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Alissa Violet
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Hey guys.
I know you've all been wanting to know my side of the drama that's been going down lately, so here it is. Being 100% honest. It was really difficult for me to sit down and pour my heart out to you guys, so please just understand that I needed to get everything off of my chest.

Please don't take the song too seriously. We're just 2 youtubers trying to make a difference in the world and have fun.
This song is heat...................


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9-Iyn, 2017

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ghost face
ghost face 13 soat oldin
hey girl jake paul dosent derserv you you should get a real man trust me jake paul is a cheating bitch jake paul even cheated on erika im so sure fuck him you know please stay away from idiots you know will cheat love ya no lesbian
Emily Sawmi
Emily Sawmi 13 soat oldin
Oww 1 millions likes 💖
Rita Guerrero
Rita Guerrero 22 soat oldin
Who is here after watching Shane's series 😀
Samara Garcia10
Samara Garcia10 Kun oldin
F*** jake he is a assaulted dumb b**** who doesn't have any girl now. I'm feel super super bad for you. I seriously started to cry while writing this. I'm just saying jake did not deserve to have a person like you. You moved on now and I'm happy for you. 😀😃🙂 #2019isgoingtobelit
Brook Beardy
Brook Beardy Kun oldin
belbunny _
belbunny _ Kun oldin
i fell so bad for her.like he a dickhead
juju caroline
juju caroline Kun oldin
i love you alissa
ATXBoySkrr 2 kun oldin
Sub to pewdiepie
halil ihab
halil ihab 2 kun oldin
Alissa you are better than him you are winning in life he is winning in no shit he used you just for views and that song it is everyday bro umm you gives him a big fat L at it is every night sis and he shouldn’t has to deserve you like he did but now you have better than him
The MustyMexican
The MustyMexican 2 kun oldin
Is it me but who the f is shane
Charlaine Lao
Charlaine Lao 3 kun oldin
So Jake isnt a virgin?
PechterSauris Family
I don’t like Jake Paul anymore
Maria Kyriakides
Maria Kyriakides 4 kun oldin
Senpai 4 kun oldin
13:05 maybe you could take your hoodie off the camera like how you excuse yourself here 12:35 when you started crying
Layan WB
Layan WB 4 kun oldin
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫 i h t jake 😈😤
dominicraider 5 kun oldin
Only 82k dislikes? And 1 million likes? Damn
Jorge A Vega
Jorge A Vega 5 kun oldin
alissa you are so doum
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose 5 kun oldin
Hey you have a beautiful voice when you sing and you deserve better
Dmara Sekene
Dmara Sekene 5 kun oldin
man I hate Jake he is just stupid but I'm glad ur with faze banks
John O'hara
John O'hara 5 kun oldin
The best song ever violet
Mark Nohra
Mark Nohra 5 kun oldin
fuck jake
Haydes2R22 5 kun oldin
Drew Playz
Drew Playz 6 kun oldin
Who is watching after jerika break up
Kids Sprinkle party
Eddie Reyes
Eddie Reyes 7 kun oldin
I'm proud to say I'm a nonsubscriber from Jake paul fuck team 10 allisa gang!!!!!
Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia 7 kun oldin
That’s why Erika Costell is 5x hotter
Princess Celestia
Princess Celestia 7 kun oldin
Monee Love salty 🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂🧂
Monee Love
Monee Love 7 kun oldin
yo stfu
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 7 kun oldin
Alissa is so hot. She just does it so flawlessly. I don’t know how, anything she does is just so hot.
anmol sharma
anmol sharma 7 kun oldin
Fuck jake paul
Margaret's World
Margaret's World 7 kun oldin
I don't even know why Jake Paul is living a dream life but making everyone elses life around him a living hell like he doesn't deserve any of his fans or his mansion or his money he is just the fakest person ever. He literally can't even rap my grandpa can rap better then him and he can't even speak English. But all that matters is that he's out of your life and he can't hurt you but he's still hurt all the new members after you which still hurts me and btw, yes I know I am super late but i don't give a crap
Ace fan Poki fan
Ace fan Poki fan 7 kun oldin
Jakes a boy hoe 😂 btw who is here in 2019?
Bonnie Ghaffari
Bonnie Ghaffari 8 kun oldin
okay, guys, we all know jakes different off camera... if u didn't now u know
Bonnie Ghaffari
Bonnie Ghaffari 8 kun oldin
guys pause at exactly 00:00 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Madison and Claudia Vlog's
Ik I'm late I love u soooooo much
FoodQueenz Amazing
FoodQueenz Amazing 8 kun oldin
Jake Paul is a selfish prick and no one begs for attention like that he clearly used you. All he does is break cars and touch girls he yells at his “team” and he is so selfish but the thing is he doesn’t care I think he deserves the song you made about him.
Imshayan 123
Imshayan 123 8 kun oldin
Any one 2019
Ava games
Ava games 8 kun oldin
I watch Jake's vid alot but im on ur side..
Samantha Windus
Samantha Windus 8 kun oldin
U actually suck soz
arturo medrano
arturo medrano 9 kun oldin
hope you the best
arturo medrano
arturo medrano 9 kun oldin
i wanted to cry i used to be a jake pauler but now i know your story i beleive you stupid jake paul i never knew you hated him i thought you guys were in ACTUAL romance i knew you got hurt but i thought it didn't hurt i can't beleive how he treated you and the dobre brothers (i think) sorry to hear that Alissa
Audrey Garcia
Audrey Garcia 9 kun oldin
I feel awful for Alissa jake is a moron
yousra ben hamou
yousra ben hamou 9 kun oldin
jake is stupid person that he did that to you ike unbelievebol!
Tyler Nyamutswa
Tyler Nyamutswa 9 kun oldin
Greg and jake are terrible
Tyler Nyamutswa
Tyler Nyamutswa 9 kun oldin
The only sensible paul is logan
farazgamertv999 farazgamertv999
One of the people who disliked is probably jake paul
Immas Loves rainbows
U bitch
Monica Jenkins
Monica Jenkins 10 kun oldin
What the $%#^ is on your lip. That peice of shit gave you herpes, you should have USED CONDOMS LIKE WTF
Habiba Mohamed
Habiba Mohamed 10 kun oldin
DAMN THAT SAD 😢sorry u had to get through this whoever is hating on Alissa lmfao ur just like little kid smh 🤦‍♀️😥like bye JAKE IS A TOXIC PERSON .
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia 10 kun oldin
Fuck jake
Jäger From GSG9
Jäger From GSG9 10 kun oldin
This is gonna sound dumb but Mad respect for backtracking and correcting your grammar.
michelle miller
michelle miller 10 kun oldin
alissa jake is so dum so dont talk about him
The Truth...
Yil oldin