Why Kobe is wrong about the Warriors’ future | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith explains why Kobe Bryant is wrong about the Golden State Warriors’ popularity waning in the coming years.
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4-Dek, 2018

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joe shmoo
joe shmoo Kun oldin
Dont pay draymond. Trade him and secure steph. Klay and durant
joe shmoo
joe shmoo Kun oldin
Warrors r deffinetly gna have to trade some key players. Cuz they wanna get paid n thers too many big time players that demand big time money that golden state wont be able to pay all if them
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré 3 kun oldin
Why is she there?
Míchele Cobré
Míchele Cobré 3 kun oldin
The NBA is predictable and boring
LARed 20 kun oldin
So that Lakers vs Warriors Christmas game...
Ripper Maggoo
Ripper Maggoo 22 kun oldin
Sorry Stephen A, but max won that argument as soon as he said you shortchanged the warriors for having the vision to build around a player like steph
Mast3r Race
Mast3r Race 24 kun oldin
If Warriors lose KD they will go away because Curry is always hurting his lower legs. Can't trust Curry to stay healthy, without Curry and KD they're not even a playoff team. Lakers will have a matured Kuzma, Ball, plus another Star and LeBron. Lonzo has really impressed me lately, when he's making his shots he's the best young PG in Basketball by far. Zo seems to get about 4 steals a game and a couple blocks, on top of 7-10 rebounds 7-10 assists and 12-20 points. Once Lonzo can average 18 points a game he'll be better than Jason Kidd could wet dream of
Cycle of Life
Cycle of Life 7 kun oldin
Better than Ben Simmons?? I certainly do not agree.
Indian Pewdiepie
Indian Pewdiepie 28 kun oldin
Always remember that LeBron's 3-6 is better than KD's 2-1
Cycle of Life
Cycle of Life 7 kun oldin
Not from a percentage standpoint.
The Cookie Has Been Eaten
"You can't teach 7 feet"😂
Chick Hearn4ever
except he believed the moon landing was fake...Moron points..cookie points for #24
tim killian
tim killian Oy oldin
howard carroll
speed luigi
speed luigi Oy oldin
Currys got 3 championships that means he's got 1 or 2 more coming to him because u already know he's not gonna get 6 rings like Jordan. Hell maybe not even 5 like Kobe
Oscar Carlos
Oscar Carlos Oy oldin
and the owner cares and spends the cash.
Breezy TheGod
Breezy TheGod Oy oldin
Nah gsw will and is going to fall off the map in time same thing happened to the bulls in the 90s everyone thought the same thing and the same thing will happen to gsw and I can’t wait
XavesWoe Oy oldin
All i heard was Max saying "much" louder and louder 😂😂😂
Aqib Shah
Aqib Shah Oy oldin
Why is this even a conversation? No dynasty lasts, they eventually fall and a new champion is crowned then it goes all downhill. After that its just rinse and repeat.
kkk Oy oldin
(steph)anie the peanut head 🙄shut up yo stanky ass fish breath 🗣 is melting my phone 🙄
YouWorkit Oy oldin
Of course he's wrong. Everybody knows it :-)
Jeffrey Youngblood
Kobe just trying to stay relevant. Talking out of his ass.
Jonathan Liu
Jonathan Liu Oy oldin
Whatever Kobes I haven’t been scared of a lebron team in the past few years. He makes teams worse and when you constantly lose to bad teams it means you’re no better than nobodies. At least he hid in the east for his entire career now he is in trouble and people are realizing how overrated he is.
Jonathan Liu
Jonathan Liu Oy oldin
Scratch that. NEVER been scared of a lebron team. Those mavs sure weren’t.
Julio Arceo
Julio Arceo Oy oldin
Stephen A really forgetting about Ricky rubio
Ramon Heredia
Ramon Heredia Oy oldin
Shut the fuck up Stephen a bitch....fuck you and them lame ask Warriors fans 16 and counting...keep the Mambas name out your mouth...oh and when I see you it's on On site for running you big mouth about the Hot Boys
King Mazda
King Mazda Oy oldin
No no no King James Doing his thang and Lakers gonna Take the championship...
Jesse  A
Jesse A Oy oldin
Neither one of these guys are aware that when the Maverick's asked the Warrior's about a PG they were given the choice of Monte Ellis or Steph Curry & the Mavs chose Ellis due to Steph's injury/unproven history...
Daniel Wang
Daniel Wang Oy oldin
Big Sosa Dope
Big Sosa Dope Oy oldin
Kobe is 100% right gsw is a future lottery team curry isn’t gonna get new stars it’s y’all in the media that put him to hight he’s a great shooter but that’s all he can’t defend his playmaking game is overrated and all that unselfish bullshit is highly overrated curry is a shooter/scorer nothing else people criticise melo cuz he’s just an offensive player and he was a better more skilled offensive player so why do people think curry is even worth mentioning as one of the all time greats if it wasn’t for steve kerr curry wouldn’t even have a ring
Maniac Rider
Maniac Rider Oy oldin
What the fuck ever. LeBron's championship days are done. Kobe just knows that Durant, and the boys are going to surpass everything his Lakers ever done.
Ni7e Oy oldin
holy shit their tone of voice is annoying, especially the white guy's. Why so yelling?.. crazy americans
Gary Veuve
Gary Veuve Oy oldin
The warriors have always had good fans I first started going to warriors games when they had Phil Smith P.Short C.Ray then it was Sleepy and J.B. then runTMC their is a lot of die heart Warriors fans in the E.Bay and now with Steph Klay and Draymond we are on a special run and if we lose K.D we will still be special the E.Bay fans deserve these Warriors I wish they were staying in the Oakland.
Diane d'Lune
Diane d'Lune Oy oldin
Diane d'Lune
Diane d'Lune Oy oldin
Agree on the fans.
Koopa Library
Koopa Library Oy oldin
warriors are third all time in most championships won alongside the bulls, they're not a small franchise. Not sure why anyone would laugh at warriors fans, even if you are a laker fan (and your team obviously has won even more championships)
John Grimm
John Grimm Oy oldin
The Lakers will win sometime in the next three years and the roster will look completely different. The Warriors will probably still win for the next two years though :(.
garrett enfreakez
Paul Shaddix
Paul Shaddix Oy oldin
you have no credibility with your "weakest move"...comment...You made it ..lie in your bed...It is yours and you cannot just take it back and be crediable....you swith your loyality and opinion with the wind............................
Lie Das
Lie Das Oy oldin
My boy Kobe right GS will go down couple more seasons.
18magicMARKer Oy oldin
it was all thanks to jerry west...now he's helping the clippers and look where they are now...#1 with lots of money in the offseason KD and Kawhi is going there
arrin villareal
I'd give the benefit of the doubt to the person who "played" the game.😁
Koran Morris
Koran Morris Oy oldin
Is just me or Steph already has three rings...Kobe has 5...Kobe feeling pressure??? Hmmm #CurrySauce
Christian Butterfield
why is he always on kds dick ?
check collector
Warriors are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the NBA. 67 wins 73 wins 67 wins 58 wins Avg 66 3 Titles .. and counting Chase Center is 85% complete. Best arena in sports.4th largest TV market. Technology center of the universe. Brilliant ownership/management. If the farmtown San Antonio Spurs can dominate for 20 years, the Warriors aren't going anywhere... ever.
A M Oy oldin
Fuck Kobe! Always has been a hater, ask shaq
paidxtra Oy oldin
Hate when they cut the segment
OC Blues
OC Blues Oy oldin
LA>>>>Silicon Valley. Lol how could you even compare the two😂😂
Elann Suvat
Elann Suvat Oy oldin
And Steph Curry like every human on the planet will get old. Warriors will fall. A new team will emerge. NBA goes on.
Alexander Daniel
If KD walks out the door, they have DC already warming up to replace him. He’s not as good, but DC is still an All Star talent. Steph, Klay, ?, Green, Cousins... still a championship team. Not to mention Iggy on the bench with Livingston.
UDB216TheLand Oy oldin
Stephen A Smith got so much Steph Dick in his mouth, he gets choked up making it hard for him to even spit out sentences.
landshark616 Oy oldin
landshark616 Oy oldin
The Rambler
The Rambler Oy oldin
Even if Curry gets old, he can still shoot over guys. That's an incredibly durable talent.
Shawn VanOmmen
Must be really cutee to have a starting line up full of all Stars.
Casa Station
Casa Station Oy oldin
obviously people talkin smack against the warriors dont know the oracle arena was still pretty full when the warriors sucked. Now we have great management building a forever franchise. New Stadium is dope, area is dope, management is dope, management know how to pick great players. This will last forever!
KID M Oy oldin
I’m a lebron fan but I agree playing with septh curry would seem easier to me only because he is less ball dominant and he attracts way more attention then lebron coming past the half court line #factscomingfromafan
Therrion Reff
Therrion Reff Oy oldin
Add this guy to 2k20 i am going to destroy curry with Milwaukee and I want to here what he has to say.
vice grip
vice grip Oy oldin
Please 🔥 max he doesn't know shit...
Doreen Cooper
Doreen Cooper Oy oldin
Stephen A, you are so right
Ricky El Diablo
Why is LeBron the only guy who comes under fire?
Ricky El Diablo
The day LeBron retires Stephen A is still gonna be talking shit about LeBron
Kauntvlad Oy oldin
Durant out, Leonard in.
willie pitts
willie pitts Oy oldin
Lebron is soft and Kobe knows it, but he’s talented and Kobe knows what he can do in a system with his talent, but Lebron mentally is in another basketball space. He won’t win another chip, and no one wants to play with him because he’s too ball dominant.
Iggi Valencia
Iggi Valencia Oy oldin
The title should be "Why Stephen A. Smith is wrong... all the time"
Ben Byatt
Ben Byatt Oy oldin
max is a retard, your not set up by earning millions of dollars???? please
The Ninja Wizard
Fuck off Kobe! Steph Curry will win more titles then him hahaha 🖕 bitch ass Lakers.
Thanasis Golematis
For the time being we are laughing at you waaahahahahahahahahaha
Cedric Samuels
Northern Cal over South Cal !!
daboy gallano
daboy gallano Oy oldin
Kobe knows
Jeremy Davia
Jeremy Davia Oy oldin
Warriors ownership and front office is amazing. They have Chase Center opening up and are the most popular team at the moment. Even when this current team is gone-Warriors have moved onto a different level and they will always be a premier franchise in terms of attracting players.
Oscar The Grouch
i feel like that quote misconstrues what he said. Kobe said "we'll be champions before you know it, and then we'll be laughing at all the warriors fans that came out of nowhere." Quoting him as "we'll be champions before you know it, and then we'll be laughing at all the warriors fans." Doesnt convey the same idea. However i understand what Stephen A. is saying as usual.
Mo Oy oldin
Imagine if Lakers get AD and Demarcus Cousins signs a minimum deal and Kawhi decides to go to the lakers and KD also that lineup would be deadly. PG: LBJ SG: KD SF: Kawhi PF: AD C: Demarcus Cousins This would be the deadliest lineup in all nba history
William Frizell
Those guys would have to play 48 minutes a night. Got no money for bench players. 😂
ShotbyEsco Oy oldin
kobe is coming back to the lakers and they win
#Rossy's Corals
what the hell is going on with max kellerman's lips???? looks diseased
Darrall Jr Williams
4:50 😂😂😂
Darrall Jr Williams
So Kobe decides to be a old bitter bald head bastard like his dad Jordan.
Ivaylo Iontchev
If KD leaves, GSW are not going to be able to recruit another star of close caliber. No one else wants to endure the same criticism KD did when he joined them. In addition to that, how are they gonna pay another superstar if they max out Klay and Draymond?
GreezyMajor 17
Celtics Suck
Micheal Johnson
I'm a Lakers fan but I like Stephen Curry better just being honest
Obiwann Laone
Obiwann Laone Oy oldin
Stephen A - - Kobe is still trying to make sure that Lebron James doesn't get 5 rings and Jordan don't want Lebron to get 6 rings. Before the 2018 playoffs, Jordan was talking shit and Kobe was on UZvid "TEACHING" teams "How to stop Lebron" or "How to guard Lebron and Make him go Right". Do you remember that. Now He's calling out the Warriors who have 5 All-Stars Starting every game and a total of 6 MVP's on the team as well to get them all charged up to beat the blip out of the Lakers this year. Cold...really cold
LAgancrew24 Oy oldin
Warriors may have drafted Stephen Curry but Jerry West build that team
Victor Hassan
Victor Hassan Oy oldin
nah,. Kobe knows what's going on behind the scene. He probably giving hints when he said that lol. Some star is coming to help Labron Jemes.
Vinny Oy oldin
New and clueless to basketball here, just how good is klay on the warriors, and what race is that man??
Vinny Oy oldin
The Lakers need artem lobov the GREATEST OF ALL times, that's the only way LeBron can get more rings than MJ
Boyet Jacinto
Boyet Jacinto Oy oldin
Kobe needs to look at his backyard, the best team in the west with the best record is the clippers and they have the guy in the name of Jerry West.
Kenobihimura Oy oldin
Y'all reaching
Matthew Frankowski
Nobody cares what Stephen A has to say
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith Oy oldin
It’s funny how even when Stephen A and max agree they still argue
DL8821 Oy oldin
He just mad because curry and them are going to win more rings then kobe can only dream of. So that overrated scrub and his dumbass fans can shut that mouth. swear kobe fans are stupid as hell. and they call themselves laker fans smh
Rex Besana
Rex Besana Oy oldin
Steph Curry vs Dem Dam Ankles
dangeo1020 Oy oldin
Remember Steph is the leader in merchandise sales (which really matters to the NBA) for three years straight now going on four....that’s the sole leader. Is LeBron gonna catch him this year in LA?
D Blok
D Blok Oy oldin
Kobe let that go fam u got 5 bro let them get that bling
Slots Addict
Slots Addict Oy oldin
Kobe knows AD is coming to LA oh yeah fuck the warriors! they can't stay healthy and together forever what goes up must come down TRUTH
Zak Williams
Zak Williams Oy oldin
they shoulda ditched Durant and signed LeBron. could have won 10 titles In a row. if not more
GLD Lakers
GLD Lakers Oy oldin
Respect to the Warriors they rep cali. But my Lakers coming back for the throne, If we land AD/Kawhi buckle up for the best WCF in history. Idk why ppl hating on Kobe he bleeds Purp/gold and he's confident in what magic can do.
Michael Thomas
Maybe he knows Durant is going to the Lakers
Christian Deleon
The only stain ?! Mf did you forget how the warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the nba finals against the Cavs. ? Foh
FETTi Oy oldin
minnesota missed out on a top 5 pg all time😱💀💀...... DAMMM ( farooq voice)
MasterCEH Oy oldin
Fuck Kobe Bryant!!!!
aaron mathews
aaron mathews Oy oldin
Can we make a "why Stephen a. Smith Is wrong most the time " video
Simon McQuinn
Simon McQuinn Oy oldin
I’m a Celtics fan and would love AD but could you imagine him and Lebron on the same team. My god! Dude puts up 40 and 20 every other game it’s crazy