Why Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits Could Be Dangerous | Shady | Refinery29

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Follow Refinery29 to Downtown Los Angeles’ infamous Santee Alley shopping district, where you'll find dozens of displays bursting with hot-ticket fake makeup items like Kylie Lip Kits, Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighters, and MAC lipsticks. Ten years ago, this stretch was the place to go for knock-off handbags - and if they weren't already out in the open, all you had to do was ask. Today, there isn't a fake purse in sight; they've all been replaced by contouring palettes.
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Shady is the side of the beauty world you haven't seen. Hosted by Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor, Lexy Lebsack, the series swivels between the unexpected and uplifting, dives deep into the dark underbelly of beauty, gives a voice to those trampled by this quickly growing industry, and questions what it’s all worth. From counterfeit makeup to skin trafficking for cosmetic procedures, we go there.
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19-Avg, 2017

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oh it's Esther
oh it's Esther 20 soat oldin
omg why is they stoping their bag in 181 st Nicholas is like a poor hood and I live around there people just trying to get their money to feed their family
Pretty Me
Pretty Me 21 soat oldin
Wtf? U dont gotta insult the 'sheer teone' or whatever! It's their way of saying iT'S FAKE DAMMIT BEAUTY PPL
Unicorn Lyric
Unicorn Lyric Kun oldin
This just makes me disgusted. I can't believe how people are these days. Unacceptable. Utterly Unacceptable.
Hannah LeClaire
Hannah LeClaire Kun oldin
I get that this is a crime.. but dang all of this for counterfeits??🤨 where is all this work for other serious issues?? Just saying...
patrick star
patrick star Kun oldin
I mean, counterfeit make up does contain unwanted ingredients but expensive make up does harm your skin overtime. Girls look so ugly when they take it off. Just stay real people.
Yaya Abarca Elizabeth
Really there are worse things going on here in america than counterfeit make up.
Yermiah Mugarang
Yermiah Mugarang 2 kun oldin
it's all about money@Business
4 perfect besties Girls
Can’t relate
Why did I watch this
just dont buy make up
soybeanh 3 kun oldin
S P I R I T 4 kun oldin
It's crazy the things people do for money
StephenHeart 4 kun oldin
Fake makeup is incredibly dangerous and is rarely ever tested. There are great and more affordable brands out there who do the same thing. You just need to stop caring about the label.
Маче 21
Маче 21 4 kun oldin
If you want an expensive brand just save your money and when you have enough go buy it.
Peachy.Heart1 4 kun oldin
The name that is printed in my makeup duh
yES pAPA 5 kun oldin
9:37 OMG I LIVE NEAR THERE, THERE ARE A LOT OF FAKES THERE When you order something and the person thinks its fake, they stop selling the item for like a week or so
lyrical 5 kun oldin
Tbh the guy selling it was super nice and I just feel sad that he got arrested 😭😭
craftsandnails 5 kun oldin
Hope you feel ok about been part of arresting someone that just was working maybe to support his family, maybe he has kids, so i hope you think of them when you stuffed your belly on Thanksgiving. Btw this is not the best way to be a journalist, you are only playing "oh i risk myself to get the news", no you're not.
Tumblr Taekook
Tumblr Taekook 6 kun oldin
This is why I don’t like buying cheap makeup
snow claws
snow claws 6 kun oldin
You shouldn't need animal fat for lipstick it's cruel
Mochee. 6 kun oldin
well nyx is my bae...they’re the cheapest makeup brand in my country so i don’t have any problems with it :’)
Erika Fiore
Erika Fiore 7 kun oldin
There's a huge difference between carrying a fake LV and a fake lipstick, wtf hahahah
Yamikani Chabwinja
Yamikani Chabwinja 7 kun oldin
I don't blame anyone who buys or makes counterfeit products because the real products are ridiculously expensive, they are not worth it.
Artemis Baxas
Artemis Baxas 7 kun oldin
I use drug store brands which are cheap and good and don’t have terrible chemicals
Lily 7 kun oldin
ya be like “OMG FAKE MAKEUP HAS UNKNOWN INGREDIENTS” meanwhile ya can’t even pronounce the ingredients on real makeup... 🤫
This pisses me off. People are literally just trying to make some money to support themselves, and ofc we know that most of the products people sell on the street are fake. Sis needs to chill. She out here ruining lives
That kidd
That kidd 7 kun oldin
6:28 *tHiS iS jiMmY*
Choi Hyesong {최 혀성}
*fake kylie jenner lipsticks in america is already a big deal.* me be like: OH PLEASE! come to the philippines!! where even fake colognes are sold.
Sinsere BlackiDblack
Tony???!! hell no!!!
Pilla Gastelo
Pilla Gastelo 10 kun oldin
you can tell these are fake if youve ever been to Santee Alley
ng xin loo
ng xin loo 10 kun oldin
They are as dangerous as the original ones...... Maybe?
Alexia Espinoza
Alexia Espinoza 11 kun oldin
Why the frick would u do that. Some people don’t have a life as u do go buying things. U just arrested him. What if he had NO MONEY. And has a family to support . U just ruin his life. Such a DUMBASS bro
MooBerry2009 12 kun oldin
15 for fake urban decay, you could just buy some real morphe at ulta
Susana Nedo
Susana Nedo 12 kun oldin
Now that I'm older and wiser I stay away from full on advertising make up brands, I get makeup from all natural, organic and safe practice small businesses e.g. raw essential, Edith Perez, Inika, Kylie (not kardashian) we now have many in australia
Alpha Adog
Alpha Adog 13 kun oldin
If the beauty product companies in our country weren’t SO GREEDY, people wouldn’t seek out the counterfeits!! It’s OUT OF CONTROL!!!! The mark up is 300% or HIGHER!!!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!!! There’s enough to go around!! These “BEAUTY COMPANIES” want to “CLAIM” that they “CARE” about the “CONSUMERS”, they ONLY CARE ABOUT their profit margins!!!!!! These companies can start by giving the consumers quality products at a FAIR price!! They will make MORE money by doing that because people wouldn’t look for counterfeit products, they would purchase the ACTUAL products! Just make the prices realistic, people WILL buy them and you will STILL be able to live a luxurious life but WITHOUT having to look over your shoulder or have the police or homeland security take time away from SERIOUS CRIME and possible atrocities to our to country. At what point is it ENOUGH money? I pity this industry and the people involved in it!!! WAKE UP!!! At what point is there enough money in your pocket? PATHETIC!!
Hunny 14 kun oldin
8:34 he wasnt even on a call 😂😂
Daisy B
Daisy B 14 kun oldin
Those makeup artists probably come down there to do a UZvid vid comparing fake products to real ones 🤷🏼‍♀️
Ryam Lee
Ryam Lee 14 kun oldin
In China I saw a box that said L’Oréal on one side and Gucci on the other
Saitaina Malfoy
Saitaina Malfoy 15 kun oldin
Not all of the "name brands" sold cheaply are counterfeit. Many Chinese factories that make products for those companies also sell the items for MUCH cheaper, because they don't need the giant mark ups. That said, there are unfortunately, a LOT of counterfeits as well, and if you're going to look into "back door sales", you NEED to know the rarmarks of a fake vs a real mccoy.
Evangelyn Gayle
Evangelyn Gayle 16 kun oldin
Random Random
Random Random 17 kun oldin
I am never buying counterfit products again
Viktorija Djordjevic
Well, the blackmarket isn't something new and there will always be one. Be honest, is a Kylie lipstick worth 30$? It's just for the status, which became a huge trend through social media.
harrydaboss 19 kun oldin
Gail Fisher
Gail Fisher 20 kun oldin
🌸 Agree, it’s not worth the risk, as toxins build within your body over time......it doesn’t go away. Break out is least of your worries if you are using this on daily basis over time. Remember skin absorbs what ever we put on it, it’s how we put rubs and headache patches, nicotine patches etc Skin’s ability to absorb stuff is astounding so don’t put yourself at risk over few dollars As over time it can affect internal organs etc......long time ago I read in news paper a UK woman bought cheap alcohol, which was fake and she went blind due to chemicals they used and they too were NOT regulated!
lawl_shelly 20 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure a lot of people know the sketch about those cheap brand makeup, but they still go out of their way to buy it just because of the brand...like come on who tf cares if you have a fucking Micheal Kors bag or a Kylie Jenner palette, I honestly hate society nowadays. Y’all are just losing your money on pointless shit really..
cloudsofsunset 21 kun oldin
Today I went to the official NYX shop in my city I screamed when I see the receive of a little bit up to one hundred pounds. I told myself all the time this make up will last because I am this type of person. Randomly I find out this documentary and made me though how many years ago I felt so tempted to buy these products on Chinese online shops and honestly after seeing the images of the fabrics in china and hearing they got mercury and these kind of elements that I know pretty well are not good. I am reassuring myself that better less products but in the right shop and make it last...
Alivia 21 kun oldin
They should make the makeup products more affordable so this counterfeiting doesn't happen... you could keep your fancy high end stuff and then make products that are a bit more affordable for people who dont want to spend $20 on a lipstick. That way they get the name brand they want but maybe it is just a bit lower quality formula but still safely made. Like a MAC Pro line and a MAC drugstore line. Idk how the whole business aspect of these corporations works but it would make sense to try to market some products at affordable prices so you can profit from consumers who would have bought counterfeit or other drugstore brands... instead they would buy the MAC (or whoever) brand because they know it is a trusted brand with high quality makeup. There is a lot that goes into makeup formulation and marketing and packaging and I know these people want to make a profit, but they could totally access a way larger consumer base and possibly increasing the number of sales and revenue if they made more affordable products....
Valak The Nun
Valak The Nun 22 kun oldin
Even the real kylie lipstick kit is dangerous.
Maisy Floss
Maisy Floss 23 kun oldin
I'm sorry, but how does horse urine get in it? There was some effort made there for that to get in it, just saying.
rudolph bishop
rudolph bishop 26 kun oldin
Why are these people being locked up for selling fake products? Well these women that is using all this make up are selling themselves as a natural beauty. It's all bs
robotinarowboat 26 kun oldin
it makes me so sad that they're just arresting the small vendors on the street as if that's gonna fix the problem- they need to deal with the suppliers. Nobody stands on the street all day in the middle of winter in NYC because they WANT to, it's because they have to make a living for themselves/their families and this is better than working at mcdonald's or selling drugs. they're not getting any closer by only arresting the people selling on the street instead of the shady factories that make them- they need to get rid of the source instead of putting people who are trying to make a living into jail because they couldn't find a better work option.
DIY-WiL 26 kun oldin
You snitched on the man!
🌻The Lightroom with Greta
I bought a lipstick I thought was real. My lips turned black. To this day I am struggling to get my lips back to normal. Never again, I purchase only from well known stores now.
Sadé Anthony
Sadé Anthony 4 kun oldin
I'm sorry to hear that!
Marjorie Militar
This is everywhere here and in China. 😂 $120? 3 for $25? You can get that 3 for $1! Still overpriced. 😂
CrimZa. Ghe
CrimZa. Ghe Oy oldin
Fake Kylie make up, it don't matter anyway everything these days are fake.
Moni Oy oldin
Majority of cosmetics is general high end or not have lead, parabens etc!
Abby Pike
Abby Pike Oy oldin
I just found this channel and I really enjoy the content! I am subbing!
robert splitz
robert splitz Oy oldin
kylie a hoe
L.067 Oy oldin
or just buy cheap brands and theyre better than fake copys
Kawaii_gamer Gamer
This is why never by counterfeit s*** just get real nice make up this is avoidable and u get benefits no irritation or any problem and save money so just do that
leadartist420 Oy oldin
Just Stop Wearing Makeup Before All Men Start Buying SEX Dolls... OHH! TRIGGERED???. I am 23 and I have seen some beautiful Females but as for the kind of Woman they are. well. Snap out of the Falsehood.
Boutique Bitcoin
dd's store in usa has hundreds of counterfeit makeup
Eileen Martinac
Oh, I just ordered make up for less on ebay, now I wonder what I am getting!
Skye Oy oldin
The ONLY reason I buy from the big makeup stores instead of the drug store is because you can try everything on...the moment Walmart makes a makeup try-on section, I’m in there like swimwear 😂
everberry51 Oy oldin
How are you going to go up to 181st and act like you’re in danger?? This video is beyond offensive.
Naomi Zappia
Naomi Zappia Oy oldin
yueᅵmoon Oy oldin
I feel so bad for the guy who got arrested :/
Helen Hines
Helen Hines Oy oldin
No one can really tell whether you wear luxury or drugstore makeup if it's a good product with good application. Drugstore brands have really stepped up their game and there's tons of amazing products for $15 or less.
Spectacular Spice
I don’t even use make up but I’m watching this
mikei Oy oldin
If they’re not investigating the dealers and shippers, they’re idiots..... arresting the sellers wont do much to help.
5s0sx Ash
5s0sx Ash Oy oldin
These big companies are already robbing millions of people and paying their bottom line dirt and now they put people who are just trying to live in jail. Like y’all know that $200 lipstick was bought for $2. It may not be the same ingredients but it’s probably the same price.
Romina Cox
Romina Cox Oy oldin
Most of the latinos we buy those kind of products, and we are still Alive 😅
Gracie Enwerem
Combat drugs instead of instead of stupid makeup y’all are putting your energy in the wrong places
When they said it will cause acne, I was like legit looking for makeup products that look fake, then throw it out secretly, cause I ain’t got time for acne
Natalie Chan
Natalie Chan Oy oldin
i’m in Chinese that lives in Hong Kong and seriously that’s a website called “taobao” which is like a Chinese version of Amazon and basically everything you find in there is a replica. for example i guess you can buy a Gucci handbag for USD$30
via Nguyen
via Nguyen Oy oldin
They are the same thing! Only difference is the price. People buying them on the street like this know they're fake.
Lovisa söderlund
A lott of This brands are tested on animals like bunnies, rats, mouse and guinipigs. 🐹🐰🐭
qsjake Oy oldin
“You didn’t even open the container” “don’t need to, the label isn’t right” LOL 🤣
Anne Wheeler
Anne Wheeler Oy oldin
Revlon is the brand that I buy. It’s not overpriced for its quality, it doesn’t really give me acne, it’s my favorite makeup brand.
Id like a cup of TAE with SUGA and a KOOKIE
Wtf? I’ll still buy them anyway tf? Idc about a little rash, just put some for makeup on it. Smh bruh if it’s cheap, I’m all in for it
Carmindy Stevens
I feel like this is the same thing as happened with Levis jeans... same jeans... half of the stock gets the logo and rest gets whatever generic label sewn on.. this has been proven already... plus Kylies crap is just Colourpop with different packaging so it's ALREADY been "knocked off" hahaha
Lil Royal
Lil Royal Oy oldin
Tbh thats not illegal here in ph. There is this place here in ph called divisoria.
eric bravo
eric bravo Oy oldin
Shouldnt they arrest the people who sold him the goods, because he didnt make them hes just selling them. I know thats still illegal but come on everyone has to make a living, do you really think the government is going to tell you what is really in all the food we buy from their stores, NOoooo! Our oun government is filthy, sad how he will go to jail and the government will make money off having him in prison. Nobody really understands how messed up and unorginized it is, people just believe every arrest is justice but in reallity we should be pointing fingers at the government. Why does this country set us up for failar
Ken Fleming
Ken Fleming Oy oldin
Just make the makeup prices lower. I’m not buying lipstick for 30 bucks.
Ken Fleming
Ken Fleming Oy oldin
Our economy is so fucked
Jenny Villa
Jenny Villa Oy oldin
Wtf you guys are hella nosy
Anime Fan club
There is a article about getting out the result what is in the makeup product and BANG THERE IS POOP IN THERE some how
Gab Badillo
Gab Badillo Oy oldin
"China was good at copying", well i guess its true..
Random Slytherin kpop fan
Kylie jenner's lip kits suck😒😒😞😑 Its just my opinion. It doesnt matter right?
Vminkook's Holy Trash
Alexandr K.
Alexandr K. Oy oldin
Both sides are full of BS. Just like women who have a $300 purse, is it better quality than a purse that costs $50, or are you paying for the name? Now we all know Chinese made goods are inferior, and even dangerous, but the companies that charge hundreds of dollars for lipstick are robbing their consumers.
Pérez Soriano
Avon Eyeliner lasts well and Loreal Paris for Mascara ❤❤❤❤❤
Lillyana Bilynsky
These people are just trying to make a living the people who buy the stuff know it isn’t good for them it’s their fault so you shouldn’t blame the distributors
bread bowl
bread bowl Oy oldin
Well at least the stores are selling the Kylie products at the prices they're worth
Ermias Solomon
It is nice video and I like it. Many big western companies are exploiting poor countries too. At least this guy is offering much more to help them. Nice of him. Even Politicians exploit their citizens every where in the world. The only difference is the ratio. Western politicians take little and give more to the people. To the opposite, Africa politicians take more and give less. How can I find Dan''s company?
Thee Indigo
Thee Indigo Oy oldin
Could you imagine getting arrested for selling lipstick ? Damn let these people live . Go after the people making the stuff.
Jonah Guerra
Jonah Guerra Oy oldin
This video has made me want to drive to NY and buy some street vendor makeup. Those are my kind of prices. I'm going to hell.
Kitty Infinity
XxBabaStarkxX Oy oldin
This shits fake af like go to 8:30 he fakes being on the phone and "hangs up" boi stop doing shit just for views