Who Is The Next Champion?

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5-Yan, 2019

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Bait me Senpai
Bait me Senpai 4 kun oldin
deal with that
deal with that 6 kun oldin
o ya I think it will be an op guy called sylas that steals ultimates and attaks wiht chians
Max Ramos
Max Ramos 6 kun oldin
So what your telling me is that Sylas is a blacked out Anduin form warcraft
Lian Mark Tinasas
Lian Mark Tinasas 7 kun oldin
The image of damacia is just a facade of lies
Dvvna 8 kun oldin
**excitedly waits for next video**
Panini Madness
Panini Madness 8 kun oldin
w R o N g
ID IZ ME 8 kun oldin
And then there is the fact that there is no Jarvan in these pictures, but it is Sylas sitting on the throne
Dustin Abrams
Dustin Abrams 8 kun oldin
I want Demacia to fall because of Sylas, then Noxus will come to save their asses. Just to show how awesome Noxus is.
Ben Walker
Ben Walker 8 kun oldin
If the new champs ult allows them to Copy other champions ults the same way Neeko can copy their appearance, they will be awesome. Can assume it would have a Karthus level cooldown though
Jeon Jungkook is my bias
Are those silhouettes of WoW characters? it kinda looks like it
Calvin Kim
Calvin Kim 8 kun oldin
its silas yep u got that right
TCK_sora Mckilldeath
I waiting for update and Sylas lore
Jack 8 kun oldin
Its Sylas!!! The trailer was amazing
shaywolf21 8 kun oldin
i am from the future and those are not the ppl that is silias using there magic and he looks like them
Kurt Stephen
Kurt Stephen 8 kun oldin
Does this mean shyvana is special cause jarvan doesn't hate her?
RexAceHero 8 kun oldin
When you were spot fucking on ! Great job Necrit :)
mateus mohan
mateus mohan 8 kun oldin
Theory: the little girl is Lux. In the new champ reveal trailer Sylas has aged quite a bit. Towards the end of the trailer he says “All we need is a little spark” and what looks like Lux’s magic appears channels in his palm. The word “spark” also correlates to Lux. My take on it is that Sylas absorbs the magic from the encounter in the story and is imprisoned by Demacia for breaking the law. Many years later, he is in a cell, which we see in the champ reveal trailer, and has broken his chains. I feel that the magic he absorbed from the little girl is still in him and he finds a way to channel it through his chains. The time jump that occurs also would correlate with Lux’s current age. The little girls personality also looks matches Lux’s and everything lines up.
Baljeet 6 kun oldin
mateus mohan the little girl died when he touched her along the farmer and the mageseeker
Electric Playz
Electric Playz 8 kun oldin
And He was right!
Master Phreak
Master Phreak 8 kun oldin
Lux is the child in the story
lGold lGold
lGold lGold 8 kun oldin
Going back here after sylas reveal
Mostafa Gazaly
Mostafa Gazaly 8 kun oldin
Try to make his full story as fast as you can
Nikos Lamens
Nikos Lamens 8 kun oldin
Im not certain about the current lore of annie, but this little girl really sounds like her.
MasterOfMelons 8 kun oldin
Welp. You were right.
mert kilic
mert kilic 8 kun oldin
nice predicted necrit papa
Xion Kale
Xion Kale 8 kun oldin
Sylas is confirmed ... steals ulti
onii sama
onii sama 8 kun oldin
if you get on league today you can see the new champ trailer
Srg Matrix
Srg Matrix 8 kun oldin
It makes me feel like whatever champion Riot has to release gets more and more complicated. Neeko is not easy, she is rather powerful because of her ultimate's scaling. When I heard that she can take shapes of other champions I was shocked. I thought it would be gamebreaking. Only after I saw how in useless it can be I though she is not so OP. Same with Pyke, his execution ultimate seemed amazing, now it is an annoying kill stealer. This might very well be what you say, but even with the amazing lore and pictures, it will most probably become very boring and common.
Mason Fox
Mason Fox 8 kun oldin
Watched this video again when Sylas was teased
Pelily 8 kun oldin
You legend my man, you predicted it.
fabio posada
fabio posada 8 kun oldin
ur guess was so accurate... wtf
fabio posada
fabio posada 8 kun oldin
Warren Macababbad
Warren Macababbad 8 kun oldin
welp props to you necrit you were right, its Sylas, The Unshackled
CrackedWorld 8 kun oldin
YOOOO the league youtube channel released a champion trailer and you were spot on!!!
Mega jess
Mega jess 8 kun oldin
Lux is helping sylas escape. why?
Mega jess
Mega jess 8 kun oldin
Sylas teaser has been released and it turns out that the person in chains is in fact sylas and he was imprisoned for 15yrs maybe he was blamed for the death of the mageseekers and the little girl
Soggy Biscuit
Soggy Biscuit 8 kun oldin
What the fuck, you got it right on the nose.
Seif Al-Din Mohamed
You were right my friend
sheikh mansur
sheikh mansur 8 kun oldin
Necrit says story isn't that long, and i scroll 30 times
MontY 8 kun oldin
prediction :O
XXArghorXX 8 kun oldin
Shit dud, now I wonder who is worse, Demacia or Noxus.
sheikh mansur
sheikh mansur 8 kun oldin
MADNESS WILL CONSUME YOUU!!!, love that Nightmare/comedy fuel
x Czechie x
x Czechie x 8 kun oldin
3 days later... Sylas revealed. Well this si fu-cked up!
jake Lastname
jake Lastname 8 kun oldin
He was right!
The Maven Strings
The Maven Strings 8 kun oldin
No Sylas' Ss (super skill) is copying other characters' ult
Frederik Andreasen
Frederik Andreasen 8 kun oldin
Holy shit you were right!!
MrUsamo 8 kun oldin
MrUsamo 8 kun oldin
Paul Anciola
Paul Anciola 8 kun oldin
MrUsamo that’s udyr
Assem Sherif
Assem Sherif 8 kun oldin
Your theory was a 100% true :)) Won't riot hire you already?
The Dragon Knight
The Dragon Knight 8 kun oldin
I know you’ve probably seen it already, but you were dead right on your prediction. Sylas is the next champion.
Chance Roe
Chance Roe 8 kun oldin
Spot on the new teaser
Mark Time
Mark Time 8 kun oldin
well Goodjob Nec. you are right.
ImNiklaas 8 kun oldin
They realeased it just now!
That L0SER
That L0SER 8 kun oldin
Kun Dani1214HuN
Kun Dani1214HuN 8 kun oldin
Sylas=Petöfi Sándor
Tomi Shinoda
Tomi Shinoda 8 kun oldin
Wrong as always.
Hanzo Shimada
Hanzo Shimada 8 kun oldin
Sylas the unshakable
RayD 8 kun oldin
Boi named Sylas
Bożydar Groch
Bożydar Groch 8 kun oldin
Sylas is here bois! RITO has just sent us a champ trailer!
Apocalyptic Tyrant
Apocalyptic Tyrant 8 kun oldin
Jakiś Grejpfrut
Jakiś Grejpfrut 8 kun oldin
That moment when you are sylas and all they have is heimerdinger karma zoe jayce and elise
Jakiś Grejpfrut
Jakiś Grejpfrut 7 kun oldin
I know, now. Then they didn’t reveal it
Jozsef Macaranas
Jozsef Macaranas 8 kun oldin
He can steal the 4 ults and use the qwe skills too. Zoe's ult is the only annoying thing to steal
Romarkable 8 kun oldin
Adel Jalili
Adel Jalili 8 kun oldin
omg its true you were right necrit
Helpless Jerry
Helpless Jerry 8 kun oldin
What happen to yone?
Jair Artis
Jair Artis 8 kun oldin
Congrats on being right
Dimitri Peulmeulle
Dimitri Peulmeulle 8 kun oldin
@necrit u were pretty right about sylas
18ngs2 8 kun oldin
Madeline O
Madeline O 8 kun oldin
congrats dude you were spot on
YAD TechFour T4
YAD TechFour T4 8 kun oldin
What if its just a new aatrox skin ?
AzCuBuS 9 kun oldin
Support champ pleaseee
MakiDGameR MVP
MakiDGameR MVP 9 kun oldin
One of Riots members already confirmed that NO ONE has come close to guessing what this new champion might do or be, just a heads up to those who don’t know.
MakiDGameR MVP
MakiDGameR MVP 8 kun oldin
Igor Lmao Rito lied to us xD
Igor 8 kun oldin
Lol, you were saying?
Calvin 9 kun oldin
Its Dio or Jotaro
LoneWarriorQueen 9 kun oldin
RiotBlaustoise said that the champion has no connection to Demacia...and a lot of the theories are not even close...
The Documentary Man
LoneWarriorQueen looks like he lied or he didnt watch this vid
Clarence Koboldski
Clarence Koboldski 9 kun oldin
Loving the WoW music & models ;)
Anon 9 kun oldin
Sylas will surely be very interesting
WildPeanutBurito 9 kun oldin
Don't care league needs "operation health" no new champs just balancinging and reworks if necessary for older champs
Bogdan Komazec
Bogdan Komazec 9 kun oldin
Wtf how can noone get it..its ryze rework
ThrunkEx 9 kun oldin
you're telling me there is gonna be a champion that makes enemies' use their own ultimate against their team? OKAY. Fair gameplay
xMac 9 kun oldin
Maybe its ryze rework w/ chain
Lorian 9 kun oldin
Riot Blaustoise said this story has nothing to do with the champ. So sad
Louie Gequillo
Louie Gequillo 9 kun oldin
It's all clear... that's kayle rework..
Mike M
Mike M 9 kun oldin
Im so happy you're back! Like always, this is an amazing video!
Francis Catanghal
Francis Catanghal 9 kun oldin
What if it's the little girl in the story? Hmm
Admiral Adonis
Admiral Adonis 9 kun oldin
ok enough jumping into conclusions
Saša Bogdanović
Saša Bogdanović 9 kun oldin
love how story lane just daying that we must ban that champ when he come out same like others they need to fix balance of the game not to put pages of lore .
Thomas Muller
Thomas Muller 9 kun oldin
It’s probably Grammy award winning artist two chains judging by the two chains in the teaser art
Thodoris_ UH
Thodoris_ UH 9 kun oldin
Necrit how tf you know all of this information
YamchaFT 9 kun oldin
Litty Pug
Litty Pug 9 kun oldin
Why am I watching this. I uninstalled league a while back.
Neil_Picz 9 kun oldin
what if the new champion was a demacian soldier that used magic like garen , lux , jarvan and galio? and he got found out in some dramatic way and banished from demacia or imprisoned somehere and he got full of anger because the others kept quiet about their magic and didnt stand up for him. this obviously is showing that he probably wants revenge towards demacia for being blind and not able to see that the others have magic , or he wants revenge on garen , lux , jarvan and galio because they did not help him out while he was being imprisoned/banished. so he waited for the day to finally come back to demacia and destroy the capital with the magic they feared , the magic of those who didnt stand up for him. he demonstrated that magic can be in everyone and that it can not be avoided. he didnt kill them , he probably left them there after his demonstration , he leaves them with the guilt and the shame of not being able to stop him. He wants to show that the others were wrong , for being not fair towards him. But its just a theory! a game theory!
vha J Han
vha J Han 9 kun oldin
A city that's hate magic why didn't THEY'D just kill Ionia that place is full of magic Swain have a demon is not magic I guess Demacia now just kill it self and you'd thought Ionia was Racism and cruelty
Yu Wish
Yu Wish 9 kun oldin
You know, Morgana's ult is Chains of Corruption. She literally chains her enemies.
Avtar Mandaher
Avtar Mandaher 9 kun oldin
so if garen aint a mage but his ult is magic but it still doesnt require mana why tf he aint got no mana huh rito?
fok sid
fok sid 9 kun oldin
Hope its not a Disney champion again
RockmanX83 9 kun oldin
So Leagues lore has become post modernistic pieces of crap. Demacia is evil now and Noxus did nothing wrong.
Ioannis kosmidis
Ioannis kosmidis 9 kun oldin
Am i the only one who can see Jarvan's ult in the picture?
Spirit Shock
Spirit Shock 9 kun oldin
Miss you tooooo much dude 😭😭😭
Dr. Vile
Dr. Vile 9 kun oldin
That teemo is actualy the new champions ult sound lol
Rikazu 9 kun oldin
The child of lightning.
Nella Paulina
Nella Paulina 9 kun oldin
What if Poppy finally realizes she is the hero, and she has to fight the new champion?
Asian Apparition
Asian Apparition 9 kun oldin
This may be a Rubick port----judging on the ultimates... That hero from DOTA...
Jude Aberdeen
Jude Aberdeen 9 kun oldin
Yeah he's pretty sick. No doubt League is taking heavy inspiration from him.
Brandon Paris
Brandon Paris 10 kun oldin
the chains are leblanc's
Make Haste
16 soat oldin
Who is Sylas?
7 kun oldin