Stila In The Buff Powder Spray and their Lingerie Souffle Skin ...
xo's ~ Tati
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✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
Stila In The Buff Powder Spray // Light/Medium
Stila Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfecting Primer // Sun-Kissed
Stila Lingerie Souffle Skin Perfection Color // 3.0

✔ M A K E U P W O R N
Tarte Timeless Smoothing Primer
Stila In The Buff Powder Spray // Light/Medium
Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Foundation // 3.30
Stellar Beauty Limitless Concealer // L02
Joah Be My Everything Powder Contour Palette // JPC01
Maskcara Beauty Cream Contour
Becca Sunchaser Palette
Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter // Gradient Glow
NYX Swear By It Shadow Palette
Wet N Wild On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil // You’re The Yin
Guerlain Maxi Lash Waterproof Mascara // 01 Noir
Benefit Brow Contour Pro // Brown Light
Disney x Ustar Blooming Flower 3D Brow & Eyebrow Mascara No. 2
Eylure London Brow Palette
Milani Color Statement Lipliner // 04
Dose Of Colors Lip It Up Satin Lipstick // Brulee
Essie Nail Lacquer // Anchor Down
Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat

✔ S N A P C H A T
✔ I N S T A G R A M
✔ T W I T T E R
✔ F A C E B O O K
✔ E M A I L

FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is Not Sponsored - I bought everything myself and there are no affiliate links.

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9-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 5 722
Sasuue X
Sasuue X 3 kun oldin
You are so funny 😂
Michaela Lewis
Michaela Lewis 7 kun oldin
Lol Tati funniest video yet.
Claste Buzz
Claste Buzz 8 kun oldin
First off tati love you. Second, that spray on powder looks SOOOO good on u!!
Aaron Life savage
Aaron Life savage 13 kun oldin
Laura Some Number
Laura Some Number 14 kun oldin
I think most products are mostly water.
Zoey Vogts
Zoey Vogts 14 kun oldin
Skyler _Nell
Skyler _Nell 16 kun oldin
It is a bb cream (skin perfecting)
Andrew Bumgarner
Andrew Bumgarner 16 kun oldin
TATI!!! I have the song from your nephews remote control car stuck in my head while I’m trying to get through work lol. “Olli olli, oop olli olli oop, ooh olli olli” 💀 😂
Avril Tully
Avril Tully 18 kun oldin
It's so fitting that you are an aunt, because in French "Tati" means aunt! My cousins call my mom Tati even though we aren't French, so when I first started watching your videos that's all I could think of lol
Brianna Jordan
Brianna Jordan 18 kun oldin
There is a lighter one that would have worked better
Brianna Jordan
Brianna Jordan 18 kun oldin
She got the deep skin toned primer lol
Loren Hightower
Loren Hightower 19 kun oldin
Taylor V
Taylor V 21 kun oldin
I hate when companies don’t give any directions to confusing product
Nicole Orta
Nicole Orta 22 kun oldin
Love the review Tati. You’re who I go to before I test make up
Ida 22 kun oldin
Tatiii, you didn’t even give the primer a chance! You just wiped it off girl.. now I’ll never know
Jessicaddy 23 kun oldin
I was beginning to think I was the only one whose go-to foundation is the beautyblender bounce foundation, and I am SO glad to know it is yours too. I felt that loving it was an unpopular opinion, but it's what I keep reaching for! (: Anyone else?
Stephanie Thorpe
Stephanie Thorpe 25 kun oldin
I work at a beauty store & they sent to a Stila training where they explained the lingerie soufflé & I still don’t really understand what it is, they had explained it as being more so a primer & a tinted moisturizer, they did explain that you are supposed to use your fingers & go very lightly with the product, not really going strong or making circular motions but instead just very lightly spread it with the fingers, it does pill very easily, I’m not huge on it but they did give me a jar of the lighter primer shade so I’ll probably use that up The powder I do like but I find it creates huge clouds whenever I pull out my powder brush & when using
Lcn 1029
Lcn 1029 25 kun oldin
Love your blouse it’s so cute! Where is it from?
Elleah Arin
Elleah Arin 26 kun oldin
Really? A silicone primer with a water based foundation? 🙄
Juliana Ambe
Juliana Ambe 27 kun oldin
The song is Zum Gali Gali i think.🤣
B. Jones
B. Jones 27 kun oldin
Elena Haldy
Elena Haldy 27 kun oldin
Tati I love your reviews but I am here to say your nephew is absolutely adorable.
cherub 28 kun oldin
yep i had the same experience with lingerie souffle. i kept it for two weeks before returning. it pilled no matter what. i used the primer they sold to go with this foundation, i tried it with no primer as well. it;s just a big no haha. and stila is my favorite brand. ;=;
Krushi Bhakta
Krushi Bhakta 29 kun oldin
Tati can you please test this product out again with the right shade of primer and foundation
LaneWalkerz 29 kun oldin
I must say before you put on make up your skin looks exceptionally wonderful. Very glowy just perfect skin. Whatever you are doing for your skin looks amazing.
Bobbie Boelling
Bobbie Boelling 29 kun oldin
The bronzer primer would look better on a medium skin tone
Thomas Cehelnik C
Thomas Cehelnik C 29 kun oldin
Casually uses her 2 iphones
sharon lewis
sharon lewis Oy oldin
Why would you use the dark shade? It not your skintone it's for people with dark complexions. Why? Always read about a product so you don't look confused in your videos.
Kathlyn Eventing
Lisa 66
Lisa 66 Oy oldin
11:00 Why does she look like a Brooke Shield wanna-be? Stila products are always a miss for me.... I’m glad she reviewed these new products so I won’t waste any money trying them out, but seriously spray powder, I take a pass.
Baylee Van Patten
my nieces car does the same thing!! also can we get a tutorial on this makeup look cause you look flawless!!!!
super salti
super salti Oy oldin
its zum gali gali, not oop oli oli
Sophie S
Sophie S Oy oldin
Isn't that like the wrong shade? ... or does it come in just one colour
unicornsisters diamond love
10:55 where tf did tati go?
AA Tay & stuff
When I put powder under my eyes to bake it make the lines under my eyes SOOOOO MUCH WORSE and I even ordered shape tape online (I’m in Vancouver Canada, we don’t have it here) and bought Laura Mercier powder, anyone else have this problem? I’m better off with no powder!
Jenna Delozier
That song that was playing from the car is called: Zum Galie, and it is in another language. In choir, we have to sing two songs in another language to pass, and my group has been practicing that one for weeks, that’s how I know it!
Stacie Steagall
I bought the foundation and primer and took them back to Ulta. Very pretty packaging but the product is crap.
Fatimah Abourya
Just me or does her face look reallyyyy thin and like her cheekbones look sharper and gaunter, I mean overall she just looks different and slimmer at like 10:55
lywo Oy oldin
Your nephew is such a cutie!
IZimbra Oy oldin
“Gosh dang it” just say damn it geez
Natalia Marie
Natalia Marie Oy oldin
If it’s a SPRAY powder is it still a POWDER?
Zori Barlow
Zori Barlow Oy oldin
Maybe the bronzer isn’t for your skintone hun 🤷🏾‍♀️
Mattie Bee
Mattie Bee Oy oldin
We sang that song in my choir class, it says zum galli galli galli zum galli galli, it really gets stuck in your head
Clare Bishop
Clare Bishop Oy oldin
babe.... of course it's too dark, you got a primer shade that is... def not your skin tone... thats for darker skinned folks, there's a pink one for paler skin tones....
myT booshGal
myT booshGal Oy oldin
Two different faces, two different phone cases. I don't know what happening here.
Sophia Ahmad
Sophia Ahmad Oy oldin
Tati has such an accent
Tessi Lehtomäki
5:42 Tati singing 7rings before 7rings came out... and btw: tati spent 25,9 dollars on water😘
AC4X Oy oldin
ZUM GALI GALI! Where my Jewish kids at?
AC4X Oy oldin
Did Tati put a case on her phone and then take it off again in the middle of the video, or does she have two phones?? No case at 4:55, black case and popsocket at 7:58, no case at 13:01...
Chelsea Potvin
I think the only difference was she contoured her nose
Sassa Gaki
Sassa Gaki Oy oldin
Is it me or Tati's lips look bigger on this video?? 3 times the price for the power...
Shannon Stephens
I bought the sun kissed an I love it! I used a brush because being water based the sponge is going to suck up the water an make it harder to spread easily. I got great results !
Evan Minton
Evan Minton Oy oldin
I’m so confused. Why did she have a whole different phone to read about the 2nd product ,and go back to the first phone after the second product? What am I missing?😂🤷🏻‍♂️😅🤦🏻‍♂️
Katrina bartley
i think she got lip injections???
Anaya Freeland
Is it just me or does Gary have two phone?¿
Ryan Mackenzie
5:29 and 7:49 why does she have two different phones??
Sarah Poer
Sarah Poer Oy oldin
I feel that the spray powder is just a complete waste of money when she tried to spray it on the brush I saw dollar signs falling out all over the place. What's wrong with a loose powder just already being in a container and then dipping your brush into it I don't need to spray it on to a brush that's a complete gimmick product I would not spend a dime on something that sprays 90% of the product away from what you are intending to use it for
I guess my first thought was that it could be sprayed like setting spray but the warning makes sense. But then.....what’s the rationale behind making a spray powder? Especially since it doesn’t seem any more sanitary
MissEden Oy oldin
i dont think ive ever heard tati say 'ing' its always een lel
when I first saw the foundation in my store I thought it was one of those perfecting powders for a sec..I was so shocked when I found out it was a foundation
Amelia Warburton
Hey hey Tati
Kitty Oy oldin
I feel like when brands create something that they themselves don't know exactly what it is, they intentionally put confusing descriptive info, in order to misguide the customer even more, intrigue them and make them buy the products in order to find out what it is. Essentially, laboratory ended up creating something gimmicky, and the brand decided to sell it as the "something-something". This reminds me of The Big Bang Theory where Howard's wife always says how her pharmaceutical company renames something that she's created and skips to mentions the negatives of the medicine.
Why is this entire comment section so God damn negative, tati is an amazing person
Layla Ciepluch
Girl Tati your lips look so good!!! Did you get lip fillers!!
Ang !!
Ang !! Oy oldin
Love you but sis... even the beauty blender foundation was NOT your shade
abby weaver
abby weaver Oy oldin
Wait she pulled out two different phones I know she’s had her 7 or 8 plus in the black marble case for a while but earlier she had an X 🤷🏻‍♀️ love you Tati 😂❤️
abby weaver
abby weaver Oy oldin
Omg we have the same phone 😁😁
Nadia Garcia
Nadia Garcia Oy oldin
I love the idea of the powder spray! If you drop it it won't break:) I'm very clumsy. So this item will come in handy.
Amber Heveron
Amber Heveron Oy oldin
Someone's been watching Kathrine Lights with saying "Thats espencive" (I know how to spell expensive, I just wrote it how they make it sound).
Don't get me started !
Beth Roesch
Beth Roesch Oy oldin
Tati, please make a skin care line!!! 🙏🙏 You have beautiful skin
Yesi Flores
Yesi Flores Oy oldin
I love your impulsive try on's! Cant stop laughing
Rosa Oy oldin
Eww your foundation is too dark. You look so much better with a lighter foundation. You look like a baked potato, no offense.
Desiree H
Desiree H Oy oldin
That Stila spray powder reminds me of the Dior Airflash MatteTouch Powder...which I still have but don't use. The big difference is the Dior version is an aerosol, like their foundation, and it sprays damp but drys immediately in sort of a loose, powdery, cake-ish consistency. I loved it but it sat at the back of my drawer and I forgot I even owned it for a while. I don't think the Dior aerosol powder is made anymore.
Donovan Climie
am i the only one to notice her decisiveness on phone cases
Sydney Archibald
I would love to see you do a full face of Sephora brand makeup and a full face of Ulta beauty brand makeup! I feel like they are always overlooked and have been sooooo curious to know if anything is a hidden gem!
ifollowrivers Oy oldin
I came back to this video to hear the “oli oop” song 😂
Kylie Tevs
Kylie Tevs Oy oldin
Dude its been longer than a minute
Monica Dennis
Monica Dennis Oy oldin
Her voice COMPLETELY CHANGED during the check in O.O love you Tati XD I guess microphone quality and it her equipment really does make a difference, but I also never noticed that much of a change during check instead before?
Taqua Swift
Taqua Swift Oy oldin
Even if the spray powder was mind blowing, i don't think i could justify spending that kind of money on a product that once the powder is out of the container, i loose out on left over product in my hand. That to me is loosing out on money, sad to hear that it's a great product i will not try out
Meznah Mohammed
Melissa Pekar
Melissa Pekar Oy oldin
You should post a workout video, I would love that!
Natalie McDaniel
What shade of the codi airspun powder do you use Tati? Xo!!
Michele Eslick
Heather Borello
I think that bronze stuff would be really in a body lotion.
annalee & katie
why are there so many negative comments ):
Bailey Rushing
Thanks for the check in! I always like to have a “oh I actually wore this and it’s nice/bad!”
Vana Stewart
Vana Stewart Oy oldin
Yva Batmans
Yva Batmans Oy oldin
Graveyard girl tested this same foundation and it was horrible. I think overall Stila is a pretty bad brand. I haven't found anything that I liked and all of the reviews that Ive seen have gone south.
code seeker
code seeker Oy oldin
i really wish one didnt have ro spend 20 min figuring out a product isnt all that.. maybe a playlist
Suman G
Suman G Oy oldin
I will definitely give this product a try 😍😍😍❤️
EyesOnJess Oy oldin
When I heard spray powder, I thought it was going to be a product that sprays on wet and dries to a powder finish lol so like a setting spray with a twist 🤣
J Mid
J Mid Oy oldin
I’m amazed of how many negative comments I see.. Tati keep doing your thing you look beautiful. skip the haters ❤️.
Maryan Mohamed
I feel like it’s just setting spray…maybe I’m just uneducated hahaha
Cynthia Ho
Cynthia Ho Oy oldin
when i saw the title it reminded me of dry shampoo
Cansu Cinar
Cansu Cinar Oy oldin
Hi Tati could you please do a perfume collection thanks!
Yolanda Sanchez
The powder does look interesting but it looks like you would waste a lot of product when spraying it onto your brush.
Selena Contreras
I knew about the new spray powder for some time because I worked at this printing place and the name grabbed my attention and I was thinking the exact same.. a spray powder?! Lol
CathyJo_86 Oy oldin
Why tf are there so many negative nasty comments? Why watch her if you're just going to leave hateful comments? Makes no damn sense.
Margaret Rodriguez
Youre so beautiful, inside and out, i want to be like you 💕
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