Why I Can't Go Home for 7 Years

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Hi everyone, we know there's been a sad tone on our channel this week but rest assured... On Tuesday we're back with sneaking in, wheel of discomfort and adventures with strangers... It's going to be NUTS! We just had to get these two stories out.
This situation with Ammar in Egypt is very complicated, we hope you understand the situation and appreciate TD's amazing piece at the end. Some of you might not agree with Ammar's decision to stay in the U.S. but at the end of the of day, it's his and his only. Having this emotional weight over our shoulders while traveling in Egypt did make it harder to focus on videos sometimes but it was a trip that was necessary for us all.
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Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
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29-Okt, 2017

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Monster Jam Geek
What’s the song name in the video?
Ahmed Magdob
Ahmed Magdob Kun oldin
I had to leave my parents for 16 years when I was back they were died and I still have hope til this day
Pakyu ka
Pakyu ka 2 kun oldin
What is the title og the song please
Markko 2 kun oldin
i served also in military because i was forced to by law :D and it was right thing to do . You want to have homeland ? but same time you are not ready to do anything to defend it ??? you are not considered as a patriot :(
BRYANT ANGEL 4 kun oldin
I found this channel 2 days ago and been watching all your vids. You guys put me in such a great mood and after I’m done watching a video I literally feel like I can accomplish anything. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING DOPE. YES THEORY, pass it on. ❤️ Ammar you are incredibly talented and smart. I look up to you guys. One day I’ll be taking on my own adventure just like you. SO INSPIRING IM CRYING BRO
Dragons Eye
Dragons Eye 4 kun oldin
I discovered this video when I was today years old
Feyre 5 kun oldin
Wow, literally crying. Just found this channel a few days ago and have been watching all the videos. Hunted down this video after watching the Egypt series and I am so sorry this happened. I understand and agree with your decision. Remember that all of your family at Yes Theory is here for you, always❤️
saraiportuguez430 6 kun oldin
You have such a beautiful and genuine heart. Your vulnerability is astonishing. You have have some amazing friends!!♥️ I want to think that one day you’ll look back and say something like “it was tough but I’m glad I stayed”
Emerald King
Emerald King 6 kun oldin
You know if you get another country’s passport you can be in the Egyption military!
Bos Endarmen
Bos Endarmen 6 kun oldin
I think u made the right decision
Goblinz 6 kun oldin
Who would dislike this
Dawid Kowalczys
Dawid Kowalczys 7 kun oldin
Damn... what a great video. Cheers mate!!!!!
ayoub mazouzi
ayoub mazouzi 8 kun oldin
Ammar be strong my brother I know its really hard for you to live your worm home for another 7 years ...but don't forget that god give you another family ..matt and Thomas and darin ..and us the yes theory funs .....be strong salam from Algeria
Oilerpa 8 kun oldin
So we will see you climbing the pyramid in 2024???
Iona Sweidan
Iona Sweidan 8 kun oldin
ARE TOU KIDDING THAT IS MY FAVOURITE SONG TOO!! It means a lot to me-obviously different reasons, but I share so much unconditional love.
Zihan Covers
Zihan Covers 8 kun oldin
Ammar I saw your video of your father letter. We all out here dealing with it, especially our generation, where we can't speak loud what our dreams can be, what paths can our life take. Adults just don't understand us, but we are what we are, we are the freedom generation, we have to fight, NOT FOR MONEY, NOT FOR OIL, But for DREAMS, dream to be free, dream to scream our dreams loud more than our silence. At the age of 19, Tomorrow I am going to a state that is distant 18 hours flight from home, to achieve my dream. I seek discomfort for my inner comfort. Love from a moroccan italian girl. Thank you Yes Theory.
Alpha John
Alpha John 8 kun oldin
I'm so sad 💚
Santeri Vidal
Santeri Vidal 9 kun oldin
In Finland we also have a mandatory military /civil service for males, although most do it when they are 18 years. You will not be given a passport if you are avoiding draft, or if you have embezzled funds or avoided taxes.
Omar Al Zarouni
Omar Al Zarouni 10 kun oldin
Don't worry we will support you and welcome you. Keep up the hard work Ammar!
Hmingtea Pulamte
Hmingtea Pulamte 11 kun oldin
Hope u see your parents again
Olli K
Olli K 11 kun oldin
I tried to get into the military when I was younger but I wasn't able to get past the medical exam. I had developed arthritis due to some injuries and it keeps me from being able to run. Had I been able to serve my country, I would have had more than 20 years in by now and I would be enjoying my retirement benefits. I would have made a lot of very close friends who I am sure I would still be in contact with to this day. Ammar is missing out on a lot. I know that there are a lot of people in the world who don't think that the military is something that is needed, I know that there are people who think that peace is the only way to accomplish things. I wish that there was only peaceful ways to accomplish every goal. But when you have to deal with people who are raised to believe that it is their religious duty to kill those who do not believe in what they believe and who look forward to being killed while fighting for their belief, you can't talk peace to them. When you are dealing with people like that, the only way to stop them from attacking everyone they come into contact with is to fight them. Think back to some wars inthe past. World War 2, had the Allies not fought Germany and the Axis powers, Germany would have taken over many more countries and possibly even made a push for the US. Japan is another place where peaceful negotiations would not have ended the war. The emperor indoctrinated the people to believe that if the US soldier made it to the main land that they would kill all the men and children and rape all the women. The Japanese believed this to the point that there are videos of Japanese women throwing their children off of cliffs and then jumping off after them because they were so afraid of the US military being so close. The only way the war could end was with a show of superior might over their military. There is a need for a military in every country. There is a time when fighting is necessary. Not for offense but for defense. Because there are people in the world who refuse to live in peace with others, there IS a need for military forces around the world. And when I see people like this guy run away from his home country because he doesn't want to serve his home country, I don't understand why they make this kind of a choice. Ammar needs to think about what he is doing. He needs to really think about what it is to be a man and to not run away from responsibility. He needs to learn what it means to honor your father. He needs to learn what it means to do what is required of him. I don't mean this in the sense that the government has a law that forces him to do service. I mean that the laws of his country have been constructed in a way that everyone does their part to provide for the greater good of the country. The government has established a method for everyone to give back to the country something. Like I said at the beginning of this, I tried to get in but I couldn't. I wish I could have made it in. I know that it would not have been easy, I know it would have been challenging. But in the end I would have come through the experience a better person. When I watched this video all I got out of it was that he is upset about the consequences of his action and he is trying to shift the blame from himself and place it somewhere else. He is trying to gain favor with other who have similar mind sets and trying to get them to approve of his reassignment of blame for his situation. Even though he says that he knows he can't go back, he doesn't want to own up to the fact that he is being a coward. And I know that when he finally is able to go back to Egypt he will walk around and be all pleased with himself that he shirked off his responsibility and did what he wanted to do instead doing the right thing and doing what he should have done. Cheers.
manuelgm 11 kun oldin
I still didn't understand why
Gaik 12 kun oldin
I just saw the Video, where you tell that you have to leave "Yes Theory" now i see this and im crying now. i dont think that you ever will read this, but i want to hug you virtually and give you some strength from a "old" (39) man from Germany, i wish that all your dreams come true and only good events coming in the future of you and i hope that you can enter your homeland earlyer than 7 years from now on. In this world so many things are wrong but not on this channel you guys make it to a better world, thank you for that! ( Sorry for bad grammar but my time in school was a long time ago :D )
SilverSkull 12 kun oldin
i'm so sorry, your doing the best thing man.
R3MIX 12 kun oldin
So can Ammar not travel at all?
Aeon Minter
Aeon Minter 14 kun oldin
My heart hurts from watching this
bleatingsheep39 14 kun oldin
I’m sorry you have to go through this, Ammar.
wEp 14 kun oldin
lol wtf is with the world? fuck all that military shit
Dan 346
Dan 346 14 kun oldin
and you have inspired me to seek discomfort in my own ways you are a pure inspiration do what you do
Dan 346
Dan 346 14 kun oldin
This is a is a very touching video and hard to watch, the people that have disliked this video i would like to understand why you have done this, Ammar, you probably won't read this but i know that everyone that is subscribed to Yes Theory backs you no matter what you do and most of us may not understand what you are going through but we will stand with you though and though, please know we love what you and Yes Theory do and will love to see what is to come - Dan
Anna Stolle
Anna Stolle 14 kun oldin
I cannot stop crying. This must be so difficult. It is so incredible, though, that you have so much love and support around you.
JamPapi Beatz
JamPapi Beatz 14 kun oldin
This was hard to watch
Khaled Mowafy
Khaled Mowafy 15 kun oldin
Ya3am terga3 eh bas allah yekrmak eskot we etbasat we safer we matrga3sh
Muhammad Muneeb
Muhammad Muneeb 15 kun oldin
Well thanks there is no mandatory military service in Pakistan.
Lily Dolphin 1234
Lily Dolphin 1234 16 kun oldin
You are amazing❤
stephanie daigle
stephanie daigle 16 kun oldin
OMGGGG!!!!!!! This is also my Faaaavorite song!!!!!
Horvy Alexander
Horvy Alexander 17 kun oldin
Im sorry Ammar my brother my heart is with u
Yolo MAN
Yolo MAN 17 kun oldin
iam confused can anyone explain me please
The2LittelL The Officil
I have never would of thought it was the hardest thing to ever watch
Aseel Alzahrani
Aseel Alzahrani 17 kun oldin
Its your choice and also also we are you family and we are everywere
Katie Goodchild
Katie Goodchild 17 kun oldin
Ammar, Stay strong! I believe in what you are doing and I think it's really quite amazing how passionate about it you are! I can't imagine how hard a journey it has been for you, having to decide what you truly believe in vs doing what your family/country believes you "must" do. Never forget how far you have come on your journey and don't stop. You are out to do good in complete strangers lives and to help people be spontaneous and not be afraid to take chances! You're doing an amazing job, and you are so inspiring! Keep your head above the crashing waves and take hope in knowing you can rise above it all and that you have the power inside of you to stand tall and do what you believe is right, no matter the negativity people may put on you! You may never even see this message here, mixed in with so many others, but if you do I hope it encourages you! Much love and faith for you and your dreams!
THORVALD Olavsen 18 kun oldin
Although I personally see it as an honor to serve my country and get the chance to be a part of hive but in the end of the day each one of has its own reasons. I wish you luck, success and good health to you, your family, your friends and your entire circle. By now you guys are well aware that you are changing millions of lives all across the globe, you are the source of inspiration to many and you guys will sure one day be that little spark that will ignite a major change, just keep doing what you do, keep saying YES
lunae llumen
lunae llumen 18 kun oldin
This is probably one of the most beautiful and meaningful videos I’ve ever watched. Ammar I wish you and your family the best.
Herding Haskins
Herding Haskins 19 kun oldin
Peace and love!!!!!
LilleFrieda Püppi
LilleFrieda Püppi 19 kun oldin
Sending you all my love
LilleFrieda Püppi
LilleFrieda Püppi 19 kun oldin
I'm in tears
Elena Rose
Elena Rose 19 kun oldin
such a sweet man.
YouTube eyy
YouTube eyy 20 kun oldin
Made me cry .... I cant go home either..... 😞 currently my hone is burning up btw .... literally thousands of people died ..... wildfires and shit....
Sylvia Abdelmalak
Sylvia Abdelmalak 20 kun oldin
Ahmed Adel
Ahmed Adel 20 kun oldin
Compulsory drafting is a crime Specially if the army is just using young men for it's economic benefits not to protect the country I stand with you Ammar and I hope one day we can stop that "youth sucking machine " in our country
Jeff 10
Jeff 10 20 kun oldin
I think you made the right choice
adventure failure
adventure failure 20 kun oldin
I am sorry ammar if it helps your amazing and your my favorite and your a really good guy
Panda Monkey
Panda Monkey 21 kun oldin
I agree screw the Egypt army
Katelin Hornsby
Katelin Hornsby 21 kun oldin
Hugging his mom goodbye is what got me...
2uze 21 kun oldin
This is the least disliked video i have ever seen in my life
LeezPgh 22 kun oldin
Dear Ammar** Sending you Love. Thanks for your loving inspiring nature and actions** They have really meant a lot.
Tania P F
Tania P F 22 kun oldin
it so sad but i understand you. i wasnt in my country for 13 years. then i went to times and since i havent been there for 4 years now. its hard ! but keep going!
PaoPao TheCat
PaoPao TheCat 22 kun oldin
\( ° w ° )/ stay strong buddy
Shahid Hussain
Shahid Hussain 22 kun oldin
Nina Hanz
Nina Hanz 23 kun oldin
I just discover your channel about 2 weeks ago.. i started falling in love with your video since then... however, for me this video is the most special... i feel sorry for your Ammar, but somehow life is not that easy. my heart broke when i saw the moment of you hugged your mom. anyway, may Allah bless you and your family with His mercy and love. InshaAllah, you will meet them again.
Patrick Ballow
Patrick Ballow 24 kun oldin
Its not complicated you just didnt want to join the army lol
Ali heyavi
Ali heyavi 24 kun oldin
So sad man..... hope you get THER :( 7 years....
Brina Morales
Brina Morales 25 kun oldin
Who else cried at this? Ammar you are very strong and never forget that💕💖
Sophia Rich
Sophia Rich 25 kun oldin
Never cried at a UZvid video since know
Ian Cloyd
Ian Cloyd 27 kun oldin
This isn't a complicated situation. You are a fucking coward who after being raised there will not do what men are supposed to do. What an absolute joke it is you saying youre trying to become a leader that can go back and blah blah fucking blah. What a fucking vagina.
tofelelo 27 kun oldin
fucking politics
Stale Frenk
Stale Frenk 27 kun oldin
At least his father is a true muslim, and not cherry-picking from his doctrine
FakeThePiranha 28 kun oldin
I'm from the middle east, but I don't know much Arabic, if I did I would've written a letter to you Ammar.
Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nelson 28 kun oldin
This song was my first dance with my wife at our wedding. Love and support all you guys
Leelalaland 28 kun oldin
i smiled so much when i saw adrian’s name
almost the same for Greece plus you need to pay smth like 5-6000euros
ecke1010 29 kun oldin
lol Egypt SUCKS.
Alicia B.
Alicia B. 29 kun oldin
My mother hasn't been able to go back to Mexico for about 17 years. And more years until i turn 21. And i'm 13. 7 more years. So my mother knows how you feel. My mother hasn't been able to see her sisters,brothers, mother and son. I visited them last year in Mexico and they said that it was like if she was there. So, it was really sentimental to them and to me.
Emmy xoxo
Emmy xoxo 29 kun oldin
Who else started to cry when the video that got put together started??
Mazen Saleh
Mazen Saleh 29 kun oldin
Can’t you just enter Egypt as a us citizen? Sorry if I’m assuming that you’re a us citizen lol.
Kawaii Lindsey
I love you guys. I wish you the best ammar. Inspirational.
Matt John
Matt John Oy oldin
What is the song called i really like it?
Mostafa Farag
Mostafa Farag Oy oldin
I know how hard it is man, I'm Egyptian too and doing the same thing in Germany. follow your dreams man and don't stop and hopefully our parents understand
Pablo chacon
Pablo chacon Oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-Fmtmgxk2J1g.html if anyone is looking for the original :)
Frida S
Frida S Oy oldin
This kind of hits hard
Epsilon Silver
I would have just done the year in the Army and then be done with it.
R Q Oy oldin
الله معاك ❤️
Pluto or Mercury
Ammar i am having a hard time with my mom and this made me think more about family and that some people cant see their family for a very long time, and i still have five more years with living with my family even though there will be a lot of hard times in those five years i will be with my family, when some people cant. thank you
Trips579 Oy oldin
This pussy is skipping draft just like Donald Trump. Fuck this guy. He should be deported from the USA.
II7MDJ _ Oy oldin
I wish if I have a brother 😫 *Allah does anything he wants*
Bailey Batts
Bailey Batts Oy oldin
This was so hard for me to watch, but the end of this video was so beautiful.
Dema Elesawe
Dema Elesawe Oy oldin
I don’t understand why can’t they come see you 😭😓
founi design
founi design Oy oldin
Ammar i'm a Tunisian and i support you 1000% for everything you are doing good luck my friend and you need to know something continue and you will be one of the greatest leader not in Egipt but in the world because already you influenced me and many others to be someone great you ,Thomas, Matt and Derin thanks my friends and good luck to be the greatest ..
Willbman 123
Willbman 123 Oy oldin
Ammar, I'm am very sorry for you but please remember "your family isn't limited by blood family it's whoever you chose it to be. and that the only thing that matters in a family its blood it isn't a house, a home or a country, it's the fact that you love one another unconditionally, and that family is the ones that make home, home and that it doesn't matter where you are the only thing that will only ever really trully matter as a defing moment in your life is is who you chose to be are and who chose that they are."
Seifuddine Hassan
Bro we are waiting for you bro in Egypt to change it
Whatster87 Oy oldin
I feel like if you wanted to help your country you would, don't give excuses that they so many countries are shit because the people are afraid to confront their government.
Anmar Craft
Anmar Craft Oy oldin
ما عليك يا عمار اناً عربي من الاْردن ملنا اخوان مع العرب
Jacques du Plessis
5Truths Oy oldin
I'm so sad and happy after watching this.
Mina Abdelbari
I am Egyptian too, anyone else who is add me on insta nd sc: Mina_abdelbari, wanna get to know ppl lolz xx
Daan Oy oldin
Ammar, you already have the spirit of a great leader. I don't even know you, but you seem such a caring guy with a clear purpose. Nothing but respect and love for you my man. You are truly an inspiration to me.
merouane slimani
Everyone is talking about how to solve the problem threw permission and study and bla bla bla , it’s easy just kill your brother
Sondre Johansen
I got big respect for all the desistions you have to take
Elle Jones
Elle Jones Oy oldin
I don't know how but last night I dreamt of the song you chose and I've had it in my head all day. And then it's on this 😭
Ant1 Oy oldin
Can someone tell me what video that was when they were in the news?