Whose Pants Am I Wearing? (GAME)

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Can Rhett and Link guess which clothes are flipped with Mythical crew members? GMM #1284.4
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27-Fev, 2018



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SloMoe Official
SloMoe Official 6 kun oldin
Its so weird seeing someone that doesnt know Liverpool 😂😂
LilMuffin May
LilMuffin May 10 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure that to be in the Mythical Crew, you have to be hot.
Bakoobie 20 kun oldin
I've gone commando at school which is dangerous cause your pants could get pulled down at anytime
Leah Lasher
Leah Lasher 23 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure 94.7 the Wave from the Ft. Walton/Destin area has a slogan that is “we play everything,” so 🤷🏻‍♀️
Reagan McMillan
Reagan McMillan 24 kun oldin
We did this in theater once with our costumes just to mess with the director when he came back in the room
lindsey nobody
Immediately thrilled by Rhett's Josey Wales shirt!
Stormy Oy oldin
Chase came out and he immediately looked wrong
Leighanna Perrin
Here in Oklahoma 94.7 is the buzz, a rock station. I wonder why that's such a popular frequency. 😂
Sally Otley
Sally Otley Oy oldin
This was way funnier than I thought it would be 😆
AviDragonLady Oy oldin
Wow, I could've sworn I'd seen Chase in the pink and grey hoodie. Now I feel like a bad fan lol. To be fair, he does wear a lot of hoodies...
Morgana 2 oy oldin
Hottest GMMore video ever. Look at all those tasty snacks.
Marcello T
Marcello T 2 oy oldin
has chase peed a lil bit?! 🧐😆
Vampirechan 2 oy oldin
94.7 is Smooth Jazz
sushi ninja
sushi ninja 2 oy oldin
the 94.7 Wave shirt is Micah. See "Match that laugh" and you'll see he's wearing it
k Blackwood
k Blackwood 2 oy oldin
You should 100% do this again!!! Pleaseeeeee
Chris Moon
Chris Moon 2 oy oldin
I can't believe how hard it was for even us viewers to guess who wore who's clothes! THAT WAS ENTERTAINING!!!
Khusleen Kaur
Khusleen Kaur 2 oy oldin
Damn John is hot af 🔥
Anjana Madhavan
Anjana Madhavan 2 oy oldin
They should do a version of this with the female crew members!
Miss Mage
Miss Mage 3 oy oldin
Chase is so adorkable
Dude 3 oy oldin
Alex is so skinny now! Looks great!
Esme Tjahjono
Esme Tjahjono 4 oy oldin
Smelly Animations
The girl for winface already had the GMM mug.😞
Jessii McQueen
Jessii McQueen 4 oy oldin
Yesss Liverpool! My home town
Hannah Whitaker
Hannah Whitaker 4 oy oldin
I got them all right...
Helena M
Helena M 4 oy oldin
This was fun. Do it again
Helena M
Helena M 4 oy oldin
This was fun. Do it again
R.A.P 5 oy oldin
Operating to wake yo!!
One Nation Under God
I love link-Alex interactions!
LabRatsWhore 5 oy oldin
It would have been even more difficult to guess if the female crew members switched clothes...
Lindsay Schultz
Lindsay Schultz 6 oy oldin
Coffee saucer
Alexis Marie
Alexis Marie 6 oy oldin
"You shocked me! On my nipple! 😮" I'm too sick to be laughing this hard, that was hilarious Kevin
Kate Gunn
Kate Gunn 6 oy oldin
Chase is so damn hot
Chef 6 oy oldin
I swear Alex is the funniest crew member. He's pretty quick (and kinda good) at exchanging jokes with Rhett and Link.
trinket17 8392
trinket17 8392 7 oy oldin
My mom brought up that y'all had 5 people who fit each other's clothes right as y'all brought it up lol this was hilarious
Owen 99
Owen 99 7 oy oldin
I gotta say Alex and Chase have gotta be my faves❤️
Anne Mac
Anne Mac 7 oy oldin
“Alex is a loose cannon” (Alex nodding)
Kylie 152
Kylie 152 7 oy oldin
My friends and I go commando all the time when we wear leggings 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 one of my friends in cheer wore her spandex without underwear one time too during a game 😂💀
Jerica Richelle
Jerica Richelle 7 oy oldin
I need to find me someone like Chase like please
Dare Asia
Dare Asia 7 oy oldin
Are they going by pants or shorts???
MeuesenexD 8 oy oldin
Rhett and Link are great... But Alex is hands down the best of them all.
The Coffee Minecrafters
GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krysta Bonneville
Alex should really be an honorary 3rd host lol. He kills me.
Zoe's Zoo
Zoe's Zoo 8 oy oldin
It's a little creepy that I've never met the Mythical Crew, yet I know whose clothes is whose.
James Alan
James Alan 8 oy oldin
John lookin like a wholeeee snacc
Bridgette Taggart
I have the biggest crush on John. Is it just me? Who else feels the same?
IT'S ME FROM 713 8 oy oldin
Aww, Micha's so adorable.
jade 9 oy oldin
John is way hot
Kierstin Sliwa
Kierstin Sliwa 9 oy oldin
Why does Alex look so good in that? Lol
cali girls
cali girls 9 oy oldin
I died when he said "YOU SHOCKED MY NIPPLE" 😝😝😂😂
Rylee R
Rylee R 9 oy oldin
I feel like Alex has lost weight... he looks great!
Aqua Marine
Aqua Marine 9 oy oldin
*My recent emojis:* *😝🙃😕😶😣🤔😭😂😵🙄😉🌮🍔🍗😄😋😏😃😢😁😍*
RyzuLucario 577
RyzuLucario 577 9 oy oldin
Chase is awesome!
Moody Noodle
Moody Noodle 9 oy oldin
"You shocked me. . . on my nipple." how rood!
Olivia Land
Olivia Land 10 oy oldin
Erik N
Erik N 10 oy oldin
I immediately thought Chase was wearing John’s outfit and vice versa. Lol
RedEyesTops 10 oy oldin
It's a good thing I don't work for you guys, it would be extremely obvious who would be wearing my clothes, lol
The Consumer
The Consumer 10 oy oldin
Link saying" MUGGG IT UP!" in the beginning didn't get the recognition it should've gotten ):
Logan 10 oy oldin
"All the other scamps wanna be like Clint, they all like watchin' Clint, But I wanna be like Lee Van Cleef, I always did like Lee"
Clenton Cochran
Clenton Cochran 10 oy oldin
kevin looks like he could play peter parker 😂
regina palermo
regina palermo 10 oy oldin
I love you guys all so much
bobolovesoze 11 oy oldin
The first time I watched this I was so frustrated because I got it pretty quickly. I watched it again and I was so frustrated that they were still not getting it...oh well...
Bethany peterson
Bethany peterson 11 oy oldin
Chase is SUPER cute>> :)
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil 11 oy oldin
Alex is glorious
Dawn WOODWARD 11 oy oldin
Micah supports Liverpool???? Liverpool is in the uk and I live there :D its a rlly bad city in my opinion but I guess England in general is bad hahah
Just Jill
Just Jill 11 oy oldin
Vivi already had a GMM mug 😂💀
Mary Diaz
Mary Diaz 11 oy oldin
I'm convinced Rhett & Chase are related.
Jay Avera
Jay Avera Yil oldin
As they're standing now after John came out, this is my guess: Chase, Micah, Kevin, Alex, John
Max Warren
Max Warren Yil oldin
rhett usually has the button downs and link usually has the graphics t's, coincidence? I think not.
Rojan Shahreza
Rojan Shahreza Yil oldin
I love these games with the crew!
Im Chayce
Im Chayce Yil oldin
Redicilous 6
BhaiLogKaAdda Yil oldin
I was egearly waiting for this thing
William Wicks
William Wicks Yil oldin
Neal the nipple shocer
William Wicks
William Wicks Yil oldin
Stanley Switalski
You'll never walk alone!
Nicole Myers
Nicole Myers Yil oldin
This is a great video. Could be on the main channel.
wow, lovely
wow, lovely Yil oldin
James Barger
James Barger Yil oldin
I like how she won a mug... but already has a mug....
The Art of the Ginger
Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool!! Good to see one of tye Mythical Crew members is a red! YNWA Micah!
King Dippy
King Dippy Yil oldin
94.7 is the classic rock station here. And they play 5 songs all day. 3 of which are Led Zeppelin. Haven't listened in years and I think this is still prolly accurate.
Sup Dood?
Sup Dood? Yil oldin
Johns sexy
Beari_ana Yil oldin
Rhett is dressed like Link and Link is dressed like Rhett. Coincidence?
E Starr
E Starr Yil oldin
I like Kevin's style.
Heather Dominguez
Rhett love your Blondie shirt i love client eastwood in the good bad and the ugly looks like thats where that pics is from
Faith Richardson
omg its the boy verson of sister hood of travilling pants
TheCrazyMango82 Yil oldin
John is so attractive, he needs to get more camera time
Skeptic Septic
Skeptic Septic Yil oldin
do females next!!! so cute and such a good idea!!
Kristi W
Kristi W Yil oldin
Sisterhood of the traveling pants gmm edition
Emily Brooks
Emily Brooks Yil oldin
Alex is my favorite!
Owie 6807
Owie 6807 Yil oldin
This is very confusing when you have no clue who anyone is
SH1T KID Yil oldin
Gabriela Martinez Meza
I know every time
Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter Yil oldin
When I was in school the math teacher asked me a question ... if you have $5 in this pocket, $12 in this pocket, and $7 in this pocket, What do you have? ... I said: "Somebody else pants on?"
Sarah Herman
Sarah Herman Yil oldin
How old do you have to be to be a crew member?
D K S Yil oldin
These guys looked remarkably good in each other’s clothes!
Ann McGee
Ann McGee Yil oldin
I'm a simple woman. I see John, I click.
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely Yil oldin
now the ladies!
Rhys Jeffery
Rhys Jeffery Yil oldin
Morgan Elzey
Morgan Elzey Yil oldin
Do you go comando at work? "Sur" I know its sure but he said it like that lolol
Yo, another Alex-Link moment? (usually one-sided but hey) Is it christmas already?
bunny Yil oldin
You guys should do this again but with girl crew members :D Was fun~
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