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Alissa Violet
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Hey guys.
I know you've all been wanting to know my side of the drama that's been going down lately, so here it is. Being 100% honest. It was really difficult for me to sit down and pour my heart out to you guys, so please just understand that I needed to get everything off of my chest.

Please don't take the song too seriously. We're just 2 youtubers trying to make a difference in the world and have fun.
This song is heat...................


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9-Iyn, 2017



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Draven Livingston
Draven Livingston 4 soat oldin
Tessa T
Tessa T 9 soat oldin
Jake always played the victim in his video when he talked about getting hate for doing vine and all that but really he was the bully the whole time, it breaks my heart seeing Alissa telling this story because of how he treated her and now when i see Alissa in jakes video I will know how he is treating her and how she actually feeling😔 I’m so glad you are with someone now who loves you as much as you love them! ❤️💕
Matilda Polley
Matilda Polley 10 soat oldin
Who’s here after Shane’s series 👎🏻
Samirah Khan
Samirah Khan 15 soat oldin
Jake Paul is a frickin b****
TheOneManArmy 15 soat oldin
fuck jake paul hes a neek
yolo 19 soat oldin
Sooo you fucked BOTH PAULS lmao banks is a botch
Bdjdjbdbd Ndjdnbdnd
Bdjdjbdbd Ndjdnbdnd 21 soat oldin
You a pussy ass niggas real talk Jake Paul is beast
JustCameron HD
JustCameron HD 21 soat oldin
i actually hate Jake Paul with a mother fucking PASSION
Lilly Jade
Lilly Jade Kun oldin
Alissa did Jake make a diss track about u NO. He made a song it's every day bro not DISS TRACK ALISSA VOILET DID HE ! He was just minding his business.
km Kun oldin
My heart hurts what the fuck
no u
no u Kun oldin
I understand.❤️
Sol Kim
Sol Kim 2 kun oldin
Banks is way better then jake Paul
Amok 2425
Amok 2425 2 kun oldin
Who is watching this just because UZvid drama use to entertain u
Reacting Channel
Reacting Channel 2 kun oldin
Stop being mean to jake Paul
Alicia Freeman
Alicia Freeman 2 kun oldin
You are the best UZvid video
banks and her are the best the couple and alissa is a good girl and is million times better than him he is a fucking dick and was using her
Jack Brinklow
Jack Brinklow 2 kun oldin
this is why i hate Jake hes a wanker towards girls, from the UK
Hey its Andreia
Hey its Andreia 3 kun oldin
I like how she just “forgot” to mention she hooked up with Logan🤣
Anna Ellis
Anna Ellis 3 kun oldin
jake is a ass
Christine 3 kun oldin
Jake and Logan Paul (including their father) are mentally unstable and toxic people. You needed this in life to learn your lesson. That’s why it happened. I hope you grow from it, never look back, and learn to never treat people the way they treat people, like pawns in their chess game. They omit negativity and greed, and they shall receive negativity and greed.
Me Hazib
Me Hazib 3 kun oldin
Those who believed her fucking fake story should go and watch Shane's 'video, where Jake says why he broke up with her. She slept with Logan just to give Jake the "pain" she "felt". Jake let her stay in his house for about a month after he told her to leave. She didn't. She stayed there for more than a month and Jake finally had to kick her out. He even offered her a place to stay. Still "fuck jake paul", huh? And, all that was AFTER Jake came to know about her sexual relationship with Logan. Don't listen to this stupid golddigger!
CHOCOBERRY 4 kun oldin
U should of got FaZe on Greg paul
Chick Vlogs
Chick Vlogs 4 kun oldin
carys 0909
carys 0909 4 kun oldin
Plus I know this happened a while ago!!
carys 0909
carys 0909 4 kun oldin
Your are the strongest!! It’s hard to go through this!! And now you and banks are in a love and he treats you like a princess, like a queen and that is exactly what you need to be treated like!! ❤️❤️❤️
blueberry :p
blueberry :p 4 kun oldin
Who's still watching this 2019?
Georgios Zachariades
Im jake paul i just changed my name
Jennifer Milnes
Jennifer Milnes 4 kun oldin
Slag and lierer and gold digger I hate u for what u did to jake u used him and cheeted u bitch
Why am I here
Why am I here 4 kun oldin
Even if she is lying (which she's not) she shouldn't be talked to like you just did
zane vela
zane vela 5 kun oldin
shup up
zane vela
zane vela 5 kun oldin
team ericka
Kylin Lily
Kylin Lily 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who is ok with Logan but hates jake
Andrew Iannelli
Andrew Iannelli 5 kun oldin
So sad
Andrew Iannelli
Andrew Iannelli 5 kun oldin
Treat women right
Andrew Iannelli
Andrew Iannelli 5 kun oldin
Guys like if you cri evry time
M.V 5 kun oldin
I know am late but those she have beef with Logan
Jose Magana
Jose Magana 5 kun oldin
Gold digger
Jane Wright
Jane Wright 6 kun oldin
Anyone else here in 2019?
FortniteNoobXD 6 kun oldin
Fuck jake you have ricky now aka faze banks he better and nice than jake
Chance Lyons
Chance Lyons 6 kun oldin
You lying he is so nice you want views
hõnë.y G
hõnë.y G 6 kun oldin
I hate Jake Paul this video makes me love Alyssa
Lolislife 104
Lolislife 104 6 kun oldin
Freak jake you have have banks now you have a real man now
Estelle Jespers
Estelle Jespers 6 kun oldin
Like if jake Paul is a f*cking asshole🤬
mia cooper
mia cooper 6 kun oldin
awe bby💘
Nickia Mitchell
Nickia Mitchell 7 kun oldin
I don't know who to believe because I've heard both sides of the story.
Nickia Mitchell
Nickia Mitchell 4 kun oldin
Bickslow Bickslow
Bickslow Bickslow 4 kun oldin
Nickia Mitchell alissa is the right
Sasaki Umiquema
Sasaki Umiquema 7 kun oldin
What an asshole, girl you deserve so much more
Dasher 617
Dasher 617 7 kun oldin
pause at 15:33 to join the virgin gang
Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent 7 kun oldin
Why did you let him manipulate you, if someone did that to me I’d straight up leave. There’s no point in being with someone like that who’d do something like that.
elie saliba
elie saliba 8 kun oldin
Your right
Ayden Restrepo
Ayden Restrepo 8 kun oldin
You are so mean reaction Doritos
Shrounak Arashanapalli
Shrounak Arashanapalli
+King Zero660 why all i did was put a link to my instagram acount
King Zero660
King Zero660 6 kun oldin
Shrounak Arashanapalli you a b*tch
Shrounak Arashanapalli
+Nikki Mikell whats is that supposed to mean?
Nikki Mikell
Nikki Mikell 8 kun oldin
Ola The oreo
Ola The oreo 8 kun oldin
IDEK what side I’m on..
nana the robot
nana the robot 8 kun oldin
idk why but i really like alissa’s voice
hassan hamad
hassan hamad 9 kun oldin
Alissa I love you
Bardha Sherifi
Bardha Sherifi 9 kun oldin
Jake Paul and her are married again and she only cares about money she's a gold digger she doesn't have feelings when she's got boyfriend for real this is proof go check out doritos reaction video calling Jake Paul and Alissa violet this is the secret and there human beings they are bad and evil don't watch her videos she and Jake Paul is a thief Don't watch Jake pauls videos too
Bardha Sherifi
Bardha Sherifi 9 kun oldin
You only care about money
Bardha Sherifi
Bardha Sherifi 9 kun oldin
What you have done to doritos reaction you gold digger
Kaleb Playz78
Kaleb Playz78 9 kun oldin
You dated Jake and Logan Paul together?????
Alicia Reyes
Alicia Reyes 9 kun oldin
Ocean Ranger
Ocean Ranger 9 kun oldin
Anyone in 2019?
S H 9 kun oldin
I feel for her with having to watch jake be with other girls while she was with him and so in love with him like thats nasty to do to her. But no hate here but wat she did to him with Logan was to far like his actual brother i mean a friend would of been bad enough but his brother 😱
The bear Boy
The bear Boy 9 kun oldin
Love your vids
Queen Editz
Queen Editz 9 kun oldin
*Jake paul’s abusive and racist*
C.Y. Views
C.Y. Views 9 kun oldin
I must be an old head now even tho I'm 26, cuz I fr can't understand how these younger adults get in shit like this. Bein "savage" is just a better way of saying "I'm a horrible person".
C.Y. Views
C.Y. Views 11 soat oldin
Jessica Clifford it ain't even about respect for other people, they ain't respect themselves. Like, I feel for this young lady cuz she was done dirty, but she saw all those red flags and continued to stay in that position. Half the shit she sayin she's been thru is enough for a mf to catch hands, a weekend in jail ain't that bad lol
Jessica Clifford
Jessica Clifford 9 kun oldin
Theyre ruthless c**ts now arent they?? Im only 30 but times have rapidly changed! No respect
chipcheese studios
chipcheese studios 10 kun oldin
At least banks treats her like a princess
Me Hazib
Me Hazib 3 kun oldin
Have you watched Shane's 'Inside of the mind of jake', video? Watch that 1:45 hour long vid and then judge.
Leah Gerstnecker
Leah Gerstnecker 10 kun oldin
rewatching this just bc alissa is great
Little miss goat loverr love
My mum was like that
bee zuz
bee zuz 9 kun oldin
Am in the same situation but can't get out of it
Jimi Furman
Jimi Furman 12 kun oldin
Jake is a jerk man 😡
lil marwy
lil marwy 12 kun oldin
its okay hunny you live in a good clan now with a nice bf who treats u better
Kelsey_ Wes
Kelsey_ Wes 12 kun oldin
Your way prettier thank Erika Costell 🤗😉
Ramso 13 kun oldin
Im with you Alissa
daniel neuman
daniel neuman 13 kun oldin
jake was clearly a dick but i mean she did bang his brother. her saying she doesnt understand how someone could be so malicious by kicking her out of the house and how it was a crazy reaction to "cheating" a relationship which didnt really exist is kind of ridiculous. she literally tried and succeeded in tearing a family apart by sleeping with her "boyfriends" brother. thats some next level devilish stuff. they were all assholes back then. dont see anyone who was right. they were all immature as hell
Zoe Bastide
Zoe Bastide 13 kun oldin
mEmE bOi
mEmE bOi 13 kun oldin
Jocelyn Garcia
Jocelyn Garcia 13 kun oldin
If I was u I would move out and if I heard them banging, I would open the door kick his ass and the girl😡 Jake is trying to act innocent that he is a piece of shit he's cheated on Erika I never liked him when I saw this video and I will tell my brother kick his ass to like I feel sorry for you and mad at him 😡🤬FUCK HIMMM🖕👊
Beast Wreck
Beast Wreck 13 kun oldin
Jake is a piece of shit
Marquis Gaming
Marquis Gaming 13 kun oldin
Alissa is a bitch for making that remix on jake Paul don’t fuck with the jpaulers Alissa with your ugly ass
Alae Duktig
Alae Duktig 13 kun oldin
WHO Do You like better Erika : like Alissa : comment
Louise Catapat
Louise Catapat 11 kun oldin
Jimi Furman
Jimi Furman 12 kun oldin
Totally Alyssa
Jimi Furman
Jimi Furman 12 kun oldin
Alae Duktig alyssaaaaaaaaa
Alana Dixon
Alana Dixon 13 kun oldin
I like both
Lluvia Rivera
Lluvia Rivera 14 kun oldin
2019 anyone???
Simona Simeonova
Simona Simeonova 14 kun oldin
He is ain idiot
Olivia Playz games
Olivia Playz games 14 kun oldin
This reminds me of my ex always got girls asking them out I thought we were serious and then he dumped me for one of my best friends I was that annoyed I almost punched him
Yahia Sahir
Yahia Sahir 15 kun oldin
You golddigger
Abby Secombe
Abby Secombe 15 kun oldin
Alissa I've watched this video so many times then went back to Shane's series snd watched Jakes videos and everything is making sense now and everything's clicking together. Like honestly he is such a c*^t and he has some issues that he needs to sort out because one day there will be a girl that ends up in your position and he is going to legit make someone want to kill themselves. I think your so confident and idk if your going to read this but I am so proud and happy for you and Ricky and honestly fuck the haters. Lotta love girly xxxx
The half fiction
The half fiction 15 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Tasha small
Tasha small 15 kun oldin
you’re stupid. i don’t understand why you would receive sympathy for this. i’m happy you’ve grown now and learned from this.
Multi Man
Multi Man 15 kun oldin
Dude. Did his mother have him with the devil. He HAS to be the spawn of Satan. I feel so bad for you
Valery Lopez
Valery Lopez 15 kun oldin
U should not be treated like that
Valery Lopez
Valery Lopez 15 kun oldin
bob dole
bob dole 15 kun oldin
Jake was a possessive narcissist lmaooo
çhlöé fäírbúrñ
He broke up three times he broke up with Amanda cerny Erika costell allissa violet
Hijabistic 15 kun oldin
WE LOVE U!!!! ❤️❤️
Nicole Falvey
Nicole Falvey 15 kun oldin
Aw alissa, we love you. I never liked Jake Paul. I am so glad that you are okay and with Faze Banks now. Major upgrade and he loves you a lot
Peyton Rivera
Peyton Rivera 15 kun oldin
Jake is a bitch
Hendy Family
Hendy Family 15 kun oldin
poor you
Dylan & Nate
Dylan & Nate 15 kun oldin
Why is nick crompton always around in some of jakes videos ?
Jure Žižek
Jure Žižek 15 kun oldin
Jake is realy an ass hole...brahh
Rivahshae Watene
Rivahshae Watene 16 kun oldin
Wow Jake is a f*** bicth....
Charlotte Lambert
Charlotte Lambert 16 kun oldin
Your soooo strong
Ewuzw Wifb21
Ewuzw Wifb21 16 kun oldin
Who eles watching this in 2019...???
Danny mark Loveridge
anjelica salinaz
anjelica salinaz 16 kun oldin
Jake is a asshole
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