Whoopi gets TRIGGERED by Judge Jeanine - 07/19/18

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19-Iyl, 2018



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Javion Wright
Javion Wright 4 kun oldin
Trump Fan Network we’ll let me say what Whoopi said is how I feel about Trump being in the chair
Henok T
Henok T 5 kun oldin
Good bye!
William Lucas
William Lucas 5 kun oldin
+Xavier Jones do you have a link to the the real video? I would love to see what really happened.
Cobb ETL PROGRAMMER 6 daqiqa oldin
NOTE: We Love you Judge Jeanine AND WE LOVE PRESIDENT TRUMP! FOR 2020!!!!!
Stephen Copley
Stephen Copley 9 daqiqa oldin
I no longer like whoopi shes a fool the show should be called "clueless hags round a table"
Jae Mery
Jae Mery 2 soat oldin
Just because you're a judge doesn't mean that you are smart and know everything about politics. Sunny is a lawyer so she knows just as much has a judge
Brian Kaz
Brian Kaz 5 soat oldin
This is très biased
wil kalani
wil kalani 8 soat oldin
Woopy is a fucking idiot . Racism is ALL in the woopy chick ! 💯! She also can’t handle that fact that she is fucking wrong in all corners , wonder why she ain’t INVITED to film movies anymore 😂 yip they don’t want her dumb ass !
Orson Shelton
Orson Shelton 9 soat oldin
I would NEVER waste my time on such gibberish you are throwing out about your racist President.
nikki brown jones
nikki brown jones 12 soat oldin
Smfh thank you Whoopi for putting this bitch in her place!
JAK 12 soat oldin
Whoopie bitch witch has zero intelligence. She wastes that space
Beautiful Aggression
Beautiful Aggression 12 soat oldin
Ugly saggy skin cunt.. leave Obama alone. He did better than most previous presidents.
profwaldo 13 soat oldin
"Trump Derangement Syndrome" - Original song - @UhAk
postaboi21 13 soat oldin
Who is the dumb ass posting this? Lol
Francisca Pedraza
Francisca Pedraza 14 soat oldin
Jimira Word
Jimira Word 16 soat oldin
Democrats and Republicans you all make me laugh, you guys go with whatever the power you affiliate with says and then state the other party cannot think for themselves, irony.
Herc Ward
Herc Ward 17 soat oldin
Didn't this white trashy so-called judge used to suck Donald Trump toes and lick his balls for money fuck this dirty trashy lying pig face slut🐷👊👊👊
Brian Boyer
Brian Boyer 17 soat oldin
Whoopi’s is so fucking ghetto “BYE” fuck you ugly fat cunt!
compendious succient
compendious succient 19 soat oldin
So, you got hysterical because you don’t like to be hysterical ok
Amber Wolfe - Altizer
Amber Wolfe - Altizer 20 soat oldin
#theviewsucks #whoppiread #joyandwhoppineededucatedonpolicybadly #fakenewsistheview #opinionatedpersuationbyjoybeha
jason kennedy
jason kennedy 20 soat oldin
Whoopi gets triggered just getting up in the morning.
L 21 soat oldin
How can you not laugh? The women on the view should run for office being that they know more than someone who is very well educated. LOL! Thought Whoopi was moving to Canada
Mark Grzesiak
Mark Grzesiak 22 soat oldin
I think Whoopi is sleeping with Rosie they are too disgusting monsters. Trump is the man he hit the nail on Rosie's Fathead.
Rick Hoff
Rick Hoff Kun oldin
The judge has more class in her pinky finger than the others combined. The left hates the truth and this nation
Taylor King
Taylor King Kun oldin
don melia
don melia Kun oldin
whoopi is a vicious propagandist. she interrupts when she doesn't get the answers she wants and answers her own biased questions. she is a disgrace. the left (the real extremists and populists of today) are mob bullies. their political wing is the democrates (fascists) and their military wing is antifa.
Jon McLean
Jon McLean Kun oldin
The View liberal hags all have to gang up on one conservative. laughable...
Dec Hardy
Dec Hardy Kun oldin
What a big loud mouthed bully goldberg is...
Augustine rutledge
I am glad i am not the only person who isnt white that supports trump and knows obama wasnt the best president and is a republican. MAGA!!!
Jiggle Playz RL
Jiggle Playz RL Kun oldin
Whoppi is a racist misinformed B----!!! Cancel this stupid display of ignorance!
Miles North
Miles North Kun oldin
Whoopi's libtard logic: I don't like to get hysterical and I only get hysterical when you call me hysterical. WTF?! Hush now, retard, you're dribbling. She's of African derivation, so somewhere in Africa a village longs for the return of its idiot.
tony h
tony h Kun oldin
Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of them is drinking the voodoo juice. uzvid.com/video/video-9SSUQxGjZZ4.html
Don’t tell me Kevorkian
Holyshit you’re an idiot 😂🤣😭😭😭
charlie eaton
charlie eaton Kun oldin
Whoopies insane, she has no knowledge of the criminal justice system.
Glenn Hall
Glenn Hall Kun oldin
Which one of you hoes got some sick this week?
James Bellas
James Bellas Kun oldin
I'm sorry but it pisses me off when Whoopi or the ginger asks the guests they invited a question and when the answer starts leading to something they don't support Berkeley with, instead of letting them finish their answer they just start shouting over them cutting them short or cutting the commercial. I wish somebody would go on the view and make it a point to point out to Whoopi how much of a hypocrite she is and how stupid she sounds every time she uses Obama as an example of greatness or doing the right thing but then when the guest start responding with actual facts that prove the opposite about Obama it's always either well Obama isn't President anymore all of a sudden or like I said before let start yelling and screaming and then cut the commercial so nobody hears what the actual truth is. Stupid b**** loves to bring up the Access Hollywood recordings and how that's all the proof she needs Donald Trump is a sexist piece of s*** that has no respect for women, but then in the next breath defends Mel Gibson because according to Whoopi that's not who he really is. Shut the f****** you dumb b**** people should boycott the stupid f****** show
DONGOE Kun oldin
Michelle Obama fans, please explain this to me - - - - uzvid.com/video/video-WSmOuX6DtVU.html
Veronica Binns
Veronica Binns 2 kun oldin
I use to like Whoopi not no more she always thinks she’s right 🤔
Peter Davinci
Peter Davinci 2 kun oldin
What a nasty fat piece of shit
jonathon waetford
jonathon waetford 2 kun oldin
martha Ann High
martha Ann High 2 kun oldin
Meghan cowered down and took up for Whoope , on Andy Cohens show. Judge Jean ran circles around all of them. Disgraceful on Meghan.
Survivor Claytor Lake
Did I dream it, or did Whoopi promise to move to Canada in 2016 if Trump won?
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 2 kun oldin
Abraham Lincoln also said, "If you are a racist,. I will attack you with the North." -Michael Scott
Kyle Utterson
Kyle Utterson 2 kun oldin
Well said woopi she owned her
todd fisher
todd fisher 2 kun oldin
Whoopy's a fucking ignorant person. She thinks everything is about race. Fuck that Bitch!!!
Natasha Avignone
Natasha Avignone 2 kun oldin
I hate these liberals, bunch of bullies and communists. Everything has to be there way. Screw them
Karina Camara
Karina Camara 2 kun oldin
These old hags just looooove silencing people when they have facts and make sense and call them out on the lies. What civilized show do you see 5 people ganging up talking over 1 person. They think they are so smart because they all squawk like bird to y’all over the only person speaking truth. This is disgusting and this show should be canceled already for the amount of shit talking and disrespectful offensiveness they do. Fuck Whoopi. She’s an old ugly has been.
Niko Fox
Niko Fox 3 kun oldin
DON'T worry whoopi people with brains talk to her themselves you know and l know that keep cool and l know you are not no fool one love whooping...The end of the day people behind close doors are a..hole
DJ Storm
DJ Storm 3 kun oldin
These women get on my nerves .... they talk above everyone that comes on this show like a bunch of hens .... I would shut them all up and smile leaving ..... js
E. R.
E. R. 3 kun oldin
Wow again... This Judge is the best... Lock me up...jajjajaja...
justice4all 3 kun oldin
JP must have paid lots of money for the judges seat...30 years and you're still an idiot...JP another pos Yeeeeessss Whoopi thx for shutting her big mouth up and booting her ass off your show...bye Felicia BRAVO Whoopi, I've never been prouder
Kae Van Deuren
Kae Van Deuren 3 kun oldin
Whoopi acts like an animal
KB Houpe
KB Houpe 3 kun oldin
This was a joke
A M 3 kun oldin
I love it Janine knows her stuff she reads
MsJudi54 3 kun oldin
Whoopi, you are the one spewing HATE toward a sitting POTUS. You hate him so much that you won't even give him the respect of saying his name, calling him "the guy in the White House." That's disrespectful & serves no purpose other than to let others know that you not only disrespect the office of the POTUS, but you HATE the man in that office & show no respect for him or his Administration. You invited Judge Pirro on to discuss her new book, then proceed to say you HATE anyone who starts a conversation w/ "liars, leakers & liberals". You can't have the conversation both ways, & I think I'll start referring to you as "that woman on The View."
MsJudi54 3 kun oldin
Anna thinks President Trump is not faithful to conservative ideology & then lists: (1) he used to have a different position on pro-choice; (2) he's imposing tariffs; (3) he's against globalism. Good grief, since when did conservative believe in globalization??? Globalization is a liberal ideology, as it helps them w/ a One World Order (similar to a globalized, central gov't & the world pools its money so it can be distributed evenly among all countries (meaning Americans supporting the poor in India, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Trump became a Christian recently. Christians typically are against abortion. It makes sense that Trump has changed his mind about abortion to a more conservative stance. Imposing tariffs is a capitalist thing to do when the other countries are not doing their fair share in selling their merchandise. It's not a conservative vs liberal issue. It's a capitalist issue. Anna is a village idiot & a RINO. Everyone knows that except her.
Jay isralsky
Jay isralsky 3 kun oldin
Remember who controls the applauds button !
susi q
susi q 3 kun oldin
Two attorneys can't agree, what's new?
Isaac Vasquez
Isaac Vasquez 4 kun oldin
Woppie is crazy with hysterical ass get bent you Uncle Ruckus lookn ass
Anthony Schell
Anthony Schell 4 kun oldin
What a bunch of fucking idiots
Duke Stehm
Duke Stehm 4 kun oldin
Is Whoopi trying a acting comeback...Hopeing some director will be kind...She calls POTUS and others liers...What the hell is she....Didnt she say if Trump wins..Shed leave this country...Doesnt that fit it with others she calls liers....Shes a SHEEPDIP for sure...and I dont understand why she is even on a show...she adds nothing other than a big mouth,very little intelligence, and her info is always incorrect...CNN...should consider her for top fake journalism...and hire her..
sean mares
sean mares 4 kun oldin
Whoopi looks like the predator
haajaraede1 hashi
haajaraede1 hashi 4 kun oldin
good job Whoopi ....
Trace Eubanks
Trace Eubanks 4 kun oldin
Whoppi....You are a sore loser.
Josh Ellison
Josh Ellison 4 kun oldin
"Barack Obama is no longer president" haha. I love that.. Talking about how Russia should have been penalized for annexing Crimea during Obamas term... They blame Trump. haha. Whoopie sure is an ugly dude. Whoopie - after saying lets not interrupt each other... well... let's not interrupt each other. especially when you have a voice like yours. Aint nobody wanna hear dat!!! Like Bronchitis, "aint nobody got time fa dat!" I love how these bitches act like they know more about the behind the scenes in politics better than this lady. haha. "It's like watching a bunch of retards trying to hump a doorknob"
Steve Garcia
Steve Garcia 4 kun oldin
Dang I thought Megan could be tottaly rude and disrespectful at times; but this judge is a total bitch. I mean she was the guest on the show and didn't want to let anyone speak. With a total pridefull "my point of view is the absolute right one bitches" kind of thinking; so she wouldn't even let them finish asking their questions or finish making their comments. Shit if I were Whoopi I would have been like "exuse me!, don't you see me trying to ask a question don't interrupt. Rude! Sekurrty she needs ta go. Needs ta go.
Craig Osborn
Craig Osborn 4 kun oldin
Bahaha listen to the WOOPIWOG,. BAHAHAHAHAHA
Red Pill Red Pill
Red Pill Red Pill 4 kun oldin
Whoopi is a hysterical bigot.
birdboy1978 5 kun oldin
sister act
Crystal Cute
Crystal Cute 5 kun oldin
Judge Jeanine so classy, dont be wasting your time with uneducated women.
Fuzz Man
Fuzz Man 5 kun oldin
Democrats = No Law,No Borders,No Jails,No God,No Guns,No Voting ID,No Police,No Free Speech,No Gender,No 2nd Amendment,No Tax Breaks,No Coal,No ICE,No Fair Trade,No Morals and No Brains.
Nicolas Masters
Nicolas Masters 5 kun oldin
Whoppi shut her down at the end hahaha that fake ass smile got lost real quick off that judge when asked a VALID question she didn't want to answer.
Fat Bitch
Fat Bitch 5 kun oldin
Republican's Face sat by Democrat's Big Fat Ass.Eeeooowwww!!!! Okkkuuurrrttt!!!!!
To The Truth And Beyond
What a bunch of fucking rude ignorant clowns on that panel. Not to mention they think they know more then a person that has spent most of her life on these topics. They're, what are they again? Oh yeah fuck'n NPC's!!!
Henok T
Henok T 5 kun oldin
Good bye!
Kevin Ford
Kevin Ford 5 kun oldin
Woopi was the one wiping up a mad dog frenzy . Listen to the dumb as fuck audience.
James Burnett Jr
James Burnett Jr 5 kun oldin
Whoopi quit being a jackass I don't know what happened to you over the years but boy have you changed your getting more evil than evil each year
Cruz Dominguez
Cruz Dominguez 5 kun oldin
Whoopie goes poopie on the Pew!!!
murdoch1717 5 kun oldin
Lemme ask this: why would any black person be a conservative? What is the payoff? Help me out. Signed, your bemused neighborhood black man.
murdoch1717 3 kun oldin
+Trump Fan Network Don't stress it, just looking for feedback. Only I will "convince myself" to be whatever it is that I end up doing. As for the one thing that has never worked, already there-that's why I opted out. Don't worry, I'm not trolling or looking to debate or go back and forth. Conservatism is something that was already central to my people's community. We never needed a partisan party to give us that. God, family, prayer, community, etc.... we had it once upon a time. Well, I will listen to this guy you recommended (Mark Levin) and go from there. Thanks.
Trump Fan Network
Trump Fan Network 3 kun oldin
You ONLY have 3 options... The right, the left, or neither... One has NEVER worked, obviously. Look at Detroit... It was ONE of the most magestical, wealthiest cities in the world until democrats took over. Now the city is bankrupt, and practically one gigantic ghetto. As for "convincing you to be a conservative" could never work in a few lines in a comment section. It's a lifestyle. I'm not sure if you're sincere, or just trolling, every time in the past, someone had their mind made up already and was being a dick, wasting my time. I suggest you listen to Mark Levin. You can find his radio show on UZvid, or your local radio stations. He is a constitutional conservative, and you could learn something every show.
murdoch1717 5 kun oldin
+Trump Fan Network Well you are correct.This is precisely why I have opted out of the whole thing. I never believed that so-called liberals were my benefactors anyway. I learned that from Malcolm X. But I digress. However, you didn't answer my question. You merely asked another question.
Trump Fan Network
Trump Fan Network 5 kun oldin
Poor black people have been voting democrat for 60 years, and yet they are still poor.... Why WOULD you still vote Democrat?
Tt jax
Tt jax 5 kun oldin
Whoopi & Steve Martin examples that no white person scares them. They lived long enough & paid their dues. If this nation don't give them nothing else they know they had it all. They are fed up that nothing getting through to all this hatred & racism.
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 5 kun oldin
These so called ladies, women, ok ok hermorphadites are so full of hate, anger and suffer from lousy sex lives to always have to interrupt the judge. And look at whoopi talk bout trump n his hate but the bitch walked around with a tshirt of trump getting shot in the head with phrase maga ... Go figure
Jessica Blank
Jessica Blank 5 kun oldin
I love Judge Jeanine--such a smart, classy woman!
Lenny Kobus
Lenny Kobus 5 kun oldin
Whoopi does not like BEAUTIFUL WHITE WOMEN. JUDGE PIRRO IS BEAUTIFUL. whoopi looks in the mirror and sees a monkey. A sick looking piece of BLACK SHIT.
Jen Pal
Jen Pal 5 kun oldin
I really like Judge Jeanine ... She's intelligent and she talks good . Looks like she's fearless . May God bless you Judge Jeanine . Keep up the good work . 💞😇
amanda white
amanda white 5 kun oldin
When will this show be over...done with! Wasn't Whoopi one that said she would leave country if Trump won? Why still here?
Tiffany Sumerall
Tiffany Sumerall 5 kun oldin
All fake news....bullshit of comments...✌✌✌✌
Chelsea White
Chelsea White 6 kun oldin
I never watch this show. Then seem very judgmental with no brains
Jared Martin
Jared Martin 6 kun oldin
For one the judge was surrounded by two lawyers and she did not answer a single question. No one on tv has time for her to give the same worn out back story before she answers the damn question.
Pablo Gamez
Pablo Gamez 6 kun oldin
Poopy please, go home.
Lawrence Poreca
Lawrence Poreca 6 kun oldin
Good for you judge janine for speaking truth..these liberal elites..are twits and pushing their lying agenda
Whoopi...you ARE hysterical.
Andrew Lamothe
Andrew Lamothe 6 kun oldin
Did Karen Johnson adopt the name “Whoopi” after what she exclaimed upon hearing her 14th abortion was successful? Does anyone know? Is this just an Urban legend?
0 1
0 1 6 kun oldin
11:38 ok what about Maxine waters whipping people up to harass conservatives and, elected officials?
Angel phan
Angel phan 6 kun oldin
what a dumb whoolpoop
Jennifer Hagan
Jennifer Hagan 6 kun oldin
MAGA!!! ❤🇺🇸❤
Tonya Cach
Tonya Cach 6 kun oldin
Go to hell Whoopie.. nobody cares about you anymore.
Dalton Hampton
Dalton Hampton 6 kun oldin
I hate that dumb blonde . Get her off the show. She's a disasters
Trump Fan Network
Trump Fan Network 6 kun oldin
You're a racist...
Christian jire
Christian jire 6 kun oldin
the funniest thing about this is that someone wasted all day editing this whole video and it's all just cheap shit. Just because the truth hurts Trump doesn't mean it looses value. facts are facts he is racists, misogynistic,rude and he lies more that any other human being on earth. PS you may call those women uneducated but they contribute more to society and make more money than any of you will ever see. BYE CRAZY PEOPLE
Christian jire
Christian jire 6 kun oldin
+Trump Fan Network oooowww did the little baby have nothing else of importance to say 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trump Fan Network
Trump Fan Network 6 kun oldin
+Christian jire - I can't take someone serious who doesn't know how to use the correct "you're" in a sentence. Typical, low IQ, LOW INFO, LIBTARD.
Christian jire
Christian jire 6 kun oldin
+Trump Fan Network i think your mistaken my dear neanderthal i wouldn't be president of your country even if my life depended on it. . as for trump he was a classless misogynistic man before he was president and he will remain so after he vacates the RESPECTABLE, HONORABLE AND DIGNIFIED OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Although unfortunately it will take a while for his stench to be purged.
Trump Fan Network
Trump Fan Network 6 kun oldin
Wrong... It took about 10 minutes... Not to mention, I make pretty good just uploading UZvid videos. As for Trump, nobody accused him of anything until he ran for President against a democrat.... And oh yeah, he is President, and you're not.
Candi McAdory
Candi McAdory 6 kun oldin
Who ever is putting up these captions on every comment is a immoral individual who has no clue or regard for the other 89% of American people.
Trump Fan Network
Trump Fan Network 6 kun oldin
That's just it... Nobody owes you anything. Your feelings are irrelevant. Nobody invited you here... If you don't like the captions, do NOT watch the video.. it's that simple.
Ransom Bits
Ransom Bits 7 kun oldin
Whoopi lost the argument and the only thing she could do was withdraw the invitation, to shut down a conversation she did not want to have. However, that conversation was always on the cards. So Whoopi invited Judge Jeanine onto the show knowing it would come up, and that Whoopi would bring it up, but shut it down when she lost it? It seems Whoopi thought she was going to win, and that's was why she did mind Judge Jeanine being invited onto the show, but when she lost she could not remain civil. Whoopi is in a bubble.
CherokeeApache Irish
Not that I ever watch network/cable TV but the women hosts on that show, The View seem to be bitter, vindictive dummies.
Marcial Cabrera
Marcial Cabrera 7 kun oldin