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The vlog I referenced: uzvid.com/video/video-zwqWNc9zN88.html
In this vid I try to understand the slime hype but so far I still don’t get it… whoops. Let me know what other kind of stuff you want me to make!!!!
I’ve been uploading everyday so far this summer so subscribe to see a video tomorrow! And then the next day! And then the next day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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13-Iyl, 2017

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angel games_roblox Menaugh
Less water don’t put in water
aby Kinsey
aby Kinsey 4 soat oldin
Oof she has glue-all not school glue
* Sunflower *
* Sunflower * 5 soat oldin
I buy slime because my mom doesn’t let me make it I’m also not that good at making it pretty and perfect
Gåčhå ._. štårbūršt
You have to add more water to borax Emma 😂😂
Nastassia Matti
Nastassia Matti 8 soat oldin
All you need for fluffy slime is glue shaving cream and borax
Spencer Nagel
Spencer Nagel 8 soat oldin
Emma you did the recipe wrong
Jah'myri Walker
Jah'myri Walker 9 soat oldin
Natalie Quick
Natalie Quick 10 soat oldin
How old are you? I mean like you look so young
Althea Roxas
Althea Roxas 10 soat oldin
Where did you get a tutorial that mixes water with slime 😂😂😂🤣 Says who your gonna put it in the borax you need to put the borax in JUST PAIN GLUE DUMBASS🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Noice Peep
Noice Peep 10 soat oldin
What’s you favorite color slime
holly jaritz
holly jaritz 13 soat oldin
What app do you use to edit?
Ruby Moran
Ruby Moran 15 soat oldin
Are you and Ethan dowlan a thing or were a thing ??? Ruby X
Fluffy slime: Glue Shaving Cream Contact Lens Solution Done!
Al Eig
Al Eig 19 soat oldin
Is Ethma real please answer
Aimee killgour
Aimee killgour 19 soat oldin
"I dont understand why people sell this when you could literally make this yourself".... What about a good coffee though?😂
Nataley Smith
Nataley Smith 19 soat oldin
At 8:00 or 8:01.Sleparate?
Naomi Melecio
Naomi Melecio 20 soat oldin
I love your hair like it is sooo cute
Ashsparrow The Horse lover
I buy slime because in Australia you can’t get most of the extra stuff people put in slime like fish bowl beads and stuff like that so I buy slimes and use those
Beibhin Yadon
Beibhin Yadon 21 soat oldin
You are the most STUPID person to ever live
Ashsparrow The Horse lover
Instead of borax I use dynamo laundry detergent
Slimey Strawberry
Slimey Strawberry 21 soat oldin
Q and A Why did you make a account💞ily emma
EmmiePlays 21 soat oldin
Awesome Maddie
Awesome Maddie 21 soat oldin
When did you start your period
Audrey Velez
Audrey Velez 22 soat oldin
This is a q and a question Is ethma a thing???
ItzYo Girlz
ItzYo Girlz 22 soat oldin
Question for q&a What do you think about the ACE family?
Emme McCullough
Emme McCullough 22 soat oldin
Question for Q&A Are you in a relationship w/ Ethan Dolan?
DIY Queen
DIY Queen 22 soat oldin
I don’t add water to my slime . Annnd I also don’t use measurements and I turns out amazing! I have 50 slimes btw
Katie B
Katie B 23 soat oldin
In the intro, her drink was full, then after it was empty
Adelynn Moreno
Adelynn Moreno 23 soat oldin
Do you have a boyfriend?
Lilah Crothers
Lilah Crothers 23 soat oldin
Emma when adding borax you must always mix it with water first
Lilah Crothers
Lilah Crothers 23 soat oldin
2019 anybody
Chloe Nguyen
Chloe Nguyen 23 soat oldin
Is Ethan Dolan ur boyfriend or ur crush do u have a thing for him
Allie Anderson
Allie Anderson 23 soat oldin
whats your fav type of coffee
Alexis Fraser
Alexis Fraser Kun oldin
9:32 Emma is screwed lmao
Clara Luzinski
Clara Luzinski Kun oldin
anyone watching in 2019? Also, 1:40 her coffee is full, and at 1:42 it's empty. I am confusion
Freya Lou
Freya Lou Kun oldin
I love u so much and do u like Ethan or Grayson more xxxxxx
Natalie Horn
Natalie Horn Kun oldin
Who would buy slime
Llama_girl 888
Llama_girl 888 Kun oldin
luv u emma!
Jess Sky
Jess Sky Kun oldin
Woah I’m amazed that you didn’t die when u added the borax in 😂😂😂
Arevalo Baltazar
Do you like like James Charles
Kira P
Kira P Kun oldin
Gacha star
Gacha star Kun oldin
If you wanna make slime you need Elmores glue, bowl, tide,and a mixing tool ,(color or glitter
Gacha star
Gacha star Kun oldin
You made jiggly slime That's why
Avi Ghosh
Avi Ghosh Kun oldin
You have to do water to the borax
Maddie H.
Maddie H. Kun oldin
Bc parents might not want a mess to clean up if u make a mess😂
breighana blanch
anyone in the comments looking if anyone is gonna ask her about ethma when its 2019
ASMR Shorts
ASMR Shorts Kun oldin
you were supposed to put the water in the botax
Kylee Bullinger
Kylee Bullinger Kun oldin
I'm cringing inside
baileyelz10 Kun oldin
people buy slime on the internet to see if the internet slime is any better then their slime at home and certain ingredients in some type of slime ypou cant get in your state or country so you buy slime to get to experience different textures
Serenity Gordon
Serenity Gordon Kun oldin
How old are you ?
Harlee Ortego
Harlee Ortego Kun oldin
Are u and eat ham Dolan dating???
Donut Dude
Donut Dude 2 kun oldin
onggg she needs to put the borax mixed with water ahhhh
Guinea Piggles1
Guinea Piggles1 2 kun oldin
Wait, this vid was published July 2017 and she had 700 subs, ITS NOW 17 th OF JANUARY 2019 AND SHE HAS 6.6M SUBS 😂❤️ like howwwww
Holly Black
Holly Black 2 kun oldin
I buy slime of instagram because they don’t sell ingredients near me
shes a freaking science Master
Siennoo Cooventry
Siennoo Cooventry 2 kun oldin
U should have not used the extra water
Caitlyn Streeter
Caitlyn Streeter 2 kun oldin
Are you dating Ethan Dolan????
Jasmine Thomas
Jasmine Thomas 2 kun oldin
qna question - are you dating ethan dolan?
Yakeen Kishlaf
Yakeen Kishlaf 2 kun oldin
You did the wrong thing lol
Bri S
Bri S 2 kun oldin
My mom won’t let me make it anymore 😂😂😂😂
Alyvia Bisson
Alyvia Bisson 2 kun oldin
Q&a question: iS eThMa ReAl
AHappyPlus 3 kun oldin
Are you dating Ethan ?😅 (btw it’s a joke🙃)
Lily Jacobs
Lily Jacobs 3 kun oldin
You can get the slime of ur slippers with ice and rub it on
Cora Howard
Cora Howard 3 kun oldin
Hey who is your favorite person out of eathen grayson and james
rndm clpx
rndm clpx 3 kun oldin
I love you emma
Ruby Vincent
Ruby Vincent 3 kun oldin
Omg it's not the slime it's you can't make slime you have to try again
CamSerpa101 3 kun oldin
I am
CamSerpa101 3 kun oldin
U did not do it right
XxGachaRoleplaysxX Forever
It's 2019 but I'm wondering. Who is ur fave in Sister Sqaud
Bianca Romero
Bianca Romero 3 kun oldin
Roblox Roleplay Vids B
That’s not how you make it 🤦‍♀️
Rhiannon Glaw
Rhiannon Glaw 3 kun oldin
Add more borax water to make it harder not just the powder xx
Eloise Cunneen
Eloise Cunneen 3 kun oldin
that was meant to be clear glue hehe
Pugtato girl
Pugtato girl 3 kun oldin
Here is the real recipe Add as much glue as you want. Food coloring (optional) no WATER only if you want it to be jiggly. Keep on adding activator till like the ones on insta By the way why people buy from slime shops is because they have bomb slimes and like literally no one else can make unless they leak the recipe.
Annika Reid
Annika Reid 3 kun oldin
When she was doing the intro Emma has full cup of coffee when she gets back empty
Mikayla Pickles
Mikayla Pickles 3 kun oldin
Because you can get good slime and not make a mess
Mikayla Pickles
Mikayla Pickles 3 kun oldin
Iza Bella
Iza Bella 3 kun oldin
Because they make it better and we’re lazy XD
Cailey Elizabeth Skuya
It’s like a year after you made this video but you should do a q&a soon. The fandom has some interesting questions for you lol 😂😏. Also I love you Emma ❤️. Your videos give me life.
The Thing
The Thing 4 kun oldin
why do you hate slime
Emma Xx
Emma Xx 4 kun oldin
# 2yr 2 late .Are u and Ethan a thing 🤔🤔
Plz give me A life
Plz give me A life 4 kun oldin
Emma you are supposed to add the glue to a bowl then a bit of the borax water bit by bit then when it’s nice play with your slime
Tasha Keplinger
Tasha Keplinger 4 kun oldin
I'm in this video 2019 but like I'll so much and ur vids are amazing so yeah and like just saying her coffee lol
angela dos reis
angela dos reis 4 kun oldin
Are u dating Ethan dolan....pls be honest
angela dos reis
angela dos reis 18 soat oldin
Star Stable Wolfy
Star Stable Wolfy 4 kun oldin
I bought it bc I’m too lazy to make slime ;-;
sofijaprva pelin
sofijaprva pelin 4 kun oldin
I buy slimes bc i CAN'T DO THAT
Audrey Velez
Audrey Velez 4 kun oldin
Anyone who has made slime successfully is cringing inside...Love you Emma Who’s watching in 2019???
Jaxyn F
Jaxyn F 4 kun oldin
This is SO hard to watch😬
amy Flanagan
amy Flanagan 4 kun oldin
Why did you add water you make slime like this open the Elmer’s glue bottle and pour the glue into the bowl then add borax and water mixture to the glue little by little mix it and keep on adding borax mixture until you have the perfect concistencly
Aoife Haller
Aoife Haller 4 kun oldin
i bought slime because for successful slime you need emlmers glue and its super rare in australia
Lyric Tickles
Lyric Tickles 4 kun oldin
Questions for Q&A Are u and Ethan dating?
Ninaf Beauty
Ninaf Beauty 4 kun oldin
I bought one slime because my parents think it is to messy 🙄😒
Sophie Thompson
Sophie Thompson 4 kun oldin
Thank you 5:36 haha
Amelia Casley
Amelia Casley 4 kun oldin
3.55 emma tries to grab another hairtie ahah
Emma Coontz
Emma Coontz 4 kun oldin
I did it because my parents won’t let me make slim so yeah
Matilda Ryan
Matilda Ryan 4 kun oldin
Slime is good cause it can be like a stress relief thing like squishy’s and they can make really satisfying noises
AriGaming789 4 kun oldin
Some people buy it online cause they don’t feel like getting all the supplies and stuff and risking it being bad when their done
Erika c;
Erika c; 4 kun oldin
Zinat Ludin
Zinat Ludin 4 kun oldin
Who taught you swears
Saden McClellan
Saden McClellan 4 kun oldin
A easier way to make this is glue and liquid tide!
Q&A #2
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