When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other on Oprah.

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Hilarious! From the Oprah Show 2005, back when the two NBA legends were still friends.
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3-Iyl, 2017

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harry salt
harry salt 3 soat oldin
You could tell they were generally best friends
Aaron 17 soat oldin
I love the golf story so much. I've known about it for a while, but seeing these two friends talk about it is so funny, if it was my buddy I would be laughing about it soo hard!, which I'm shore they had many times before this.
Kaydeezable 18 soat oldin
MJ is the definition of cool
Don A
Don A 19 soat oldin
Barkley is the GOAT. One of a kind.
CHUCHITO624 _ 22 soat oldin
Damn man. Chuck is the type of old dude I could just listen to for hours cracking up. He talks straight from the heart. No censorship. I’m more quiet and introverted type but I always get along with dudes like him for some reason. I think it’s because the goofy extravert brings out the silly side of the quiet and cautious introvert. We don’t see any threat from them because they speak their mind all the time and are genuine so we don’t put any defensive walls against them.
al capone
al capone Kun oldin
Jordan does not dress nicely though
Isak Pettersson
Isak Pettersson Kun oldin
And a meme was born
tanya benson
tanya benson Kun oldin
I agree with Jordan on the homeless man. McDonalds higher everyday.😁
jersey4life31 Kun oldin
Jordan is cheap, look how scared he was when Barkley was talking. He was a great basketball player, but seems to be a terrible person.
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke Kun oldin
jersey4life31 He was afraid Barkley was gonna say too much and ruin his reputation which is very important to him because of his Jordan brand.
Isidro Slabs
Isidro Slabs Kun oldin
Love rewatching this!
thomas falco
thomas falco Kun oldin
Oprah looks pretty hot in this interview
thomas falco
thomas falco Kun oldin
Hordan Michael Jordan. Lol
Rich8927 Kun oldin
Jordan interviews are rare asf cuz he's so low key.
N8 Kun oldin
Chuck low key shoulda been a comedian after pro ball
Jimmy James
Jimmy James Kun oldin
Lol Now you imagine getting smacked by your boss like that lmaooooo What would you do? Just a reminder lets say your boss was the greatest to do his job too add that lol
Star Boy
Star Boy Kun oldin
I wish MJ would come to Inside the NBA lol I would love to see MJ and Barkley on tv again lol
Raul Salazar
Raul Salazar Kun oldin
these two mayates aren't even funny!!
lobby of sprites
lobby of sprites 2 kun oldin
You can tell Jordan is not a good guy.
golfmaniac007 2 kun oldin
i know michael didn't like the being cheap jokes. and swatting hands when charles tried to give bum money. i thought charles should have bit his tongue on that.
Polar Pi
Polar Pi 2 kun oldin
No homo but MJ is a very handsome man.
musay dembele
musay dembele 3 kun oldin
Michael laugh is priceless
Superman 4 kun oldin
4:08 lol his face.
PrinceV1R 4 kun oldin
Charles Broccoli
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 4 kun oldin
19:38 He is talking about LeBron. LBJ proved him wrong.
Zeid Zawaideh
Zeid Zawaideh 4 kun oldin
This is pure comedy 😂
Conner McMahan
Conner McMahan 4 kun oldin
barkley got that markelle fultz golf swing
Hector Zuniga
Hector Zuniga 4 kun oldin
Fuck jordan, you can tell he is a cheap mudafucker, barkley is the man
maik holmqvist
maik holmqvist 4 kun oldin
cut the ads
coryc0213 4 kun oldin
Jordans reaction when he sees Chuck is priceless ahahaha😂
Davonte S
Davonte S 5 kun oldin
Lol I wonder if they're friends again
regulatorguy 5 kun oldin
Maybe than can pack each others fudge on the next show?
Kelli Atkins
Kelli Atkins 5 kun oldin
Ok this where the meme came from 😂😂😂
Paperbagman555 5 kun oldin
23:36 - that looked fucking awkward and like Charles was about to push Mike's hand away. Kinda makes me question how close these two really are or if it's all a facade. Chuck seems like a dude you wanna have a beer with, Jordan seems like a dude who offers you to come in for some tea but you make up an excuse to say no because you're worried you'll get stabbed.
Fearsome REP
Fearsome REP 5 kun oldin
Chuck the realest!
Edub Jackson
Edub Jackson 6 kun oldin
Chuck being funny. Mike getting pissed on the low!!
Todd Baumer
Todd Baumer 6 kun oldin
Got to love Charles Barkley so freaking funny LOL I hope one day he joins the NBA 2K basketball game in the cut scenes with the announcers long overdue
darkknightsds 6 kun oldin
They talked about Charles' golf shot for too long
robert o'connor
robert o'connor 7 kun oldin
Their honesty compliments each other. I too am a big believer in earning things. You understand the responsibility behind it and treat it as such. Plain and simple.
Hometheaterguy USA
Hometheaterguy USA 7 kun oldin
2000sancho 7 kun oldin
Mj claims he apreciates bark!ey telling him tbe truth but when he. told him he was a terrible gm he. Unfriended him
Wayno Soze
Wayno Soze 7 kun oldin
They thought Jordan cheap ass was going to give them his Jordan’s he gave them jumpmen sweatsuits and bags 😂😂😂
Ria Ali
Ria Ali 7 kun oldin
Mj is no doubt a genius. But seems like an ass. A very talented ass
Ria Ali
Ria Ali 7 kun oldin
It seems like Barkley is good for Jordan. Doesn't have as much money and isn't as famous but seems very real. And man when your that rich you need some real friends.
Al Poviones
Al Poviones 7 kun oldin
The way I see it is that Barkley says exactly what Michael wants to say but can't.
Shenyae T
Shenyae T 7 kun oldin
Mike is tall, dark and handsome
ViividYoshi 7 kun oldin
Anyone have time stamps?
Steve J
Steve J 8 kun oldin
Two awesome down to earth guys! Loved watching them play!
Gikash Motion
Gikash Motion 8 kun oldin
That swing was funnier than a 1 hour HBO Comedy Special,, Hio ni nini sasa
Phair Plaigh
Phair Plaigh 8 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is absolutely flawlessly gorgeous here
That Guy
That Guy 8 kun oldin
Regardless of how great they were in sports. I thoroughly believe that they do not get enough credit for being great men with great morals and respect for all.
J Kidd116
J Kidd116 8 kun oldin
This is why Charles is perfect for TV!
Jay Shhh
Jay Shhh 9 kun oldin
Boring. Wasted my high watching this shit
bob lapomme
bob lapomme 9 kun oldin
I miss those kind of commercial used to be so interresting 5:16
King_ Tillie
King_ Tillie 9 kun oldin
Aye Oprah was Fine asf 😍😍😍‼️
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez 9 kun oldin
Oprah was looking damn good
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 9 kun oldin
people rarely talk about how most all these NBA stars are giants.
abc xyz
abc xyz 9 kun oldin
Hope the witch dies
abc xyz
abc xyz 9 kun oldin
Oprah is the devil
ThatGuy 9 kun oldin
The ultimate roast session
ThatGuy 10 kun oldin
This is gold
Jim Glass
Jim Glass 10 kun oldin
I miss seeing chuck and Mike together. I think, and I'm not saying I'm right, but i think they fell out because chuck not going to kiss Mike ass
Ryan Kalbfleisch
Ryan Kalbfleisch 10 kun oldin
Basketball MJ>Barkley Entertaining Barkley 10000> MJ
Macey Murrell
Macey Murrell 11 kun oldin
barbar walters and james brown will be hard to find in the same room, similar to an assitant-garud like barking haha, MJ is still cheap haha, panites and Micky-D. MICKY-D got the bill "yet?" haha. Micky-D said they will eventually lose. MJ said.... "where is underware in parking-lot of mice?" LIPstick perhaps. A welder ur protector. haah. ROY not here, i'm not famous HAHA. "my daughter loves paris now." Basically Charles over-thinks too much. haha. Charles Barkley is like my ex-wife, he thinks too much.
LordKira 11 kun oldin
now Barkley is probably better at trash talking simply because he still does it on air...NEEDS to do it
mark pabia
mark pabia 11 kun oldin
Charles ' no rings ' Barkley strikes again
omieg89 11 kun oldin
Michael Jordan: champion of basketball Charles Barkley: champion of wisdom
Cody Wright
Cody Wright 13 kun oldin
Chuck too real for mj and Oprah
Beach Potato
Beach Potato 13 kun oldin
Glad I finally got to see this, I never could watch Oprah because she shacks up with a man out of wedlock and that's a big deal in my Baptist household. My wife would have a fit if she knew I watched it and to see Oprah so thin, I always had a mental picture of a obese woman, like she is in 2018. She smiles so big when the men are trading quipts....lol Michael is the basketball goat and Charles has the greatest attitude around kids....great guys.
Frane Žaja
Frane Žaja 13 kun oldin
10:52 What’s with the size of Michael Jordan’s hand 😳😂..
Xavier Brookes
Xavier Brookes 13 kun oldin
Chuck is a real Dude.... Simple and Plain. And MJ kinda cookin him lmfao
RockedThe/CrapOut 14 kun oldin
"If I had Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman I would have won some" you had Drexler and Hakim the Dream you fat ass what else did you needed?
Chris 14 kun oldin
These two were two of the best trash talkers in courts except all others... No surprise they do that on TV one to the other :-)
PrisonerOfWar 10
PrisonerOfWar 10 14 kun oldin
Ok this is GOLD, I’ve known about this interview for years and finally watching it tonight. This is amazing! Oprah is great here. After watching this I need these two to put the petty stuff behind them and be friends again.
11 59
11 59 14 kun oldin
Damn Oprah was sexy af! Never thought I'd say that but damn, she was looking incredibly sexy 😍😍😍
Bruno Dantas
Bruno Dantas 14 kun oldin
"These cheap Jordan stuff" lol
Will Silva
Will Silva 14 kun oldin
They are both transgender no doubt now that's some truth in a comment
stuff stuff
stuff stuff 15 kun oldin
Judge Roy Bean
Judge Roy Bean 15 kun oldin
Is there real power up on that stage? Those that know ain't saying; and those that are saying don't know.
vk soprano
vk soprano 15 kun oldin
Damn, M Jordan is a gorgeous guy, man !!!! Whooooooo, mama lol
Emmanuel Ogungleye
Emmanuel Ogungleye 15 kun oldin
Charles Barkley, tooo funny
OBARI FAN 16 kun oldin
They will never Chit Chat like this anymore...kind of sad.
Random Guy2000
Random Guy2000 16 kun oldin
Bruh 13:50
Prem Chopra
Prem Chopra 17 kun oldin
Sad that Michael didn't say anything meaningful when asked why he loves Barkley. That was a heartless moment.
-  -Unit Theory- -
- -Unit Theory- - 17 kun oldin
lmfao barkley was always hilarious
R.B. 17 kun oldin
Oh shit Charles Barkley getting "racist" around the 5 minute mark XD what a champ.
Tealicious 587
Tealicious 587 17 kun oldin
Charles Barkley reminds me of Muhammad Ali
Elsa Snyder
Elsa Snyder 18 kun oldin
When The NBA was good....the 90's.
mj 18 kun oldin
charles is way too alpha man. That dude dominate everything. I feel kinda bad for MJ. But Charles is so entertaining
Chun Tung Mou
Chun Tung Mou 19 kun oldin
Shengyang Cheng
Shengyang Cheng 19 kun oldin
i take it to the new city
ART MCPHARLIN 20 kun oldin
Charles is the smartest.
NasDaG Music🎴
NasDaG Music🎴 20 kun oldin
Darling Murphy
Darling Murphy 20 kun oldin
MICHEAL JORDAN is the greatest basketball player to ever walk this earth
Laurent Pecriaux
Laurent Pecriaux 21 kun oldin
That is what I keep say8ng everyday lol ... If Charles had Pippen and Rodman, he would have won some too 😉
David Daniel
David Daniel 21 kun oldin
Mike was so right.
David Daniel
David Daniel 21 kun oldin
Charles is so fucking real.
Ronald Granderson
Ronald Granderson 21 kun oldin
Just heard what shaq mom ask him for Kids XMAS if anyone doubt what athletes so see this video SHAq many blessings to U. If someone can send to him PLEASE Do 26years GOD Bless U.SHAQ.
William Crothers
William Crothers 21 kun oldin
That’s true Charles... let GOD sort-out the reasoning or true NEED. Yep, That’s usually way beyond ...any type of 10~sec. evaluation 😀 #GiveSomeIfYouCan
Coolhands444 21 kun oldin
So Barkley has a similar “disease” as Markelle Fultz?
jjmah7 21 kun oldin
These guys should do a buddy cop series