Why Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Could Be Dangerous | Shady | Refinery29

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Follow Refinery29 to Downtown Los Angeles’ infamous Santee Alley shopping district, where you'll find dozens of displays bursting with hot-ticket fake makeup items like Kylie Lip Kits, Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters, and MAC lipsticks. Ten years ago, this stretch was the place to go for knock-off handbags - and if they weren't already out in the open, all you had to do was ask. Today, there isn't a fake purse in sight; they've all been replaced by contouring palettes.
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Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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19-Avg, 2017

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Eva Clark
Eva Clark 21 daqiqa oldin
People are saying “I feel bad for that guy” but he knows what he is doing is wrong and illegal it’s his fault
Mz dbnell
Mz dbnell 9 soat oldin
That man got arrested for no reason. These highend brands are too expensive and not all their chemicals are safe either. Keep this energy for rapists, child molesters and murderers not makeup. I just wear mainly drugstore makeup bc of these prices anyway.
Steph La
Steph La 12 soat oldin
If you can't afford high end (ME) then why the hell would you buy as knock off?? Just buy drugstore! Search the internet for drugstore dupes of the high end products you wanna try! Shop on Black Friday or keep an eye out for sales! Also not all labs in China are bad.
Lonesome Rhodes
Lonesome Rhodes 22 soat oldin
Downtown LA is FUN!
Devorah Kun oldin
NEw york baby I love dis place
Aris from Moonflower
iwant to see kylie jenner going there and buying fake kyliejenner lipsticks
Ailin Rodrigo
Ailin Rodrigo Kun oldin
what does she talks like that?! 6:20 it's annoying
Billie’s avocados
I got the birthday edition...I didn’t know it was fake. I got it off of Amazon.
Wer Michèlle
Wer Michèlle 3 kun oldin
The journalist just ruined someones life in this video.
Maha 3 kun oldin
why not trying to solve the problem from the root? police gotta investigate with that seller guy and ask him how did he get it what website what man or what company and then ask them and ask where did they get those stuff until they know the root person or company
Amazing Broadcast
Amazing Broadcast 3 kun oldin
When you live in a country where there are literally hundreds of other shops filled with fake makeup and with thousands of buyers and you're one of them. To be honest I haven't tried much fake makeup but the ones I've tried haven't been that dangerous or something. I just hope this problem gets solved and no one gets hurt Be safe people! ❤
Petit Pousssin
Petit Pousssin 3 kun oldin
I'm a 33 single woman and I have never wore make up . Make up is not water or food that you can't live without . Get free of that shit .They are exposing your health to risk to get wealthy .Wake up girls !
Brun Havelaar
Brun Havelaar 4 kun oldin
I liked that she was honest, and actually I agree with her!
Kathleen Abbu Saguinhon
We have lots of this in Philippines and people don't even care if it's fake.
Maria Ruiz
Maria Ruiz 5 kun oldin
They actin like dis drugs I buy makeup like this in downtown la 😂😂
Tayyaba 5 kun oldin
No one asks questions to these high end brands that why the heck their prices so high but you guys are after these poor people trying to make a living.
Tayyaba 5 kun oldin
I don’t buy brands but would never spend money on replicas. Drugstore products are best. Maybelline and loreal are my favorite.
Comatose Dani
Comatose Dani 5 kun oldin
The main reason why I don’t buy makeup is because I’m definitely not paying the crazy amount of money it cost. I don’t have the amount of money to throw up $60-70 for just mascara, lipstick and maybe one color eye shadow plus a pair of brushes for $25
Fit n Fab
Fit n Fab 6 kun oldin
This is all illegal, why are they all not behind bars!! There are some people who sell replica handbags in different areas, and get busted, and are fined and behind bars. LA And NY are well known for this, and still they don't shut them down.
Samantha Swartz
Samantha Swartz 6 kun oldin
In the comments let’s talk about phones and what phone you have an why you like/hate it. I have the XR I love it and I got white no color. If you’re an IPhone user I think the screen on the X’s (X, XS, XSmax, XR) is a lot better than the 8 and lower. Face ID is super easy, Siri is really easy (hold in the power button), taking a picture is easy (press the top volume button and the power button.) the power button is bigger too. I like the Animoji and Memoji to.
Naomi De Mesa
Naomi De Mesa 8 kun oldin
In philippines its just 0.50 dollar only
Thottie Buster
Thottie Buster 9 kun oldin
i’ve been living in china since i was 3 and lemme tell u i’ve never seen nobody stupid enough to buy fake market makeup apart from americans lmaooo (if u wondering what a fake market is it’s basically in that store that u saw in china when the reporter went undercover)
Believe in Yourself
Why be stupid and blow money on high priced makeup. Horse urine....Say what. Damn those Chinese imports....Lol. Just buy Revlon
TTV. TEZ-king
TTV. TEZ-king 9 kun oldin
Shit just got real
aikuaic ;
aikuaic ; 10 kun oldin
don't put the blame on the sellers or china. put the blame on people who choose to buy this stuff just for the brand rather than going for drugstore brands.
Bull Girl
Bull Girl 10 kun oldin
Well makeup artists come there to buy makeup to make videos like testing out fake makeup etc.
Gianna Muoio
Gianna Muoio 11 kun oldin
She looks like Chloe Lukasiak
There was absolutely no specific mention of Kylie's lip plumping make-up kits! Ironically, this video is more like counterfeit click-bait Horse Ur-in-e Bull-Shit -> BOOOO!!! 👎😡🐎🐂💩🗑🐑👻
Stcrry 6 kun oldin
H0RD4K-SK3LET0R MUMM'R4-MEG4TR0N you’re making no sense, kid.
I’mBlowingYourDriveWay c:
redr 006
redr 006 12 kun oldin
ノノノノ ━┌━┘  │   ┘  ──┘
Bubble gum Life vlogs
Well then she thinks wrong
Sydonia 12 kun oldin
Oh my goodness, you’re a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, so some random people are making $200 off knockoffs of your products, get over it, Jesus. Why arrest someone and fuck over their life over greed.
Stcrry 6 kun oldin
Sydonia its not about fucking greed, these counterfeit makeup are harmful to skin ,think about it like selling drugs, by doing that you are basically harming other. of course you’ll either get sued by the victim or go to jail.
Emma Cat
Emma Cat 13 kun oldin
I just go with Revlon. It's less expensive, still high quality, not illegal, and safer.
Mariama Dia
Mariama Dia 16 kun oldin
The problem is 🇨🇳 CHINA
Raj Desai
Raj Desai 16 kun oldin
When he said lots of make up artist come down here Me: um yea to make a video called i tried fake vs real brand make up duh Do you watch you tube?!
yijia yang
yijia yang 16 kun oldin
lol sorry but I'm chinese and find it a bit dissrespectful but ok:)
Stcrry 6 kun oldin
yijia yang how?
Jeniko 17 kun oldin
Why does the interviewer look like a gaping fish?
Camy Damian
Camy Damian 17 kun oldin
Is funny
Francesca Marchione
Francesca Marchione 17 kun oldin
Or like if you wanted to get the fake ones for display or decoration they’re like $1
Francesca Marchione
Francesca Marchione 17 kun oldin
I mean I would buy a fake makeup bag 🤷‍♀️
Stcrry 6 kun oldin
Francesca Marchione its a bag not the makeup
Tess Grimes
Tess Grimes 17 kun oldin
This is all bullshit they just want u to pay much more for those products and the sellers dont want to loose money if ur a makeup pro by now u will now what ingrediants and types of makeup to look for not the brand
I prefer to by my make up in a CVS pharmacy 😊☺️
Fuyukai UWU
Fuyukai UWU 17 kun oldin
I'd bet you'd get all of that in the Philippines for 120 dollars with the original price of the make-up lol
Christine Pudwill
Christine Pudwill 17 kun oldin
Christine Pudwill
Christine Pudwill 17 kun oldin
BiG SiSSY 17 kun oldin
Horrible. Targeting individuals trying to make a living. If the capitalist cistem was dismantled China wouldn't have to export knock offs in the first place. This planet is fucking backwards
Kiwi Styles
Kiwi Styles 18 kun oldin
They made my lips so dark
Indra Rukmana
Indra Rukmana 18 kun oldin
the reporter looks like a really adorable kitten. in a good way tho
Aya L
Aya L 19 kun oldin
Nahahaahah santee ally is where all the you tubers go it ain’t shady business