Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Adam to a friendly game of random musical impressions, like Michael Jackson singing the Sesame Street theme song.
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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine
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3-Sen, 2014

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Fikrlar 14 673
Lillyonna Moxie
Lillyonna Moxie Kun oldin
Great Job!
Kelcy Ramoutar
Kelcy Ramoutar 2 kun oldin
Michael Jackson was brought back to life in this video
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 3 kun oldin
Want Adam to sing some Pearl Jam now!
Stay With Me
Stay With Me 3 kun oldin
I can’t believe that!!!! Adam (my celebrity and voice crush) sings Michael Jackson’s voice (my celebrity crush in childhood). I gonna scream now!!!! It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 2:27
Oyu erdene Ankhbayar
Samarth Sharma
Samarth Sharma 4 kun oldin
That Iggy part was so bad. That minibar part was sung by Charli xcx not Iggy. He shouldn't have done it
DDawg Potter
DDawg Potter 4 kun oldin
Omg! I wasn’t too sure about his ability in the beginning but wow, Adam nailed every single one! Eddie Vedder and Michael Jackson were crazy good!!
Yasmide Lacroix
Yasmide Lacroix 5 kun oldin
OMGOODNESS ADAM is sooo FINE!! YEAH he can sing about the Muffin man all day
Mid-Ohio Guardian
Mid-Ohio Guardian 5 kun oldin
Sesame Street has been on t.v for more then 50 years and can`t even answer it`s own question " how to get to Sesame Street " !!!
Crissy Josef
Crissy Josef 6 kun oldin
Michael Jackson!!!
The Good Doctor
The Good Doctor 6 kun oldin
ja ci
ja ci 6 kun oldin
What the heck most people cant even do the Micheal Jackson voices and he did it perfectly😎😎😎🤗😔😮😮😮😮😮😦😕
andre pachi
andre pachi 6 kun oldin
Jimmy is a Mith
Sharna Josh
Sharna Josh 6 kun oldin
He sounds like frank Sinatra a swear :-) mad
Shawna Wood
Shawna Wood 9 kun oldin
Eddie vedder damn, they need More of these for sure
Megan Lawing
Megan Lawing 9 kun oldin
He killed that Michael Jackson!
SenseiKunSamaNeesan 10 kun oldin
Carol Marques
Carol Marques 12 kun oldin
Tô é besta com o Adam Levine
Isabella elliss
Isabella elliss 13 kun oldin
DankMemer124 13 kun oldin
jesus the eddie vedder one
Nakoa Short
Nakoa Short 13 kun oldin
Adams starts singing... suddenly forgets how to breathe.
Marcos Costich
Marcos Costich 13 kun oldin
Imagina música de vocês me perdoa vou virar um babaca
Marcos Costich
Marcos Costich 13 kun oldin
Me desculpe para estragar música de vocês nem sabia que estava no áudio aí meu pai dele é uma piada agora posso me dar um tiro na cabeça se vocês ouviram a Gina todas as pessoas ouvindo isso aí eu nunca fui cantor eu fiquei brincando com a minha solidão só que a minha solidão nunca fui cantor e nunca desejei cantor porque eu nunca tinha voz para ser cantor
Olivia 07
Olivia 07 16 kun oldin
Omg that Iggy one 😂
Kimberly Origenes
Kimberly Origenes 16 kun oldin
diri rako na show nga gwapo diay kaayo si ADAM....SHIT!
Andrew Kiss
Andrew Kiss 17 kun oldin
I’ve never heard anyone channel Eddie like that.
Noellis Tavarez
Noellis Tavarez 18 kun oldin
Adam as Michael was so good especially when singing Sesame Street!
zealotbr 19 kun oldin
that was fantastic!
Gloria Alorwoyie
Gloria Alorwoyie 20 kun oldin
Iggy azaglea really
Gloria Alorwoyie
Gloria Alorwoyie 20 kun oldin
Oh sintara and santara
Gloria Alorwoyie
Gloria Alorwoyie 20 kun oldin
Adam either the frank santara so good
Jemma Buckerfield
Jemma Buckerfield 21 kun oldin
Loved the michel jackson one
Mia khalifa
Mia khalifa 21 kun oldin
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson 22 kun oldin
mariz galo
mariz galo 22 kun oldin
I love Adam omfg
De MJ 24 kun oldin
0:43 2:18 4:11 p/s : for my future references
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal 24 kun oldin
The Muffin Man was a serial killer in England...
KYLIE THE RANDOM 24 kun oldin
2018 anyone
saturn ok
saturn ok 24 kun oldin
his amazing
Josue David
Josue David 25 kun oldin
Why do u gotta be soo ruuuuuuuddee Don’t you no I am huuumaann tooooooooo I died 🤣🤣😂😂
neumannben17 25 kun oldin
Adam Levine is quite clearly a dickhead.
Hrisha Khare
Hrisha Khare 25 kun oldin
Adam looks like he is kissing the microphone 4:36
Judith Brown
Judith Brown 26 kun oldin
I don't like this whole series of 7 whatever
Khánh Đồng Official
Tasha Bowers
Tasha Bowers 28 kun oldin
I'm going to need him to record his sesame street Michael jackson rendition!!
Dixie Rae
Dixie Rae 28 kun oldin
Consider my mind blown. I knew Jimmy was a genius but Adam kicked it.
Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson 29 kun oldin
Get Bruno Mars and Janet Jackson
Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson 29 kun oldin
WTF Michael Jackson is inside of Adam Levine
shinta theresia
This video reminds me how did I fall in love with Adam Levine...
Marcus Flores
Marcus Flores Oy oldin
let get drunk on the mini barn 😂😂😂
Magne Quirimit
Gregory Michaels
Adam killed those impressions. Ariana Grande is the only one that topped him.
Beth Rivello
Beth Rivello Oy oldin
Raphael Cocenzo
To me, when Adam sings Michael, it sounds just like Justin Timberlake.
Katlyn Hutcherson
I absolutely love Adam Levine. Especially when he just sang the Sesame Street Theme. 💚💚💚
Nora Durand
Nora Durand Oy oldin
Troy D
Troy D Oy oldin
Sorry to say but Jamie foxx is the best at this know one as come close to him so for.. 👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Daniel Neverson
roots is out of this world....damn
isa mueller
isa mueller Oy oldin
Nathan Thorson
U know jimmy has to be like what impressions can u do ???lets make it happen
Nathan Thorson
His Michael Jackson was AMAZING.
ǝᴉdǝᴉpʍǝԀ oʇ ǝqᴉɹɔsqnS !
That Bob Dylan sounds likd Stewie
Ankur Jyoti Das
jimmy destroyed iggy's expression.. she must be so mad
Shania Ya girl
One of the best ones 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
The Blue Snowflake
I cried, Adam is amazing! 😍
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Oy oldin
Anyone else just skip over Jimmy's parts?
Crimson Creature
Jimmy Fallon needs to sing everlasting love 😂
Shawn’s Muffin
Is it just me or does Adam kinda sound like Shawn Mendes?
Patrick Schudel
jimmy's great he livens up the spot every time even if it seems overdone
Random Stuff With Jen
When Jimmy song rude he sounded like Stewie Griffin
Rudi Agee
Rudi Agee Oy oldin
"Lets get drunk at the mini barn" SENT ME TO THE FLOOR TRYNA BREATHE
Rudi Agee
Rudi Agee Oy oldin
ankush kumar
ankush kumar Oy oldin
love this show and this game
Cygnus Ajad Orion
Their cover music during Jimmy's Bob Dylan Rude impression sounds like Mazzy Star Fade Into You
gaspalermo Oy oldin
that sounded like smooth criminal
Miki Reiko
Miki Reiko Oy oldin
The muffin man is 🔥
David McAninch
I have lost all respect for that singer, if you can call him that.
peter papadimitriou
Kawaii _ Claire
This is like offending singers it is kinda funny!
Trestan Horseman
maroon 5 four life bro #adamlivineisawesome favorite artist
Rita *Ooraa*
Rita *Ooraa* Oy oldin
l e t s g e t d r u n k o n t h e *mini farm*
Tracie Tanui
Tracie Tanui Oy oldin
I loved wen he sang like Michael Jackson😍😍😘😘😘
amanda siagian
i hope adam get impression of blake shelton hahahaha
Destiny Tom-James
3:43 LMAO
Furchester Hotel
The Muffin Man was amazing 👌 👌
mia f
mia f Oy oldin
you should invite brendon urie to do this
mia f
mia f Oy oldin
brendon urie should do this damn
raksha patel
raksha patel Oy oldin
Wow Adam that is very impressive❤️❤️❤️
Danna Paola :D
Uaiiugarabisouruuud had me dead 😂😂😂😂
Diamond road
Diamond road Oy oldin
1984 1776
1984 1776 Oy oldin
Adam is a good singer
1984 1776
1984 1776 Oy oldin
Kittykat Films
Viewer Oy oldin
The guy's a master.
Ellen Lang
Ellen Lang Oy oldin
I love Adam Levine! Such a stud & badass!
Melissa Towles
Adam Levine is so hot
Fumane Jafta
Fumane Jafta Oy oldin
We need more these !!
Elisa DeFoe
Elisa DeFoe Oy oldin
He did great wit Eddie Vedder
Let’s get drunk on the mini barn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣