Whoopi Goldberg Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Whoopi Goldberg goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC and talks about her love for Foamposites, visiting the White House in sneakers, and being a streetwear pioneer.
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5-Noy, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 497
Malik Kweli
Malik Kweli 2 soat oldin
Love whoopi....shes dope and a sneaker head on the low💯💯💯💯
DIEBEETUS ! 4 soat oldin
feminist goes sneaker shopping with complex
Mizanur Hussain
Mizanur Hussain 5 soat oldin
Granny got swag
joseph michaud
joseph michaud 8 soat oldin
Foams a DC shoe but glad to see others wearing them.
Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid 8 soat oldin
I’d smash
JacariPlayz 9 soat oldin
cashier's ig ?
JUAN THE BOOST GOD 9 soat oldin
You should go sneaker shopping with Ozuna or Romeo Santos.
Jay 11 soat oldin
Ok Mrs. Whoopi! 👏🏾
ELoNZo 12 soat oldin
Can we get Bill Goldberg next
Mouhamed Ammar
Mouhamed Ammar 15 soat oldin
nothing but NBA
nothing but NBA Kun oldin
Erika 07
Erika 07 Kun oldin
Whoopi 😍😍
ShawnDon MMA
ShawnDon MMA Kun oldin
I just realized half way threw the video this wasn’t a documentary on gorillas
The Mob
The Mob Kun oldin
Fragotron McFarland
Whoopi is a race baiting fear monger.
Heaven Williams
Heaven Williams 2 kun oldin
😍Lil Durk😍 🥰Pleaseee🤪🤪
barrie george
barrie george 2 kun oldin
Cool ava Ortega #sneakers dont lie
Young Cartilo
Young Cartilo 2 kun oldin
She went to go cop some “DRIP”
Kimberly Wilson
Kimberly Wilson 2 kun oldin
Man I love Whoopi and she had some dope picks to.
Dylan Barnes
Dylan Barnes 2 kun oldin
Bernie Sanders goes sneaker shopping
Jalique Dority
Jalique Dority 3 kun oldin
It's funny because I watch this video earlier a few minutes ago. Then I was watching the news and I see Whoopi Goldberg wearing the Adidas nemeziz tango that she bought from there 😆
Richard Toth
Richard Toth 3 kun oldin
Please take this filthy pig off of my “suggested list”..
eustene 3 kun oldin
loved this!
Jimmy Gambino
Jimmy Gambino 3 kun oldin
What she needs to do is buy some new clothes and get out of that damn potato sack she's always wearing!
Uncouth Behavior
Uncouth Behavior 3 kun oldin
Who else saw the video title and was like *No fucking way!*
Lucas 3 kun oldin
Tyler the Creator Sneaker Shopping
Trilla TheA
Trilla TheA 4 kun oldin
Wow Whoopi is so insightful. This is amazing
Andrew Baris
Andrew Baris 4 kun oldin
"Ima follow him.." fuckin lost it. lmao
Kedar Perdue
Kedar Perdue 4 kun oldin
Respect for Whoopi real OG beautiful woman
Andrea Corbett
Andrea Corbett 4 kun oldin
Gtta love whoopie
True Gamer191x1
True Gamer191x1 4 kun oldin
O fuk no
strongforu 4 kun oldin
This was awesome on so many levels. Whoopi has always been light years ahead of everyone else in her love of sneakers and fashion.
Hassan Ali Bokhari
Hassan Ali Bokhari 4 kun oldin
get some grime rappers
Hassan Ali Bokhari
Hassan Ali Bokhari 4 kun oldin
get lil pump or 69
Karehma Simon
Karehma Simon 4 kun oldin
Dean Hewitt
Dean Hewitt 4 kun oldin
Join our sneaker community at facebook.com/groups/CrepsandClothing/
Dylan Watson
Dylan Watson 4 kun oldin
*Its time for you to get yo’ groove back..AGAIN!*
DreamPhaze4ever 4 kun oldin
She would be the best grandma💗💗
Kauhle Keha
Kauhle Keha 4 kun oldin
Where the 8¢ come from?!
Randy Doyle
Randy Doyle 4 kun oldin
No body fucking care.
TDSA_Hassan •
TDSA_Hassan • 4 kun oldin
Do sheck Wes
areyes 4 kun oldin
sneaker shopping with billie eilish
Charan M S
Charan M S 4 kun oldin
It might sound weird and crazy to some people but i find her extremely cute.
Wonnee George
Wonnee George 4 kun oldin
Boring stuff too Whoopi I can’t deal
Luis Perez
Luis Perez 5 kun oldin
Anybody know what boots she had on?
k man
k man 5 kun oldin
She wears shoes?
c Juan
c Juan 5 kun oldin
ON ME WHERE .. 08 cents for real lmfaoooo 🤦‍♂️😂
Justin Sosa
Justin Sosa 5 kun oldin
Whoopi I love her man she so professional yet she still herself at the same time
Priscilla Carrillo
Priscilla Carrillo 5 kun oldin
Absolutely love her, she is the true originator not like all these other celebrities “all of a sudden” are sneakerheads... she’s been a sneaker head since way back when...
Feamster2 5 kun oldin
Whoopi got that drip
Franco Cerella
Franco Cerella 5 kun oldin
Great guest ,she has a lot of knowledge. Bay fam
not so edgy
not so edgy 5 kun oldin
At first I thought it was a Swastika on her arm
StateofMind 5 kun oldin
I just can't wait for Whoopi goes shopping for laundry detergent, I guess this is why celebrities hire publicists to keep themselves in _the public eye._
DONNIE JUANNY 5 kun oldin
Dam I had no idea she was a member of the exclusive EGOT club
Jay Pete
Jay Pete 5 kun oldin
Whoopi’s shoe game is crazy phenomenal
Gregory Laurence
Gregory Laurence 5 kun oldin
Sorry for saying it but WHAT R THOSE
Dave Stafford
Dave Stafford 5 kun oldin
Nothin but love for this episode no negative comments big double u for complex
K Mas
K Mas 5 kun oldin
122 12к
122 12к 5 kun oldin
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Nahome Adu
Nahome Adu 5 kun oldin
Y'all had the living legend herself 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 E.G.O.T
nyerra jenkins
nyerra jenkins 5 kun oldin
you should have cj so cool on the show
Angel Rodrifuez
Angel Rodrifuez 5 kun oldin
amazing she looks beautiful
Lil Icy
Lil Icy 5 kun oldin
Do @dynastylovesyou go sneaker shopping
Grace's life
Grace's life 5 kun oldin
Billie eilish next pretty plz
Antonio Gaming
Antonio Gaming 5 kun oldin
Antonio Gaming
Antonio Gaming 5 kun oldin
Sneaker shopping with VON MILLER
Mista Miller
Mista Miller 5 kun oldin
I love how calm she talks
iRubiks 5 kun oldin
KevTooNasty 5 kun oldin
Does anyone know the instrumental starting at 4:46?
Derrick Waters
Derrick Waters 5 kun oldin
those boots she is wearin are sick also. I wish they would have mentioned them.
Derrick Waters
Derrick Waters 5 kun oldin
Such a legend. Glad to see this video. I grew up on her movies.
Joe finna wear gold foams
Alvin Truong
Alvin Truong 6 kun oldin
Kim Jong Un goes sneaker shopping
Dulse Rubio
Dulse Rubio 6 kun oldin
Can you bring sasha banks to you channel
Big Body
Big Body 6 kun oldin
like if they should get gunna
Khriz M Vids
Khriz M Vids 6 kun oldin
Lil Mayo goes sneaker shopping with complex 😂
Evan 6 kun oldin
The KITH Coca-Cola converses are tuff
Jonah Sdano
Jonah Sdano 6 kun oldin
Whoopi for president 👍
Isaiah Wyatt
Isaiah Wyatt 6 kun oldin
Get Stephen A Smith on this
M. 6 kun oldin
1 mill in 6 days, WOW
Joe Carrillo
Joe Carrillo 6 kun oldin
What the fuck is this absolute dog shit doing on my homepage why the fuck would you think I would be interested in this absolute shit UZvid fuck you
Aileen Ramirez
Aileen Ramirez 6 kun oldin
Templar Rising
Templar Rising 6 kun oldin
She is a fat gorilla
Vi Lê
Vi Lê 6 kun oldin
Joe you should try to get BTS on sneaker shopping
Chad Wollaston
Chad Wollaston 6 kun oldin
What a dumb black cunt!
Las Wijayatilake
Las Wijayatilake 6 kun oldin
Just the most beautiful smile damn
Kanyesige Muhumza
Kanyesige Muhumza 6 kun oldin
OMG I love whoopi
SpiriTofNirN55 6 kun oldin
Pretty sure sneakers have always been a part of just about everyone’s lives Whoopi cushion
C Banks
C Banks 6 kun oldin
Carol Wheatley
Carol Wheatley 6 kun oldin
Whoopi’s a nasty old bitch and needs to shut the fuck up
Allyson Shipley
Allyson Shipley 6 kun oldin
Do sneaker shopping with Austin McBroom and the ace family💯
Question Mark
Question Mark 6 kun oldin
Meera 6 kun oldin
one of the best episodes
popcorn pop
popcorn pop 6 kun oldin
cause i like it. best answer.
Mithunan V
Mithunan V 6 kun oldin
she the definition of a "oldie but a goodie"
Carolina Guevara
Carolina Guevara 6 kun oldin
whoop cool
Dee Low Goiinn
Dee Low Goiinn 6 kun oldin
Yeah She High 😂😂😂
Nararizki Hasbullah
that cashier gurl looks kinda cute
Andrew Freese
Andrew Freese 6 kun oldin
Lmao wtf Whoopi Goldberg🤣 actually a good ass episode tho lol.
ImangoJango 6 kun oldin
this interview made me smile so hard