Whoopi Goldberg Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Whoopi Goldberg goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC and talks about her love for Foamposites, visiting the White House in sneakers, and being a streetwear pioneer.
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5-Noy, 2018

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Ari H
Ari H Kun oldin
The shade when she said you can be yourself at the White House or you used to. Mad respects
Jojo Wavy
Jojo Wavy Kun oldin
Tell me why a lot peoples on the comment section got so much hate about her ?
Ezra Goggles
Ezra Goggles 4 kun oldin
Whoopi & foamposites...❤️❤️❤️ I recently just fell in love with foamposites cuz they’re comfortable & stylish at the same time. Love them
She still look great
retardno002 5 kun oldin
Whoopi is as OG as it gets, but I was hoping she was gonna buy some Grape J5's or something a bit more old school. I know, Chucks and AM1's is kinda old school but not in the way that I'm imagining. Know what I'm saying? That Air Trainer 1 velcro strap colors popping old school vibe. That ankle-warmers 80's fitness show old school vibe. Billy Hoyle Air Force Command old school vibe. Maybe even some Reebok Pumps, you know?
roccorostagno 6 kun oldin
Whoopi goldturd.. fuckin twat.
Xander Mccargar Mccargar
Whoop Goldberg is the best black actress ever she is amazing
Shaya playss
Shaya playss 9 kun oldin
Whoopi speaking fax! People say my shoes are grandma shoes or something but IDC as long as it's my style and I like it that's what matters
Urwah 9 kun oldin
Take a shot everytime she says "you know"
Finesse King
Finesse King 12 kun oldin
Sister Act Was Legendary
Samara Covington
Samara Covington 13 kun oldin
" i can't judgee somebodies craziness , ya' know , i have my own . "
Ramírez the barber
Ramírez the barber 14 kun oldin
2 chains mom
m3talh3ad123 14 kun oldin
"Emmy award winning, Grammy award winning, Oscar award winning, and Tony award winning" jesus christ, I really had no clue she was that successful. I mean, I know it's Whoopi, but still, that's remarkable. The Tony is the icing on the cake.
Destry 15 kun oldin
TRUMP 2020 ! ! !
Nikki Nick
Nikki Nick 15 kun oldin
Gorilla that never evolved..go back to jungle..with your big mouth you could fit 4 c..cks..in there ..nasty foul mouthed skank
Boats n Hoes
Boats n Hoes 15 kun oldin
Fuck Whoopi Goldberg
sandy lane
sandy lane 16 kun oldin
She has wide feet just like her mouth.
mjbs 16 kun oldin
Braindead libtard whoopi!
dntworryboutmyname 17 kun oldin
and I'll never shop their because of this.
rebas04 17 kun oldin
Who gives a shit
Kirby Little
Kirby Little 17 kun oldin
Fuck this Libtard n*gger bitch....
Batman M
Batman M 18 kun oldin
Fuck you whoopie goldberg!
Chris R
Chris R 18 kun oldin
Jesus that is an ugly woman. I can’t believe whoopi is even the same species as Sophia vergara
Ya Caesareen
Ya Caesareen 18 kun oldin
Rotten fruit..gets all onvolved hurled down to eternal danmation .. But ...on other note they dont fit
Edward Waliczek
Edward Waliczek 18 kun oldin
"BREAKING NEWS" Whoopi Goldberg seen climbing the Empire State Building............ Trump scrambling jet fighters to the scene.
Jose Gudino
Jose Gudino 19 kun oldin
Her sweater low-key heat
asteedyconserative 19 kun oldin
Liberal bitch.
Jay Melendez
Jay Melendez 20 kun oldin
Lol she’s dope
Andrew Hoang
Andrew Hoang 20 kun oldin
Cannot separate art from the artist... Wtf.
Barney Fife
Barney Fife 21 kun oldin
Yea and Obama won the Noble Prize. Perverted joke. Saw her on Dr. Seuss Thing 1or2. She’s Nasty.
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton 21 kun oldin
Darrell Barton
Darrell Barton 21 kun oldin
No one gives a fuck about Whoopi ! Fucking Traidor !
Cody Ryan
Cody Ryan 22 kun oldin
Feline Fine
Feline Fine 23 kun oldin
Why? Like woopie Goldberg really walks around in sneakers?
Fatt Tev
Fatt Tev 23 kun oldin
Get G Herbo On Here
Gaylene Morley
Gaylene Morley 23 kun oldin
Hello to you i have always like whoopi g even in ghost. When whoopi knock that door down so frighten. Byy hearing a voice
Todd Dunford
Todd Dunford 24 kun oldin
She is nappy
Z Snillockly
Z Snillockly 24 kun oldin
Bars! 0:25
Dominic Matthews
Dominic Matthews 24 kun oldin
Dime LA
Dime LA 25 kun oldin
max mccort
max mccort 25 kun oldin
Acronym vapormaxes for 330?? Ill pass. Stock x has them for 200😂
Mitch Sampson
Mitch Sampson 26 kun oldin
You Smart
Johnny Savage
Johnny Savage 26 kun oldin
Why are you not in Canada....Trump 2020
M1 27 kun oldin
She’s a disgusting pig.
Tom Courtnadge
Tom Courtnadge 27 kun oldin
Need one with Playboi Carti and Travis Scott
Nancy Lyles
Nancy Lyles 27 kun oldin
You're not even beginning the conversation until you insist on fair trade, so that everyone gets paid...please use your influence to discourage ppl from buying sweatshop child labor produced goods.
Peace and LOVE
Peace and LOVE 27 kun oldin
Love Whoopi
Steve Pichowsky
Steve Pichowsky 27 kun oldin
Whoopi who?
*Whoopi is a living legend. She walks the walk and talk the talk. She is real*
mjbs 16 kun oldin
Real libtard!
Tony Collins
Tony Collins 29 kun oldin
The only shoes you need are the one you get at county lockup.