Why Apple doesn't talk about competitors

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How come there is no mentions of Galaxy or Huawei phones in Apple's ads or launch events?
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9-Yan, 2019

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Mrwhosetheboss 6 kun oldin
Thank you so much for having me - really love how this turned out! 👊
Andrey Lucas
Andrey Lucas 2 kun oldin
Also worth noting that Apple always use the microscopic number of Android devices using the latest version with 1% versus their IOS with 90% in their dev keynotes.
Andrey Lucas
Andrey Lucas 2 kun oldin
Like both of you guys. But here's a tip: if you'll link a UZvid channel in the description, use the link from UZvid, so mobile users can instantly browse to the next one, instead of opening the browser and return to the app or open the link on the browser itself instead.
Hazman Rostam
Hazman Rostam 3 kun oldin
Wowww its u broo the boss!!
Johnathon Sanders
Johnathon Sanders 3 kun oldin
I'm like #666 🤘
d33p4k 2 soat oldin
Because they know Apple is stupid ppl friendly...
Nizar Noor
Nizar Noor 6 soat oldin
Because they're deluded
Beau 7 soat oldin
I can tell you why without watching the video. If you are the second biggest brand, you will always be name dropping the biggest brand, trying to sell how much better you are than it, trying to convince people to move away from it (Go look at old Pepsi advertising strategy) trying to sell up if you are cheaper (and generally the number 2 brand is cheaper because they have to lower the price a little to get the sales... E.G. AMD in both CPU and GPU) BUT If you are number 1, you NEVER mention number 2, you never mention them as a competitor and when asked about competition you say you have none. The principal behind this is well, you have enough faith in your product (and your brand value... obviously, you're number 1 after all) and that you don't need too mention the competition because all that does is give the customer another reason to think about the competition... If you NEVER mention them, the customer wont hear them (well def not as much as they will hear about you!) and from that point its, "out of sight, out of mind"
Aloha Snack
Aloha Snack 7 soat oldin
They did during antenna gate. Wrapping their hands over the competition phones and watch the signal bars drop.
Salah 10 soat oldin
I stopped watching after Mr whose the "boss" jumps in, for me he lost his creditability long time ago
Alter Cazimie
Alter Cazimie 12 soat oldin
Apple is just a status symbol. For the average to below is humans they don't even know what ram is or they care about it. They only care about the camera and the colour of the icons. And the cute phone cases. Since it's expensive they think it's better when it's not. Just genius.
RagingTiger 13 soat oldin
Because Apple doesn't compare to anything else, they are superior overall
Sasha Meow
Sasha Meow 17 soat oldin
no other brand keeps its selling value like apple. I've had to sell other phones way cheaper in order to get rid of them then i have apple phones.
Michael Angel
Michael Angel 18 soat oldin
I wouldn't want to talk about height when I am only 3'3" tall.
Gagandeep Singh Sokhey
Good knowledge shared by Martin and Arun 👍
RabixYT 20 soat oldin
Uhh... Remember when Mac Apple was name calling Windows Microsoft??? Yeah.
DEAN H 23 soat oldin
iphone is the benchmark.Apple is the leader in the industry, simple as that.
kate lewis
kate lewis Kun oldin
They must not wake the Isheep from their hypnotic trance
Christopher Garry
When you are the best you don't rent space to other companies.
Nicolas Vedder
Nicolas Vedder Kun oldin
Jhonny Ive's impersonator.
Brian G.P
Brian G.P Kun oldin
Great is he who does not need to turn off the light of others to shine. Mediocre is he who requires comparing itself to greatness.
p4k8g5i7 Kun oldin
Apple likes to compare apple to apple and & does not like comparing apples to sour lime!
Da Eagle
Da Eagle Kun oldin
Let’s be honest, they build really fucking good phones, whether you are android or iOS I don’t give two fucks, but the way apple uses the 2-6 gigs of ram they have is like no other, even the iPhone 8 gets higher benchmarks the the note9.
Ivan Jetá
Ivan Jetá Kun oldin
Apple is the reference. The rest is just trying to take Apple's place.
iOnRX9 Kun oldin
i was riding in a car with an android user we both saw a flipped over car, we both pulled out our phones, i took my picture while driving by, the android user was still waiting for their camera to come online as we left the scene. that fucking blew me away
celestial Pegasus
Apple: We're better than what we were yesterday! Android: We are better than Apple. We are better than Apple. We are better than Apple.
Swiper_The_Jetta Mk4
Apple wants the money and bragging rights but won’t thank the true champs that supply them.apple is a joke and I see why things are not looking to good . Slowing down phones ,shipping your true apple fans bent iPads then tell them that it’s normal get the hell out
Piyush Parmar
Piyush Parmar Kun oldin
What does matter to user... Experience. It should doesn't matter from where it comes... iOS or Android. Apple or Google, Others.
geelong3514 Kun oldin
Basically because their products aren't nearly as good and cost almost twice as much LMAO.
TheBrainvision Kun oldin
Classy approach, no doubt. Unfortunately, now it just seems like they have nothing much to say against the competition. I guess times are a changing.
P Pa
P Pa Kun oldin
Apple is shit.. They are still in 2017 😂 now it's 2019
Suneel Hegde
Suneel Hegde Kun oldin
The Apple is literally busy in bringing out new innovations in the next model of its product that it hardly cares about what all other smartphone companies are babbling about. And the fact that Samsung compares its products with those of Apple's, it clearly shows that the Samsung thinks of Apple as their measuring standard for its products. For Apple, it's just "Let's be better than what we were in the previous year" which is a wonderful business strategy but although, I wish the Apple offered products to not-so-rich-and-loaded-with-money kind of people 😁
T8PolestarCyan Kun oldin
I have (and still have) an iPhone 6S+. It's a good phone but it's my final iPhone. Apple is getting to cocky, too smart for their own good. Even an iPhone XR is still too expensive to buy! For that money you can just get any Android phones. I've switched to a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Unfortunately our market only has a 128GB storage and 6GB RAM either in Black or Emerald Green. However it's way better than my old iPhone for sure. It does take beautiful pictures but I have to admit it can over enchance picture which I mostly don't want! The only thing I have for iPhones are it's user friendly (a lot simplier to use) than any Android phones and it uses resources efficiently esp. RAM. Everything else my Mate 20 Pro is a lot better... at least a lot better than my 6S+. I would've opted an iPhone XS Max 1TB or 512GB but those price tags are in PC gaming teritory! What the hell? That's why I've made my switch!
Vikas Kkc
Vikas Kkc Kun oldin
U deserve millions subscribers love from #India 😍😍
Richard Gunther
Richard Gunther Kun oldin
They did do the Your phone vs iPhone thing guys.... that is basically iPhone vs Android. That must have came up in research?! But yeah I see the point on spec comparing
Scarlet Igniz
Scarlet Igniz Kun oldin
because they're hella expensive and crap technology and stupid unnecessary stuff
Yung Gesus
Yung Gesus Kun oldin
Thought I saw this video already
peter williams
peter williams Kun oldin
Apple is a premium brand, how do you want them to compare their products with inferior brands like Samsung and other android brands.? See this for yourself, these are facts: Apple’s Lead in the $800 Smartphone Market Reveals No Threat From Any Manufacturer so Far Apple had the lion’s share of the premium segment, making up 47 percent of the market, with Samsung trailing behind with 22 percent. Huawei came in third with a 12 percent market share, followed by Vivo and OPPO with 5 percent, and Xiaomi with 3 percent. Although about 40 OEMs serve the premium market, it is dominated by a handful of companies, with the top five players accounting for nearly 89 percent of the sales.
peter williams
peter williams Kun oldin
Apple’s Lead in the $800 Smartphone Market Reveals No Threat From Any Manufacturer so Far Apple had the lion’s share of the premium segment, making up 47 percent of the market, with Samsung trailing behind with 22 percent. Huawei came in third with a 12 percent market share, followed by Vivo and OPPO with 5 percent, and Xiaomi with 3 percent. Although about 40 OEMs serve the premium market, it is dominated by a handful of companies, with the top five players accounting for nearly 89 percent of the sales.
cyfei717 Kun oldin
Malcolm H
Malcolm H 2 kun oldin
I agree with some of this but I don't care for the assumptions... Apple has a huge following/loyalty and, in some cases, sheep. For a newer Chinese phone to compare is obviously a tactical factor, and due to not having the following. However, I'm curious to see how Apple does continues to do...it seems they've been down-falling in sales and stocks.
David Mitchell
David Mitchell 2 kun oldin
Just bought iPhone XS max last month and still have my note 8. Don't care, just want to have them both!
2Awesome 2 kun oldin
Apple doesnt compare because they will lose
no way
no way 2 kun oldin
Keep on producing content... =) I like your inside views alot and its clear a different view then most of all tech reviewers and bloggers can provide because most of them are decepted from their new shiny gadgets even if there is no real technological advantage just some new shiny GUI or another market trend for the casual user that for enthusiast and professionals is just plain awfull.. like apple is killing legacy support... I appreciate your work very much ;-) thx and happy new year =D and Im always checking if there is a new video on your channel ;-)
John Doe
John Doe 2 kun oldin
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Rumpel Felt
Rumpel Felt 2 kun oldin
Apple can suck the fattest cock in hell. I will never buy their shit.
Coding in Flow
Coding in Flow 2 kun oldin
Du bist Deutscher, oder?
aryan ambastha
aryan ambastha 2 kun oldin
Nothing special, Even Samsung doesn't compare themselves! Stop making bullshit.
Iceburnification 2 kun oldin
If you made an innovation, sure, but if you just copied a tech and implemented it and sold it with a higher price, what is there to tell?
izoyt 2 kun oldin
Who told you that about not mentioning competition , lol? Last presentation event of new ipads etc for ex: i remember there was specifically competitor mentioned, with model and manufacturer and how bad or slow it is. I would say vice-versa: if some other competitor would mentioned their product directly or put it down (like apple does in their events), it would be in trouble. Aplle is bit nazi company, really. That samusng commercials are not what i'm saying, it's different. Buy anyhow, apple did surrender basically, because of their bad income lately, they must sign with the "devil" (aka samung), fot their smart tv stuff etc, to at least get some money like that. It's the same what0s happening with Ford, for ex, which will be new partner of VW (this is why they go with this crazy anti.diesel campaign), if not they would bankrupt sooner or later (technically they probably did already, but you know hot thi goes in murica- you just print money and call it a day). so, please, stop this nonsense, apple is not that soft..
MKB 144p
MKB 144p 2 kun oldin
iphones are not bad phones,the price bis bad,and people that buy without even complaining are stupid af
Muhammad Waleed
Muhammad Waleed 2 kun oldin
There was a time when Apple changed the whole tech market by introducing revolutionary quality products and everyone loved Apple but now they are just using the loyalty of their customers to make just money and I m seeing that people have started hating them because of their greedy thoughts.
Wesley Wong
Wesley Wong 2 kun oldin
Why? So apple doesn't shoot themselves in the foot. How many times has Samsung and Google made fun of apple only to follow them 1 or 2 years later
FS 2 kun oldin
Steve Jobs was a visionary, Tim Cook is a business strategist. Tim Cook is going for profit only, S. Jobs always wanted to show us something unique, but at the same time crush the competition to oblivion. I think it's starting to show. I also think there is no way-no how S.Jobs would have agreed to sell a $1K phone. Or at least their "flagship" mainstream phone the iPhone XS would have still started around $650-ish, the XR (budget" at $450) and maybe the XSMAX would have been around $800. Also a Steve Jobs approved iphone would go against today's Androids in specs easily, if you remember the first iphones were crushing the android phones in specification - war also.
Mllr hr
Mllr hr 2 kun oldin
How can they compare to Samsung when they are using Samsung screens
Yair Levi
Yair Levi 2 kun oldin
"How rare Apple user switch to other..." 02:30 LOL Apple 2019=Nokia 2007
His Supreme Clarkson-ness
I actually agree with the core premise of Apple's product engineering, more != better. Especially with screen resolution or camera pixels, at least beyond a certain point. Same goes for RAM and battery, software and background runtime management can often yield vastly superior battery life and smoother usage. It's just that the iPhone costs a lot more than my OnePlus 6, (which I bought mainly because they didn't feel the need to cram a 16K display just for the keks and raise the price), without offering anything more. In fact, I couldn't do half the things I do on an iPhone without jailbreaking, which I did on my old 5s, the first and last iPhone I ever bought.
Otto Radar
Otto Radar 2 kun oldin
In a nutshell: arrogant pricks making inferior products for idiots. What else would come from a company ran by a homo?
HappyEmigrant 2 kun oldin
1:14 What progress????... Price progress??
Dubious 2 kun oldin
Android users don't have to be told that a newer version is faster, cause its common sense, something Apple buyers don't have
karim elqad
karim elqad 2 kun oldin
its cuz its pointless to say 'we put less of everything and still make it better than almost all competition' thats litterally admitting that they are holding back
Nick Rimes
Nick Rimes 2 kun oldin
Apple compared iOS and Android on one of the presentations
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan 2 kun oldin
What about that whole “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” nonsense that went on for years?
Louie HD
Louie HD 2 kun oldin
The apple logo alone is enuf to promote its brand.
Dominik 2 kun oldin
I loved your collaboration with Mrwhosetheboss! I think you have quite a lot of things in common. Honestly, you should start a channel together 😉 And this video’s topic is quite interesting.. i think Apple wants to stand out by not comparing other companies to themselfes. Or maybe they can’t compare their phones, because they are worst than to the competitons 🤷‍♂️
Peter Moutinho
Peter Moutinho 2 kun oldin
usa o mesmo background que ele nos primeiros segundos
My face is the antidote
Lol Apple is the God of marketing. They think of every damn thing. If you try to leave their ecosystem, it'll cost to much money. They have people strung by the balls
obi tdf
obi tdf 2 kun oldin
Samsung is tekashi69.
Critic . _.
Critic . _. 2 kun oldin
How do it take you guys to find out the i in iPhone stands for intelligent
Mzwandile Harmans
Mzwandile Harmans 2 kun oldin
It's because Apple makes expensive iphones, expensive features and they do not make iphones expensive. So there is nothing to compare to. Best software and lasting updates in the world. Trully there is no competition. But all comes at a cost. I would expect that for luxury devices. Samsung and Huawei just junk and dye quickly by lacking software updates down the line, they don't run latest androids after 2yrs or 3, 2013 iphone 5s runs latest IOS 12.1 whereas 2013 galaxy s4 was abandoned on android kit-kat, what do you call that?. They also depreciate horribly and poor resale value, unlike Apple
Naveenkumar M
Naveenkumar M 2 kun oldin
Lions won't talk about dogs. As simple as that
Johan Johansson
Johan Johansson 2 kun oldin
Steve jobs did this a lot with the iphones.
XX LMBN 2 kun oldin
because they're not dumb enough to compare their low end 1000$ crapbook to a high end quality powerful laptop
shouvik singha
shouvik singha 2 kun oldin
*Nokia* *is* *better* *then* *Apple*
RaazikDawah Universe
Thomas frank is my favourite UZvid too
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 kun oldin
Red cars are faster than blue cars
udip21 2 kun oldin
Cool that you got Arun into this
Eng Faisal
Eng Faisal 2 kun oldin
It's weird that no one mention that but apple actually do compare iPhone to other phones but they never name other companies.
Zayn Abbas
Zayn Abbas 2 kun oldin
illuminati. lol
Yoda on DMT
Yoda on DMT 2 kun oldin
Insulting other brands to make your brand seem better is the tackiest form of advertising, with the notable exception of the first couple of Samsung ads which were pretty funny because it was pretty accurate and probably one of the nation reasons apple don't do it. But these days, I think the differences aren't massive and each seem to copying each other. I don't think I'd enjoy having such limited customisation and no proper home screens
lone traveller
lone traveller 2 kun oldin
Don't worry iPhone will be a history in few years if they will not reduce their price .And innovate
I Am Prometheus
I Am Prometheus 2 kun oldin
Because they would lose money and they can't compare with others. If they do they know they screwed up.
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith 2 kun oldin
Not slamming the guy who made this video but, when he was breaking down the displays in the comparison between the Huawei and the iPhone, I hate how reviewers focus on the display resolution like it matters when doing a comparison. I can't even tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on a 25-inch monitor, how would I be able to tell the difference between 1080p and 4k on a display that fits in my pocket? Maybe if I held the display 3mm away from my eyeballs I guess. That's just a marketing gimmick. If other companies really want to slam Apple, they could refer to their business practices and failure rates and how their software looks like it was designed for a child.
bla Ф
bla Ф 2 kun oldin
"Hi I'm an Apple and I'm a PC"
Andrey Lucas
Andrey Lucas 2 kun oldin
Also worth noting that Apple always use the microscopic number of Android devices using the latest version with 1% versus their IOS with 90% in their dev keynotes.
Andrey Lucas
Andrey Lucas 2 kun oldin
Like both of you guys. But here's a tip: if you'll link a UZvid channel in the description, use the link from UZvid, so mobile users can instantly browse to the next one, instead of opening the browser and return to the app or open the link on the browser itself instead.
John Robinson
John Robinson 3 kun oldin
Also, Apple knows they are NEVER going to get Android users to switch (the inferiority of Apple products is too huge) but Android companies know they CAN MAYBE SOMETIMES yank Apple users away from Apple. So, it makes sense for Apple to ignore others, trying to keep what they have and grow profits by increasing prices while continually falling behind on technical quality. And it makes sense for Android to grow by clipping off some of Apple's user base as that base grows increasingly less ignorant and more aware of the technical inferiority of the Apple product.
John Robinson
John Robinson 3 kun oldin
Same reason Bose doesn't: they are technically inferior, sound and view worse, and can't stand the scrutiny. They are fashion only.
FranBunnyFFXII 3 kun oldin
"costs less to make" And yet they charge way more than they should. Apple is such a piss off.
Julian Coronado
Julian Coronado 3 kun oldin
Apple did compare their iOS install numbers to Android's.
Tomas Dexter
Tomas Dexter 3 kun oldin
Actualy I completely disagree :D I admire apple for not being shitty in ads as other ones :D Like huawei made fun of notch and tadaaa! Huawei copied it. And samsung did same (apple won court vs samsung in this - samsung fans dont need to lie). So basicaly as apple makes premium phones they also look like premium brand with theor ads. Samsung/huawei are like bullies in school, shouting and bad-mouthing everybody. And thats what I dont like.
Overdrive UK
Overdrive UK 3 kun oldin
Because most of their competitors are better than apple
pinky1900's 3 kun oldin
Also if Apple compares their product to Samsung, subconsciously they now made the potental customer consider buying a Galaxy vs iphone. Done evn allow the customer to think of the competition. Just flood their thoughts with your product and your product only. Next thing you know, you're a trillion dollar company.
intel386DX 3 kun oldin
apple products are junk - end of story
S C H O O L E D 3 kun oldin
Number one marketing rule. Don't talk trash about your competitors.
trueblue4l1f3 3 kun oldin
Lol the background music. Thought I was watch PewDiePie
Sunny 3 kun oldin
You should probably subscribe to Aaron's channel??? Why not defineltly???
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc 3 kun oldin
Good stuff. I believe Apple won't be able to stay out of the comparison race for long though. Other companies aren't behind anymore. In a year or two, other companies will offer so much more that Apple simply won't stand a chance. It is their "Steve Jobs vision and early days" that's keeping them alive and they're ruining it. So in few year's time, their legacy won't matter anymore.
David Alighieri
David Alighieri 3 kun oldin
this channel is phenomenal!
Chansamai Ly
Chansamai Ly 3 kun oldin
ipad pro being compared to laptops, LOLOLOL
Timothy Owens
Timothy Owens 3 kun oldin
They did however have a recent advert series of iPhone vs other phones with security and App Store etc + they did compare the iPad Pro, saying its faster than most pc's...
moofymoo 3 kun oldin
because choice is too complicated for apple user, as is file manager on *PRO* ipad!
Junwei He
Junwei He 3 kun oldin
because they simply sell their products to customers who don't really care about the functionality and price performance ratio.What they want is a social status,the coolest phone you can get on the market. And the key to that privilege is high price,premium industial design and a little bit of an arrogant attitude to make their users feel special. In an other word the foundation of Apple's success was not just technology,but psycology and aesthetics. But the question is:along with the increasing popularity of smart phones,how many people left are willing to pay that much for all that
21minute 3 kun oldin
The last time I heard of Apple comparing stuff was Steve Jobs making fun Galaxy Note. 😆