Why I Can't Go Home for 7 Years

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Hi everyone, we know there's been a sad tone on our channel this week but rest assured... On Tuesday we're back with sneaking in, wheel of discomfort and adventures with strangers... It's going to be NUTS! We just had to get these two stories out.
This situation with Ammar in Egypt is very complicated, we hope you understand the situation and appreciate TD's amazing piece at the end. Some of you might not agree with Ammar's decision to stay in the U.S. but at the end of the of day, it's his and his only. Having this emotional weight over our shoulders while traveling in Egypt did make it harder to focus on videos sometimes but it was a trip that was necessary for us all.
The Super 8-effect and music choice was completely inspired by Adrian Bliss and his amazing piece:
SONG by Tom Rosenthal:
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Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
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29-Okt, 2017

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Queen Lia
Queen Lia 23 soat oldin
this just made me so emotional. i cant even begin to imagine how you're feeling but im sure you know allah will never put you through something he thinks you cant stand. you are such a huge fucking inspiration to me & im sure to every other egyptian youtuber or person that has dreams and wants to travel and pursue. you are so frickin strong just know that!!! we're all so proud of you. love u
Shraman Noodles
Shraman Noodles 2 kun oldin
U got this Aamar. Btw I never cry while watching a video but this was to emotional 😭 I couldn’t help it but 😭
Giwrgos Kollakides
Giwrgos Kollakides 5 kun oldin
Anmar, in cyprus we have to do military as well and its the same situtation. I agree with you and ive seen that in the military that i have served is not worth doing! so dont be hard on yourself
Sacha Levy
Sacha Levy 7 kun oldin
Yes Theory & Tom Rosenthal 💙
Muhammed 9 kun oldin
I'm about to make the same decision as you Ammar, I will not see family for 7 years. I've seen this video before, but only now I know how you really felt.
Salyl Dobhal
Salyl Dobhal 10 kun oldin
Ammar u should be happy that u have 2 homes one in egypt and one ryt here among your brothers 🙌 ezypt is your home on one can take it away from you .
Iraqi Bloke
Iraqi Bloke 10 kun oldin
The best decision you're making in this life journey, military service killed all my dreams and future projects. You will not regret it Ammar and hopefully your family would be able to visit you from time to then. Cheers bro
fanofbama14 11 kun oldin
I was so surprised when Ammar chose that song at the end. Here from Tennessee and I guess I expected someone in California to listen to something a lot different than the soft blue grass type song. Hope everything goes well for you.
CringeCrib 11 kun oldin
It's like 12 pm and I'm crying because of this video and I'm probably gonna watch dank memes now😂😂😂
Keanna Derbyshire
Keanna Derbyshire 12 kun oldin
☹️ I’m sorry
RANDOM VLOGGER 12 kun oldin
hey ammar i saw your videos and i feel so bad for you i hope you get better in your personal liife and btw i am arab but cant write in arabic cuz i was travelling for 9 years of my life and now i try to learn arabic again but keep the good work up you are my favorite youtubers and the best i hope you the best and good luck bye bye ya sa7byba7ebak ya 3amar
Harrygames 213
Harrygames 213 12 kun oldin
Na fuck that I wouldn’t want to be made to go in to the military u could get killed even though u never wanted to go in the military any whey😊🔫😵
Zam namgay
Zam namgay 12 kun oldin
Hi Ammar, you are an inspiration for everyone out there! I’ve recently discovered Yes Theory and now I am addicted to it! 🤗It motivates me and makes me happy to watch you all do everything that you do with full heart and pure love. Ammar, there’s just something about you that makes you so special. You’re an amazing human being! Lots of ❤️
HeyItsBella 13 kun oldin
Ammar Remember We Are All Here For You And Will Help You Get Through This!
Potato Hello
Potato Hello 15 kun oldin
:( im so sorry😭
Tamara Vuksan
Tamara Vuksan 15 kun oldin
Omg guys, I'm here crying and laughing so hard last two days. You are amazing. Ammar, I feel you, sending you love and peace
Ahmed Idris
Ahmed Idris 16 kun oldin
whoever disliked the video is a piece of crap and doesn't respect this amazing person.
Diana Khayyata
Diana Khayyata 17 kun oldin
كتير بفهمك ومعك ومآمنة بخياراتك خليك من نجاح لنجاح وموفق والهام ل الهام.. متابعتكم من سوريا بغربة هولندا
Ammar, in my religion we don’t do what you are going through but I know how it feels and I know you will make the right choice as always and if you don’t here is advice :when ever we think we make bad choices it’s just the start of a great adventure we will remember
Common Fate
Common Fate 19 kun oldin
For me since I’m Brazilian I would of had to do it also, but in Brazil every male has to
Autumn J
Autumn J 20 kun oldin
Ammar, I'm new to the channel. The only advice I have for you is to LIVE YOUR LIFE DOING WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. I'm sure you respect your father. Your father should understand he raises a very bright and caring young man. I never want you to wake up regretting giving up on Yes Theory. Sometimes the hardest decisions to make turn out to be the best decision. Your father has lived his life. LIVE YOURS AND NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO MAKE YOU QUESTION YOUR CALLING!
Christian the Wizard
Hello Ammar, you will make an amazing leader some day. I can't wait to see it happen.
Josh DeRoche
Josh DeRoche 23 kun oldin
The very first yes theory video I ever watched
Hot Tea
Hot Tea 25 kun oldin
Such a beautiful video !! The song made me tear up as well while watching it . I wish the best for you Ammar !
slushy slushy
slushy slushy 26 kun oldin
It's too sad I can't continue to watch
Siddarth Arvind
Siddarth Arvind 27 kun oldin
sorry dude
diran kcdc
diran kcdc 28 kun oldin
there is all was a light of hope so take that light take that light and live your life
Carolina Caballero
we love you and pray for you ammar
Maria Shaker
Maria Shaker Oy oldin
Ya rab makk
Slavko Stojcevski
If this is not pure sexism against males I don't know what is it!!!!!!!!!
Simon Hej
Simon Hej Oy oldin
Usualy seeing ammar smiling and laughting, makes me feel tears fill in my Eyes. Im so sorry for you my friend
I fucking cried
Nathan Ortega
Nathan Ortega Oy oldin
Its crazy YOU would do that for everyone in the world and we will always support you to the end and im pretty sure that alot of people thank you for doing this and this is coming from a 7th grader
Whim Pranks
Whim Pranks Oy oldin
Don’t worry man they don’t have internet over there
cody azevedo
cody azevedo Oy oldin
dude ammar screw all those people lashing out on you. you have your life started already and you moved away from home for im guessing many good reasons and one of them to have a better life. it would be stupid to throw everything away to join the military. its insane that its mandatory still.
_Corby_703_ Oy oldin
Lucas Fierro
Lucas Fierro Oy oldin
3:16 color 404
Zeyad Al Balawi
Love and hugs my brother keep going you will reach your place in the sky and in the right time you will shane . I have been away from home for 6 years now getting my education in the us you guys give me hopes I wish i can meet you
Pink Silver
Pink Silver Oy oldin
Rabena ma3aak!
Kincho Wangmo
Kincho Wangmo Oy oldin
I cried so hard once again after seeing how much he misses his friends 😰😪😭
I hate Egyptians
psngamer Oy oldin
People who dislikes the videos are souless
K. Oy oldin
Ammar, we love you. Father of my baby is muslim and I allways felt in country with NO muslims like stranger. I trully hope you and your baba will find the way to each ohter. It will cost a lost of sleepless nights for both of you, so many tears, but believe me, one day you and him will cuddle again. I absolutelly understand his and your point of view. One day you will meet again and he will be proud of you. I bet you have this opioted mind from him. ❤️ mashallah
thinthle Oy oldin
I'm an orphan so I can't go home untill I build up my own family again with future loved ones. May everyone who's far from home, doesn't have a home or has a broken home build their own home again once the time is ripe. Bless each of you.
Evan Voelker
Evan Voelker Oy oldin
mama mia that's a spicy meatball
Charismatic Killjoy
I love this song, when I heard it start to play I couldn’t help but cry
Dulla Bills
Dulla Bills Oy oldin
BRUTHA PRAY and make dua for ur family and masr hopefully all these situations get better by time
Just Believe
Just Believe Oy oldin
I am so sorry Man U deserve more this is really hard ):
Frosty Wicked
Frosty Wicked Oy oldin
4 more years!
Erandr Oy oldin
I feel you man... mandatory army sucks. with love from Israel
Succ Succcy
Succ Succcy Oy oldin
Dang that really sucks well we love you and hope you can go back soon and celebrate alot
Mo Oy oldin
Bro I am too been here in europe for around 5 year's ans tell now I can not go to Egypt and so much want go home
frogster eighteeng
Wait, you met Justin Trudeau?
Mullay2 Oy oldin
I do not disagree with your decision in any way shape or form. You came to this country to take advantage of the opportunities that can be had here. It is your father's loss that he doesn't understand.
Sam E Baines
Sam E Baines Oy oldin
I link what you did was right
GhostGaming Oy oldin
We support you
Ely Ben Mohamed
How am I only finding out they were on ctv in Montreal I’ve lived in Montreal for 13 years and I’ve been watching and reading his story for many years
Krosis Games
Krosis Games Oy oldin
Thanks for showing that Muslims aren't the assholes, the devils everyone thinks we are ...
Joe D.oreo
Joe D.oreo Oy oldin
Dam this was rough watching man, Just tells me life is all about finding the best ppl in your life you can share it with but even more so yourself and just how crazy different the world is even tho we should all be in it together, Which was kinda Ammars choice at the end. 100% agree with Ammar tho
The old shadows Aka leonsniper17
The old shadows Aka leonsniper17
Ammar you’ll be in my hart
Omg !!!
Omg !!! Oy oldin
This channel deserves 1000000000000ml sub, and I’m not joking👍
yousif alsewaidi
it's okay ammar i mean like it's been 13 years since we last went to our country time goes by fast
Mike Mikel
Mike Mikel Oy oldin
Cry me a god damn river....you chose this
M Soda
M Soda Oy oldin
Service takes many forms. I think many people in countries without forced military service don’t have to think about these things. Also I think that showing your country and people in a positive light along with trying to bring people together is a wonderful service in today’s world.
GogoTech Oy oldin
معلم انا شبراوي انتا ؟؟
Don Kaveen
Don Kaveen Oy oldin
world needs leaders like this
There videos are addicting
Mann Patel
Mann Patel Oy oldin
Ksi Vs Logan Paul?
Gamer Studio
Gamer Studio Oy oldin
So emotional
SebastjanD Oy oldin
So emotional. Great video. Looking at numbers, i cannot grasp 511 people (at this time) dislike this video. Why?
Emma Slowey
Emma Slowey Oy oldin
Can his parents come to America?
Vex Oy oldin
man i just subbed to this channel, finding this out is pretty sad
Yali Prod
Yali Prod Oy oldin
الالسلام عليكم يا عمار أنا اسمي محمد علي أنا من المغرب و بالضبط من خريبكة أنا أتفهم قرارك و بما أن هادا ما تريد أن تفعل فاعلم أن الله سيوفقك والسلام عليكم و رحمة الله
adam foster
adam foster 2 oy oldin
Ammar you can bribe government officers to get a Pass quite easily
Monster Jam Geek
Monster Jam Geek 2 oy oldin
What’s the song name in the video?
Ahmed Magdob
Ahmed Magdob 2 oy oldin
I had to leave my parents for 16 years when I was back they were died and I still have hope til this day
Pakyu ka
Pakyu ka 2 oy oldin
What is the title og the song please
Markko 2 oy oldin
i served also in military because i was forced to by law :D and it was right thing to do . You want to have homeland ? but same time you are not ready to do anything to defend it ??? you are not considered as a patriot :(
BRYANT ANGEL 2 oy oldin
I found this channel 2 days ago and been watching all your vids. You guys put me in such a great mood and after I’m done watching a video I literally feel like I can accomplish anything. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING DOPE. YES THEORY, pass it on. ❤️ Ammar you are incredibly talented and smart. I look up to you guys. One day I’ll be taking on my own adventure just like you. SO INSPIRING IM CRYING BRO
Dragons Eye
Dragons Eye 2 oy oldin
I discovered this video when I was today years old
Feyre 2 oy oldin
Wow, literally crying. Just found this channel a few days ago and have been watching all the videos. Hunted down this video after watching the Egypt series and I am so sorry this happened. I understand and agree with your decision. Remember that all of your family at Yes Theory is here for you, always❤️
You have such a beautiful and genuine heart. Your vulnerability is astonishing. You have have some amazing friends!!♥️ I want to think that one day you’ll look back and say something like “it was tough but I’m glad I stayed”
George Salib
George Salib 2 oy oldin
You know if you get another country’s passport you can be in the Egyption military!
Bos Endarmen
Bos Endarmen 2 oy oldin
I think u made the right decision
Goblinz 2 oy oldin
Who would dislike this
Dawid Kowalczys
Dawid Kowalczys 2 oy oldin
Damn... what a great video. Cheers mate!!!!!
ayoub mazouzi
ayoub mazouzi 2 oy oldin
Ammar be strong my brother I know its really hard for you to live your worm home for another 7 years ...but don't forget that god give you another family ..matt and Thomas and darin ..and us the yes theory funs .....be strong salam from Algeria
Oilerpa 2 oy oldin
So we will see you climbing the pyramid in 2024???
Iona Sweidan
Iona Sweidan 2 oy oldin
ARE TOU KIDDING THAT IS MY FAVOURITE SONG TOO!! It means a lot to me-obviously different reasons, but I share so much unconditional love.
Zihan Covers
Zihan Covers 2 oy oldin
Ammar I saw your video of your father letter. We all out here dealing with it, especially our generation, where we can't speak loud what our dreams can be, what paths can our life take. Adults just don't understand us, but we are what we are, we are the freedom generation, we have to fight, NOT FOR MONEY, NOT FOR OIL, But for DREAMS, dream to be free, dream to scream our dreams loud more than our silence. At the age of 19, Tomorrow I am going to a state that is distant 18 hours flight from home, to achieve my dream. I seek discomfort for my inner comfort. Love from a moroccan italian girl. Thank you Yes Theory.
Alpha John
Alpha John 2 oy oldin
I'm so sad 💚
Santeri Vidal
Santeri Vidal 2 oy oldin
In Finland we also have a mandatory military /civil service for males, although most do it when they are 18 years. You will not be given a passport if you are avoiding draft, or if you have embezzled funds or avoided taxes.
Omar Al Zarouni
Omar Al Zarouni 2 oy oldin
Don't worry we will support you and welcome you. Keep up the hard work Ammar!
Hmingtea Pulamte
Hmingtea Pulamte 2 oy oldin
Hope u see your parents again
Olli K
Olli K 2 oy oldin
I tried to get into the military when I was younger but I wasn't able to get past the medical exam. I had developed arthritis due to some injuries and it keeps me from being able to run. Had I been able to serve my country, I would have had more than 20 years in by now and I would be enjoying my retirement benefits. I would have made a lot of very close friends who I am sure I would still be in contact with to this day. Ammar is missing out on a lot. I know that there are a lot of people in the world who don't think that the military is something that is needed, I know that there are people who think that peace is the only way to accomplish things. I wish that there was only peaceful ways to accomplish every goal. But when you have to deal with people who are raised to believe that it is their religious duty to kill those who do not believe in what they believe and who look forward to being killed while fighting for their belief, you can't talk peace to them. When you are dealing with people like that, the only way to stop them from attacking everyone they come into contact with is to fight them. Think back to some wars inthe past. World War 2, had the Allies not fought Germany and the Axis powers, Germany would have taken over many more countries and possibly even made a push for the US. Japan is another place where peaceful negotiations would not have ended the war. The emperor indoctrinated the people to believe that if the US soldier made it to the main land that they would kill all the men and children and rape all the women. The Japanese believed this to the point that there are videos of Japanese women throwing their children off of cliffs and then jumping off after them because they were so afraid of the US military being so close. The only way the war could end was with a show of superior might over their military. There is a need for a military in every country. There is a time when fighting is necessary. Not for offense but for defense. Because there are people in the world who refuse to live in peace with others, there IS a need for military forces around the world. And when I see people like this guy run away from his home country because he doesn't want to serve his home country, I don't understand why they make this kind of a choice. Ammar needs to think about what he is doing. He needs to really think about what it is to be a man and to not run away from responsibility. He needs to learn what it means to honor your father. He needs to learn what it means to do what is required of him. I don't mean this in the sense that the government has a law that forces him to do service. I mean that the laws of his country have been constructed in a way that everyone does their part to provide for the greater good of the country. The government has established a method for everyone to give back to the country something. Like I said at the beginning of this, I tried to get in but I couldn't. I wish I could have made it in. I know that it would not have been easy, I know it would have been challenging. But in the end I would have come through the experience a better person. When I watched this video all I got out of it was that he is upset about the consequences of his action and he is trying to shift the blame from himself and place it somewhere else. He is trying to gain favor with other who have similar mind sets and trying to get them to approve of his reassignment of blame for his situation. Even though he says that he knows he can't go back, he doesn't want to own up to the fact that he is being a coward. And I know that when he finally is able to go back to Egypt he will walk around and be all pleased with himself that he shirked off his responsibility and did what he wanted to do instead doing the right thing and doing what he should have done. Cheers.
manuelgm 2 oy oldin
I still didn't understand why
Gaik 2 oy oldin
I just saw the Video, where you tell that you have to leave "Yes Theory" now i see this and im crying now. i dont think that you ever will read this, but i want to hug you virtually and give you some strength from a "old" (39) man from Germany, i wish that all your dreams come true and only good events coming in the future of you and i hope that you can enter your homeland earlyer than 7 years from now on. In this world so many things are wrong but not on this channel you guys make it to a better world, thank you for that! ( Sorry for bad grammar but my time in school was a long time ago :D )
SilverSkull 2 oy oldin
i'm so sorry, your doing the best thing man.
Major Peterson
Major Peterson 2 oy oldin
So can Ammar not travel at all?