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Scotch egg preparation challenge could be seen as an easy challenge but which chef will master it?
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4-Iyl, 2018



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PianoLegend24 7 soat oldin
Shape: a little brown XD
CryptiK Kun oldin
to every masterchef in the comment section, - as these homecooks displayed, it is just as hard to perfect a hard boiled egg - just because gordon ramsay made a soft boiled hard boiled egg, it does NOT mean it has to be soft boiled. It is what the judges prefer -
gox Lau
gox Lau 2 kun oldin
I thought scotch egg has runny yolk
rakhi mondal
rakhi mondal 6 kun oldin
That Asian chef is a nightmare
Akshay kumar
Akshay kumar 10 kun oldin
I don't like that 3rd judge very colourful guy
JCT GAMING 16 kun oldin
Wtf there's no skill in just over cooking a hard boiled egg 🤣🤣 it's supposed to be runny.
Jordi P
Jordi P 19 kun oldin
3:45 are these judges retarded? that's as even as it gets.
kk star
kk star 19 kun oldin
undercooked egg is way more much tasty. well its not actually "under" its softboiled!! chefs should know that
sten faille
sten faille 20 kun oldin
Wow since when are scottish eggs not runny..?
sten faille
sten faille 20 kun oldin
2:03 perfectly ground and EVEN. Barely any meat at one side....
Lawrence Of Canadia
Lawrence Of Canadia 21 kun oldin
Why do you want a fully cooked yolk? gross... thats like wanting a well done steak to me.
Shadsy The Hedgehog
Shadsy The Hedgehog 21 kun oldin
Asian Elton John back at it again.
Cjhoskins2010 24 kun oldin
That's not good *walks off*
Thor Jensen
Thor Jensen 25 kun oldin
Scotch eggs are better soft boiled
DogMeatIsSoYummy 25 kun oldin
Should be runny otherwise it’s dry as hell
TooFastSorry 26 kun oldin
Ya'll we need to send this to Gordon hahahha
white sugart
white sugart 27 kun oldin
What? Do I want to eat a dry scotch egg? No!
PinkHusky 28 kun oldin
This is the first time I see a Scotch Egg that isn't runny!!! I am flabbergasted... Everyone knows it has to by a runny yolk. Gordon Ramsay would probably be screaming by seeing hard boiled eggs in a Scotch Egg....
Janek 29 kun oldin
blonde girl looks like a ferret
kawaii sapphire
kawaii sapphire 29 kun oldin
quek quek? 😂😂 haha hi sa mga pinoy
That one guy with the extremely long username
Is the Asian guy even a chef...
CasualJaack Oy oldin
"any scottish people in your family" Why is that relevant? the scotched egg was invented in Yorkshire England not Scotland.
The literal discovery channel
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Anh Vũ
Anh Vũ Oy oldin
All these eggs are overcooked
Felipe Salvador
Zaina Salman
Zaina Salman Oy oldin
1:56 how the hell he saw it with uniform borders 🤔 it is not . and yet the last eggs were good he said that they are not
Abhishek Pawar
Everyone in the comments likes disgusting runny eggs ...
Adam Morris
Adam Morris Oy oldin
A good fresh warm scotch egg needs a runny yolk...
Mohit Raj
Mohit Raj Oy oldin
The original dish was called Nargisi Kofta, which was created during the Mughal Era, and like a lot of things, this recipe crossed oceans and was named as Scotch Egg.
Lucy Tregoning
Think the judges need to go home! Scotch eggs are supposed to be runny!
Very British.
Jayden The Asian
how are those eggs undercooked they look over cooked to me
Kujo Jotaro
Kujo Jotaro Oy oldin
So scotch eggs are hard boiled eggs covered with sausage wtf
Gabriel Boniface
All of the scotch eggs are overcooked. Yolks all chalky
Leah hermosa Amor
my bf doest it better 😚😍😚😚😚😚
Clean Dishes
Clean Dishes Oy oldin
For some reason I don't like that Jackie chan.
Devin Graves
Devin Graves Oy oldin
As a non-foody, part of why I watch these shows is to find out about foods ive never heard of, such as this...
SaltTheory Oy oldin
Trevor's a goofball confirmed 😉
Youngwolf Oy oldin
Shouldn't the egg be soft boiled ??
Ildun Oy oldin
I guess this is culture shock? Can't understand why they prefer hard boil egg.
neutraL Oy oldin
that one male judge is so biased for thea like its so annoying
Adrian Ljung
Adrian Ljung Oy oldin
Its time to let go of the EGGS MC Canada make some real food :|
TheSikoraShow !!!
Wait so how do yu know who wins if a different person tries each egg???
Abel Mejia
Abel Mejia Oy oldin
Yo wtf happened to master chef joe would’ve been like “its undercook” and he would’ve put a piece in his mouth and look at her with that intense look
Brian Lee
Brian Lee Oy oldin
1:57 how is that even
Cassac S
Cassac S Oy oldin
George Gaming
George Gaming Oy oldin
Do the judges even criticize negatively in MasterChef Canada?
BladeBlur 12 kun oldin
Alvin Luong can be pretty brutal. He is the Joe Bastianich of Canada.
Kirby Kirby
Kirby Kirby Oy oldin
2:13 ...
rojina a
rojina a Oy oldin
i cant even understand the diffrence between them :/
Eissa Jazizadeh
What the heck are the judges talking about. For medium egg or as the judges say " looks a little bit under", you have to make perfect timing to make that egg hard and runny at the same time but for a hard egg, you can leget put it as long as you want for a long time and it will be completely hard. Freak sake, I would judge better than them.
Bien Causapin
Bien Causapin Oy oldin
Well that's a first o thought these are over, Michelin star restaurants serve them with the yolk runny Edit: they asked well done haha
Seven smith
Seven smith Oy oldin
Much prefer a runny yolk in a scotch egg as its intended to be, and cannot stand that smug Elton John wannabe.
GOLDsken GOLDsken
i think , hard boiled eggs in any fasion, the yolk should be firm, but it should have some moisture left, i mean, its suppose to be a little damp, otherwise the yolk just falls apart and the taste gets bit meh. much like 1:59 . he may say its bit under, id say its pretty much perfect
grace calis
grace calis Oy oldin
Anyone who prefers Scotch eggs hard boiled I'm fairly certain have ties with ISIS
Broken Wave
Broken Wave Oy oldin
1. Scotch eggs aren't Scottish... 2. Why are they hard boiling them? Doesn't look very appetizing.
Adam M
Adam M Oy oldin
Scotch eggs do not origionate from Scotland. Do some research before commenting on them being Scottish. Last time I checked....Whitby was in Yorkshire, England...not Scotland
Merlyn Wang
Merlyn Wang Oy oldin
What is the sauce for if they are not going to use it to eat
Alternus Lux
Alternus Lux Oy oldin
That communist pig wants it all even.
carlos miguel balagtas
alice says this is my comeback but still fails
amanda look like a whale
Harry Blum
Harry Blum Oy oldin
I bet these guys say a well done steak is raw.
Justin Oy oldin
@7:27 chef alvin is not at all impressed lolol
Justin Oy oldin
mai is beyond gorgeous
Ming Oy oldin
Shouldnt a little undercook would taste better
Jacob Castoria
Jacob Castoria 2 oy oldin
only GOD and JESUS are perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Cross
James Cross 2 oy oldin
Thea didn't deserve half of the times she was saved in this show. Annoying as hell, so glad she lost in the end.
1:57 got me triggered because this man is just being nice to her because he likes her. The sausage isn’t around the egg evenly and the egg yolk isn’t in the middle and the ball wasn’t exactly round. He only commented on the egg being undercooked.
Ali The Artist
Ali The Artist 2 oy oldin
No drama, no screaming, just cooking. This is real MasterChef, well done Canada!
Never heard or seen scotch egg, they look heavy!
Ben Quim
Ben Quim 2 oy oldin
I watched Gordon Ramsay scotch egg and its runny yolk.
paulmaking1980 2 oy oldin
I Love Chef Alvin Leung! He's a 3 star Michelin chef! He's very funny too!
Kildare Man
Kildare Man 2 oy oldin
All eggs are overdone. There supposed to be soft like a poached egg. Fucking gobshites of judges.
Channel D
Channel D 2 oy oldin
Bengalis call it dim er devil ..dim means egg
57cps 2 oy oldin
Mrcabletwitch 2 oy oldin
if this was the US version: Gordon: Are YOU FUCKING KIDDING mE ITS FUCKING RAWWW FUCKING HELL Joe: you expect me to eat this shit? *dumps food in trash* Graham: MMmmmmm its yummy
Mark Esteves
Mark Esteves 2 oy oldin
Aarap naman ng kwek kwek nyooo
Joe Schmo
Joe Schmo 2 oy oldin
The asian beatle is a cock sucker once again. Me chinese me snort coke me go wee wee on your oats
Riya's Rasoi
Riya's Rasoi 2 oy oldin
Neil Reolizo
Neil Reolizo 2 oy oldin
All of these are over cooked runny is the actual way!
Luader 2 oy oldin
yeah i got an mcdonalds ad and then looked at this..........
K O O K Y 2 oy oldin
No offence, but I got a bit annoyed when Thea started crying, I mean you really don’t have to cry about making mistakes on a scotched egg. She got into the final as well, which as great as a cook she is, I can’t help but feel like someone else could’ve been there instead (like Barre or Miranda)
Pradip Sengupta
Pradip Sengupta 2 oy oldin
nargisi kopta that is what you call scotch egg in india try it and with that canadian twist you will be blown your mind away.
Daniel Bean
Daniel Bean 2 oy oldin
Why does that blonde bitch always cry to get more "good girl" points
Dhany Shaf
Dhany Shaf 2 oy oldin
Alice every episode: "This is my comeback dish"
Patrick Eckert
Patrick Eckert 2 oy oldin
Scotch eggs are supposed to be runny...
Rick Mothersdale
Rick Mothersdale 2 oy oldin
How is the egg at 4.40 undercooked how hard boiled do you want it stupid show and judge
Anime Best content
The Asian dude looks scary if I ever see him I would want to run away
Nathan Gordon
Nathan Gordon 2 oy oldin
I would want mine dripping with yolk...just saying
North Korea
North Korea 2 oy oldin
why does the second person always cries
Bernabe De La Cruz
Does not matter what your preference for eggs are. The task was to cook a WELL DONE egg, regardless of what you would prefer. Ofcourse the runny yolk probably tastes more delicious, but you must follow orders as instructed to win competitions like these.
Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell 2 oy oldin
Im sorry as someone who grew up on scotch eggs none of those chefs no what there talking about the key to the perfect scotch egg is the semi cooked yolk as it makes the snack moist plus the sausage meat was a little thin.
Korp Z.
Korp Z. 2 oy oldin
Refrigerate egg make it a trash yolk flavor and throw it in deep fryer with skin
Austin Balletta
Austin Balletta 2 oy oldin
Tell me why these chefs have no idea what they r talking about
Rekt.com 2 oy oldin
These chefs are wrong, hard boiled is dry. The smoother the yolk the better, that's why you don't do scotch eggs on a Canadian show.
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 2 oy oldin
These are wayyyy overcooked.. What the hell?
Dennis Marzan
Dennis Marzan 2 oy oldin
damn that blonde girl is freaking annoying-- crybaby wtf
Stephen Curtis
Stephen Curtis 2 oy oldin
Scotch eggs are supposed to be runny
Venice Eb
Venice Eb 2 oy oldin
Thea crying baby!!!
Mateo Arsenault
Mateo Arsenault 2 oy oldin
Is it just or are these judges full of shit? I like the harshness that Joe or Gordan gives the contestant gives the contestant if they mess up, not this “Well its done wrong but its good enough” crap
SoneDiadem 2 oy oldin
shouldn't scotch eggs be with runny yolk. isn't that what makes it so difficult to master
M L O Y T 2 oy oldin
kwekkwek in ph
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