Why I Can't Go Home for 7 Years

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Hi everyone, we know there's been a sad tone on our channel this week but rest assured... On Tuesday we're back with sneaking in, wheel of discomfort and adventures with strangers... It's going to be NUTS! We just had to get these two stories out.
This situation with Ammar in Egypt is very complicated, we hope you understand the situation and appreciate TD's amazing piece at the end. Some of you might not agree with Ammar's decision to stay in the U.S. but at the end of the of day, it's his and his only. Having this emotional weight over our shoulders while traveling in Egypt did make it harder to focus on videos sometimes but it was a trip that was necessary for us all.
The Super 8-effect and music choice was completely inspired by Adrian Bliss and his amazing piece:
SONG by Tom Rosenthal:
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Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.
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29-Okt, 2017

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 279
DeliciousDylan 2 kun oldin
yo i cried wtf
Jordyn Jacobs
Jordyn Jacobs 6 kun oldin
hey man 5 years left sending all the love and support to you
Loslimon Brothers
Loslimon Brothers 6 kun oldin
I just gotta day thank you guys for reminding us how important family is
Noshi Hisham
Noshi Hisham 18 kun oldin
Same shit in my country *sudan*😢
Jamie 19 kun oldin
Sending you hope and love Ammar. Yes theory fam is always here for you.
WhoCares ImWhite
WhoCares ImWhite 20 kun oldin
Ammar fuck off, hen will you realize Islam is wrong?
Cowta Playz
Cowta Playz 23 kun oldin
follow what you beleive
Crayo 25 kun oldin
6 more years people
angelinas camera roll
i almost cried on the video where u talked about u and ur dad
Ashanti Emilie
I can’t be the only one that cried watching this
נוריה בן שימול
I love you guys so much And you guys making me so happy every time i see one of your video❤️ Love you Amar❤️❤️❤️
Rc 2 Go
Rc 2 Go Oy oldin
6 more years!! 2019 -2025
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar Oy oldin
نعم هي النظرية الأفضل
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar Oy oldin
Rita Bola
Rita Bola Oy oldin
I cry so bad I am thinking how i will turn 18 teen and my aunt will as me to do the same decision it a little different I know but choose the people you build something with over a family is always heart broken
Ben Hoyland
Ben Hoyland Oy oldin
Isla Claire
Isla Claire Oy oldin
Yes theory’s videos honestly give me chills they have such good messages
JROQZ Oy oldin
Mariam Osama
Mariam Osama Oy oldin
I live in egypt
Dany Oy oldin
egypt is one of those countries that still lives 30 plus years in the past like Croatia where i live ... but atleast we dont have to go to military :D
Logan Bourke
Logan Bourke Oy oldin
i feel so sorry for ammar he seems like such a good person and deserves all the best stand up in what you believe in
Zoonieworld Oy oldin
Ah mennnn.. this made me cry 😢
Spawnz YT
Spawnz YT Oy oldin
The postcard my dad sent me 10 years ago
The Weekly Duo Talent
Damnnn man I am Egyptian and I live there, I wanted to see u when u were here
Uw0tm8 hehe
Uw0tm8 hehe Oy oldin
If you fly alot just get your parents to America instead.
Snork EU
Snork EU Oy oldin
We all have MASSIVE respect for you Ammar!!! Keep being strong.
Skelly AY
Skelly AY Oy oldin
Same like me but in Palestine
Krushna Thakkar
I hope nothing happens to his family
Krushna Thakkar
Can't they come to meet you
Jessica Picketts
yes theory is the most real channel on youtube. Ammar, you are one gifted creative human and everyone should be grateful and blessed to hear your story.
So thankful for you ! Thanks for being so open with your emotions. ❤️Trust your path❤️
sun tree
sun tree Oy oldin
So much love to you and your family, Ammar. ♡ And lots of thanks to TD for always capturing, editing and conveying everything beautifully ♡
Gina Fourie
Gina Fourie Oy oldin
Come to South Africa!!
Haya Amr
Haya Amr Oy oldin
I am also Egyptian and I get you my Dad went to the military with his brother
elise hiles
elise hiles Oy oldin
this bought me to tears..💔
Howard Young
Howard Young Oy oldin
Nearly 5 more years left ammar stay strong
Andrew kolta
Andrew kolta Oy oldin
Love you bro, know how you feel. Was in the same position, currently 17 and haven't seen my family for 8 years.
Jessi H
Jessi H Oy oldin
such an important message
Apply for American citizenship. If you give up your Egyptian passport, you don’t have to serve military. My friend is basically going through the same thing. He has American-Taiwan dual passport. He is going to give up his Taiwan passport in order to not serve military
What I don’t understand is why his family can’t come to visit him in the US as tourists from time to time?
ILikeWafflez !!
Bos ya Ammar ana ma2darsh akteb 3arabi fos7a fa hatkalem keda. Kol sre7aby for Masr fahmeen kol el enta bet7awel te2ooloh fa fel akher, follow your dreams and don’t let anyone stop it for you... even if it makes you suffer from consequences, I understand everything cuz i want to be an actor when I grow up, and I don’t really think some people will as accept me as the Muslim Egyptian become famous. Just remember to keep up the good work and never stop saying yes! ربنا معاك! Matensash... everyone is supporting you!
Kvaziblazi Oy oldin
I wonder why is it obligatory if u have a brother? If u dont have a brother, are u excussed?
Matheus Rodrigues
We love you Ammar ❤️
clorox boi
clorox boi Oy oldin
I stopped watching at 2:20 because seeing a man’s last visit home until seven years passed is too much for me to take.
SveenxHD Oy oldin
you and Mo Salah new king duo of Egypt!
Lars Bnk
Lars Bnk Oy oldin
here after watching the video with his dad to leave yes theory. We definetely need more people like this dude!
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Tyr Goldsmith
Tyr Goldsmith Oy oldin
hey guys this is the first video i wached in 2019 and my first comment ever. I must say this video got me straight to the heart and motivates me to do incredible things and love my family you guys do great things and you should never stop hopefully we will meet some day
Branden Hughes
Love the show!!
Paula Nicole
Paula Nicole Oy oldin
my heart breaks for him i had absolutely no idea:(
Raha Nouraei
Raha Nouraei Oy oldin
Paola B. Castle
Oh Ammar, I am so sorry. This was hard to watch without crying.
Zild Benitez
Zild Benitez Oy oldin
Fuck ur dad
Sanjiban dey
Sanjiban dey Oy oldin
I thought that's an Indian flag
Tintin Tintin
Tintin Tintin Oy oldin
I told myself not to cry today... Damn you guys!
Rode to 1000 Subs without a vid
This show that you guys to UZvid for passion and no matter what obstacle is in your way you pass it as friends Read more As family
Jessica Crossman
# stick in with Ammar
Jessica Crossman
ammar we all love you and we hop you are ok sorry you have to come trought this love you ill stick with you
Rokaya Mazen
Rokaya Mazen 2 oy oldin
At my school , we have 40 min each Saturday that is used to show videos and inspiration things. So one of my friends showed us one of your videos which is what would you do if it was your last 24hr and after we watched it and most of the class thought that "Wow they are living a great life full of adventure and all" but then my group of friends got up and said that there life isn't as fun as we see it and each one of them have there own problems they just manage to take the best in everything and that Ammar for example can't go bach to his home (Egypt which is my home too) But he always says that yes theory is his family . That really touched so anyways after the 40min passed we got out and all of us said seek discomfort and we thanked God for what we have.
howyoudoin' 2 oy oldin
I live in Egypt and currently can't go back to my home country, Turkey, for political reasons and don't know if I ever will. Maybe it's inconsiderate to say but i wish I had years I could count.
Mariam Sherdy
Mariam Sherdy 2 oy oldin
Ammar our country is tough, what we go through. I can’t imagine having to be away from my family and friends in my hometown, I salute you. Although this is tough Ammar……You are tougher and tougher m, and tougher! May our god be with you, Mariam
OMEGA473 2 oy oldin
Damn, who is cutting onions in my house?
bobber man
bobber man 2 oy oldin
hi Ammar, I have friends from Taiwan and South Korea in the same situation as you. you are not alone. my friend from Taiwan can't go back until he turns 37. The last time he went home was when he was in high school.....
Unimornnbr1 2 oy oldin
Good luck
Black Nibba
Black Nibba 2 oy oldin
يا مسري
AHMED MOSAAD 14 kun oldin
بس ياض ياابن الشرموطة ياطيز القرد ياخول
Zach Truman
Zach Truman 2 oy oldin
Nacho Kalibre
Nacho Kalibre 2 oy oldin
I Cried.
Dylan Raftery
Dylan Raftery 2 oy oldin
Who else felt like crying like if u agree
Arnav Sheth
Arnav Sheth 2 oy oldin
Tuely touching
James Livingstone
There’s currently 607 idiots who disliked the video! You guys are an inspiration! Thankyou got your content and telling beautiful stories! I hope one day we can meet, you guys empower me ❤️
Suleiman Farah - Jean Augustine SS (2612)
Damm you made me emotional
ahmad almutawah
ahmad almutawah 2 oy oldin
ommar, it is not easy at all. my dear, you are strong and it is your life and you get live as you like. By the way, remember you have an awsome life and you gotta do something awesome. keep going pro
mousawi SHAYEB
mousawi SHAYEB 2 oy oldin
عمار انا اتابع قناتكم من سنتين تقريبا اتمنى ترجع لأهلك وتبقى معاهم وتساعدهم في حياتهم وترضي والدك وتعرفه على عالمك مُحِبَك: فاضل من الكويت❤
Nathalia Syafira
Nathalia Syafira 2 oy oldin
omg i really want to give you a hug. can i give you a hug, please? hang on brother, we love you
Monique Aldana
Monique Aldana 2 oy oldin
TheLizVlogs 2 oy oldin
I’ll tell you what, what you’re are going through is very rough, but you have the worlds most amazing friends, and that is truly the biggest blessing.
Marco Chamba
Marco Chamba 2 oy oldin
As an international student in the US. I sort of understand what you’re going through. I left my homeland when I was 18 years old.It is really hard to be far from you loved ones your family but we all have to find our path in this journey called life. I think you have found yours so fight for you dreams and everything will pay off at the end. Good luck Ammar.
Mohammad Hilo
Mohammad Hilo 2 oy oldin
Man this is absolutely heart touching. Im from Palestine and cant go back there for 10 years when i left due to the war thats going on with israel. I got 7 and a half years left and im going strong man. Much love wallahi
Leila 2 oy oldin
As someone who had also left their messed up country in order to make themselves better, more educated, more aware, more successful and more capable in order to help themselves, their family and essentially community: there is nothing more painful, amazing, brave, awful, fulfilling, disappointing than that. It's so hard and sad that you need to do that, it makes you so angry with everything and everyone, but just having your goals set straight and your motives stay clean and pure helps you get through it all. Knowing that people could depend on you is scary but it pushes you to do your absolute best to do what you came to do. Not seeing your friends and family for such a period of time sucks a 100% at the given moment but knowing that you're helping their future is so rewarding and worth every homesickness, every crying -yourself- to- sleep night and every sleepless night since you have to work 110% harder because you're the stranger in the country. Ammar, there is no better feeling in this world when you go back, help everyone and prove them that your decision was the right one. I know that moment can seem so far, far away but when it does come, it'll be the best thing that has ever happened to you, trust me.
Nic Cahill
Nic Cahill 2 oy oldin
I mean...six more years right !
actually relevant
i cried alot fuxk
NOWA Films
NOWA Films 2 oy oldin
The 606 people who disliked this video should be ashamed of themselves
Tilds 435
Tilds 435 2 oy oldin
I literary have tears down my face right now
Dong fong
Dong fong 2 oy oldin
عاااااشششششش قمممممر كمل يا بطل 💪🏻
Anna Freeman
Anna Freeman 2 oy oldin
How do people get that old timey effect on vids
1 year down
Josh Waldorf
Josh Waldorf 2 oy oldin
you have a brave heart Ammar
kfir 2 oy oldin
much love from israel!!!!
Nymul_YT 2 oy oldin
yo wtf are these rules in egypt. it's 2018. Come o now.
Jade Lloyd
Jade Lloyd 2 oy oldin
Oh I’m so sorry Ammar I couldn’t imagine the pain you felt leaving your family knowing you couldn’t go back for 7 years 😢 I’m so happy your doing what you love! So inspirational💕
Simply Mindfulness
I salute you, Ammar, for living your truth. You are strong. Much love. 🙏🏼❤️
Norcross 2 oy oldin
Ammar We Love You💖💖
Jeremy R
Jeremy R 2 oy oldin
Amar I'm so sorry this is so messed up dude. Hopefully you can get to go back in 7 years or make the US feel like your home as it stands in everything the channel stands for as well. Keep doing what your doing I enjoy watching your vids
shoshana hitterman
you are amazing and brave, an inspiration
Thato Leotlela
Thato Leotlela 2 oy oldin
This song means so much too me too. Story of love
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one crying after seeing it
Marco Wave
Marco Wave 2 oy oldin
I 1million % agree with your decision to not draft into your country's military, how you choose to serve your country is your choice, in my opinion. Im currently serving in the US army and i love it, but i know its not for everyone and i know that there are better places for certain people to be than in the military. Keep living your wonderful life and keep spreading your beautiful message.
Noosha Shahriari
Noosha Shahriari 2 oy oldin
That song. I love it so much
Tzedi 2 oy oldin
at least u can return after 7 years. it could be worst. I have the same problem in Greece. Or i serve 9 months or i can never return for more than a month per year...
Kyle Ransom
Kyle Ransom 2 oy oldin
The song sounded like Herbert the pervert singing at first
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