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The vlog I referenced: uzvid.com/video/video-zwqWNc9zN88.html
In this vid I try to understand the slime hype but so far I still don’t get it… whoops. Let me know what other kind of stuff you want me to make!!!!
I’ve been uploading everyday so far this summer so subscribe to see a video tomorrow! And then the next day! And then the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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13-Iyl, 2017



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Jacob Greene
Jacob Greene 5 soat oldin
ShE hAs ThE iNgReDiEnTs On HeR cOmPoOtEr
debbie barrow
debbie barrow Kun oldin
Abbey Bryner
Abbey Bryner Kun oldin
My question: *Do you still reply to questions on a year old video?*
Celia Verschoor
Celia Verschoor Kun oldin
4:23 i learn from myself Emma
KeLiYaH&SieNNa tm
No GURL that ain’t it
Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth Wright 2 kun oldin
Biiiiiiiiiiiish that’s waaaaaaaay too muuuuch booooorraaaaaaxx
Grapey Sand Swimmer
to the glu not the borax
Grapey Sand Swimmer
yes 2019 and don't add water next time
Bithania Andemariam
Says she answers most of them Then there’s me who commented ten times and didnt get recognized🙃😩 P.s I know this vid was like 2 years ago.dont come for me
Olivia Trautmann
Olivia Trautmann 3 kun oldin
I bought slime ONCE from a big instagram sight because one, my mom doesn’t let me make slime because it gets super messy and two, the instagram sights have really good slime. So yeah lol
Chameleons Rule
Chameleons Rule 5 kun oldin
Everyone else: Edit:thanks for the likes Me: thanks for 0 likes 😃😜
MauraMars 6 kun oldin
I was here when this was first published. I wanna have Emma as my little secret but I also don’t.
Haneen Abo Hamad
Haneen Abo Hamad 6 kun oldin
Gurleen Kaur
Gurleen Kaur 6 kun oldin
6:52 the glue and water looks like milk
Victoria Villalba
Victoria Villalba 7 kun oldin
Ethan or grayson
Dominic Banda
Dominic Banda 8 kun oldin
Would you data a fan
Ellie D
Ellie D 9 kun oldin
Your such a good you tuber
Martina Arapovic
Martina Arapovic 9 kun oldin
Ummmmmmm they buy slime because their slime is different,fun,and it has like secret ingridients and a bunch of different slimes
Aaliyah H
Aaliyah H 9 kun oldin
why does Emma pronounce computer like compooter
Adyson Angelo
Adyson Angelo 10 kun oldin
Are you and Dolan twin dating
Don’t read this Lmao
the way she easily made a *perfect* bun in 3 seconds amazed me
Gachacake Playz
Gachacake Playz 10 kun oldin
Laurie Laforest
Laurie Laforest 11 kun oldin
*Karina Garcia left the chat*
Harper Stupidyt
Harper Stupidyt 12 kun oldin
People like slime cause it helps with mental therapy and stress.
Keiraevs.xø 12 kun oldin
Uhm there is now boric acid FUMES in your MICROWAVE 😬😂
C C 13 kun oldin
When your old videos you never thought anyone would see earn you thousands of dollars
maddy hillsin
maddy hillsin 13 kun oldin
you need more borax to make it less stickey!
Victoria Medrano
Victoria Medrano 14 kun oldin
U mix water with borax
Kahlyn Riddle
Kahlyn Riddle 14 kun oldin
She would’ve watched Karina lmao
Pinkfluffyunicorns L
I buy slime cuz I have no glue and like u said I AINT WASTIN NO MONEY ON SOME GLUE even tho I’m not cool with no glue😰😥🤣
Maddie Cain
Maddie Cain 14 kun oldin
I haven’t bought instagram slime but if I did I would buy it because I’m to lazy to make slime at home
sup tuj n fgj
sup tuj n fgj 14 kun oldin
Do you still use curology
Morgan Murphy
Morgan Murphy 15 kun oldin
this is how u make regualr slime: GEt regular glue, clear or white Get warm water and mix a little bit of borax in there and sit it to the side put glue in bowl, and add food coloring right away if u want to color it mix glue and color pour ur mixed borax solution into slime LITTLE AT A TIME mix add and sparkles or whatever AND BAMMM u GoT SLiMe.......UNLeSs u TooK LessOnS frOm EmMA ChaMbErLAiN.....oof lol
Nancy BunnyBou
Nancy BunnyBou 15 kun oldin
My dirty mind has been activated.....
Hadley Teed
Hadley Teed 16 kun oldin
is ethma real?
Karis DeAngelo
Karis DeAngelo 16 kun oldin
i hope she knows that she had to put water with the borax and not just the borax powder! 😂😂😂 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH EMMA!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Elle Wilson
Elle Wilson 16 kun oldin
If you make fluffy slime, all you need is glue, shaving cream, and contact solution. You just add shaving cream for fluffyness, and contact solution to form it. If the slime is sticky, just add more contact solution
Arya Radhakrishnan
Arya Radhakrishnan 16 kun oldin
Because we're styoobid
Smallfry — ROBLOX slime and more
Emma u have to kick the borax with water and let it desolve so it will make the slime harder I have a full drawer of slime but u can also make it with contact solution and baking soda like I do
Audrey Fanelli
Audrey Fanelli 17 kun oldin
what slime recipe did u use because that is not how u make slime. Love You Emma!!!
Grace Monaghan
Grace Monaghan 18 kun oldin
14:33 try telling that to E and Gray, Catherine found out how messy it was when Elle got it all over the rug🤷‍♀️😂❤️
Shelby Lindholm
Shelby Lindholm 18 kun oldin
you have to do hot water with a spoon of borax to activate it and harden a little
Sheryl Wright
Sheryl Wright 18 kun oldin
The reason I buy slime is because my slime sucks and I would like to see how other people make their slime.👌🏽😂
hi it’s me.
hi it’s me. 18 kun oldin
*you should start a slime shop* *sister squad slimes*
Risa Leroux
Risa Leroux 18 kun oldin
So you need to pour a borax water and you need to mix that up with your glue and then color it and do it ever you want
Emilee Coffin
Emilee Coffin 18 kun oldin
Where tf did the coffee go 😂😂
Coral Diys
Coral Diys 18 kun oldin
You were supposed to ad the borax to the glue slowly
Serena Edwards
Serena Edwards 19 kun oldin
Q&A question: How did you start your coffee addiction.
Pretty Girl Strks
Pretty Girl Strks 19 kun oldin
Ur so relatable
Ellen Zakaryan
Ellen Zakaryan 19 kun oldin
she just added too much water
Bitch Hi
Bitch Hi 19 kun oldin
I bought slime online because I couldn’t get hold of borax because I live in the uk
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover 19 kun oldin
lmao how many times has she said "like?!?" btw 2019 anyone??
Itsyourgirlholly Brown
Emma your so funny but you have to add borax to water then add it back to your slime you can’t just add pure borax powder not to be rude luv you so much😂😂
dolly adley
dolly adley 19 kun oldin
I usually buy slime because my mum gets a ahsma attac when she smells in glue , luvvvv you your so amazingggggg
carys jones
carys jones 20 kun oldin
this is the first video i watched of emma and i am still watching her today. so proud of her and how much she's grown❤️
Victoria Popescu
Victoria Popescu 20 kun oldin
You added to much water that why it’s liquidy
Randacat Vlogs
Randacat Vlogs 21 kun oldin
Karina Garcia is *Quaking*
Maria 21 kun oldin
Sofia Ybrahim
Sofia Ybrahim 21 kun oldin
8:00 Sleparate?
Poopy Cheese
Poopy Cheese 22 kun oldin
I don’t rlly like slime Only puddy Like if u agree
JenniferJao Arriola
JenniferJao Arriola 22 kun oldin
Use tide
Cadence Klocke
Cadence Klocke 22 kun oldin
okay so at 1:35 there seems to be like this little white thing of smoke or something and it is starting to freak me out, ghost? Emma? Are you being haunted? lol love you Emma
Cadence Klocke
Cadence Klocke 22 kun oldin
It is on the top of the screen, like if you see it.
Luna Irizar
Luna Irizar 22 kun oldin
You made the best slime ever!... just a joke! ly emma, you make really good videos! :)
Caitlin Vlogs
Caitlin Vlogs 22 kun oldin
I have bought from the Instagram slime shops because I wanna see what different textures there are so I can diy it myself lol btw love you
claire fellows
claire fellows 23 kun oldin
basically i buy slime because i can’t make it bc my parents don’t let me make it bc it’s messy or something so i buy it. plus when i make slime i always mess up and other ppls slime is rlly good.
Ruby Kirwin
Ruby Kirwin 23 kun oldin
I bought slime from soop slimes bc I’m bad at making clear slime
Louisa rayner
Louisa rayner 23 kun oldin
Q&A question= Are u dating someone and who??
Hershey Asmr
Hershey Asmr 23 kun oldin
i make y slime...
Kevin Knowles
Kevin Knowles 24 kun oldin
Add more borax to make it harder
Kaylee’s Vlog’s
Kaylee’s Vlog’s 24 kun oldin
Why so many dislikes? That’s sad she’s amazing! ❤️❤️
Emma Tracey
Emma Tracey 25 kun oldin
When are u and the sister squad going to make sister squad merch??
Serenity Beres
Serenity Beres 25 kun oldin
You put to much water to your activator
Kara Flynn
Kara Flynn 25 kun oldin
Where are you from originally and are you dating Ethan Dolan cause there’s many people saying that
c k
c k 25 kun oldin
Question: not to be a creep but what is ur worst fear???? Btw I lovvve the office clip Edit: now that I see that its creeeeepppy
QueensxBeenxCrowned 26 kun oldin
I’ve brought slime bc slime making is banned from my house... I stained the carpet red ;-;
Chris McLean
Chris McLean 26 kun oldin
Why is she trying to be quirky by calling the slime “him”
Kate O’Brien
Kate O’Brien 26 kun oldin
I no I’m late for the q&a but who’s ur crush
#CAT Levine
#CAT Levine 26 kun oldin
if you ever get slime on something put toothpaste on the slime it will melt the slime and then you can just wash it off
J. Carmen Torres
J. Carmen Torres 26 kun oldin
So the way I make slime us to NOT add water so that is not as watery. Love you Emma 😘
mrianda delarosa
mrianda delarosa 26 kun oldin
you did not do it right so do not say why is everyone obsessed with slime
Maria DiMaggio
Maria DiMaggio 27 kun oldin
Emma I’m sorry but that’s not slime at all
Isabella Taylor
Isabella Taylor 27 kun oldin
you can make gr8 slime by using elmers glue and tide detergent
Zahraa Cassim
Zahraa Cassim 27 kun oldin
She’s putting borax powder and she’s supposed to dissolve it😐😩😂
Ava Scharp
Ava Scharp 27 kun oldin
The reason it melted is because you have to add water to the borax powder instead of just adding the powder
Katie 27 kun oldin
I read the comments and was like "it cannot be that bad" then I got over halfway through, long story short: It's that bad. Lots of love Emma, but slime guru is out of the question! ❤❤❤❤
Maya Films
Maya Films 27 kun oldin
i bought the slime off them because i dont have the right ingredients where i live
Xx Michelle
Xx Michelle 27 kun oldin
11:17 is me when she added the glue to the borax Love you 😘
Cameron Turner
Cameron Turner 28 kun oldin
Why r u so gorg
Annsley's Point of View Watson
you messed up because u added the glue right in the borax solution and then added the powder right to the glue. ily Emma xxx
Kaylee New
Kaylee New 28 kun oldin
omg emma ily so mf much and yeah you low key did it wrong but i thought it was awsome to watch
Lily Comer
Lily Comer 28 kun oldin
Are you a virgin
Jocelyn Gary
Jocelyn Gary 28 kun oldin
Wait……… why use a cup when she has a big enough bowl that has glitter in it.🤨
Super Girl
Super Girl 28 kun oldin
Q&A Are you and Ethan Dolan a thing?!?!?
HB Slimes
HB Slimes 28 kun oldin
Hey Emma! I have a slime channel that shows how to make rlly good slime... go check it out!! xoxo My slime channel is HB Slimes
Coffee bean Animations
I guess I doooo slime....soo if I were there I would say if you want to do this again don’t put as much water and make sure to add the borax liquid slowly. If it’s to sticky add more borax LIQUID. And if you want to get if off on something soak it in water and rub toothpaste on it. There are other way tooooooo. Ps this video was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. It made me laugh so hard.
Michael Kaczur
Michael Kaczur 28 kun oldin
Ok the next time you make slime, don’t add water and don’t pour straight borax in
angie robo
angie robo 29 kun oldin
U could’ve just done glue and tide done 😂😂
Bridget Ski
Bridget Ski 29 kun oldin
I have a tip, try using just glue and laundry detergent
Dani 4 life
Dani 4 life 29 kun oldin
🎉7 million🎉 CONGRATS!!!!!!!! You are awesome
Brian Melcher
Brian Melcher 29 kun oldin
They buy it because some kids aren’t allowed to make it but there allowed to have it
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