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From whether you can breathe liquid oxygen to why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we answer several of your strangest question about life
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Super Planet Dolan
Super Planet Dolan 19 kun oldin
Check out our mobile game: DOLAN KART. Play free today! Android - play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chunkworks.dolankart&hl=en Apple - itunes.apple.com/us/app/dolan-kart/id1316860571
Darion Looney
Darion Looney 20 daqiqa oldin
Why did you guys eat Pringles earcorn..?
Victoria A
Victoria A 48 daqiqa oldin
I have a question, Can you change your eye color without having to get surgery?
The Sandvich
The Sandvich 3 soat oldin
Is it possible for humans to make food that can heal instantly?
The Sandvich
The Sandvich 3 soat oldin
Is it possible that we could make food that heals?
Philip Tchaykovskiy
Philip Tchaykovskiy 23 soat oldin
Please make a video featured science with tom
itz spleezy
itz spleezy 29 daqiqa oldin
2:40 is this....
Niko Aj
Niko Aj 31 daqiqa oldin
Well i over boil an egg it went BOOM XD
YellowFellow 35 daqiqa oldin
There are only 3 genders: Male Female Email
Natureboy7200 42 daqiqa oldin
The part about Christianity is totally wrong. We were already civilized, knowing languages, before Christianity. If it weren’t thought of we would be far more advanced due to Christian’s back then saying that an invention that was good was an “abomination” to “god”. And back when they made inventions they were sentenced to death for the so called “crime or terror they’ve caused”. So right now if Christianity never existed our lives today would be a thousand year more advanced.
Natureboy7200 33 daqiqa oldin
So really the answer came from a Christian his or herself of who ever wrote your script. You need someone who has no religion at all to answer that question
Natureboy7200 34 daqiqa oldin
Christianity did not build us to who we are. It held us back to what we could have become thousands of years ago. Cars would have been invented two thousand years ago. The calendar would be different. There would be no year 2018 as of apparently “Jesus” was born at “year 0” starting off our calendar. Our calendar year without Christianity would be about the start of civilization of early humans starting off the generations to progress to where we are today. Our calendar would be at the year 4000 5000 or even 6000 cause we’ve existed long before that.
Natureboy7200 39 daqiqa oldin
EDds eDiTs X羅
EDds eDiTs X羅 Soat oldin
shop from gd song lol
Ron Dug
Ron Dug Soat oldin
for the religion one on the ground you can see the lost meme
GD Juniden
GD Juniden Soat oldin
R.I.P Pringle
TyPreeGaming TPG
TyPreeGaming TPG Soat oldin
2:40 *Y O U C A N T B E F U C K I N G S E R I O U S*
Robert 2 soat oldin
Can people breath underwater by putting our nose and or mouth in big bubble?
Jesus Aguilar
Jesus Aguilar 2 soat oldin
Is it possible to breath in water
Fearless Spino
Fearless Spino 2 soat oldin
How do blood cells form?
XboxOne4U2NV 3 soat oldin
I just realized your channel says, "Super Planet Dolan" and not "Planet Dolan"
TheMemeKiller 3 soat oldin
•- •• -- Amish amihs. Nolad llik. Deutschland. Pink cat, 7th street, Liverpool. Time slip. Lost in time
NightCheetah Girl
NightCheetah Girl 3 soat oldin
Why Are Oranges Called Oranges? Is it bc their orange and Their Oranges?.-.
Aaliyah Vazquez
Aaliyah Vazquez 3 soat oldin
Your smart goopie
TheDerpy Fredbear
TheDerpy Fredbear 3 soat oldin
Cat scared of hacky sack let's find out
eurise evangelista
eurise evangelista 3 soat oldin
Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread 4 soat oldin
Anyone else see loss in this video when talking about religion didn't exist?
IAmCyanCat 4 soat oldin
At 0:48 geometry dash store music
GameBoi 4 soat oldin
Top 10 Anime Disappearances: #1 Shima
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir 4 soat oldin
"Theory" is misspelled as "Therory" at 8:03
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir 4 soat oldin
Why do skin wrinkle when submerged underwater?
hack_boi9000 Lazzarotto
max animae lover
max animae lover 5 soat oldin
Question how did other launguges exist
max animae lover
max animae lover 5 soat oldin
Gabe Talgo
Gabe Talgo 5 soat oldin
2:41 I’m at a loss for how much I forgot about that meme...
Kaleb Wieland
Kaleb Wieland 5 soat oldin
My TRUTH 10 Jhaakar isn't affected by cold temperatures, so he can breathe it in, but explode frost breaths after breathing it in. 9 Let's see, we know Light and Void exist, so we would quickly die by both. 8 What wheels? We use mounts, why would we even use wheels? If you feel slow, get to level 20 cheapskate! 7 Only friendly cats purr, so if you mess with a cat, they will lose the ability to purr, and you are not nice. I AM TALKING TO YOU SELFISH ORCS!!! 6 That doesn't exist. That's because you never brushed your teeth last night, or you are poor. 5 Mars? That sounds like a new orc clan. Where do they live? 4 Hey, invent a cloning machine before you become serial killers, otherwise, if it's a boy vs girl war, the clone machine must exist until every of one gender is gone. I know who will win unless you want MY advice: be a psychic. 3 Make sure your egg is oiled before you have to make a bomb, and boiling will take over. 2 What are you creatures! I train my cat to fight before it sees something unknown, and he has hardly seen any snakehs in his life. 1 What bomb did someone put in your ears!? Slam your head until both bombs pop off your ears!
MGPenguin 5 soat oldin
Who started mathematics?
Golden Ouroboros
Golden Ouroboros 5 soat oldin
um.. loss @ 2:40 ???
Bound For Hell Animations
8:31 this is why Pringle is my favorite. Although everybody else is just as awesome!
Toy lover Girl
Toy lover Girl 5 soat oldin
What did the TRex sound like?
Kayla Washington
Kayla Washington 6 soat oldin
Why are things bad for you and some things good for you
Kayla Walker
Kayla Walker 6 soat oldin
Invite me!
Cutie Club Animation
How common is it for people to have multiple personalities and what is the record amount of personalities someone has had.
Kenyari Mabry
Kenyari Mabry 6 soat oldin
If oranges are part of the citrus family, what family is the apple part of?
Fandom animations And More
How does conditanar and shampoo help our hair brush out better?
Terry Dutton
Terry Dutton 6 soat oldin
2:40, is this loss?
lord_of_knives 6.9
lord_of_knives 6.9 6 soat oldin
In order to colonize a planet you need to grow plants or some online of organic matter
Fernando Flores
Fernando Flores 6 soat oldin
but it's he okay?
Robert Noneyabusiness
How do twins get haircuts?
FortniteproXxX x
FortniteproXxX x 6 soat oldin
William Jeffrys
William Jeffrys 6 soat oldin
is black magic even real
Lily Lily Pop Star
Lily Lily Pop Star 7 soat oldin
Why do people breath, and is it possible for people to live in space???
Ursine Pine
Ursine Pine 7 soat oldin
My mother boiled and egg for to long and it umm well kind of exploded.
7:40 is where you want to be.
Franco00007 7 soat oldin
Half of this is cringy and weird. The other half is random talking.
skycat amino
skycat amino 7 soat oldin
I miss shema(idk how to spell her name)
mad unicorn
mad unicorn 7 soat oldin
NONE of my FOUR cats are even the slightest bit afraid of cucumbers! I was kinda disappointed, but I love all me cats very much just the way they are. They're my babies!
Traynec 7 soat oldin
im a cat and im not scared of cucumbers IDK am i ??????????????????????
JESSE448 8 soat oldin
What would Earth be like if humans still was monkey's
Living Life Virtually
If a transgender Male likes a girl does that make them lesbian or straight
Hemlock 101
Hemlock 101 8 soat oldin
I still miss Shima
Jeeboo Tee
Jeeboo Tee 8 soat oldin
2:40 iS tHiS lOoS?¿
circus babyYT
circus babyYT 8 soat oldin
why can we age up to 100 years old and did we have a different age limit?
error :v
error :v 9 soat oldin
4:16 is....is that cat ok?
Bernadette Boulton
Bernadette Boulton 9 soat oldin
Cats purr because of cell development.
Bendy Kitty
Bendy Kitty 9 soat oldin
0:31 through 0:40. Dolan. You. Are. Weird. Why. Do. You. Just. Dance. Like. That?. You. Idiot.
Pit Gaming
Pit Gaming 9 soat oldin
3:30 Flat earthers be like:
Tarysha’s Drawing!!!
How do germs form??
Roxy and Kitty
Roxy and Kitty 10 soat oldin
What is the sun made up off besides heat?
LPS Luna
LPS Luna 10 soat oldin
At the end I was like RIP Pringle
Anirify Animaitons
Anirify Animaitons 10 soat oldin
Please don’t remind us of cats... Shima was a great person.
Andy Davis
Andy Davis 11 soat oldin
I love that blue planet voice
Sinister Toaster
Sinister Toaster 11 soat oldin
2:40 *IS THAT F***ING LOSS?!*
1000vd 11 soat oldin
why tetonic plate move?
The Diamond Rayquaza
The Diamond Rayquaza 11 soat oldin
when your in a car and throw somthing why wont it get flung back?
Luke Isnotokay
Luke Isnotokay 12 soat oldin
Loss at 2:41 come on man
Scarlett Lancaster
Scarlett Lancaster 12 soat oldin
What would happen if we didn't dream?
Awesome Maniacs3215
Awesome Maniacs3215 12 soat oldin
What would happen if there was no electricity?
Pumkin Cream
Pumkin Cream 12 soat oldin
Lol I love the sexy Justu reference
The Bona Petite Liker
The Bona Petite Liker 12 soat oldin
What Was The First Word Invented
CandyFox 12 soat oldin
Another interesting life mystery, how does Dolan sneeze or smell?
Sa 2225
Sa 2225 13 soat oldin
Pickle Rick!
Master Melon
Master Melon 13 soat oldin
TmansNuke 370
TmansNuke 370 13 soat oldin
Can birds actually see glass
Allaroundamazing 123
Allaroundamazing 123 13 soat oldin
saskia westerwal
saskia westerwal 14 soat oldin
well my cat isnt afraid of cucumbers!!!!! >:(
Daniel17 studio
Daniel17 studio 14 soat oldin
why does bears like honey?
General Spärde
General Spärde 14 soat oldin
2:40 iS tHiS LoSs?
some russian letsplayer
2:40 i'm not telling the joke....
*%{IStealYoCookiez}%* 7261
Why does Sugar make people fat?
Amy Tilis
Amy Tilis 15 soat oldin
Is it possible for a zombie apocolipse to start?
Gloria me
Gloria me 15 soat oldin
Sorry but google sites are better
TheWandOne 16 soat oldin
What is clay made of?
BlueDinosaur_ Gaming.Plays
Why does your voice get high when you inhale helium?
Colin Taylor
Colin Taylor 16 soat oldin
666 bich
DarkNightFury !
DarkNightFury ! 16 soat oldin
Fou fou Bro
Fou fou Bro 16 soat oldin
What would happen if the sun is blue?
Fantdm Fan of Dan
Fantdm Fan of Dan 16 soat oldin
Who likes it when Dolan and Shima make a video together
Fantdm Fan of Dan
Fantdm Fan of Dan 16 soat oldin
6:05 wakey wakey ACEnBEAKY
SkySTORM2 Milkchoco
SkySTORM2 Milkchoco 16 soat oldin
Do Computers and Phones Improve our eyesight
sat jo
sat jo 16 soat oldin
Do you anything about Telugu, is it an Indian language?
Liza Rubiles
Liza Rubiles 16 soat oldin
Dolan is dumb i just i just his just stupid he can't do something smart he needs to go to school can Godzilla eat him please
Brandon Hamilton
Brandon Hamilton 16 soat oldin
Because their pussys
Your friendly Doge
Your friendly Doge 16 soat oldin
What would happen if Dolan kart never existed XD
PubgTVgamer ML
PubgTVgamer ML 17 soat oldin
Can we be immortals?
Sassafrass 17 soat oldin
if you are colorblind do see some colors in black and white or don't see those colored things at all?