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From whether you can breathe liquid oxygen to why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we answer several of your strangest question about life
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3-Iyl, 2018

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Super Planet Dolan
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Kelvin Clement
Kelvin Clement 7 kun oldin
Lol I'm here to be delicious
Alex Tang
Alex Tang 14 kun oldin
Super Planet Dolan what is this channel of lies
Serrith Honeybitts
Serrith Honeybitts 15 kun oldin
It’s really lackluster
Atlus Eye
Atlus Eye 23 kun oldin
i'm not buying your bullshit
Reeta Harmon
Reeta Harmon 4 soat oldin
Waifu boobs
Toster 8 soat oldin
6:07 Poland created a movie about this. Two men were hibernated and were told they wake up in 5 years. Durning that time there was a nuclear war where all the males died, and 50 years after the two men were awoken. Cool movie. Its called "Sexmission" However I dont think there is an english version of this
Christina Grase
Christina Grase 14 soat oldin
sqaure from:.... *MINECRAFT !! :D*
North American Mapper
Who else wasn’t paying attention to the sponsor and was just looking at Dolan’s dance moves?
Stormyd Kun oldin
That thumbnail is me in the mornings when i go get food
plushy encounters
I'm never boiling an egg for 20 minutes ever again
Lance STE
Lance STE Kun oldin
I love wix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Siklósi
Andrea Siklósi Kun oldin
Fac fac fac fac fac
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Kun oldin
dolan got dem _m o v e s_
Erci Awesome
Erci Awesome Kun oldin
I want to eat Pringle ;-; he is making me hungry
Jena Hardin
Jena Hardin 2 kun oldin
Instant Pinapple
Instant Pinapple 2 kun oldin
Question for future video: why do cats have fur?
Instant Pinapple
Instant Pinapple 2 kun oldin
I don't like the intro but i love there content
Unknown 2 kun oldin
I can pop my ears without yawning is that normal
Alexander Vazquez
Alexander Vazquez 3 kun oldin
Why does it get so quiet and then you hear ringing all of a sudden that's my question
Emma Kelle
Emma Kelle 3 kun oldin
my cat usnt sceard if ckucembers he just eats em
Daylight Morning Crown
YES!!!! Planet Dolan needs more Moocluck!!!!!
cornel Muresan
cornel Muresan 4 kun oldin
Why the junction food make you fad
Smash’ em
Smash’ em 4 kun oldin
So that’s how Sam got his green eggs, but what about sams ham? That’s green too
Adrian Ramos
Adrian Ramos 4 kun oldin
What if a cat sees a snake instead of a cucumber?
Andrew Bermudez
Andrew Bermudez 4 kun oldin
8:04 Typo
Galaxy Penguin :3
Galaxy Penguin :3 4 kun oldin
My cat does not care for cucumbers!!!😉
fairymairah 4 kun oldin
does this mean Green Eggs And Ham is un-safe to eat in Real Life!? 7:00 I remember Dr Suess ^_^ :) 🌅🌅🙄😏🌄🌄 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
the awsome kid 20000000000000
Pringle thinks his head is a squarqle witch his head is a square
Benjamin Lem - Millers Grove PS (1566)
pickles are awesome
The epic Gamer
The epic Gamer 5 kun oldin
0:40 where slapped ham
ᴀʙʀᴀʀ .ɢ
ᴀʙʀᴀʀ .ɢ 5 kun oldin
Cause Cat is a pussy & cucumber is a dildo
[GD] DanTheInkling
[GD] DanTheInkling 5 kun oldin
2:39 |:| Before modern science... They made Loss before modern science.
fernand gauthier
fernand gauthier 6 kun oldin
for some reason my cat is scared when im naked . maybe its because of my cucumber .
Jakop Kragslay
Jakop Kragslay 6 kun oldin
So be it!
sara k peachtree
sara k peachtree 6 kun oldin
that "guy" is a "-" old friend of nixiom aka moluck
Francis Cerborino
Francis Cerborino 7 kun oldin
How would we still be primal if religion never existed. It was the only thing that made sence to people back then, where it doesn't make any sence now. We would be more advanced if religion never existed, or more of Christianity, since because of it, a library full of books, filled with knowledge was burned. Religion is only good for making people not fear death or fear a "hell" to prevent them from doing bad things.
Francis Cerborino
Francis Cerborino 7 kun oldin
Also, I have looked up about why your ears pop when you yawn. I forgot though, thanks for explaining, lol.
Kelvin Clement
Kelvin Clement 7 kun oldin
You made me hungry lol
Tyler Robinson
Tyler Robinson 7 kun oldin
Dolan kart is sooooo fun!
Rezify X
Rezify X 7 kun oldin
5:30 when someone called me bad at fortnite
Jonah Mote
Jonah Mote 7 kun oldin
If adoms have mass then what is smaller than an adom
ellathefirefox 7 kun oldin
Why can't men become pregnant and give birth
NeonKirinYT 7 kun oldin
What Happened If Earth Had No Tree?
Poop Poop
Poop Poop 7 kun oldin
2:55 my last name is meza
Mr.Clout Master
Mr.Clout Master 8 kun oldin
You know what's weird, dolan is 32
De Wae
De Wae 8 kun oldin
There are not my cat lowkey ate a cucumber today
MaddieArt 8 kun oldin
Mom said it’s my turn on the gender
OceanSky 123LOL
OceanSky 123LOL 8 kun oldin
Where is shima :(
John Lloyd Yagon
John Lloyd Yagon 8 kun oldin
Is liquid nitrogen dude
JoshuaTNT Gamer
JoshuaTNT Gamer 8 kun oldin
9:06 I see Dolan!
The Gaming Channel.
its ironic how Im eating popcorn right now. (edit: welp, I ran out.)
Katherine Stauderman
Wait a moment. You said we’d be primitive without the wheel. But, take the Inca for example. They had no wheels, and yet they created a thriving EMPIRE. It’s true, things might be slower, but that doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be able to function and invent!
Marielynavarrete Navarrete
What your cat scared of pickles
Mimi Rodrigues
Mimi Rodrigues 9 kun oldin
3:30 earth is already flat
Alejandro Isobal
Alejandro Isobal 9 kun oldin
my country is religious
Colin Chan ET
Colin Chan ET 10 kun oldin
2:04 There will be no magic, no fantasy. The only explanation for everything is science.
Colin Chan ET
Colin Chan ET 10 kun oldin
1:35 Fire + O² = ×2 Fire
Finn Taylor
Finn Taylor 10 kun oldin
*ill spread the word of weeb across all corners of the globe*
Finn Taylor
Finn Taylor 10 kun oldin
Doppie 😂😂
Alcordio Hill
Alcordio Hill 11 kun oldin
What is egg shells made from
Justin Rojas
Justin Rojas 11 kun oldin
Hellbent your going to kill him so be it😈
Andy Sun
Andy Sun 11 kun oldin
Zorgo diffuse 18:48
Galaxiaat :D
Galaxiaat :D 11 kun oldin
I dont snore I dont breath through my mouth when sleeping
TakuraTails 97
TakuraTails 97 12 kun oldin
You can also die from breathing lots of oxygen
Amritendu Bhattacharya
How cars were made?
Anti-Ock Spidey
Anti-Ock Spidey 12 kun oldin
8:26 * S O M E R A N D O M G U Y A S K S XD*
Andres Vargas
Andres Vargas 13 kun oldin
Zorgo defuse 7:20
hardlock24 13 kun oldin
I love dopie
Aaron Thy
Aaron Thy 13 kun oldin
Why sharks always moves
Kaitlyn Reeves
Kaitlyn Reeves 13 kun oldin
Why doesn’t dalon wear pants?
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 13 kun oldin
doopie the hooter
Jones 13 kun oldin
Do a face reveal
Adrian Zielinski
Adrian Zielinski 13 kun oldin
2:43 anyone else see lose or just me
tino chhaim
tino chhaim 13 kun oldin
do dogs eat snlckers by a kid
RMS TITANIC 13 kun oldin
What if I didn't sink an what if world war 2 an 1
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 14 kun oldin
Because cats' nicknames are called P!ssys and cucumbers look like the yaknow
The Amazing gamer
The Amazing gamer 14 kun oldin
anyone else wanted to come here just so shima would be the cat scared by cucumbers?
- GMB248
- GMB248 14 kun oldin
If your head is a squarcle, then why is it square at 3:13? Hmmmm??
- GMB248
- GMB248 14 kun oldin
because they dont want to succ
Memeish Boi
Memeish Boi 14 kun oldin
“Doopie wanna try my smoothie?” Hey that rhymes
Mohammed iqbal Ihsan
You not pakistan I say bad word دہگ
Antony Lai
Antony Lai 14 kun oldin
This was doopies last appearance
Susan Yongco
Susan Yongco 14 kun oldin
8:00 she totally mispelled the theory
LecTriXx Official
LecTriXx Official 14 kun oldin
"Some random guy asks"
Andres Vargas
Andres Vargas 14 kun oldin
Zorgo diffuse 10:00 pm
Virgen Gonzalez
Virgen Gonzalez 15 kun oldin
What. Is. Anime
WeridoWarning AndNerdAlert 2nd channel
What would happen if everybody’s head was triangle?
MrJbooth028 15 kun oldin
pay Planet Dolan why do cats and dogs hate each other
Anneliese Macgregor
Anneliese Macgregor 15 kun oldin
MORE MOOC LUCK!!! (Edit): or moon luck... idk how you say his name
Alison-Mathew Turner
Is Dolan theodd1out brother
Syd123 Wilson
Syd123 Wilson 15 kun oldin
My ears do that too
Sonic799 15 kun oldin
Doopie: I will spread the word of weed to every corner of the globe Pringle: Doopie I’m not sure you are smart, the earth is flat
The Legendary Shadow
zorgo diffuse 4:42
he duan
he duan 15 kun oldin
Wow Wix is sponsoring everyone... POWER HUNGRY
pozie games
pozie games 15 kun oldin
i can pop my ears with out yawning
Reekthh Haque
Reekthh Haque 15 kun oldin
Reekthh Haque
Reekthh Haque 10 kun oldin
Witch means ill eat you PIRINGLE
foxy the pirate fox
foxy the pirate fox 15 kun oldin
Nagg luck
foxy the pirate fox
foxy the pirate fox 15 kun oldin
Karl Cedric Eusebio
Karl Cedric Eusebio 15 kun oldin
I like that Moonlooc voiced the documentary voice actor hhahaha
GamerGotGold 15 kun oldin
Colonization of mars is easy elon musk can do it with a snap of his fingers
babelyn reed
babelyn reed 15 kun oldin
i can pop my eaes easy
babelyn reed
babelyn reed 15 kun oldin
i mean ears
Noah Bailey
Noah Bailey 16 kun oldin
I saw a chibi version of dolan dancing xD
James Garnett
James Garnett 16 kun oldin
3:39 how I felt this morning
InstaKilll The Wolf
InstaKilll The Wolf 16 kun oldin
Hellbent:SO BE IT!!!!!