Whoopi Goldberg And Mo’Nique Have Tense Back-And-Forth On The View(VIDEO)!!!

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Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique have tense back-and-forth on 'The View'. Whoopi Goldberg verbally roll her eyes on The View as she grew tired of guest Monique's grievances as she calling for a boycott of Netflix.



26-Fev, 2018

Whoopi GoldbergMo’NiqueABC Show The View



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Rosalyn Rhenayy
They were really trying to keep her quiet about what’s really going on 😳😳😳
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies Oy oldin
Monique clearly has no concept of how business work or what the hell she's talking about. Resume does not equal current bankability or asses in seats. Amy, Chris, and Dave have the resumes and current asses in the seats. Monique has the resume but can't deliver it today as they can. Monique was offered LESS because today she is worth LESS. In regard to the "blackballed" story, she didn't complete her job. As Whoopi said it is the job of the stars to promote their films nationally and internationally. Monique didn't do what was expected of her and when you do that at work people tend not to want to work with you again. My god! Not everything is a racial or gender conspiracy/issue!
Red Dre
Red Dre Oy oldin
Her stylist is a genius. Her hair, the makeup and outfit color choice- fabulous
jamariquoi2 Oy oldin
No surprise with what "Uncle Tom" Whoopi had to say! Hate her just like Robin Quivers!
changed4 life
changed4 life Oy oldin
Well Monique can definitely handle herself on a Comics stage. I really appreciate this interview because she is right and she is definitely been made to pay a price for not wanting to work for free. I can only say that those that have prevented her from doing her work have lost a lot of money because I do find her funny. More so then some of the comedians that they stated were listed at her Talent level
4MJJustice Oy oldin
Whoppie was actually tryna save her
Teri-Nicole Williams
Bye Monique your over
dan smolen
dan smolen Oy oldin
Two talking assholes with NOTHING RELEVANT to say! CANCEL THE VIEW!!
Heather Metz
Heather Metz Oy oldin
This was an interesting interview with Mo'Nique explaining how her contract for Lionsgate and negotiations with Netflix happened.
Concrete Jungle
Monique use your brain, look where you are right now.
jessica roles
jessica roles Oy oldin
So glad I finally watched this. Media tried to make us believe Monique had lost her mind and was on some type of senseless rant against Netflix. Watching this video and actually hearing her side, I can see exactly where she was coming from. And as far as her "contractual obligations ", I see her point there also. Really she already had did a "good dead" by only doing the movie for $50,000. But now she is to be expected to continually promote, for FREE! How many of you or even myself could even fathom putting a full work day and then being called back to work for FREE??? Lol So when didnt jump as they wanted she got bullied. But it's a typical stereotype they put on black woman who speak their mind and are strong willed. Your considered DIFFICULT, DISRESPECTFUL,ANGRY,BITTER etc. She handled herself very will in this interview. My hats off to you Monique. And for taking the stand she took her real payday soon followed!
Netflix didn’t give it to her cos no ones checking for Monique in 2018
Bolton Oy oldin
Monique is an unfunny liar
Mary Jones
Mary Jones Oy oldin
I love you guys
Amy Shumer steals all her jokes ....that is a proven fact! Amy Shumer is FAKE!
Ancient Purge
Ancient Purge Oy oldin
Whoopi a cooning ass puppet I hate that old hoe
camino kid
camino kid Oy oldin
Poopie Goldberg is just a bitch ass puppet trying to stop Monique from exposing her masters and the truth. Hollywood is so hypocritical on how they treat women acting like they care so much and do nothing when real shit goes down. They hush up to protect their own interests. Cowards.
lostwithpets Oy oldin
It's not like she came out of nowhere with this perspective. She is stating a sincere fact. Netflix won't take a chance on a black woman bombing the success of a deal. How you gonna pay Mo'nique 1/26 of the price for twice the funny? She's asking for attention to this because her career feeds her family. I'm so disappointed in Whoopi for taking a higher seat on this one. That was a low move Whoopi.
James Dennis
James Dennis Oy oldin
But Monique and Wanda Sykes aren't "hot" right now. People from all walks of life aren't flocking to go see anything with Monique and Wanda...whereas those other comedians getting the big $$$ have star power and universal appeal.
MrsPeebles62 Oy oldin
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Oy oldin
they aint discriminating shit, both monique and schumer are trash. Now Lucille Ball, thats a hilarious woman, The funniest gal ever. period.
Christian Brown
Actors do not always get the same rate if pay maybe Amy pulls in more money Amy sells out tickets I never really cared for this woman
Andrew Cannon
Andrew Cannon Oy oldin
I've never heard of Monique but I know that as a white man I find myself understanding and believing black women at their word. Why is that? Why do they seem genuine? If to try, to fight, to have integrity...respect.
Aishe Hudson
Aishe Hudson Oy oldin
Monique don’t listen.
mark tackett
mark tackett Oy oldin
Sacrifices that others make and she’s not willing to make , it has everything to do with your marketability. They needed her and she refused . Yes it’s admirable she chose to spend time with her family but she made a commitment when she took the job in the beginning. So the deal is sweetheart you don’t get to play on your terms only. Sometimes we all have to be available for our work when we would rather be home. You ruined your own career and now your trying to place blame elsewhere.
akeen d
akeen d Oy oldin
What is the room?
theflying carpet
Go Mo!!!!!!
718empire Oy oldin
She couldn't sell out msg on her best day or her best year
Bambie sobeautiful Tyler
I agree with Mo’Nique
skano187 Oy oldin
Monique is not typical hack black jokes "white people be like"
Finess Leslie
Finess Leslie Oy oldin
They paid Katt Williams $50,000 for that small role he had in NOrbit!
Strawberry Tiger
Monique, get your money!!!
Evelynn Bonner
Not fair
Eileen Owens
Eileen Owens Oy oldin
Go Mo'Nique.
Gina Ceasor
Gina Ceasor Oy oldin
Everybody knows when someone is trying to play them ie the industry tries it all the time and Mo'Nique called they asses out on the shit so now they feeling some type of way but they look stupid to not let a Oscar winning bitch work real talk!!!!
Katie Bates
Katie Bates Oy oldin
She needs to fire her makeup artist
You're a greedy Bitch who cares you got paid you I'm sure poor ppl wouldn't complain. I couldn't never except these ppl in my life as family
Jose Employee
Jose Employee Oy oldin
Did you learn anything at all. YES, there is a hotel room where you go and never leave as you entered. Jms777vsddsd
Ila Potter
Ila Potter Oy oldin
Queen ❤️
Patricia Burns
Monique was right in what she did, good for her.
lexcee lashes
lexcee lashes Oy oldin
Mo'nique is so beautiful and a strong women but Amy is now Mo'nique isn't doing it anymore like people now a days.....thats bullshit Netflix but it can't be a colored thing it's a person thing that's it ..i loved how whoopi says don't clap she also is a strong smart women ♥ 👑
Tae Gaines
Tae Gaines Oy oldin
Whoopi pissed me off on this ... love how Monique didn’t get rude and nasty I love Monique
Mynx1986 Oy oldin
I never liked Amy she’s not funny at all but it’s not about race it’s about relevance NOW and for some reason Amy is relevant now don’t know why
Jacob Icard
Jacob Icard Oy oldin
Maybe tucker and chapelle are just funnier crazy idea huh
Linda Ratcliff
Netflix is garbage! Just like the View! This lady's experience proves both!
Big Bark
Big Bark Oy oldin
Goodness me, wat absolutely p*ss poor program scheduling! Don't kno a great deal of what's going on but that was so incredibly interesting & they cut it short! 😳
Devin Terrazas
Tyler Perry and Oprah and all them probly stopped taking her seriously when she didn't wanna go and promote her own movie! For free or not.
Devin Terrazas
Wtf damn whoopi said I could of schooled you in .....u thought that was disrespectful. Monique was humble and cool and I respect her for that. She's amazing.
Devin Terrazas
Good for Monique for standing up for what she thinks is right
Devin Terrazas