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Scotch egg preparation challenge could be seen as an easy challenge but which chef will master it?
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4-Iyl, 2018

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Awesome123MrAwesome 14 soat oldin
1:57 got me triggered because this man is just being nice to her because he likes her. The sausage isn’t around the egg evenly and the egg yolk isn’t in the middle and the ball wasn’t exactly round. He only commented on the egg being undercooked.
Ali The Artist
Ali The Artist 21 soat oldin
No drama, no screaming, just cooking. This is real MasterChef, well done Canada!
Never heard or seen scotch egg, they look heavy!
Daddy QTe
Daddy QTe Kun oldin
I watched Gordon Ramsay scotch egg and its runny yolk.
paulmaking1980 Kun oldin
I Love Chef Alvin Leung! He's a 3 star Michelin chef! He's very funny too!
irish man
irish man 2 kun oldin
All eggs are overdone. There supposed to be soft like a poached egg. Fucking gobshites of judges.
Channel D
Channel D 2 kun oldin
Bengalis call it dim er devil ..dim means egg
57cps 2 kun oldin
Mrcabletwitch 3 kun oldin
if this was the US version: Gordon: Are YOU FUCKING KIDDING mE ITS FUCKING RAWWW FUCKING HELL Joe: you expect me to eat this shit? *dumps food in trash* Graham: MMmmmmm its yummy
Mark Esteves
Mark Esteves 3 kun oldin
Aarap naman ng kwek kwek nyooo
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 3 kun oldin
The asian beatle is a cock sucker once again. Me chinese me snort coke me go wee wee on your oats
Riya's Rasoi
Riya's Rasoi 3 kun oldin
Neil Reolizo
Neil Reolizo 4 kun oldin
All of these are over cooked runny is the actual way!
Luader 4 kun oldin
yeah i got an mcdonalds ad and then looked at this..........
K O O K Y 4 kun oldin
No offence, but I got a bit annoyed when Thea started crying, I mean you really don’t have to cry about making mistakes on a scotched egg. She got into the final as well, which as great as a cook she is, I can’t help but feel like someone else could’ve been there instead (like Barre or Miranda)
Pradip Sengupta
Pradip Sengupta 4 kun oldin
nargisi kopta that is what you call scotch egg in india try it and with that canadian twist you will be blown your mind away.
Maccy Deees
Maccy Deees 4 kun oldin
Why does that blonde bitch always cry to get more "good girl" points
Dhany Shaf
Dhany Shaf 4 kun oldin
Alice every episode: "This is my comeback dish"
Patrick Eckert
Patrick Eckert 4 kun oldin
Scotch eggs are supposed to be runny...
Rick Mothersdale
Rick Mothersdale 5 kun oldin
How is the egg at 4.40 undercooked how hard boiled do you want it stupid show and judge
Anime Best content
Anime Best content 5 kun oldin
The Asian dude looks scary if I ever see him I would want to run away
Nathan Gordon
Nathan Gordon 5 kun oldin
I would want mine dripping with yolk...just saying
North Korea
North Korea 5 kun oldin
why does the second person always cries
Bernabe De La Cruz
Bernabe De La Cruz 6 kun oldin
Does not matter what your preference for eggs are. The task was to cook a WELL DONE egg, regardless of what you would prefer. Ofcourse the runny yolk probably tastes more delicious, but you must follow orders as instructed to win competitions like these.
Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell 6 kun oldin
Im sorry as someone who grew up on scotch eggs none of those chefs no what there talking about the key to the perfect scotch egg is the semi cooked yolk as it makes the snack moist plus the sausage meat was a little thin.
Korp Z.
Korp Z. 7 kun oldin
Refrigerate egg make it a trash yolk flavor and throw it in deep fryer with skin
Austin Balletta
Austin Balletta 7 kun oldin
Tell me why these chefs have no idea what they r talking about
Rekt.com 7 kun oldin
These chefs are wrong, hard boiled is dry. The smoother the yolk the better, that's why you don't do scotch eggs on a Canadian show.
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 7 kun oldin
These are wayyyy overcooked.. What the hell?
Dennis Marzan
Dennis Marzan 7 kun oldin
damn that blonde girl is freaking annoying-- crybaby wtf
Stephen Curtis
Stephen Curtis 7 kun oldin
Scotch eggs are supposed to be runny
Venice Eb
Venice Eb 8 kun oldin
Thea crying baby!!!
Mateo Arsenault
Mateo Arsenault 8 kun oldin
Is it just or are these judges full of shit? I like the harshness that Joe or Gordan gives the contestant gives the contestant if they mess up, not this “Well its done wrong but its good enough” crap
SoneDiadem 9 kun oldin
shouldn't scotch eggs be with runny yolk. isn't that what makes it so difficult to master
M L O Y T 9 kun oldin
kwekkwek in ph
Christopher Bernstein
What's funny is a scotch egg isn't Scottish 😂 all this bullshit man. It's and English dish and typically these days it's served runny yes but that's only been popular for the last 8-10 years probably from Heston Blumenthal.
Calzonie 9 kun oldin
They all didn’t taste the same one so how is the result fair ? And how are these taste experts as it’s down to personal preference ? This Canada one has to be the worst show
Ashikur Rahman
Ashikur Rahman 9 kun oldin
2:06 it's not even btw. it's biased...
nexus prime
nexus prime 10 kun oldin
Why do all the women start crying and getting so emotional and then find out they did good.
Luis Cisneros
Luis Cisneros 10 kun oldin
Asian chefs chewing pisses me off
Thuy Nhi Tieu
Thuy Nhi Tieu 10 kun oldin
Where is Gordon when u need him
Poorly drawn faces
Poorly drawn faces 10 kun oldin
If Nino was here, he definitely would have.
Ghassan Afara
Ghassan Afara 11 kun oldin
A hard boiled egg, fuck off. You'd have to be a complete bellend to lose on this show.
Nathanielism 11 kun oldin
5:50 im sorry for that
rihsyan adam riansyah
scrotum eggs
Pokpong Trikalnon
Pokpong Trikalnon 11 kun oldin
Why are the waman always crying
Christian Brown
Christian Brown 12 kun oldin
These judges are pussies
Matex600 13 kun oldin
they are all over cooked to fuck
Chill Fam
Chill Fam 13 kun oldin
scottish eggs are supposed to be runny and i know cuz am scottish -_-
Alex Fiero
Alex Fiero 13 kun oldin
How Fussy do people get wiv food these days
The Boss
The Boss 14 kun oldin
Y is the first guys name Mary
Soonhyuk Kim
Soonhyuk Kim 14 kun oldin
Canadian masterchefers and judges are so nice
Movie Games
Movie Games 14 kun oldin
What even is the point of cooking an egg in a sausage? It's not like they impart flavours to each other. I feel like a nice hard boiled egg and fried sausage would taste better.
Parth Sankhe
Parth Sankhe 11 kun oldin
That's not difficult to do, that's why
Varaxus 17 kun oldin
I guess Canada doesn't know what fine cuisine looks like
Varaxus 9 kun oldin
+Manish Dabadi I talking more about the preparation than the dish itself
Manish Dabadi
Manish Dabadi 10 kun oldin
yea because a scotched egg is fine cuisine are you gonna say that a salad is junk food now
Varaxus 17 kun oldin
Eggs yolk is supposed to be a little soft, look at hestons scotch egg
Hidden Bunnies
Hidden Bunnies 19 kun oldin
The only good scotch egg, Is the one with the runny yolk.
k1ll3rb1ll3r COD
k1ll3rb1ll3r COD 19 kun oldin
Why is she always crying like girl stop bitching
Parth Sankhe
Parth Sankhe 11 kun oldin
Andy Em
Andy Em 19 kun oldin
They need to add gordan ramsey
Bs Claw
Bs Claw 22 kun oldin
Here is called bird nest not scotch egg
Skittzune 23 kun oldin
you people are fucking nasty if you eat eggs runny. just poke a damn hole in a raw one and suck it up then!!!!!!!
luke morley
luke morley 24 kun oldin
Scotch eggs arent Scottish....they were invented in fortnum and masons on london
Kill shot 360 with a scope
Runny yolk taste like ass
Western Desi Adventures !
^they meant nargisi koftas
Bill Pisxos
Bill Pisxos 25 kun oldin
Why is she always crying???
DaveItYourself 25 kun oldin
This judge likes petrol station scotch eggs.
Tanmay Kodia
Tanmay Kodia 26 kun oldin
These judges are so sweet what show is this it's definitely not the master chef I know off
r8nd0m Basketeer
r8nd0m Basketeer 27 kun oldin
Worst judging I've ever seen, eggs are even worse
GachaUnicorn ovo
GachaUnicorn ovo 27 kun oldin
“It’s perfectly cooked” “I wanna yeet it” YEEEEEEEEEEET
Aimesio 27 kun oldin
who wants to eat a rock hard dry boiled egg?? the 'underdone' eggs looked far more appetising
Manish Dabadi
Manish Dabadi 10 kun oldin
the challenge was to cook a hard-boiled egg not to appeal to your needs its easy to make a runny scotch egg so thats why its hard-boiled if everyone in that room knew how to do it then its not a challenge is it
Elyas Yusuf
Elyas Yusuf 28 kun oldin
Bitch you upset all the time wtf
aimee _xo
aimee _xo 28 kun oldin
Ande waale kofte? Is that you?
Naz Sunny
Naz Sunny 28 kun oldin
The 2nd girl cries in every episode
Explorer 29 kun oldin
Seems like the girl in white only managed to get over things by using the old but always effective "cry card"... and I've seen man of these videos already,
crazywolf 29 kun oldin
How the Fuck are Most of the Eggs UnderCokct ? HELLO!! Your on Master chef HOW THE FUCK ARE You so Dumb, Not able to Cock a Egg
Kevin Edwards
Kevin Edwards Oy oldin
This show is fucking lame.
Derpyderp Oy oldin
It's 11.30pm on a Sunday, I have work tomorrow bit I want to know who cooked the best scotch eggs.
TheMarekduda Oy oldin
Little Chef
Little Chef Oy oldin
Scotch eggs are not supposed to be runny
Kat ali
Kat ali Oy oldin
The yolk is supposed to be runny!!!!!!
Ice Flower
Ice Flower 10 kun oldin
Check the upper comment
Freedom Toast
Freedom Toast Oy oldin
They are all over cooked . Maybe you dummies can watch a you tube video how to cook a Scotch Egg.
Almost God
Almost God Oy oldin
Half the problems will be over in cooking shows if the food weren't raw or overcooked
Judges talk shit the egg is seposed to be runny
My grandmother can cook scotch eggs better than these guys.
Jireh Choo
Jireh Choo Oy oldin
-Nino- HowToBasic would cook the perfect egg
Subdude Oy oldin
The best scotch egg is chef Ramsay
Cory Parsons
Cory Parsons Oy oldin
Linn laishram
Linn laishram Oy oldin
thea is such a fucking pretentious prick , every single time .
Robert Dizon
Robert Dizon Oy oldin
screw the fully cooked yolk... no thanks, dry dry dry!
Hash Brown
Hash Brown 15 kun oldin
Taste like chalk
xerakis Oy oldin
Fucking elitist people consumed by food..... utterly pathetic. Starve em out !! Fat-fucks, weak and gluttonous.
meaty cabbage
meaty cabbage Oy oldin
Damn I thought runny yolks were > dry yellow masses of bird fetus
Marie Cox
Marie Cox Oy oldin
Love a scotch egg 😍😍😍 i don't get it when some yoks are runny urrrgghhh
Nuka MX
Nuka MX Oy oldin
this is too canadian
Sara Voakes
Sara Voakes Oy oldin
I am scottish and the yolk is meant to be runny
Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos
Im sorry, but if gordon and jamie agree that a scotch egg is supposed to have a runny yolk, it has to be right. I mean those guys disagree on basically EVERYTHING.
Random Guy That Comments on Youtube videos
186 people disliked. Bet you one of them is gordon because they want people to make a scotch egg with a hard yolk.
Harley Explores
These eggs are definitely not undercooked for a scotch egg...
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Oy oldin
In Romania the word "Scotch" means duct tape
tyt denies armenian genocide
pls kill that landwhale
Jakub Stupka
Jakub Stupka Oy oldin
What.. dry powder instead of moist center ? -Bullshit.
Lucio'o'z Oy oldin
These chefs probably eat their steaks well-cooked too.