Why Apple doesn't talk about competitors

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How come there is no mentions of Galaxy or Huawei phones in Apple's ads or launch events?
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9-Yan, 2019



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Mrwhosetheboss 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much for having me - really love how this turned out! 👊
Andreas Lam
Andreas Lam 11 kun oldin
Mrwhosetheboss thanks for introducing me to Techaltar..
sufi gamer2437 ツ
Kida fir
sufi gamer2437 ツ
Hey I'm one of your fans you make good videos
Kids these days missed the time when Apple's every single ad is about Windows.
uuu 2 kun oldin
because they already are better, why would they when their competitors suck lemo
David Merlino
David Merlino 2 kun oldin
The IPhone 8 64GB it’s on T mobile I came back after 3 years
Original name
Original name 2 kun oldin
Apple does make comparisons when it comes to latest mobile OS version adoption.
kabz 2 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What's new features Nothing but it's an iPhone 😹😹😹😹
Nate Woodward
Nate Woodward 2 kun oldin
Umm... Apple compares themselves to Google and Android all the time. I've watched their launch events. I've watched the videos of Steve Jobs. I've seen their commercials. This entire premise is 100 percent inaccurate. They belittle competitors. They constantly talk about OS adoption and updates compared to Android. They brag about how many apps their store has compared to Google. They brag about how their devices are a better size than competitors. I could go on and on and on...
herman stokbrood
herman stokbrood 3 kun oldin
Apple is a monopolist. Their buyers only care about the next iPhone, iPad and iMac. Strong marketing.
KrazyVideoChick 4 kun oldin
Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Aaron.... yummy.
Ketan Mahale
Ketan Mahale 4 kun oldin
Ismaelz21 6 kun oldin
Because the competitors are better and cheaper, what else
sLam 7 kun oldin
Apple compaires on its own phones everyyear They are their own compition
Love Life
Love Life 7 kun oldin
When you’re number one you don’t care about the competition
ALoner Guy995
ALoner Guy995 7 kun oldin
Does Apple has a Secure Folder where I can download anything on my phones such as My Anime porn Videos/Pictures anywhere on the internet and store them in one place and slap a password on to hide my porn? Yeah I thought so, I'm sticking with my S9 +.
Carson Lujan
Carson Lujan 7 kun oldin
they make fun of removing the headphone jack but they just removed it themselves
Tyler Lang
Tyler Lang 5 kun oldin
+Carson Lujan more than likely, but I don't see the big deal. A wireless future is what we want right? Just not the hefty price tag of wireless ear buds. I'm sure as they become more common, cheaper alternatives than Air Pods and Galaxy Buds will crop up.
Carson Lujan
Carson Lujan 5 kun oldin
+Tyler Lang well thats what i've been told but they may do it in the future
Tyler Lang
Tyler Lang 6 kun oldin
Samsung hasn't removed the headphone jack? I have a Galaxy S10 Plus, using my headphones right now.
Kris 7 kun oldin
Apple doesnt talk about competitors. Their fans do.
niclas lindman
niclas lindman 7 kun oldin
All iPhone user use Google why not buy a Android Google mobile that get Real Google insted of a Google light version realy Wonder about why pay much to use Android get NFC just that do Android better 🤔
Ravishanker 8 kun oldin
Comparisons don't permit deception. By comparing, you allow the truth to be revealed. And the truth will set you free! Be free, value freedom and don't get locked in. Consumers have the right to know and make informed decisions.
Joseph De Castro
Joseph De Castro 8 kun oldin
Because they are behind the technology. Your going down!!!!
LeBron James
LeBron James 7 kun oldin
Joseph De Castro When you’re at the top why look down
Nenad Ilic
Nenad Ilic 8 kun oldin
Bruno Godinho
Bruno Godinho 9 kun oldin
What? Where do you live? Ridiculous really. uzvid.com/video/video-z1APG3HjO4Q.html
Noel Bolo
Noel Bolo 9 kun oldin
Apple wish list 2019: No notch or a better display. $999-$849. Headphone jack 3 cameras Bigger battery/ bigger battery/bigger ram/ bigger storage 50w Fast charging includes in the box IP70 USB c and 5G
eldhose peter
eldhose peter 9 kun oldin
they don't like to compare with others becoz others have more specifications.if they compare then it will be downgrading your iphone.
Vince's Son
Vince's Son 9 kun oldin
RampartDistric213 9 kun oldin
I left apple. Never have I been so happy :)
FLAT EARTH 9 kun oldin
SALAM JIHAD 9 kun oldin
Bob Sarmiento
Bob Sarmiento 9 kun oldin
Why don’t android phone developers compare their cpu with Apple? And why Android terribly lags with a 3gb memory while iPhone runs super smooth?
Khalid 10 kun oldin
because apple is shit lol
No, this is Patrick
No, this is Patrick 10 kun oldin
They lead the sales in the phone market despite reaching a bump. Why would they talk about the competitors? Most people own iPhones. Unless Samsung becomes significantly larger than Apple in the market, they don't need to ever mention them, unlike Samsung and Google who have to mention Apple to boost their phones' sales (Note: Google never mentions Samsung or vice versa).
ARagersThoughts 1
ARagersThoughts 1 10 kun oldin
I watched an apple commercial comparing android to ios. HAHAHAHAHA!
Jason Hatt
Jason Hatt 10 kun oldin
Why should they talk about their competitors? If I was a business I wouldn't want my customers to know my competitors even existed.
herman stokbrood
herman stokbrood 3 kun oldin
As a monopolist there are no competitors.
SH3RIFFO 10 kun oldin
Pew News music lol
Brian Dang
Brian Dang 10 kun oldin
Apple two biggest advantages being a much faster processor (look at geek bench) and a very stable phone operating system. Both not easily visible on spec sheet.
needmorebrain 9 kun oldin
Yeah, and because they are not easily visible they are most likely imaginable - for those fools who spent far too much money for an obsolescent phone.
Humblecapricorn86 10 kun oldin
irene jacobs
irene jacobs 10 kun oldin
before 5 years ago, theres no way you can change my mind on buying iphone.. for me they are the best in the market... now , its easy for me to decide to buy a samsung for my next phone.. by the way i havent change my iphone for about 5 years..apple is losing their charm..
Jaldeep Tipale
Jaldeep Tipale 11 kun oldin
Watch Steve Jobs speech during the "Think Different" campaign launch. He can explain it much better. He picked up the strategy from another great brand, Nike.
Bongaerts anthem
Bongaerts anthem 11 kun oldin
No they dont doo it because apple iPhones sucks
Alfonso Diagro
Alfonso Diagro 11 kun oldin
remember when apple made fun of the note 7?
Vyrsace 11 kun oldin
This might be true in today's Apple culture that they don't mention competitors but historically they did mention competitors by name during their first unveiling of the iPhone 1 with Tim Cook where he referred to other smart phones like Blackberry and Palm Pilot. He illustrated them in a diagram. Yes, those companies aren't the same type of competitors comparative to today but they were competitors so I think it's worth reflecting on that.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 11 kun oldin
apple doesn't even care to compare their products to android because they are better. Android is always playing the catchup game to apple. Apple phones are much faster :) and actually have privacy and software updates.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un Kun oldin
guess what, apple actually has software updates :O unlike samsung+Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja 11 kun oldin
Dark Ninja
Dark Ninja 11 kun oldin
Kim Jong Un Have u seen the s10 it beats Apple in speed rates, battery and has the new IU which has amazing updates
itz psy
itz psy 11 kun oldin
Yep, pretty much what I thought.
Gregorio Bersales II
Ummm... What about those "Mac Vs. PC" commercials/ads? uzvid.com/video/video-0eEG5LVXdKo.html
Ablan 12 kun oldin
Take a look at dis! uzvid.com/video/video-j-pEMVXQ8Mo.html
David Cote
David Cote 12 kun oldin
A 7 minute video to say Apple wants you to believe that nothing else compares... Apple doesn't compare itself to any other company because they want you to believe their is nothing that can compare it too. If you even acknowledge the competition, it means you have a choice and that's something Apple doesn't even want you to think of... There is Apple and no others to choose from, nothing else will work. Apple is your only choice. Like you said "Which "iPhone" do you choose." not simply which "phone"...
Ten Minute Tokyo 2
Ten Minute Tokyo 2 12 kun oldin
There is no such thing as bad publicity as someone once said.
Agent Fletcher
Agent Fletcher 12 kun oldin
I thought this was going to be a really short episode.
Bulleteng 12 kun oldin
They got nothing to prove to the weaker, simple as that. Only weaker keep trying to prove they are better than the better/best.
Ohh sheit.
Ohh sheit. 12 kun oldin
Pew news background song?! Pls give me attention
Tyler Elliott
Tyler Elliott 12 kun oldin
Ohh sheit. Your welcome
Imagination King
Imagination King 12 kun oldin
Apple goes hard, they don’t wanna include the competition don’t need to
Kevin Low
Kevin Low 12 kun oldin
Because they can't, because their products are inferior.
NPC #34254334 Response:
If they would compare to other phones they would lose alot of sales.. You know, since almost every other flagship phone or even midrange phone is better in alot of ways (specs, such as ram and Cpu, also screenresolution) (sorry, androidfanboy here) I do like it that they never make fun of competitors anymore, i find that cheap to be honest. And yes, it will make me look into the competitor to since it got me curious. I dislike Apple products, but i respect the HELL out of their marketing, they are sooooo good in marketing.
MelodicTurtleMetal 12 kun oldin
Not CPU. Apple have made an amazing cpu that left the competition in the dust. Snapdragon are only barely catching up now, and within months of releasing said catch-up, Apple will upgrade again. The rest of the phone is trash, with exception being the camera
honeydewbunson 13 kun oldin
Because that’s how businesses used to operate when people cared about nuances like tact and class .... you dont put down the competition with the intent of proving you are better than anything or any product. Your job when marketing is to raise perceived value of your product as high as possible... how would the mere mention of a competitor do anything but detract from the message of the advertisement?
Raymond Jay Enriquez
Well that's your opinion as an apple fanboy. But time will tell if what you're saying is true or has any significance w/ what's really going on. I used to love apple, but after steve jobs they just lost the magic. I saved this video for later. Something to laugh about. And oh, if you just open up your mind you can see that samsung made some good points on their ads
lolboy11 13 kun oldin
This is so wrong. I can find you several examples where Apple is comparing their products with other companies since Steve Jobs in the keynotes. The iPhone was presented before looking at the cell phone market in the keynote 2010.
The Equalogist
The Equalogist 13 kun oldin
These two clowns have no idea what they're talking about!
its EbK
its EbK 13 kun oldin
Dont give a sh*t what apple does to my brain... im still gonna buy another iphone
brand slewa
brand slewa 13 kun oldin
Why would anyone buy the same phone each year for 1500 with no major upgrade?
MelodicTurtleMetal 12 kun oldin
Because smug
Ezra Boren
Ezra Boren 13 kun oldin
Apple computers are more complicated than woman
Free MGTOW 13 kun oldin
Apple's Marketing only works on dump People.
Adrian Jackson
Adrian Jackson 13 kun oldin
iphone = Glock
Matt Aydlett
Matt Aydlett 13 kun oldin
can you make a video about the decline of HTC
Adeeb Hamad
Adeeb Hamad 13 kun oldin
Bro if they tried to compare they would lose lololol
Félix Poirier
Félix Poirier 10 kun oldin
Adeeb Hamad Ahah ok I’ll text later
Adeeb Hamad
Adeeb Hamad 10 kun oldin
+Félix Poirier fine bro. You can run from the truth all you want, but the truth won't hide from you!!!!!
Félix Poirier
Félix Poirier 10 kun oldin
Adeeb Hamad No I just woke up and I got class lol
Félix Poirier
Félix Poirier 10 kun oldin
Adeeb Hamad Ram is not the only determining factor in cellphone speed. If you got a lot of ram but no optimization it still won’t be fast.
Adeeb Hamad
Adeeb Hamad 10 kun oldin
+Félix Poirier why? You having a hard time keeping up??
Chin 13 kun oldin
We all know discrimination is usually done by low quality people. So Samsung is funny and this company should upgrade themselves
_ItzShaggy_ 13 kun oldin
It's because there products are no wear near as good as others
Riding With Ralph
Riding With Ralph 13 kun oldin
Apple wins the popularity contest celebrity's and people like that use apple thats all people care about these days if the Kardashians or cardi B uses apple then mabey I should get one
MelodicTurtleMetal 12 kun oldin
Doesn't work everywhere in the world though. Few Nations are as vain and egotistical as Americans
George Azzopardi
George Azzopardi 14 kun oldin
Of course they dont they dont wanna get themselves into shame cause let's face it other competitors are building great phones with very less prices like the pocofone for example we're not riche apple wake the fuck up
Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma 14 kun oldin
because they are a lot better 🥶
Steven Truong
Steven Truong 14 kun oldin
Spec comparison doesn’t work for android because apples hardware optimization is godlike
i2u4n o
i2u4n o 12 kun oldin
Steven Truong ikr. It’s useless having 8gb of ram but works like shit. Just look at note 9
Lirath 14 kun oldin
Apple has superiority complex.
Jimmy JamesRaynor
Jimmy JamesRaynor 14 kun oldin
Hello I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC And you call yourself a tech blog? Seriously???
Matthewliu1 12 kun oldin
That's so old. They are talking about the present. Did you even watch the video?? He mentioned it already.
Karl Allan
Karl Allan 14 kun oldin
Apple makes fun of Android uzvid.com/video/video-z1APG3HjO4Q.html v
Mceater Gaming
Mceater Gaming 14 kun oldin
it's funny how during the first iPhone unveiling they compared the iPhone with the Nokia n95 and blackberry on how slim the iPhone is and how the iPhone was really good for fast internet browsing, but now if they get compared they are like ooohh no we are royal we were always royal and can nvr be compared.
durai prasanth
durai prasanth 14 kun oldin
iPhone compared with Xbox one s... Prefer any console more than 1k phone any day
Manpreet Chahal
Manpreet Chahal 14 kun oldin
Because their competitors are their supplier- samsung
325 GA〽ING
325 GA〽ING 14 kun oldin
Because they know they’re the best. They so far from the competition they don’t notice them.
Addelew 14 kun oldin
They really like to compare iOS updates to Android updates on every keynote tho...
Prince Amir
Prince Amir 14 kun oldin
No one talk about others
AverageOtaku93 14 kun oldin
I stick with Apple only because because of iOS
Tony Huang
Tony Huang 14 kun oldin
I had an iPhone X but I switched to the Huawei Mate 20 pro. The mate 20 pro is way better. Huawei is catching up to Samsung and Apple.
MelodicTurtleMetal 12 kun oldin
Huawei just need to make a couple good tweaks to their Android skin and they'd surpass them both. I'm confident that the big Chinese phone makers competing with each other will make them all the superior phones. My money in on Huawei or Xiaomi
dhanmondi 14 kun oldin
Apple's camera takes hilariously poor quality shots when it comes to low light situation or even in the selfie race. Pixel, Samsung have upper hand in this section. Another point, apple finally decided to include amoled in their flagships while it's out there in the market for long.
Sam Pomare
Sam Pomare 14 kun oldin
 is like Michael Jordan. Everyone compares their products to  .
SAAR3KT 14 kun oldin
Mart mart
Mart mart 14 kun oldin
Apple can't compare to the competition because apple buy parts from Samsung, LG etc, apple doesn't make hardware just software
MelodicTurtleMetal 12 kun oldin
Love that *DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA* ᴹᵃᵈᵉ ᶦⁿ ᶜʰᶦⁿᵃ
Handy Man
Handy Man 14 kun oldin
I just saw Perfume on TechAltar video OMG (6:31-6:37)
Ä:ett _YT
Ä:ett _YT 14 kun oldin
I was an Apple user back in the day, my first phone was an iPhone 4s that i got from my parents. When it got outdated and I had to get a phone with my own money, i realised what a ripoff iPhones are and I got myself a Huawei Honor 8. So glad i did.
MelodicTurtleMetal 12 kun oldin
Kinda the same. Started Apple, loved it. Got a Galaxy s3 when the iPhone shit itself - loved the s3.. it stopped charging. Hated phones for a while. The novelty had worn off. Finally found my perfect phone - Xiaomi mi max. Massive screen, with a 3 day battery. Great performance, and the price/value was insane. Chinese phones ftw. Rocking a mi mix 3 now
Alton Kilbourne
Alton Kilbourne 15 kun oldin
Because apple is busy stealing and copying from every one
Odd Branch
Odd Branch 15 kun oldin
They do that all the time though! The „Your Phone vs iPhone“ ads are everywhere.
Dante Solaris
Dante Solaris 15 kun oldin
Because the can't compete...
Karim HOussy
Karim HOussy 15 kun oldin
Android fans try to convince themselves that they have better. While apple don't give a shit about the competition because there is no competition to apple.
Colonel Crow
Colonel Crow 13 kun oldin
Disagree. I used to use an iPhone before it ultimately kicked the bucket (the battery expanded, breaking the circuitry), and afterwards bought a low-end Android phone. The accessibility of it compared to the iPhone is perfectly equal, with the main difference being that if I need to do stuff such as transfer photos or download a file, it's 100x easier than trying to wrestle with iTunes. Not to mention that Apple products are crazy overpriced. Even if I bought a second hand iPhone 5, it would cost me twice what I paid for this phone brand new.
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier 15 kun oldin
6:00 Dude, but you cant say, that other phones are way better. Til today, f.e., the Xs Max is the fastest phone on the planet. Because of the more efficiant concept, the iPhone dont need this specs for the same power. And I always wondering about you tech-youtber: Software engineering is really expensive. Way more expensive then buy the cam sensor from sony, the ram from X and the CPU of Qualcomm and build them on the plate. Behind one device of apple, there is so much service and smart design, android cant compete with that. But I think that to high for a lot of smartphone junkies, which only consume stuff instead of working with it.
dorbsz 15 kun oldin
Hi, I'm a PC...
Mensch Meier
Mensch Meier 15 kun oldin
two years ago, I give my 6s away and bought a Huawei Mate 9. Great phone, but you can do a lot less like with the iPhone. You have a lot of possibilities, which nobody use but tell everybody that you could do this. But fact is, the most apps dont work so well like the iOS apps and the everyday use in work is less annyoing like androids. To be clear: Android is annoying as fuck. You need a lot of time to work stuff out, which do the iphone without any setting, workaround or so. I also drive a car and I dont need hours to figure out how this and this works, I am not a car mechanic. And the ecosystem of Apple is like a drug, thats true. Its hard to leave it. Because there is no really alternative. The sync btw mac, iPhone and iPad is so comfy, its saves hours of my worktime a week. Try to use a tablet, Android phone and WIN-PC together. There is no really workflow. The devices alone are all great, but they dont work together and just as long the warranty is over. My apple products are all older then 4 years.
Kishaloy Mallick
Kishaloy Mallick 15 kun oldin
quality over quantity
Ben Bnadem
Ben Bnadem 15 kun oldin
im an android user but lets be real here the A12 bionic is a beast
MelodicTurtleMetal 2 kun oldin
+i2u4n o I preferred the Mali GPU in the past, simply because it ran so much cooler than the adreno, and seemed plenty able to play the high demand games of the time. Though I don't mobile game period these days, and the platform probably had much more demanding titles.
i2u4n o
i2u4n o 2 kun oldin
MelodicTurtleMetal yahhh but sd has more superior gpu than exynos. So i would like how A chipset competes with sd chipset.
i2u4n o
i2u4n o 2 kun oldin
herman stokbrood okayyy...say what you want my dear :,)
MelodicTurtleMetal 2 kun oldin
+herman stokbrood You grow up. I don't understand your hyper defence of Snapdragon devices.
MelodicTurtleMetal 2 kun oldin
+i2u4n o I'd say no, but Apple have made staggering progress with these chips. The A12x already blows the Snapdragon out of the water. Honestly I'm more interested in the samsung chip vs Apple chip going forward. But who knows. Qualcomm made decent progress with the 855, perhaps the next will exceed expectations
Abdullah Bader.
Abdullah Bader. 15 kun oldin
I like this Cuz whenever i see comparisons i search for the both competitors but if they don’t mention their competitor will prevent me from searching
Angie C
Angie C 15 kun oldin
Apple doesn’t compare heir products to anything because their products always sell out, they’re filthy fucking rich and know they don’t really have competition because THEY ARE THE COMPETITION
Y P 15 kun oldin
Because they're a generation behind the current tech. Lol it's pretty obvious.
Y P 13 kun oldin
+al 2026 that's definitely debatable but in regards to the iOS. It's been 2 / 3 generations behind now and they keep taking away features while bringing 'new' features. It's pretty much a joke now. Lol
al 2026
al 2026 14 kun oldin
all their chips have always been a generation ahead :/
Ishmael Saldana
Ishmael Saldana 15 kun oldin
“Oh no they’ve figured out the apple merchandise strategy....at least they haven’t figured out the psychology behind it”😂😂😂
Lightman116 15 kun oldin
They can't compare because thier shit compared to the competitors
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