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Hey guys.
I know you've all been wanting to know my side of the drama that's been going down lately, so here it is. Being 100% honest. It was really difficult for me to sit down and pour my heart out to you guys, so please just understand that I needed to get everything off of my chest.

Please don't take the song too seriously. We're just 2 youtubers trying to make a difference in the world and have fun.
This song is heat...................


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9-Iyn, 2017

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Jim Dolan
Jim Dolan 3 soat oldin
I used to have respect for the man but he lost all my respect as a person.
Chimaya morgan
Chimaya morgan 5 soat oldin
Ailssa if i were you i would smack the H*** out his parents and him
10000 subscribers with no videos
Alissa deserves to be treated really well. For one, she’s really hot. She does not deserve to be abused.
juquinha gameplays
juquinha gameplays 12 soat oldin
Team 10 has left the chat
Deshaun Davis
Deshaun Davis 15 soat oldin
WHO IS UP IN 2018??
Mia Errato
Mia Errato 2 kun oldin
Fall of Jake Paul is the best song on earth (Besides Taylor Swift songs)
Haley._.Oblanca 2 kun oldin
Everything she was saying about jake and how she loved him but he was playing mind games is literalky me and this one dude and i hoe stoy understand every word she is saying
Jenny Perreira
Jenny Perreira 2 kun oldin
YES GIRL stand up for yourself! Don't put up with his double standards I'm with you all the way! The fact that he thinks he can fuck with a ton of girls while you have to stay loyal to a nonexistant relationship is rediculous. You deserve better.
Vansh Rawji
Vansh Rawji 3 kun oldin
Girl power 😎
Shamyl Danielz
Shamyl Danielz 4 kun oldin
I wish jalissa was real
HT Studios
HT Studios 4 kun oldin
Jake Paul is a sh*thead
CalicoDog Oof
CalicoDog Oof 4 kun oldin
Jake abused u u need to get him back
Ja'Nasia Syed
Ja'Nasia Syed 4 kun oldin
Im so glad she did that jake paul is so annoying as shit alissa violet is the most prettiest girl ever she should not habe been cheated on and and no guy can find a girl as good as her and for you alissa violet the things that happend in the past is what keeps you going even if its all bull shit love you so much and wish you the best lofe as posible
Lara LeBlanc
Lara LeBlanc 4 kun oldin
I know how you fealt, when you said you could here them😑 and I’m 12🤮
akhil roy
akhil roy 4 kun oldin
don't worry, you done nothing wrong
Santana Wachira
Santana Wachira 4 kun oldin
90% of these videos are about Shanes documentaries "MIND OF JAKE PAUL" 😂😂😂
Nat!!!!!! 5 kun oldin
In this vid you can clearly see she got lip injections lmaoo
SvpremeEdits 17 soat oldin
Nat!!!!!! She didn’t I think you have never even seen a real person have them and ur judging someone from a video also what’s so funny about it
Jimmy Curry
Jimmy Curry 5 kun oldin
That's honestly messed up how can he treat such a great human being like that all she wanted was someone who truly loved her and he decided to treat her like shit and she is really emotionally effected because that dickhead doesn't know how to properly treat a woman someone needs to educate him or beat his ass
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 5 kun oldin
vic !
vic ! 5 kun oldin
u remind (personality wise) of bella thorne
Madelyn Stockwell
Madelyn Stockwell 6 kun oldin
I'm watching from Lucas and Marcus when Allisa does their makeup.
Jocelyn Khalifa
Jocelyn Khalifa 6 kun oldin
This is so painful specially where you can hear them fucking :/ I can only imagine the feeling. Hating the monster.
bushra haque
bushra haque 6 kun oldin
Alisxa u suck
Travis Frost
Travis Frost 6 kun oldin
Why would she want Jake anyway, the kid looks like he has down syndrome
LUCY BENSON 7 kun oldin
Ok so I have a few things to say 1. What if the little girls are watching this video being loyal to Allisa or Jake 2. Allisa is the better me 3. What does the hoodie say? 4. I feel so bad 5. Why would Jake fly a girl out? 6. I can kinda relate
LUCY BENSON 7 kun oldin
I know faze treats youuu betterrrrr then jake did
it's your girl maria
Go see Jake and tal hem
it's your girl maria
Go ser
it's your girl maria
Go see Jake and tal hem
Dalreena Sidhu
Dalreena Sidhu 7 kun oldin
Alissa I feel so bad for you Don't worry I believe you Stay strong gal😘
Brayden Young
Brayden Young 7 kun oldin
She is dramatic though. She says that Greg Paul was yelling at her but to say,” I thought I was gonna die. I thought I was gonna get shot.” Bullshit. Ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♂️👏
SvpremeEdits 10 soat oldin
Brayden Young I’m almost 17 And no she isn’t being melodramatic... She just said what happened to her and it’s horrible. Think about urself in that position if that has never happened to you, you shouldn’t even be saying that
Brayden Young
Brayden Young 11 soat oldin
SvpremeEdits How old are you child? Like 12 I would imagine. I’m not defending anyone because I don’t like the Paul’s. She is just being extremely melodramatic.
SvpremeEdits 17 soat oldin
Brayden Young ... ur just a stupid kid trying to defend a psychopath...
Aseem Gamer
Aseem Gamer 8 kun oldin
Well Jerika Broke Up I Am Waiting For Erica's Vid Like This!
Greyson vlogs
Greyson vlogs 9 kun oldin
November? Any one
Sandy Ketchup
Sandy Ketchup 9 kun oldin
This all wouldn’t have happened if the school year was 1 day shorter. Then you wouldn’t have been at the mall.
Kite Catloid
Kite Catloid 9 kun oldin
i'm here for you alissa feel free to hit me up :)
Sophia Friedrich
Sophia Friedrich 10 kun oldin
should've just slept with his brother
Janice Dias
Janice Dias 10 kun oldin
She doesn't want to talk bout it right..she thinking bout lies
Alex Askin
Alex Askin 10 kun oldin
Lesson: if a guy doesn’t want to put a label on it GIRL YOU RUN Ilysm💜
Megan Coulson
Megan Coulson 10 kun oldin
me. Alissa i love your vids and if someone asked me to go away while he talked to a girl i would slap him and leave
Dougie Cox
Dougie Cox 10 kun oldin
I watched this video a year ago, and never thought anything of it... rewatching it a year later and I’m realizing that I turned into Alissa’s situation... I am currently going through her situation and it kills me, but I can’t get out of it.
Omega 11 kun oldin
I have no idea why Tessa was making fun of Alissa for working at Panera Bread. Literally everybody is going to have a crappy job after high school. Panera would actually be much better to work at the time than something like McDonald's, Burger King, etc.
The Cringy Vlogger
The Cringy Vlogger 11 kun oldin
*Why Would He Do That*
Karson Pryor
Karson Pryor 11 kun oldin
I thought Jake was a good person and now that you're saying this it just makes me like I don't know how to say it Jake I don't like him anymore I had got his merch and everything and then I saw this video I might know I'm done
jovve Pw
jovve Pw 11 kun oldin
Fuck alissa and logan #Jakepaul
heeey Devon
heeey Devon 11 kun oldin
Looks like she's got a little crust on her lip.. Lil memory from team 10? 😂😂😂
Karla Lebow
Karla Lebow 12 kun oldin
Believe someone the first time they show you who you are. So happy for you now with Ricky. This is why you went platinum 🤷‍♀️
Gisell Hernandez
Gisell Hernandez 12 kun oldin
I hate him so so much he should never had did that . You are so so nice i just want everyone to hate him
Best Kawaii Sol
Best Kawaii Sol 12 kun oldin
I feel so sad for you
Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter 12 kun oldin
I legit want to go comment on jakes lame ass vídeos and ask why anyone would follow someone like him. What a POS. Seriously.
Minelli Profeta
Minelli Profeta 12 kun oldin
I feel so bad for u sis
Kimberly Harrington
Kimberly Harrington 12 kun oldin
I know this is all old news now but I am so sorry you went through that. I've never watched your stuff but I have been through heartbreak and it's very hard. Just know, you should never ever put up with a guy treating you that way. I understand being in live and blinded and I'm not judging at all, but please please be super selective and wait/ hold old out for a man who treats you like GOLD. That guy you're talking about doesn't even deserve to breathe the same air you do. I will punch his face for u but I don't know who he is so ya. But honey, you are worth so much more than that and I hope you find a guy who will show you what TRUE LOVE really is. I've just been exposed to all this UZvidr stuff (yeah I know I'm late), and I just wanted to say please don't get caught up in the bs and fane and Hollywood crap bc it means absolutely nothing. Being a kind, authentic person with a heart and a mind is all that counts. You seem like a nice girl, and not too obsessed with the "likes" and the attention this platform provides. I hope you stay sweet and please please just wait for a kind man - they do exist. One that will treat you like a queen and most importantly RESPECT YOU. The tool you are talking about sounds like a garbage person and he will get what is coming to him. I don't know why I am leaving such a long comment but I just really relate to your heartbreak and I know how hard that is to go through and I wanted to spit some life advice in your direction. Hope you are doing great and creating funny content or whatever makes you happy. God bless.
Ibtissem 13 kun oldin
You're amazing! A lot of love from Montreal.
jeremiah dorey
jeremiah dorey 13 kun oldin
Your so COOL
Natalie Dahlin
Natalie Dahlin 13 kun oldin
Not hating at all, I love her, but you should NEVER sleep with your ‘half bf’s brother. Best friend is different tho lmao..
Ulzzang Aesthetics
Ulzzang Aesthetics 13 kun oldin
Alissa VOMMIT!
Olivia Askew
Olivia Askew 13 kun oldin
Love you Alissa
aj Bernadas
aj Bernadas 13 kun oldin
Who's watching in 2019
Pumpedout 13 kun oldin
how could anyone treat someone so gorgeous like that
Melody Sage
Melody Sage 13 kun oldin
And this is why I love Logan #Logang
Lillian Serrano
Lillian Serrano 13 kun oldin
Hadassah Lifee
Hadassah Lifee 13 kun oldin
Alissa, I’m sorry.
alex field
alex field 13 kun oldin
i can relate :/
Rhilee’s ASMR Channel
Came Here After Shane’s Video! :-)
rachel salmon
rachel salmon 14 kun oldin
I would break up with him and tell if off because he is being a bad person I see why she likes Logan more
Summer girl Gaming
Summer girl Gaming 14 kun oldin
*But Jake I looked up to u as a role model I wrote u on my school paper for a role model😥😭😭*
Mohammad Shuaib Hussain
You lost Jake. Jake lost you and his brother You will see him holding back his tears on 1:18:30 Inside The Mind of Jake Paul because he just could not trust his brother at all anymore.
Mohammad Shuaib Hussain
PS: Jake was a prick too but just you know, you should have kept it equal, i.e. I mean done the business with an insta model or sth. PS II: I am not saying it in a derogatory way, you were obviously not happy, in a horrible place, you were making impulsive decisions and you are super young.
Mohammad Shuaib Hussain
As an older brother, I honestly shed some tears for Jake. I just cannot imagine how he feels, honestly. I just, my life would never be the same again - ever. I could never do this to my little brothers ever, ever. Really, Alissa how in the world did you think that what did was equal?
Mohammad Shuaib Hussain
Alissa, why his brother? You understood how much it hurt you when he slept with other girls - none of them were your sister. Do you have any clue how much it hurts when you did this to him with his damn brother? He lived with his brother since he was born, he played video games with him, american football and would go around pranking people with him. It is not that you slept with someone or even that you "cheated" on him. Imagine realising your own mother does not care about you the way you thought she did. You literally shattered his life, for life. It was that you took part in destroying his relationship with his brother for his entire life. Literally, for Jake it will never be the same with his brother. Never. You may not have Jake but your relationship with your siblings and parents is still the same. Jake lost more in this than you, trust me.
Emma Burton
Emma Burton 14 kun oldin
I'm so sorry I'm in the same place u were in I'm stuck In a pool and I'm drowning What do I do :(
Annemarie Luedeka
Annemarie Luedeka 14 kun oldin
I love you alissa you are A good person in life and you shouldn't of Have to deal with that
Mayra Acosta
Mayra Acosta 14 kun oldin
I think Jake dad should not have said that to you because you hang out with Logan and Logan put you in one of his songs so it seems like Greg cares about Jake more I guess
cheepy cheeps
cheepy cheeps 15 kun oldin
2018 anyone
Diesel Reviews
Diesel Reviews 15 kun oldin
Lol I came here after shanes girl
Camila Perdomo
Camila Perdomo 15 kun oldin
Erika costell
Aly guarini
Aly guarini 15 kun oldin
“I think I’m doing a pretty good job” BECAUSE OF JAKE PAUL
zxydorable _
zxydorable _ 15 kun oldin
Jayna Pitcher
Jayna Pitcher 15 kun oldin
So I was watching Shane Dawsons video and only got through like the first ten minutes or so and then came to this vid. I was sooo pissed I was like whoever this Alyssa girl she is a b**ch. After I watched the video I completely changed my mind. I never really liked Jake Paul to begin with but after watching this it makes me hate him even more. I am soon sorry you had to deal with that.
Olga Olga
Olga Olga 15 kun oldin
Check it out
Hey Hey
Hey Hey 15 kun oldin
Jake is a jerk
Olga Olga
Olga Olga 15 kun oldin
Actually he said: «alissa I'm so sorry for all the hurts that I puts you»
Tronimusxbit 15 kun oldin
Jake paul is a jerk
Emilía Atladóttir
Emilía Atladóttir 15 kun oldin
Love you so much 💖💕💗💓💞💘
Amrazing 15 kun oldin
I'm from around Brunswick to
fatima chundoo
fatima chundoo 16 kun oldin
How does jake Paul even have fans???????????he's disgusting.
Daniella Dardano
Daniella Dardano 16 kun oldin
I'm on your side!😁😁
Butterfly Beauty
Butterfly Beauty 16 kun oldin
You need to know this girl. You were in a domestic violent relationship no matter if you were together or not
Fun With me
Fun With me 16 kun oldin
Tannia Baray
Tannia Baray 16 kun oldin
Every one unsubscribed to jack Paul he is a bad person
Aby Yesudasan
Aby Yesudasan 16 kun oldin
This is what the generation has come to. Pointless bs drama
Kiana Stevens
Kiana Stevens 16 kun oldin
1million likes good job girllll
Grace Stephens
Grace Stephens 16 kun oldin
I must atmit ...... before this vid I WAS a j Pauler but now I’ve unsubscribed and I’m on Alissa team
Karma said
Karma said 16 kun oldin
am i the only person here not because of shanes video
Equestrian Sophie xx
ILYSM allisa I totally understand what you went through ❤️❤️
Grande Far
Grande Far 17 kun oldin
Grande Far
Grande Far 17 kun oldin
Grande Far
Grande Far 17 kun oldin
LilIsaak 18 kun oldin
I feel for you Alisa, same has happened to me.......btw I know I’m quite late
JH Vlogs
JH Vlogs 18 kun oldin
Never watched her videos before but she's adorable, Can't believe someone could treat her so badly.
The blue Wolf
The blue Wolf 18 kun oldin
Alissa Omg, I wish I watched this sooner. To know what a creep,vile horrid man Jake is! I'm so sorry for what he did to you! He should be rotting in prison I'm so glad i didnt like Jake! Hes disgusting! 😨😫
Roksana 18 kun oldin
If those girls do not ask Alissa to drop them off at Jake Paul's meeting greet this one I have or happened to Alissa
2 yil oldin
12 kun oldin
The Truth...
Yil oldin