Why Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Could Be Dangerous | Shady | Refinery29

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Follow Refinery29 to Downtown Los Angeles’ infamous Santee Alley shopping district, where you'll find dozens of displays bursting with hot-ticket fake makeup items like Kylie Lip Kits, Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters, and MAC lipsticks. Ten years ago, this stretch was the place to go for knock-off handbags - and if they weren't already out in the open, all you had to do was ask. Today, there isn't a fake purse in sight; they've all been replaced by contouring palettes.
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Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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V OUT 8 soat oldin
way too expensive products to begin with
Laura 10 soat oldin
The consumer MUST BE AWARE these high end makeup brands horrible animal testing practices. This video is bullshit.
random star
random star Kun oldin
i love fake makeup so fuck off
Lizzie 3 kun oldin
Jeffree needs to sue, saw a few liquid lips there
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole 3 kun oldin
What’s the problem ?
Please Heejin Notice Me
"eVeN hOrSe UrInE" Makeup has always been made out of weird stuff like that.
beep beep
beep beep 6 kun oldin
lmaooo ppl there acts as if they're selling drugs, meanwhile in my country you can get fake makeups at any mall, it's so damn common 🤣
Victoria Castro
Victoria Castro 6 kun oldin
This is a the same woman from that one episode from my life as Kylie
Stacey Kelly
Stacey Kelly 6 kun oldin
Isn't the real crime when name brands sell one powder for $100??!? Or that social media make us believe we need "designer luxury makeup" whatever the hell that means!I'm good with my ELF & Cover Girl!!
Jay 7 kun oldin
The only reason why I buy luxury brand makeup is for the quality itself. If I'm looking for a cheap lipstick, I can get a milani lipstick for less than $6 and have it work just as great as high end brands. I refuse to put products with shady labels on my face
Marisol Bloomfield
Marisol Bloomfield 7 kun oldin
Chinese makeup has lead in it
K.A. GORDON 7 kun oldin
OMG fake conterfeit things found in Chinatown? Whats next? Selling fish in PetSmart? I had been buying clothing and whatever since the 1970s in Chinatown..its so hard to laugh seeing this person surprised its counterfeit. They also have prostitution in NYC..shocking. They do sell some nice things however..my mom bought me a slim jim to open my car if locked out, for xmas. Walmart doesnt sell those.
K.A. GORDON 8 kun oldin
They contain lead, mercury and even HORSE URINE. Have you ever heard of PREMARIN...its pregnant horse urine used to make menopausal drugs for women. It also causes breast cancer and both my sister and mother used it and both got breast cancer. The V.A doctors tried to push it on my after I went through menopause. They kill millions of newborn horses to make this...its such bullshit. Like urine would be equal to taking lead or mercury..read your face cream..urea is URINE...its sterile urine but still urine.
K.A. GORDON 8 kun oldin
This is fake but the good kind referring to fake fur. It should be..not the good kind but the only kind. Id rather die than wrap myself in another beings skin. And no I dont wear leather or own leather of any kind (or any dead animal product except motor oil.)
Diane Mishler
Diane Mishler 8 kun oldin
Teresa home in time to tell Chinatown Street.
Elaine 8 kun oldin
It's crazy that billion dollar companies are so concerned with arresting people that have incomes reliant on selling counterfeit makeup. There are all sorts of shit in non-counterfeit makeup. They act like its crazy that this makeup "causes acne" and that it's dangerous and shit. All makeup can cause acne. I think its more dangerous to consume one-sided narratives on issues like this than putting on a fake lip kit that might have a tiny bit of mercury. Guess what else has mercury? Fish! A food some eat daily! People gotta feed their families and there are not enough options for marginalized groups to make a living. Why aren't we attacking systems that make it so people have to sell illegal makeup and risk their freedom in order to pay for their basic necessities while these multi-billionaire companies get to sit back on their thrones and hog resources, getting people thrown in jail for selling makeup! Wow!
Jessica Vernon
Jessica Vernon 8 kun oldin
There could be pesticides in that stuff. Ladies and Gentlemen don’t buy this shit it could destroy your faces
Virgo 11
Virgo 11 8 kun oldin
Ugh there’s so many other things to worry about these days.. why waste time on makeup videos 😣
AmyAnn Weterson
AmyAnn Weterson 8 kun oldin
Kylie?! No thanks I m European if I buy some USA brand I buy Estee and Arden
nicoletta castle
nicoletta castle 8 kun oldin
Maybe the real brands should lower the prices ,like Kylie stuff is to overpriced
Rachelle Gimonet
Rachelle Gimonet 9 kun oldin
Did marketing in school, and true some counterfeit are bad but alot of the original are not worth the price either. The mark up price is usually strickly based on the brand name. We event did a whole study on a certain sneakers (won't say the name) both counterfeit and the brand name came from the exact same factory the only difference is one carried the brand name and other one didn't and the price difference between both sneakers were hundreds of dollars.
Feezzu 9 kun oldin
as if there's no good affordable brands... i usually buy nyx or elf brands because their eyeliner and all that shit are only $5. "Originally $30" lol fuck that shit.
Faith Marie
Faith Marie 9 kun oldin
Some bitches be dumpster diving outside of Sephora stores and be arguing with opposite opinions, let them apply there horse urine 😂😂😂
Moonsquad Ent
Moonsquad Ent 9 kun oldin
I used to buy mac makeup at flea markets and thought they were the real deal
M Soda
M Soda 9 kun oldin
Nothing like horse urine for that youthful look
Bryana Cougar
Bryana Cougar 9 kun oldin
Nancy seems like a bich
She Pirate
She Pirate 9 kun oldin
I've always been tempted to buy from these vendors and after watching this I'm sooo happy I never did! They literally package pi$$ in those tubes! GROSS!
Kimberly Naegele
Kimberly Naegele 10 kun oldin
I care less about fake fake purses and clothes. Makeup has chemicals in it. They mentioned arsenic and another one that has killed tons of people. That’s slowly poisoning people to death day by day through each application of makeup.
Kels617 10 kun oldin
It shows how far people will go and what they’re willing to risk for the label. Sad
celeste 10 kun oldin
When people buy fake makeup I'm pretty sure they willingly use it knowing there are risk...... who gives a fuck what these people are doing.
Say My Name
Say My Name 10 kun oldin
Fake it until you make it or get pink eye and skin rash.
BEZBZ1 11 kun oldin
Ok I’m sorry this isn’t real is it?????? Lmfaoooo
Tia Melancholy
Tia Melancholy 12 kun oldin
8:34 he ain't even on the phone 😂💀
Chandana Sheshadri
Chandana Sheshadri 12 kun oldin
If these make up articles from the original company weren't overpriced probably this problem of counterfeiting can be overcome
TALILAH K J Roberts 14 kun oldin
But its true most people rather buy cheap...almost the same thing n save $$___$$$Even in the most expensive products contain ingredients that are not good for you n I have seen reactions of side effects
Eva Rene
Eva Rene 14 kun oldin
Not all counterfeit is the same...she’s speaking as if it all comes from China, it doesn’t. And there are “higher end, better quality” lines out there that aren’t in the back alleys...why not address the ridiculous prices on these cosmetics. Women are actually spending hundreds, thousands of dollars monthly on these brands. It’s outrageous.
Karinna Marie
Karinna Marie 15 kun oldin
no deal is worth your safety and health. If you're going to put something on the largest organ of your body, you better know its safe.
Emily Flowers
Emily Flowers 15 kun oldin
Yeah, we shouldn't use these products because of their bad ingredients, but what about what's in the real thing? The cosmetic industry in general is infamous for not providing us with safe products. Products that contain formaldehyde, parabens, etc.
•lokicoffee• 16 kun oldin
Just get drugstore makeup.
Yuridia Torres
Yuridia Torres 20 kun oldin
It’s so sad because some of these people have no other choice but to do this in order to feed their family’s. It’s so hard to come to a conclusion on what to do, people are getting hurt but people are trying to survive.
therealpimpinsepa directions_to_ptown
Ion give a fucc if its fake imma still wear it lol😂
Oly Vlogs
Oly Vlogs 23 kun oldin
Idk why they make it seem like it’s scary u can literally just walk up and buy fake makeup like nothing if you ask they will tell you it’s fake how is it their fault we buy it?
Sal Gal
Sal Gal 24 kun oldin
y'all such snitches , let poor people make a living
Balqis 2205
Balqis 2205 23 kun oldin
They deserves it. Its illegal
Sam Martinez
Sam Martinez 24 kun oldin
That poor lady exposed herself when she talked to them
_sugarbunny_ 24 kun oldin
Maybe I'm oblivious (...actually that's likely) but I don't understand why commentors feel judged in Sephora? I've rolled through Sephora in sweats and no makeup and been treated the same as when I come in well dressed. MAC standalone stores, though. Different story. I definitely feel like Ulta's the "better" store with their rewards program and high/low options for makeup/skin/hair, but there are some brands that are exclusive to Sephora that I love so dearly! I also love how top tiers of Sephora's program get in on new releases before the rest. I almost never worry about a sell out.
Jamie Winters
Jamie Winters 25 kun oldin
Any respectable, reputable makeup artist is not buying their makeup there. I saw a comment but cant find it now where someone said makeup artists probably do use it on clients since they're not wearing it that long anyway. NO! I highly doubt that unless it's an immensely shady artist or an unlicensed one..And in that case if they are a real one they can lose their license. Either way, someone who goes to school for cosmetology/makeup artistry will not use fake counterfit products on clients because they know the dangers and if they do use it, I'm sure they dont have regular clientele
Kamiah Ann
Kamiah Ann 25 kun oldin
“Well not lieing everything from china” 😂😂
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg 25 kun oldin
Lol 😂
RegisteredHuman 2002
I have a Kylie Jenner lip kit that literally burns my lips when I put it on. Just this fiery pain on my lips. Don’t use it no more
M A 26 kun oldin
Ur a narc
pricila 26 kun oldin
sure you “save” more money but it is not the same quality plus, the ingredients are sketchy be smart and don’t buy counterfeit
sugarplumfairy20101 26 kun oldin
“If we decrease the demand we will decrease the supply”......same for drugs people! The problem lives within the consumer.
Tee C
Tee C 27 kun oldin
What is Nancy's job description? I want to do that.
Peter Hooper
Peter Hooper 27 kun oldin
I'm sure the big cosmetic companies are doing all they can to stop counterfeiting because they care about us! I can think of no other reason for their earnest concern!
MishyTheSheep 29 kun oldin
1:22 is that jeffree star stuff
B Davis
B Davis Oy oldin
I do not buy anything off the streets smh.
L Meto
L Meto Oy oldin
fenty beauty’s fake products are aweful too ! The real one isn’t good either !
Yessenia Garcia
You took it too far by going to Homeland Security .
Jaime Trujillo
On the same hand I’m not buying counter fit ever again! 👎🏼🤭
Jaime Trujillo
Here ppl are selling drugs on the street and you worried about make up? Wasted recourses. Get a life.
Stern Uz
Stern Uz Oy oldin
Fake lipstick, fake Louis Vuitton, fake people. Real people don't need all that shit.
Tony Dadá
Tony Dadá Oy oldin
All this for lipgloss? Wow
A A Oy oldin
Do people actually fall for this shit??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Only the consumer can eliminate the demand, people shop with their wallets (they prefer cheap products and hate paying retail, they know full well they are buying knockoffs). They know full well the stupidity of buying health, personal, and beauty products off a table on a street corner or from a trunk. The private investigators, companies, and law can only do so much it's up to us as consumers to stop being a part of the crime and supporting these criminals.
Shaon Jones m
Shaon Jones m Oy oldin
I tried a fake and my lips and mouth swelled up. Don’t use them!!!!
Jedi solo
Jedi solo Oy oldin
China screws the world with their fake things. Stealing not only IP but also everything from lipstick.
Ru Ru
Ru Ru Oy oldin
I think ths reason is marketing by the make up artists who frequently use brands and make videos on UZvid... So the people who can't buy real go for fake..
These so-called "Black Market" are completely normal in places like southeast Asia and yes you better believe fakes are being sold in public and even at malls. Everyone knows they're fake, but of course when asked the sellers will tell you they're genuine some of them do. Others sell both the legit and the knock-off products, it's not just limited to skin care and makeup but it extends to perfume, electronics etc..
zara teo
zara teo Oy oldin
Who's here because of mykie (glamandgore)?
Sorcerer Vaati64
Whos dumb to buy these products sold in vendors under the sun?
Alexandra Oy oldin
The Kylie Jenner lipkits are not even allowed in my country (Germany)
Diane Mallari
Diane Mallari Oy oldin
Theyre all 1 dollar in divisoria lol
Sticky Nut Juice moved
What a load of HOOPLA
Lola ASMR And Vlogs
Well, at the end of the day, it’s probs not vegan
Dave Thegoat
Dave Thegoat Oy oldin
Wow I go here every Saturday 😂 well ion make up there so ion care shitten meh 😭😂
Patsy Reyes
Patsy Reyes Oy oldin
"The black market" no mames hahahaha it's just knock offs relax not drugs or illegal shit😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Kenza Kiki
Kenza Kiki Oy oldin
Horse urine ??????
Ferrer K
Ferrer K Oy oldin
Water is wet
Anja Oy oldin
I don't get why people buy fakes tbqh. If you can't afford the real deal then don't buy it. You might be paying $20 for that foundation atm but long term if you mess up your skin you will be paying hundreds of dollars just to fix it again. Is it really worth it?
Susan Cardoso
Susan Cardoso Oy oldin
Horse urine 😨😨😨😲😲😲😷😷😷
Isabella Jaramillo
“This is fake but the good kind” This had me dead
Hani Nazar
Hani Nazar Oy oldin
Basically black marketing is a result of high expectations & high price which the poor people could not afford..
Only Coldbones
The brand recognition isn't important...The important thing about makeup is how does it apply, feel, wear, and perform?....
Nir U
Nir U Oy oldin
The fact that they sell the fake ones cheap is not a thing for me. The fake with same price and making people think it’s the original one is horrible.!
room750 Oy oldin
It would be interesting to take the counterfeits to a lab and have the ingredients analyzed. Please make a follow-up video :)
Electraa HH
Electraa HH Oy oldin
5:00 lmao I have the first two but I don’t use much makeup lmaooo I get it from my genee
Ines Gocha Movies
**Imma MELT crayola's.**
Ula Krawczak
Ula Krawczak Oy oldin
And that is why I stick to good ol Superdrug
fakely made
fakely made Oy oldin
one thing you can't deny is the fact that this makeup is way .. way over priced. Most of the time, we are paying for the brand ..not the actual lipstick .. so if they would price it closer to what it is really worth instead of these outrageous numbers .. people wouldn't even bother to buy fakes
S. Chang
S. Chang Oy oldin
Hey! I have these same skizzors lmao 6:41
TexanLatinWhisper ASMR
The beauty industry is disgusting. They abuse animals and people for the sake of money. Fuck Kylie and all those bitches, I refuse to give you my money.
Ltzi hauzel
Ltzi hauzel Oy oldin
Better you dont use makeup.fresh clean natural looks is awesome...
Foxina Oy oldin
Where ever this place is, I wanna go there. It looks ceewl
Baseball  Ejected
Somehow I ended up here
By Felecia
By Felecia Oy oldin
what a snitch. Like really girl go get a life.
L R Oy oldin
The lady in the video is right, many products in high percentages are from China. This is the problem, not just the under cover sellers, its the availability to get it from China at what ever cheaper cost. The guy who got arrested is thousands to millions doing this hustle to support themselves and their household and its a doggy world. Its unfortunate for people like him. They should start arresting the people from China: that's the big dog: they always get the little guy. Great video!
raelyn gray
raelyn gray Oy oldin
bruh 0:24 .... she need a FILLLLLLL
aika nakamura
aika nakamura Oy oldin
If you can't afford to buy real products, then don't put makeup on your face, simple as that.
Jeezy Duzit
Jeezy Duzit Oy oldin
instead of targeting poor vendors why not investigate what causes the production of fake product? these vendors work hard and absolutely do not deserve to be punished for simply doing what they need to do.
NeeYoDeeO 24 kun oldin
Jeezy Duzit they’re doing something illegal, what’s your point? That people breaking the law shouldn’t be punished?
Tea King
Tea King Oy oldin
Not American but please nuclear china
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