Why 350°F is the magic number for baking

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Turns out there’s a lot of chemistry in cooking.
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Ever notice the first step for baking a cookie is almost always to preheat the oven to 350 degrees?
Even when you’re baking something else, an oven with a digital temperature reader typically defaults to 350. What’s so magical about this number and why is it that so many recipes call for it?
I spoke with longtime pastry chef and Institute of Culinary Education creative director Michael Laiskonis and found that - as with most “magical” things - it’s actually science.
Special thanks to Chef Daniel Kleinhandler of Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud and Chef Jenny McCoy for their help with this video!
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7-Iyn, 2018

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Vox 13 kun oldin
350° Fahrenheit = 176° Celsius. If you're curious why America still uses Fahrenheit, watch our video to find out: bit.ly/2JAuXcN
Manuel Alejandro Ramírez Olvera
Did you know "America" is not a country? Very bad VOX wants to show itself as "impartial" to a global scale audience, but still perpetuate 'Murican cultural rubbish like this one...
TheDativeCase 8 kun oldin
I was just about to check what that is in Celcius - you saved me a job there.
Catcrumbs 8 kun oldin
+Ginglyst The world has already decided on which temperature scale should be used: the International System of Units specifies the kelvin (K) as the unit of thermodynamic temperature and the degree Celsius (°C) as the unit of Celsius temperature. There is no reason for anyone to persist in using any other unit in a modern setting.
Virginia Gordon
Virginia Gordon 9 soat oldin
I always do 450
Stella Bar
Stella Bar 15 soat oldin
Who knew! Cool video.
SuperWho 88 2
SuperWho 88 2 15 soat oldin
Science and cookies. Could there be anything better?
SeaOtterKing 15 soat oldin
Vox pretending to have knowledge about anything is absolutely hilarious. You are all incompetent at everything you attempt.
Nina De Vos
Nina De Vos 3 kun oldin
Trail easily daily vpbtbtz identity musician stay tablespoon complete midnight decline.
whomst'd've youst'd've
Video also on Ted Ed
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 3 kun oldin
Americans are so dumb lol
Some Guy
Some Guy 4 kun oldin
I made mozzarella sticks today at 450...
richard loan
richard loan 5 kun oldin
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R. C.
R. C. 5 kun oldin
Great video! I enjoyed the history bit specially, it's always worth taking a look at how things were done before, humanity forgets very fast
Stephanie Huerta
Stephanie Huerta 5 kun oldin
350 degrees is the perfect temp? Oh lord, time to thank my mom. She always tells us to leave the oven on 350, not matter what the directions say. 🙄
Mike Page
Mike Page 5 kun oldin
I leave my oven set to 175C (350F) regardless what it says on the packet. Gets the job done without smoking the kitchen out. I am too lazy to clean the oven ;)
Kryptic - Fortnite
Kryptic - Fortnite 5 kun oldin
I just eat the cookie dough😂😂
Mike Riley
Mike Riley 5 kun oldin
I'm so bored.
Jeffrey Slater
Jeffrey Slater 5 kun oldin
Bunch of uneducated simpletons. Fahrenheit in the USA is part of the USCS measurement system. It’s not imperial.
HuggieBear39 5 kun oldin
I often use lower temps when I roast low and slow. Like I will bake ribs or a pork roast at 285-300 for a longer time that way the ribs or pork roast are moist and tender. I will bake a pound cake at 325
Isabella Evamara
Isabella Evamara 6 kun oldin
how come when i was growing up most things you bake said pre-heat to 400 425 450 500 550 and then now most things are 350 or 325 or sometimes 375 with only a few things saying 425? how come beef meals used to always be 500 or 550 sometimes telling you to reduce temperature during cooking and now most instructions for beef meals/dishes say 350 or 425 or in that range and just leave the oven at one temperature during cooking?
cancer 6 kun oldin
I'd smash
SlayTheRake 6 kun oldin
I think Michael Laiskonis may be dracula
John 6 kun oldin
You bake your cookies for too long
Quiddity 6 kun oldin
idontgotnothin 6 kun oldin
Dang girl finish your first bite before taking another. Maybe make a video about savoring your cookies.
The Noisy Spectator
idontgotnothin Let's face it; _All Bets Are Off_ with manners, sharing, using temperance to enhance enjoyment, and staying healthy by eating a Ballance Diet, when it come to *Chocolate* !!! 😍+😋
smootskin 7 kun oldin
That was a great one! Thx
ExperHax 7 kun oldin
345 squad where yall at
Johnny johns
Johnny johns 7 kun oldin
Bullshit sometimes you gotta tweak it cause your pans, altitude and what your baking.
FlowChange 54tyr
FlowChange 54tyr 7 kun oldin
350f sucks and burns everything, it's 350f not because it's the best, it's 350f because every recipe needs to be quick in order to make people happy which results in everything you bake being burnt 50% of the time. If someone reads "these cookies take 30 minutes to bake at 300f" they get fed up and ignore it, if the recipe says "350f for 15 minutes." they actually try baking it, even if it burns.
The Noisy Spectator
Easy Flow, you are ranting over something that is not worth it. 350 is a good rule of thumb because one number is easy to remember, and it can be applied to baking everything. If people were really that lazy, they would just come up with a way to microwave everything.
Ytho Plz stop
Ytho Plz stop 7 kun oldin
Could of made the vid 3:50 minuets
Mitchell T
Mitchell T 7 kun oldin
Who is the reporter in your video??
Sam 7 kun oldin
What Gas Mark is that?
A Comment
A Comment 7 kun oldin
I see more comments complaining about comments that complain about Fahrenheit, than actual comments that complain about Fahrenheit. Kinda makes you think who is more sensitive...
The Noisy Spectator
A Comment - it is also disappointing that people have so strayed from the topic of the video.
The Hateful M8
The Hateful M8 7 kun oldin
Turns out there is a lot of chemistry in everything *facepalm* Vox is a bunch of retards lol
Alessandro Salbego
Alessandro Salbego 8 kun oldin
Bloodly hell, Fahrenheit is confusing.
Alessandro Salbego
Alessandro Salbego 5 kun oldin
30 degrees Celsius (and yes I'm not an idiot, I know room temperature is usually tacken at 20 degrees)
The Noisy Spectator
My opinion is just as important as anyone else's, even if I don't persuade anyone else to agree with me! I speak from experience using both Celsius and Farenheight! What do _you_ think is a comfortable room temperature, in Celsius?
Alessandro Salbego
Alessandro Salbego 6 kun oldin
Interesting but as someone from a country that prodominatly (spelling RIP) uses Fahrenheit I'm not sure if it counts. I anyone from any other point in the globe agreed then maybe. By the way is the Babylonian system of base 60 not also too broad then. Them leaving us with 360 degrees and 60 minutes in an hour. It atleast feels to to. 60 is such a large number.
The Noisy Spectator
Yes, but I have still been exposed to the metric system enough to compare it to Fahrenheit. The Celsius scale is not as uncommon here as you would think from reading the comments here.
Alessandro Salbego
Alessandro Salbego 6 kun oldin
Where you from? Are you from the US?
Poppity Shot
Poppity Shot 8 kun oldin
Lol I have that same exact oven
Madison Harmon
Madison Harmon 8 kun oldin
That baker guy looks like an old Bill Skarsgard
Kristina Baker
Kristina Baker 8 kun oldin
Cool, but I was distractes by that guy's skin, he looks unwell... Also, so funny that ICE & CIA are culinary schools
Marsha Creary
Marsha Creary 8 kun oldin
Paul The psn gamer
Paul The psn gamer 8 kun oldin
For cookies I do 325 chewey n better
The Noisy Spectator
Thanks : )
Paul The psn gamer
Paul The psn gamer 6 kun oldin
The Noisy Spectator 10 to 13 min depending on the oven
The Noisy Spectator
Paul The psn gamer - 325 degrees for how long?
Ethan Rosen
Ethan Rosen 8 kun oldin
sweet spot
Marty Hurst
Marty Hurst 8 kun oldin
Bakeing chicken now at 350
Syed Mohammad
Syed Mohammad 8 kun oldin
*Why is it not 420?*
Syed Mohammad
Syed Mohammad 6 kun oldin
The Noisy Spectator its an MLG joke lmao
The Noisy Spectator
Syed Mohammad watch 1:47 again.
Moon 8 kun oldin
Wow, this babe is gorgeous.
Kenneth Chavarria
Kenneth Chavarria 8 kun oldin
Holy gorgeous, I’m thinking this girl, Kim, is way more than just a moderately hot 350 degrees too! She can bake my cookies, anytime! Yikes!
DAKINUVPEPR 8 kun oldin
It's the same as Why 0°C is the magic number for freezing water
Adib BehrooziTV
Adib BehrooziTV 9 kun oldin
I like this stuff
Zenn Exile
Zenn Exile 9 kun oldin
Guess what fukpotatos? This is completely wrong. A simple google search and yer dumb fukpotato brain might have accidentally absorbed the truth. Whoops. Oh well.
Twink Daddy
Twink Daddy 9 kun oldin
Why does the thumbnail have the Wal-Mart logo
Milena Đ.
Milena Đ. 9 kun oldin
Quick question: why do more “primitive” ovens often yield more delicious foods? For example, fire-baked pizza.
Michael Choe
Michael Choe 9 kun oldin
i just put it to the max so it cooks faster
The Noisy Spectator
Michael Choe - If you did that, the outside would bake solid, and insulate the inside against the heat. The outside would crisp up and catch fire before the center got cooked enough to be edible.
MrYour101 9 kun oldin
Thumbnail looks like the Walmart Logo.
Quick Cookie
Quick Cookie 9 kun oldin
Quick and informative video! Thanks
Dante Howlstice
Dante Howlstice 9 kun oldin
why does that Michael Laiskonis guy looks like he's going to eat my liver like Hannibal Lecter
GJ1998ARG 9 kun oldin
Celsius Is better
hi cun-buddy
hi cun-buddy 9 kun oldin
i bake my cookies at 349
Alex Wright
Alex Wright 9 kun oldin
Most cooking instructions seem to say 200 degrees C in Britain when they aren't using gas marks, which is a bit over 350 F.
Justin S
Justin S 9 kun oldin
The way she said “cookie” pissed me off
Kevin Micheludis
Kevin Micheludis 9 kun oldin
Wait, so its not white peoples fault?
To the Bat Mobile
To the Bat Mobile 9 kun oldin
Really getting down to the bottom of things with these educational essays. :ppp
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan 9 kun oldin
Who else loves gooey cookies
The Noisy Spectator
Sameer Khan MEEE.....! 😀😄😋👏👏👏👍 .... But, not Salmonella poisoning.😛
Lau Bjerno
Lau Bjerno 9 kun oldin
I nearly always use 200˚C. (Which for those who haven't yet joined Modern Civilization is 392˚F)
nod8d 9 kun oldin
now we know, and knowing is half the battle.
kenalpha3 9 kun oldin
1:08 unzips pants...
gorcneo 9 kun oldin
A Vox video WITHOUT a political agenda? Is... Is this real life?
Naiyo 9 kun oldin
400 degrees is the magic number to get $$$
New Milford RAIL FAN
Because it is
Kyzren 9 kun oldin
I actually ore heat to 351 degrees
Acid Burial
Acid Burial 9 kun oldin
tree fiddy
Thomas Marshall
Thomas Marshall 9 kun oldin
Not trying to be that typical guy but I think I'm in love. So pretty.
Rebel Dylan18
Rebel Dylan18 9 kun oldin
I prefer 325F intead of 350F b/c the cookie will be soft and slightly undone in the middle. I did an experiment for this last year for one of my baking and pastry art classes and I found that 375° out of 325F & 350F was the winning degree to bake cookies at according to my chef instructors I personally don't like a golden brown cookie I like it looking like a flattened piece of cookie dough very soft and slightly chewy
Joseph W
Joseph W 9 kun oldin
Three fitty
Abe 9 kun oldin
I usually do mine to about a 355-360
Rory Wilson
Rory Wilson 9 kun oldin
Billion army solid expand inmate statue cheese wave ask ski sheet.
Jack Thomson
Jack Thomson 9 kun oldin
I had no idea the Brain had a passion for baking cookies
Brandonlm2010 10 kun oldin
What about high altitude baking like in colorado
The Sloth
The Sloth 10 kun oldin
350 3~what has 3 sides? A triangle 5~5-4=1 0 The Illuminati is a TRIANGLE with ONE eye and there is 0 reason to think that this doesn’t make sense Illuminati confirmed
Legendary King
Legendary King 10 kun oldin
I like the tasty looking snack talking to me
Bloxxy 10 kun oldin
I literally got an ad for an oven.
soda pop
soda pop 10 kun oldin
Great video!
Nancy Sheep
Nancy Sheep 10 kun oldin
~preheat your onion at four hundo~
Matteo Nodari
Matteo Nodari 10 kun oldin
Because it’s L I T
Mady Alvarez
Mady Alvarez 10 kun oldin
that pastry chef from ICE literally looks like a dark-haired version of the dude who killed a man with his thumb from Ratatouille
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia 10 kun oldin
I bake at 777 degree's
Jacob Walls
Jacob Walls 10 kun oldin
I hate anything vox
S_Logs 10 kun oldin
Rottweiler vlog: Do check here uzvid.com/video/video-I90_qIsnjpU.html
DrivingBackward 10 kun oldin
That’s why you got to heat her up before you put it in.
TheNovelNovelist 10 kun oldin
Cookies just aren't nearly as good as cookie dough.
Cars Simplified
Cars Simplified 10 kun oldin
But why are other temperatures always in 25 degree increments?
Nero Wolfe
Nero Wolfe 10 kun oldin
Either her oven cooks "hot" or she needs to drop her baking temperature by 25 - 50 degrees; her cookie was overdone at 350 F. Good Video.
fep_ ptcp
fep_ ptcp 10 kun oldin
If America used Kelvin I wouldn't complain, but Fahrenheit, come on...
Marianne Chevrier
Marianne Chevrier 10 kun oldin
That didn't feel like Vox.
Don't Read My Profile Picture
420°F for brownies.
gut wrenching deaths
whoa Steve Buscemi
James Rae
James Rae 10 kun oldin
150°C (302°F) is what I see on most recipes here in Spain. I'm pretty sure they just pick a good-enough number that's divisible by 50 in whatever temperature scale your country uses.
Traduttore Traditore
shout out to my Celsius boys
Sorry sir that is ILLEGAL
Well pizza rolls go in for 450
Brandon C.
Brandon C. 10 kun oldin
375° is way better
Carl Keller
Carl Keller 10 kun oldin
A better cookie? How about scrumptious zero calorie chocolate chip cookies please.
Zogg from Betelgeuse
So, in a nutshell, 350°F is the ideal temperature because a lower temperature isn't hot enough and a higher temperature is too hot? Isn't that, well, kinda obvious?
Goat Boi
Goat Boi 10 kun oldin
But the question was why
Alan_Akbar 10 kun oldin
1:40 is the magic time for the microwave
The Pizza Theorem
14 kun oldin