Whoopi gets TRIGGERED by Judge Jeanine - 07/19/18

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19-Iyl, 2018



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Helios 4 kun oldin
Lol America and maga has an issue with logic and they all sound deluded
K Siepert
K Siepert 5 kun oldin
If all else fails - and you aren't intellectually able to compete - START YELLING THE LOUDEST!! Then call for a commercial break. What a joke "The View" is. It should be titled "Our View or Get Off the Show". Whoopi is all Bullshit. Take all the bullshit out of her and you are left with a little puff of air. No skills just loudness and bullshit.
timothy williams
timothy williams 6 kun oldin
Her smug ass smile needs to be knocked the fuck in
Leroy Stewart
Leroy Stewart 7 kun oldin
elayne anderson
elayne anderson 11 kun oldin
So Whoopi’s hysteria was caused because she doesn’t like being called hysterical. That is some dizzying logic.
Jessica Ann Bowman
Jessica Ann Bowman 12 kun oldin
Live whoopi but damn noone would let her speak, rude af
Proud Black Woman Xxx
Jo2nice23 14 kun oldin
Where the fuck are those bitch ass captions at 9 minutes lmao with her avoiding real questions about Trump... she dodging.... she want to blame everything on Obama like a typical far right radical DUMBASS
MooMama 17 kun oldin
Whoopee definitely has TDS with a secondary condition of obsessive compulsive fake-news-at-all-timesitis.
still workin
still workin 18 kun oldin
whoopi is so open minded , thoughtful , amazing human being , hard to imagine her being TRIGGERED
Kiva Williams
Kiva Williams 19 kun oldin
You go Whoopi, you told her Ass
Trump Fan Network
Trump Fan Network 19 kun oldin
STFU... libtard
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel 21 kun oldin
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 23 kun oldin
She chased her out of the bldg yelling AND I QUOTE!!!: GET THE FUCK OUTA THIS BUILDING!!!, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS BUILDING!!! Nice. Stay classy Whopee!
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 23 kun oldin
Maxine Waters is the one who incites domestic terrorism agaisnt maga anythingers, anywhere anytime right!! Whoopeee!! Droppin facts bitch!
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 23 kun oldin
Whoopie hates and is dismissive and trump haters can learn a lot from their own words. She fears her own lack of control over these things because they put her in a weak position. Trump is YOUR FEAR!! Watch people and test my theory folks. Your welcome...no charge! 😎
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog 23 kun oldin
The downright arrogance of the disconnected yentas in the audience when the judge says "con". And they laugh at her( you go listen to that specific kind of laughter I am calling out) hoping she'd stop and say I get the joke folks and its you who stands naked on camera with your ignorant rude judgement you pond scum. Already knowing these cunts have their heads up their asses. They are actors! Shitty ones! They dont study politics or fuck all what do you expect from the view? Whoopie is ugly enough but that unbecoming monster she feeds is just Fugly!!
Elliot J
Elliot J 24 kun oldin
Whoopi's soul is just a small piece of moldy dog poop.
Elliot J
Elliot J 24 kun oldin
Whoopi Cushion and Joy Buzzer.
Lance Dukel
Lance Dukel 21 kun oldin
Joy Buzzard!
Elliot J
Elliot J 24 kun oldin
Trump Derangement Down Syndrome.
Anthony Harris
Anthony Harris 24 kun oldin
Fuck Trump Supporters
Wots Nue
Wots Nue 26 kun oldin
Trump needs to back up the Judge after she took the heat from the View.
John Van Laar
John Van Laar 26 kun oldin
Lol! The Judge laid down the sentence and they all look like fucking idiots.
Roderick Diem
Roderick Diem 27 kun oldin
Whoopie knows hate well .
Roderick Diem
Roderick Diem 27 kun oldin
Come view women . Please help socilalism . Go off your union health care and support Obama care . Please give up your many properties and share them with undocumented aliens . And there are many aliens that can do your job much cheaper too . And they will have a better personality . Come on do as you ask us to do. Plus you all have million dollar bank accounts . share your money . Hillary met with Russia and sold them uranium ..... But that's ok .
AussieBen #thegreatawakening
😂 hate crime is up
Toria Martin
Toria Martin 29 kun oldin
Damn near all of y’all jealous and all y’all have in your hearts is hate but a war is definitely coming soon just wait on it 💯🗣 can’t wait to destroy y’all
Raven Hawk
Raven Hawk Oy oldin
Trump could come up with a cure with cancer and the stupid Demosocalist would bitch about what color package it was in
The Nech
The Nech Oy oldin
These women are so stupid. Severely retarded. Not Judge. The other hacks are so useless. I'm pro life but they should still be aborted.
ZO BOY Oy oldin
Fuck trump fuck trump fuck trump trump fuck u trump fuck u
ZO BOY Oy oldin
Fuck trump and whoever like him
Jeremy Los
Jeremy Los Oy oldin
Bye bye Jeanine
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Oy oldin
these people on the left are so far gone brainwashed idiots
XzavierHp Oy oldin
Grow up whoopie
Kit Ten
Kit Ten Oy oldin
props to Jeanine for being on that disgusting show, Whoopi and the rest can't stand being shown up by someone who knows what they're talking about. These people prove that Trump derangement syndrome is real.
Jaime Olivera
Jaime Olivera Oy oldin
You know i noticed that when somebody who whoopi doesn’t like come on the show she is in there face and treats them unfairly why is she ther whoopi get the FUCK out
Fizzy Fox
Fizzy Fox Oy oldin
Yea all that hate hes whipped up you mean like jussie smollett and the nigerians
mando banjo guitar
I'm losing the argument so I'm gonna take my ball and go home. Say Goodbye! lol I remember Whoopie sure defended Bill cosby a lot. We all know he's a good guy that respects women.
jlwftl Oy oldin
Well from this little stunt Whoopi I will be voting for President Trump again in 2020. Thanks for helping me figure this out.
Mike Yount
Mike Yount Oy oldin
Whoopi Goldberg is a fucking idiot !
Aphony66 Oy oldin
Judge Jeanine pwned these stupid lefty bitches so damned hard....
Marva Lewis
Marva Lewis Oy oldin
How does Sunny sound ghetto ?....
dt908911 Oy oldin
Whoopi is a dumb cunt
Julia H.
Julia H. Oy oldin
This show full of idiots needs to END!
Permian Based
Permian Based Oy oldin
Judge Jeanine is so hot
Love Rae
Love Rae Oy oldin
Everything is about Obama, Obama, Obama. Please lol
Steven Tracy
Steven Tracy Oy oldin
Judge Jeanine is so sophisticated and she's also just beautiful compared to the totally unsophisticated big black ugly ape🦍thug Whoopi Goldberg.
Ken Guarino
Ken Guarino Oy oldin
Whoopi Goldberg is in a prime example of dumbasses in this country in which they need to get the hell out if they don't like it, just like she promised she would leave, but here she is hosting a stupid show that she should have never hosted? But they're all paid by the deep state to keep up their liberal narrative but the truth is none of them know anything?
Awuita Oy oldin
Woopie is a communists and no man can't live with this hater !!
bruce kessler
bruce kessler 2 oy oldin
I am so Proud of Fox for embracing diversity and giving a middle aged transgender person her own show, the judge is so passable, well except for the man voice, I think her doctor needs to adjust her hormones
Zackattack 2 oy oldin
"I dont like when people accuse me of being hysterical" So let me get hysterical and shout at them, that will show em!!!!!!!!!
Jason Crowley
Jason Crowley 2 oy oldin
One educated Judge and 5 dried up old hags.
Kx230 2 oy oldin
Shut the fuck up talking about Sunny sounds ghetto! You’re mad cuz your dick is little 😒
Ash Muntz
Ash Muntz 2 oy oldin
whoopie is well balanced...she has a chip on both shoulders
Ruben Diaz
Ruben Diaz 2 oy oldin
Whoopi what about your attitude with this segment you should be out of TV.
Bay 2 oy oldin
Judge Jeanine is a wonderful smart lady! Whoopi is trash! Whoopi is a washed up old actress.
Ander Herrera
Ander Herrera 2 oy oldin
Say good-bye!! 😘😘😘😘
Possess the Rage!
Jeanine should be the first woman president.
Awuita 2 oy oldin
Hello Trump, I'm a venezuelan and I'm very concern and worry about the colaboracionists President Guaidó choosed to represent Venezuela and left out Maria Corina Machado, Ledezma and Diego Arria??? Be suspicious about this and thank you for all your support!! God bless you and America!!🙏
I Had A Bad Day
I Had A Bad Day 2 oy oldin
Whoopi is a cave dwelling, knuckle dragger!!!
L B 3 oy oldin
sorry Whoopi your a very hysterical and deeply deranged person!!!
L B 3 oy oldin
Judge Pirro makes these biased liberals look like complete uninformed idiots!!!!
alaska Madelin123
Don't invite a smart, educated judge to your show ,if you don't want to look like an ass on national TV😋
Miss Blonderose
Miss Blonderose 3 oy oldin
Argument starts @ 3:39😩😩😩😩
B T 3 oy oldin
Yeah, because these fat fucking useless hogs know a lot more than a woman who has been a DA, prosecutor, and judge. Feel dumber watching this.
2013 victor
2013 victor 3 oy oldin
Judge Jeanine, from you and our most hard working and beloved President Trump plus many others in his adminstrations are perfect example of dencency, respect.
rvpstudioscanada 3 oy oldin
Like I said in other posts...I NEVER liked “the View.” I found it VERY imbalanced with a group of OPINIONATED catty women, who NEVER let their guests speak, without CONSTANT interruptions, especially when the guests have opposing views. I found the questioning VERY condescending...especially with that “Democratic” lawyer (forgot her name) barking at Jeanine, without letting her finish a complete sentence. It was RUDE AND APPALLING how these women can get away with it for SO long for treating guests that have opposing views.
Sandro Anthony Langello
She has trump derangement syndrome....u can sense so much hate towards trump and his supporters...I'm glad I voted for trump
Andreq Dominguez
Andreq Dominguez 3 oy oldin
Whoops can't handle the truth and neither can the rest
Andreq Dominguez
Andreq Dominguez 3 oy oldin
Fuck these bitches on the view! View these nutts in your mouth
TheCraigy111 4 oy oldin
"I tired of people starting conversations with Mexicans are liars and rapists". Whoopi, you may want to start hanging out with other people then.
Perdido Atlantic
Perdido Atlantic 4 oy oldin
God bless Jeanine Pirro. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 These View hags are disgraceful. Whoopie is low IQ & full of hate.
burrhead jones
burrhead jones 4 oy oldin
Piero's accusation of hysterical behavior (Trump Derangement ) was not a lie it was just something that no one ever has gumption enough to tell Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Judge Jeanine Piero SCHOOLED all of those yappy mouthed SNOWFLAKES. I'm so infatuated with judge Jeanine Piero it hurts.
Andrew Naughton
Andrew Naughton 4 oy oldin
Hopefully Whoopi gets pulled over on the way home from filming and reaches for her insurance a little to quick 🚔🔫⚰️
Mszpond 4 oy oldin
Fucking Joke
Greg Howdy
Greg Howdy 4 oy oldin
Who would want to go on a show with these goofs
Johnnie Harnest
Johnnie Harnest 4 oy oldin
Whoopi cushon is mad because she cant get laid !
James Sam
James Sam 4 oy oldin
she's needy. damn
Sarah Dell'Eva
Sarah Dell'Eva 4 oy oldin
Why do all these people clap when Whoopi’s dumbass is triggered
Carrington Keturah
This libtard degenerate democrap view show is GARBAGE!!!!!
Capone zavala
Capone zavala 4 oy oldin
Fuck obama
Scary Texan
Scary Texan 4 oy oldin
my sister is an elementary school teacher, she thinks she is smarter than my dads heart doctor, same thing
Cam Bam
Cam Bam 4 oy oldin
Whoopi is hysterical and an idiot. She’s 62 and needs to go ahead and retire. Tired of hearing her mouth. Judge Jeanine was the smartest lady on that stage that day lol
Eric Tirado
Eric Tirado 4 oy oldin
The view needs to play kickball on the highway. Great episode
007123 matts
007123 matts 4 oy oldin
I like the real but Judge Jeanine isn't their mate.
Blazebonnie Maizey
Whoopi you pure walking hate look in the mirror bitch .
Penelope Harvey
Penelope Harvey 4 oy oldin
This was good
Natty P The General
some people just lie out of their ass like smiling
Z E 4 oy oldin
So funny
TheStretch01 4 oy oldin
Doesnt like to be “accused” of being hysterical *GETS MORE HYSTERICAL*
William Buckman
William Buckman 4 oy oldin
Man she pulled her accolades out put them on the table and smashed everyone of them cock sucking liberal bitches faces in it!
blackice112 4 oy oldin
Buck bundy your ignorant of who she actually is. She is a very accomplished and accredited actor. A living legend. That’s a fact.
Futuristic Concepts
She's NOT a judge and when she sat on the bench Intel revealed that she wasn't that good. People can defend Trump til the wheels fall off but check this out..TRUTH is being revealed everyday. His supporters are dropping off like dead flies. His corruption is being revealed. And now that Kelly is leaving even more truth will be revealed. The man had no qualifications to sit in the Oval office but due to electoral vote holders being paid off he slipped into the chair. Oh you didn't know that huh? You didn't know that YOUR vote for who will become POTUS means dick huh? Every other political seat win is due to votes from citizens. All except the title of POTUS. For if that wasn't the case Hillary Clinton would be POTUS because her votes far exceeded Trump. It's the ELECTORAL votes that decide and this you damn sure better remember. So the Russians got to a majority of vote holders and paid them to elect Trump.This is what I foresee for Trump and his crew.. He will be Impeached and prosecuted when he leaves the office. His son AND his daughter will be indicted and sure as hell will be convicted. And Jared? Man he has a double shock in his future for not only will he be convicted and go to prison, just like his Dad did, the Aryan Nation will target his ass. Why you ask? Because he's a rich Jew who married a white woman and was fucking her on the regular. Racists may hate blacks but goddamn do they hate Jews for they blame them for corrupting America. The blacks are deemed as their puppets and in a way it's true for they give us credit that many cannot afford and go in debt behind. But the grand shabangabang is this..the Aryans know that the ancestors of Jews demanded the death of Jesus and got it. So as for Jared? He's fucked both financially and soon to be in a true physical way for he's going to actually be somebody's bitch. So go on and keep praising Trump and when all is over and done you can look in a mirror and hear him call you his favorite word..LOSER.
Trump Fan Network
Intel revealed? What Intel? The liberal media? Lmao you, assclown.
Trump Fan Network
You're a moron... What corruption has been revealed? People he knows didn't pay taxes? You might want to learn how the impeachment process works... The Senate removes the President, not the house. It would take 67 out of 100 to vote to remove him. There are 54 republicans. Guess what? It'll never happen. Now, get back to msnbc, LIBTARD,
Fernando Troncoso
If I was part of this panel I would keep my mouth shut instead of making an ass out of me😩
B Gott
B Gott 4 oy oldin
Sending 70 billion dollars worth of arms doesn't sound right to me. Russia spends 70 billion dollars on its military a year.
Dick Berry
Dick Berry 4 oy oldin
Trump derangement syndrome
Donna Kay
Donna Kay 4 oy oldin
Bad Apple Garage
Bad Apple Garage 4 oy oldin
Whoopi is a terrible person. After the show she screamed at the judge and said Fuck you Fuck you! Get out of this building! Garbage scumbag.
Justina Smiling
Justina Smiling 4 oy oldin
You are a fool whoopi. Why don't u move to Honduras. Maybe they enjoy your low I Q and racist talk.
Mayor of Chicago
Mayor of Chicago 4 oy oldin
Whoopi you are hysterical and you're an idiot
lron Bear
lron Bear 4 oy oldin
Whoopi has that dyke hate spirit about her. Sad
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