When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other on Oprah.

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Hilarious! From the Oprah Show 2005, back when the two NBA legends were still friends.
I was given permission from Harpo Studios to air this publicly as long as time-code window is displayed at the top.
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3-Iyl, 2017

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mtaehwang 5 soat oldin
I love MJ and Chuck. I would have watched more Oprah if I knew she had guests like these.
atiboyful 9 soat oldin
Barkley does not even belong with MJ or Oprah!
Kevin C
Kevin C 16 soat oldin
Charles is the Markelle Fultz of golf
Big Inward
Big Inward 21 soat oldin
Finally the gif makes sense lol
chris kinzey
chris kinzey Kun oldin
You lose the attributes but you never lose the competitive spirit
Toro Man
Toro Man 2 kun oldin
I think alot of the comments here are not fair. Chuck and Jordan have different personalities. Chuck is definitely more laid back and easy of toungue. Where as MJ is more articulate and or more thoughtful on his words. Both seem to be very interesting in their own way. MJ is as competitive as they come, and Chuck is also competitive while at the same time blunt and laid back.
tac library
tac library 2 kun oldin
Can someone mediate between Sir Charles and MJ? I love them together, they remind me of me and my friend
Stephen Lynch
Stephen Lynch 2 kun oldin
True what Jordan says about young athletes these days. They get everything before they sign multimillion deals nowadays and don’t work harder to become better.
Captain Patriot
Captain Patriot 4 kun oldin
Charles has always been the funniest guy in The NBA hands down
Nathan Christy
Nathan Christy 4 kun oldin
Michael tryina get up in them open guts 😂
Corrupted Seed
Corrupted Seed 4 kun oldin
Fuck mj
Imblack 27
Imblack 27 3 kun oldin
Fuck Lebron
Man I can these 2 all day...love these guys.
sean thompson
sean thompson 5 kun oldin
Barkley is on fire here!
Kathyleen Curlei
Kathyleen Curlei 5 kun oldin
Gotta love Sir Charles! ❤️ Phx Suns # 34
Jonathan Finney
Jonathan Finney 5 kun oldin
Why is this recommended to me now??
Brian Frew
Brian Frew 5 kun oldin
Notice the body-language during the first half of the show and the ending part. They are tilted together as brothers. It's so great that these two are formidable friends that have such a positive effect on young men.
VGames H3R3
VGames H3R3 5 kun oldin
This video is funny through 00:00 - 24:01
629 5 kun oldin
Oprah stfu damn
Ankles Broken
Ankles Broken 5 kun oldin
Mj rubbed barkleys stomach more then the amount of rings he has
Alcawanna Moore
Alcawanna Moore 5 kun oldin
"When you get something so easily, you not gonna work as hard." Mj I know he was talking about basketball, but the same could be applied to relationships and early sexual relationships.
ItsJustCJ 5 kun oldin
So this is where the infamous GIF came from 😂
daniel gonzales
daniel gonzales 5 kun oldin
michael has a tiny head
Magnus Simms
Magnus Simms 6 kun oldin
"well I got a friend named Roy-" 💀💀💀💀💀💀
DC Jeans
DC Jeans 6 kun oldin
Lol.. Good buddies right there
TheSupradvr 6 kun oldin
Lmao I know when to eat and when not to eat
frenchkyree22 6 kun oldin
Knowing them both very well personally this is honestly how they are in real life.
Kerwin Lawrence
Kerwin Lawrence 6 kun oldin
I love Michael Jordan man. The competitive nature, the never say die attitude, his sheer ability to rally and inspire others to be the best that they can be, etc. We expect so much from him that it’s almost impossible. How much more can he give of himself. He’s also flesh bone and will have his good days and his bad days just like every other human being.
chris lee
chris lee 6 kun oldin
You got to love Charles Barkley
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 6 kun oldin
Charles Barkley’s swing looks just like Markelle Fultz’ shot
Roger Jackson
Roger Jackson 7 kun oldin
Fuck Michael Jordan shoes. He's making all that big money off those shoes all those kids working in sweatshops making them for him get $2 a day or something and he can care less. I mean the man is worth well over a billion dollars and he could make better living conditions for the people who make those shoes if he wanted to.
Imblack 27
Imblack 27 3 kun oldin
Nike has been doing it for years!!!
Anthony Correa
Anthony Correa 7 kun oldin
Tbh oprah highkey lookin like a snackkk in 05
Penny Packer
Penny Packer 7 kun oldin
CB is the best!
Mohammed Nur
Mohammed Nur 7 kun oldin
I feel weird for never having ever owned no Jordan gear. Too po i guess...can't even afford the last 2 letters o and r.
Ricca Shaps
Ricca Shaps 7 kun oldin
Michael Jordan throwing shade to the younger generation of players but keeping it real at the same time.
Med Money
Med Money 8 kun oldin
Charles Barkley golf swing is like Markelle Fultz jump shot 🤦🏻‍♂️
Fenie Calibuag
Fenie Calibuag 8 kun oldin
Watching again...MJ has the clearest voice of an athlete that I've heard it's so nice to hear Him talk
A Fresh Hot Bun
A Fresh Hot Bun 8 kun oldin
19:23 that’s some real shit right there
Ben D
Ben D 9 kun oldin
Both have great quality, different personality.. So love u both
Micheal Jordan
Micheal Jordan 9 kun oldin
APJinks 10 kun oldin
@UZvid, even if my quality is low on video, maybe use 5% of backend to overcompensate... so that those on the worst connection geo locations can still see FarCry in true local standard regular bog 720hd? seems like a disservice to you guys, more than anything, am i right?
Derrick Roberson
Derrick Roberson 10 kun oldin
Charles was speaking the truth about the bill segment. People just assume you’re going to grab the bill.
Scott M. Wesolowski AbuseisabuseSilentnomore
2.8k are fools...
Awesome Liberal
Awesome Liberal 10 kun oldin
BTW! All of you calling mj a dick.... He's not! ALOT of famous sports players are uncomfortable sitting in front of a camera! As this goes on he becomes way more comfortable! Playing in front of a camera, and sitting in a chair answering questions is 2 different planets!!!! And Barkley just gives zero fucks! Lol, he even wore his comfy clothes!
Awesome Liberal
Awesome Liberal 10 kun oldin
Charles is the most honest celebrity EVER!!! The decision to give him a microphone is usually regretted! Lol, he's a good dude!
jaron fuller
jaron fuller 10 kun oldin
I remember them 13s Cb got on
Luka Poljak
Luka Poljak 10 kun oldin
3:00 loved that anecdote
aseri laing
aseri laing 11 kun oldin
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 11 kun oldin
What Jordan shoe are those? Never seen them
The Flexxer
The Flexxer 11 kun oldin
michael lookin way too stiff here
POLO 11 kun oldin
MJ look like the type of Guy to crack jokes on you while pretty women around 😂😂
Lukas Helmhart
Lukas Helmhart 11 kun oldin
Everytime i see barkley he seems like a really normal guy Guy is hilarious
ronbo owes me money
ronbo owes me money 11 kun oldin
@13:13 oprahs big ass titties bounce. You're welcome
ronbo owes me money
ronbo owes me money 11 kun oldin
Tbh i dont like Oprah but man she looks beautiful here
ronbo owes me money
ronbo owes me money 11 kun oldin
Hahaha thats karma for hordan now with all his crying jordan memes haha
RZ. lalrammawiia
RZ. lalrammawiia 11 kun oldin
barkley is the man...one in a trillion
joe shmo
joe shmo 12 kun oldin
That golf thing was hilarious
bluntsweatandbeers 12 kun oldin
chuck has the social skills mike doesn't & mike has the ball skills chuck doesn't. Oprah just a power hungry lady want to control them both and probably run a country. Who can blame these folks for being them?
utubedano 12 kun oldin
Came here to love Jordan ended up loving Charles Barkley more and respecting Michael Jordan more...
Frederick Bautista
Frederick Bautista 12 kun oldin
If jordan and barkley will give me advise about life i would listen to barkley. Yes, jordan knows failure, won chsmpionship and became successful. But barkley knows how to become successful without winning any rings. Its the attitude that makes live your life happy.
Monjeed Otuemhobe
Monjeed Otuemhobe 13 kun oldin
Charles Barkley seems like a good friend to have, always keep it a buck, whether you like it or not. That's good to keep someone like Jordan humble. Sad they not friends now.
Turk McGirt
Turk McGirt 13 kun oldin
IAEMKAI 13 kun oldin
Turk McGirt Haha I see what you did
AG AG 13 kun oldin
Charles says what most of us think.
Waynes 1
Waynes 1 14 kun oldin
17:50 13:00
Shawn P.
Shawn P. 14 kun oldin
Jordan comes across as smug and arrogant here.
Ricardo Velasco
Ricardo Velasco 14 kun oldin
Charles Barkley reminds me of Muhammad Ali: The Souther Accent, the grin, mannerisms.
superman7 14 kun oldin
love these guys! the greatest of the greats!
Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto
MJ is kinda an ass but i love him
Dumisa Tony Johnson
Dumisa Tony Johnson 14 kun oldin
4:50 Barkley says the realest S**t I ever heard Which is why I respect Barkley Championships or no championships Jordan’s the greatest player to ever play the game But Jordan comes across as a jerk at times
Thetequilashooter1 15 kun oldin
Charles is funny as hell. I would love to party with him.
Rainy Daiz
Rainy Daiz 16 kun oldin
With ray
YoseiHito 17 kun oldin
Yall talking about Jordan like he a bad guy, that's just his personality, u can tell he's good friends with Charles but he's just not the type to show love and care even when he feels it
Jay notsure
Jay notsure 17 kun oldin
Christopher Rego Youtube
Jordan needs to be on the NBA on TNT with the Crew
Vau ghn
Vau ghn 17 kun oldin
When nba players weren’t divas
Dustin Murakami
Dustin Murakami 18 kun oldin
Especially black folks lmao. Opera ok you don’t have to be that honest 😂💀💀
Trapper A
Trapper A 19 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is the kind of guy who would own slaves, if it were still legal. He'd probably own the whole slave market in fact...
Superfanhype 9 kun oldin
lol...but why this comment. hilarious
WATCHER X 19 kun oldin
Fuk opra
TI 20 kun oldin
She is a step mom tho
Yoghi #41 RomaWheelBurners
What model of Jordan are those??!!!!
Pochon Sauriroa Lili
18:28 MJ breaking it down better than 99% of today’s sports broadcasters
mattc941 21 kun oldin
Barkley is exactly what you see in this interview... If you hang out in a bar and he's there, he buys drinks for everyone, cracking jokes, getting the entire crowd dying laughing. If someone walks up for an autograph, he takes the time to put down his drink, stand up and pose with people... Every... Single.. Time...
Facetious Pig
Facetious Pig 21 kun oldin
the whole time Oprah is like who's dick is bigger and how do I find out?
A M 21 kun oldin
Chuck said all those nice things about Mike but Mike said Chuck doesn’t know when to shut up basically. Chuck looked so deflated after that, went all silent. Lol
Kathy 21 kun oldin
What a riot! Who knew?
NegrosOccidental 21 kun oldin
Too bad they're no longer friends now.
Mildred Heath
Mildred Heath 22 kun oldin
Malachi Linton
Malachi Linton 22 kun oldin
Who wrote this script
Cris Medina
Cris Medina 22 kun oldin
Made me cry on the floor lol
boss joan
boss joan 22 kun oldin
Oprah keeps eying Jordan
Mark Sabaduquia
Mark Sabaduquia 22 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is just too sensitive and a perfectionist ... that OCD made him genius or vice versa ... Charles is just a fun fella to be with and a good sport
Wiggy74 22 kun oldin
Jordan was all kinds of uncomfortable when Charles was telling the stories....it was funny watching him squirm 😂😂😂😂
Y'all are REACHING!!! MJ is just that funny, DRY sarcastic friend that everyone has. It's all funny. Damn mfkas always thinking the worst of ppl. LIGHTEN UP
YoseiHito 17 kun oldin
Deadass niggas reaching
IAEMKAI 22 kun oldin
CiNNDERELLA Williams I can relate cuz I’m that dry sarcastic friend everybody has too haha!
DaMario Mitchell
DaMario Mitchell 23 kun oldin
Because then I'd be a quitter 😂😂
Frassboss 24 kun oldin
“Unapologetically “ 😏
True Colors
True Colors 25 kun oldin
Charles is acting like a prick throwing Jordan under the bus to make him look bad. ..calling him cheap...friends dont go out of there way to make you look bad on national t.v. with friends like that who needs friends
The Dapper Don
The Dapper Don 23 kun oldin
Obviously you don't understand their humor.
thecrimedog 25 kun oldin
Those three combined worth value!?!?! CHA CHA CHA CHING
Hue Jassle
Hue Jassle 25 kun oldin
Made bOy
Made bOy 25 kun oldin
S/o to Oprah she looks amazing
Red Face
Red Face 26 kun oldin
Charles was kissing his ass here also
Good Boy
Good Boy 26 kun oldin
I think you can tell by this interview that MJ cares more about what other people think than his relationship with Charles. He is not able to express his feelings towards him. I would go as far as to say that this kind of disconnection to others made him easier to develop an insane competitiveness.
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