Whoopi Goldberg loses cool with Ann Coulter after she says 'White liberals never cared about blacks'

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***'***********That's B*******!': Whoopi Goldberg loses her cool with Ann Coulter during race row on The View as she claims 'liberals never cared about black people'**********************


This is the moment Ann Coulter wound Whoopi Goldberg up to breaking point as she appeared on The View on Thursday to promote her controversial new book.
Coulter took less than 30 seconds to get under the host's skin, confidently claiming: 'I write these books because I try to correct things people believe that are just false.'
Armed with copies of Mugged, she argued that America's 'legacy of slavery' has lead to civil rights only 'belonging to blacks', much to Goldberg's disgust.
'Five minutes after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, they start calling everything that has nothing to do with black people a civil rights issue: abortion on demand, homeless rights.'
But Goldberg had had enough, exploding with rage she shouted: 'B*******! B*******, I'm sorry! That's bull, that's bull.'
Each of the four other women sat around The View's table picked their own faults with Coulter's claims.
'You're saying liberals don't care about black people,' Sherri Shepard complained.
'Then are you saying that Republicans embrace us in a warm fuzzy.'
To which Coulter staunchly replied: 'I do, we are not embraced back.'
The women continued to bicker as Coulter adamantly stated that the 'Southern Strategy is a lie' and even claimed that the OJ Simpson verdict was 'the best thing that ever happened to black Americans.'
'Millions of white people watching with the equivalent of in New York, we use the Brooklyn juries who simply would not convict, even guilty black criminals,' she said, interrupted by Goldberg who cut in:
'You know what, hold up Ms. Coulter.
'Please stop, please stop! If you're going to talk about race, at least, know what you're talking about.
'At least know what you're talking about.'
Eventually co-host Barbara Walters called time on the heated debate, turning to Coulter and thanking her for coming on the show.
'No matter what, you sit down here and you got 5 women going bah badda badda, whatever it is, thank you for coming on!'




28-Sen, 2012

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42awww 2 soat oldin
Yeah whoopi, you know nothing about Donald trump but your big mouth doesn't stop!
VancouverTVGuy Kun oldin
Ann was absolutely right and "Whoopee!" (along with Big Head Behar, Sunny Hostile and the rest of her View confederates) hated that because they can't refute it, that's why they came emotionally unhinged.
tarrica jenkins
tarrica jenkins 2 kun oldin
Girl f your book you all are queens and kings of the great word LIE
Sydney Joseph
Sydney Joseph 3 kun oldin
Malcom X told US- Negroes have no place in politics - The Democrat party is fucked but there was a reason why Blacks switched over to the Democratic Party in the 1st place. 💯- this is a same country that ripped your baby from your arms and used them as alligator bait. The same country where bigots attacked black soldiers off the bus upon their return from the WAR! The same country that used military air crafts to bomb BLACK WALL STREET! All of a sudden everyone is shocked by “the surge of racism?” Now all of a sudden your sudden OUR vote & vc matters? You can Kiss the blackest part of my ass, if you think this country is ran on democracy. That’s why they don’t like for us to Bring up “old shit” and just forget about it, it’s the truth- like it or not! Stay the fuck away from politics black people- one thing i do agree with what he said - “the government is indeed corrupt” ✌🏾🤷🏾‍♀️🏌🏾‍♀️💯
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen 4 kun oldin
There is a special place in hell for these BITCHES ??
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen 4 kun oldin
Whoppie is scared to death of the truth as it will expose her STUPIDITY that the DON has no Tolerance for but BUT Whoopee and others call it RACISM when in reality its STUPIDITY ?? Nobody likes to be called stupid except ???Negro who call that RACISM ??? Are they related ???
King David
King David 7 kun oldin
Saw this and let me say something.. her saying that she knows what black people “feel” is like asking a women what’s it like to be a man.
Thomas McGillivray
Thomas McGillivray 7 kun oldin
It's the democ'ratic gene the penetrates the brain eh?
I Am Butterfly
I Am Butterfly 7 kun oldin
Ann Coulter is EVIL
Satan's Son
Satan's Son 8 kun oldin
Whoopie needs to stop monkeying around on TV. Nobody respects her.
marilyn tomlo
marilyn tomlo 8 kun oldin
Is whoopi a pirate now? Whoopi is such a dumb racist. She was great in Color Purple. Should have stuck to acting and we'd never know how dumb she is.
mochaabeverly 9 kun oldin
Barbie is full of it
bambi abraham
bambi abraham 9 kun oldin
she's right. white liberals mamby-pamby black people and use them almost like a project.
DAVID BURNS 9 kun oldin
I will piss on this ladies book if i see it in book stores. No wonder it's not selling it's because of what she just did on The View and Ann Coulter I lost all respect for you now that you tried to be slick by saying all of what you said on The View I'm so glad Whoopi Joy Barbara Sherry and Elizabeth caught on to what you said now I can't stand her she just lost a fan and lost respect for America
Linda M Lee
Linda M Lee 10 kun oldin
They have more white on welfare n low income housing poor white kkk hate they owl they are the father of the devil
laura j phillips
laura j phillips 10 kun oldin
Why does this woman ever get air time.
Goeffry Boudreaux
Goeffry Boudreaux 10 kun oldin
WHOOPIE'S shtick nowdays is outrage..that is one angry skank! God she is so ugly inside and outside..she was never a beauty queen, but has become more of a mud fence through the years...
JANET PERKINS 10 kun oldin
Back then- we were Republicans. But the Republicans of today are not the Republicans of the past... I agree with a lot of what she is saying...
Ni Lu
Ni Lu 11 kun oldin
1 women speaking facts and 4 speaking feelings.
Celia Curry
Celia Curry 11 kun oldin
Whoopi wupi are u stil lhere???? Shame on you leave asap
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams 11 kun oldin
Why do white people who claim not to be racist always use the term "blacks?" Like......come on
M&M PRIME 11 kun oldin
Ann speaking the truth they just don't like how she saying it. She comes off stupid. But in fact she correct. The south and democrats are the ones kept black community from progressing. Republican pres since 1800s tried equal right civil rights democrats voted NO NO.
Bonita Key
Bonita Key 11 kun oldin
She's so damn stupid
Mona Harper
Mona Harper 11 kun oldin
This was an opportunity to advertise a book. So much has evolved over the last 100 years concerning the political parties. What matters now is that there is active voter suppression going on as I am typing this message. The people conjuring up this narrative are not 135 years old. This is one time that I can truly say as a former news reporter that the past is not relevant. Valuable Valid Voting is within the next 36 hours. Don’t be caught off guard by those who have been set in position to distract you from your destiny. Take time in the near future to become informed of the past of political parties from a non partisan perspective. However, right now make sure that you VOTE for the party that shows LOVE! Not hate and division!
neko larkin
neko larkin 11 kun oldin
The truth always gets blocked by the devil and the demons smh
Tori Johnson
Tori Johnson 11 kun oldin
Bc this bitch is dumb her way of thinking is ignorant nd she's wrong on so many levels maybe she should worry more about her fucked up race then trying to speak for or on the black race!
Claudia Tiganescu
Claudia Tiganescu 11 kun oldin
I think they invited her to mock her and humiliate her, they are just acting like regular people talking their opinion. They are not being as professional show hosts. Bullies
Gerberger 12 kun oldin
5 vs 1
Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas 12 kun oldin
Slavery, as it was, is OVER. Now it new bs in place but we still winning the challenges that come before us we still striving for our greatness an anit nobody gonna stop us. So whats the problem all the damn time?? like really jus what the hell is the REAL PROBLEM
Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas 12 kun oldin
blacks lives saved who saved us
BK Chick Brooklynite
Joseph Hicks
Joseph Hicks 12 kun oldin
Truth hurts, sorry libtards it's a shame you cant handle the truth!!
Mitzi Baker
Mitzi Baker 12 kun oldin
shut up whoopi
yahvae daniels
yahvae daniels 12 kun oldin
The white lady is speaking true history! Whoopi u right about blacks but yet throwing it in the wrong direction at least she did her research sorry not with y'all on the one can't blame y'all for doing ur job by confusing the truth
Lorenzo Goode
Lorenzo Goode 12 kun oldin
5:32 i couldn't help but think of that Boondocks episode. "A bitch gotta sell books".
George Sanders
George Sanders 12 kun oldin
All Whoopi Goldberg you are such a racist Whoopi Goldberg you're a racist and you know what you lost it McKay get off the show
Kathy Howard
Kathy Howard 13 kun oldin
O M G..😱 Who has watched this..Hypocritical Show Lately.. I use to but.. QUIT .. A few years ago..Way before President Trump was involved..Because .. Queen Whoopi Goldberg Thinks she knows everything..and I use to be one of her biggest fans..But take the time and watch some of the reruns..And I promise you will see what I mean..She always feels the need to correct everyone on the panel..and the guest..it just got to be..SAD..And a couple of the old school actors..guest had to set her straight..One told her..Your not gonna put words in my mouth and keep correcting my story..Becuz..I was there..you were not..I was like..Yassszzz..Look it up .. Here on UZvid..✌
Thomas delvin
Thomas delvin 13 kun oldin
liberals are the drug pushers and numbers runners in the black community. they give you just enough to keep the nightmares at bay
ProgressiveLiberty 13 kun oldin
Massachusetts desegregated in 1884. We enjoyed a 20th century free of segregation.
genaroman78 13 kun oldin
The dixieland democracks keep blacks slaves in the south it was republicans that fought for their freedom in the civil war Abraham Lincoln was a Republican
SKOOBY LOVE 13 kun oldin
Adam Lopez
Adam Lopez 13 kun oldin
a bunch of cackling hens!
Latoya Jackson
Latoya Jackson 13 kun oldin
What. This is all wrong should of never had this interview
Dawna Huff
Dawna Huff 13 kun oldin
whoopie 🖕ur self
Dawna Huff
Dawna Huff 13 kun oldin
what would make ann lower herself to the level of the view🤪
Jevon 13 kun oldin
sorry to say but republicans, democrats all do not, have not, ever cared about the less desired melanated (black) as they call us colored people on this plain! period.. smh!
dean ellen
dean ellen 13 kun oldin
It's hard to debate with a few smart people but impossible to debate with dumb people go girl
Pamela McFarland
Pamela McFarland 13 kun oldin
I am so sick of Whoopi and the rest is a non factor when it comes to issues. We are in a society crisis due to ppl not being able to master how to be an adult, and communicate on issues that many may and may not agree with.
carlos eduardo
carlos eduardo 14 kun oldin
There is one Intelligent woman among them I do not hsve to point which one. I can smell alcohol towards the left of my screen
kilamanjaro Mountain
But I thought racism ended with OBAMA??? Hahahahahahahaha
RED BALL73 14 kun oldin
What a pathetic show. Anne Coulter gets my respect for holding her own in a pit of Vipers. Ass Clowns. Very very low IQs
Amina Ahmed
Amina Ahmed 14 kun oldin
What a bunch of cackling Hens that's why I stopped watching this show
Barbara Eastbourne
Barbara Eastbourne 14 kun oldin
I admire Ann Coulter for going on the view .
Nature Boy
Nature Boy 14 kun oldin
Ann Coulter is the spoke person for all racist. she gets owned here in Britain.
moneyymama 14 kun oldin
Who cares
DW w
DW w 14 kun oldin
No. Lie I just took a history class. One with a teacher who was good as hell and just real about history and not in denial about it . I've also done my research and she's right about the Democrats and Republicans. It's just people haven't studied and research anything so they go along with what people tell them. If she did she would know she's correct.
Angela Salmeron-Hernandez
she looks like patrick star
djohn3d ddd
djohn3d ddd 9 kun oldin
Trey Gowdy in a dress.
Sophie Clement
Sophie Clement 14 kun oldin
Good luck expressing your view on The View! Pathetic.
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee 14 kun oldin
The problem is that the Democrats of today was the first Republicans which was the KKK her facts are a little bit twisted but that's the part she ain't tellin or maybe she don't know
Joseph Davis
Joseph Davis 14 kun oldin
Grendel's Mother - aka Ann Coulter - actually spewing TRUTH about libturds?? Who effing KNEW??!! LOL
maryann Hope
maryann Hope 14 kun oldin
Throw you in there now!
maryann Hope
maryann Hope 14 kun oldin
BITCH Ann... When's the last time u were hungry & couldn't FLIPPEN EAT bc there wasn't anything to eat??? From one white woman to another...." Talk about what you know about.. WHITE F'N PRIVILAGE!! AND EVEN "THAT" WAS FOR WHITE PPL STUCK IN POVERTY ALSO". COULDNT GET AN APARTMENT BC WE LIVED IN THE PROJECTS...SOME OF THE " BEST FOLKS, GLAD I LIVED THERE 1ST 16 YRS. OF MY LIFE.... LIKE TO THROW NOW....60 YRS. LATER....MORON
maryann Hope
maryann Hope 14 kun oldin
...Because SHE talks to look much & DOESN'T know WTF she's talking about.
Rasyay P
Rasyay P 14 kun oldin
Live Live Viral
Live Live Viral 15 kun oldin
Oj going to jail saved blacks wow 😮!!
Bryant Wright Sr.
Bryant Wright Sr. 15 kun oldin
You can't be mad at her she's talking about her own White culture in America why would she lie 🤔
Bryant Wright Sr.
Bryant Wright Sr. 15 kun oldin
🤔 Sorry Whoopi, the truth hurts, it was hard for me to believe the facts too, but she did her research and she's trying to help Black and White America I understand that we have been hoodwinked for 200 years ,so we need to thank her for her time and effort against the odds speaking the truth🤔
Joe Kasprzak
Joe Kasprzak 15 kun oldin
Whoopi is so illiterate
Lynn Miller
Lynn Miller 15 kun oldin
sorry about my type o s if u have intellegents u can decipher them if u don t a nd what to blow ur brain up over it save it I m not perfect and only God can nudge me and he s all that matters to me I don t care what u think of my hammer or spelling that being said have wonderful day
Lynn Miller
Lynn Miller 15 kun oldin
what the lady wrote in that book is truth not made up lies that u see is the problem them cackling old bitter biddies just can t tell the truth or let the truth be knowing first people to have slaves of neveos was a negro the dunno idiots are very racist and summer summer race boaters they keep this black brown white tho g going on and on and on they seem to be the ones having a problem with color I have black grow red brown and white friend I have family that is Mexican pillipino black and white German Irish and Dutch we all love each other we don t see color we see people that is our family no matter what do go stick that up ur fat wadxoos and smoke on it for a while get on a computer and fact find like everyone else maybe u can t read or maybe ur just getting paid nog bucks like all the rest of ur idiotic no brain lieing bummer crooks party why don t u whatever u call ur selves probably oscum dums illegal butt and become a Muslim minion well ladies we are one nation u see God and we put all our trust in him not u or ur nasty crooks u hang with turn ur fricken pave every one is so sick of ur ignorant no knoexge on anything rude loud moth butts
DAVID BURNS 15 kun oldin
Yes Yes I'm so glad Barbara got Ann off the view really quick. She is an retarded hefer. Now i know when i see her book i will take a dookie on her book. Cause that's what she full of.
DAVID BURNS 15 kun oldin
I applaud Whoopi, Sherri, Joy and Barbara for standing up to this idiot Ann Coulter.
DAVID BURNS 15 kun oldin
Yes Sherri Shepherd I'm glad they're getting in her behind about this issue and Coulter you ain't got together sister. You go sherri 👏👏👏👏👏
DAVID BURNS 15 kun oldin
That's right Whoopi and Ann Coulter didn't come on this show with her head straight I really applaud Whoopi for saying that. 👏👏👏👏👏
Joe Daniele
Joe Daniele 15 kun oldin
Fuck goldburg
me me
me me 15 kun oldin
screw whoopi!! Racist bitch get the ugly creature off the show better yet get iew off the air!! Trash show
DandL C
DandL C 15 kun oldin
With what is happening now...Ann C. Is 100% correct!
David David
David David 15 kun oldin
Ann Coulter's fault. you go mix in a crab dance, you're bound to get muddy
David David
David David 15 kun oldin
The panel is a tight group of idiots. Period.
David David
David David 15 kun oldin
Whoopi is racist. n loses her senses when anyone says anything good about Trump
Trilly Tha Great
Trilly Tha Great 16 kun oldin
I'm the most pro black nigga you will ever see, and I love Ann Coulter God bless you
DeMarcus Watson
DeMarcus Watson 16 kun oldin
David Lee
David Lee 16 kun oldin
Voter Suppression in GA, Brian Kemp.
Julia whitehead
Julia whitehead 16 kun oldin
She has no idea cocerning blacks
Julia whitehead
Julia whitehead 16 kun oldin
She is such a racist, bigot
Julia whitehead
Julia whitehead 16 kun oldin
Oh how I just can't stand Ann
Another white woman smoking crack again thinking she knows what's black y'all need to stop
zsazsarose 16 kun oldin
I’ve noticed people can’t stand listening to a white person talk about sensitive issues dealing with Black views.... and I agree that liberals have used blacks for votes and not care about them just trying to get the vote.!period! Also if/and when liberals try to “ speak up” for blacks, it feels to me it’s done in a condescending manner like oh honey poor you you’re not smart enough to speak for yourselves so let ME a white college graduate with little to no real relationships with average black people. And these women on this panel clearly are pushing a divisive racially tense agenda! Sad it really is
Claudio Oliveira
Claudio Oliveira 16 kun oldin
Ann knows what she’s talking about Let’s her talk
djohn3d ddd
djohn3d ddd 9 kun oldin
Coulter is FUCKED UP!!! LET HER TALK!!! Some people want to hear......(I'm pretty sure she's Trey Gowdy in drag)....BELIEVE ME!!
Laura Callender
Laura Callender 16 kun oldin
Her facts are shaky because they don't match yours Whoopi? Of course, queen master there, everyones opinion should match her's or they get talked over and thrown off, her ONLY way of "winning".
Gretch 420
Gretch 420 16 kun oldin
The view is a terrible show ran by shitty Goldberg.
gin rob
gin rob 16 kun oldin
Ann is Trash
djohn3d ddd
djohn3d ddd 9 kun oldin
YES...but ALL trash isn't ANN!!
kimberly UNPREDICTABLE chatman
we live in a controversial world personally I'm allergic to bullshit don't NO race know what it feel like to be white black Hispanic every race has a story but no your facts don't just say something because it sounds good
Albert Trismegistus Hermes Pikester
Love Ann Coulter
karen cooke
karen cooke 17 kun oldin
We are not black , we are many shades of brown
Bbc Dbb
Bbc Dbb 17 kun oldin
Its useless talking to democrats
Jeff Kells
Jeff Kells 17 kun oldin
What a gang of liberal democratic hacks is this show not canceled yet?
djohn3d ddd
djohn3d ddd 9 kun oldin
+Jeff Kells I like Whoopi. I think Pirro is TOO animated. I don't think she has "good sence"........BUT...you are e titled to your opinion....WE DON'T AGREE!........No offence.... BELIEVE ME!!
Jeff Kells
Jeff Kells 9 kun oldin
+djohn3d ddd actually I've watched it maybe 3 times twice when Ann Coulter was on and once when uneducated Whoopi thought she was being smart by walking off and berating judge pirro
djohn3d ddd
djohn3d ddd 9 kun oldin
Maybe it has a loyal audience!.. YOU watch it......DON'T YOU??
Momma_D my friends
Momma_D my friends 17 kun oldin
And wtf does whoopi know about being a man? C'mon......you always talk about people like you know!
NIKKI G GATEWOOD 17 kun oldin
Wow this episode was almost unwatchable race talk always brings out the worse in people
susan heywood
susan heywood 17 kun oldin
Whoopi the biggest race baiting bigoted piece of shit in the world, I have flushed nicer things than her down the toilet.