Who is Sylas?

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9-Yan, 2019



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Phantom Exquisite
It is janna
Zeke Shadows
Zeke Shadows 3 kun oldin
Say the name right u are saying selas
Andrei Plays & More Roblox
Chilly Thunder
Chilly Thunder 12 kun oldin
here is a very big theory at 0:28 there is women with a white hair could it be kayle and morgana mother and once both of them discover this they will start a big fight with demacia maybe she lost hope and found out the her kids are around so she landed her power to them???and maybe i am just making things up
Get Ganked
Get Ganked 13 kun oldin
hahahah lol garen ez 1 shot sylas
Soulless Rider
Soulless Rider 15 kun oldin
Riot should do a League of Legends MMO with the whole World like WOW Omfg that would be awesome
Mjd Abrashh
Mjd Abrashh 25 kun oldin
mayby just maybe that was lux , in som storys people that use or lose there magic tempoarily loses their hair color until their magic is restored , so that can be lux behind the bars
ZhejinanimDE 26 kun oldin
I think there are 3 possibilites about that women: 1. A new Lux skin. Maybe like "Civil War Lux", "After Sylas Lux" or smth. 2. A Lux rework, as she lost her magic, like someone pointed in the comments here. I don´t think this is likely to happen.The only thing that makes her useful as a champion is her magic. 3. A new Champion. I mean it doesn´t have to be lux, right?
Javerenge 28 kun oldin
1:18 Thats Anduin Wyrnns old model from world of warcraft
hello good sir
hello good sir 29 kun oldin
Maybe that's really lux, but as the petricite absorbed her magic she lost the color of her hair? Im thinking something Tangled style, as when Rapunzel got her hair cut she lost her magic, and her hair turned from gold to brown
knee grow
knee grow 26 kun oldin
you are dumb
Renato gomez faundez
commiunism 101
DJ Verri
DJ Verri Oy oldin
Your mom.
Luka Stanojevic
Sylas is just his alias his real name is Karl Marx.
mason forrest
mason forrest Oy oldin
I swear, no one who plays league knows how to pronounce names
Anton Andersen
I just can't watch the video through when you pronounce Sylas so wrong. Hurts my ears.
Kyle Imough
Kyle Imough Oy oldin
this video gets a hard pass, just cant even with that voice
boyJakul Bastos
Sylas is such a bull shit...
Jay Saucedo
Jay Saucedo Oy oldin
see las
Calvin Oy oldin
Its Kakashi the copy ninja
Giwrgos Burbos
Sylas is yasuo brother
austin balckstone
Is that anduin
Aarit Joshi
Aarit Joshi Oy oldin
Hey in sylas's interactions in game he always calls lux 'little girl'. And as you say in his story he by mistake touched the girl and light flows through his veins blasting and killing people. What if that little girl escapes and was found by garen or the mage hunters and kept, not killed just like sylas,.... this would explain why he cares sooooo much about lux and calls her a little girl.
smexywafflex Oy oldin
i recognize that wow music
nosoulman Oy oldin
why is sylas anduin?
Falchion2 Annihilator7
maybe the thing sylas got was a runes....well ryze does use books and runes to get power but i think sylas is different cause his magic is copy i think what he did was copy the power of the runes itself or maybe that's what i thought
ProtozTer Oy oldin
I think Lux help him escape and the rest are propaganda.
Annoxx Oy oldin
You are reading his name wrong
The Bio of Silas has some uncanny similarity's to Edmond Dante from the Count of Monte Cristo.
SmileKid Oy oldin
i just realized, lux, sylas and galio are the only demacians that deal magic damage
Aron Ravi Cuyno
Maybe that little girl is Annie
Xeqh More
Xeqh More Oy oldin
Maybe shes the new champion or something
Xeqh More
Xeqh More Oy oldin
Riot becoming christian game
Smiling Pan
Smiling Pan Oy oldin
Could the girl in the back of that splash art be Janna maybe? She is an elf with white hair and she is a mage......Just saying.
theGhostKid LTU
Sylas: "Where every demacian is aking" this is either communism or this the pirate thing in the west indies
LilShinx Oy oldin
But is he still friends with lux
Adrian Dębowski
Wow new ryze looks so cool, and he's stealing ults, damn dat scroll is powerful af
ThatOne Bhopper
I thought Draven And Sylas were brothers xD
Split3 Oy oldin
I'm afraid, but Sylas is going to make communism ☭, from just listening his talk :D
Lux better be on sylas side
mmykandil Oy oldin
Everything aside, the writing and the voice acting on the trailer are top notch o.o
alrajahi fernandez
your voice sucks! sometimes i can't understand you saying man.....
Karl Diaz
Karl Diaz Oy oldin
Whose side are you on? The exiled mages (which includes sylas) for revenge to those who had made them suffer Or the kingdom who lied about not using magic? (petricite absorbs magic and their equipment is made out of petricite, so they use magic as well)
DanielDS Oy oldin
the only thing that I don't understand about sylas is why is he using his chains as a weapon aren't they made of petricite and now that he is free why he doesn't just remove them
Shammae Grace Ginoy
well he is AQUAMAN hahaja
Very Bored
Very Bored Oy oldin
Also splash artist either went lazy or was the same person who made Kayn. Its the same face
Jang Wonyoung
Jang Wonyoung Oy oldin
He stole lux's spark
Myu96EXA Oy oldin
That woman behind the him could be reworked Morgana without her wings 😏 with the teaser image Morgana and Kayle's wings could only appear with abilities. Her lore might change too as with every reworked champs before.
Frederic Nadail
This story make me hate demacian
Alex Wishardt
Alex Wishardt Oy oldin
When you have to nerf Petricite to make Sylas' story make sense.
Cool video
Brambleback Oy oldin
Nice Galio gloves ha.
SirSeppuku Oy oldin
He kinda sounds like an anarchist more than anything
Wixx Oy oldin
Sylas the communist
Max Oy oldin
sounds like legend of korra season 3
So he is like Magneto, he hated humans since humans brought him some much pain because of his powers.
3 r. R0 .r
3 r. R0 .r Oy oldin
Fuck ezreal Lux x Sylas is where its at
Brandon Neil Sta. Teresa
Luxanna's love interest finally revealed.
Matej Keb
Matej Keb Oy oldin
Ha yeah yeah
Slani Oy oldin
Am i the only one who sees that shadow is from Anduin Wrynn?
Konvicted Leo
Konvicted Leo Oy oldin
When u have to set speed to 0.75 to realize all his words
ASW Fainted
ASW Fainted Oy oldin
It was "Sylas" not "Silas"
John Jepson
John Jepson Oy oldin
How does Sylas use magic if he has patricite chains on?
Tommy S
Tommy S 2 oy oldin
Very magneto like
David Alba
David Alba 2 oy oldin
Love the World of Warcraft OST in the background
Sylas van Oosterhout
cool my name is sylas!
Francivan Dos Santos
Is Vannis uncle of Garen?🤔 That would be interesting
Oppai Daisuki
Oppai Daisuki 2 oy oldin
What if that blue lightning is from the person behind him ?
Leo T
Leo T 2 oy oldin
Is it "Si-las" or "Sie-las?"
kukusaras 2 oy oldin
Just saying thr way sylas talks to ryze ign is like he knows way to much about runetera and such , but he is only like 50 or smth , so maybe he was touched by someones elses magic (blue , maybe ryze) and learned about stuff from the past
Khalid Al Qassimi
That WoW soundtrack....
최윤 2 oy oldin
Nightlorddemon gaming greek
1:06 can someone tell me the link of this map
Jodonore 2.0
Jodonore 2.0 2 oy oldin
I'll do you one better: Why is Sylas?
Paoro Borla
Paoro Borla 2 oy oldin
Damacian Rising.. reminds me of Paladins login music lol
วิชชากร สุขวัฒน์
ok garen absorb magic now,..
Claudik lul
Claudik lul 2 oy oldin
i want to know the reason why he has so much muscle on him
The Lonely Pioneers
Yo my boy Karl Marx is a character
Finn Afique
Finn Afique 2 oy oldin
Where you from ? Your accent like mix from Indian and Rusian
Its elementalist lux i think its lux skin i dont know if the skin i wrote is right EDIT: Yep Im Right
The Globglogabgalab
Say no to mage-cism
Scyther Tenoso
Scyther Tenoso 2 oy oldin
I think he got those things on the body are the chains of demacia and they need to give him those so they can prevent him to explode, just like you said he explodes, right???
SuperDerpu 2 oy oldin
*EkoCakes* 2 oy oldin
I still want a Darkin Tryndamere skin. Or even the other two Darkin, so the Darkin team composition would be completed (with Kayn-Rhaast).
Legal Loli
Legal Loli 2 oy oldin
*Ryze rework will solve everything 😂😂😂*
MG reonu
MG reonu 2 oy oldin
Might be xerath? I think
Clayton Gold
Clayton Gold 2 oy oldin
Sylas is a communist maoist
Chadows Rikatemo
Chadows Rikatemo 2 oy oldin
I realy want a way for the story to advance in real time .... I WANNA SEE THE MAGE REVOLUTION
Niko Ništić
Niko Ništić 2 oy oldin
Did he killed Annie ?? 2:34
FadedWillow 2 oy oldin
*Ezreal has left the chat*
Luxar 2 oy oldin
A Russian Demacian
24kt on my wrist
24kt on my wrist 2 oy oldin
Sylas Brown
Ian Mount
Ian Mount 2 oy oldin
cool of Riot to let people use their clips and stuff without copyright
Sour Patch Pandas
Wait he killed the girl ??? “Annie” ?? Did I hear that correctly????
Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life
Then we shall hunt this guy called "Durand" by creating a monster capable of killing hundreds of thousands of soldiers... AND HIS NAME WAS GALIO!!!!
Strongz Z
Strongz Z 2 oy oldin
Sylas is demos
Danny-Kun 4
Danny-Kun 4 2 oy oldin
Wait a minute? The blue lightnings. Sir Necrit, what do you think about this?
Arthertheus 2 oy oldin
My Ult Correction: OUR Ult "USSR Anthem Plays"
Zek Hasen
Zek Hasen 2 oy oldin
Sylas is anarchist and gay, change my mind.
mewthewolf 2 oy oldin
Explains how garden ult deals the mysterious magic dmg and not physical....
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