Who is Sylas?

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9-Yan, 2019




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Lee Ronwoo
Lee Ronwoo 3 soat oldin
Might be xerath? I think
Clayton Gold
Clayton Gold 19 soat oldin
Sylas is a communist maoist
死Corpse体 20 soat oldin
hijo de puta modula bien que se hace re sidoso escucharte
Chadows Rikatemo
Chadows Rikatemo 21 soat oldin
I realy want a way for the story to advance in real time .... I WANNA SEE THE MAGE REVOLUTION
Niko Ništić
Niko Ništić Kun oldin
Did he killed Annie ?? 2:34
FadedWillow Kun oldin
*Ezreal has left the chat*
Luxar Kun oldin
A Russian Demacian
24kt on my wrist
Sylas Brown
Ian Mount
Ian Mount Kun oldin
cool of Riot to let people use their clips and stuff without copyright
Sour Patch Pandas
Wait he killed the girl ??? “Annie” ?? Did I hear that correctly????
DigitalThe //MoeGamer
Then we shall hunt this guy called "Durand" by creating a monster capable of killing hundreds of thousands of soldiers... AND HIS NAME WAS GALIO!!!!
Strongz Z
Strongz Z Kun oldin
Sylas is demos
Danny-Kun 4
Danny-Kun 4 Kun oldin
Wait a minute? The blue lightnings. Sir Necrit, what do you think about this?
Arthertheus 2 kun oldin
My Ult Correction: OUR Ult "USSR Anthem Plays"
Zek Hasen
Zek Hasen 2 kun oldin
Sylas is anarchist and gay, change my mind.
mewthewolf 2 kun oldin
Explains how garden ult deals the mysterious magic dmg and not physical....
beyblade716 2 kun oldin
Blue lighting might be from the mage in the cell if you look at her hand blue stuff coming from it
beyblade716 2 kun oldin
Wait his shackles looks like galio
Crazybanana Butt hole
Does this mean there's a chance that the demacian will fall in the future?
Zachary Alexander
Zachary Alexander 2 kun oldin
Demacia is so Roman!
Matus Danton
Matus Danton 2 kun oldin
Roni Järvelä
Roni Järvelä 2 kun oldin
Aaagh pls make a movie! 😮
IvyaTalim 2 kun oldin
Why does that young Sylas silhouette look Anduin Wrynn? xD
Beardalicous Jenkins
I see a black prince manduin silhouette in the video oW9
Ali mustafa
Ali mustafa 2 kun oldin
the girl n the prosion is elf 100%
Teray Aboltivo
Teray Aboltivo 2 kun oldin
its janna not lux 😅
NarutoStormGames 2 kun oldin
WAIT !!!do You remember that in the ryze movie one of the stones was missing , maybe it's inside galio and that's why IT's gives him live
NarutoStormGames 2 kun oldin
The inspiration stone was missing , maybe it's inside galio , maybe that's the secret
Zack Rose
Zack Rose 2 kun oldin
Necrit, I have a theory, but what if this all leads up to an uprising inside Demacia with all the hidden mages and what not.
Ejik Meister
Ejik Meister 3 kun oldin
Is Sylas chracter in this video (the black one) Anduin from World Of Warcraft? kInda looks like it...
muhammed sabir
muhammed sabir 3 kun oldin
i feel like sylas is more of a hero than a villain, he sees the problem with aristocracy and how they unfairly exploit the weak hence leading him to be imprisoned after he tempted to save a girl. similar to history how aristocracy was eradicated.
Quoc Anh Dang
Quoc Anh Dang 3 kun oldin
I have a better one . . . . . . . . Why is Sylas
Atin Ilustre
Atin Ilustre 3 kun oldin
maybe neeko? transform to lux lol
Lance Fabia
Lance Fabia 3 kun oldin
Lol like if you see galios hand in sylas
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 3 kun oldin
The power sylas is using in his spalsh is lux's. U will notice that it is similar to when Lux uses her E Edit: It says in the Splash art and Trailer that he broke out of his cell. Riot doesn't pay attention or it means something
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley 3 kun oldin
SAI LAS. thts how its pronounced
Master Okada
Master Okada 3 kun oldin
A motherfucker
1million Subcriber
1million Subcriber 3 kun oldin
league need to stop being a game they should be tv series instead
Justine Antonio
Justine Antonio 3 kun oldin
"I'll do you one better, why is Sylas???"
Justin Paprzycki
Justin Paprzycki 3 kun oldin
*when people are too lazy to read lore*
Jarmahent 3 kun oldin
"Riot why do you make things so confusing?" Because they give no fucks about the lore. They just write enough lore to help the game itself and the rest can fuck off.
Kunakana 3 kun oldin
He's Tailong from Kung Fu Panda.
Granbull with a shiny Gyarados as a head
Make StarCraft 2 content...
henry varro
henry varro 3 kun oldin
Sylas the Communist party member 😃😃😃
Unknown LoL
Unknown LoL 3 kun oldin
If Noxus has Swain Then Demacia has Sylas
Mario Alberto Rojas Torres
Is it just me or this sounds like a bomb ass movie. Riot, get the writer of this a god dammed cake.
Das Leuenbachprinzip
BBBbut Demacia is my favorite :l
Monsterkiller IV
Monsterkiller IV 3 kun oldin
So if petricite absorbs magic that could explains garens ult cause he could be using the magic in the sword to create a bigger sword without realizing it's magic
Felic Sweets
Felic Sweets 3 kun oldin
I wonder what else lux did for him hehe
WoTb FoX
WoTb FoX 3 kun oldin
BL4CK3V1L 3 kun oldin
where did that guy pooped
Felix Roberge
Felix Roberge 3 kun oldin
maybe the last world rune is inside galio, that would explain why he is alive
Giorgos MTB
Giorgos MTB 3 kun oldin
i dont know but i saw in the start of the trailer tha he fights only demacians maybe this is a clue??
Arek Kocot
Arek Kocot 3 kun oldin
Somehow now i hate Demacia and Nexus evenly
Greatest Story Ever Told
should be renamed Sylas, the TOXIC CHAMPION
1234 3 kun oldin
This is Xmen all over again :(
Nathan Reyes
Nathan Reyes 3 kun oldin
So sylas saved lux as a little girl?
HuffmanTeamGaming 3 kun oldin
I don't know why people can't spell or say "Rubick" correctly. There isn't even an s or y in there
Commentor Cat
Commentor Cat 3 kun oldin
Lux must have loved shackes
Cloud Sin
Cloud Sin 3 kun oldin
Anyone else felt this video was sped up?
님카우탬 4 kun oldin
Another perma ban champion till riot release a new ..
Manuel Sassi
Manuel Sassi 4 kun oldin
Sylas is *Communist*
I am Sansable
I am Sansable 4 kun oldin
Communism OH YEAH
Nick M
Nick M 4 kun oldin
while i love the lore expansion its kinda copied from paladins lore....
Leo Chen
Leo Chen 4 kun oldin
Tl dr, the new champ
Valentio XD
Valentio XD 4 kun oldin
He is Tai Lung from Kung fu Panda smh...
Simple Plebiscite
Simple Plebiscite 4 kun oldin
StevenMator 4 kun oldin
Maaybe the blue magic is from the petricite
Tinolang Manok
Tinolang Manok 4 kun oldin
He looks like young ryze
Metalcat5 4 kun oldin
ok i think this is the best time to make League of Legends Open World RPG Single Player Games..
Saber __
Saber __ 4 kun oldin
Just a guy who wanna *BANG* Garen Sister
Seliniakos Epiales
Seliniakos Epiales 4 kun oldin
tl;dw Sylas is daddy. With a bondage fetish.
MO0on kun
MO0on kun 4 kun oldin
I like sylas but I also like DEMACIA! What should i do?
Team Twoga Roblox & More!
Necrit: Who Is Sylas? Me: The Chainsmoker
Burning FIRE
Burning FIRE 4 kun oldin
thats Karrie from mobile legends
Denislav Staikov
Denislav Staikov 4 kun oldin
Awesome video but every time you say Sylas' name I want to die.
The 7th Blade
The 7th Blade 4 kun oldin
He is so powerful he can use "Full Counter!"
Tiger Lord
Tiger Lord 4 kun oldin
It's pronounced "sigh...... Lus"
Rowell Sumook Jr.
Rowell Sumook Jr. 4 kun oldin
sylvas yasuo's brother
Corn flakes
Corn flakes 4 kun oldin
my grandpa
Martin Kirilov
Martin Kirilov 4 kun oldin
0:26 Where can i find this map ?
Matthew Domingo
Matthew Domingo 4 kun oldin
As you can see the entrance that sylas walked in is circle so that means he used the ult of lux
Podlo Ibsala
Podlo Ibsala 4 kun oldin
Sylas kinda looks like pewdiepie but without the blonde hair and beard
LT Viral
LT Viral 4 kun oldin
What if the magic in his hand on the splash art is from the woman in the background,which would explain her reaching out like "ey you took my powers! :c". Especially since, if you look closely, she has blue magic coming from her hand too.
Norman Olarte
Norman Olarte 4 kun oldin
9:29 woa woa. my eyes
Murk elusious
Murk elusious 4 kun oldin
Why are you using anduin as sylas?
Ani Gogoi
Ani Gogoi 4 kun oldin
I think that girl IS Lux... Her hair prolly got something to do with... Light... And physics... I think 😜
jonathan abraham
jonathan abraham 4 kun oldin
Sylas is Anduin? I has questions...
Juny Lee
Juny Lee 4 kun oldin
Still can't get over that dumb ass fucking heal in the video.
CHÓ Channle
CHÓ Channle 4 kun oldin
Fuck demancia
Damien L. Dominus
Damien L. Dominus 4 kun oldin
Who is sylas? He is a copy of rubick
BotergeileBink 4 kun oldin
Quick note/question. When u said, "her ears look elvish". I don't think that on the left of her head is a ear, I think that is her finger. Could just be me tho
Jerrah Jun
Jerrah Jun 4 kun oldin
Joker-Harley = Sylas-Lux 🔥
Aerosol Surface
Aerosol Surface 4 kun oldin
6:40 yes, she is definetly elven so not lux
Aerosol Surface
Aerosol Surface 4 kun oldin
Maybe she is the mage sylas stole the blue,, lightning magic" from
daniel deiparine
daniel deiparine 4 kun oldin
first i thought he was inside galio
victor dracula
victor dracula 4 kun oldin
im starting to think damacia is so good as they seem
RafPlayZ 4 kun oldin
Riot read the bible hmmm
Frank Lee
Frank Lee 4 kun oldin
Can I just ask where you're getting all this lore?
Cloud Sin
Cloud Sin 3 kun oldin
Frank Lee in the league universe. Demacian heart and his bio
Dolp Sum
Dolp Sum 4 kun oldin
His rubbick disowned son he kept stealing nothing but enemies ult so he kick sylvas to another game for being a show off
TRIGGERED M.G.O 4 kun oldin
Who else hates dumasia?
Unoriginal 4 kun oldin
How is Sylus? There i asked.