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Rhett and Link take a Disney Princess quiz and you'll never guess which characters they got! GMM #1321.4
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19-Apr, 2018

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sadie crowder
sadie crowder 6 kun oldin
I was watching the video than about half way through I wanted to know what website I had to go to in order to take the quiz.
What3venIsThis 11 kun oldin
Can’t wait to play some C H E S T
YellowMai 12 kun oldin
1:30 seconds of the video was spent explaining the website title.
Vicky Tang
Vicky Tang 13 kun oldin
*YOU’RE SNOW WHITE!* Your big heart and sweet temperament allow you to make friends easily. We bet you have at least seven BFFs. Just remember: no mysterious apples for you. wow ahhaa
Cait N
Cait N 14 kun oldin
Link trying the be "Do you know where your children are" PSA
Lois Unicorn
Lois Unicorn 14 kun oldin
I did it and ended up being Jasmine lol
the invisible me
the invisible me 16 kun oldin
Both of them need a good night of sleep
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 19 kun oldin
Was that forward or back slash
Katgurl05 24 kun oldin
I got Cinderella, I followed the link exactly to find it.
Sophie Venckauskas
Sophie Venckauskas 24 kun oldin
im Vanellope Von Schweetz
Anna Satterfield
Anna Satterfield 24 kun oldin
In case y'all didn't know, y'all have issues
Holly Shelby
Holly Shelby Oy oldin
Or just type in Quotev and search disney princess quiz
Celena Milan
Celena Milan Oy oldin
I got Cinderella...
Jess Rose
Jess Rose Oy oldin
Wait what’s the url again
Alana Kulaszewski
*ITS 2018 NOW* and i got aurora
Abby Liu
Abby Liu Oy oldin
the url bit made me wheeze 😂😂
Madison Wright
What’s ironic is I took this test before hand and the first time I got Rapunzel and the second time I got Jasmine. I also only took the test two times.
Caitlyn Kincaid
I got Rapunzel: "You're creative and optimistic, even in difficult circumstances. you'll never give up on your dreams, and that's the only way to make them come true! Just remember to pack your frying pan on your next adventure."
Allison Clark
Allison Clark Oy oldin
Link having his eyes closed for half the video 🤣
xydoit Oy oldin
Link have an happy smile when she read the options. He can't wait to know which princess he is.
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 2 oy oldin
Why were Link's eyes closed for half the video? 😂😂
Lakota Williams
Lakota Williams 2 oy oldin
I did the test and got Mulan
Kept in the Lost Cities
wait but what about Stevie?
Jasmine Fierheller
link is too much for me in this video. every single one of his answers made me laugh
magicoA 2 oy oldin
They had to go back through the footage haha
mylifesames s
mylifesames s 2 oy oldin
Me spending the whole damn video trying to fill it to 10 min on two min
I should be studying, but I’m watching two adult men take a quiz to see which Disney Princesses they are.
Video starts at 2:10
beresheethtrack 2 oy oldin
*takes two minutes to tell the URL*
I took the test and got Mulan!
bethany.h 2 oy oldin
Rhett you are the first person I've heard of having gray be their favorite color! Like if gray is your favorite color
Lovely Ross Bartolata
Link looks like he's almost lost his temper at the first part of the vid (the url bit)...i guess
Touksaur 3 oy oldin
Link picking his animal is my spirit animal
Alex Quintero
Alex Quintero 3 oy oldin
The girl commentators voice is 😍😍😍
Go Packers
Go Packers 3 oy oldin
Or just put the link in the description
PeachHazel7 3 oy oldin
There so nerdy I love it 😂😂😂
Braedyn Emory
Braedyn Emory 3 oy oldin
did no body noticed how link had the creepiest freeze at the beginning
RandomistPotato 3 oy oldin
They both look they are going to sleep
Amanda D
Amanda D 4 oy oldin
I know this is late but I don't care. 1) I still want to know what Stevie's result was! I did the quiz along with the video. I paused the video and picked my answer before hearing everyone else's answers and ended up picking 2 or 3 the same as Stevie. I got Mulan and I suspect Stevie would get the same but now I'll never know! Why, cruel world?! 2) Anyone else clearly hear Link's inner monologue go "who is that again?" when Stevie says "Jasmine"? x'D
SoManyCluckias 4 oy oldin
When you need the video to be 10 mins but you go overboard reading urls
burnt arnge
Creative Minds
Creative Minds 4 oy oldin
Start at 2:12 you will thank me later 😆
SisterSparklz XP
SisterSparklz XP 4 oy oldin
Link would have been Belle if he choose the feild of flowers.
neigh neigh
neigh neigh 4 oy oldin
sorry, could you repeat the website again please? i didn’t quite catch that
Emma Barac
Emma Barac 4 oy oldin
I got jasmine
ggamegal42 4 oy oldin
It took a full 2 minutes for them to say the URL 😂😂😂
Stephanie Collins
I hate her voice right in the microphone
Marianne 4 oy oldin
Snow bear! Not polar bear, nono. Snow bear!
Jayden Moffat
Jayden Moffat 4 oy oldin
i am mulan
Jayden Moffat
Jayden Moffat 4 oy oldin
the sound of stevies voice is so soothing!
Penny 5 oy oldin
"I don't need a prince" LESBIAN JOKES EVERYBODY
Ray powers
Ray powers 5 oy oldin
9min 46 ahahah
Ragnarök the house
I died at the amount of adorableness when Link asked if the horse could be miniature.... nawhhh
Preston Roundtree
They find out 11:04
o0Strangebean0o 5 oy oldin
0:35 When you try to reach that ten minute mark.
T Mo7
T Mo7 5 oy oldin
I think I love Link....maybe in love 🤔🤦‍♀️
HikaruRain 5 oy oldin
I burst into song all the time and get yelled at all the time for it XD
i luv u
i luv u 5 oy oldin
I got Mulan.
Roger Sy
Roger Sy 5 oy oldin
For the “some day I wish to be” I was hoping there would be “part of your world” lol
someone else
someone else 5 oy oldin
First quiz coming right up when you google which disney princess am i... So there I went and I turned out to be Merida.
H Lee
H Lee 5 oy oldin
i did this with my mom
Yenlik Baijanova
Yenlik Baijanova 5 oy oldin
I’d like a horse (mini or not) too😍🐴🐴!!
Itami 6 oy oldin
What’s the website I need to go to?
Tara Faulkenberry
Why didn't they just put it in the description????????
Simply Shwa
Simply Shwa 6 oy oldin
IceCreamCone28 6 oy oldin
who was stevie!!!!???
Elora Doran
Elora Doran 6 oy oldin
i got pochohontas
DonoTheGamer 6 oy oldin
I could listen to the beginning for a whole episode and not get annoyed 😂
please take the mbti and hexico test
Ken Coleman
Ken Coleman 6 oy oldin
I was hoping for Belle or Giselle, but I find that Ariel (my test result) was accurate too. Still a Menken songbird... or mermaid.
Ken Coleman
Ken Coleman 6 oy oldin
LOL, I burst into song in the park, when cooking, when cleaning, and a some Celine Dion (& Disney) lip-synch while on public transit.
BerryMilcc 6 oy oldin
i got Mulan 👍
Cleopatra 6 oy oldin
Where they on quotes?!?!?????
Misty Lovejoy
Misty Lovejoy 6 oy oldin
Link is a horse girl: confirmed.
kronicdaydreamz 6 oy oldin
Link is starting to annoy me lately. He's always obnoxious and Idk he just doesnt seem to listen .
Dean Everton
Dean Everton 6 oy oldin
orphic 0088
orphic 0088 6 oy oldin
i got Aurora
Mary 6 oy oldin
its 2 in the morning and I'm trying so hard to laugh quietly at Link but failing
Joe Layman
Joe Layman 6 oy oldin
Why was this the funniest gmmore ever???
Mil-uhh? 6 oy oldin
i tried to take it 50 000 times and i just got a video what a quiz i am a video
Unique Muffin
Unique Muffin 7 oy oldin
Ummm.... You could've just put the links in the description lol!
Nathan Mann
Nathan Mann 7 oy oldin
You guys are very funny
samantha cao
samantha cao 7 oy oldin
i took the quiz i got aroura
Joanna Chun
Joanna Chun 7 oy oldin
Or go to Pinterest and search Disney quizzes
pixiedust429 7 oy oldin
I got Jasmine as well!!
Madeleine Mellgren
Quizz: where is your favorite place to burst into song Link: where is your favorite place to spontaneously combust 🤣
El Pablo Escobar
El Pablo Escobar 7 oy oldin
I got snow white.
Blake Lynch
Blake Lynch 7 oy oldin
Rhett looks like my cousin Mathew
Kristin Ommen
Kristin Ommen 7 oy oldin
Im Mulan:)
Caseyroseyx 7 oy oldin
*link - hmm, imma go with a high ponytail....because it reminds of a horse* 😂
It's Teresa!!
It's Teresa!! 7 oy oldin
Link is still kinda mean
Marissa Elvira Vallina
Here is the description for Rhett, Stevie (also you didn't say who you were lol) You're creative and optimistic, even in difficult circumstances. You'll never give up on your dreams, and that's the only way to make them come true! So good on you! Just remember to pack your frying pan on your next adventure!
Marissa Elvira Vallina
I am Rapunzel too Rhett! Let's get our Rapunzel on!
Alison Troyer
Alison Troyer 7 oy oldin
I looked up Oh My Disney Which Princess are You on Google and took the quiz along with the video. :D So fun! I got Snow White. :)
ArchersArrow110 7 oy oldin
16.6% of this video is reading links.
Galaxy 101k
Galaxy 101k 7 oy oldin
Gray isn't a color
Stwabewwy girl
Stwabewwy girl 7 oy oldin
Omg Rhett and I have the same favorite color
Stwabewwy girl
Stwabewwy girl 7 oy oldin
Omg Rhett and links shirts are switched!!!!😮
The Challenger
The Challenger 7 oy oldin
It’s not Allidin ITS ALADIN
Emily Ann
Emily Ann 7 oy oldin
700th comment
Arham Mahmood
Arham Mahmood 7 oy oldin
Rhettzell and linkine