Whoopi Goldberg And Mo’Nique Have Tense Back-And-Forth On The View(VIDEO)!!!

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Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique have tense back-and-forth on 'The View'. Whoopi Goldberg verbally roll her eyes on The View as she grew tired of guest Monique's grievances as she calling for a boycott of Netflix.



26-Fev, 2018

Whoopi GoldbergMo’NiqueABC Show The View



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Shalonda Holloway
starla jenkins
starla jenkins 3 soat oldin
I love Whoopie She sounded so annoyed already.
Rhonda TheWriter
Rhonda TheWriter 10 soat oldin
She put it on the table! If she was contractually wrong they would have sued her but she demanded professional respect and was blackballed. She did not climb into bed with their bullying tactics.
Dom D
Dom D 12 soat oldin
Whoopi, Monique doesn’t want to play ball, and kiss their asses like you. You don’t need to school her because she’s very aware of how they like to do things. Monique wants to do things her way and she has every right to do so.
Tina Lajoy
Tina Lajoy 13 soat oldin
Monique comes off as very intelligent, but she has made her choice and spoke up for herself but she knows how Hollywood works including black Hollywood it is bad and sad but she picked being a regular person over Hollywood unless change happens. I do hope it changes in her lifetime because we are missing her talent. She has set things in motion.
Steven Stone
Steven Stone 17 soat oldin
Trannies , Trannies, and more Trannies !! Wake up people ! You want proof type in transvestigation // Lets start with the most obvious men … Hillary Swank, Brooke Shields, Christie Alley , Sandra Bullock, Daryl Hannah , Look at those tranny men faces in 2018.
Herd Football Fan
Herd Football Fan 17 soat oldin
Amy wasn’t worth a fraction of what they gave her , it takes no talent to stand on a stage and talk about your pussy for 2 and a half hours
DJ Roberts
DJ Roberts 18 soat oldin
Fuck Netflix.
DJ Roberts
DJ Roberts 18 soat oldin
She says her husband and attorney. But has an open marriage. That's not marriage so she should have never said that.
DJ Roberts
DJ Roberts 18 soat oldin
Whoopi is a hater, she's still known for sister act.
DJ Roberts
DJ Roberts 18 soat oldin
Fuck Netflix and all these racist mfs.
DJ Roberts
DJ Roberts 18 soat oldin
Man 2018 resume doesn't matter. Color still does.
Anthony Shaw
Anthony Shaw 21 soat oldin
I agree with Monique she didn’t put Any down and uplifted her this interview would’ve been more impactful on The Real.....Whoopi needs to sit if she was getting a Netflix deal she wouldn’t have to deal with what Monique was going through she would’ve declined and not acknowledge Whoopi should’ve stood with her Sis and made a way
Nik Smith
Nik Smith 22 soat oldin
I believe her
A-Typical 22 soat oldin
My sweet black sister lol gtfoh
Leez 22 soat oldin
Her husband fucked up her career Monique sat and talked about Girls trip being a low budget movie girl that movie did good and so did the ladies that was in it... When was the last movie she made sometimes you got to shut the fuck up i told her that months ago so she argue with me i told her the argument ain't with me you need to argue with that man of yours
Nurse Drine
Nurse Drine Kun oldin
That's why I don't respect this show or most of the shows that they are on TV they cut her off right when she's about to expose the industry. She handled being constantly interrupted with such class.
Nurse Drine
Nurse Drine Kun oldin
Although I don't agree with how she threw people under the bus with certain rant she did have a point. And her valid points tend to be silence. On a positive note she looks gorgeous and she's aging beautifully.
June Jones
June Jones Kun oldin
Whoopi is good. She is set for life. No rocking the boat there. Monique please move on. Start your own company. God bless you with many gifts.
delta fay
delta fay Kun oldin
Monique is one of the best, underrated actresses and deserves the damn respect her inferiors get
Rea TurRee
Rea TurRee Kun oldin
Actually, I am most surprised at the low budgets Blacks still have to work with and are able to put out great work, however, when you are able to get "GREAT"professionals the quality of the product shows through. Actually, I am shocked at the amount of compensation that Mo' Nique was paid for the type of work that she is capable of doing and in this day an time. While Woopie states that she could have schooled her with protocol what is "expected" with regard to promotion, while not contractually an obligation with the amount (LOW) of compensation received by Ms. Mo'Nique , I ABSOLUTELY agree that to be expected to travel out of the country to further promote a movie that "others" received "millions", was not something that she owed and should have been EXPECTED to do. From my understanding her attending being PAID FOR, was NOT MADE CLEAR UNTIL SHE REFUSED the 1st time. Even then she was NOT GOING to be allowed to stay in a TOP hotel. I really cannot see this kind of treatment for any WHITE LEAD actress, why should any TOP BLACK ACTRESS be EXPECTED TO SETTLE FOR ANY LESS!!!!! It is bad enough when White's refuse to give top compensation when deserved , it is even WORSE when it is your OWN PEOPLE, who are CERTAINLY NOT BROKE!!!!!! Continue to stand YOUR GROUND Ms. Mo Nique!!!!!!!!!!
Amazingbeauty Sweetheart
I would only watch Monique on Netflix if it was the only show playing, I'm not too interested in her.
Johanna Hartin
Johanna Hartin Kun oldin
Go Monique 100%
Chyna Lu Kash
Chyna Lu Kash Kun oldin
That Ass In The Seat
Julia Hamm
Julia Hamm Kun oldin
Monique handled that with so much class. How people going to get bad over someone airing the skeletons in hollywood out? Even worse, how a white woman finna agree with her more than a sister who knows the struggle?
Ken Goldberg
Ken Goldberg 2 kun oldin
Here is the simple truth on what Netflix was trying to tell Mo'Nique in a nice way. She's not as relevant as Amy Schumer. Amy is in almost two large block buster movies every year that do great box office numbers. Amy's last movie which came out in 4/2018 has done $95million (Amy also wrote the movie) Mo'Nique's last movie was in 11/16 only did $40million, she wasn't even the female lead. Selling out MSG for a comedy show is remarkable, also bringing in millions of revenue. Mo'nique is doing smaller clubs. In no way am I trying to down play her past success just giving light to the argument. Not even going to bring Chapelle into because he is who he is as far as comics go. Back in Mo'nique's day Queens of Comedy was what every loved, now It's Amy Schumer, Amy Pohler, Tina Fey and Melissa McCarthy. That's just where we are, Netflix (or any studio) has to make back the money they pay her. Would you bet on a horse that hasn't had a good race in 10 years or bet on the one that's winning the three major races every year? Answer that question and put aside race and gender and your personal feelings toward her.
J Wool
J Wool 2 kun oldin
Mo' Nique's down fall is the fake trouble making hubby she married. Isn't he her manager. What a mistake she has been down every since she allowed him to take over her career. She should take notes from Mary J Blige, how her Husband robbed her and still her money and Anitia Baker.
FlintTownBoy And Friends
Bed Wench Goldberg
Problem Child
Problem Child 3 kun oldin
Tyler Perry gave Whoopi a big part in the movie with Tiffany Haddish too... Knowing damn well that was Jennifer Lewis part!
Belinda Torres
Belinda Torres 3 kun oldin
You go Monique! ❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
Rachael Davis
Rachael Davis 3 kun oldin
Can you just SHUT UP. RACISM IS VERY REAL... against WHITES. And I GARUNTEE Kevin Hart would get offered more AS WELL. STOP IT.
Rachael Davis
Rachael Davis 3 kun oldin
Oh and guess what.... US the "working class" it's the same in our world... Men make more. Oh WELL. Stop CRYING I'm embarrased to be a woman today with all the tears. BE BETTER and shhhhh
Arlo Bruton
Arlo Bruton 3 kun oldin
CCdelia B
CCdelia B 3 kun oldin
It's funny how they cut her short when she started to expose them. Ppl still blind of the fact this is real. At first I thought she was tripping for nothing or wanted attention but now....smh
tarrica jenkins
tarrica jenkins 3 kun oldin
Speak your piece Monique. I agree with you.
carribeanforce 4 kun oldin
Netflix sux big time.
Christy Jordan
Christy Jordan 4 kun oldin
I think Mo'Nique handle herself well!!!!!!! I also like how she spoke to each one of them when they cut her off..."Jehovah God"would have told Mo'Nique "well done my child"
Daria Manson
Daria Manson 4 kun oldin
It’s not about race omg she hasn’t been relevant for a while SO they’re gonna offer her less to see what happens first season. Amy isn’t as funny as her but she is more relevant in time today they do look at resumes but not resumes that haven’t been updated since 02’ Jezeeee
Ramon Hart
Ramon Hart 4 kun oldin
Wooooow. I heard Bill Cosby was thrown under the bus for trying to buy NBC.
karen mczeal
karen mczeal 4 kun oldin
Whoopi is a wimpy coward she tried to make Monique look bad throwing up the baphamet sign damn devil worshipper
Leslie 4 kun oldin
Your irrelevant and your not doing anything like Amy is no your not a legend. Your not making movie or anything
Jefferson Sims
Jefferson Sims 4 kun oldin
Who the fuck is this guy
Tess M
Tess M 4 kun oldin
Monique carried herself beautifully. So impressed.
Vegan Peasant
Vegan Peasant 5 kun oldin
Everyone gets black-balled. I got black-balled at work and found my career stalled for a whole decade. The lesson I learned? DO AS YOU'RE TOLD WHEN YOU'RE ON SOMEONE ELSE'S PAYROLL. Simple.
Zana Jones
Zana Jones 5 kun oldin
I understand Monique point of view. I think the industry is nothing more than a game, and if you dont play by there rules you suffer the consequences.
sec008987 5 kun oldin
Monique sure did shut Whoopi’s mouth right on up afterwards.
EASY BROWN 5 kun oldin
Jose Melendez
Jose Melendez 5 kun oldin
If you suck at your job, you suck and should get paid less. Stop blaming everything on color and gender, you crazy comicrat.
Ira Handwerker
Ira Handwerker 5 kun oldin
shes a very bitter unhappy woman with no humility
Erick Morris
Erick Morris 5 kun oldin
Whoopie tried to stop monique when she started talking about going up to room to sell her soul, and monique refused just like Kat Williams refused lol
Evan Foster
Evan Foster 6 kun oldin
It's because...... She isn't a legend.... Lol
Luis Tovar
Luis Tovar 6 kun oldin
I agree with her but she's gotta realize she's not relevant anymore but she doesn't see that I agree she is a legend and funny as hell but you dont see her around
Steve Dhi
Steve Dhi 6 kun oldin
guess they don't like you.... hahaha hahaha take what you can get....I heard Amy gave up butt
Danuell Holloway
Danuell Holloway 6 kun oldin
LOL they didn't think mo nique was going to say what she said LOL tell them mo
Bruce Santiago
Bruce Santiago 6 kun oldin
I love monique she looked good big and still losing weight
JING 247
JING 247 6 kun oldin
And you guys have a problem with the "DONALD"?! 🤣😀😁🤣😅😆😂 Whose bulling who here, who is BLACK LISTING MONIQUE, who has been taking 🍗🥩🥟🍖🌮🥞🍳🍕🍔🍟 from her family 8 years now, com'on you people, and you hate the PRESIDENT?! OK
Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford 6 kun oldin
Mo looks like Gabrielle Union but....better. P.S. She should have took da bread & bitched after but half a mil was an insult at that juncture n her career
Miles North
Miles North 6 kun oldin
Somewhere in Africa two villages are missing their idiots.
Breboogotti 6 kun oldin
when you dont cooperate with the illuminate, they black mail you. crazy
chosen one
chosen one 7 kun oldin
Whoopi Goldberg sold her soul years ago just like Oprah did, doesn't surprise me, Monique gets mad respect from me .
Get IT J
Get IT J 7 kun oldin
Whoopi did the white tap dancing moves and worked for free and they rewarded her. Monique stood for her rights and was whipped. This happens in every bully workplace. The slave dance and undeserved promotions. The real is if u want to move up, I have to play the game. No longer based on raw talent but game playing
Dejah Morris
Dejah Morris 7 kun oldin
I love u Monique keep doing what u do best don't let nobody shut u up for ur rights or what u believe in
Timothy Woods
Timothy Woods 7 kun oldin
Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle (especially Chapelle) are going to get 26X more views on Netflix than Monique. This is a case of her not accepting the fact she isn’t as well respected in the comedy industry, not as funny either to me.
Marcia Smith
Marcia Smith 7 kun oldin
Her eye makeup is beautiful 👀
Christine Martin
Christine Martin 7 kun oldin
James Star
James Star 7 kun oldin
Monique is a bad woman she's sexy! she's funny too
Stay Woke
Stay Woke 7 kun oldin
Promotion of a movie is HUGE. I'm sure it probably made those ppl feel like Monique is not willing to go the extra mile to get ahead, like other actors and actresses will. She was a star in that movie and she wasn't present for the promoting of it? That's just bad business. It's no different in a regular workplace. Supervisors are looking for ppl who exceed the expectation and work their butts off to get ahead. It shows characteristics like dedication, ambition. It's as simple as that. Ppl in the movie industry probably felt like they wouldn't be able to count on her to go the extra mile. It's very Noble that she wanted to spend time with her family, and she's a very classy woman, in my opinion, but if she's not cut for what that kind of career calls for, that's not sexist, racist, or none of that. That's good business. And she made that call knowing the consequences of it.
William Lutz
William Lutz 8 kun oldin
I always liked her, she is funny.
MindYa B
MindYa B 8 kun oldin
She allowed her husband to damage her career. How do you not go promote the movie? Thats how other money comes in. She did what she wanted. Dont cry now.
jesus christ our lord and saviour
Sad to hear that whoopie is a pagan luciferian slave
Sexy Shan
Sexy Shan 8 kun oldin
Apparently, Once your not kissing ass, your career is over. I'm so proud of Monique for speaking the truth. Don't stop Monique..
Chelle Taylor
Chelle Taylor 8 kun oldin
Whoopi Goldberg has reached a certain platform and status where agreeing with this black female on color issues that exist will not happen. It's a dangerzone she won't enter. She is OJnized in white America. Just remember what happened when OJ got caught up. He was black again. Some black people become desensitized to the struggle that they went through when they reach a certain status. It's a wound they don't want salted.
I love MoNique! She is so well spoken and knows her worth. But i would've took the money lol
toy jackson
toy jackson 8 kun oldin
babsbat 8 kun oldin
how many girlfriends does whoopi have not to many I bet
Talia Carrillo
Talia Carrillo 8 kun oldin
Ol girl at the end like “ oh shoot “ ah yeah “
AveolarD 8 kun oldin
Mo'nique was talented in the movie Precious. The entertainment industry is tricky. I would have asked the producers/writers/promoters/creators/directors of Precious to cover my expenses.
VEE BESSARD 9 kun oldin
Wow..sad part we support some of these folks. Mo was VERY dead on. She was getting DEEP with the hotel rooms..ok..😳
Maurice O'Kington
Maurice O'Kington 9 kun oldin
Magic8ball has the answer!
Maurice O'Kington
Maurice O'Kington 9 kun oldin
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres 9 kun oldin
Don’t get into battles with the ELITE... you will never win..
E Donalds
E Donalds 9 kun oldin
Mo'Nique had every right to not play apart in that bullshit game they got going in Hollywood. Whoopi , Opra, Tyler and the rest are horrible examples. They are all out for themselves and none for all. shame shame shame
Derrick Webster
Derrick Webster 9 kun oldin
I do agree with Mo' or there are bias in the Hollywood realm. In my view, Netflix meant we can't go by things from 3-10 years ago. In the entertain industry you need to be relevant. Amy accomplishment were within a year of that special meaning it was an almost guarantee she could draw. That also meant Netflix would not have to spend as much on promoting that special. Chris and Dave to mega stars with multiple movies and TV starring them again guaranteed views. When say hey "Dave chappelle had a new special." Most reply "I'm going to see that tonight." You can't really say that in reverse for Mo. I can say personally I can quote lines from a Mo'nique comedy special. Her stats and awards are really in drama towards her highest point while the latters are comedians first actors second. Now for the promotion point. Look at it this way. I am paid you act. You did great now we have to recoup that in sales. For that I bed you to come promote. For her to say will they are bullying me. No we paid you to act. We want to see if you just want our money. Which she proved. She didn't go you know what I'm going to go sell this movie so we all can make money and expand the black movie genre. She went I got what I wanted from you figure the rest out. Then she went back and expected them to welcome her back. It's like your regular job. When you want more money you need show can do me than what you see being paid. If you do the bare minimum you get minimum. That's just my view. I work in techology I can go into an office and say I'm expert in out dated software. I say hey I'm am the most cutting, edge, and relevant technician in the group. Pay me more than anyone who is not UP TO DATE as me with skill and execution.
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 9 kun oldin
8 years ago?
Ruthless 12 street
Ruthless 12 street 9 kun oldin
You’re not funny at all mo’
Dennis Bell
Dennis Bell 9 kun oldin
Amy is fat ugly and not funny.
T Weston
T Weston 9 kun oldin
Monique I applaud you for your convictions! Keep your head up and never settle for less than what you are worth! God bless you and keep you!
Brandee Robinett
Brandee Robinett 9 kun oldin
You gotta be shiting me!!! Yes y’all are talented but so are single moms! Your bitching about 12 mil, let alone 1 ... WTF?
QuuenKay 0880
QuuenKay 0880 9 kun oldin
There was no tense back and forth lol
Geezy McC
Geezy McC 9 kun oldin
Whoopi is as WHITE as snow! With her black ass gums!🤣🤣🤣
Phyllis Albert
Phyllis Albert 9 kun oldin
Whoopi has been around a long time and is a legend in her own right. (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) She has nothing to prove. Ever thought that she was trying to keep Mo'Nique from ruining her own career? We don't know what her actions may cause her. Whoopi does. These people don't play. Mess around and Mo'Nique's head will be in a box somewhere.
Laura LaQue
Laura LaQue 9 kun oldin
arguing over millions of dollars, try arguing with the Food stamps office for trying to have enough money to feed for your family
Jim Rawlings
Jim Rawlings 9 kun oldin
Tell me what it’s like to get a million plus.greedy
Keandra Bennett
Keandra Bennett 9 kun oldin
I believe Mo' Nique cause them people in the industry are something els. How the hell you stop someone from speaking their truth?
Jackie Lee Wei
Jackie Lee Wei 9 kun oldin
Shut the fuck up you greedy fat ass black whore!! you ain't worth a million dollars ya black ass bitch! Be happy the white man at least offered you something which was your self worth monkey!!
delukard07 10 kun oldin
fuck that bitch, chriss rock and dave chapelle, specially dave chapelle is way funnier than her. Also her family suffer? please......
Scur41 10 kun oldin
I just watched a conspiracy video on the “room” basically and Monique is stating facts. If anyone remembers .. the interview between Oprah and Dave Chappell... he was explaining to her an incident that happened backstage with a female dress that he was not going for. When he explained why he wasn’t and what happens when you don’t Oprah basically did the same shit that’s Whoopi did and that’s cut the talker off . Both of their looks at the end of their interviews both look a bit mad and disturbed ... as if Monique and Dave were both TALKING TOO MUCH. Whoopi is apart of that shit too yall.. fr
Carmen Rae
Carmen Rae 10 kun oldin
I've been waiting for her to come out with a special. I miss her!
Ra Ma
Ra Ma 10 kun oldin
I apologise but Monique is the author of humiliating women of color that are not her size but yeah give her more money!?!?! You gotta be out of your mind.
Mae Graham
Mae Graham 10 kun oldin
Hazel Scott Lena Horne Dorothy Dandridge so many women stood up for themselves and got the same treatment Monique you do have a big mouth but if you did your obligation that's all you owe anybody the Daniel came up on that movie and if he didn't offer you another penny he didn't have no business asking you do nothing else so piss on him and tonight I will be watching the empire and stars still love the movies but that was wrong Monique I stand with you and that's just today tomorrow may feel different
Rachel 10 kun oldin
I love Mo'Nique 💜💜💜 she is so full of love and a strong beautiful woman 💕💕💕