Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy challenges Adam to a friendly game of random musical impressions, like Michael Jackson singing the Sesame Street theme song.
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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine
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3-Sen, 2014



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Dark 57 daqiqa oldin
Why does this have 75 million views?
pascal huismus
pascal huismus 18 soat oldin
ki a ana
ki a ana 20 soat oldin
Omg that was awesome
BENNY HAHA Kun oldin
This was both hysterical and impressive.
Jackson Porting
Jackson Porting Kun oldin
Lol never knew the muffin man could sound badass😂😂
ConcreteAngelx3 Kun oldin
He knew the whole Sesame Street theme song but didn't know the rest of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" ??
Lily Kinsella
Lily Kinsella 2 kun oldin
Lily Kinsella
Lily Kinsella 2 kun oldin
Kristi Pope
Kristi Pope 2 kun oldin
Best freaking one yet!!!
Clairese Perring
Clairese Perring 3 kun oldin
Ha did say "ooh" at the end
Deadly Scorpion1024
I liked this, Bob Dylan was a fun one
T'Pre Griffin
T'Pre Griffin 4 kun oldin
Adam. I love this man, so talented. Always watching this.
xMsry7 4 kun oldin
Jimmy should just go back to SNL doing impression skits, because he sucks as a talkshow host
The Gueta Sisters
The Gueta Sisters 5 kun oldin
The Michael Jackson was the best
TheMrsCDB1 6 kun oldin
Adam Levine 👍🏼👍🏼
Can I go Now
Can I go Now 7 kun oldin
3:25 jimmy’s face when he saw the screen... oh my god
Avi Soncino
Avi Soncino 7 kun oldin
the Eddie Vedder one is crazy good!
Absolute Brain Candy
When Frank Sinatra dies, Adam Levine has to fill in.
Taylor Arant
Taylor Arant 7 kun oldin
Adam Levine does Frank Sinatra better than he does Adam Levine
Y. N.
Y. N. 8 kun oldin
Nobody talks about how good jimmy is😂
Ayoub M
Ayoub M 8 kun oldin
Adam *Le Vine* Get it? Adam Levine Adam le *VINE*
Doomslob 8 kun oldin
GOFORTHEPRO 10 8 kun oldin
Could it be, Michael Jackson under an Adam Levine mask?
B Demor
B Demor 9 kun oldin
Thats so MJ Adam🔥🔥🔥👌
Tyranno Strike
Tyranno Strike 10 kun oldin
I wish he could do an impression of a good halftime show
Alexa Durant
Alexa Durant 10 kun oldin
Blue_ Bird_24
Blue_ Bird_24 11 kun oldin
Isn’t it strange that Seth Rollins and Adam Levine sound EXACTLY THE SAME WHEN THEY TALK
AdrianK Starz
AdrianK Starz 11 kun oldin
Lmfaoo *adam forgot the rest of the body parts* lmfaoooo
Jenn Cason
Jenn Cason 11 kun oldin
The bob Dylan impression was awesome haha
GHOST OmegaLul
GHOST OmegaLul 12 kun oldin
2:27 sounds like Smooth Criminal
Trần Thị Quỳnh Anh
Best "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" ever heard :))
Cize Streams
Cize Streams 12 kun oldin
Who else rewatched Sesame Street like 5 times 😂🤙
Flo Vlaeminck
Flo Vlaeminck 13 kun oldin
its very sad cause the video is good but got 74milion views?! why those people dont watch my video of my cat dressed like ariana grande and my dad on the backgroud sneezing with his eyes open? no one feeling sorry. HAHAHAHHA much more interesting i swear you should go watch it.
Michael Parr
Michael Parr 14 kun oldin
GAH that Ed Vedder was perfect!
Miss Unicorn
Miss Unicorn 16 kun oldin
Do this with cole sprouse
Rylie Duckworth
Rylie Duckworth 16 kun oldin
they can sing wow!!!!
Roxanne 16 kun oldin
Eddie Vedder is really good!!
Margaret Bednar
Margaret Bednar 17 kun oldin
Wow WTG Adam!!!
Todd Stein
Todd Stein 17 kun oldin
That Eddie Vedder was awesome!!!!!!!!
Sara Williams
Sara Williams 18 kun oldin
Why I'm here on 2019?
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson 19 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon was about as useful as teats on a boar hog. He should've just stayed at home.
aurélie Busson
aurélie Busson 20 kun oldin
i can't stop watching this !!!!!!
aurélie Busson
aurélie Busson 20 kun oldin
really love Adam , he's really good when he sings sesame street and the mùuffin man .......
Alyse Cameron
Alyse Cameron 21 kun oldin
Mj is proud.
Megan Cellucci
Megan Cellucci 21 kun oldin
Sounds more like Stevie Wonder singing Sesame Street!
Karl Jasen Tapangan
Karl Jasen Tapangan 22 kun oldin
goddamn it adam killed sinatra and MJ
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page 22 kun oldin
How sure we are that guys is not fuckin Eddie Vedder?
Amazing girly Yay
Amazing girly Yay 23 kun oldin
Do yOu KNow dA mUfFin maNn?
Marlon Isaac
Marlon Isaac 21 kun oldin
Merić B.
Merić B. 24 kun oldin
Damn Super Bowl sucked!
Isabella Gonzalez
Isabella Gonzalez 24 kun oldin
Adams voice😭😭😍😍😍😍
cezz cs
cezz cs 24 kun oldin
2 0 1 9 ?????
Наталья Наумова
What a donkey was there😂😂😂
Наталья Наумова
This version of "Rude" is genious!😂😂😂
naty motato
naty motato 26 kun oldin
Love to michael jackson
Tamera Webb
Tamera Webb 28 kun oldin
That Michael Jackson with Sesame Street was👏🏽👏🏽
Mitch Nelson
Mitch Nelson 28 kun oldin
How about Artist: Adam Levine Song: Sweet Victory
Fluffy Eevee
Fluffy Eevee 28 kun oldin
That band is so freaking amazing and creative
Sylvie Wallner
Sylvie Wallner 29 kun oldin
„let‘s get drunk on a mink barn“ was my fave hahah
Sylvie Wallner
Sylvie Wallner 29 kun oldin
„why you gotta be so ruuuude?“ hahaha that was spot on!
Cristian Chahin
i want the sesame street one full pls
Annie Starkin
Annie Starkin Oy oldin
2019 anyone Likeeee-->
Anaya S.
Anaya S. Oy oldin
Idk why did my clothes go suddenly! Adam 🤤😍
Connor Mccregor
Who is here after nfl 🤣
Awkward Teen
Awkward Teen Oy oldin
What if you don’t know the artist?
Sawako Kuronuma
M i the only one that hates it when jimmy interupts the singers...m like wth let them fucking sing
Camaro ZL1
Camaro ZL1 Oy oldin
What a voice. Great singer Adam!!!
China Chew
China Chew Oy oldin
Jimmy kills me when he starts laughing
Emily Rubalcava
That was amazing
Siddharth Shetty
Please bring Bruno Mars for this
Clary Fairchild
Adam is so freaking talent it should be illegal
Evelyn Wehbe
Evelyn Wehbe Oy oldin
Well.....Jimmy is much more funnier than his guest & sings way more better!!!
Rituja Haridas
Eeaa, eeaa, eeaa, ea oh!
Abby Wonder
Abby Wonder Oy oldin
I wouldn’t know half the songs they sing lol
00benlee Oy oldin
Adam sucks
Darrin Rodriguez
Nice! Loved that MJ impression doing Sesame Street. LOL
Talia Sargent
Talia Sargent Oy oldin
Post Malone has to do this. uzvid.com/video/video-SeOeYGBA49s.html
B Smith
B Smith Oy oldin
whenever i see him i think of the superbowl
Cashmere Albino
Great one, adam.
Kat Masterson
Kat Masterson Oy oldin
Jimi horns in on Eddie Vedder..Adam got it. Jimmy is more cartoonist..AND here, he tags along. I thought Jimi doing Neil years back. but then he had loud music to buffer the dramatized interptetation. I think Neal laughed..sort of. Jimmy mostly loves Jimi. And has worn down THUH Jimmy on liquid refreshments. and when such is pushed on guests..is not always charming. As he generally won the silly table or tossing game
Kat Masterson
Kat Masterson Oy oldin
Jimi: lousy Dylan! way too simplified.
Big Chungy
Big Chungy Oy oldin
Look at that, guys being dudes
Vintage Life
Vintage Life Oy oldin
Well, Frank Sinatra is best, Adam🤮Please nobody can be Frank, Frank is Frank.❤
Florence Martinelli
Nice Frank Sinatra
Therkaye Eusebio
adam is a real talent..
maxmitch96 Oy oldin
Wish he did an impression of Sweet Victory at Super Bowl LIII...
Chris Lo
Chris Lo Oy oldin
Why does jimmy Fallon have to do it too? He's annoying.. let your guests play, nobody cares what you sound like.
Reiley Satele
Reiley Satele Oy oldin
This game was made for Adam
Una Kolakeba
Una Kolakeba Oy oldin
Adam Levine sounds like Michael Jackson
kofi Campbell
kofi Campbell Oy oldin
Adam is rubbish.
superbowl would be more fun to watch if they just put this video on a giant screen
Cherilynn Keenright
Sounds more like Stevie Wonder Ben Michael Jackson
Ellora Roy
Ellora Roy Oy oldin
Keira K
Keira K Oy oldin
When jimmy did iggy I died 😂😂
Keira K
Keira K Oy oldin
Michael Jackson’s was good
luner knight
luner knight Oy oldin
(Dragon tails) loooooove it 🎶🎼🎤
Devin Katchen
Devin Katchen Oy oldin
The michael jackson and frank Sinatra were the best
bayden lit
bayden lit Oy oldin
bayden lit
bayden lit Oy oldin
lol 5:00 Adam just yeeted himself to the other side
쿠 케이스가
2:40 OMGG 4:20 OOOMMMMGG i just cant
If my neece or nephew ever asks me to sing Muffin Man, I'm gonna do it like Eddie Vetter. The way they were both doing it, it sounded like a duet with Chris Cornell.
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