When Your Mom is Obsessed with Cleaning

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There is an epidemic spreading through moms across the world. 😱 Watch and let me know if this is your mom, too. #TeamSuperMoms
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3-May, 2018



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Fikrlar 32 775
IISuperwomanII 10 oy oldin
I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU SHOW YOUR MOMS THIS VIDEO. Tweet or IG using the hashtag #TeamSuperMoms and show me your cleaning obsessed moms watching this documentary about their life. xo
Farhana Hussain
Farhana Hussain 7 kun oldin
IISuperwomanII Lool, Bengali mothers are the same! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Creepy ReWrite
Creepy ReWrite 10 kun oldin
It's really true, as a Romanian, is the same, but is more agressive with grandmas
T.A.I Tanishi's amazing ideas
My mom is Indian
Sparks Moustache
Sparks Moustache 21 kun oldin
nope it's also an african mom thing too!! I can definitely relate
Natalie Taleb
Natalie Taleb 2 oy oldin
My mum is exactly like yours and we’re arabs
My cat is Smarter than me
Elena Vernon
Elena Vernon Soat oldin
I gave thumbs up for the dog and one more for the funny content
Kathleen Storer
Kathleen Storer 2 soat oldin
At 3:18 I'm kinda like that it's just like a feeling that I get and than normally I just end up cleaning it but THAT DOG IS SO CUTE.
Jayda Furnell
Jayda Furnell 5 soat oldin
I know I’m half Englo Indian sorry for my spelling and I know how you feel
Kayla Tavares
Kayla Tavares 5 soat oldin
I’m Portuguese and I honestly think this is an immigrant parent thing
Yusra Jalal Kafeel
Yusra Jalal Kafeel 6 soat oldin
I'm definitely showing this to my mamma 😀😁😂😂 Thanks for understanding my feelings and showcasing it too ❤️
Marino Qualizza
Marino Qualizza 10 soat oldin
I'm Indian and this is hillarious
Sassy Dreamer AKS
Sassy Dreamer AKS 11 soat oldin
shabnam faisal
shabnam faisal 12 soat oldin
Lily that is true
Yasi Dehkordi
Yasi Dehkordi 13 soat oldin
I wish that was 1uhr video
Emma Solo
Emma Solo 14 soat oldin
Damn..... I feel like you are describing my mom. When my sister married we eveb cleaned the trees😂
Shreya Shah
Shreya Shah 15 soat oldin
This is totally an Indian thing, my mom does the same thing.
afzal samay
afzal samay 15 soat oldin
I can relate myself with you too much 😅
Amna’s Channel
Amna’s Channel 16 soat oldin
Have u been stalking me and watching my mum my whole life this is sooooooooooooo my mum
Kavery Rao
Kavery Rao 17 soat oldin
4:15 so damn cute 😍
T K SRUTHISHA 17 soat oldin
Not an Indian thing
Maggie De rat
Maggie De rat 19 soat oldin
When your mom doesn't ask you to help and she says I ASKED YOU TO HELP
Maggie De rat
Maggie De rat 19 soat oldin
I got a cleaning add for this video.....
francesca Wolfenden
francesca Wolfenden 20 soat oldin
God this is my mum 😂😂😂😂
Aryana Pena
Aryana Pena 20 soat oldin
Definitely my madre
Pavankumar Paparaju
Pavankumar Paparaju 20 soat oldin
I'm an Indian, and that happens to me.
Allon Isaacs
Allon Isaacs 22 soat oldin
0:15 And Millions - The Rock, any WWE fans here
Houston Walker
Houston Walker Kun oldin
It’s not just an Indian problem my mom is Spanish and American
Syna Karkera
Syna Karkera Kun oldin
My mom acts the same way
Saanvi Patel
Saanvi Patel Kun oldin
Well, it ain't an Indian thing but we do have maids
Dilara A
Dilara A Kun oldin
Omg at this point Turkish and Indian moms share same genes 🧬😬😅
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer Kun oldin
Gediminas Rimkus
#teamsupermoms xD My mum was like after the video OK LETS CLEAN NOW, JAYDEN ( me ) DO THE DISHES ASHTON, LIAM , CALUM ( my brothers ) CLEAN THE FLOORS and everyone in the family is like ‘ ...Let’s go to bed ( background : yeah , Let’s go boiii ) 😂😂
Emily Ho
Emily Ho Kun oldin
My mom is actually really bad at cleaning and she hates it
Sa rah
Sa rah Kun oldin
The indian mom is like the arabic mom When i see this video i always remember my mom 😂😂😂
... Kun oldin
No it's definitely not a n Indian thing if a tiny crumb falls on the floor my mum gets the vacuum out when there is a guest nope doesn't matter out comes the vacuum it's like her child💕
Mystical Music
Mystical Music Kun oldin
*When your mom is obsessed with making you clean*
Davinder Padda
Davinder Padda Kun oldin
Indians are really superstitious
Diya Sharun
Diya Sharun Kun oldin
Which breed is your dog
Kyah’s Workshop
My mom literally walked into my room right when you said that
Xochilt G
Xochilt G 2 kun oldin
No it’s a Mexican thing too
Leah Weber
Leah Weber 2 kun oldin
Saiki Chan
Saiki Chan 2 kun oldin
My mom: I’m so tired no one helps me I do everything *hands me the sponge to wash the dishes* Me: washes the dishes *finishes washing and returns to the kitchen 5 minutes later and sees her rewashing the dishes*
Kiley Kirkpatrick
Kiley Kirkpatrick 2 kun oldin
No. It's also a Latina thing
lalu ram
lalu ram 2 kun oldin
Jackie England
Jackie England 2 kun oldin
My mom is in the hospital
Kanishka Choudhary
Kanishka Choudhary 2 kun oldin
Totally relatable...... don't know much about others but here in India every(and by every i seriously mean every) mothers is like that...a dust particle in your room and you're dead😂😂😂😂😂love uhh lilly
Mihika Bhave
Mihika Bhave 2 kun oldin
It's an Indian thing
Iam Me
Iam Me 2 kun oldin
I showed this to my mum She couldn't stop laughing for the whole damn video💀
Ion Palban
Ion Palban 2 kun oldin
Also in Philippines vits like that
Grace Riesselman
Grace Riesselman 2 kun oldin
Nope it is not the indain thing my mom is crazy about clening
SomeOne 1089
SomeOne 1089 3 kun oldin
My mom is cleaning right now😂😂😂
RavenGamez_ 3 kun oldin
Hispanic moms do that as well :
Crazy Mind
Crazy Mind 3 kun oldin
No Turkish mums do you do the same thing sadly I am Turkish
Unicorn Videos
Unicorn Videos 3 kun oldin
It’s not an Indian thing Only
Unicorn Videos
Unicorn Videos 3 kun oldin
I think she is ocd diagnosed
Tushar Saxena
Tushar Saxena 3 kun oldin
How anybody can do That much good acting
Stacy K
Stacy K 3 kun oldin
I love this!!! 😂 Great job! "LET ME DO!" I kind of wish I was that "on my game" though to be honest!
Joanna Kostellou
Joanna Kostellou 3 kun oldin
3:13 no its not am from greece
Michelle Soupen
Michelle Soupen 3 kun oldin
Nope it's not just a Indian thing but it really bad for us
puppy lover
puppy lover 3 kun oldin
Awww puppy
ya gurl rosie
ya gurl rosie 3 kun oldin
my mom is the same way
Eliana Hernandez
Eliana Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Over spring break I didn’t hang out with friends !!NO!! I !!CLEANED!! My mom says to help her since I have nothing to do now 😭🙄
Azavion Royster
Azavion Royster 4 kun oldin
My mom is too clean but she is lazy so I do it
shädøw därk
shädøw därk 4 kun oldin
Your Mom
Your Mom 4 kun oldin
Actually true
Maged Mohammed
Maged Mohammed 4 kun oldin
When guests come Me:hey mom do u need help My mom:ha u want to help like u ever helped me 2 minutes later My mom:nobody ever helps me Me:boy u better run before i slap the mom outta u My mom:what what did u say Me:oh nothing keep cleaning My mom:ibrings out wooden spoon Me:RUN
Maged Mohammed
Maged Mohammed 4 kun oldin
Literly me
crook buster
crook buster 4 kun oldin
Lilly is gorgeous
REDDY FAMILY 4 kun oldin
With you on this one
Puli Murugan
Puli Murugan 4 kun oldin
lana's art
lana's art 4 kun oldin
arabs do that as well.
Ada Taneja
Ada Taneja 4 kun oldin
I feel it’s only Indians
Aziza Kariye
Aziza Kariye 4 kun oldin
play time
play time 4 kun oldin
ClickaForVaeva '
ClickaForVaeva ' 5 kun oldin
*its sad how relatable this is.*
D Parmar
D Parmar 5 kun oldin
Nope, it’s an Indian thing alright 😂
-Evion- ML
-Evion- ML 5 kun oldin
This is so fking true.... The levels are legit
Potato joez
Potato joez 5 kun oldin
My mom does the guest one "GUEST ARE COMING,CLEAN ROOM!" "OK FUEST LEAVE,NOW CLEAN!" she's American
Megan Newcomen
Megan Newcomen 5 kun oldin
O M G That dog is.the cutest little thing that I've ever seen
Lina Farah
Lina Farah 5 kun oldin
2:50 killed me
Alee - Hi btw
Alee - Hi btw 5 kun oldin
My gran always tells me to do something so I start doing it and then she just takes over😂
Alee - Hi btw
Alee - Hi btw 5 kun oldin
This is also a Bengali thing😂
Siva Uthiraswan
Siva Uthiraswan 5 kun oldin
100% real
Naresh Harie
Naresh Harie 5 kun oldin
Yes yes...
Jada Coleman
Jada Coleman 5 kun oldin
You are the coolest person EVER!!!!!!
Simran Singh
Simran Singh 5 kun oldin
I love your dog. Plus that wedding thing? Completely true
Laikeia ،
Laikeia ، 5 kun oldin
Lol I’m an Arabic and this is totally true 😂😂
Gautam hacker
Gautam hacker 6 kun oldin
(2:56) Yes common indian problem
50 Shades of Stupid
Just an Indian thing. (I’m Indian)
Isla Cinkitas
Isla Cinkitas 6 kun oldin
my turkish mom is the same hahahaha
Swati Verma
Swati Verma 6 kun oldin
Omg that guest's part is so relatable this is what my mom do 😂😂😂
rapid fires dream team
😂😂it’s so true when you actually try and then they like your doing it wrong 😂😂😂😂it’s so true I hate it
xX Cara_Gacha X x
xX Cara_Gacha X x 6 kun oldin
This is SO my mother!!!! xD Love your channel!!!!
Axei mash
Axei mash 6 kun oldin
This videowas posted on my moms birthday
G3 Njyothi
G3 Njyothi 6 kun oldin
Please don't speak rubbish if you don't know about the people of any country
EzikelLiv Plays 78
EzikelLiv Plays 78 7 kun oldin
4:35 can i watch this with my dad instead??
Rukhsora Sobirjonova
Ohh aw you’re lucky you awesome mom
Zzzahra V :3
Zzzahra V :3 7 kun oldin
When there's guests my mum makes me clean my room as if we're gunna host there ?
Stephanie Jackson
Stephanie Jackson 7 kun oldin
My mum's Brazilian and she's obsessed
Darla fee
Darla fee 7 kun oldin
My gramma she loves to clean my mom says i never clean right
ElishaDraws 7 kun oldin
Mom: *already gives up cleaning the house seeing she's the only one that is tidy*
Hey it’s Melody vlogs
Jaymal Gill
Jaymal Gill 7 kun oldin
My mom is from India but she makes us clean
TheCookingNerd 7 kun oldin
When a dogs more famous than me
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